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d'çested, concocted.--Essere Smargiasseria, s. f. bullying, Smemorázgine, s. f. forget Snoilito, to be clear, intelli- cutting of arins and legs with Smemorainénto, s. m. tul gibie, easy.

words. Smaltitojo, s. m privy-house, Smarrigióne, s. f. straying, Smemorágzine, foolishness, Vault.

smarrimento, s. m.] wander- foily, simplic ty. Sinto, s. m. cemeni, m'ro ing, loss.--Tutia saftiggera Smemoráre, to grow stupid to tar.-Sinaitu, enamel.- Pino per lo smarrimento del sico doat, to rase. --Smemorare, pere in ismalto, to enamel.- figliuolo, she was very much to a tonish, to surprize, or malto, à pavement.

aiflicted at the missing of her Coli diritto sopra il rerile soil.--Smarrimento di forze, Smemorattággine, v. Smemosinulta mi fur mostrati li spid loss of strength.-Sinarrimen- raggine. ruti inagni,over-against theic, to, mistake fault, error. --- Smemoratino, adj. folish, upon the green turf, I saw A tertire di 1011 czder un' al. doaring.--Smemordto, stupid, the souls of great men.

tra volta in simile smarrimen blockish, dull, sillo, out of Sinalia, any hard thing, as to, take care not to commitany one's senses.-Ben sapèie che stone, diamond, marble. more such mistake.--Smarria io non sono si smemorala de Chi rerrà mai che squadre ménto, consternation fear, io non conosca che voi siete questo mio cor di smalto? | amazement.-lo presi tanto Messer Ricciurdo, you know who shall ever break this sto- smarrimento allora, I was very well I am not so sensemy heart of mine?

under such a consternation less as not to see that you Sminceria, s. f. niccness, wan then.

are Mr. Richard. -- no sine. conness. effaninacy, coyness. Sin axire, to miss, to lose, but morútó, a heedless, rash, het, to nulla ho di lisogno di tante with a hope to find.- Arema headed, giddy-headed, hair. smurrie, prithre, don't play la sua compagnia nella selia brained man.-E Caminciathe fol with me.

smarrila, she had lost her Tono a dire che egli era uns Smánia, s. f. madnes, fury, company in the wood. smemorato: gli smemorati siTage:-Dar nelle smanie, to Sportrsi, to miss or lose ete voi rispuse egli, and they be mad, to fume, to be in a one's way.-Sinarrire, to con began to say that he was a passion.-Far Jer nelle sma. found, to perplex.-Sirarrir- heedless fellow: you are heednie, to make one mad, to si, to be discouraged or dis less yourselves, answered he. Tiiake him quite angry.-Me heartened, to lose courage, to Smenomáre, to diminish, to nare smovie, to be mad, to de pond.

lessen, to impair, to abate. grow icad.-Nonraylısı for- Smarritamente, adv. full of con. Not used. te, che egli ne menuva sma sternation, timorously. Smenovito, . adj. diminished, mie, he conceived so great a Smarito, adj. missed, lost.- lessened, abuted, impaired. love for her, that he S'murrito, discouraged, dis Obs. mad after her.

heartened, dispirited. Srnenticanza, s. f. forgetfulSinaniamento, s. m. v. Sma. Smarruto, v. Smarrito. Obs. nia.

Smascelláre, to put one's jaw- Smenticáre, to forget. Sinaniánte, adj. furious, rag- bone out of joint.-- Saiascel- Smenticato, adj. forgotten...ing, mad, frantic.

lar delle risa, to split one's Solicalo, mad, foolish, sil. S naniáre, lo rage, to be in a sides with laughing, to laughly. rage, to be in a great passion, heartily.

Smentie, to give the lye.to dole, to be like a madman, Sinascelláto, p. p. of Smascd-Smentirsi, to belye or contrato traine, to fret.--Uno sina lare.

dict one's self. wiu per amore, uno attende Smascherare, to take the mask ! Smentito, adj. belyerl. alla gola, some are mad for off, to unmask.

Smeraldine, adj. of or belonslove, some doat upon cating Smascherato, adj. unmasked.--/ ing to an emerald, as bright and drinking.

Smascherato, adj. detected. as ar, emeralt. Smaniátu, p. p. of Smaniare. Smattonáre, to unpave, to take Smeráldo, s. m. an emerald. Smaniarira, s f. v. Sinania. off the bricks,

Smérgo, s. m. a cook or scaSmaniglia, S. f. a bracelet. Smaltonát, adj. unpaverl. Smamóso, adj. fuivus, mad, Smeláre, to work the combs. Smerigliáre, to polish with in a great rage.

Smeláro, adj. without combs, emery or emeril. Siantelláre, 10 dismantle, to speaking of a bee-hive. Smeri cliu, s. m. emery or emepull down the walls. Smembráre, to dismember, to nl.

Sineriglio, a merlin, a Sinantelluto, p. p. of Smantel pull in pieces. --Smembrure, bird of prey so called.-Site Jare.

to utismember, to divide. riglio, a piece of ordnance so Sinanzeróso, adj. given to love. Smembrure, to carve.-lo non Called. -- Doma smom:erusn, a co zoglio smembrar sulla forri- Smeriglione, s. m. a large merquet, 1 wanton girl or woman. ma in aria starne, I will not lin. --Uno 8manzeroso, S. m. a be a carver.

Smérlo, s. m. a merlin, the beau, a genera lover, Smembráto, ad;. dismember as Smeriglio. Smanziére, s.f.a spark, a beau. ed.

Smidolláre, to take the brains Smargisso, s, m, a bully, a Smemorabile, adj. not famous, out Smidollarsi a qualche braggadocio.

not famod. Not used. cosa, to c.ack one's bid!






about a thing.-Smidolláre, Smoccolatújo, s. m, the snuf- Smorzar la calina, to by to discover, to explain, to de fers.

line.--Smorzar la sete, 10 clare, to expound, to reach Smoccolazúra, s. t. candle- qucoch the shirt ----Imur the substance of a matter. snut.

zúre, to extinguine, to smsSmidolláro, adj. from Smidol. Sinodamento, excessiveness, ther, to appease, lo curb one's lare.

Statness, excess.

Ohs. passions. Smigliacciáre, r. Migliacciare, Smodársi, to grow immoderate, Suorzáto, artí, extinguishi. Smiláce, s. f. hedge-bclls, rose extravagant, or intemperate. Smo sa, s. i. motion, mui's weed, withy-weed.

Smodatamente, aclv. exces-ing-5a0882 di wiluuii, a Smilzo, ailj. slender, spare, sively, excedingly, greatly, arch of: vidiers, small, thin.


Smøssox adj. moved, shaken. Smimorálo, v. Smemorato. Smuriáto, adj. immoderate, ex---S'mosse, out of joint, Obs.

cessive, intemperate, violent. Smuovere.- Mi sono Smos, Sminuménto, s. m. diminuti. Smoderánza, s. f. the opposite un piede, I have put a fout oli, decreas, abaternent. of moderation.

out of joint.-&no.so, remove Sminuire, to diminish, to les. Smoderatamente, adv. immo ed, shaken, altered, of abusen, to impair, to abate. derately, excessively, intem- ber mind. Sinosso daile Sininuirsi, to les en, to dimin perately.

preghire della madre, his nya nish, to decrease, to fall, to de. Suoderatezza, s. f, excess, ther's tcars prevailed apon сау.

the opposite of moderation. him.-Gismonia 900 ismos, Sminuíto, adj. diminished, de-/ Smoderálo, adj, immoderate, sa nel suo filio proponimento,

creasedi, decayed, fallen. excessive, exceeding great, Gismondi fixed in her cruch Sminuzzamento, s. m. a cut- violent, extravagant.

intent. Von esserey synOS. ting or breaking to pieces. Smogliato, adj. single, that has dagli "greti della fortuin, Sminuzzáre, to cui, to break to no wife. --- Uno singlicto, not dismayed at the cross of pieces, toʻcut in small bits, to s, m. a batchelor or bache- fortune. mince.


Smottáre, to rush or tumule Sminuzzáto, adj. cut or broken Smontáre, to descend, to go, down. to pieces, minced.

to step, oi aime down.-Smottato, adj. rushed or tuinSminuzzatore, he that breaks Smonture le scale, to go down bled dowil, impassable, crase or cuts to pieces.

stairs.-Smontare in terra, togy. Sminuzzatrice, femn. of Smi- lanit. -Smortare a piede, o Smcvitúra, s. f. a moring or

snuontar da ca ulio, to aligha sining. Sminuzzelláre, v. Sminuzzare. off one's horse.---Simontur di Smozzicáre, to cut to pieces, Smiracchiare, v. Sbiiciare. carrozzi, to alight out of a to maul, to mangle. The' quaObs.

coach.-Smontuire, to change li rentinue re furono inz. Smiráre, to polish, to bumish, colour, to fade.

piccati col notaju e gli altri to brighten. Obs.

Smontato, adj. descended, smozricati, oi whom twentySmirio, s. m. the herb Alex come or gone down.-Smon- five were hanged with the ander. tuto, dismounted.

netary, and the others were Smisurábile, adj. unmeasura- Smorbáre, to cure the infec- beheadet.

ble, huge, excessive, exceed tion or disease, Smortúre, Smozzicato, adj. cut to pieces, ing great, immoderate. to purse, to cleanse, to

beheaded. Smisurunza, s. f. immensity, clear.

Smucciare, to clip, to slide, vastness greatness. Obs.-- Smorbáto, adj. cured of an in- to fall by missing a step. Smisur inza nello splendere, la fection, purged, cleansed, Smúznere, to drain, to wake, vishness, profuseness, prodi. cleared.

to consuinc, to exhaust. gality.--Smisuranza di pecca- Smórfia, s. f. mockery, rail- Smugntóre, he that exhausts to, enormity of sin.- Non po- lery, jest, banter. Farsi any thing. undo clle sostenere la smisu- siorfia l' uno, to ridicule, in Smunire, to reinstate, in a ranza di tarda chiarità, they! mock, to scoff, to deride one, charge or an office. Obs. not being able to resist that, to laugh at him.

Smanity, adj. rein catod, exceeding brighness. Smorire, to giow pale. Obs. Smurto, adj. lean, poor in Smisuratamente, adv. exces. Smor áre, to take the bit out fiesh, measte, thin, scragsyo sively, exceedingly, iminode-1 of a horse's mouth; to unbri- Smunto, exhausted, drumede rately, out of measure, be- dic.

consumed. yond measure.

Smorsíto, adj. unbridled. Smuovere 10 move, co stir, ta Smisuratezza, s. f. greatness, Smy89, adi. pale, bleak, wan, shake.--S'muucet un faso, to excessiveness, immensity. sallow. biso smurto, a palei stake or more a stone. ---Smisuráto, adj. unmeasurable, faee.----Smorto, saliow, Smuovere, 10 excite, to in.

excessive, huge, exceeding whitish, a h-culourei. cite, to protoke, to srie u. great, immoderate.

Smortóre, s. m. paleness. to raise.--Tulla luz cixà re fa Smocciare, v. Mocciare. Smorzáre, to put out, to ex-520:58 a rumore, all the line Smoccoláre, to snutthe can- tinguish, to quench. --Sor- ty was an alarm for it. -$mudie.

zar la candela o il fuoco, io; ocete, to mure, ta sofren, to Sinoccolato, adj, snuTel. put out the candle or fire. --- Cumsi a concern, u autem

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Nmè duro core che lagri-l amor tu mi suamori, O love, Snomináre, to deprive of the Tijando e pr. ganuo tulor non si if all the rest of your servants name, to misname. Snuora, there is no heart so have no other hopes but this, Soátto, s. m. a cali's skin. hard but that cars and en you cure me of my love, Soáve, adj. sweet, agreeable, treries will more.--Smao- Snamorarsi, to forsake love. pleasant, delicious, grateful, cere, to induce, to lead, to namorato, cured of love, no charming.--Vino share, weet, Critice, to persuade, os draw longer enamoured.

agreeable wine. Frisco so. 00.--Mondo di No embre de Sna áo, atj. noseless, with ave, a delicious coolness detto anno a smuor ere il lega out a nose.

l'ento soave, a gerile sale, tu a lasciar trurur modo aka Snaturáre, to harden against a pleasing or agreeable wind. concordid, he sent, in the che dictates of nature ; to be- Sodre, light, not eavy.month of A ovember of the come cruel

Suare, quiet, still, favourable, same year, to persuade the Snaturálo, adj. strange, unna. courteous, humane. - Sos e, legate to find some means for tural.

moderate, soft, gentie. an accommodation.--Smuo. Sneilamente, adv. nimbly, rea Camminare con soare passi, mere, to corrupt, to bribe, or dily, quickly, briskly, to walk gently.--Soare, adv. pervert.--Fa orechie di mer. Snelétto, auj. dim. of Snello. sweetly, agreeably, gentiy. conte e fton ti lasciare smu. Snellizza, s. f., nimble- Qiel rosignuol che st 500 €

ness, agility, pingne, that nightingale 201635€, give no car to what quickness, briskness, swift- which sings so sweetly.they say, and don't be pre- news, activity.

Cavalca tosto in piano, soare vailed upon, or drawn in, c-, Stiello, adj. agile, nimble, nel montano, ride fast on the ther by money or promises.--.quick, brisk, active, switi. plaisi, and gently up hill. Smuovere, to dissuade or di- Sreshare to spoil or break E se poro hai, soar' por a :! vert.-Nun ho potuto smuo. Snertire. } the nerves. fcio stato, and if you be poor, verlo dalla sua risoluzione, il Snerlere, enervate, bear patiently your condition could poi make him chungel werken. to enfeeble. Scaveinénte, adv. agreeably,

resolution -Smoozers?, Snesbutelo, adj. dimin. of pleasantly, merrily, glady, 10 yield, to submit, to give Sncrucélie,} Snerbalo and comfortably, swectly, charm--Seguendo il loro per Snervato.

inzly.---Cantar soazeméte, 11r.uce proponento non si Snertáis, adj enervaterl, to sing agrecibly, sweetly tullono smuovere, following Snerváto, } weakenei. weak. Soavemente, softlv, gently.obstinately their resolution Shidare, to fiy ou: of the nest, Camminare soa amérite, to they would never yield. to drive out of the net.-- Va walk gently.--Soavemente, Snuo i crsi

corpo, come il sol sopra il cerchio si lovingly, modestly. Soares do sen.--Qursle sorte d'erle snida che si chiama orizzonte, ménte, pau ly, with pari SMIDORO il corpo, these suit but as the sun rises upon the ence.

Petare soaremente of herbs loosen the body. circle which is called the ho una disgrazia, to bear a mis. Sriutale, to dismantie, to pull rizon.

fortune patiently. down the walls. -- lo trovai Snidáto, adj. flown from the Soavezza, 2. Soavità Obs. questi danari simurando un nest, driven out of the nest. Soavilà, s. f. suarity, sweetmio casolaraccio, I found Soidiáre, v. Snidare.

ness, agreeableness, benignithe money in pulling down Sridiáto, v. Snidato

ty, clemency. the walls of an old barn of Singhitire, to grow brisk, Subbarcáre, to submit, to sub mine. nimlile, or active.

due, suhject, bring under, to Smussáre, to break the corners. Soccoláre, to take out the humble. Obs. Smus álo, adj. whose comers kernel.-Snocriolure, to ex- Sobhissare, ”. Subbissare. we broken.

plain. to expound, to declare, Suissáto, v. Subbissato. Soisso, adj. across, awry, not to discover, to make plam.- Soolollire, to boil under co

eren. with 1 corner cut off. E se volele chorela snoccioli
Obs..---E acchiwchè il delto più, if you will leave me speak : Sobbollito, adj. boiled under
pelngin non forse in sul terre- plainer.--Snoeciolare, to pay cover --Sulbollito, private,
n, argli Cierti, coloro che l' in ready money.

secret, concealed.La sok ellono a fare il posero smus. Snocciolato, p. p. of Snoccio- bollita ira, the concealed an80, che ju gran dijalto, and Hare.

ger. that the said palace might not Snodaménto, s. m. untying. Schhórgo, s. m, subarb. te uxon the ground of the urdning.

Sobbrévita, ady.

shortly, Uberti, these', who had un- Snorláie, to unte or undo a briefly, in a few words. Obs. deriak:n the building of is, knot-Come fanciul cap. Sobillamento, s. m. seduction, built it with a flat corner, pena volge la lingua e snoda, a seducing, misleading, dewhich was a great fault like a child that can scarcely. Ceiving, corrupting, debauchSmásso, s. m. the cutting of use his tongue.--Snoucre, to ing. a corner off.

disunite, to separate, lo dis. Sobilláre, to seduce, mislead, Snamoráre, to take away love. I join.

abuse, deceive, or cheat. --Or s' a queste speranze stan Snodáro, adj. untied. So issáre, v. Subbissare. quito il resto de' luos servidori, Suodalúra, s. for a joint. Sebissáto, v. Subbissato.





Sóbole, s. f. race, family, safely, out of danger. So-l obstinacy, wilfulness, stuba

stock, or generation. Obs. damente, cautiously, wisely, bornness. -Sdézza, firmSobranzárc, v. Sovranzáre. prudently. -Sodamente, ness, steadiness, constancy, Obs.

strongly. --Sodamente, brisk- courage, resolution, stedfasta Sobriamente, adv. soberly, ly, boldiy. temperately, moderately, with Sodaménto, S. m. establish- Sodisfáre, v. Soddisfare, and moderation.

ment, confirmation.-Soda- all its derivatives. Sobrietà, s. f. sobriety, sober- ménto, bail, security, surety. Sodo, s. m. bail, security, or ness, temperance, modera -Prestar sodamento, to give surety:-) danari furono stag. tion. bail.

giri che ai ieno per loro soilo, Sóbrio, adj. sober, temperate, Sodáre, to strengthen, to fasten, the money which they had moderate.

to make fast or firm, to con for their security was conSobúglio, s. m. sedition, com solidate.--Sodúre, to bail fiscated. --Sodo, a foundation. motion, mutiny, insurrecti. one, to be bound for him.- --Pallricare in sul sodo, to on, popular tumult, uproar. Sodare, to warrant, to pro

build upon a good foundation. Obs.

mise, to pass one's word. -Dire o favellare in sul sodo, Soccenericcio, adj. baked under oddiaconáto, s. f subdeacon to say or speak any thing in the ashes --Pane socceneric- ship.

earnest or seriously.-Porre o cio, bread baked under the Soddiácono, subdeacon. mettere in sodo, to purpose, to ashes.

Soddisfacente, adj. satisfactory resolve, to determine, to delia Socchiamare, to call one soft- pleasing. - Soddisfacénie, berate.-Cosi la pace si met

ly, or with a low voice. proportioned, proportionable, teva in sodo, so they were Socchiudere, to half shut. commensurate, agreeable to. deliberating upon the peace. Socchiudere, to shut, or shut Soddisfacentemente, adv. in a -Sodo, adj. firm, hard, com. up.

satisfactory manner, satisfac- paci.--- Poi toccandole il petto Socchiúso, adj. half shut. torily.

e trovandolo sodo e tondo, afTener l'occhio socchiuso ad Soddisfacimento, s. m, satis- terwards, he feeling her una cosa, not to mind, or faction, atonement, amends, breast, and finding it hard not to take notice of a thing. recompence.

and plump.---Terra soia, unSóccio, s. m. a partnership in Soddisfare, to satisfy, humour, tilted ground - Sodo, firm, cattle, by which one is en please or content, to give sa-l steady, constant, durable, titled to the half of the profit tisfaction...Soddisfore, to sa sure, stedfast, unshaken, setor loss.-Sóccio, a partner in tisfy, to pay, to discharge a

tled.--Esser sodo nella sua ricattle.

debt.--Soddisfare al suo ob- soluzione, to be firm or steaSocco, s. m. sock, pump.

Gligo, to discharge one's duty. dy in one's resolutions.-SoSaccodaznolo, v. Straccale. Soddisfátto, adj. satisfied, pleas- do, sure, strong, wealthy, Soccorénza, s. f. looseness. ed, contented.

E riverai libero scutendoli Soccórrere, to succour, help, Soddisfattúra, Soddisfa- fermo e sodo nel ralsende, and assist, or relieve.-Soccórrere, zione.

you shall live free if you find to remember, to call to mind. Soddisfazione, s. f. satisfac- that your wealth can afford Soccorrevole, adj. auxiliary, tion, attonement, payment, it.--Sudo, strong, lusty helping, assisting.

reparation, amends, content. S:ar sodo alla macchia o al Soccorriménto, v. Soccorso. Soddótta, s. f. seduction. Obs macchione, to stand fast, to Soccorritore, he that succours. Soddótto, adj. seduced, mis hold up, not to yield. --Star Soccorritrice, fem. of Soccor- led. Obs.

sodo, to stand fast.-Rimaner ritore.

Soddúcere, to seduce, mis | sodo, not to hold, said of aniSoccorso, s. m. succour, help, lead, abuse, deceive, or cheat. mals that go to the leay and

relief, assistance.--Soccorso, Obs.-Lasciarsi sodducere, to get not pregnant.--Sodo, succour, relief, supply. suffer one's self to be seduced, thick, massy, massive, solid. Soccorso, adj. succoured, help or misled.--Sodducere, tu se. -Sodo, adv. fast hard.-Tued, assisted, relieved.

duce, corrupt, or debauch. rar sodo, to stop fast.- Piis , Obs.

chiar sodo, to knock hard. Socduciménto, s. m. seduction. Soduciménto, v. Sodducime Società, s. f. society, com Obs.

to. Obs. merce, intercourse, compa- Sodducitóre, s. m. a sedacer, Soduzione, v. Sodduzione ny, familiarity, fellowship, deceiver, cheat. Obs. Obs. friendship.--Società, society, Sodduitóre, v. Seductóre. Obs. Satferáre. v. Sofferire. Obs. company, partnership. Sodduttrice, Seduttrice. Sofferente, adj. patient, sufo Sócio, v. Sozio.


fering, enduring, constant. Soda, s. f. sodder, an herb, Sodduzióne, s. f. seduction. Sofferénza, s. f. patience, sufa out of whose ashes they maka Obs.

ferance, endurance.- Va sof. glass.

Soddúrre, v. Sodducere. Obs. ferenza è nel dolor corsorio, Sodále, s. m. companion. S détto, adj. a little hard, ra but patience is a comfort in Sodalizio, s. f. company, fel- 'ther hard.

grief. lowship, familiarity. Sodézza, s. f. solidity, hard-Sotfrévole, adj. that may be Sodamente, ady, surely, safe, ness, fireness.----Sodeza, suffered. Obs. VOL. I.


Sociále," }' adj. sociable.



Sofferidóre, v. Soliertóre. der, obloquy, detraction. there is great plenty of corn Sofferimento, s. m. patience, Soffiante, adj. that blows. this year.-Sofficiénz Lite sufferance.

Soffiare, to blow.–Soffiar il ty, art, skill. Sofferire, to suffer, bear, abide, fuoco, to blow the fire.- Soffietto, s. m. bellows, a pais endare, undergo.--Sofferir -Sofiare, to blow as the of bellows. dolore, to suffer or endure wind does. Il vento soffia, Sóffio, s. m. breath, puff, blowpain.—1 tempi si convengono the wind blows.-Soffiare, lo ing. pour sofferire fatti come le fume, to rage, to huff and Soffióne, s. m. a cane to blow stagioni li danno, one must puff with pride, to be very the fire with.--Soffióne, a take with the weather, as it is angry.-Che diarolo hai tu small pair of bellows. more conformable to the sea. sozio Calandrino ? tu non Soffísmo, s. m. v. Sofisma. son.--Non posso soferirlo, fai altro che soffiare, what a Soffisticheria, v. Sofisticheria, I cannot abide him, or en devil ails you, brother Calan- Soff istico, v. Sofistico. dure him.-Seferire un' in- drino? you do nothing else Soffitta, s. f. a garret.--Sofgiuria, to suffer, to brook, but fret and fume.-Sofiare, fitta, a cieling. to put up an affront.--Sofie. to excite, to incite, to pro- Soffitto, adj. hid, hidden, conrire, to suffer, to permii, in voke, to stir, to cause. - Sof- cealed. give leave, to let.-Credi sa fiarsi il naso, to blow one's Soffogamento, s. m. a suffer ch' io soffori che tu m' in

-Soffiar parole negli Soffocamento, } cation, stoppegni la gounelluccia ? do you orecchi altrui, to whisper, or page. think that I will sufler you to buzz a thing in one's car, to Soffogáre, to stifle, choak, go and pawn my petticoat? prompt him to it, to put him Soffocáre, smother, or suf--Soferire l' animo el cu upon it. Sofiare, to fetch focute. ore, to be able, to have the and carry, to be a spy.- Soffogato, adj. stifled, choakcourage to do something.--Ajrir la l'occa e soffiare, to Soffocato, } ed, smotheæd, sofferirelile l' animo di ver call rashly, or at random.- suffocated. dermi morire senza artarmi? | Soffiare un commediante, to Soffogazione, s. f. suffoca. could you see me dying and prompt a player. -Soffiare Soffocazione, s tion, stop not assist me!-Poiché u me una pedina, to blow a man, page. non soffre il cuore di dare a at draughts.

Soffoggiata, s. f. a bandle or me stessa la morie, dúllami Sottáto, p. p. of Soffiare. any thing brought by stealth tul, since I have not courage Soffiatore, s. m. he that blows. under one's arm or cloak. enough to kill myself, do you Soffiatrice, fem. of Soffiatore. Soffólcere, to put, to lay, to

--Sofferire, to for- Softiccáre, to hide, to con- Soffólgere,) set upon. Obs. bear a thing, to abstain or ceal.

-Perchè la vista tua pur si keep from things, to refrain Sofliccarsi, to hide, to conceal soffolge laggiù? why do you one's selt from a thing.-1 one's selt.

look so fixedly there below! malagurosi s' attuffano ne Sottice, adj. soft.

Soffragáneo, v. Suffragáneo. diletti, de quali e' non si pos- Sotf.cente, adj. able, capa- Sotfrátta, s. m. penury, want, sono sofferire, the wicked Sofficiente, } ble, apt, enough, scarcity, need. Obs.- Quanplunge themselves in plea sufficient. --Nou sentenulosi do sarò morto, avrai soffratsures, from which they can- sofficicnte al governamento ta di me, you will miss me not retrain...Soferire, to bear, della chiesa, not thinking when I am dead. to hold, to keep, to uphold. himself capable to govern the Soffreddo, adj. coldish, someio support.- Di vil cilicio mi church. Or non ti basterà what cold. parean coperti, e l' un sof- 20? frate, io sarci sofficiente Soffregamento, s. m. rubbing, geria l'altro colla spalla, they a un popolo non che a te, am or friction.---- Soffregamento seemed to me as if they were not 1 enough for you? bro. di denti, a grinding of teeth. covered with hair-cloth, and ther, I am enough for a Soffregáre, to sub gently.-ne supported the other with whole nation, not only for Soffregúre, to offer, lo tender. the shoulder. you.

Obs. Sofferitóre, . m. a suffering, Sofiicentemente, adv. suf. Soffregáto, adj. rubbed, affer

patient man, a suficrer. Sofficientemente, ficient-i cd, or tendered. Soffermare, to stand or keep! lv, enough, well enough. Soffriggere, to fry. still for a little while.

Softicentezza, s. f. suffici- Soffrire, v. Sofferire.-Soferinársi, to stay, to stop. Sofiicientizza, s ent, that Soffrire, s. m. suffering, m. for a little while.

which is enough. Both obs. sery, trouble, affliction, griet. Softént, p. p. of Soffrire. Soficiente, z. Sofficente. Soffritto, s. m, a fricasee, Soffiamento, s. m. blowing, Sofficiónza, s. f. sufficiency, Soffritto, adj. fried. puffing.-i sejiumenti r'eter- that which is enough.--A Sorisma, s. m. a sophism. a minuti die' rali furoun dagli solicieuzei, ads enough. Sofismo, false and deceitful die trovati per benefiio di le ho a sufficienza, I have argument. tritti gli uomini, the regular enough on'.. Sofficienza, Sofista, s. m. a sophist or so blowing, of wieds were found plenty, abundance, store, co phister, a subue, carilling by the gods for the benchie of piusness. ---}"'è gran soffi- disputer. dl men.-Soffiumeitlo, slan- cienza di ljuda quest' anno, Sufisteria, s. f. sophistry.

kill me.

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