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fot. Mi tocco in sorle dave-
some deceit.

Sospettosamente, adv. suspici. .Te il miglior carallo, it fell w Sospeceiálo, adj. suspected. ously, me by lot to have the best Obs.

Sospettóso, adj. suspicious, horse.-E di che sorte, cer- Sospeccióne, s. f. suspicion, distrustful, jealous. tainly, surely.--Sorte, fate, jealousy, distrust, fear. Obs. Sospezione, s. f. suspicion, jea. state, condition.-lo mi vi: o Prender sospeccione, to sus lousy, fear, distrusi, umcontenuto della mia sorte, I am pect.

brage. satisfied with my condition. Sospeccióso, adj. suspicious, Sospicáre, to suspect, to fear Sorteggiáre, to keep, or gather distrustful, jealous. Obs. or mistrust.

by divination.--Sorteggiare, Sospendere, to hang up, to Sospicciáre, Obs. v. Suspicare tu chuse, to pick out, to elect. hang.--Come l' un piè per and its derivatives. Sosteggiato, p. p. of Sorieg. girsene sospese Macometto mi Sospiccionoso, adj. suspicious. giare.

disse, and, as he was just Obs. Sorteria, s. f. spell, charm. guing away, Mahumet told Sospignere, to push, to thrust, Sortiere, s. m. wizard, sorcerer, me.-Sospendere, to keep in or shove, to give a push, to witch.

suspence.--Sospendere, to throw down.-Sospignere, to Sortilegio, S. m. witchcraft, suspend, to supersede, to put induce, to move, or entice, to

sorcery.---Sortilégio, s. m. off, to delay.-Scspendere, persuade or encourage.-Sos. sorcerer, charmer, witch, to prohibir.

pignere, to force, to compel, wizard.

Sospensióne, s. f. a hanging to press on.- Per piid fiate li Sortimento, v. Assortimento. up.--Sospensióne, suspen- ocche ci sospinse quella lettera, Sortire, to cast or draw lors, to sion, ccclesiastical censure. that inscription drew our eyes have any thing given by lots --Sospensione, suspension, upon it several times; we or chances.--Sortire, to elect, cessation. --Sospensiun d" could not forbear looking updo chuse-Sortire, to part, armi, a suspension or cessa on that inscription several

to share, or divide, to give a tion of arms.-Sospension d' times. Gli occhi in fra 'l . share. --Sortire, to come off, animo, uncertainty, suspence, mare sospinse e vide la gulea, to attain, to get, to procure, perplexity, doubt.-Con sos he turned his eyes toward the . to obtain, to end. L' impre- pension d'animo grande, in sca, and saw the galley.sa sortì il desiderato fine, the great consternacion.

Andiam, chela zia lunga ne ,enterprise came to a happy Sospensivaménte, a.lv. irreso- sospigre, let us go, for we

issue.--Non so a che sorti- lutely, waveringly, uncer have a great way to walk. ranno i miei disegni, I don't tainly., Sospensivamente, Sospigniinént, s. m. a push, know what will be the issue ambiguously, doubtfully, ob or shove. ----Sospignimento, of my designs.--Sortire, to scurely.

expulsion.---Sospignimento, to make a sally, to sally. Sospeso, adj. hanged up.-In instigation, encouragement, Sortire in campagna, to take sogno mi parea veder sospesa enticement, impulse, persuathe field, speaking of an ar un' aquila, I thought I saw my.

in my deam an eagle fly- Sospingere, r'. Sospignere. Sortita, s. f. election, choice, ing.–Sospeso, perplexed, ir. Sospinta, s. f. a push, or shore.

picking out-Sortita, issue, resolute, wavering -Star sos Dire una sospinta, to give a event, success, end.-Sortita, / peso, to be irresolute.- Sos-l push. a sally.-Fare una sortila, to peso alquanto sopra se rimase, Suspinto, adj. pushed, shoved.

make 2 sally, to sally. he was in a quandary for a --A ogni pre' sospinto, by the Sortito, p. p of Sortire. while.-Tere sospeso, to

least occcasion or mutive. Sorveníre, io come, to come keep or hold in suspense, to Sospinto, induced, led, pere upon, to come in unlooked keep at bay.--Sospeso, sus suaded. for, to befall or happen unex. pended.-Un prete sospeso, a Sospiránte, adj. sighing, that pectedly. priest suspended.

sighs, longing for. Sorviziátu, adj. very vicious. Sospettaménte, adv. suspi- Suspiráre, to sigh, to fetch Obs. ciously.

sighs.-Sospirare, to wish, Sorvolánte, flying over, flying Sospettáre, to suspect, to mis. to desire, to long for. high.


Sospiráto, adj. sighed.---Sospic Sorvoláre, to fly high. Sospectáto, p. p. of Sospettáre. rito, desired, wished. Sorvolato, p. p. of Survolare. Sospéito, s. m. suspicion, jea- Sospiratúre, he that sighs ofa Soscritto, adj. subscribed. lousy, fcar, distrust.--- Pren. boscrivere, to subscribe, or set der sospetto, to suspect, to Sospiratrice, she that sighs ofone's hand.-Soscrivere un mistrust.-Dur sospetto, to contratto, to subscribe a con give jealousy, or umbrage.- Sospirétto. s. m. a little sigh. tract, to set one's hand to it. Chi è in difetto è in sospetto, Sospirévole, adj. full of sighs Soscrizione, s. f. subscription, if any tool finds the cap fits and groanings, doleful, woesignature, him, let him put it on.--

ful. Sospecciare, to suspect, to fear Sospétio, adj. suspicious, sus- Sospiro. s. m. a sigh-Gittar

or mistrust. Obs.--Cio mi picable, suspected.--- Parola sospiri, to fetch sighs --Gli fa sospecciar qualche ingan- sospetta, a suspicious word, ultimi sospiri, the last breath ho, chat makes me suspect a double entendre,



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Sospiróso, adj. full of sighs and! to ne!d, to keep up, to up-1 defend a question.--Sosteriére, groanings, dolerul, woetui. holri or support.--- E come se to defer, to delay, to put ott.S. spizione, s. . suspicion, jea iu andar non potessi mi vet. Sostenére, to bear, to bear up, lowy, distrust, fear. rete sostenendo, you will sup

to stand, to stand out, to Sussópra, audv. topsy-turvy, port me, as if I could not maintain, to hold out. uride down ---Metter osui walk by myself. Sostenere Sostener la carica, to bear the cosa sossopra, to put every alcuno colle braccia, to hold enemy's charge, to stand it thing topsy-turvy, or in con onc up under the arins.- Sos. out. -Sostener lassedis, to fusion.- Lasciar sossupra, to

tenére, to bear, to resist, in stand out the siege.--Sosie. leave at sixes and severis.--Ca endure.-- Non sosterrò m 2 nórsi, to eat well, to fare well, der sassopra, to fall pell-mell, quest' ingiuria, I will never to keep a good table -Sostr. cortusedly.-Metter un eser bear this affront.-S stener lu nérsi, to be grave and serious, cito sossopra, to rout or de. morte, to suffer death.-Sos. to put on a grave and serious feat an army.

tenendo i suoi altracciamerSusta, s. f. a pause, stop, or

ti, con lui tenteramente comin- Sustenimento, s. m. mainterest. —- Per reder meglio a'l ciò a piagnere, making no re nance, food, victuals.-Sosgiassi diedi sosta, I stopped to sistance to his embracing, she tenimento, endurance, pati. see belter, -Por sosia alle la.; began to cry bitterly with

-Sostenimento, prop, grime, to stop one's tears, to bin.--Sostenere, to suffer, to stay. Sosteniénto, relaxi. Hive over civig - Date al permit, tu give leave, to let.- tion, rest, respite, refreshquanto sosta al rostro doiure, Sostener non volle che io le ment. mitigate a little your grief.-- laciassi la mano, she would Sostenitore, a maintainer, a Dare un poco di sosta, to give not suffer me to kiss her detender, or preserver,--Ses. a lile resi. --Sosta, delay, hand.-Supplice e lagrimosa tenitore, a sutterer. time.- Dinilà sosta al po- a' pidi suoi sosterrò di cude- Sostenitrice, fem. of Sostenipolo, einen-che voleva parol re ? shall I be so base as to tore. Tantentar col vescoro, he de intreat him, and cry at his Sostentácolo, s. m. support, sired tnat the people might feet?--Sostenére, to keep up, prop, stay. Sostentacolo, give liim a little time, and de. to maintain, to support. support, help, assistance, prosired to coine to pasley with Sostenersi, to hold, or keep tecrion, du fence. the bishop.---Sosta, an itch, up, to resist.--Essendo da in- Sostentamento, s. m. prop, an itching desire.--E intre:e finito mure combattuti due di stay.--Sostentamento, mainin tantu sostre entrà deilo si sosteunero, they being loss. tenance, support, preservatiSLESS, leder costei, and very ed up and down by a great siull, by conversing often storm, held up with it iwo Sostentánte, adj. sustaining, with her, he grew so aino- days:-Sostenersi, to forbear, supporting. TOUS ---Sosta, a sheet, a rope to resirain, to contain one's Sostentáre, to nourish, to feed, so called in ships.

seif.--Ma fache la tua lingun to maintain, to keep and find Sostantive, v. Sustantivo. sostegna, but endeavour to

with all necessaries, as meat, 3 stánzia, v Sustanzia, and bridle your congue. Soste-| drink, and cloths.-Sostez. all its derivatives.

nére, to delay, to put off.- tare una famiglia, to keep or Sostáre, to stop wo rest, to stay, Cominciarano a sputar san maintain a family:--Sostento hold. Obs.- Pregui per gue, e morivuno di subito, e tar la sua vita col latoro, to cortesia che soslasser la riu, chi in due, o in tre di, e al live by one's labour.SosteaI desired them to be so kind quanti sostencuno più al mori. túre, to support, to prop, to not to go farther.--J'enan per re, they began to spit blood, stay.--Sostentare un solaje, uni e ciascuno griaun, sóla and died suon after, some in to suppurt or prop a cieling ti trd, they wire coining 10 two, some in three days, and or floor.--Sostentáre, tomainwards us, and every one cri. some tew were longer a dy- tain, to preserie, to defend.ed, copehou.-Elato questo ing.--Sostenére, to contain, to Sostentare il suo diritto, to la fece sosiare un'ora, and, refrain, to keep back or in maintain one's right.--Sostenhaving done this, made her awe, to keep within bounds, tarsi, to defend one's selt. Si Test an hour.

to brid!e', to rule.-Sostenére, sustentarono controla moltiu. $ ustáro, adj. stopped, rested, to detain, to stay, or stop, 10

dine de' lori nemici, they destayed, held. Obs.

airesi, to keep in arrest.-E tended themselves against the Sostenenza, 7. Sostenenza. face tanto che fere sostener lol multitude of their enemies. S.siégno), s. m. a siay, a prop. cavaliere, and he did so well Sostentáto, p. p. gf Sostentare,

- Sostegno, a support-Sos. that he caused the knight to Sostentatore, maintainer, detimes, help, avvistance. be arrested. - Sostenére, to fender, preserver, protector. 5-ené ate, adj. sustaining, maintain, to defend, to up- Sostentazione, s. f. maintesupporing, holiling up. hold, to countenance, to sup nance, kceping, victuais, So teni'nza, s. f. patience, sut. port, lo back, to assist, to pro- cloaths. ierince.---Sostenenza, resist. iect. - Sostenere la parie di Sostenutézza, s. f. gravity af

Sostenenza, mainte- qualcheduno, to take some fected. nance, keeping, living, inoc. body's part, to side with one Sostenuto, p. p. of Sostenere. Sostenire, to sustuin, to bear, - Sostenere una questione, to Sostituire, tu substitute, to sub



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rogate.- Sostituire, to intail. Sottésso, adv. instead of Scito,f sharp air..-Sottile, delicate,

- Egli ha sostituito i suoi leni a word not to be used, because dainty, delicious.-Pasto suda al primogenito della sua fa a bad one, though used by tile, a delicate or dainty dinmiglia, he has intailed his es. Boccace.

'ner.-Sottile, delicate, gen. tate upon the eldest son of his Sottigliamento, s. m.] a dimi- teel, handsome, fine. --Slatura tamily.

Sottiglianza, s. f. I nisbing sottile, a genteel handsome Sostituito, adj. substituted, in or lessening. Obs.---Sottig- shape.--Sottile, thin, enpty.-tailed.

liánza, guile, craftiness, wile, Londra è molto sottile di gente Sostitúto, s, m. a substitute. subtlety, slyness.

nella state, London is very Sostitutóre, he that substitutes Sottigliáre,to subtilize, to make thin ot people in summer. or entails.

thin.-Suttigliare la lingua, Mul sottile, consumption. Sostituzione, s. f. an intail. to sharpen one's tongue, to Sottile, m. extremity, Sottána, s. f. the cassock of a talk sharply,.-Sottigliáre, to streight, misery, necessity,

priest, or a woman's perti- subtilize, to use subtleties, the worst.---Rocare uno ol coat.--Sottána,octave,a string ---Sotligliarsi, to grow sottile,

to reduce one in a late so called.

thin or lean, to consume one's straights or to a pinch, to put Sottáno, adj. inferior, nether, self.

him to his last shifts.--!a. low.--Giubba soltana, an Sottigiiativo, adj. that has the carla nel sottile, to look too ander petticoat.---La norte power of sharpening.

narrowly into things.--Sottile, aggunglia i sottani a' sovrani, Sutrigliáto, adj. made thin.

adv. cunningly, sharply, sube death makes poor and greatSottigliezza, s. f. sharpness, tilely. men equal. -Sottano, of a subtilly, thinness. Sottigli. Sottilernénte, adv. 2. Sottil mean birth. Obs.

czza l'aria, siarpness of air. mente. Sottecchi, e Sottecco, adv. ex. Sotligliezza di mente, clear- Sottileren, adj. somewhat thin guardar sottecchi,

ness of understanding. La or slender. sheep's eyes, to leer upon.-- sottigliezza dell' urle, the Sottilezza, 2. Sotrigliezza. Sparse voce per idonei suoi, beauty of the art - -Sotligli. Sortilità, s. f. subc'hy, thinness, che Agrippa era vivo, prima éżka, subtilty, craft, subtle -Sotiilità, subtlocy, crattidi sottocchi, come si sa delle trick, cunning fetch.-Sollige ness, slyness, subele trick, cose di pericole poi ne rien- liézza, want, scarcity, need, cunning fetch.--Sottilità ď piè ogni gentes he gave out penury:

ing guo, sharpness of under. .by his emissaries, that Agrip- Sotrigliúme, s. m. thin fooil. standing.--Sortilità, sagacity,

pa was alive; but he did it Sottile, adj. subile, small, thin, sharpness of wit..----Softitiid,
cautiously at first, as they do fine.-Verro sotiile, thin glass excellency, excellence, emi-
in things of great danger, and Il viver solriamente foli no.

afterwards made it public. anini magri e sottili, a sober Soutilizzare, to subtilize, to
Sortentramento, s. mn. succes-
life makes men lean and thin.

use subtieties, to devise.

Sela sottile, fine linen cloth. Sottilmente, adv. subtlely, slySottentráre, to slip or creep

- Fuoco sottile, a subtle fire. ly, sharply, cunningly.under---Sottentráre, to suc- - Sottile, light----Un legno Sottilaserte, narrowly-Baceed, to come next or after. sottile, a light ship, a ship fit vare sottiinente ad un affare, - Sollentrare in una usanza, for sailing quickly. -Galta to look narrowly into an afto follow a mode or custom. soltile, a light galley.--Arma- fair. -Sottentrare in una ragiona- ta sottile, a Aect of light ships. Sottintendere, to understand a Tunto, to intrude one's self -Sottile, subtle, shat, ciin. word that is left out. into a discourse.

ning, ready, quick.----Sottile, Sottintáso, adj. subunderstoon. Sottentrálo, p. p. of Sotten- elevateil, noble, sublime. Sotin, prep. under, below, he

Un uomo di sottile engegno, neath.--Sotto un aibero, un. Sotterfugio, s. m. subterfuge, a man of a penetrating genius, der a tree.- Sotto 'l letto, unshist, evasion. of a clear understanding.

der the bell, Sotto 'l sorer no Sortérra, adv. underground.- A: er l'udito sottile, to be d' umo, under somebody's ta. Mettere sotterra, to lay under- quick of hearing.---- Maliun ition.-Sotio pera, upon pain. ground.--O fortunato chi è sottile, a fetch, a cunning -Sotto pena della : ita, upon più solterra! happy he that trick.-Guar il sottile dal pain of death. --Auer sotto do is in his grave.

sot!ile, to make inoney of se, to have under one's com. Sorterramento, $. m. the act every thing. ----Guardar ni mani.----- Enirare o cacciare of burying, burial.

sottile, to bargain too hard. soito ad uno, to catch, to Sorterráneo, adj. subterrane. Non voglio guardar nel come upon one unawares. Sorterráno, s ous, under sottile con voi, I won't scant Soito pretésto, under pretence

ground..-Luogo sotteraneo, with you. --Sottile, too spa or colour.
a subterraneous place.

ring, too saving, niggardly, Sotto, adv. down, to the bote Sotterráre, to inter, w bury.-- stingy, penurious.--. Venare tom.--Andar sotlo, to go

Sotterráre, to oppress, to de ana qista sotiile, a sober ta. down.---Il sole va sotto, the press,

ble.-Vino sottile, brisk, thin sun is going down, or setSotterrain, adj. interred, burial wine. Sotile, clear, serene, ting --Meitersi o cacciarsi cd, oppresseti,

sharp, Aria sottile, a clear uno sotto, to fall upon one,


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to abuse him, to beat him.-subdued.—Sottoposto, oblig., bite, ro detract, to traducere Metter sotto, to put the for ed, subject, bound, liable. - Sott;arre la fama ad uno, to ses to the coach... Restar di lo non son soltoposto a nes. slander, io detract. --Sottrarre, sotto, to be worsted, to be a suro, I am bound to nobody to deliver or free, to be rid of.loser.---Sotto a questa lapide, - Noi siamo sottoposti alle Vorrei in ogni modo 591i1erai beneath this stove.

leggi, we are subject to the da questi impacci, I wish I Sottobóce, v. Sottovuce. laws--- Non v'è vomo che non could some way or other be Sottocalze, s. f. under-stock- sia sottoposto a qualche difetto, rid of these troubles. Soto ings.

there is no man but what is trórre, to aliure, to entice of Sottocalzóni, s. m. drawers, a liable to some fault.---Sotto amuse.-Il Re di Spagna per pair of drawers.

poslo, supposed, counterfeit, maestria di guerra e per set Sottocancelliére, vice-chancel false.

trarre i Saracini si la dall' loi.

Sottoprióre, s. m. a subprior. assedio, the King of Spain Sottoccare, to touch very soft- Sottoprioréssa, s. f. subprioress. raised the siege, to amuse and ly. Obs.-Egli stava attento Sottoprovveditore, one that keep the Saracens at bay.e inchinato per intendere, e acts under the purveyor. Sottrarre, to deprive or be. Virgilio lo sottoccò e disse ; Sottoridere, to smile.- Sotto reave, to take away.-Sote he was attentive, and bent to ridere, to flourish. Obs. trárre, to subtract, to deduct hear; and Virgil shook him a Sottoscritto, adj. subscribed. in arithmetic. little, and said.

Sottoscrivere, to subscribe, to Sottratto, p. p. of Sottrarte.Strocóppa, s. f. salver. set one's hand to.

Sottratto, s. m. allurement, Sottocómito, s. m. a galley- Sottoscrizione, s. f. subscrip- enticement, flattery:-Non è officor that commands under tion, signature.

da diresario uomo chi con sot. a comits.

Sottosopra, adv. in confusion, tratti e con ingunni procede, Sociocuoco), s. m. kitchen. confusedly, disorderly, at sixes ma è da chiamare asrulo, he drudge, under-cook.

and sevens.--Yoltare e metler that deals with a view to Sottodividere, to subdivide. sottosopra, to put in confu- cheat, ought not to be called Sottogiacére, tu lav under. sion or disorder.-Sottosopra, a wise man, but a cunning Sottomaestro, usher, under one with another, about, in master in a school,

general, generally, common. Sottrattóre, he that draws or Sottománo, adv. with the up- Iv.--In questo negozio ho gua- takes away. Sotiratiore, seper part of the hand.-- Dare dagnato sottosopra ducer, shasper,

deceiver, uno schiaffo sottomano, to give scudi, I have got in this cheat. a slap on the face with the up. affair about hundred Sottrazione, s.f. v. Sottraimenper part of one's hand.-Soi.

--Ho osservato sotto to. tománo, under-hand, secret. sopra, che la state non è si Sovatto, ly, privately piacevole quì che in Italia, Sováttolo,

o. Soatto. Socomésso, adj. submitted, I remarked that the summers, Sovente, ado.often, frequently. subdued.

commonly speaking, are not --Lo ved; sorente, I set him Sottométtere, to submit, to so agreeable here as they are often.--Sorénte, adj. frequent, subdue.--I Romani sottomia in Italy.

usual, common, casual, sesero al loro imperio tutte le Sottostáre, to be subject, oblig. veral.

.-Danda alla città sse nazioni del mondo, the Ro- ed, bound, or liable to, io un venti l'attaglie, engaging fremans brought under their dergo.

quent bacılts with the town. power all the nations of the Sottovento, ex.

-Sventivolte, very

often. world. -Sottomettersi, to sub vento, to be to leeward.

Soventemente, adv. often, fremit, to yield.-Mi sottomelto Sottovóce, adv. softly.--Parlar quently. al vostro parere, I leave it to sottovoce, to speak softly. Soverchiaménte, adv. over, your judgment.

Sottraiménto, s. m. subtrac much. Sottonórdere, to bite under. tion. Sottraiménto, privati- Soverchiánza, s. f. a cheat, 3 Quanti pruni ci sottomórdono on.-Sottraiménto, absence, trick, a fraud. i miscri piedi ! oh how ma

being away.

Soverchiáre, to surpass, to go ny priars do prick our poor Sottrarre, to draw, to take beyond, to exceed.feet.

away, or off, to withdraw, to a crehitre, to treat others with Sottoponiménto, s. m. submis divert.- Sottrarre il sonno dus- an authority or superionty, sion, subjcction.

li occhi, to draw away the to which ont is by no means Sottopórre, to put or lay under. sleep from one's eyes, to in- entitled.

Soverchiare, to --Sottoporsi, to submit, to terrupt one's leep.--Sottrarre overset. yield. --Sottoporsi a qualche la mente dallo studio, to take Soverchiato, adj. surpassed, fatica, to undergo some fa away or divert one's mind exceeded. tigue.--Sottoporsi a qualche from study.—Sottrarre qual. So:erchiatore, he that exceeds, pericolo, to expose one's selt che cosa dalla memoria, to

surpasses, or excels. --Sovetto some danger.Sotlopórre, blowout somethingtrom one's chidore, a cheat, a knave.to subdue, to bring under. memorv.-Suttrarre dell' al.

Soz'erchiaróre, he that acts Sottoposto, adj. put or laid un trui fuma, to slander, lo rail, with arrogance, and assumes der.---Sottopósio, submitted, to revile, to vilify, to back- an authority or superiority 10




essere sotto


which he is not entieled. Se vuoi che io ti sovvegna, questo ? you scurvy vile dog, Soverchievole, adj. exceeding dimmi chi se', if you will is it so that you use me the measure.

have me assist you, tell me Sozco, agly, deformed, illa' Soyerchio, v. Soperchio. who you are.-L. soverzni di favoured. ----Sozza quanto il Sovérscio, s. m. any sort of corn pochi darlari, I helped him peccato, piccolin e secca come

ploughed, before it is cared, with a little money. --Sovve. il legro, as ugly as sin, little to fatten the ground with. nirsi, to remember.Non mi and dry as a piece of stick. Sovra, v. Sopra.

sovvengo d' averlo mal veduto, Sozzúpra, adv. in confusion, in Soprabbondúso, adj, supera- I do not remember that I have discrder, at sixes and sevens.

bundant, plenty, copious. ever seen him.-Cid mi fa --Metter sozzopra, to put in Sovranaménce, adv. sovereign- sovvenire d'un caso che m' ac- disorder or confusion..--Sozly,

cadde giorni sono, that puts zópra, altogether, thereaSovraneggiare, to domineer, to me in mind of an accident bout, one with another, ge

sway, to bear sway, to rule. that happened to me some nerally.-Benchè sia un uomo Sovranità, s. f. sovereignty, su- days ago.

interessato, soxropra fa servia periority, command, supreme Sovvenitore, helper, he that rio volentieri, though he is a power.- Sovranità, the do- helps or assists.

stingy man, yet he is ready to minions of a sovereign prince. Sovvenitrice, s. f. she that do one service.--Sazzopraz Sovrannaturale, adj. superna- helps or assists.

non gundagno pis, di dieci tural.

Sovvenzióne, s. f. subsidy, scudi con voi, when all is Sovráno, a sovereign, a prince. aid, tax.

done I don't get more than Sovrdno, adj. treble, the Sovvenuto, adj. helped, assist- ten crowns by you. highest of the four parts in ed, remembered.

Sozzóre, s. m. nastiness, musical proportions. $o- Sovversióne, s. f. subversion, Sozzúme, s. m.

dirtiness, vráno, sovereign, superior, ruin, overthrow.Sovver- Sozzúra, s. f.

filthiness, chief, highesi.--Citrà soutuna, sione di stomacho, vomit.--fuulness, obscenity, smutticapital city - Sovráno, sove Mi ja sovversione il vederlo, ness. reign, rare, exquisite, excel it makes me sick to see him. Spaccamento, s. m. a clear. Jent.-Surán), sovereign, Sovvérso, adj. subverted, over-ing, or cutting. absolute, supreme.


Spaccare, to cleave, to cut of Sovranzare, io surpass, to ex- Soyvertére, to subvert, to divide, to slit or split.co ceed, or excel,

Sovvertire, ruin, to over- Spaccarsi, to cleave, to break Sovrapporre, to put upon.


asunder, to split or slit.--SpacSovrapporre, to prefer, to | Sovvertimento, s. m. subver- arsi, to crack.--Spaccarsi, make more account of, to es sion, ruin, overthrow,

to chap or open. Sovvertito, adj. subyerted, ru- Spaccátu, adj. cloven, cut, diSovrapposto, po p. of Sovrap- ined, overthrown.

vided, split, Cracked, chapt. porre.

Sovvertitore, s. m.be or she Spaccatúra, s. f. slip, chap, Sovrastáre, to threaten, to Sovvertitrice, s. I. S that sub- cleft, chink, slit.--. La space

hang over the head, to be at verts, ruins, or overthrows. catura d'un muro, the crack hand, to be ready to fall.-Sócio, s. m. companion, fel-for chink of a wall. La space Sovrasture, to tarry, to stay. low, mate, partner.

calura d'una camicia, the boSovreccellénte, adj. most ex- Sozzamente, adv. nastily, fil- som of a shirt. cellent, exceeding in excel thily, slovenly-Sozzamente, pacciare, tu sell, to vend, to lence.

shamefully, disgracefully, ig- utter, to put off.--Spacciare, Sovrémpiere, to fill to the brim, nominiously.

to dispatch, to hasten, to speed, to heap.

Sozzáre, to foul, to soil, to tu expedite, to finish. Space Sovrésso, adv. instead of So- dirty, to stain.-Sozzare la riare un negozio, to dispatch vra; a word not to be used, spada nel sangue, to dip a an affair.-Spacciúrsi, 10 disas ridiculously ungrammati-sword in blood.--Sozzdre, to patch, to clear or get rid of. cal,though used by Boccaccio; pollute,, to defile, 10 pro

--Mi spaccerò in poche pav. Sovra. phane.

role, I'll dispatch myself in a Sovrofféso, adj. very much Sozzáto, adj. fouled, soiled, few words. --Sunto che mi

wronged, injured, or offend-spotted, stained, polluted, de-sari spacciato d' adeuni affari ed. filed.

mi propongo ď andare alla Sovrumáno, adj. above hu- 1 Sozzézza, s. f. nastiness, fil- campagna, as soon as I have man.

chiness, pullution, unclean- settled some affairs I promise Sovvallétto, s. m. diinin. of ness.

myself to go into the country. Sovvallo. Obs.

Sozzità, s. f. nastiness, filthi Vorrei bene spacciarmi di Sovvenenza, s. f. help, ness.

costui, e non so come, I wnuld Sovvenimento, s. m. 3 assist- Suzzo, adj. disty, nasty, filthy, fain be rid of this man, but ance, maintenance. slovenly, sluttish, greasy.

I don't know how.—SpacciSouvenire, to relieve, to help, Sozzo, ill, evil, bad, naughty, arsi, to disintangle or disinto assist, or supply - Sovue scurvy.- Opera, sozza, an ili tricate one's self.-Spacciare niré al bisogno d'uno, to ce- or bad action.-Sazzo can rio un luogo, to clear a place. lieve one in his necessity, tuperato, dunque mi face to Spacciarsi per uno, to intitle, Vsi. I,



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