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Shuritúra, s. f the falling off of a wounrl, must pay the phy- trecento ero tenuto a quel tern. Aowers, and the powers them- sician well.- Sfogar la velu, po sfolgorata dota, *0 08 selves when fallen from the to let the sail go.

three hundred livres, at that plants.

Sfogáto, adj. exhaled, evapo time. were looked upon as a Sfiréna, s. f. a kind of sea-fish, rated, vented, allayed. — Luo- fopping portion.-Sfolgtrato, so called.

go sfogato, an open air dissipated wasted, ribed, Slagelláre, Obs. v. Flagellare. Stanza sfogata, a large room. destroyed, consumed. fol. Stocáto, adj. grown cold, cool -Aria sfogita, open air. gordto, hastened, precipitze ed, extinguished..-Sfocuto Singatójó, s. m. a vent or veni ted, hurried, done in hastecooled, tempered, allayed, a hole.

Sfolgordio, huge, exceeding bated.

Sfoggiare, to be very sumptu- great, very fat. Sfoconáto, adj. that has the ous or gaudy in one's apparel Sfondamento, s. m. a sinking, touch-hole spoiled, and it is or cloaths. Sfoggiare, to breaking down, forcing open. said of guns, muskets, and excel, to surpass, to owdo, to Sfondamén!o, a slaughter, other fire weapons. go beyond

massacre, or carnage. Sfaderáre, to draw, to unsheath. Sfoggiatamente, adv. immode. Sfondánte, adj. soft, that yields

-Sfoderar la spada, to draw rately, excessively,very much, to the foot.----Fiume sfoa. the sword.

exceedingly, extravagantly. dante a muddy river.-Cens Sfoderáto, adj. drawn. Sfoggiatezza, s. f. cistlmessa mino sfondante, a miry road. Sfogaménto, s. m. evaporation, great shew, finery great pa- Sfondare, to sink, to force, to vent.-Sfogamento di dolore, rade, generally said of dress thrust to pull or drive dowa allaying, alleviating, ease, or and ornaments

or in.--.Sfondare una porta, Jessening of grief.--Le lagrime Sfoggiato, adj. exceeding, ex to break open a door.-Sforsono sfogainento del dolore, cessive, immoderate, extra dare uno squadrone, to break tears appease or assuage one's vagant, exceeding great, huge through a squadron.-Sfone grief.-.Sfogamento d'ira, Sfoggiatótto, ardj. exceeding in dire, to sink. vent of arger. - Per isfoga- pomp with pretiiness. Sfundato, adj. that has no ho:monto d' ira si vendicò di lui, Storgio, s. m. Juxury, finery,

-Bolte sfondata, a he vented his anger upor him. excess in cloaths.

cask that has no boltum.-Gli uomini per isfogamento Sfoglia, s. f. a spangle, a gold Gola sfondala, an insatiable delle loro passioni fanno lorto foil.

greedy gut. Sfondato, a se stessi e ofendono Dio, Sfogliáre, to unleaf, to strip off ruined, destroyed, demomen, to gratify their passions, leaves. Pero mi che le sil lished. Cammino sfore hurtthemselvesandoffendGod. sfoglia, therefore tell me duto, a deep road.Stondato, Sfogáre; to exhale, to evapo- what makes you so lean, excceding, excessive, immo rate, or cast forth.-Aprile la Sfogliáta, s. f. a pasty

derate, huge.Ricco sfon. poria, lasciate sfogar il fumo, Sfogliáto, adj. unleafed, strip- dato, exceedingly rich. open the door, let the smoke ped or leaves.

Sfondo, i, m. that empty space go out.-Lascia andare il Sfognáre, to get out of the left in ceilings and other such compagno e si passeggia fin- common sewer. Sfognure, s places to paint them after. chè si sfoghi l' affollar del to get out of a dirty place, to wards, and also the picture casso, let our companion go, abandon vice, to leave off made in such spaces. and rest himself till he has sinning.

Sfondoláre, to sink, to force, got a little breath. ---Per la Sfogo, s. m. an exhalation or

to thrust, to pull or drive troppo pioggia l'acqua sfo. evaporation.--Sfogo, licenti- down.--. Sfondolare un tas go per tutta la campagno, the ousness, lewdness, Chi è in- cello, to sink a ship.--Sfonexcessive rain overf we all golfato ne' piaceri del mondo doláre,

or pierce the country.--Per conservar concede ogni sfogo u' suoi cr through.-Mi vien voglia di

le piante bisogna sfoger ad- pricci, a man drowned in sfondolarti la pancia, I have dentro le radici, to preserve worldly pleasures will gratify a mind to kick thee in the plants, one must set their or indulge all his appetites. belly.

roots very deep in the ground. Sfolgoráre, to shine, to sparkle, Slondolato, adj. that has no --Sfogare, to vent, to allay, or glitter.----Sfolgorare, tu bottom.---Sfondolato sapere, to mitigate, to case, to as hasten, to accelerate, to pre profound, deep, of great suage, to appease.-----Sfogar çipitate, to hurry, to over-| learning.- Sfondolare tio la collera, to vent, to wreak, hasten, to do in haste.Sfol- chezze, immense riches. or breathe out one's anger. - goráre, to dissipate, to waste, Gola sfonolata, greedy Sfogar il dolore, to mitigate, toruin, to destroy or consume. guts. -Una sfondoláta, s. f. to allay, or assuage one's Sfolgoratamente, adv. very a strumpet, a whore. grief.-Sfogar gli abbiam las- brightly or shiningly.---Sfol. Sforacchiare, to pierce, to bore ciuti in questo carrovale, we goratanıénte, excessively, im or make a whole into. have let them take their plea- moderately, exceedingly. Sforacchiáto, adj. pierced, sures in this carnival time.- Sfolgorato, adj. shined, spark- bored. Chi vuole che una piaga sfo. Iud, glittered.----Sfolgoráto, Sfor máre, to deform, to deface, ghi vene paghi bene il medico, exceeding, immoderate, ex to disfigure, to defile, to de. he that would be well cured trasagant.Litbre ducento ostroy, to spoil. Sformate,



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to take off the last.. Sformare di sforzare a dimostrare one's order of monastery. un paio di scarpe, to take a ella mi sia nemica, gentle Sfratát, adj. that has foisdken pair of shoes off the last. men, I need not take much his order.- Frate ifratato, a Sfurmatamente, adv. exceed-pains to show what a great mook that has forsaken his ingly, immoderately, exces enemy she is to me.

order. sively, extravagantly, prodi. Sforzatamente, adv. forcedly, Sfratiáre, to pack up, to turn giously..

violently. --Sforzataménte, away.-$fratiáre, 10 sendi Sformáto, adj. disfigured, de iropetuously, violently, vehe.

away, to banish, formed, ill-favoured. ugly, mently; furiously.--Quando Strattáto. adj. sent away, ba. ill shaped.---Città sformata, Florio vide e questo, sforzata-nished, departel, gone. a'depopulated cicy.---.Paese mente si cambid nel viso, Strátto, s. m. flight, escape, sformulo, a destroyed, desert when Flurius saw that, he running away.-- Dar lo sfratcountry.---Sformito, great, changed his countenance very

to od 8.00 to turn one out, huge, prodigious, wondrous, much.

to send him away, to banish vast.--Sformáto, extravagant, Sforzaticcio, adj rather forced, him strange, unusual, uncommon. affected.-Lagrime sforzatic- Sfregaménto, s. m, rub, tricSturmazione, s. f. ugliness, de- cie, affected or forced tears. tion. tormily, ill-tavouredness, Sfoizáto, adj. forced, v. Stor- Stregare. to rub - Sfregarsi i Sfornare, to take out of the zare.- Sforzito, weak, im- denti, to rub one's teeth.

potent, feeble.-Sforuito, in- Sfregáto, adj. rubbed. Stornáco, adj. taken out of the tolerable, unsufferabie, grie- Stregiáre, to dishonour to dis

vous, not to be borne ---Sfor- grace, to debase, to vispas Sfornirnénto, s. m. the taking záto, inimense, vast, prodi- rage, to discredit.--Sfregiare, away of the furniture, or or- gious, huge, exceeding great. to cut, to gash, to slash some

Tristano volentieri riceve body's face. Stornire, to strip, to unfuro la spada imperocchè ella era Sfregiato, adj dishonoured,

nish.-Sfornire uno de' suoi di sforzata gravezza, Trista- disgraced, discredited. vestimenti, to strip one of nus accepted willingly the Sfrégio, s. m. cut, slash, gash. his cloaths._$fornire una sword, because it was prodi-| -Sfregio, scar, seam, mark casa, to unfurnish a house.giously heavy.--Sforzato, a of a slash Sfornire un letto, to cake a dorned, set off, arired. Sfrenaménto, S. m. licentiousbed down.-Sfornire una Sforzatore, he that forces or ness, lewdness, libertinism. piazzı, to disgarnish a place, compels.-- Sforzator di ver- Sfrenare, to unbridle, to let to take away a great part of gine. a ravisher.

loose.-Sfrenársi, to pull of its garrison and ammunition, Sforzévole, adj. violent, rapa- one's bridle.—Sfrenársi, to to drain a place of soldiers - cious.

grow unruly or licentious, 10 Sfornire un vascello, to un- Sforzevolmente, adv. forcedly, take too much liberty. --L'inrig a ship. hy constraint.

gratitudine d' al mi è sä fornito, adj. unfurnished, un-Sforze, s. m. strain, endea- grande, che si sfrenu a dire provided.

vour, attempt, effort.--- Farò ingiurie contro i loro benefatSfortificáre, to fortify, to make ogni mio sforzo per servir i, tori, so great is the ingratistrong, to strengthen, to cor I'll use my endeavour, or I'll tude of some men, that it roborate. Obs.

strive with might and main goes so far as to revile those Sfortunamento, s. m. the act of -E udendo che il re di Tuni- whom those are most obliged

making unhappy, or the be- si faceva grandissimo sforzo to.---L'ante giù è maging unhappy. Obs.

a sun difesa, and hearing giore, tanta pia manifestaSfortunáre, to make unhappy, that the king of Tunis was mente si nejle, the greater to cause misfortune.

very busy in getting every the passion is, the more pubSfortunato, adj unfortunate, thing ready for his detence. lic when it blazes out.- Sfreunhappy, unlucky. Sfracassare, to break to pieces, narsi nel pianto, to melt in Sforzamento, s. m. force, con to beat to pieces.

tears. stranil, violence.--Sforza. Sfracassáto, adj. broken to Strenatam énte, adv. licentiménto, an effort, endeavour, piecés, cut to pieces, killed, ously, immoderately, impeatteinpt.

Sfracelláre, to break, to dash, tuously. Sforzánte, adj. forcing, con 10 split in pieces. --Con un Strenatézza, s f. licentious

straining, compelling. colpo gli sfracelto la testa, he ness, libertinism. Sforzare, to force, to compel, dashed his head in pieces with Strenato, adj unbridled, withto constrain.-Sforzare, to a blow.

out bridle, loose ---Sfrendto, force.or ravish a virgin. Sfracelláto, adj. bruken, dash-licentious, unbridled, loose. Sforzúre, to debilitate, 10 ed, split in pieces.

Sfrenato, impetuous, cutweaken, to enervate, to en- Sfragelláre, v. Sfracellare. rageous, furious, violent, rafeeble, to take away one's Sfrangiare, to unweave so as ging.--Sfrenato, exceeding, force or strength. --Sforzitsi, to reduce like a fringe. excessive, immoderate. to strain, to endeavour, to Siraráre, to turn a friar out of Sfringuelláre, to sing, to chirp, strive, to attempt, to labour. his order.

or warble, speaking of a chaf--Signori, qui non mi bisogna Sfratársi, to run away from finch.--Sringuelláre, co


one can.


slander, to revile, to back. Szabelláre, to pay the tax.- Sgannáre, to undeceive, to se bite, to speak evii of.-Strin- Sgabellarsi di che si sia, to abuse. guellare d' uno, to carp, to free, 19 rid, to ease one's Scannán, adj. undeceived, disfind fault with one.

self of a thing, to get of abused. Stromboláre, to fling stones Io non me ne potrei sgabel. Sgaráre, to get the better in a with a sling

lare, I could not part with dispute or quarrel, to be upSfrondare, to unleaf, to pull it --- Von so che fure per isza-permost, to get the advantages off the leaves.

kellarinene, I don't know Vot in use. . Sfrondáto, axlj. unleafed, strip what to do to be rid of him. Sgurato, adj. superior, upper, ped of leaves.

Sgabelláto, adj. free of a tax, uppermost in a dispute of Sfrondatore, he that pulls off that has paid the tax.

quarrel. Vot in use. the leaves.

Sgabellérto, dim. of Sga- Sgarbacamente, adv. aukraid Sfrondatice, femin. of Sfron- Sgabellino, bello. ly, sillily. datore.

Sgabello, s. m. stool, joint- Sgarbatezza, s. f. aukwardness. Sfrontáre, v. Sfrondare. Obs. stool.

Sgarbáto, adj. aukward), silly, Sfrontarsi, to grow confident Sgagliardáre, to debilitate, to foolish. and bold.

weaken.- Sgagliardáre, to Sgargarizzare, to gargarize, lo Sirontatamente, adv. impu- discourage, to put out of

wash the mouth with media dently, saucily.

heart, to dishearten, to dis- cated liquors. Sfrontato, adj. impudent, sau pirit.

Sgari lio, s. m. a bully, a man cy, brazen-faced.

Sgambáto, adj. without legs. of blood. Sirunzare, 2. Strondare. Caize sganiale, a kind of Sgarire, v. Sgarare. Structáre, to impoverish, to old-fashioned stockings. Sgarito, 2. Sgarato. wear out of heart, to make Sgambettáre, to wag one's Sgarráre, to niistake, to ert, to sterile, speaking of lands.- legs, to kick-Sgambettire, blunder, to miss. Sfruttáre, to squeeze all that to be ille, to loiter, to sit Sgarráto, adj.mistaken, missed.

still, to do nothing.-Siedi e Sgarrettáre, to cut one's ham Strutráto, adj. past bearing, sgumbelto, e vedrai tua ven or hough, to ba msuing a

weak, consumed, impover- detta, don't be over hasty in horse. ished.-Campo sfruttato, a your revenge.

Sgavezzáre, to rejoice, to feast, - Held worn out of heart, im- Sgambettáto, p. p. of Sgambet- to make merry, poverished.

Sgemmáre, to take or draw the Sfucináta, s. f. a large num- Sgambetto, s. m. a trick played gems or jewels. ber, a great quantity. A low with one's foot to make ano- Sgbembo, s. m. crookedness, word. ther fall.

Wryness. ---Saliti al som na Sfuggevole, adj. flying away, Sgambucciato, adj. without dei piis alto sghembo se città swift, of short continuance.-stuckings, that has no stock vidi che m'eran d' intorno, as Sfuggevole, slippery. ings on.

soon as we were arrived at the Sfuggevolezza, s. f. swiftness Sganasciaménto, s. m. a great top of the craggy cliff, I saw in running away. laughter.

the cities around. Sfuggiasco, adj. roving, wan- Sgana-ciáre, to move one's A Sghemlo, adv. awry, crossly. dering, running up and down. jaws.-Sganasciar delle rise Sylemlo, aiij. across, awry,

Alle sfuggiasca, by stealth, o per le risa, to laugh with crooked, overthwait.- --Senprivately.

one's mouth wide open, to tiero sghomlo, a crooked or sfuggimento, s, m. flight, run- split one's sides with laugh- crabhed way, a way full of ming away.

ing.--Sganasciúre, to laugh windings and turnings, Sfuggire, to avoid to shun, with one's mouth wide open, Sgheriglio, v. Sgariglio. to escape or eschew.

in split one's sides with laugh- Sghermire, to let loose, to get Sruggitu, adj. avoided, shuning.

loose. ned, escaped. -Sfuggita, fu- Szangheráre, to put out of the Sghermitóre, he that lets loose. gitive, rambling, roving about. hinges, 10 unhinge.--- Sgan. Sgherráccio, a rufliun, a bully

fugzilo, banished...Alla gherare una porta, to put a ing rascal. sfuggila, adv. by stealth, se door out of the hinges, to Sgherretiáre, v. Sgarrettare. cretly.--Dare un bacio alla break it open.

Sgherro, a hector, a bully. sfugita, to steal a kiss. *Sgangheratá gine, s. f. clown- Sghignáre, to laugh ac, to joke, Stumáre, to exhalt, 10 evapo ishness of manners.

to ridicule, to jeer, to mock. rate, to breathe, to vent out. Sganglieratamente, adv.exces- Sghignazzamento, s. m. -fumore, to varnish a pic- sively, exceedingly, rudely, great laughter. ture. unciwilly.

Sghignazzáre, to laugh ob. Sfumato, adj. exhaled, evapo- sgangheráto, adj. out of the streperousiya rated, breathed, vented out. hinges.

Sghignazzáta, s. f. 7 a great Summáre, v. Sfumare. sgangheráto, aukward, silly, Sghignazzio, s. m. Slaughter, Szabbiáre, to take out of the insignificant.--Ridere alla A sghimbccio, adv. awsy, do

sgangheralu, to laugh with thwart, obliquely. Sgabbiato, adj. taken out of one's mouth wide open., to Sgitcamento, s. m. agitation, tie cage.

split one's sides wath laughing shaking. Obs.

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. unswolen.

horse goa

I send you.


Sgoccioláre, to drain, to drain (Sgomináre, to disorder, to put dant as you do.-Sgratha dry.

out of order, to confound. - maticare, to commit errors Sgocciolá to, adj. drained. E ti pare una favola arere a in grammar. Sgucciolatúra, s. f. a draining. spominere tutia una casa Sgrammaticáto, adj. accurately Sgoláto, adj. that has the gullet you think it is a trifle to have explained, explained accorda or the neck broken.--Syolu. a whole house to remove? ing to the rules of grammar.cz to, prattling, babbling, blab- Sgomiráto, adj. disordered, in Sgrammaticdto, nor according bing. disorder, in confusion.

to the rules of grammar, faulSgomberamento, s. m. remo-Sgominio, s. m. disorder, con. ty in point of grammar. val, the act of removing. fusion.

Sgranáre, toshell. -Sgranat Sgomberáre, to remove.--Szom- Sgomitoláre, to undo a bottom delle saie, to shell beans. beráre, to go away.--Sgom- of thread or yarn.

Sgranchiáte, to quicken, to rel'erire il pacse, to leave the sgonfiáre, to take the swelling move a stiffrıess, to revive, to country. --Sgomberare una away.

unbenumb. Seranchire, ciltà, to depart from a city or Sgonfiársi, to unswell.

to grow brisk or supple.town. -Sgomberute da qui, Sgonfiato,

Non posso sgranchine questo pack of, march away, go your Sgón fino,

carallo, I cannot make this ways. ---Sgomlerdre, to carry Sgörbia, s. f. a kind of chizzel

lo 50 che tu away.-Sgomberáre, to send to carve in wood.

sgranchierai, se tu vai ť ho away, to drive away, to sepa- Sgorbiáre, co daub with ink.- mandalo, I know you will rate, to part from.-ll vento Sgorbiere, to speckle, to spot, be pleased, if you go where sgombera l'aria ogni nel. to stain. kin, the wind drives a wiy the Szórbin, s. m. a spot of ink, a Sgranchiáco, p. p. of granchi. clouds, dispels the clouds.- seribbling or scrawling, a Szumierar de se ta paura, to scrawl.

Sgrane'láre, to pick the grapes leave all fear aside.

Sgorgaméntu, running, over out of a bunch of grapes. Sgomberatc, adj. removed flowing.

Sgranocchiare, to eat things Sgombero, Sgómlero, tree Sgorgantemente, adv. abun- that crackle in e ting them. from, empty, unturnished, dantly.

Sgranocchiato, p. p. of Sgraunprovided, keseitute.- Vila Szargare, to disgorge, in emp- nocchiare. sanmbera d'ari, a life free ty, to discharge, to disem- Sgravaméato, s. m. ease, relies, from trouble linn ciltà bogue itself.--Sgorçar la. comfort. 5.gombera di ritaglia, a town grime, to shed tears.-Alfir Sgraváre, to ease, to lighten, unfurnished with provisions. sgorgando un lagrimoso rivo, to disburden-Sgraváre, to --Sgombero, s. m. 2 remov at last shedding a torrent oil case, to help, to relieve, to ing, or shitting from one tears.--Sgorgure, to pass, to comfort, to lessen, to abare, house to another, a driving go over. Obs. Sgorgare in to allay, to alleviate. away, a pulling or keeping un paese, to go into a coun- Syravato, adj. eased, relieved, ort. try. Obs.

comfortert. Sgombináre, to cause confusi- Sgorgo, s. m. overflowing.- Sgravidáre, to be delivered, to

on, to bring contusion, to per sgorgo, adv. abundantly, plen- be brought to bed.
plex. Not used.

Sgrávio, s. m. ease, relief, cartSgombináto, confusedi, in con- Sgovernato, adj. ill governed, fort. fusion, in disorder, perplexed. ill used, abused.

Sgrazia, s. f. misfortune. Obs. Not used.

Szociáre, to cut a throat.- Sgraziarággine, s. f. aukwartie Szombrare, r'. Sgomberare. Skocz-ire, to empty the wen. ness, a dull insipid jest. Sgombráto, v. Sromberato. Scozzare, to forget a thing, to Sgraziatamente, adv. unhapSgombro, v. Sgombero. digest, to bear or suffer, to put pily, unluckily, unfortunateSzomentamento, s. m. discou- up, to brook.--Non sapre| ly. -Sgraziatamente, auk. ragement, the being out of sgozzu gnesio scorzo, I can-wardly, insipidly, without heart, faint-heartedness. not brook rois affront.

grace Szomentáre, to discourage, to, Sizzito, p. p. of Sgozzare, Sgrazjatéllo, adj. wretched, un

deter, to put out of heart, 10,Sudíte, lo displease, to be sor- deemly, ungraceful, silly dispirit.

Sgraziato, adj. aukward, silly, Szumentársi, to be discouraged Sgrire, to scratch.

ungraceful.-grozzuto, utiOi disheartened, to luse cou- graffiáto, adj. scratched. haupy, unfortunate, unlucky, rage, to despond.

Sgraffignáre, to steal, to carry puor, miserable, wretched. Sgomentato, adj. discourageil, away by stealch.

Onsçraziuto, an unfortunate, out of heart, disheartened, gráffio, s. m. scratch.

unhappy man, a wreich. dispiited.

Sgraffióne, s.

2 great Uno sgraziato, an aukward Sgomentevole, adj. dishearten- scratch.

silly fellow. ing, dispiriting, causing fright Sgratti maticire, to explain or Sgrooláre, to break, to bruise, or fear,

teach according to the rules of or beat in pieces. Sgumenure, v. Sgomentare. grammu.-5" io avlessi sinne Sgretolát, adj. lukt to pieces, Szaténto, s, m.consteroztion, a sgrairmatirnte siccome voi tornised. amazement, great fear. fat, if I Fould play the pe. Sgricciolo, s. m. a waen, a


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bird so called.

Sguainato, adı drawn Spa- zar un ceallo, to wasit s Syriiamentis > m check, rt !! Saincta, a crawa sword

horse in a mer. bule, renmnd.

Sualire, u Gua cire Szuazzatúre, s. m. a loose or Sundáre, to check to rebuke ua d'ina, s. f. a wench, a lewd mari, adebauchee. to go.dat, to reprimand, to strumpe, a whore.

iguernire to unfurnish, to unchre.

Szoaldella, s. f. a poor dre-s. Sgridátı', adj. checked rebu- s'rumpe! a wretched whore. Seuemiro, adi. unfurnished, ker!, scolded at, reprimand- Szuancia, s. f. the check of a un tressed, stripped. td.


Sgu'áre, to jeer, to banter, to Sgna sre, a reprorer, a scold- Sguanciare, to break the cheeks .dicule, to laugh at. ing 11:33),

or the jaw-bone.

Sguinzagliare, to uncouple, to Seridatrice, fem. of Sgrida. Sguancio, adj. across, awIV. loose, to let loose.

-Per isguancio, adı, awty Szuinza cliáto, unenupled, loose. Sgrido, s. m.chiding, repror-! crossly.

Sguiggiare, to tear of the upper ing. check, sebu se, repri- Stuaraguardáre, to look and kather of a shoe. mand.

look again. Obs.

Sguirtire, r Squittise. Sgrigia , adj. grev--- -Panno Squanguardia, s. f. scouts. Sguizzáre, to slip, to slide of. 57?119, gruy claih. Ob

--Sguizzare un piedi, to get Sanggoláre, t'. Scricchiolare. Sguaraguatáre, v. Sguaraguar- up, to stand up-Sguizzáre, dare. Ohs.

to fly or sun away. Sgrignáre to grin, to laugh at. 'Sgliardamento, S. m. look, Sgusciare, to tako a'iy thing to joke, to ridicule, to jeer, sizint, view, aspect. O5s. out of its shell-Smasciar to hanter.

Sguardire, to look upon, to delle noci, to crack nuts. — Sgroppare, to unds or urtie a view or behold. Obs.

gusciur delle fore, to shel kny...Sgroppare uma fine, Syundar fissamente, to stare beans.--Sgusciar delle mel. w untie a rope.--Sgroppure, at, to look fixerily.--Sguar. dorle, to blanch almonds.to treak the crupper.

dar con naraciglia, to gaze Sgusciar delle aora, tu shell Sgrop40, asli hat is thin in! ut -Armari una bella eggs.

his rump that has a small donna la quale era molto Sgusciáto, p. of Sgasciare. rump.-Sgroppato, untied. sguarlata de'le genti, there si, yes.-Dite sì o no, say yes Sgros aménio, s. m. draughi, was a fine woman who was or no-Stadt, Ottal, the beginning ni the first rude admired by the people. would to God! Si, foss? 19 form of any thir.g.

Sguardare intero, to preserve, morto quando la mirei! oh, Srnáre, to foin, to fashion, to keep.--Sguardáre, to es that I had died when I saw to make the first draught of teemn, to value, to respect, to her !--Sl! lack-a-day!-Osi, a thing, to sketch, to rough-regard.

disse la Belcolore, se Dio a' hew,

Sguardáta, s. f. look, counte ajuti io non l' avrei mai cTi• Sgros-áin, adj. formed, fa. nance, aspect.

duto ! lack-a-day, said Belcoshioned, only begun, not fi- Sguardatore, spectator, behol. lure, as I hope to live, I should nished.

der, looker on-Sguardatore never have behieved it.Sgrugnáta, s. f. a cuff, a blow. & un opera, surveyor, over. Si, so much, 50.-L' amosì, Sgrúgno, s. m. a cuff a blow.

che non ne son mari sazio, I Soruznóne, s. m. a great blow Syuardé vole, adj. worthy, plain, love it so much that I never given in the face with the fist visible, eminent.

have enough of it.--Canta si close.

Sguárdo, s. in. a look or glance dolcemente, che rapisce, she Sgruppáre, to free from knots, of the eyes. --Sguardo, te sings so sweetly that she 13. to untie.

gard, consideration, respect, vishes.Si, hoverer, yet. Sguaglianza, s. f. v. Disugua- accow - -Non fanno altro Pagnamo che altro male non g1121173. (bs.

che seguir la loro volontà sen. ne seguisse, si ne seguretét Sguagliáre, to make unequals 12 'LULO sguardo di ragione, che mai in pocene in tipeso

Obs.--Squonii. they do nothing else but fol. con lui virrr potrci, let us are to disunite, to put. Obs. low their own iclination,

suppose that no other harın Squignálo alj. differing. Obs. without having any regard to should happen, vet I should Szcáe",s in. inequality, un

never be easy and quiet with Obs.

Sguardolino. s. m. glance of him.-$i, a particle peculiar gujalo ally stupid, dull the eye.- Sguardolino attra- 1o the Italian language, Ex. $ , freli li nonsenical... verso, a sheep's eye, an ogle. E oltre a quello che egli fa Uno sguajuto, a silly block- Sguarguato, s. m. scout. Ottimo filosofo naiwale, si fa hez Obs.

egla leggiadrissimo e costa Szla isalt, er draw out of a Sgu zzáre to swim, to swim mulo. and, beides that he shiitii - guculare. to draw? oses.--Stuazzare un fuume, was a very good philosopbet, OU, to nn. torin. --Sguui

he was also very handsome Meúne ligia, to tell a lyc. Sgrazzare nel sangue,

and very complaisant.--St li --Sugiare

Strenia swim in blood. - Senatzurt, prace, si ti piaccia, cuirt; fierro

to pass a SCI to fast, to be merry, to eat te ne sia, if you are pleased, Bunce upon unc.

and dunk nicmily:-Sigrač let it be so, if not, stay till you


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