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to waste, to squander away.-- sparviere, to attempt impossi-, horse's legs. Sparnazzúre, to scatter, to bilities,

Spastojársi, to disintangic, to throw here and there. Sparutinio, adj. very lean, very disintricate one's self, to get Spamazzáto, adj. dissipated, slender, that has a puny look clear, to get free. wasted, consumed, squan- Sparúto, adj. lean, chin, slen- Spastojáro, adj. without dered. der, meagre.

shackles or fetters, disintriSparnazzatore, s. m. waster, Spásima, s. f. violent pain.- cated, disintangled, cleared,

profuse or prodigal man, Spasima, convulsion, swoon. treed. spendthrift.

Spasimáre, to feel violent pain. Spatola, s. f. spatula, an apo Spamazzatrice, fem. of Spar- --Spasimure, to die through thecary's tool so called

the violence of pain.---Spasi- Spatola fetido, the narac of a Sparnicciäre, to scatter, to dis mar di dolore, to feel a vio- plant so called. perse.

lent pain.-Spasimar di sete, Spatriáre, to deprive one of Sparnicciátn, adj. scattered, to be very dry ----Spasimare, his country, to banish him dispersed.

to toil, to work very hard.- from it. Sparo, s. m. discharge, vol!cy: Spasimure, to be passionately Spavalderia, s. f. insolence, -Fu rice:uto collo sparo di in love.-E sai come ne spu- impertinence, impudence, tutti i cannori, he was receiv. sima e ne more, you cannot sauciness. ed at the discharge of all the imagine how much be is in Spaváldo, adj. saucy, malapert,

love with her.----Spasimare, abusive, insolent, imperti Sparpagliáre, to scatter, to to covet, to desire, to long for, nent. throw here and there, to dis. to wish.-Spasimar la roba, Spavénio, s. m. the spavin, a perse.--Sparpagliare un' eser. to dissipate one's substauce. disease in horses. cito, to rout an army.

Spasimataménte, adv. passio- Spaventácchio, s. m. scareSparpagliato, adj. scattered, nately.

crow, bug-beas. dispersed, routed.

Spasimáto, p. p. of Spasimare. Spaventamento, s. m. fright, Sparsamente, adv. in a scatter. -Spasimato, passionately in terror, fear. ed manner. love.

Spaventánte, adj.dreadful, hor. Sparsióne, s. f. effusion, spil. Spásimo, š. m. a convulsion vid, frightful, terrible, Shastly, ling.

Spasmo, S fit.--Spasimo,ex-horrible. Spárso, adj.p. p. of Spargere.- cessive pain.

Spaventáre, to fright, to terrify, Vasi sparsi, Alat vessels, Spaso, adj. extended, broad, to put in fear or in a fright, to large mouthed pots.

plain. Spartamente, adv. sepa- Spassamentáre, v. Spassare. Spaventársi, to be frighted or Spastatamente, rately, 8- Spassamento, s. m. pastime, scared, to take the alarma. sunder, severally.--Spartath, sport, recreation.

Spaventaticcio, adj. somewhat ménte, diffusedly, prolixly: Spassarsi, to pass away one's trightened. Spartáto, adj. secret, hidden, time, to divert one's self. Spaventato, adj. frightened, concealed.

Andiamo a spassarci un poco, scared, terrified, in a great Spartéa, s. f. a kind of broom, let us go to divert ourselves a fright. Spartigióne, s. f. partition, little.

Spaventatóre, he that frightens, Spartimento, s, m, s separati-Spasseggiamento, the act of a frightful map. on, division... Spartimento walking,

Spaventazione, v. Spaventa. di letto, divorce.

Spasseggiare, to walk.--Spas. mente. Spartire, to part, to separate seggiáre pe' campi, to walk in Spaventevole, adj. horrid, or divide, to disunite.Spar. the fields.

dreadful, frightful, ghastly. tire a pezzo n pezzo, to cut 10 Spassionatézza, s. f. apathy, Spaventevolmente, adv. dreadpieces.--Spartire, tu share or indifference, impartiality; the fully, frighfully, terribly. divide.

opposite of prejudice.. Spavento, s. m. fright, terror, Spartitamente, adv., separately, Spassionato, adj. indifferent, fear.Meliere spavento, to asunder.

unconcerned, not affected frighten, to put in a frigbt Spanito, adj. parted, separated, with passion or concern ; un Spanénto, the spavin, a disease divided, shared. prejudiced.ro

in horses. Spartizione, s. f. partition, dis- Spasso, s. m. pastime, sport, Spaventosamente, adv. frighttribution, division.

recreation, solace, diversion, fully. Sparto), a dj scattered, dispersed. pleasure.--Andare a spasso, Spaventóso, adj. dreadful, ---Capelli sparli, dishevelled to take a walk

frightful, ghastly. hair.

Spastare, to unpaste, to take Spaurácchio.š. m. as care-crow, Sparvieráto, adj. swift, quick, away the paste.-Spastáre, a bug-bear. nimble.---Nare spurvierata, to take off.

Spauráre, to frighten, to scarc. a good siling ship.---.Uomo Spasmársi, to get clear out, to Spauráto, adj. frightened, scarsparvierato, an inconsiderate disintangle disintricate ed.

one's self.

Spauriméntr, s. m. frigbang Sparvieratúre, falconer. Spasmáto, p.p. of Spasmarsi. fear. Sparviére, s. m a hawk, a fal- Spastojáre, to take off the Spaurire, to frighten, to territy, con.-Drizzare il becco ullo shackles or forters from a to scare. ---Spastre, to be




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frigbtenerl, to take the alarm. model. Ella è specchio di Specolare, and all its deriva. Spaurito, adj. frightened, scar modestia, she is a mirror of lives. ed.

modesty.-Spécchio, a public Spedále, s. f, an hospital. Spauróso, adj. fearful, timor- book in Florence, wherein Spedaletto, s. m. a litle hospi.

were set down the names of tal. Spaziare, to walk about, to the inhabitants of every ward, Spedaliere, &. m. knight of Je travel, to wander, to go up who, by not paying their rusalem or of Malta. and down.

taxes, were in debt to the Spedalingo, s. m. the master Spázio, s. m. space, distance, public.

or governor of the hospital. interval.

Speciále, adj. special, particu-Spedalino, s. m. `a poor little Spaziosità, extent, largeness, lar, singular.- Causa spe- hospital. space.

ciale, a special cause.--Spe- Spedáto, adj. whose feet are Spazisóo, adj. spacious, large, ciale mandaro, an express

sore by too much walking ; wide, broad.


tired, fatigued. Spazzacammino, a chimney- Specialità, s. f. v. Spezialita. Spedatúra, s. f. weariness, pain sweeper.

Specialmente, adv. especially, in the feet by too much walk--, Spazzafórno, s. m. a coal-rake particularly, singularly. ing. for an oven,

Spécie, s. f. species, kind, sort. Spedicáre, to dispatch, to exs Spazzamenco, s. m. the act of Specificamente, adv. particu. pedite, to disentangle, to dissweeping.

larly, peculiariy, specially. intricate. Obs. Spuzzáre, in sweep.--Spazzar Specificáre, to specify, to par- Spediente, s. m. expedient,

le reni ad uno, to bang, mail, ticularize, to mention in ex way, device, means.--Speor belabour one. press terms.

diénte, adj. ex. È spediente, Spazzáto, adj. swept. Specificataménte, adv. clearly. it is expedient, fit or necessaSpazzatójo, s. m. a coal-rake plainly, distinctly, particularfor an oyen.


Spedire, to dispatch, terminate, Spazzatú:a, s. f. the dirt or Specificato, adj. specified. finish, expedite. ----Spedirsi,

dust swept with a bruom. Specificazione, s. f. specifica to dispatch or make haste. Spazzavénto, s. m. a windy Lion, specifying.

Spedire, to dispatch or send place.

Specífico, adj. specific, special, away in haste. Spazzino, sweeper, scavenger. particular, peculiar -- Rime-Speditamente, adv. readily, Spazzo, s, m. a pavement. div specifico, a specific. quickly, nimbly, hastily, in Spazzola, s. f. a brush. Vitas specifica, a special or haste, speeclily -SpeditaSpazzola, a little branch of a particular virtue.

ménte, plainly, distinctly, palm or date-tree.

Speciosità, o. Speziosità. clearly, openly, intelligibly. Spazzoláre, to dust off, to wipe Specióso, adj. beautiful, sight. Speditézza, s. t. readiness, off the dust. iy.

quickness, speed, haste, disSpazzolátu, p. p. of Spazzo- Speco, s. M. a den, a cave, or patch, conciseness.-Amo la: lare.

natural grotto. Pret. spediteaza in tutto quel che Spazzoletta, s. f. Za small Specolante, adj. that speculates fo, I love a quick dispatch in Spazzolino, s. m. } brush. or contemplates.

every thing I do. Specchiájo, s. m. a looking. Specolantemente, adv. specu- Speditivo, adj. expeditive, glass maker or seller.

latively, in a speculative man- quick of dispatch, ready. Specchiarsi, to look in a glass. ner.

Spedito. pop of Spedire. ---Speechiarsi nell'acqua, to Specoláre, to speculate, con. Spedito, clear, free, disenbehold one's self in the water. template, or meditate upun. tangled, disintricated.-Spe.

-Specchiársi, to gaze or -Specoláre, to look at a ching dito, quick, nimble, careful, stare upon a thing. -Disse, attentively.

diligent, vigilant, watchful, perchè contano in noi ti spec- Specolativa, s. f. the specula- stirring --Spedito, free, open, chi he said, why do you live, of contemplative facul. easy.--Via spedila, a free stare, upon us $0..-Specchi. ty.

casy' way.--Luogo sperlito, arsi in uno, to follow some- Spocolativamente, adv. specu- an open place. Spedito, body's example, to imitate his latively.

clear, plain, distinci. Voce good actions.

Specolarivo, adj. speculative, spedita, a clear distinct voice. Specchiáto, p. p. of Specchi- contemplativc.-Specolativo, --Spedito, given over, past arsi.--Cosa specchiata, s. f. a speculator.

hopes of recovery Egli a master-piece-Specchidto, Specoláto, p. p. of Specolare. spedito, he is gone, he is valid, legal, sure, good in law. Specolatóre, s. m. a speculator ciead man.--Spedito, adv. -Scrittura specchiata, a va or obscrver.

readily, quickly, nimbly, haslid writing.

Specolatrice, fem. of Specola- tily, in haste, specdily, freeSpecchietto, s. m. a little looking-glass. Specchietto, Specolazirae, s. f. speculation, Spedizione, s. f. expedition, abridgment, abstract, epitome, contemplation, meditation. dispatch. Spedizione, an summary,compendium. Spécolo, s. m. a looking-glass. expedition, a military enterSpécchio, s. m. a looking-glass. Obs.

prise -Specchio, mirror, pastern, Speculare, to speculatç, 2. Spedizioniére, $. m. an officer



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at the Pope's court for dis-l current in France but that of stout man. patches.

the country.

Speráre, to hope, to expect, to Spéglin, s. m. a looking-glass. Spenderéccio, adj. good or pro- promise one's self.-Speráre, Poecical.

per to be expended.--Spens to fear, to be afraid. Seldon Spegnere, to extinguish, in deréccio, prodigal, profuse, used in this sense. Pis si put out, or quench...Speg wasteful.

sperava della sua morte che nere il fuoco o la candela, Spéndio, s. m. expence. della sua rita, they were to extinguish or put out the Spenditóre, purveyor, provider, more afraid that he would fire or the candle.-Spoguer steward, caterer.--Spendítóre, die than live. Sperére, to la sete, to quench the thirt. a prodigal man.

look at any thing through the .--Spegnere, to kill, 10 mur. Spere, s. f. hope, poetical. light. obs.Sperare uz der.--Spégzersi, to be ex- Spennacchiare, to pluck the uovo, to look through an ese tinct. ----Spégrere, to extin feathers.

against the light. Obs. guish, to root out, to abolish, Spennacchiato, p. p. of Spen-Speráto, p. p. of Sperare. to destroy, to exterminate. nacchiare..--Spennacchuito, Sperdere, to fall, to fall away. Spegnimento, s. m. mitigat- ill-dressed, ragged. -Spen. - Sperdere la creatura, to ing, quenching or allaying. nacchiuto, perplexed, confus miscarry. Spegnitújo, s. m. an extin- ed, surprised.-Rimase Or. Sperduto, fallen away, miscarguisher.

lando tutto spennacchiato ried.--Sperduto, dispersed, Spegnitáre, he that puts out a qunnilo é senti quel che il scattered. light.

cugino ha detto, Orlando was Sperétta, s. f. a little sphere. Spelacchiato, adj. whose hait very much astonished on Spérgere, to dissipare, to waste, has been picked out.

hearing what his cousin had to consume, to ruin, Spelagáre, to come out froin said.

Spergiuramento, s. m. perjury. under the water, to get clear, Spennacchićtto, 6. m, a tuft of Spergiuráre, to forswear one's to get oui, to be rid of or feathers.

self-Spergiurare, to swear frorn.

Spennáre, to pick out the' fea- and curse. Spelagá'o, adj. clear, got out, thers.

Spergiurátu, adj. perjured, fordisintangled, or disintricat- Spennáto, adj. without feaed.

thers; whose feathers have Spergiuratore, a forswom man. Speláre, v. Pelare. Spelre, been picked out.

Spergiuratrice, fem. of Spergiu. to strip one of his money or Spensierwaggine, s. f. heedthings.

lessness carelessness Spergiurazione, s. f. v. Sper. Spelarsi, to lose the hair. Spensieratamente, adv. negli- giuramento. Spelazzárt, to pick wool, gently, carelesslv, supinely. Spergiúro, s. m. La perjurer, a Spelazzino, hc that picks Spensierato, adj. negligent, Spergiúra, s, f, } furswarn wool. neglectful, careless, supine.

-Spergiüro, Spelda, o Spelen, s. f. spelt, a Spenio, irij. extinguished. perjury. sort of corn.

Spencolure, to hang or dangle Spérico, adj. spherical, orbicuSpellicciatúra, s. f. a wrang to and from.

lar, round. ling amongst dogs-Spellic-Spenzulársi, to stand out of a Spericoláto, adj. fearful, afraid, catúra, dispute, quarel,! window, for instance, timorous. Obs. contest.- Spellicciatúra, re much as possible, so as to be Sperienza, s. f. experience, ex. buske, check, reprimand. it:nost in danger of talking periment, trial, proof, knowSpellicciúrsi, to vite cachother, from it.

ledge. said chicny of dogs. Sponzoláło, p. p. of Spenzo Sperimentale, adj. experimen. Spellicciarc, lo reocke, to re lare.

tal. priinand.

Spenzeline, adv. hanging Sperimentáre, to experience, Spelonca, s. 1. cave, den, grot- Spenzolóni, } down, dans- io experiment, to try. .10. ---Spelónea, a receptacle, ling.–Cammirar colle lrac. Sperimentátu, adj.experienced, shelter, orne-1.

ciz sen olone, to walk with experimented, tried-Speri. Syéine, s. f. nore. Poet. the arms dangling.

montato, adj. experienced, Spendente, adj. profo.e, lavish, Spera, s. f. a sphere, a round skilful, versed. w3slefui,

solid hocy.--Spera, a sphere, Sperimentatore, be that tries Spendere, to spend, to lay ou. a globe, a ball, a circle or orb. experiments, examiner, ob5;ndere, to consume or cm ---Spera, a looking-glass.-- server. plav, ro below.-Spradere il s'pere, s. f. pi a weight that Sperimento, s. m. experiment,

in qualche roro, to hangs own at the side of a experience, trial, proof. concoine or employ one's ship to retard its course. Sperma, s. f. sperm or seed of time is something-Speiler Sperale, spherical, orbicular. animals. Doprra, to je one's means. Szeránte, adj, that hopes. Spermático, adj. spermatical. --Sponder parole, to utter Speranza, s. f. hope; hopes. Spermentáre, to experiment, words.-Spendere, to be cur Speranza, hope, expectation. experience, or try. Cus. sent-to-in Francia non si -Speranza, fear.--Una spe- Spermentáto, adj. experienced, spende altra moneta che quella razone, a fat chopping boy, experimented, erird. Obs. del paese, no che money is that gives hopes to be a good Sperményo, s, in. cxperiense,

man or woman.




experiment, trial, or proof. Spesseggiare, to' reiterate, to Spezialtà, v. Spezialita. Obs. repeat, to do often, to conti. Spézie, s. f. species, sort

.. Spermo, s. m. 71. Sperma nue, to frequent,

Spezie, form, shape, figure. Obs.

Spessézza, s. f. thickness, der- -Spezie, preteace, cloak, coSpérnere, to expel, to remove, sity. --Spessezza dluere, thicki.


appearance, to drive out. Obs.--S'pér. ness of air. --Spessézzz, mul shew.Sotto spezie d' aminere, to despise, to have a titude, great number, crowd, cizia, under a pretence or contempt, for. Obs. throng, press.

cloak of friendship.---Sotto Speronáre, to spur.---Spero. Spessire, to thicken, to make spezie d'esser mio confidenté, ndre, to spur on, to excite. thick.

pretending to be my intimate Speronáto, p. of Speronáre. Spessirsi, to thicken, to grow friend ---Lo mandà sotto spea Sperone, s. m. a spur. or become thick.

zie di domestico, he sent him Sperperamento, s.m.consump- Spessità,5. f. density, thickness. as one of his attendants. tion, wasting, destruction. Spessitúdine, s. f. thickness, Spezie, s. f. pl. spices, grocery Obs.

density. Sperperáre, to exterminate, to Spesso, s. m. thickness. Spezieltà, s. f. speciality, parti.

destroy, to extirpate. Obs. Spesso, adj. thick.--Nube cularity, a particular.-In is. Sperperáto, adj. exterminated, spessa, a thick cloud.Bosco pezieltà, adv. particularly, es,

destroyed, extirpated. Obs. spesso, a thick wood.-Spes pecially.--- Ed in ispezieltà, Spérpero, s. m. v. Sperpera- so, common, usual, frequent, chiese di poter zieder Chino, mento. Obs.

ordinary:~-Spesso, adv. of and particularly, he desired Sperso, adj. dispersed, scatter ten, frequently, daily. that he might see Chino. ed. Spesso Spesso, adv. very of Spezieltà, partiality.

-La Sperticáto, adj. slender and tall,

quale elezione fiu fatta prije por or long.

Spetráre, to mollify, to soften, ispezieltà di setia, che ragio. Sperto, adj. expert, skilful, ex to dissolve, or melt, to touch, novole, which election was perienced.

to move, to affeut, to go near made more out of partiality Spervertire, to pervert, to turn to one's heart.-Le sue la for their party, than out of jus. to a bad use.

grime spetrerébbero i cuoril tice. Sperula, s. f. a little sphere. più duri, her tears could Speziería, s. f. an apothecary's Spesa, s. t. expence, cost, touch a heart of stone.

shop. charges.---Imparare alle su, Spettabile, adj. notable, emi. Spezierie, s. f. pl. spices, gro. spese, to learn at one's own nent, considerable, excellent. cery wares. cosi.----Imparare all' altrui Spettacolo, s. m. a spectacle, Speziosità, s. f. great beauty, spese, to learn at another a public show or sight, a pa-l charms. man's expence or folly. geant.--Spetlácolo, a spec-Spezióso, adj.

handsorne, Spese, charges, expences.-- tacle, a frightful thing to see. charming, beautiful. Fær le spese ad uno, to defray Spettamento, s. m. expecta- Spezzamento, s. m. a breakor bear one's charges.-Por- tion, tarrying, waiting. ing, beating, or splitting to tar la spesa, francar la spesa, Spettáre, to appertain, to belong pieces. supporta la spesa, to be worth to one, to be his.

Spezzáre, to break, to bruise, one's while.

Spettatore, spectator, beholder, or beat to pieces.---Levamiti Spesáccia, s. f. a great and looker on.

dinanzi, che io ti spezzerà la needless expence.

Spettatrice, s. f. spectatrix, fe- testa, get you out of my Spesáre, to defray, to bear one's male beholder.

sight, or else I shall break charges.

Spettoráre, to spit much. your head.--Andateri con dio, Spesaria, s. fr expence, cose, Spettorársi, to open or discover e non mi spezzate più la testa, Speseria, s charges. Obs. one's breast.

get you gone, and don't din Speserélla, s. f. small expen- Spettoráto, adj. whose breast is my brains. Spesélta, ces or charges. open.

S;ezzataménte, adv. by interSpeso, adj. laid out, expended. Spettorezzársi, to open one's vals, at several times. a pesaménie, adv. often, fre breast.

Spezzáto, adj. broken, bruised, quently, daily.

Speziále, an apothecary. beaten in pieces.
Spessáre, to thicken, to make Bottega di spezicle, an apo- Spezzatúre, he that breaks.

thick.-Spessursi, co chicken, thecary's shop.-- Dicemmo di Spezzatúra, s. f. fracture, to grow or become thick.

quclle cose che non ne rer.de break. Spessaire, to frequent, to resort lo speziale, we said many Spia, s. f. a spy. often to. naughty things.

Spiáccia, s. f. a wicked mis. Spessato, adj. thickened, fre-Speziále, adj. special, particur chievous spy. quented.

Jar, singular, peculiar.-Spe- Spiacente, adj. disagreeable, Spessazione, s. f, thickness, ziale mandato, espress com unpleasant, displeasing. density. mand.

Norella spiacente, unwelcome Spesseggiamento, s, m. reitera. Spezialità, s. f. speciality, partion, repetition.

ticularity, a particular. Spiacenza, s. f. discontent, vexe Spessegglinie, adj, reiterating, Spezialmente, adv. especially, ation, trouble. Forse che non -repeating.

particularly, singularly. gli sania spiacenza, se on


to unweave.



pesse quanta pena i sento, Spiantáre, to displant, o root look on one side. perhaps he would not be sor out, to pluck up by the root. Spicchiúso, that has cloves, ry if he knew the pains 1 en -Spiantáre, to raze, to lay Aglio spicchiato, garlick that dure.

even with the ground, to pull has cloves. Spiacére, to displease, to vex, down.-----Siantáre, to ruin, Spicciáre, to spring, to rise, to to trouble. La sua morte mi to undu.

issue, as water doesTacenspiacque di molto, I have Spiantáco, p. p. of Spiantare.- do dia enimmo 'zie spiccia been very sorry for his death. Mercante spiantato, a broken fuor della selve un picciol fue Spiacevole, adj. unpleasant, merchant.

micello, we arrived silently at unacceptable, disagreeable, Spiáre, w spy, to watch, to the place where a little brook troublesome, peevish, mo-dog, to observe.-Spiar l'op comes out of a wood. l' sose, cross.--Io non credo che portunità, to watch an oppor eserciio di Severo in Arabic si trovi donna più spiacevole cunity -Spiare, to seek non poteva uella bocca riarse di costei, I don't believe there or search, or trace, or find spicciare altra parola che ac. is a woman more disagreea- out.-Sozio, io ti spierò chi qua acqua, the army of Seble than she is.

ell' è, my friend, I'll find out verus in Arabia could not, Spiacevolmente, adv. unplea- for you who she is.

through the droughi, say any santy, disagreeably. Spiato, adj. spied, watched, other word but water, water, Spiacevolézza, s. i. disagreea observed, sought, or search. Spicciáre, in fty, to bleness. ed.

away.-Spicciere, to unravel, Spiacibile, adj. v. Spiacevole. Spiatore, a spy, or scout. Spiacımésto, s. m. discontent, Spiattelláre, to speak plain to Spicciato, s. m. a kind of fence. vexation. speak out one's mind.

Obs. Spiacciúto, p. p. of Spiacere. Spiattellatamente, adv. openly, Spicciato, adj. p. p. of SpicciSpiaggétta, s. f. a little road, or freely, frankly. shore.

Spiatielláto, adj. open, free, Spiccioláre, to cut any thing Spiaggia, s. f. coast, region, frank.---Alla spiattelluta, adv. from its stock. --Spiccioları i port, country, border, or coast freely, openly, frankly. fiori, 10 pluck the icaves out. of a country. - -Spiaggia di Spiçu, v. Spiga.

of any flower. mese, a road, shore, or sea- Spicacérica, s. f. a kind of moss Spicciolatamente, adv. by çalled wolves-claw.

piece-meals, a little at a time, Spiagióne, s. f. 2 spying, Spicanárdi, s. f. favender-spike, Spiccioláto, adj. cut from its Spiamento, s. m. $ watching, spikenard.

fluck. --Spiecioláto, ex. fori observing.

Spicáre, v. Spigare. Obs. spicciolati, flowers whuse Spianaménto, s. m. a levelling, Spiccáre, to pick, to wrest, leeves have been plucked. or making level, flat, or even. to pull away, to detach from, Parole spicciolate; chosen -Spianamento, explanation to snatch off.--. Spiccare, to or insulated words ; Spianamento, demolition. separate, to sever. Spiccar mentre combatlono spiccioSpianáre, to level, to make le- la testa ad uno, to cut off lati, son vinti tutti and, vel.Spianare in terra, to somebody's head. Spiccarsi whilst they fight singly, all fling or throw flat upon the da un luogo, to leave a place. are overcome-Uva spiccioground.--Spiandre, to raze, --Spiccarsi da una persona, lala, the grains of grapes to lay even with the ground, to part from cne, to leave taken off the stock.--Allo to pull down -Spiandre, to him. Spiccar salti, , to spicciolata, one after snother. explain, to expound, to inter-| leap, to jump, to skip. Alla spicciolata, by piecepret.-Spianare il pane, to Spiccar le parole, to pro- meal, a liue at a time. make bread.Spianare i nounce words distinctly, or Spidocchiare, to louse, to take mattoni, to make bricks. articulately.

away the lice. Spianar costure, to bear down Spiccare, to excel, to shine, to Spidocchiársi, to louse one's the arms, and metaph. to show itself above the others. / self. cudgel soundly.

Lo rosa spicca tra gli altri Spidocchiáto, part. pass. of Spianata, s. f. an esplanade fiori, the rose excels all other Spidocchiare. Spianato, s. m. $ in fortificati- flowers.-L oro spicca sopra Spiede, s, m. a spear. on.-Spianato, adj. levelled, il rosso, gold looks fine upon Spićdo, Spiedo, a spit, i flat, even, smooth.-Compo red.

broach. spinnato, a level fiat field.---- Spiccáto, p. p. of Spiccare. Spiedóne, s. m. a long spear. More spianato, a calm sea. Spicchio, s. m. a clove of gar---Spiedóne, a spic. Spianatójo, s. m. a roller, a lick, the quarter of any other Spegaménto, s. m. explana

thick and round stick to roll fruit.--Spicchio di pera, the tion, exposition, interpreta Hat, and refine dough. quarter of a pear.--Spicchio tion. Spianatóre, a pioneer. di inelarancia, the quarter of Spiegare, to unfold, to disSpianazióne, s. f. a levelling, an orange.--Spicehio, a small play, to stretch.-Spiegare or making level, even, or flat. share.-- Spicchio di petto, the una rete, to open a art.-Spianazione, explanation, middle part of any animal's -Spiegar l'ale, to spread the interpretation, declaration. breast.--Peder per ispicchio, wings.-Spiegar l'insegne, 10 Sviáco, s. m. esplanade. to lock askew, to squint, to display the colours - Spiegie

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