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: bert.

Or cut.

Spuntonáta, $. f. a blow orl giously, very much.-Ridere scaly, full of scales.-S¢Chiast with a halbert.

squaccheratumente, to split moso, rough, hard. Spuntóne, s. m. a klud of hal one's sides with laughing. Squarétto, s, m, a little cleft

Squaccherato, adj. liquid.--Spuola, v. Spola.

Squaccherato, excessive. Squarciamento, s. m. a rend. Spurcido, adj. dirty, filthy. Piso sopraccherato, excessive ing or tearing in pieces, a Ols. laughing.

rent. — Squarciumento mila Spurgamento, s. m. a purging Squadernáre, to turn over, to terra, a gap. or cleansing.--Spurgunuinto, read or peruse a book. Squarciáre, to tear, to redd, to filthy, filthiness.

Squaderndre, to set open, lo pull in pieces.--Squrrióta is Spurgare, io spit, to spit out. declare, to show.--Spuader: Lorca, to open one's mouba

Spurgüre, to purge, lo cleanse. nare le chiappe, 10 show one's wide.
Spurgato, p. p. of Spurgare. backside.

Squarciáta, s. f. a cut, a cutting Spurgazione, s. f. purging, Squadra, s. f. a rule, a square, blow. cleaning.

a carpenter's rule. Uscir di Squarciato, adj. rent, torn, tors Sjúrgo, s. m. spitting out. squadra, to go out of one's off, torn in picces.

Quando io sarò all uscio dove bounds, to talk sashly or im- Squarciatore, he that tears is tu hai a picchiare, tel farò in prudendy.--Squadra, a squa- pieces. teruiere con uno spurgo, when dron.-Dar la squadra, to put Squarciatúra, s. f.a rent. I am at the door where you a sham upon one. Squarcina, ś. f. any cutting

10 knock, l'il let you Squadráre, to square, to rule. weapon. know it by my coughing. to bring into a square, to work Squáicio, s. m. a rent, a cut. Spúrio, adj. Spurious, base- up to a square.- Suadráre, Squarquójo, adj. filthy, slovenhorn, bastard.

to examine, to search, to in- ly, speaking of an old persona, Sputacchiare, to spit often, to quise intu.-do l'ho squadra. Squartáre, to quarter. be always spitting.–Sputan-| to alla prima, I smelt hini at Squartáto, adj. quartered.chiúre, to spit in somebody's first, I knew the man as soon Poss' is essere squartaro se ral face out of contempt.

as I saw him. Molto misu so nulla, I wish I may be Spustachiáto, p. p. of Sputac- runo li uomini dall'apparen. hanged if I know any thing of chiare.

Zl, ma squadrundoli poi non the matter.
Sputácchiera, s. f. any thing for li rinvengono tali, ' many Squartatore, s.m. he that quar-

a sick man to spit in. judge of men by their exterior ters.--Squariatáre, a bully,
Sputácchio, s. m. spit, spittle.parts, but when they come to ruffian.
Spuráglio, v. Spulacchio. Obs. examine them near, they do Squartatóra, fem, ot Square
Sputare, to spit, to spit ont. r.ot find them to be such.-- Squartatrice, } tatore

Chi a dentro amaro non può S.quadrare, to set open, to de. Squasimodéo,adv.as fur exara-
sputar dolce, let him laugh clare, to shew.--Spadrure, ple, for instance. --Squasimo
that wins. --Spular sargul, to break, to split.-Chi verra leo, s m. a ninny, a silly fel.
to spit blood-Sputar audios. mui che s.quadie questo mio low, a dolt.
so ad uno, to spit on some cor di smallo? who shall ever Squassáre, to shake hard.
body.-L'artiglieria del cam break this stony heart of Squasso, s. m. a shake.
po nemico sputò fuoco tuto mine!-- Spundrure un pezzo, Squatrare, to quarter, io tcar in
il giorno, the artillery of the to level a cannon.

pieces. Poetical. enemy made a continual tire Squadråer, adj. squared, ruled. Squilla, s. f. a little bell, a bell. all the day --Spular sassi, to --Siparato, examined, con -Squilla, a sta-onion, a fling stones.--. --Spular tondo, sidered, weighed.

squill.--Squilla, a shrimp. to put on an important air, - Squadro, s. m a squaring.---- Squillánte, adj. clear, plain, te Spurar bottoni, to rail, to si- Squa:Iro di stella, the position sounding. dicule.--Sputar sezierze, to

Squadro, a scate, Squilláre, to ring, to sound, to speak sentences.Sputar sen. a kind of sca-fish.

yield a sound -- Squilláre, to no, to affect learning of Wis- Squadronare, to draw troops in make a hissing noise. - Syurl. doors. squadrons,

lure, to rustle, to rattle, to Samenno, s. m. one that Squadronáto, adj. drawn in clash. takos a show of his pretended squadrons.

Squilláto, p. p. of Squillare. learning of wisdom. Squadróne, s. m. a squadron. Squillétu), s. m. a little sound. Sputatóndo, s. m a seli-con- Squagliare, tu meli.

Squillitico, adj. belonging to a cited man. -Egli è il padre Squagl áto, adj. melted. squill or union.- Areto squalo spitato, he is like his father squallidézza, s. f. horrid pale- litico, vinegar made with a Exactly.

particular kind of onions. Sputáto, p. p. of Sputare. Squallido, adj. horrid pale. Squillo, s. m. sound. -Squillo, Spúto, ". m. spit, spirile. Squalliilo, dark.

a trill-hole; the same as Spil Squácchera, a name used by Squa!lóre, s. m. paleness. lo. Boccace in jest.

Squánia, s f. scales of fish and Squillóne, s. m, a large bell.. Squaccheráre, to do any thing shakes. - Squama, nastiness Squinante, s. m. the swelling in haste. dried upon the skin.

buil-sush. {quaccheratamente, adv.prodi- Sguamnijo, adj. syuamcous, Sqmmártico, s. m. hc who is

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afflicted with the squinansey, to put, to prefer to some ho- the post.
Squinánto, v. Squinante. nour or charge.

Staffiere, s. m. a footmay,
Squinanzia, s. f. squinansey, Stabilità, s. f. stability, conti- groom.

nuance, firmness, solidness. Staffilamento, s. m. a lashing Squisitamente, adv. exquisite Stabilito, adj. established, set, or whipping. ly, daintily, rarely.

appointed, ordained, decreed. Staffiláre, to lash, to whip, to Squisitézza, s. f. exquisiteness, Stabilitóre, s. m.an establisher, fag. rarity, excellence.

a founder.

Staffiláta, s. f. a lash, a blow Squisito, adj. exquisite, fare, Stácca, s. f. an hook, an iron with a stirrup-leather, or with excellent, very good —Squi-hook.

such whips as are used in sito, nice, dainty, hard to be Staccamento, s. m. a detach-schools. ---Staffili a, adj. pleased.

ment of soldiers.--Stacca-lashed, flogged, whipped. squittináre, to poll at an elec. mento, the act of taking or Staffilatóre, be that lashes or tion. pulling off.

whips. Squittináto, adj. polled. Staccáre, to take off, to pull off, Staffilatríce, fem. of StaffilaSquittinatore, a poller, a care to detach,

tore. ful examiner.

Staccatézza, s. f. a taking or Staffilatúra, s. f, a lashing or Squittinatrice, fem. of Squit pulling off.

whipping. tinatore.

Staccáto, detached, pulled off. Staffile, s. m. the strap that
Squittino, s m. a poll. -Staccato, in music; with holds the stirrup.–Stafle,
Squittire, to yelp, to bark.-- the notes distinct from each a lash, a whip, used in
Squillire, to squeak, to other.

Staccétro, a. m. a small sieve. Stafiságra, s. f. taves-acre, an
Sradicáre, th root up. Stacciare, to sift, to searce. herb that kills lice.
Sradicáto, adj. rooted up. Stacciájo, a sieve, a searce- Staggiménto, s. m. seques-
Sragionevole, adj. unreasona- maker ot so


tration, confiscation, seible.

Stacciata, s. f. as much meal as zure.
Sregolatamente, adv. immode- can be sifted at once Staggina, s. f. sequestration,
rately, disorderly, dissolutely. Stacciáto, adj. sifted, searced. an order from a court of ju-
Sregolatézza, s. f. corruption, Stacciatúra, s. f. bran

dicature male at the request licentiousness, excess, irregu- Staccio, s. m. a sieve or searce. of the creditor to one that larity, debauchery:

Stadéra, s. f. a steel-yard. lias any effects of the debtor, Sregoláto, adj. disorderly, li- Stádico, s. f an hostage.--Stil to keep them in his custody. cencious, immoderate, exces dico, a provost, a sheriff. Stággio, s. m. a crochet, a sive.

E credesi per fermo che do- stake for nets. -Stággio, Sreverénte, adj. irreverent. mune lo stadico lo farà impic station, abude, habitation. Obs.

care, and they believe for cer- Obs. Sreverentemente, adv. irreve- tain that the provost will have Staggire, to seize, to sequester, rently. Obs.

him hanged to-morrow. or confiscate. Sreverénza, s. f. irreverence. Stádio, s. in. a stade, a fur- Staggíto, adj. seized, sequesObs. long.

tered, confiscated. Srugginíre, to clear from rust. Staffa, s. I. a stirrup.-Stiffa, Stagionáccia, s. f. a bad season. Sta, abreviation of Questa, this. an iron ring used by founders Stagionamento, s. m. seasonSta mattina, Sta sera,this morn to hold fast their moulds.- ing, maturity. ing, this night.

Staffa, a kind of musical in- Stagionánto, adj. that seasons, Stabbiáre, to fold cattle, to strument made of iron. or brings to maturity. dung by letting cattle lie in Stáffa, stapes, a little

bune in Stagionáre, to season, to ripen, the field.

the inner part of the ear. to bring to maturity. Stabbiato, adj. dunged, ma Tenere il piè in due staffe, to Stagionáto, adj. seasoned, nyred.

have two strings to a bow.-brought to maturity. Srabbió, s. m. dung, manure. Tirare alla staja, to consent Stagione, s. f. a season. ---La Stábile, adj. firm, strong, con against one's will -Non si stagion Norella, the springstant, durable, lasting. --Sta-fa tirare alla staff, he needs Stagione, time. Or non l'ile, that cannot be removed. no intreaty.--Calze a staffa, sapete voi che per la perver--Bem stabili, lands, houses, stirrup stockings.

sità di questa stagione i guian estate in land or houses. Staffare, to loose one's thici hanno lasciato i tritunaStabilézzá, s. f. stability, firm- Staffeggiare, stirrops. li ? now don't you know that, ness.

Stafférta, s. f. a little stirrup. for the corruption of the preStabilimento, s. m. establish--Stafféta, a courier, an ex- sent time, the judges have Inent, settlement, foundati-press.Staffêtta, a kind of left the tribunals ? - Passata è on.--!abilimento, settlement, musical instrument made of la stagion, perdute hai l' asestablishment, institution. iron. --Staffetta, an iron ring, ni, the time is over, you Stabilire, to establish, to set, Calze u staffette, stirrup-have lost your arms.--Signto appoint, to ordain, to de- stockings.—Andar per istoflri a mala slaginn venite, cree.-- Stabilire, to depute, to fetta, to ride post on horse-| gentlemen, you come too late. send:0, - Stalilire, to place, back.---A stafjötra, post, by Staglia e, to cut-any thing

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coarsely, in a coarse manner. long time in the stable.Stancáre, to weary, to fatigue

-Siagliáre, 10 reckon, to Carallo stellio, a fresh horse, to tire. Il trottar forte sens. Compute in the gross. a horse that has been in the ca altri, a hard trot wearies Scagliáto, adj. roughly, coarse stable a long time.

one-Non si stanca ma di ly, or clownishly cut.Stallo, s. m. habitation, man- camminare, he is never weary. Rocca stagliata, a ragged or sion, dwelling-place, abode. of walking. uneven rock. - Andare alla Stallone, s. m. a stallion, a Stancato, adj. wearied, tired. stagliata, to take the shortest stone-horse.- Der lo stallone Stanchéito, adj. a little wca. way.

a una cavalla, to turn a stal-ried, fatigued, or tired. Stagliáte, adv. shortly, concise- lion to a mare-Stallone, a Stanchézza, s. f. weariness,

ly. -Parlar stagliato, to talk hostler, a stable-man, he that faintness, lassitude.—- Al fin concisely.

takes care of the horses in the lunga stanchezza recò negli Stáglio, s. m. a coarse compu- stable.

occhi miei placido sonno, at, tation ---Fare una cosa a Stamajuólo, s. m. a master-last, being very much fatigued, staglio, to do a thing by the spinner, he that gives out a sweet sleep seized me. lump.

wool or flax to spin. Stánco, adj. tired, fatigued, Stagnánte, adj. stagnant, still, Sta máne, 2 s. f. this morn-wearied.--Essendo stance standing.-- Acqua stagnante, Sta mattina, } ing.

undai a dormire, being tired stagnant, or still water. Stambecchino, s. m. a bow I went to sleep.--Maro stane Stagoáre, to stagnate, to be man, a soldier, used former- cQ, the left hand. still, to want a free course. -ly.

Stánga, s. f. a bar.-Stanga, Stagnáre, to stop, to staunch. Stambécco, s. m. a kind of di porta o di finestra, a bar -Stagnare il sungue, to stop wild goat.

for a door or window.-Stesthe blood.–Stagndre, to tin, Stambérga, s. f. an old ruinous 59, a pin or peg - 1 panni ris to tin over. lodging-house.

famo le stanghe, fine feaStagnáta, s. f. a tin-put to put Stambergáccia, s. f. a very old thers make fine birds. oil or vinegar in.

ruinous lodging-house. Stangáre, to bar, to make fast Stagnáto, adj. stagnated, still. Stame, s. m. yarn.

with a bar. -Stagnato, stopped, Staménto, s. m. v. Stame. Stangáta, s. f. a blow given staunched.--Stagndto, tinned, Obs.

with a pole or bar. tinned over.

Stamigna, s. f. a kind of cloth. Stangáto, adj. barrel. Stágneo, adj. of or belonging. --Stamigna, a sift

. Stangheggiare, to proceed or to tin or pewter, made of Scámpa, s. f. impression, act vigorously, to deal, vesy tin.

print.--Dare un libro alla hard with one. Stágno, s. m. tin, pewter.- stampa, to print a book. Stanghétta, s. f. a little bar.

Stág ro, pool, standing-water, Ho un libro alle stampe, Stanghetta, the bolt of pond.

have a book printing.–Stam. lock.--Slanghetta, booting, Siagni, s. pl. pewter, pewter- pa, stamp, print.-- Stampa, a sort of rack. plates and dishes.

kind, sort, Operare o fare Stanconåta, s. f. a blow given Stagnone, s. m. a large pool or a stampa, to do a thing by with a long heavy pole or pond. - Stagnone, a pewter use.

bar. pot or vessel.

Stampanare, to tear, to rend. Stangóne, s. m, a large bar. Stájo, s. m. a bushel. Stampáre, to print, to im- Stanotte, s. f. to night, this Stájoro, s. m. an acre of print. --- Stampare, to print, night. ground.

to engrave.-- Stampare, to Stánte, adj. living, being, Stálla, s. f. s'able.--Stalle di prime cloth in printing - standing, existing

cavalli, stables. --Stalla di Stampare, to make holes to stante, standing, or existing, buoi, an ox-stall, a cow- shoes to put the strapsthrough. by itself. A Dio è presente house. --Stalla di pecore, ----Stampare, to publish in il passato, lo stante e 'l futuros a sheep-fold. --Stalla di por- print.---Stampare un libro the past, the present, and the ei, a bog's-stye. ---Stalia di to publish a book.

future are present to God.--capre, a house for goats.- Stampato, adj. printed, pub- Stante io alla finesita, I being Serrar la stalla perduti i buoi lished.--Stámpáto, that has at the window.Bene siante, to shut the stall, when the holes.--Stampáto, engra- at one's ease, opulent.-- Male oxen are lost. ----Chi ha ea- ved.

stante, needy, poor, indivallo in istalla puù ire a pie, Stampatore, a printer. gent.Stante, s. m. ap inhe who has a horse in the Stampatrice, a female printer. stant, moment, minute.stable may walk on foot. Stamperia, s. f. a printing In questo stante, in this inStalláccia, s. I. a bad or nasty house.

stant or moment.-Joan stable.

Stampita, s. f. an air, a tune, stante, ady, presently, in a Stallággio, S. m. stabling. a song ---Stampita, a long moment.--Stante, after, afterStallático, s. 16. dung of horses, tiresome story, or discourse. wards..- Non molta stante, not

cows, and other domestic Stanáre, to drive out of the long after.—Stante alcata animals, den.

intervallo, during some interStallétta, s. f. a little stable. Stancamento, s. m. fatigue, val. Stallio, adj. that has been a weariness.

Stanteche, because.

S antechè, because.

to command, to ordain, to Sunteménte, adv. earnest establi-Obs.Slanziáre, to ly.

think, co believe, to be of an Stantio, adj. old, flat, withered, opinion, to imagine. Obs.--

stale, shrivelled.-hino stane Mal fatto è d' altra fuma tio, dead wine.- Pane stanto, che roristangi, but the matter stale bread.—Coro stantc, a is different from what you rotten egg.

imagine. --Sima áre, to live, Stantúffo, s. m. the handle of a to ahide, to dwell. --Stanzito, squirt.

adj. ordered, commanded, orStanza, s. f. room, chamber.- dained, lived, dweli.-E in

Una bella stanza, a fine room questo spazio è stanziato un
or chamber.--Slanza, habita porte, and at that place stands
tion, dwelling-place, lodga a bridec.
ing.–Andate a procurarmi Stanziatóre, an inhabitant.
una stanza, go and get me a Stanzino, s. m. a little room or
lodging.-- Stare in un largo chamber.
per istanza, to live, to abide, Stanzóne, s. m. a large room
to dwell in a place.- Stanza, or chamber.
quarter.—Egli a passa lento Stanzúccia, s. f. a small room
condusse le genti a piè ed a or chamber.
carallo alle stanze, he gently Stanzucciáccia, s. f. a nasty
led the infantry and the ca-

little room.
valry to their quarters. Stáre, to stand, to stop, to stay.
Stanze, abode, residence, stay. -Siare, to stand, to stand up.
Questa stanza non fa più Stare, to consist, to lie.
per me, this place is no more L'essenza dell' uomo sta nella
fit for me.—Egli fa la sua Tagione, the essence of min
scariza in villa, he lives in the consists in reason.-11 tutto
country.- Per ogni paese è sta, s' egli sia luono o no, the
liona stanza, one may live matter, or the point is, if it
well every where.- Per tutti be good or not.-Qui sta il
è buona sinnza ov' altri goda, punto, this is the question.-
every place is good to live in, Stare, to live, to abide, or
provided one has his ease.- dwell, to be in a place.--SHO
Stanza, a stanza, a staff of risolito di venire a starmi con
verses. -Slanza, a stanza of roi un pessi, I am resolved to
eight verses.--Slanza, canti come and live with you a
cles, spiritual song.--Sunca, good while:-Sta quanto ti
instance, intreaty, solicita piace, stuk as long as you
tion, request.-stanza sua, please.—Stando alla finestra
at his solicitation. Con lo ridi passare, I saw him
grande stana, earnestly.- coming by whilst I was at the
Stanza, an instant, moment, window.--Dore state di casa?
or minute.-Inçuesta starza, where do you live?--Stare,
during this, in this moment, to signify, to stand for.-Edo

sia per mangiare, edo signiSianzáccia, s. f. a bad or nasty fies to eat. Questo P sta per room or chamber.

Pietrn, this P stands for Peter. Stanzétta, s. f. a little room or Stare, to desist, to cease, to chamber.

leave off, to give over.- Nun Stanziale, adj. permanent, con isturà per questo che io non lo stant, fixed, sertled. Obs. facciu, that shall not hinder Luogo stanziale, a permanent, me from doing it.-Slare, to fixel, or settled place.-Sim be.Se cosi stà come roi dite aiele, durable, continuing, non può essere al miondo muglilasting. Obs.-Oficio stanzi ore, if it be as you say, there ale, an cffice for lite.

cannot be a betier thing in Stanziamento, s. m. order,

the world.-Sia cone command, precept, constitu. sunt 'a di marmo senza parlare, tion. Obs.

he cards I.ke a statue of S'anziante, adj. living, abid marble without speakingins, dwelling, that lives, or Diteme in che modo sta che abides in a place.

egli sia ristro fratello how Stanziare, to.order, to injoin, came it atout that he is your

· Vol. I,

brother?-La cosa sia cor e gri dico, the thing is as I tell you. --Cosi sta, it is so as I tell you.--Stare, to stand, to be situated, or placed.--Roma sia in una pianura, Rome stands in a plain.--Londra sta si la rira dei Tamigi, London stands by the Thames, Vi dico come la camera str, I'll tell you how the room is made.--— Store, to yield, to bring in.-lresta possessione mi sta a cendo scudi 'l anno, . this farm yields me a hundred crowns a vear.---State, to live. -Stare a pare è acqua, to live upon bread and water. hanno maritata ad un giorane da bene che el'a stard come una imperatrice, they have married her to a sober young man, with whom she will live like an empressStare, to continue, to last.Queste cose staranno fin che mondo sarà mondo, those things will last as long as the world lasts.-Nor istard molto a venire, it won't be long before he comes.-Stare, to be proportioned, or fit, to fit.- É come si potrà egli comperare i guanti, se oggi i rantai non istanno? and how can he buy his gloves, if the glovers don't open shop to-day:-Stare, to refer, to leave, to put a thing to one's judgment, to let him be the judge.-Io ne starò alla sentenza di chiunque voi torrete, Ill refer it to whom ya please. A questo mo nui ci potemo stare, now stand to that. — Von roglio stare alla rostta sentenza, I Won't take your opinion.Stare, to cost, to come to, to anicunt, to stand in-Quesia lilro mi sta in quattro fiorini, this book cost me tour florins. --Questo alilo mi sta in venti scudi, these clothes stand me in twenty crowns.-Stute o slarsi, to stand still, to do nothing, to rest-Siar lens, to be weil. Come state voi? how do you do? cosi cosi, I am se se).-.--Egli sta bene, he is well.-Slave ammalty, to be sick. ----Star chetc, to be quiet.--Star mulo, to be silent, not to speak. - Perchè state por est

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pensoso ? why are you so to have the best of a thing. -Stare a dovere, to do one's thoughtful!-- Io sto a leggere, -Stare a cona, to be at sup duty, to live within the I am reading, I read.-Stare per.Stare a chiusi occhi, to bounds of modesty.–Stere a vedere, to look out.--Perchè live at random.-Stare a co nel dovere, to be reasonable, non mi state ad ascoltare ? lezione, to be at breakfast.- or convenient.–Stare a why won't you hear me? Stare a competenza, to stand danza, to trust to, to rely a Sla ad udire, hearken to in competition with another. depend upon one.-- Stare & me-Stare a dormire, to be -Stare a comune, to live in filo o per fito, to be level or asleep.---lo sto per andare, I common.-Stare a calcolo, even.-Stare a filo, to be am going, I am ready to go. to compute, to calculate. - ready.-Stare a fondo in --Sto per comprare un cavallo, Stare a conto, to stand to the fondo, to lie at the bottom.I am about buying a horse. computation.--Stare a corda, Sure a fronte, to lie over-Sto per tor moglie, I am to be upon a level.-Stare a against:-Stare a fronte, to going to be married.Questa corte, to court one, to make stand in competition.-Stare rasa sta per cascare,this house one's court to him.m-Stare in

alla fronte, to stand upper. is ready to fallo

Io sto scri corte, to be a courtier, to live most.-Stare alla fronte d'un vendo, I am writing.-Che at court.Stare a cuore, to esercito, to stand at the head state facendo what are you pity, to commiserate, to have of an army.--Stare a fronte, doing?-Stare, to dare. Sto at heart.-Star di buon crore, to cope, to make a head per dire, I dare say.--Stare, to cheer up, to pluck up a against.- Son capace di stare to belong.–Sta al padre di good heart.--Star una rosa a fronte di chi si sia, I am correggere i suoi figliuoli, it sul cuore, to have a thing at able to cope with any body. belongs to the father to cor heart.-Star 'col cuore nel --Stare a galla, to float, to rect his own children.-A me zucchero, to live contentedly, swim.-Stare a galla, to have sta il comandare, a voi l' ube or easy, at one's ease.—Stare

the superiority, or the uppelvidire, it is my right to com accorto, io mind, to take care, most, over one.--- Stare inand, and your duty to obey. to be upon one's guard. - gratiarsi lu pancia, to be idle, -Non ista a me di andare o Stare ad allergo, to lodge, to

or without doing any thing, Testare, it is not in my power be in lodgings.--Stare a deita, to lie with one's hands alo stay or go.--Stare, to be to acquiesce, to yield, to sub cross.--Stare a gremio aperto, come.lluesta parucca vi sta mit, to leave a thing to

to lie with one's arms open bene, this wig becomes you another's opinion.---Stare in expectation of something. very well.Stare a bada, to della detta, to pass one's word -Starr giarlegro, to be loiter, to do nothing. --Stare for a debror, to be hail for gainful or profitable. Stare a banco, to sit to hear causes, him.--Stare a dieta, to assist, e gurdia, to be guarded, to speaking of judges.---Stare al o be present at the diet.

hare a guard--Stare ajat, banco, to be a banker.---Stare Stare a dieta, to keep a diet, to stand idl, to loiter.arte a battuto, to beat the mea to live soberly, to fast. al larlurra, to be almost in sure, to play in time.-Siare Stare odilietro, to yield.

the dark.--Stare at bajn, to a bocca aperta, to long, to be Stare addietro ad una cosa, to

be in the dark. --Stare al bun, in great expectation, to stare, follow a thing close, to be to know nothing of the matto look, to hearken attentive. doing it.-Stare addietro al ter. --Stare al froch, to stand ly. State a boitega, to keep giuoco, to love gaming.--Slur by the fire, to varni one's a shop.--Stare a casa e lot di dietro, to stand bchind.-- self at the fire-Siete a lira tega, to keep the house and Stare addosso, to lie heavy e soldo, to come to an equal the shop.-Stare a caccia, to upon one.--Il vostro negozio composition, to contribute go a hunting.--Staro a campo, mi sta addosso, your aftair equally ore's share. - Siara tobe encamped.--Stare a ca lies heavy upon my spirits.

livello, to be level, or unie pollo, to be exactly to a hair. - Stare addosso, to dun, to form.-Stare alla cattona, to

-Stare a capriccio, to live at haunt, to follow close, to live an indolent lazy life.-discretion, to have free quar be importunate with.--Stare Stare all'acqua, to be in the ters.Stare a casa o in casa, a denti secchi, to stand idle, rain.Stare alla finestra, to to be at home, to live, or or without doing anything. look out of the window. abide in a place. --Stare a Siare a desinare, to be at din Siare alla finestra cul toppeto, cavaliere, to have the best of ner.--Slare a diporto, to take to expece demurely the esent a thing.–Stare a cavallo, to one's pleasure.--Stare a di of somcthing. ----Store alli ride on horseback. - Stare a sagin, to be uneasy.--Io sto lungi, to stand at a distance. cavallo, to have the upper a disagio in questa sedia, I am ---Stare alla messa, to be at most, or the advantage over uneasy in this chair. Stare mass. Stare alla pancaccia, somebody.--Quando ha uno a discrezione, to be under to stand talking in public scudo in tasca, è crede stare a another man's

power or

places.-Stare alla piano, o cavallo, when he has a crown authority.--Stare a dondolo, per la piana, to live frugally, in his pocket, he thinks all to dangle one's self.-Stare a Stare alla predica, to be at the world his own.-Stare a dormire, to sleep, to be asleep. church, to irear a strmon.cavallo del fosso, to be safe, -Stare a dormire, to be idle. Stare all, aria, to stand in the

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