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Sofistica, s.f. a sophism, a sub- to put to, to reply.

-- Solatio, sunny, extle, but false and deceitful ar- Soggiugniménto, s. m.'addi- posed to the sun. -Luogo gument. tion.

sointio, a sunny place.--Sofisticamente, adv. sophisti- Soggiuntivo, s. m. a gramma

Vigna solatía, a vine exposed cally.

tical term, one of the modes to the sun. Sofisticáre, to wrangle, jangle, of a verb, subjunctive. Soláro, adj. that has a new sole

or taunt, to cavil at.--Sofis- Soggiunto, added, replied, sub- put to, and it is said of shoes, ticáre, to sophisticate, to de- joined.

boots, and other such things. base, to corrupt, or spoil. Soggoláre, to put on the veil, Sólatro, s. m. morel, peitySofisticato, adj. wrangled, jan-speaking of nuns.

morel, an herb so called. gled, sophisticated. Soggoláto, adj. veiled. Solcáre, to make furrows, to Sakisticheria, s. f. a sophism, a Soggólo, s mi a kind of plaited plough.--Solcar l'onda, to subtle, but false and deceitful handkerchief, worn by nuns plow the waves. argument.

about their necks.--Soggólo, Sulcáto, adj. furrowed, plough. Sofistico, s. m. a sophist or so the throat-band of the bridle. ed. phister, a subtle cavilling dis- Soggrottáre, a term of agricul. Solchello, s. m. a little furputer.--Sofistico, adj. sophis. ture; to make a small ditch Solchetto, tical, captious, deceitful; ca or hollow to make room for Solchevole, adj. arable. villoys.

the vines that husbandmen Sólcio, 4. m. a preserve, a conSoga, s. f. strap, leathern intend to plant.

serve, a pickle. Ulive in sola scring, latchet, a rope. Soggrottáto, p. p. of Soggrot- cio, pickled olives. Soggettáre, v. Suggettáre, and táre.

Solco, s. m. a furrow.-Sulco, all its derivatives.

Sóglia, s. f. the threshold the way or course of a ship. Sogghignáre, to smile or sim. Sogliáre, s. m. of a door.- Solco, way. road.--Solco, per.

Sóglio, s. m. Soglia,o sog-wrinkle. -Uscir del solco, to Sogghigno, s, m, a smile. lio, a throne.

wander, to go astray or out of Soggiacente, adj. subject, ex. Sógliola, s. f. a sole, a kind of the way.-----Anunt per solco, posed. sea-fish.

to go roundly to work.-Ar.' Soggiacére, to be subjector ex- Sognánte, adj. that dreams. dar diritto il solco, to thrive, posed to, to depend upon one, Sognáre, ta dream.---Sognuire, to prosper in any thing. to be under him, to be subject to feign, to devise, to imagine, Soldanático, s, m. the digni. to him.-La vita dell'uomo to fancy.


ty è una continua guerra che sognato, adj. dreamt. Soldania, s, f. duminion soggiace a' molti pericoli, a Sognatore, a dreamer.

of a soldan, or sultan of man's life is a continual war, Sognatrice, fem. of Sognatore. Egypt. exposed to a great many dan. Sogno, s. m. a dream, the ob- Soldaniére, s. m. an hireling. gers.

ject that appears to the ima Obs. Soggiogaja, s. f. deviap of gination when one is asleep. Soldáno, soldan, once the lord beasts.

soja, s. f. silk. Obs.--Soja, of Egypt. Soggiogamento, s. m. a sub- banter, adulation mixed with Soldáre, to recruit. duing, conquering, or subju- mockery.--Dar la soja, to Soldatáccio, a bad soldier, a garing. banter.

lusty soldier. Sorgiogáre, to subjugate, to Sojáre, to banter.

Soldatáglia, s. f. a band of bad subdue, to subject, to con- Solájo, s. m. the floor, the ciel soldiers. quer, to bring under.


Soldatéllo, a common soldier, Soggiogato, adj. subjugated, Solamente, adv. only, but, a petty soldier. subdued.

sulely.Lo farò solamente Soldateria, s. f. the soldiery, Soggiogatáre, conqueror, sub- per amor vostro, I'll do it on- Soldatésca, the soldiers. duer,

ly upon your account.-In Soldatescamente, adv. soldier. Soggiogatrice, ske that con tutto lo castello non era se like, after the manner of sol. quers, that subjugates. non una donzella solamente, dicrs. Soggiogazione, s. f. conquest. there was not in all the castle Soldatésco, adj. military, of or Soggiógo, s. m. dewlap of a but a damsel.- Tu abbando belonging to soldiers.--Voca. beast, double chin.

nalo da tutti, fuor solamente bolo soldatesco, a military Suggiornare, to sojourn, to da me, every body forsook

stay, to remain in place, to him but me.-Solumente che Soldáro, s. m. a soldier. swell, to live. --Soggiorruire, comandiate, e sarà fatto, do soldatúzzo, s. m. a little sol. to look after, to take care of, but command, and it shall be dier, a puny suldier, a confo tend cattle. done.

temptible soldier. Soggiornato, adj. sojourned, Sólano, s. m. night-shade. Soldo, s. m. a penny.--Soldo, dwelt.

Soláre, adj. solar, belonging to pay, soldier's pay.--Andare a Soggiorno, s. m. abode, resi- the sun.-Raggi solari, the soldo, to list or enroll one's dence, stay. Soggiorno, sun beams.- Il solar pianeta, self, tu turn soldier. ---Soldo, mansion, dwelling-house, ha the sun.--Anno solare, the war. -A tempo di guerra biration. solar year.

ogni cavallo in soldo, in time Soggiúgnere, to add, to join, Solatio, s. m. exposed to the of need every thing serves.-




cal notes,



Soldo, salary, pay.- Soldo, dicrous sense.--Cartar la solfa Sofitúdine, s. f. solitude, soli. the iwentieth part of a yard ad alcuno, to give one a re tary place, desart.--Sohta. measure in Florence.-----An- primand.

dire, solitude, retirement. dari a lira e soldo, to com- Solfeggiáre, to sing the musi- Sollaizáre, to raise, o lift ap a pound, or come to a compo

narning each of little. Obs. sition for a debt.

them by their respective Sollalzáto, adj. raised, lifted up Silo s. m, the sun.----Sole,

a little.' Obs. metaphorically, light to the Solléggio, s. m. a manner of Sollazzáre, to divert, to recremind, beau'v, virtue.-Actre singing, in which all the are, to se!acc. al sole, aver del suo al sole, to notes are named by their Sollazzársi, to divert one's self, have in estate. --Sole, a year. names.

to take one's pleasure. Solécchio, s. m. an umbrella, Solfo, s. m. brimstone, sul. Sollazzáto, adj. diverted, lea parasol. Obs.Solécchio, phur.

created. a canopy. Oos.

Solfonájo, adj. sulphureous. Sollazzatore, s. m. a diverting Solecisco, s. m. a solecism, Obs. ----Acque soljonaje, sul. an incongruity of speech. phureous waters.

Sollazzévole, adj. pleasant, Soleggiáre, lo bicach, or dry in Solforáre, to mix with sulphur. agreeable.

-Ragionamenti the sun.

Solforátu, adj. mixed with sollazzevoli, pleasant discour. Soleggiato, adj. bleached, sun sulphur.

ses.- Persona sollazzevole, a ned, dried in the sun. Solsy, v. Solco. Obs.

diverting person. Solénne, adj, solemn. -So- Solicchio, v. Solecchio. Solluzzevolmente, adv. merrilénne, splendid, glorious, Solidaménte, adv, solidly. lv. pleasantly, agreeably.magnificent, sumptuous.- Solidáre, v. Assudáre.

Pigliare una cosa sollazzez ok. 21 solenze convito, a sump- Solidáto,adj. strengthened, con mente, to take a thing in jest. fuous or magnificent feast. - firmed, corroborated. Sollázzo, s. m. solace, comfort, Solenne, famous, excellent, Salezza, s. t. solidity, sound delight, sport, recreation. renowned, celebrated.-Un ness, wmness, massiness. Andare a sollazzo, to go about solenne poeta, a famous poet. Solidità .solidity, firmness, for more pleasure.

Un solenne medico, a re massin soundness. Sollazzóso, adj. pleasant, di. nowned, noteri physician.- Sólido, s. m. among lawyers, verting. Solenne vino, exquisite wine. solido - Olbligarsi in solido, Sollecheráre, to be moved or Solenne giucatore, a noved to oblige one's self in solido, affected. Obs. gamester.

or for the whole.--Solido, Sollecitamente, adr, carefully, Solenneggiare, to solemnize, adj.solid, thick, massy, strong, diligently, exactly, maturely. or celebrate,

fim, substantial. ---Corpo Sollecitamente, sorrowfully, Sulenneggiato, p. p. of Salen- solido, a solid body.Venia- with sorrow, with great anx. neggiare.

no al solido,j let us come iety. Solenemente, adv. solemnly. to the point.

Sollecitamento, s. m. solicitaSolennità, s. f. solemnity Soliloquio. s. m. a soliloquy, tion, suit, instigation, instance, Solennità, a festival, a festi. Solimáto, s, m, sublimy, sub-persuasion, impulse. val-day.---Solennità, sclem. limatum.

Sollecitáre, to hasien, to maks nity, pump, stale, magnifi. Solingo, adj. solitary, desart, haste, to press, to pue forward.

retired, lonely, lonesome. --Sollecitáre, to solicit, to Solennizzamento, s. m. soleni- Sólio, s. m. a throne, a royal move, to urge, to incite, to nity, celcbration.

egs on, to press. Slennizzáre, to solemnize, to Solitariamente, adv. solitarily, Sollecitativo, adj. urging, pressCulebrare.

retiredly: Solitariamente, ing, soliciting. Solennizzáto, adj. celebrated, privately, without company. Sollecitáto, adj. solicited, urged, golemnized.

Essendo solitariamente con incited, pressed, intreated. Solére, to be wont or accus lui, disse queste parole, being Sollecitatóre, a solicitor, one tomed, to use.--Io non soglio alone with him, he said these that solicits. diré una cosa e fare un' altra, worls.

Sollecitatrice, fem. of Solieci ta. I am not wont to say one Solitário, adj. solitary.-----Soli- tore. thing and do another.-90. urin, desart, lonely, lone Sollecitatúra, s. f. care, anxiolére, s. m. use, custom. some. ---Passero solitario, a

ty. Solerétta, s. f, an iron sole. kind of sparrow which is al. Sollecitazione, s. f. solicitation, Solétta, s. f. the sole of a stock most always alone.

suit, instigation, instance, ins.

Sólito, adj. accustomed, used, persuasion, impulse. Solettamente, adv. alone, with-) usual.-Io non son solito bere Sollecitativo, adj. that solicits, out company, by one's self. molto, I am not accustomed, inciting to haste. Solécto, adj. alone, by one's or used to drink much.-Fa Sollécito, adj. solicitous, caresclt-Dore vai così solella? molto più freudo del solito, it ful, diligent..--Sollécito, atwhercare you going thusalone? is colder than usual.- Al so- tentive, mindful, watchful.Solfa, s. f the musical charac- lito, adv. after the usual man Poichè tu della mia salute sei ters, figures, and notes; and ner.—E' il suo solito, it is his sollecito, since you have a also the music itself in a lu-l way or custom,

tender regard over my health.



Sollecitóso, adj. solicitous, care-Sollicitudine, s. f. care, trou- absolve, tu exempt. -Da ful, diligent. Obs. ble, anxiety.

questa pena acciocchè turi Sollecitúdine, s. f. quickness, Soilievo, s. m. case, relief, solva dirotti perch'i' venni, nimbleness, haste.- Solleci-l comfort.

that you may be no longer túdine, diligence, industry, in- Sollione, s. m. the canicular in pain, I'll tell you why I genuity.--Sollecitúdine, care, or dog days.

came.- Sólvere, to solve, tu anxiety: ---Sono stato in gran Sollo, adj. sott, tender, mellow, resoive, to declare, to explain. sollecitudine di voi, I have not pressed. Not in use. --Solvere una questione, to been ia great pain for you.--- Sollucheramento, s. m. ten solve or resolve a question.Sollecitudine, charge, com derness arising from joy. Solvere un dubbio, to explain mission. - Non à vendo Cesare Sollucheráre, to be moved by a doubt. Solvere il digiuno, abbondanzı del quale agli tender affection or joy.--Mi to break the fast.--Solvere il avela dato sollecitudine a sento sollucherare quando vi disio, to obtain one's wish. Donorighe, Cæsar tot being vedo, my heart melts with Mi disse, solvi il tuo caldo well provided with corn, for joy when I ste you.

disio, he told me, gratify which he had given commis- Solo, adj. alone, lonely.-10 yourself.- Sólvere, to sepasions to Donerighes.

amo d'esser solo, I love to be rate, to sever, to disjoin. Sollenáre, io alleviate, to miti alonc.-Fui con lui solo a so Solriersi, to rise. -Si solve gale, to ease. Obs.

lo, there was nove but he subitumente un gran vento, Sol nato, alleviated, mitiga- and I.--Rimaner solo, to be there arose suddenly a great ted. Obs.

deprived. Veggendosi di wind. --Solvere il ventre, to Sollóne, v. Sollione,

quella compagnia la quale loosen the belly-Solvere Solleticamento, s. m. tickling.' egli più amava rimso, solo, il matrimonio, to break a Solkicáre, to tickle.

finding himself deprived of match.-Solvere un voto, to Solleticato, adj. tickled. that company which he loved

pay a vow. Sollétito, s. m. a tickling. the most.- —Tutto solo, all Solvimento, s. m. solution, Io son d ognun proprio il alone.-Andar solo, gol explanation, liquefaction, unsulletico, I am the sport of alone, by one's self. -Solo, tying. every body.

only, sole, alone Questo è Solvitóre, he that unties. Sollevamento, s. m. lifting, il solo vestito che no, these are Solutivo, adj. solutive, which raising, or heaving up-Sol the only cloaths I have. loosens the belly.--Medica. le aménto, ribe, insurrection, E il solo mezzo d' ottenere il mento solutivo, a solutive me sevolt, rebellion, sedition...- vostro intento, it is the only dicine. Sollevamento, ease, relief, or sole means to obtain your Solúlo, adj. looscd, released. comfort.

wish.-Dio solo lo sa, God Seldom used. Solleváre, to raise, to lift, or alone knows it. ---- -Un solo, Soluzióne, s. f. solution.

heave up. Solle: are uno da una sola, one.----Un sol Dio, Soluzion delventre, the loosenterra, to raise or lift one from one only God.- Una sola vol-ing of the belly. the ground.--Sollevar le ma ta, once only.--Il solo nome Soma, s. m. burden, charge, ni al cielo, to lift up one's mi fa fustidio, the very name

load. Terrena soma, the hands to heaven.-Solleváre, makes me sick.- Solo, adv. body.---Soma, a weight that to cause an insurrection. only, but, solely.-Voi solo oppresses. -Per le vie si ac, Solleváre, to alleviate, to ease, potete ajutarmi, nobody but concian le some, every thing to comfort. you can help me.

is learned by use. A some, Sollevársi, to rise in arms, to Solo che, adv. provided, pro- adv. plentifully, in great quanrevolt.---Sollevársi, to rise, vided that. Questo farò io tity. - Pareggiar le some, to recreate one's self, to un rolentieri, solo che ci consen to act impartially. bend one's spirits.

tiate, l'll do it willingly, pro- Somájo, adj. that burdens. Sulleváto, p. p. of Sollevare. vided you consent to it. Somáro, s. m. an ass. : Sollevatore, he that raises, lifts, Solstiziále, adj.solstitial, be- Sombáglin, s. m. murmur, or heaves up.----Sollevator di Solstiziário, longing to the noise, confusion. popolo, a mutinous, factious, solstice.

Someggiáre, to carry a burden or seditious man.

Solstizio, s. m. Sulstice, the or load. Sollevazione, s. f. raising, lift time when the sun is come to Somélla, s. f. a small burden. ing, heaving up.--Sollevazi- either of the tropical points. Sumeria, s. f. carriage, bag. óne, insurrection, revolt. Soltánto, adv. only, but. gage, luggage, goods. Obs. Sollicitamente, v. Sollecita- Solúbile, adj. soluble, that may Sometta, s. m. a small burden. mente.

be unloosed or dissolved. Somiére, s. m. la beast of Sollicitamento,v. Sollecitamen-Solvente, adj. solvent, that dis- Somiéra, s. f. } burden.


Somigliánte, adj. like, alike. Sollicitáre, v. Sollecitare. Sólvere, to loose, to untie. -Non ho mai visto il som Sollicitársi, to be anxious, to Solvere un nodo, to loose, to glionte, I never saw the li'e. take to heart.

untic a knot. --Sólvere, to dis - Il somigliante, the san e. Sollicitativo, v. Sollecitativo. solve, to melt, to liquefy.-- - Vedendo ciò fecero il son 2Sollicito,

Sólversi, to dissolve, to melt gliante, sceing this, they dd itself. Solvere, to free, to the same.



, }adj

. v. Sollecito.



Somigliantemente, adv. alike, Sommersióne, s. submission, remore, to take from.

after the same manner. humility, obedience. Sonagliáre, to ring a little tink. Suomiglianza, s. f. resemblance, Somir.essivo, adj. submissive. I ling bell. likeness, similitude.

humnie, respeceful.- Una Sonagliéra, s. f. acollar of hells. Sumigliáre, to resemble, to be lettera sommissira, a submis. Sonaglio, s, m, a licde bell, a like.

sive letier ---Sommisso, adj. small tinkling bell. Ogni Somiglievele, adj. alike, re submited, humbled, depress- gutta runle il sonaglio, every sembling

ed.-luce sommessa, a low cat will have a bell.--Sona. Somma, s. f. a sum.-le voice. -Parlare con roce som giro, a bubble.- Appiccar samma di donari, a sum of messa, to speak softly. Sunogli, to slander. money.. Somma, top, heighi, Somrétere, to submit, to Sonagliuzzo, s. m. dim. of peek, pitch -Sorm, the subciue, to subjeci, to bring Sonaglio. main, or chief.--La suinna urder, to humole.--Sommer- Sonamento, s. m. sounding, dun affare, the main point térsi, to sulamit, to yield. ringing, playing of a business. --Somma, che Somministrare, to furnish, to Sonante, resounding, ringing. conclusion, the heads of any supply, to provide, to give. -Venla sonante, blustering Speech. - In somma, adv. in somministráto, adj. furnished, wind.-Sonante acqua, mur. short.-Fare somma, to in- supplied, bestowed, provided, muring water.- Sonante, crease or multiply. given.

tunable, harmonious, soundSommáce s m. sumack, Somministrazione, $. f. the ing well. Summácco, ) a kind of rank act of giving, affording fur. Sonáre, to sound, to have a smiling shiub, vied by cur nishing, bestowing, providing sound.-L'epu gli sona come liers in dressing leather Sommissione, vo Summessi- fosse un tamburo, his bely Snezanto, a kind of leather

sounds like a drum.-Sonare which is cuirier! with the Som:nità, s. f. top, height, {a corno, to blow a hornleaves of surnack.

peak.-La sommità d' Sonare la tromletta, to sound Snimamente, adv. mightily, / monte, the top of a mountain. the trumpet.--Sondre, to ring. greatly, very much, extreme --La sommita della testa, the Sonar le campane, to ring ly.

Crown of the head.-La som the bells.-Sonure, to strike. Sonamáre, to sum, in case up. mirà degli all'eri, the wps of -L'orologio sona l'ore, the Sommariamente, adv. sum the trees.

clock strikes the hours.--Somanily, briefly, succinctly, Sommo, adj. highest, chief, ndri, to play upon.-Sonare shortly.--Spedire una causa main,

supreme, extreme, il violino, to play upon the Sommariamente, to dispatch greatest, principal, exceeding kiddle. -Sonare o predica, to a cause summanly.

great, uimost.--Sommó,s.ma ring, and thus call the peoSummário, s. m. summary, inp, height-Il sommo della ple co come to the sermon.abuitgement, abstract.--Son- scala, the top of the stairs. Sonar RONE, toring for mommário, adj. summary, short, l'unire a somno, to float, to ing prayers.--Sonare a rac. concise, abridgedi, succinct. swim.--Sono stato quasi al colta, to sound the rctreat.-Sommacamente, adv. summa şoinmo di morire, I was like Sonare la festa, to ring the pily, briefly, succinctly, short to die.

beils for joy, to chime.--SoSónimolo, s, m, the tip of a nare a doppio, to make mu. Sommáte, s. m. a chief per- bird's wing.

sic of bells. Sonare a mar. SON), a peci. Obs

Sommosciare, to wither a lit- tello, to sing the alarm bell. Sammálo, summed or cast| tle, to grow soft.

Sorare a distesa, to ring np.

Sonimóscio, adj. withered a out the bells. Sonure, to Semmérgere, to drown, to little.


.-Era chinmala Ci. sink.

Sommóssa, s. f. instigation, mone, il che nella lor lingue Sommergimento, s. m. sub- solicitation, persuasion. sonaia quanto nella nostra Dersion, plunge.

Sommossal, scdition, commc l'estionr, he was called Ci. Sommergitore, he that drowns. tion, insurrection.

mone, which, in their lán. S ninieiginici., fem. of Som. Sommosso, p. p. of Sommo guage, signifies the same as in argitore

our language a great beast.-Smmcigitura, v. Sommersi. Sommuvimén:o, s. m. com. Sonare, to resound.-La sua

motion, sedition, insurrection, fama sona per tutto 'l mone Sommersárc, :. Sominergere. uproar.-Samnovimento, so. do, his fame resounds in the OLY.

licitation, instigation, persua. ears of all the world. Ma Sommersióne, s. f. subingi. sion.

come è che si gran romore non sion, inundarioli, drowning. Somimovitóre, s. m. instigator, suona per altri messi > but Sumerso; p. p. of Summer- encourager, setter on. how comes it that we don't Gere.--Sommérso, diowned, Sommozióne, s. f. commo hear of this uproar by other sunk, plunged.

tion, insurrection, uproar. messengers ? - Vi dirò solaSommessa, s. f. the ground. Sommuovere, to more, to stir mente che la gente che ci vien Avork of a piece ot silk up.----Sommuórere, to per- conlro, di che suona tanto la Somms in nte, adv. submis. suale, to incite, to encourage, fama, non è gente disciplina

sively, softly, hunbly. to juduce:-Sonmuovere, to ta, I'll tell you only, than


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will at you.

sy. Obs.






these men, who are coming, drowsiness.--Mi ntuojo di son causes indigestion. Soper. against us, so much cried up, no, I am very sleepy.--Romper chiúre, to have more than are raw, and without disci il sonno, to break one's sleep. enough, to bave some to spure, pline.—Tutta la citlà suona Schiacciare un sonno, to take -Sè ne e soperchiasse qualva di questa azione this ac a long sleep.

che poco datelo a me, if you tion was the talk of the town. Sonnocchioso, Obs.? adj. have any left give it me. Sonare, to bang, to beat Sonnoglioso,


Dispenviendo e sciniacquando soundly.-E alzato il l'astone Sonnolento,

drowsy. il cominciò a sonare, and, lift- Sonnolénte,

il suo gli ann sopranzunero e

soperchiulli i tempo,spending ing up his stick, began to Sonnolénza, s. f. sleepiness, and squandering his sutbeat him soundly:--Sona che drowsiness.

stance, he grew old, and outio ballo, do but begin, and I Sonnolóso, adj. sleepy, drow lived his time.--Soperchiare,

to outrage, to affront to oiSonáta, s. f. a sonata. Sonoraménte, adv. harmoni fend, to injure with arrogance. Sonáro, adj. sounded. ously, loudly, shrilly.

---Soperchiare, to overcome, Sonatúre, an instrument play- Sonorità, s. f. harmony, sound, to vanquishi, to get the better er.--Sonalor di violino, a fid

of. dler.

Sonóro, adj. sonojous, sound-Soperchiáto, p. p. of SoperchiSonettáccio, s. m. a bad son- ing, harmonious. --Sonoro, net.

gay, merry, jovial.--.--!l con- Soperchiátóre, an overbearing Sonettánte, s. m. a sonnetteer, vito, che tacito principio fellow.

a small poel, in contempt. avulo avea, eble sonoro fup, Soperchieria, f. injury, Sonettáre, to make or compose the feast, which had been in wrong done with arrogance-, sonnets.

the beginning dull, was in the Far soperchierie, co oppress, Sonettacore, s. m. a composer end very merry.

to injure with arrogance. of sonnets.

Sontuosaménte, adv. sump!u- Soperchievole, adj. outrageous, Sonnettauice, femin. of Sonet- ously, splendidly, magnifi- abusive, haughey, arrogant. — tatore. cently.

Soperchievole, excessive, inSonetteréllo, s. m. & trifling Sontuosità, s. f. sumptuous moderate, extravagant, su

ness, splendour,magnificence, perfluous. Soneltéssa, s. f. a bad sonnet. costliness.

Soperchievolmente, adv. exSonettiere, s. m. a sonnet- Sontuóso, adj. sumptuous, cessively, immoderately, exSonettiéri, s

rich, costly, splendid, mag travagantly. Sonettino, s. m. a little son nificent.

Soperchio, s. m. excess, im.' Soperchiamento, s. m. super moderation, supertiuity,, 100 Sonetto, s. m. a sonnet, a com- fluity, excess, profuseness, la much.--Ogni soperchio romposition in verse, which, vishness, prodigality. pe il coperchio, too much of when regular, consists of Soperchiánte, adj. contumeli any thing is good for nothing. fourteen verses.

ous, affrontive, violent, out. Usare il suo soperchio, to Sonettuccio, s. m. a crifting ragerus.--Un soperchiúnte, do the utmost in one's power, sonnet.

an insolent, violent man. to do one's worst. --SoporSonévole, adj. sounding, ring- Soperchiánza, s. f. excessive chio, outrage, affront, abuse. ing, resounding

ness, superfluity.--Soperchio -Soperchia, adj. excessive, Sonnacchióni, adv. sleepingly, anza di stomaco, a surfeit, an immoderate, extravagant, too drowsily.

excess in eating and drinking great, too much. --Le smper: Sonnacchiuso, adj. sleepy, -Soperchianza di cuore, chie piogge guastann i fritti, drowsy.

rashness, inconsiderateness. excessive rain spoils the fruits. Sonnecchiare, Sonneferire, to slumber, to

-Soperchianza, outrare, at- Trasportata da soperchia gefront, injury.-- Far soperchi- losia, transported with no

anze ad uno, to outrage, to af great jealousy.--S perchia, Sonnellino, s. m. nap, short front, to abuse one.

adv. too inuch, exceedingly, sleep.---Fare un sonnellino, to Soperchiare, to surpass, to ex. very.---Mangiare o cere sa

cel or exceed, to overpower..- perchio, to eat or drink tuo Sonnétio, s. m. little sleep, D avarizia e di miseria ogni ruch, licule rest.

altro avaro che al modo fosse Sopire, to quench, to saja. Sonniferáre, to slumber.

soperchina, his covetousness press, to stiil, to quiet, 10 Sonnifero, s. m. a medicine and stinginess surpassed that lay asleep.--Sopire ?amz que. given to make one sleep, an of any covetous nian in the gela, to sucress a cumparat. opiate.-Sonnifero, adj. that world. Fuor della bocca a Sopire una scdiziare, to causes sleep.

ciascun soperchiava «" un supe55 a sedition. Voirp Sonniferoso, v. Sonnacchioso. peccator il piedle, out of every gli affinri, in quici o: lull Sonniglioso, Obs. v. Sonniogli. mouth came the fect of a sin one's oubles. ner. Quando l'umido super Spiro,

a li

Sp?ressel, Sonno, s. m. sleepy, repose, chia nel corpo, genera indives- querched, suit d. rest.--Aver sonno, to be sleepy tione, where the humid yrе- Sopóre, s. m. s.eepiness, drowos drowsy.--Sonno, sleepiness, dominates in the body, is siness, dead sleep


Sonneggiare, sbegin to sleep.

take a nap


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