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are. -Sì, certainly.--Si, join.) whiz.

certain, that i nows for cera ed to a verb either before or ! Sibilatóre, he that hisses or tain. ----Sicúro, certain, unafter, makes it sometimes a Whistles.

questionable. - Sicuro, sure, passive verb, and sometimes a Sibilatrice, fem. of Sibilatore.

Certain, infallible.--kender si. neuter only in the third per. Sibilláre, v. Sibila re.

curo, to assure, to promise. son. -Non si può dar fede a Síbilo, s. m whistling, hissing, ate al sicuro o nel sicuro, to tutto quel che, si dice, one whizzing, sibilation.

be safe or su c.-Porre in sia cannot believe every thing Sibi.co,adj. whistling, lissing. curo, to assure or make sure. that is said. -Si dice che non Sicário, s. m. assassin, mur Sicureà, s. f. safety, security.ritornerà più, they say, that derer.

Rooder sicherià, to assure, he never will come back.- Siccera, s. f. strong drink, any dcfend, to stand by:-Sicurlà, Si, in the abovesid si nitici. quur apt to intoxicate. Obs. crust, faith, nonestv.-Siourtions, both as a pronoun and Sicc ta, s. T. dryness, sicciiy, , contence, boldness. as a particle, is put before drought.

Sicurtà, bail. Das sie the particles mi, ti, si, vi Siechè, ado. therefore, so that. curtà, io encourage, to give ne; as also before the pro- Siccome, adv. ds.-Siccome v’ courage, to embolden.--Sinouns il lo, gli, la, lo, le. detto pri volte, as I have curlà. s. curity - For sicurtà, Ex.-La prima cosa che io told you several times. -Sic to bit, to be bail.Arra si. farà domaitinu, io andrò per come, as soon as. --Siccome curtà. to use freely, to be free esso, e si il li recherò, the io vedrò, l'informerò del os with one.--Non vorrei che ti first thing ! shall do to-mor tro negozio, as soon as I see facessi a sicurtà con essa, I row is to go and look for him, him, I'll acquaint him with would not have you be too and bring him here to you.

free with her. Carlo re di Francia passù in Sicomóro, s. m. a sycamore- Sidére, to sit, to stand, to live Lombardia e dopo molte l'al

in a place. Obs. taglie e vitorie avute contro Sicuméra, s. f. pomp, glary, Sido, 's. m. chillness, a great a Desiderio, si lo assediò nel state, mugnilicence, pagcun cold. Obs. la riità di Pa ia, hailes try.

sidro, s, m. cyder. king of France went into Sicuramente, adv. surely, as. Sieff, s. m. an eye salves Lumbardy, and, after many suredly, certain'y, without Siepág:ia, s.f.a quickset-hedges battles and victories gained fail, for certain.

Siepare, to hedge, to hedge over Desiderius, besieged bin Sicuránza, s. f. safety, secu round. in the city of Pavia. “E s' io rity, pledge. --Sicurúnza, as. Siépe, s. f. á hedge.Tanere d'ultra parte no l' sapessi, sì surance, boldness, confideree. uno a siepe, to keep one in me lo fecero poco avunti chi- Sicurá:e, to assure, to affirm,

-Ogni prun fa siepe, oro le tue parole, and if I had In assert, to aver.-Sicurdre, very little thing serves. not known it from any buiy to secure, to make sure, t, Si pone, s. m. a thick hedge. else, your words long ago insure.-Sicurare della mer. Séro, s. m. whey, serum. would have convinced me of canzia, to insure goods.--Si- Sierosità, s. f. serocity, waterit.--Si, si, both. -Egli è curure to warrant, to assure, ishness, whesishness. molto ricco, si in dnnari, si to undertake, to promisc.- Siercsú, adj. serous, whey. in beni stavili, he is very rich Vi sicuro che ritornerò fiapo ish. both in money and land. poco, I promise I'll recurn Storicíno, . m. a cock in a Quesio re Roberto fu il primo anon. Sicurársi, to crast to, conduit, a tosset. savio , che fosse tra i Cris to rely or depend upon.-Po- Sióne, s. m. a conduit pipe, a tieni, di senno naturale, si tete ven sicurarvi a lui, you witei-squirt, syphon, or endi scienza, this king Robert may trust to him, you may gine. was the wisest king amongst rely upon him.

Sigilláre; to seal ---Sigillare all the Christians, both for Sicuráto, adj. assured,affirmed. una li!lere, to seal a letter.-his natural genius and know. Sicurezza, s. f. safely, security. Sigill re, to stop. ledge. Si eh! it is so! do -Dar sicurezza to cmbold Sigillataménte, adv. distinctly; you say so!

-Si, a relat. part. en, to make bold, lo eneou particularij, one by one. Nui expressed in English. rage.

Sigilláto, adj. sealed, stopSi pente, he repeats. ---Süscu- Sicurità, 5. f. security. Obs. ped.--Terra sigillata, a sort of sd con dirgii, he exposed Sicuro, adj. sate, secure, out red carth so called. himself by saying.--Sì perchè, of danger. Parmi d' esser si. Sigillo, s. m. a sual-Sigillo both, as well --L'amo, si curo qui, I think I am safe! di ermete, hermetical seal, a perchè lo merita, come anche here.-Luogo sicuro, a placel peculiar way of stopping the per le ollligazioni che gli ho, of safety. --Sicuro conflent, mouths of vessels so close, I love him. both as a man boid, daring.–Animo sicurn, thout the most subtile spirits that deserves it, and because buldness, courage: -E a fur cannot fiy out. Sigillo di I am obliged to him Sian ciò conviene che chi lo fu sia salomone, knot-grass ---Sigil. che, as also.

yes, di sicuro animo, and whoever la Smita Maria, black briony. truly.--Il farele roi ? bene, does this must be a man of 'Signiéra, s. f. bleeding, emis. will you do it? yes, truly. great courage.--Sicura fronte, sion of blood. Obs. Sibilare, to whistle, to hiss, to a brazcu face. --Sicuru, sure, Signifero, s. m. an ensiga. VOL. I.



si ve',



civil way:


Il cerchio signifiro, the zo-
| Lord left the keys:

lordship.-La sua signorit, diac, one of the great circle Signoreggevole, adj. imperious, his loriship. Ve di tempo of the clestial sphere. magisterial, haughty, stately, di signoria 91.92 li dar maSignificainénio, s, m. sigrifi surly.

linconia, don't trouble your. cation, incaning, sense. Signoreggiamento, s. m. do- self win the weather, or with Significante, adj. signifying, ex-minion, lordship, sovereignty, affairs of state. Nè amor ne

plaining, denonstrating. government, rule, power, au signoria non voglion comsignificanza, s. f. signification, thority, empire.

pagnia, love and command meaning, sense, interpretati- Signoreggianie, adj. predomi- will have no rivals.

nant, reigning.

Signorile, adj. of, or belonging Significare, to signify, to de- Signoreggiáre, to domincer, to to a lord of the manor, lordly,

note, to mean, to have a sig- rule, to govern, so bear rule or noble, magnificent, majestinification or meaning. sway, to be lord and master, cal, grand, generous.- Vista Significare, to signiíy, to de to have the mastery ---Un signorile, a noble, majestici! clare, to intimate, to give no balone che signoreggia uno. mien Cinleggiadria e sig. tice of, to make acquainted corte, a balcony that looks norile risposta ficero loro with.

into a yard.-L'n monte che scusa, they excused theme Significativo, adj. significant. signoreggia una città, a hill selves in in handsome and Significato, s. 1. signification, that commands a town. meaning, sens..---Il signifie Le pioggie hunno signoreg. Signorilmente, adv. like a lord, caioď uma parola, the sig- giato quest' ono, there has nobly, grandily, magnificenimification or meaning of a

been much rain this year. ly, splendidly. word.- Signihoito, adj. signi- Brunora era di maggiore sta Signorio,fi Signoria. Obs.

fied, v. Significatore. tura di Tristano e a curullo lo Signórmo, s. m. my lord, my Significatóre, lie that signifies, signorreginra assai delleain, master. Obs.

declares, or intimates.--- Brunorus was taller than Signorúttn, s. m. a petty lord. Significatore, signiticator, Tristan, andon horseback was Signórso, s. m. his master. amongst astrologers, a planet much higher than him:


Obs. which signifies something re. Signortsgiáin, adj. domineer- Signórto, s. m. thy master. markable in nativities, ed, ruled, governed.

Obs. Significanice, s. f. fem. of Sig. Signoreggiatóre, ruler, lord.. Silente, adj. silent, that speaks nificatóre.-- aisione sis Minos il mio padre, grande nificatrice di qualche cosa, a signoreggiatore del mare, Silenzio, s. m. silence.-Far vision that significs some Minos my father, great ruler silenzin, to kecp silence, 10 thing. of the sea.

hold one's peace, lo be hushSignificazióne, s. f. significa- Signoreggiatrice, fem. of Sig. 1 ed, or silent.----- Por silenzio, fion, meaning, sense. noreggiatore.

to commard silence, to bid Signora, s. f. inadam.-Signó.!Signorello,

a petty

one hold his tongue.-Passar ro, lady, tem. of Si nore prince, a petty lord, a party Una cosa solto silenzio, to Signóra si, yes, madam. gentleman.

piss a thing over in silence, La mia sigriori, in mistress. Signoresen, adj. masterly, of not to speak of it.-Silenzio, --La signora lale, mistress or belonging to a master. Test, interniission, pause, dissuch-a-one.

Strmo vyroresco, a lordship, continuance, interruption.Slynoráccia, s. f. a great lady. ä soverzignty.

Silina?o, silence, sillness, Signoriccio, s. m. a great lord. Signoréiad, 3. 1. mistres.,dume. quietnicas, il silenzio della SignorazL10, s. m. lordship. A kori vi contempt.

notis, the dead time of the Signorázzo, the same as Sis. Signoscite, s. n. a little lord, nisl --Silinzio, silence, noraccio.

a pivalı genteman, a coun Hiush, peace there. Signore, lord. Enister --Fich

ty thì life,

Sileos, s. m. heart-wort, oiu de primi siguri doi vog. Sinüticole, 3'j. impcrious, wilére, to keep silence, to hold HO, he was one of che ist ne- ! magisterial, haughly, striely, one's peace, to be suill. Obs. blogien in the kingdon)-- E surls.- Si uzérole, genucci. --0: dubli tu e dulitando un sagnon di granulo stinn Luble, agrecabl-drie seg. sili ma io ti solrerò forie he is a guitlenin very niuk. 20»role, a noble art.--Coin. legume, what, do you doubi, efcerisi.---Siruote, master. pozrin signorerole, agrecable and sell conceal your doubt? --Do e o il resto 5 ure i company.

but I shall unravel thy my's. where is o mar? -- Il Signoria, 9. f. cominion, lord- ; tery:--- Presolul nou coulo fignor tale, Waiter >ch-a- ship, Somercigny, Sovem. Stipe e sile, ravished with the onc.---Siziote. ».F.---Signorr, inent, rule, pouti, authority, sudden singing, is amazed and Comic stake7 huw da you do, empire.--. ter ignoria supra silent. sir? - signori, gentlemen. una 1051, to sway, to bear the Silermontáno, ---Signori, il prenzo è in or sway, or rule orer a thing.13.1', gendemen, the inner Signoriu, tive signiority: Sulfio, s. m. the herb whence a sady, ---Siture, the Lord, Venire allu muni della signo- benzoin comes Chi-- A cui moito Signore rin, to fall under the hands Siligine, s. f. fine small wheat. bussi le chiari, to win OUT of the justice. ---Signoriu, Silia, s. m. the box-ice.

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S. m. beart.

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to concur.

Silio, fleabane.

there people from Siena, thing happen not to you. Siliqua, s. f. the hall, shell, or and of Lucca, and staid there Equivi trorò un uomo altemcod of beans, pease, &c. several months.

pato molto con una suul mogSillaba, s. f. a syllable. Simigliantemente, adj. like-lic che similmente era vecchia, Sillabitáte, adj. of one or more wise, in like manner.

and there he found a man syllables. Simiglianza, s. f. a

very old with his wife, who Sillogismo, s. m. a syllogism. blance, likeness, similitude. was also very old Sillogizzáre, tu syllogise, to Non v' è verrira simiglianza Simmetria, s. f symmetry, due argue by syllogisms.

fra di loro, there is no like- proportion of parts. Silobálsamo, s. m. the wood ness between them, they are Simo, adj. fiat-nosed. -- Simo Silobálsimo, of the balsam- not alike in the least.-—-Se greese, a flock of sheep.

troppa simiglianza non m' Simoneggiare, to commit siSilócco, s. m. v. Scilocco. inganno, if the two great like- mony. Obs.

ness does not make me mis- Simonia, s. f. simony, a trade Siloé, s. m. aloes.

take.-- Simiglianza, compa- of spiritual things. Silogismo, 7. Sillogismo. rison.Tutte simiglianze sono Simoníaco, alj. simoniaSilogísico, adj. syllogistical. scarse, all comparisons are Simoniale, } cal. Silogizzare, v. Sillogizzare. defective. —Simiglianza, a Simonizzáre, to commit siSilváno, adj. rural, of the coun- sign, mark, or token.

mony. try.--Sitrino, strangc, vut- Simigliáre, to resemble, to be Simonizzatúre, a simonist, one Jandish.

like. ----Questo ritratto vi si- guilty of simony, Silvestro, adj. rural, of the miglia molto, this picture is Simpatia, s. f. sympathy. Silvestre,

country.-- Cam much like you.-Simigliúre, Simplicità, v. Semplicità. min silvestro, a craggy, diffi to compare.---Simigliúrsi, io Simpósico, adj. of, or belongCult way.Pianta silvestra, make one's self alike. ing to a banquet or feast, a weed, a wild herb.-Terren Simigliálo, adj. resembled,com- Simpósio, s. m. banquet, feast. silrest so, sterile land.-Fere pared.

Simulacro, s. m. image, idol, silvestre, wild beasts. -Si. Simiglievole, adj. like, alike, simulacre. vestre sibo, country food. resembling.

Simulamento s. m. simulation, Silvóso, adj. woody, full of Simile, adj. like, alike, such. feint, counterfeit, colour, pretrees.

-Questo carallo è simile ai tence. Simboleggiáre, to symbolize, mio, this horse is like mine. Simulére, to simulate, to dis

-Simil cosa non arenne mai, semble, to feign. Simboleggiáto, adj. symboliz. such a thing never happened Simulársi, to pretend, to make ed.

before.-Simile, s. m. equal as if to counterfeit.- SimuSimbolizzáre, v. Simboleggi- match.-Egli non lin il si-larsi ammalato, to pretend to

mile, he has not his equal, be sick. Simbolo, s. m. the symbol, the or his match.--Il simile si Simulataménte, adv. di semereed, the sum of Christian | prò dire d'ogni colore, the bling, feignedly, with dissibelief.-Simbolo, a syrabol, same thing may be said of all mulation. badge, sign, or token. colours.-Chi ha mai visto il Simulasivn, adj. dissembling. Simia, s. f. an ape.

simile ? who did ever see the Simuláto, adj. dissembled, disSimiano, s. a kind of like?--Ogni simile suo simile guised, counterfeit, feigned, plum.

appetiece, like loves like, or pretended.-Simulilo an re, Simigliante, alj. like, not un like will to like. Simile, adv. a dissembled, pretended love.

like alike, such.-Questi due likewise, in like manner, ac -La leltera era d'ullo det. cavalli sono simiglianti,these cordingly. ---Di Firenze vi fu talo, simulata da parte del two horses are alike. - molta buona gente e simile ili principe, the Terter was writi giovani con raghi di cose Pisa, there were a great ma ten in a lofty stile, coming simiglianti a lore, young peony good people of Florence, from the Prince. ple love things agreeable to and likewise of Fisa.

Simulatøre, a dissembler, a. their age.--Sinigliente, s. Sircileménte, r. Similmente. dissembling man. m. like, equal, much the similitudinariamente,ady.com. Simulatrice, fem. of Simula. same.---Che so io, maloma, paratively.---Per parlar sise nell'eleggere degli amanti militudinariamente, compara- Simulazione, s. m. simulagoi vi faceste il sianigliante, tively speaking.

tion, disguise, counterfeit. what do I kney, madam, if Similitudine, s. f. similitude, sinagó 2, s. f. synagogue, a in the choice of your lovers likeness, resemblance. ---Si- congregation anong the Jews, you would not do the same. militudinc, comparison, si- and the place where they meclo --lo fariril simigliante, I'll militude.

as in a church. do the same. --Simighunte, Similmente, adv. likewise, like, Sinapísmo, v. Senapismo. adv. likewise, in like man also.-lo andai a casa e simil. Sina tantochè, adv. till, unner.-----E simigliante vi mente lui, I went home, and Sintantoche til. mandarono i Sanesi, e Luc. likewise he.-- Aggiate cura Sinceramente, adv. sincerely, chesi, e dimorarci più me che similmente non avrengnu honestly, roundly, plainly, tity and, likewise, they sent voi, have a care that the same candidly, ingenuously,




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faint away.

Sinceritá, s. f. sincerity, hones- Singhiozzáre, to sob, to have chal's office. ---Siniscalceta, ty, integrity, plainness, can, Singhiozzise, } the hickup or a province where a seneschal dour.

hicket.--Singhiozzáre, io sob, is governor Sincéro, adj. sincere, honest, to sigb, to groan.

Siniscalcheria, s. f. a senes. true plain, free, open, down- Singhiozzá!n adj. sobbed, chal's jurisdicuon. right, ingenuous, candid. Singhiozzito, ) sighed, groan-Siniscálco, s. m. carver.--Sris. Sin che,

ed. adv. till, until. Sinché,

cálco, seneschal, a great o. Sirghizzo, s. m. hiccough, cer in a state. Sincope, s. f. syncope, a sud. hicket, or hickup.

Sinistra, s. f. the left handSincopa, I den fainting, a faint. Singhiozzóso, adj. sighing, Da sinistra, at one's left hand. ing ft.-Sincopa, syncope, groaning.---Parole singhioz. Sinistramente, adv unluckily, a figure in grammar, where zose, words interrupted with om nously.-- Sinistramente, by one or more letters are sighs.

sarity, wretchely, miserabiy. taken out of a word.

Singolare, v.

Singulare, and its -Brer uno sinistramente, Sincopatamente, adv. in a trun derivatives.

to beat one unmercifully. cated manner.

Singozzáre, v. Singhiozzare. Sinistrare, to fume, to rage, to Sincopato, a.lj. truncated. ingozzo, v. Singhiozzo. storm, to bluser, to grow an. Síncope, 1'. Sincopa. Singuláre, adj. singular, pecu- gry. Not used. Sincopizzánte, adj, subject to liar, particular, special, sin. Sinistro, s, m. inconveniency, the syncope, that is apt to gle. - La sapienza è singular trouble. --Bisogna domandare

dono di Dio, wistom in a par- dall' amico quelle cose che non Sincopizzare, to faint away: ucular gift of God.-Singu- gli fiano di rerun sinistro, one. Sindacamento, s. m. the ac ldre, singular, rare, excellent must ask of friends those count that any man is obli- extraordinary, matchless, things which cannot give ged to give after having exer choice.-Singulare, s. m. sin-them the least trouble.-Fare cised any charge or office. gular, the singular number. una cosa con suo sinistro, to Sindacáre, to call to a strict ac- Singulareggiáre, lo affect sin to do a thing to one's disadcount.--Sindacáre,to censure, gularity.

vantage.--. Sinistro, mtsforto blame, to find fault with, Singularità, s. f. singularity, tune, mischance, disaster, to controul,

the state of being singular.-- m schiefSinistro, adj. left. Sindacato, s. m. an account, I più degli uomini attendono -Lato sinistro, the left side. the time of one's making his alla loro singularità più che Sinistro, unhappy, unfortuaccount.-Chiumare a funda- al limne del comune, nate unlucky, sinister, uc. cato, to call to an account.- men have more regard to their toward. --Uno sinistro acci-lo fo boto a Dro l'ajulur particular welfare, than to dente, an unlucky chance. mene al sindacato, I vow 10 the public good.- In singula- Sino, prep. to, even to, as far God I'll make my complaints Tilà, adv. particularly.-Un as, till, until.co-Dalla tests at the time of making up his padre non deve amar un fig. sino alla cintura, from the accounts.--Temendosi al suo liuolo dagli altri in veruna sin head to the middle.- Lodare sindacato essercondannato,/ gulorità, a father ought not uno sino alle stelle, to praise fearing that he would be cast, to love one child particular one to the sky. --Sin adesso, when he should come to make ly more than another.-- till now, hitherto.---Sino up his accounts.--Sindacito, Singularità, excellency, rari. presso Parigi, very near "do a discharge given to one who ty, singularity -Singularità, ris, almost at Paris ---Sino & had the administration of singularity, a singular or para quando ? how long :-Sis some public affairs after he "icular way, an affected way, dove? 10 what place, boy has made up his accounts.affectedness.

far?--Sin qui, to this place, Sindacato, sindicate, sindick. Singularizzáre, to particula- hither.-Sin , to that place, ship, the place or dignity of rize, to give a particular ac. so far, thither.- Sino a che, syndick, or the time of being count of.

till, as long as.-Sino a che in that office.

Singularizzársi, to be singular, venga, till he comes.-Sin da Sindacatúra, s. f. v. Sindaca to affect singularity,

jeri, from yesterday ---Sin che mento.

Singularménie, adv. especially, 20 viva, as long as I live.Sindaco, s. m. overseer, comp- singularly, peculiarly, particu. Ha venduto sino alla ranis. troller Sirdaco, a sindick, lạrly in a special or singular cia, he has sold his very a person deputed to act for manner Singularmente, shirt.-Eamato sino da' suoi any corporation or communi. singly, one by one.

nomici, even his enemies love Singulo, adj. single, simple, him. Sindéresi, s. f. temorse, prick Singolo, } alone, individual. Sino a tanto che, till, until.com or sting of conscience. Obs. -Per singulo, adv. sing- -Sino, two sixes at dice. Sindicáre, v. Sindacáre. ly, individually, one by one. Sinodale, adj. synodal. Sindicato, v. Sindacato.


Sinodo, s. m. synod, convocaSinestro, 9, Sinistro.

Singúlto, s. m. sob, sigh,groan, rion. Sinónia, s. f. symphony, me- sobbing, sigbing, groaning. Sinódico, adj. Synodic. lodious,: harmony, musical Poetical.

Sinónimo, adj. synunimous, o concert.

Siniscalcáto, s. in. the senes the same signification.






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Sinópia, s. f. sinople, ruddle, a per difesa, a place that stands injury contumely.-- Fare al

red earth si called. ---Andar well for defence, a strong trui uno smacro, to disgrace, pel fil della sinopia, to gu place.

to dishonour, to dehuse, to straight, 10 go roundly w Situazione, s. f. situation, seat, disparage, or discredit one. work.

site. ----Situazione, situation, Smagamento, s. m. abjection Sintilla, s. f. v. Scintilla. Obs. posture.

of mind, discouragemeni, Sintillante, Scintillante. í veraménte, adv. upon con meanness of spirit, fanzia Obs.

dition, with proviso. Obs.-- heartedness. Obs. Sinto.no, S. m. symptom. lo son disposto a farlo, si ve- Smagarc, to despond, to he Sintomo, any or circumstan. ramente, che io voglio impri. Smagársi, cast down, to he

that accompanies ma andare a Roina, I am rea dejected or discouraged. Not thing.

dy to do it, upon condition in use. --Siagarsi, to part Sinuosità, s. f.obliquity, crook that I shall first go to Roine. with one, to leave out, to se.

edness, intricateness. Slacciáre, to unlace, to untie, parate one's selt, to leave one. Sinuóso, adj. oblique, intricate, to unloose.

--Smagate, to discourage to full of curnings and wind-Slacciato, adj. unlaced, un put out of heart, to disheart. ins. tied, loose.

en, to dispirit. Not in use. Sióne, s. m. whirlwind. Slanciáre, v, Lanciare, Smagáto, adj. discouraged, out Sipil, yes. A Bolognese word. Slargare, to widen, to make of heart, disheartened, dispi-A licer sipa, to say yes.wider.

rited. Not in use. Il popol del Sipa, the people Sláscio. Ex. A Sláscio, adv. Smagliáre, to break the mails of Bologna.

hand over head, with preci of a coat of mail.--Smagliare, Si perchè, because.

pitation, hastily, rashly, furi to crofound or disorder itsell, Sire, s. m. sire, lord, sir, mas. asly, iniperuously.

-La schiera grossa rinculò , ter. Slattáre, v. Spoppare.

buona pezza del campo, ma Siréna, s. m. siren, mermaid. Slartáto, ?). "poppato. perciò non si smagliarono ne Siri, v. Sire, a kingly appella- Sleále, aclj. disloy: 1, unfaithful,. ruppono, the body of the artion.

perficious, treacherous, de- my recoiled a great way out Sirocchia, s. f. sister. Obs. ceiiful, false.

of the field, but in good cr. Sirocchiama, s. f. my sister. Slealtà, s. f. disloyalty, trea- der.--Smogliáre, to unpack. Obs

chuy,perfidiousness, villainy. Egli è un seren che smaglia, Sirocchiévole, adj. of or belong- Slegamento, s. m. dissolution, it is a very clear night.Com ing to a sister. separation.

lor che smaglia, a bright cu. Sirocchievólmente, adv. like a Siezáre, to untie, to loose, or Icur.- lin che smaglia, a sister -- Allracciandolo siroc undo. - Slegarsi dal so no, to hrisk wine. chie :olmente, embracing him awake.---- Slegrirsi, to clear, Smagliálo, part. pass. of Smage like a sister.

to get clear, to free or disen-f liare. Sirocco, v. Scilócco.

tangle one's self, to get out. Smágio, v. Smaceria, Siroppo, v. Sciloppo.

Slegátn, adj. untied, loose, un-Smágo, s. m. fright, tersur, Sísamo, s. m. sesame, the seed done.

fear. Obs. of a plant so called.

Slogare, to put out of joint.c. Smagramento, s. m. leanness. Si-aro, s. m. a kind of parsnip. Slogarsi un piede, to put a Smigráre, to make or grove Svinbrio, s. m. spear-mint, foot out of joint.

lean, tin, or meagre, to fa!l balm-mint, mackarel mint, Slogáio, adj. out of joint. away.

g? den mint, water-mint. Slontariáre, . Allontanare. Smagratúra, 8. f. 12.Sma.
Sisma, v. Scisma. Obs. Sloggiáre, to drive cut of a Smagriménto, s. m.) gramen.
Sismático, v. Scismatico. Obs. place, to dislodge. -Sloggi to.
Sistema, s. m. system. are, to go from a place. Smagrire, v. Smagrare.
Sistemático, adj. systematical. Slungáre, to lengthen, to Smalláre, to take the green
Situbondo, adi.

exceeding stretch out, to draw out in shell off the alnut. thirsty.--Sililondo di gloria, length, toeke -Slungare, to Smaláto, p. p. of Smallare. o d' onore, greedy, desirous, rernove, to put away, to send Smaltare, to enamel. covetous of glory or honour. a great way off.

Smaltáto, adj. enamclled. Sitiie, to be thirsty. Ohs. Sluugáro, alj. lengthenedl, Smaltatára, s. f. the enamel Sito, s. m. situation, seat.--. stretched out.--Slungutn, dis when laid on. Sito, a bad smell, a scent. tant, remote, far.

Smaltimentu, s. m. digestion. Obs.Sito, habitation, dwel. Smaccáre, to detame, to slanling-place, house. In sito


Smaltire, to digest, to concret uperto, in an open fieli. Smaccato, adj. defamed, slan- what one eats.--Smutire, to In sito largo, in a large plain dered. --Smaccato, soft, wi. digest, to hear or suffer, to

thered, mellow, insipid.--vinn put up, to brook.--Smaltite Situamento, s. m. situation, smacralo, Aat, dead wine.--un' ingiuria, to digest or brock posture.

Rimanere smaccato, to he an affront.--Smaltire, to sell, Situáre, to simuate, to seat. dishonoured, disgraced, de to vend, to utter, to put off Simáto, ad). situate, seitet, sie based.

goods.--Smaltire uno, to be tuated...Un luogo ben siluuto Smácco, s, m. affront, abuse, rid of one..- Smaltito, arli.


or field.

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