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Te, to explain, to expound, to Spigósa, adj. full of ears of Spinacervína, s. f. a kind of

-La bio, to explain a doubt. dre, Ceres, the goddess of Spinagiu-laica, a kind of briara Spieger bottega, to set up a corn and tillage. Poet. Spinájo, s. m. v. Spineto. shop: Spilla, s. f. a pin, v. Spillo. Spinále midolla, the spinál

Purok à Spiegáto, p. p. of Spiegare. Spillacchéráre, to clean wool mariow. A bandiere spiegate, with co- of its treddles.

Spinarnágna; s. f. a hint of lours flying.

Spilláncola, s. f. a kind of very briar, buck-thistle Rik Spiegatúra, s. f. explication, small fish.

Spináre, to prick with thorns.

Obs. explanation, exposition, in- Spilláre, to pierce, to tap, or terpretation.

broach.---spillaré una lotte, Spináto, adj. pricked with Spiegazione, s. f. exposition, to pierce or tap a cask. —Spil. thorns. Obs. explanation.

ldre, to distil, to drop or run Spinella, s. f. a disease in the Spieggiáre, to look out fte- by little and little.-Spilldre, pastern of a horse ---Spinellas quently.

to spy, watch, dog, or ob- spinell, a kind of ruby, als Spictà, s. f. cruelty, barbarity, serve.-Spillere i disegni se- Spinello, s. m. a kind of seainhumanity. Obs. greti del principe, ne Tecito e, fish.

257 Spietatamente, adv. cruelly, nè sicuro, nè pud riuscire, it Spínéto, s. m. a place where

inhumanly, fiercely. is neither lawful, nor sure, briars and thorns grow.is Spietáto, adj. cruel, inhuman, nor easy to penetrate into the Spinetta, s. f. spinnet, virgifierce.

designs of princes-lo mi vo nal.-Spinttia, a kind of silk Spietóso, adj, inhuman, fierce, accostare per veder s'io po

lace. Spinetta, a little cruel. Obs. tessi spillar nulla, I'll go

thorn. -Spinetta, a small
Spiga, s. f. an ear of corn. nearer, to see if I can disco- barpsichord.
Spigacéltica, s. f. a kind of ver any thing.

Spinettájo, s. m: a silk lace-
moss, called wolves-claw. Spillatúra, s. f, the dropping, maker.
Spiganárdi, s. f. lavender- running, or distilling of any Spingárda, s. f. a picce of ord-
Spiganárdo,} spike, spike. liquor,

nance so called.

Spilletta, s. f. a small pin. Spingardélla, s. f. dim. of SpinSpigare, to ear, to grow to an Spillettájo, a pin-maker of sel-garda.


Spingáre, to jog one's feet. Spigáto, adj. cared, grown to Spillé:to, sami. a pin. Spingére, v. Spignere.

Spillo, s. m. a pin.-Spillo, Spingimento, s. m. push, Spigatúra, sıf, the earing of piercer, gimblet, drill.—Spil-thrust.-- Spingimento di venthe corn. lo, the drill-hole.

to, the blowing of the wind. Spighétta, s. f. a little ear of Spilluzzicamento, s. m. the Spino, s. m. a thorn, -Spinos'

act of taking off softly small the back-bone, the spine. Spigionáto, adj. not let, empty. parts from a thing.

Spínola, s. f. a little thorn. -Caşa spigiondta, a house Spilluzzicáre, to take away by Spinosità, s. f. spinosity, that is not let, an empty small degrees, softly, and cau- thorniness, difficulty. house.

tiously, the parts of a thing Spinoso, adj. spiny, thorny. Spigliatamente, adv. quickly, from that thing itself. -Spinoso, crabbed, hard, speedily, fast. Obs. - Parlare A Spillúzzico, adv. by short difficult.---Spinoso, s. m. spigliatamente, to talk fast. degrees, by small parts. a hedge-hog, or urchin.Spigliatezza, s. f. nimbleness, Spilúnca, v. Spelonca. Come disse lo spinoso alla sera quickness, swiftness. Obs. Spiloreeria, s. f, stinginess, sor- pe, chi non ei pud st etre se 'ne Spigliáto, adj. quick, swift, didness, niggardliness, penu- rada, as the hedge hog said nimble, speedy. Obs. riousness.

to the snake; If you cannot Spignere, to push, thrust, or Spilorcio, adv. niggardly, pe stây, you may go. Said of

shove.-Spignere, to egg pr nurious, sordid.--Uro spilor-an ungrateful man, who at-
spur on, to excite, incite or cio, s. m. a niggardly man, a ter being kindly entertained
provoke, quicken, or encou-close-fisted, penurious in a house, kicks the master
tage.--Spignere, to deface a man, a miser, a stingy fellow. out of doors.

Spina, s. f. a thorn.-Spina di Spinta, s. f. a push; a thrusta Spignitóre, exciter, provoker, pesce, the bone of a fish. Dare una spinta ad uno, to pusher on.

Spina, a sting. ---Spina, the give one å push.—Spinta di
Spigo, s, m, nard, spikenard.back-bone, the spine.-Spi- vento, a gale of wind.
Spigoláre, to glean, to gather nu, a row of knotted needle- Spinto, adj. pushed.
ears of corn.

work upon the collar or wrist- Spintóne, s. m. a great pusti
Spigolistra, s. f. 3. hypocrite. Þands of a shirt. -Sping, or blow given with the elbow,
Spigolistro, sm. dissembler. punch, puncheon, a black or with the whole body, to
religious cheat.
smith's tool so called.

another. Spigolo, s. m. a stone-corner. Non aver në spina ne osso, to. Spinúzza, s. f. a little thorn. -Spigolo, iron spikes about be as plain as a pike-stat, to Spiombáre, to unlead, to take an altar, whereupon are set be very easy, or plain. off the lead.Spiómbare, to the candles

Spináce, s f. spinach. ruin, to demolish, to destroy, Vou. I.




to bring or pull down.-- Spiritále, adj. spiritual, incor. spiritoso, a mettesome borse Spiombire, to be very heavy. poreal.-Spiritale, spiritual, --Occhi spiritosi, piercing Spiombáto, p. p. of Spiom. godly:

eyes, lively eyes.-Spiritóso, liare.

Spiritamento, s. m. the being witty, ingenious, bright. Spionáccio, s. m. a wicked, possessed with the devil. Spiritosanio, s. m. the Homişchievous spy.

Spiritáre, to be possessed with Spirito Santo, } ly Ghost. Spione, s. m. a spy, a scout. the devil.-Spiritére, to be Spirituále, adj. spiritual, incorSpiovanáto, adj. that is no frighted out of one's wits. poreal.-- Spiritudle, spiritualmore a curate. - Piorano spi. Spiriráto, possessed with or by godly.-Vita spirituale, a spi. ovanoto, a curate who has the devil.--Spirilato, fright- ritual life.--Litro spirituale, lost his cure.

ed, terrified.---Matto spirila a godly book, a book of de Spióvere, to cease from rain, to, quite mad.

votion. Persona spirituale, a to rain no more.--Spiove, it Spiritello, s. m. a little spirit. godly person.-Lo spirituale rains no more.

Spirito, s. m. spirit, ghost.e'l temporale d'una chiesa, Spiovimento, s. m. the ceasing Lo Spirito Santo, the Holy the spiritualities and tempoof the rain.

Ghost.-Spirito, a spirit, the ralities of a church. Spiovútn, adj. that has done devil. -Spirito, courage, Spiritualità, s. f, religion, picraining,

heart.--.Un uomo di spirito, ! ry, godliness, Spippolare, to sing by inclina a man of spirit.---Sparilo, Spiritualizzáre, to make spition.

wit, sense, judgement, dis- ritual, to tender spiritual. Spira, s, f. a spiral line.

crction, understanding, ge. Spiritualmente, adv. spiritualSpirábile, adj. breathing. nius, talent. - Un uorno d' | ly, religiously, piouslySpirácolo, a breathing-liole, a uruto spirito, a nian of great Spiritualmente, by means of

vent, a small apxrture.-- wit, or understanding -Spi. the ecclesiastical power. Spirucolo, light, insight, hint. rilo, breath.Non poleca Dandogli grande qutorità di Spiráglio, the same as Spiracolo. raccoglier lo spirito a for- procedure spiritualmente conSpirále, adj. spiral, turning mare'intera la parola, he iro a chi fox disulitidiente round like a screw.

could not fetch his breath, so alla chiesa, giving him full Spiralmente, adv. spirally, ja PES to geak a word plain. power to use the ecclesiasti a spiral manner.

Spirito, life.-Spirito, soul. cal power against those who Spiraménto, s. m. breathing, Render lo spirito, to give up disobedient to the blowing.

the ghost, to die. -Spirilo, church.-Spiritualmente, by Spiránte, adj. breathing, blow the spirits.-Spiriti vitali e exhalation, ing.

animali, vital and animal Spiro, s. mr. breath. Obs.Spiráre, to blow. Il rento spiul spirits.-Riconfortare gli spi. L' Elerro spiro, the Holy Ta, the wind blows.-Spirure, riti, to recover one's self, to Ghost. Obs. to breathe.-Ogni corpo vivo come to one's self again. Spirto, s. m. spirit, soul, ghost. spira e respira, every living Spirito, the constitution, tem Poetical. body breathes.Spirdre, to per, state, or complexion of Spiumacciáre, to stir a feather breathe, to fetch one's breath. the body.--Siccome colui, bed." -Spirare, to breathe, to take che era magro, secco, e di po- Spiumacciata, s. f. a blow some respite. -Spirare, to co spirito, as he, who was given with one's hand open breathe out.- Non ispira che lean, meagre, and of a weak upon any thing that makes a vendetta, he breathcs nothing constitution.-Spirilo, spirit, dull noise. but vengeance.-Spirare, tu the spirituous part.-Spirito, Spiumacciato, adj. stirred, inspire with, to suggest, to a min, woman, person. speaking of a feather bed. put in one's head.-Noi riso Spirito malizioso, inquieto, a Letto spiumaccidto, a soft bed: pondemmo alla quistone co malicious, crafty, and mis. Spiumáre, to pick the feathers. me Dio ne spirò; we answer

chievous man -Spiriio, spi.-Spiumáre, to stir a feather
ed the question as God in- nit, motive, principle, way. bed.
spired us.-Spirare, to pro -Spirilo,' deiotion, piety, Spizzéca, s. m. a niggardly
duce, to proceed.--Spirúrr, religious zeal, godliness. --- man or woman.
to hear, to have a hini, to Un uomo dalo allo spirito, a Spizzico, adv. fare una cosa a
smell. Obs.--Avendo alcu man given to devotion, to a spizzico, to do a thing by
na cosa spirało doll' ottendere religious life.--Esser rapto piece meal, a little at a time,
dell'"oste de' Fiorentini, hav in ispirito, to be in an ac and with difficulty.
ing heard something that stacy -- Spirito, rexclation.— Splendente, arij. shining, glit.
they expected the blureulice Sappiendo per lapérito le tue', tering, bright.
army.-Spirdre, to die, to che doitrun venire," knowing Splendentemente, adv. splen.
espire-Spirúre, to be out, by psvelation the things to didly, gloriously, nobly,sumpa

Spiráto; p. p. of Spirare. Spiritóso, adj. lively, btisk, Spléndere, to shine, glitter, of
Spiratúre, an inspiser, Obs. sprightly, mitlesome, fiery. glisten.
Spirazióne, s. f, inspiration -L'n giovane spiritosd, a Splendidamente, adv. splen.
Spirozióne, light," irsielit, sprightly youth. - lino spiri-didly.

105e, Brisk vilesta allo Splendidézza, s. f. splendour,

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naked.Spogliáre, to strip, Spolverizzato, adj. pulverized, Spléndido, adj. bright, shin-' to rob, to bereave, to dispos- reduced or beat into powder. ing, glittering, glistening.sess, to despoil.--Spogliare uro Spólvero, s. m. a drawing Spléndido, conspicuous, no. della sua dignità, to strip one pricked all round. ble, magnificent, splendid, of his dignity.--Spogliare una Spónda, s. f. edge, side, shore, * sumptuous.

casa, to strip a house, to take brim, brink.-Sponda d'un Splendiénte, adj. bright. Obs. all the goods out of it. pozzo, kerb-stone, the brim -Splendiénte, magnificent, Spogliarsi, to pull off one's or brink of a well.--Sponde noble. Obs.

cloaths, to strip one's self di ponte, sails on the outside Splendimento, 6. m. splen-naked.-Spogliarsi del sus of bridges.-Sponde di letto, Splendore, s dour, bright- rigore, to lay aside one's ri the bed-side. -Sponde d'un ness.-Splendore, splendour, gour.-Spogliarsi dell'amore, fiume, the banks of a river. glory.---Splendore, splen- to forsake love.

Spondéo s. m. a spondee, a dour, magnificence, pomp. Spogliato, p. p. of Spogliare.

Greek and Latin foot of two Splenético, adj. splenetic, sick Spogliatójo, s. m. dressing-long syllables. of the spleen.


Spóndulo, s. m. spondylus, a Spodestársi, to renounce the Spogliacóre, thief, robber. knuckle, or turning joint of power or dominion that one Spogliatúra, s. f. stripping, the chine or back-bone. hes.to abdicate.--Spoulestarsi robbing, depriving.

Sponitnénto, s. m. exposition, della corona, to renounce the Spogliázza, s. f. a whipping explanation. crown to another.--Chi delo given to a naked boy-Dare Sponitóre, s. m. expounder, suo si spodesia dato gli sia un una spogliazza ed una cosa, explainer, interpreter, mazro in su la testa, he who to empty a thing.

Sponitrice, fem. of Sponitore. makes over with his own, de- Spóglio,s.m. moveables, goods. Sponsalizie, s, f. pl. espousal, serves to be knocked down. - Spógtio, spoil, booty. Spcnsalizio, s. m. a wedi Spodesláto, adj. that has re- Spóła, s. f. a weaver's shut-ding, or marriage. nounced his right to another. tle.

Spontanamente, adv. volun. - Spodestáto, without power. Spolétto, s. m. that little stick Spontaneamente, } tarily,

E sono spodestati, e voi ihat is in the shuttle. spontaneously. no ; però non vi consiglio di Spolpáre, to pick the flesh off Spontánea, adj. spontaneous, pace, they have not the forces the bone.-Spolpere, to strip, Spontáno, voluntary. you have, therefore I don't deprive, or dispossess.-Spol. Spopolaro, to depopulate, to advise you to make peace. páre, to make sterile. unpeople, to dispeople. Spodestato, impetuous, vio- Spolpársi, to grow lean. Spopoláto, adj. unpeopled, debent, unruly. 'Obs.Vento Spolpáto, p. p. of Spolpare. populated. spodestalo, impetuous wind. Spolpáse, lean, ahin, lank. Spoppaménto, 5, m. weaning.. Obs.--Spodestata fortuna, ---Mallo spoipalo, stark- Spoppare, to wean. a great storm. Obs.


Spoppáto, adj. weaned. Spódio, s. m. spodium, the cin- Spólpo, adj. Ican, thin.-- Sporcáre, to foul, soil, dirty, ders after the melting of iron Spolpo, deeply in love.

spot, or stain. or brass.

Spoltráre, 1 to stiake off one's Sporcáto, adj. fouled, spoiled,
Sprecáre, tu cure one of the Spoltrire, } sluggishness.spotted.

rage of making verses. Omai corvier che tu cosi li Sporcheria, s. f. nastiness, filo
Spretársi, to bid adieu to the spoltre, disse 'l maestro, che thiness.
Moses, in give over being a seggeklo in piume ina fama Sporchetto, adj. somewhat nas

non si vien sotto coltre, ty, dirty, filthy, slovenly.
Spoecátr, p p. of Spaetare. now it is time for you to Sporchézza, s. f. nastiness, dir-
Spoglia, s. f. old cloaths, cast shake off your sluggishness, tiness, filth.
offcloaths.--Spoglia, cloaths. said the master, because fame Sporcizia, s. f. nastiness, file

Le spoiglie d' axr pianta o is not acquired by idleness. thiness. e un albero, the leaves of a Spoltronire, to shake off one's Spórco, adj. nasty, dirty, sloplant or of a tree. --Spoglia sluggishness.

venly. di cappone, the skin of a ca- Spolveráre, to dust off, to shake Spórgere, to jut, to project.-pon.--Spoglia di corta, the off the dust.--Spolveráre, to Sporgere, to stretch, out, to crust of a pasty-Spoglin be reduced to dust.

hold forth.--Sporger la mano, d'un serpente, slough, the Spolverezzáre, to pulverize, to stretch out one's hand.--cast skin of a snake.-La Spolverizzáre, } to reduce to Sparger la testa in giù, to spoglia mortale dell'uomo, powder.-Spolverizzáre, to lean down one's head. the bodily part of man. powder.-Spolverizzare una Spórre, to explain, to Spoglia, spoil, booty. parrucca, to powder a wig... pound.--Sporre, to lay down. Spogliazione, s. f. la strip- Spolverizzáre, to prick a -Sporre, to rise up.

Not in Spogliamento, s. m. S ping, or drawing, to rub it over with

-Sporre il campo, to putting off.-Spogliaménto, coal dust.

break up, lo decamp. A in spoiling, rubbing, or de- Spolverizzo, s. m, a rag full of phrase no more in use.







Sporre, to hazard, to venture. I other such thing.

Spretato, adj, that has laid Sporrei la mia persona per Spossatamente, adv. without down the habit of a priest. servirvi, I would venture my power, without strength, Sprezzamento, s. m. contempt life to serve you.--Sporsi, to feebly, weakly.

despite, disdain, scorn. offer one's self, tusubmitone's Spossáto, adj. weak, faint, en- Sprezzánte, adj. disdaining, de self.-Si sporse di più fieri lor. ervated.

spising, contemning. menti per amor di Dio; he spotestáre, to deprive of power. Sprezzáre, to contemn, des. subminted to the most cruel Spotestársi, to renounce domi- pise, slight, not to value, lo tórments for the sake of God. nion, power, right.

yilify, Spórta, s. f. a basket. Spránga, s. f. a dove-tail, to Sprezzatamente, adv. Sportace, to project, to jut out, join timber together.--Spran- temptuously, scornfullyi to stand out. Obs.

80, a plate, or thin piece of slightly. Sportáco, adj. p. p. of Sportare. metal.

Sprezzáto, adj. contemned, Sprangáre, to join timber with despised, Sportella, s. f. a little basket. a dove-tail.-Sprangáre, la Sprezzatore, a despisef, 8 Sportelláre, to open the pos- stamp, as a horse does with scorful man, he that despi. tern-gale.

his foot, to fume, to be an ses, that contemns. Sporellina,


S. f. dim ot Sporticciuola,

-Sprängar calci, to Sprezzarrice, fem. of Sprezzzo

kick. Sporticétia,


Spranghétta, s. f. the head- Sprezzatúra, s. f. contempt, Sportello, s. m. a postern-gate, ach,

disdain, scorn. a liule door, a wicket.-Stare Sprazzáre, v. Spruzzare, and Sprezzevolmente, adv. cona sportello, to do nothing; all its derivatives.

temptuously, slightly. said in allusion to shop-keep- Sprecaménto, s. m. wasting, Sprezzo, š. m. contempt, scorn, ers, who, on some holidays, squandering away.

disdain. open but half the shop. -La Sprecare, to waste, to squander. Sprigionáre, to take out of mia boltega sta @ sportello Sprecatóre, a prodigal man, prison. oggi, I open but half the shop a waster.

Sprimacciáre, to stir a feather sen-day, I do nothing, Sprecatrice, a prodigal or ex. bed. Spórto, s. m. projecture, the travagant woman,

Sprimacciata, v, Spicmaccicoping of a wall, -Sporto, Sprecatúra, s. f. prodigality, ata. p. p. of Sporgere. -Pregare profuseness, lavishness. Sprimacciato, adj.stirred, speak'colle mani sporte, to intreat Spregevolmente, aclv, with con- ing of a feather-bed. earnestly, stretching out one's tempt, scorntully.

Sprimanzia, s. f. the quinzy, a hands.

Spregévole, adj. contemptible, sore throat. Sportóna, s. f. a large basket. mean,

Sprimere, to express, to utter, Sportula, s. f. the regular fecs Spregiáre, to despise, not to to doclare. paid to lawyers.


Sprimiménto, s, m. expressiSposa, s. f. the bride, spouse, Spregiato, adj, despised, slight on, squeezing. wife. ed.

Sprizzáre, to push, to spout Sposalízia, și f. a wedding, Spregiatore, he that despises, out, Sposalízió, s. m. espousals, or contemns.

Sprizzáto, adj. gushed, spouted marriage.

Spregiatrice, s. f. of Spregiatore. out-Sprizzata, speckled. Sposamento, s, in the act of Sprégio, s. m. contempt, dis- spotted. · marrying

dain, şcom.

Sprócco, s. m. a little stick.com Sposáre, to marry, to wed, Spregnáre, to lie in, to bring Sprocco, a withe to tie faggots to take in marriage. forth.

with.Sprocco,, wood to Sposato, adj. married, wedded. Spregnáto. adj. brought forth. burn, a piece of wood. Sporerésco,; } a materiamsing to sprementáre, to experience, Sprofondamento, s, m. ruin,

destruction, the act of sinking wedding.---Letto spasereccio, Spremere, to squeeze, under ground. the conjugal bed.

press hard.Spremere, to et- Sprofondáre, to sink down, to go Spositivo, adj. explaining, ex press, to declare by word of to the bottom.--Sprofondáre, pounding.

mouth, or writing, to pro- to dig, to pierce downwards, Spositóre, s. m. expositor, com- nounce, to utter.

and deep. Spremitúra, s. f. the act of Sprofondato, adj. sunk, dug, Sposizione, s. f. speech, dis- squeezing, and the matter deep.--- Profondo sprofondacourse. -Sposizione, exposi- squeezed.

to, a bottomless pit. tion, interpreration, explana. Spremúto, squeezed, pressed. Spromettére, co go back from tion. hard, expressed.

one's word. Sposo, spouse, bridegroom, Spressamente, adv. expressly, Spronája, s. f. a sore caused by husband. plainly, positively.

spurring too hard. Spossárė, to render weak, to Sprésso, adj. express, plain, Spronáre, to spur.-Sprondre, cause weakness.

clear, manifest, positive. to incite, to encourage, to Spossársi, to grow weak by tao Spretársi, to lay down the ha- induce.-Soverchio è a quelle much walking, labour, or bit of a priest.

cose spronare dove ne spigue



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like a sponge.


la natura, it is needless 10 eria, una cosa a spropósito, to do the state of being spongy. courage one to do a thing to a thing rashly.

Spugnáso, adj. spongy, hollow, which he is daturally inclined. Spropriarsi, v. Spropiarsi. Spronáta, s. f. a clap of the Sprovamento, s. m. the act of Spulcelláre, to deflower a vise sputs:-Sprondta, instigation, trying, experiment.

gin. solicitation, encouragement, Sprovársi, to try one another, Spulcelláto, adj. deflowered. setting on.

io exercise one's self. Obs. Spulciare, to kill one's flexs. Spronáto, p. p. of Spronare. Sprovarsi alla lulta, to wres-Spulezzáre, to fly or run away.

Cane o gallo spronnto, a dog tle, to try one another at wres- Spúlézzo, s. m. the act of runor cock that has purs. tling. Obs.

ning away. Spronatóre, he that spurs fast Sprovare, to cry, to essay. Obs. Spulzelláre, v. Spulcellare. his horse.

Sprovato, adj. cried, essayed. Spuma, s. f. froth, foam Spronatrice, fem. of Sprona. Obs.

Spuma d'alcuni metalli, the Sprovvedére, the opposite of to scum or dross of some metals. Sprone, s. . á spur -Tener li provide; to leave without any | --Spuma d'un animale, foam. sproni stretti ad un carnilo, provision.

-Spuma d'un tiquore che to clap spurs to a horse. Sprovvedutamente, adv. unex- botle, scum. A spron battuto, full speed. pectedly, suddenly, unawares, Spumánte, adj. frothing, foam. Sproni, s. m. pl. young rashly, inconsiderately, in ing. shoots, suckers, sprigs. discreetly, at random, hand Spumáre, to froth, to foam. Sprone, a cock's or dog's over head.

Spumáto, adj. frothed, foam. spurs. -Sprone, the beak, or Sprovvedúro, adj. unprovided, edo beak head of a ship.

unfurnished, destitute, unpre- Spameggiante, adj. that has Spronélla, s. f. the rowel of a pared, unawares.--A mostrar froth or foam ; foaming.spur.

la stoltiria di quelli che si pro- Vine spumeggiante, wine that Spropiarė, to dispossess, to de meltono linga vita, e a questa rises in froth, as the champrive.

speranza stano in peccato, e paign.--Spumeggidre, to froth Spropiársi, to dispossess one's pui la morte di trova sprouze- or foam.

self of property. --Spropidrsi duti, to shew the follý of those Spumóso, adj. frothy.---Mare d'un rizio, to break one's sell who flatter themselves with a spumoso, foaming sea. of a vice.

long life, and upon this hope Spurtáre, to blunt, to take off Spropiazione, s. f. the act of dwell in their sin, and after the point.--Spuntdre, to peep,

depriving himself in favour of wards, when deach comes, it to blow, to shoot, to bud, to another.

finds them. unprepared. bargeon, to sprout out, to Spropiátó, adj. dispossessed, Sprovvisto, adj. unprovided, blussom.-Il giorno comincia

deprived, 'turned out of pos- bereaved, destituce. Alla a spuntare, the day begins to session..--Spripiato d'ogni sprovrista, adv. suddenly, peep or dawn.--ancora virtù, bereaved of all virtue.

spuntavana į raggi del sole Sproporzionale, adj. dispropor-Spruffáre, to sprinkle, to as bene bene, the sun was not tioned, unequal. perse with water.

quite risen. Allo spuntar del Sproporzionalità, s. f. dispro- Sprunáre, to lop off the bad, giorno, at break of day.--AL portion, inequality.

dry, or useless branches. subito apparir del primo ragSproporzionare, to be dispto-Sprunéggio, s. m. butcher- gio che spunti in oriente, no

portioned.--Sproporziondre, broom, kneeholm, petty sooner the sun is risen. disproportioned, unequal. whin.

Questa rosa cominciu a spun. Sproporzionatamente, adv. Spruzzáglia, s. f. a small driz. tare, this rose begins to blow. without proportion. zling rain.

L'erle cominciano a spur. Sproporzioni o, adj. dispropor. Spruzzáre, to sprinkle, to as. tare, the plants begin to peep tioned,' unequal. perse with water.

orshoot.--Spuntare la barba, Sproporzione, s. f. dispropor. Spruzzáto, adj. sprinkled, as to begin to have a bcard. tion, inequality. persed with water.

Spuntar le corna, the sprout. Spropositáre, to act rashly. Sprúzzo, S. aspersion, 1 out or growing of the horns. Spropositáre, to talk idly, to sprinkling.

-Spantare un sospito, to talk at random.

Spruzzoláre, to drizzle, to rain tetch a sigh.--Spuntare, to Spropositáło, adj. impertinent, very small.-Spruzzolárr, | blot, to raze, pot or scratch foolish, out of the way, non to sprinkle, to asperse with out-Spurtore, to surmount, sensical, extravagant. water.

to conquer, to get the better Spropositatamente, adv. non- Spruzzoláto, adj. drizzled, of, to prevail with one. sensisally, foolishly.

sprinkled, besprinkled. Spunráto, p. p. of Spurtare. Spropósito, s. m. nonsense, ab. Spridzzolato, speckled, spot. Spumatúra,s. f. a broken point. surdity, blunder..--Il suo dis- ted.

Spuntellare, to take away the corso è pieno di spropositi, Spruzzoło, s. m. a small drizhe talks nothing but non-zling rain.

Spuntelláto, deprived of its 'sense. Fare 'ogli spropositi, Spugna, s. f. a sponge.Spug- prop or support. to talk nonsense, to give out na, a pomice-stone.

Spúnto adj. discoloured, pale, of-the-way answers, -Fare Spugnosità, s. f. sponginess, wan, sallow.



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