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- air. Stare all arte della seta,

to follow the silk trade, to trade in silk. Sture all' erta, to take care of what one says or does, to be upon one's guard, to take heed.Stare alla prova, to stand the trial.

-Stire alla staffa, to be in one's stirrup whilst on horseback.---Stare alla strada, to go upon the highway.--Stare alla vita, to press, to follow clase.Stare alle lujose, to be in prison.Start alles gramente, to be merry. Stare alle grida, to believe easily what people say.---Slare alla mosse, to be at the starting place, to be ready to start.Non potere stare alle mosse, to be impatient, not to be able to contain one's self.Stare alle vedette o alle velette, to watch, to be pon the watch.-Stare all'insa, to stand up, or upwards.Stare all'ombra, to sit under a shade.Stare all' uscio, to stand at the door.-Stare il quia, to stand to reason, to yield, to submit to reason.Far stare uno al quia, to keep in awe, to awe, to make one do what he ought.--Slare al sole, to stand in the sun, to be exposed to the sun. Slare alto, to stand high, or in a high place.-Stare a man Titta, to be at one's right hand, to have the first place. Stare ammalato, to be sick. Stare a mostra, to stand , for a show.Stare a occhi aperti, to take care, to take heed.Stare in occhi, to take care of one's self, to stand upon one's guard.--Stare coll occhio alla penna, to take care of what one docs.--Star cogli occhi grossi, to be haughty, or proud.Stare a ordine, to be ready..Stare a orecchio, to hearken, to listen -Slate a orecchi levati, to be very attentive to what one says, to be very watchful. Stare coll'orecchio teso, to listen, to hearken.Stare a paragone, to stand in competition.-Slate a parte o in *disparte, to stand apart or aside. --Stare a parle di che che si sia, to choose a thing, to be contented with it.Stare a paura, to be afraid.

Stare a pelo, to fit exactly, to open half the shop, to open suit with.--Questo vestito vi only the door of the shop-Siare sta a pelo, this suit fits a sportello, to see with one cye you exactly.--Stare a only.Stare a stecchetto, to pericolo, to be in danger. live savingly, or sparingly. Stette a pericolo dannegarsi, Stare a stento, to have much he was like to be drowned. ado to live. Stare a studio, Stare a perpendicolo, to hang to be at an university, to finish perpendicularly down.--Stare one's studies.--Stare a tavola, & pello, to cope with one, to to be at table, to be at dinner. make head against one, to -Stare a termine, to be at the enter in competition with end, to be almost finished. one. Il vostro carallo non Stare a termine di morire, 10 può stare a pelto al mio, your be a dying.Stære sul termine, horse cannot come up to to be upon the finishing mine.--Stare a piè pari, to stroke.--Stare ne' termini, lo be at one's case. Bisogna keep within bounds. Stare metterci in luogo dove possi a terreno, to lodge on the amo vedere a piè pari, we ground floor.Stare a tinello, must be in a place where we to eat with the rest of the ser. may see at our ease. Stare vants.Stare a tucco e non a pigione, to rent a house. tocco, to be very near.- Stare Stare a posta di che che si sia, a traverso, to stand across. to stand in a place in order Stare attento, to mind, to be to do a thing.Stare a posta attentive.-Stare attorno a che d'uno, to be at one's dispo che si sia, to be about doing sal.Stare alla posta o in something.-Stare attorno ad posta, to lie in ambuscade, to uno, to press, haunt, or dun watch.-Stare a proposito, to one, to be importunate.-fit one's purpose. --Stare a Stare a tu per tu, to contend, regola, to observe, or keep to strive, or quarrel..Stare a the rule or constitution of tu per tu, to be on an equasome religious house. Stare lity, on an equal footing with a rilente, to act cautiously. another.

Stare a vantaggio, Stare a ripentaglio, to be in to be uppermost, to get the dangerStare al rischio, to better of, to have the adyanhazard, to venture.-Stare a tage.Stare avanti, to stand ritroso, to stand the wrong before.--Stare a vedere, to way.-Stare a falario, to be look at, to behold.lu sto a at one's wages or service.- vedere se m'atterrete quel che -Stare a schiera, to be drawn m' avete promesso, I shall see in battalia, or battle array: if you perform what you have Slare a schiera, to be in com promised me.Gli ho preso pany with many.---Stare a tato dieci scudi, ma sta a vesedere, to sit.--Siare a segno, dere che li spenderà tutti prito keep within the bounds of ma che sia sera, I have lent modesty, to stand to reason. him ten crowns, but I will - Far stare a segno, to bring bet he spends them before

-Stare a soldo a" night. --Stare a veglia, to sit alcuno, to carry arms for one. up in the night by way of

-State a sopprattieni, to conversation.-Stare a via, . procrastinate.--Stare a spasso, alla via, to be well dressed to go abroad, to go a walk Questa cosa non istà a via ing. -Slare a specchio, to


a verso, this thing does not pay the king's taxes in due stand well at all.

Stare e time.-Stare a speranza, to uno, in uno, o per uno, to be hope, to be in hope or ex in one's power, liberty, or dispectation.-Stare a spesa, to position. Non sta o me io be at great expences, stare o landare, it is not in spend a deal of money.--Stare my power to stay or go.-A sulle spese, to be at great ex te sta il trovar modo allo pences, to lay outagreat deal of

scampo della tua vità e della money.Star per le spese,to

mia, it is to you to provide for serve one only for one's vic. the safety of your life and tuals.Stare a sportello, to mine. Se voi volele in pia

to reason.


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giudizio della vostra salute attendere a una cosi fatta vita, a voi stà, if you think fit to follow that course of life, and ruin your constitution, you may do it.-.Per me non istarà mai cosa che a gradoti sia, I shall never be wanting in any thing that may be . agreeable to thee. -A voi madunna sta omai il comandare, now, madam, you may command me. Stare alla sentenZQ & uno, to reter, to leave, to put a thing to one's judgement, to let him be the judic.

lone starò alla vostra sentenza, I reter or leave it to you. -Stare arreitito, to take care, to take heed, to mind, to be upon one's guard.-Stare landito, to be exiled, or banished. --Stare in basso, lo stand low. Sture bello,to scandin a fine posture. -Star bire, to become, to be proper, suitable, or agreeable, to fit, to suit with -- Nonista bene a voi di far ciò, it is not proper you should do such a thing: Queste cose stanno molto meg. to alle donne che non agli uomini, those things become much better women than men. -Star bere, to deserve.--Se l'ho perduto ber mi stà, poiche non dovero lasciarlo midare, if I have lost hiin I de. serve it, for I ought not to let him go. Star bene con alci No, to be in favour with one, to be in friendship with him.

omo di star bene con triti, e ngilisparlar conto a personi, I love to live in friendship with every body, and to revile no body.---Star bene, to fit.Questo vestito vi sta berle, this suit fits you well. Tu redi Innanzi come io son bell'uomo, e come mi stanno bene leguinte in sulla persona, you see very well what a handsome inan I am, and what a handsome pair ot legs I have got.-Star Lene, to be well, to be 41 one's euse.-Star bene, to be bad.-Starm bene se dovessi star sempre altorro di ini, it would be very bad for me, were I to do norhing else butatrend him.Star bone, to be in good health.

Bene possa stoje, God save you, God be with you..Store boccone, to lie upon

one's belly.---Stare capo, to be the head or chief.- Stare in capo al mondo, to live at the world's end, or very far.

-Stare a capo alto, to live splendidly.---Stare carponi o carpone, 10 stand upon all four.-Star cauzione, to be bail for one.--Stare certo, to Le certain or sure.--Star cheto, to be quiet.-Suare chiaro, to be persuaded or convinced.

- Stare chiotto, to be quict. Stare coll'arco teso, to be upon the watch.-Stare con altri, to live with one as a servant.----Stalli con Dio, God be with you.-Stare da se, to live by one's self.Stare diguno, to fast.-Star di mala voglia, to be in a bad hu mow...Star di male zamte, to be of a weak constitution. --Siar di mecze, to stund neuter -----Star da mesco, to le a mediator. -Siare a tine, to say, to teil-listo a dire io che le cose rano molto male, I can tell you that things go very bad for us.--Star diutu, to be in a straight line.--Star diritto, 10 stand up straighi.Star disteso, to lie all along upon something. --Star dulLio, to doubt, to be in doubt, to suspect.-Star duro, to be obstinate:--Starr errato, to be mistaken. ----Stare esenie, to be exempt from.----Sture eusule, to be banished. -----Slare facendo, to be doing something.-Stare in sul fare, to go about something.----- Fur estare alcuno, to rule, to ma. naze onc, to keep him in awe. -Stare forte,to be firm,not to yield.---Stare tra 'l si e'lni, to be irresolute. Stare fia due, to waver, to be in suspence, to be at a stand.--Stare tra letto e lettuccio, to be on the mending hand.-Stare fra l'incurline e'l murtello, to be between hawk and buzzard. -- Score fresco, to be had.--0 slurei fresco se non guadagmassi che dieci lire l'anno, I should come very poorly off if I did get only ten pounds a year. -Stare fuora, to be abroad, not to be at home.Stur di fuora, to be out town ---Slare in fcora, to jut out.--Sare giù, to be below, or down.-Stare giusto, to

stand right, to stand in a proper place.Stare aiia grande, to live very grand.- Stare och grande, to carry it high. Stare grave, to be grave and serious-Stare in sul grace, to look grave.-Stare grosso, to be big.---Stare grosso con chi che si sia, to be angry with one.-Store in apprensione, to apprehend.--Slare inlilascia, to be irresolute--Stare in bilancio, to be in suspense.-Stare in bilico, to be ready to fail.--Stare in camicia, to be in one's shirt.-Slare in capitale, not to win nor lose. — Stare in cervello, to be upon one's guard.–Stare in chasso, to live in a bawdy-house. Stare in collera, to be angry.

---Stare in comando, to have the command of. Slare in concordia, to live in friendship with. ---Stare in concelts, to be looked upon, to be thought. -Egli sta in concetto d'uomo dulitene, he is looked upon as an honest man.-Stare un cunlegno, to be grave.-Stare ia contrasto, to dispute about a thing.--Stare in contro, to be over-against-Stare in dozi. na, to live with others on a friendly fouting. Since a dozzina, to board, to be a boarder.--Slare in errore, to be mistaken.-Stare in esilio, to be banished.--Slave in fede, to keep one's word. Stareiz festa, to lise merrily.---Store in forse, to doubt, to be in suspense ---Stare in forerne, to govern, to rule.- Stare in guartiia, to take heed.--Store in guardia,10 stand upon one's guard.Stare in malincona, to be melancholy.--Stare in maro d' uno, to be in one's power. Stare colle mani in mano, Star rolle mani alla ciniola, to idle, to stand with one's arms a-cross.--Stare in pedulin to be bare-footed, or without shoes. ---Stare in pena, to be in pain.--Siare in penitent", to do penance-Stare in pelle siero, to be afraid.--Slare 80pra pensiero, to be thoughtful. --Stare in pernio, to stand upon an equilibrium.--Stute in persona, to be personally present in some place.---Stare iti petlo e in persona, to stand

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still.--Stare in sulla persona,

presente, to be present.-Stare stand up.--Stare a che che si to stand up erect.----Stare in presso, to be near. Stare sia, to mind what others say. piedi, to be standing ----Star presso che l'ene, to be almost -Stare sulla vita spirituale, due piedi, to be safe and well.

to give one's self up to a spisure.-Stare in ponte, to wa Stare prigionero, } to be in ritual life.--Stare sull'amover, to be in suspense.---Stare Stare in prigione, s prison. Tosa viia, to be given to in. in poppa, to have srod for Stare pulito, to live cleanly. trigues with women.com Slare tune.- Stare in possesso, to -Store ramingo, to be roving sulle sile, to stand upon one's possess.--Stare in predla, to be and wandering abroad.--- Stare guard.---Sture sud sło, sture the prey.---Stare in prida, to rosente, to be very near, to be in sul suo, to be upon one's be almost at an end.-star in close to.--Slare rigido, to be own ground --Stare sull'ordo se, to live by one's self inexorable, to be firm and di che che si sio, to be very Stare in se, to look about one's resolute in denying.--Sture near having what one wishes. self.--Stare in sella, to be at ritto, to stand up, to stand -Stare teroiz rasa, to be a one's ease.----Star in snepiri, upon one's legs.-Stare sano, block head, an ignorant fellow. to be in trouble. -Stare in to be in good health.--Stare --Stare a tavola, to be at tasulla ne ratira, to stand upon schiavo, to be a slave, or in

ble.--Stare a tzvola apparece the negative, to deny a thing. slavery.-Stare sconosciuto, to chiata, to dine at frec-cost.--Stare in sulle generali, to live incognito.-- Stare severo,

Stare terra terra, to be very speak in general terms.--Star to be severe.--Stare in sul se low, in bad circumstances. in sulle sue, to take care what

to shew one's self very Stare torto, to be crooked.-one says, to consider weil severe.---Stare sicuro, to be Stare vestilo, to be dressed, to what one says.-.Stare in sul sure or certain, to be assured have one's cloaths on.--Stare mille, to put on a grave coun of.--Sture al sicuro, stare sul tuoto, to be empty. -Sture tenance. --Slare in sul sugra sicuro, stare nel sicuro, to be Coppo, to be lame.When to, to shelter one's self in a in a place of safety. --Slare

the verb Stare is governed by church. ---Stare in timore, to per sicurlà, to be bail for one. the article Lo, it becomes a be afraid. - Stare in rolta, to -Star sodn, to be firm or re

substantive. Ex. Nel '70stro go about, to ramble, or rove solute.- Stare sul sodo, to be

arbitrio è l'andare e lo state, about--Stare in zucca, to be

grave: -Stur odo, to stand you are free either to stay or uncovered, or without a hat firm or still.-Star solo, to be go. on.-Lasciar stare, to desist, alone.----Star sopra, to be starłómaco, s. m. an astronoto leave off.---- Lasciar stare, above.--Star sopra pensiero,

mer. Obs. to let any thing alone. Stare to be in fear.-$' uno ha rica Stárna, s. f. a kind of partridge. lindo, to use too much affect cherca sta sempre in pensiero, Starnázzare, to lie upon the ation in being clean.---Slare if one be rich, he is always ground.--Starnazzar l'ali, to luniano, to be absent.---Stare afraid

...Siare sopra se, to

flap or flutter the wings. di lontano, to be at a distance. be in suspense.--Star sopra di Starnoncíno, s. m. a small par--Sture lungo, to be long, to se, to stand upright.---Stare tridge. have a great length.Stare sopra a alcuno, to put a Starnóne, 1 s. m. a young parlurgo, to be a great while. thing to one's judgement, to Stardótto, s tridge. Star di iungi, 7 to stand let him be the judge.--Polere Stamutamento, s. m. sneezing. Stare alla lontano, S

sture di sopra, to pretend to Starnutáre, to sneeze.---Star| distance.-Sur mele, to be ill. have a thing one's own way. nutúto, adj. sneeze:1.

-Star malinconoso, to be mc -Di sopra ho a star io, ed è | Startunatório, s. m. lancholy..Stare malleradore, ragione, I will have it my own wort, or sneezing-wort, an to be bail. -Ma sia, hush, si. way, and it ought to be so.-- herb so called. ience, hold.-Ma sta ch' io Stare sopra l'ale, star sull'ale, Starnutazione, s. a sneczing ho trovata, but hold, I think to have a mind to go away, to Starnutíre, to sneeze. I have found it.--Star meg be on the point of going away. Starnúto, s. m. a sneezing. lio, to be better. -Stare ne -Stare sospelto, to suspect, Stasáre, to open. Obs. suoi cenei, not to meddle with fear, or mistrust.-- -Stare a Staséra, s. f. to-night, this evenpersons of a higher station sospetto, to be afraid, to have 'ing. than himself.-Stare pe' futti a panic or fcar upon one's State, s. f. summer. suoi, not to meddle with any selt.--Slare sotto, tú be down Statereccio, adj. summerly, bebody.--Star pegno, to be bail or below.----Stare di sotto, to longing to summer. for one.--Star persoso, to be be under.- Stare di solto, to Stático, s. m. an hostage. thoughtful.--Siare per alcuni, have the worst.--Stare sotto Stato, s. m. state, case, condito hi.ve is in one's power to do supra, to be topsy-turvy, or tion, posture, way.--Stalo di or not to do.-Sirre per la upside down._$107.solla so grazia, a state of grace.---Lo maia, to be in a very bad con pro, to lie in confusion stato delle cose e degli affari, dition, to be in distress.. Star sotto la paroll, to take the state, posture, or cond:Surre per opera, to be hired. one's words. -Sture , to

tion of things.-Essere in buoPoss a mona luna, you ar

-Stare , to be

no stato di salute, to be in out, you are inistaken. --Stare above or up--Stừ si, get up,

good health. -- llettersi in is




stand up.



tato di difendersi, to put one's cies.

tion.- Stella, eye. Poeticalself in a posture of defence.- Stazzonáre, to fumble, to han Stelia, the rowel of a spalNon sono in istato di fare dle, to feel.--Stazzonáto, adj. Stella, the star-fish. queste spese,my circumstances fumbled, handled.

Stellánte, adj. starry, full of will not allow me to make Stazzóne, s. f. v. Stazione. Obs.

-Siellante, shining, such expences.--Egli è in is- Stécade, s. f. the herb sticados, bright. tato di servire i suoi amici, he or French lavender.

Stellársi, to grow starty or foi is in a way to serve his friends. Stécca, s. f. folder, a stick, a of stars (speaking of the

Persona di stato, a man of little piece of wood.--Stecca, a note. Essere in grande stato shoemaker's cork.--Stecca, a Stelláre, adj. starry, of a be appo qualched:1770, to be in piece of iron, fixed to that longing to a star. great esteem with one-Lo part of the spade whereon Stelláta, s. f. a kind of physie stati d' un lungo, the situation the countryman sets his foot, for cattle. of a place.-Un uomo di lasso and thrusts the spade into the Stellaro, adj. starry, full of slato, a man of a mean cha ground.----Stecca, the stick stars.—Sielláto, that has a star racter.--Slato, maintenance, used at billiards to strike the in his forehead, speaking of a support.--Ben provvide natu. balls. -Stecche, the whale. horse. ta ai zaustro stato, nature has bones of a pair of stays. Stellífero, adj. starry, full di provided for us well.--Stato, Steccája, s. f. a pallisado.

stars. dignity, rank. Stato, state or Steccáre, to palisado, to fence Stellione, s. m. a creatore like government.---State monar with a palisado.

a lizard. chico, aristocratico, democra- Steccáta, adj. a palisado. Stellúzza, s. f. a little star. tito, o popolare,a monarchial, Steccatáre, to palisado, or fence Stélo, s. m. stalk, blade, stem aristocrátical, democratical, with a palisado.

of a plant. Materno steis, or popular state. Ministró Steccáto, s. m. a palisado. Slec. the stalk whereupon the flower di stato, minister of state. cato, an inclosure made with

grows.Stelo, an axis.-l sai, Ragione di stalo, reason of boards.--Steccato, a list or La luna, e tutte l' altre stelle, a state.-Stato, state, dominion. lists, to fight or wrestle in. vaghe o erranti d intorno al

-. Gli stati generali, the es- Stecchetto, Ex. far slare a stec suo stelo, the sun, the moon, tates, or the states of Hol chelto o tenere a stecchelto, to and all the other stars, either land.-L'assemblea degli sta keep one short, to pinch one's errant or fixed, about their ti, the estates, the assembly belly.

axis. of the three estates.---Slali, Stecchire, to become dry. Stemperamento, s. m. dissolothe estates, or the three es- Stecchito, adj. dry.

tion, dissolving.-Stempers. tates of the kingdum, viz. the Stécco, s. m. a stick, a dry twig ménto, intemperance, excess pobility, the clergy, and the or branch of a tree.--Stecco, -Stemperamento, commotion, commonalcy:--- Stato, adj. a tooth-picker -Tener a stec sedition, insurrection. been. --Sono stato, I have co, to keep one down.-Stere Stemperanza, s. f. intemperance, been.

a stecco, to do as another excess.-Stemperánga, interSlátua, s. f. a statue. forces one to do.

perateness, intemperature, disStatuále, adj. free, that has the Stecconáto, s. m. a palisado, an order in the air. freedom of a city or town.- inclosure made with stakes. Stemperáre, to temper, to die Uno statuale, s. m. a free- Steccone, s. m. a stake.

lute, to allay.-Stemperáre, to Stéfano, s. m. stomach or belly. soften a piece of tempered Statuária, s. f. a statuary's trade A low word.--Ti darò un cal iron, to spoil the temper of or art.

cio nello stefane, I shall give what was well tempered.Statuário, s. m. a statuary.

thee a kick in the belly. Slemperare, to disorder, to Statuire, to resolve, purpose, Quand eble lo stefano ben compound, to discompose.or detennine.- Statuito, adj. pieno se n'ands, when he Ștèmperársi, to dissolve, to resolved, determined.

had his belly full, away he melt.-Stemperarsi in lagrime, Statúra, s. f. stature, size.--

to melt in tears. Statúra, the posture or situa- Stella, s. f. a star.- Stella, con- Stemperatamente, adv. interation.

stellation.- Ei nacque a lucona perately, immoderately, exo Sta:utário, law-giver, law. strila, he was born under a cessively. maker, legislator.

happy constellation.--Stello, / Stemperáto, adj. diluted, meltStatuto, s. m. statute, law, de destiny, fate. —Tal fi: mia ed.-Stemperáto, intemperate,

siella e lal mia cruda sorte, immoderate, incontinentStázio, s. m. Obs. 1 station, such was my fate, and my Stemperato, immoderate, exStazione, s. f. mansion cruel destiny.- E se le stelle cessiia.----Stemperaio, out of house, dwelling-place.-- m' avessero dato in sorte di vi

tune. Suuzióne, station, post, con ver a me stessa, e di far rita Stempiáre, to snatch any thing Girion, rank.-- Stuzione, a conforme alle mie roglie, and from one's head. Obs. station, a church or chapel if my destiny had allotted to Stempiáto, adj. absurd, silly, appointed by the pore me to be mistress of myself, foolish, impertinent. pray in, and gain indulgen and to follow my own inclina- Siempráre, v. Stemperare.


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Stempráto, v. Stemperato. Non istenterà molto a oenire, | Sterilezza, s. f. sterility, barren-
Stendále, Obs. s. m.standard, he will not be long before he

banner, comes.-Stentare, to toil and Sterilire, to grow barren. colours. ----Alzar lo stendardo, moil, to labour, to take pains, Sterilità, s. f. sterilicy, barrento hoist up the colours, to to endeavour to work hard. make one's self the chief of a Stentammo tutto il giorno a Sterilito, adj. steril, barren. rebellion.

melter le cose in ordine alla Sterilmente, adv. barrenly, unEu Stendáre, to decamp, to march partenza, we worked all the fruitfully.--A Roma dieci off.

day in getting every thing anni assai sterilmente seguitai Stendente, adj. extending, ready for our journey.--Stenlo la corte, I haunted the court stretching

a crederlo, I hardly believe it. of Rome for ten years, but to Stendere, to spread, to stretch, -Stentai a persuaderlo di res


purpose. to extend.-Stender il mantel tare, I had mucii ado to per- Sterlino, adj. sterling.–Lira lo per terra, to spread one's suade him to stay.

sterlina, a pound sterling. cioak on the ground. --Stender Stentamente, adv. hardly, with Sterminaménto, s. m. extermile gambe, to stretch one's legs. difficulty, with much ado. nation. --Stendere il campo, to spread Stentáto, p. p. of Stentare. Stermináre, to exterminate, to or extend one's army.--Sten Frutti stentali, forced fruits. destroy, to extirpate.-Steroridere, to reach.La mia vista, Menare una vita stentato,to live

náre, to drive away. non si stende sin lì, my eyes hardly or poorly.Stile stentu. Sterminatamente, adv. excescannot see so far.--L'elemento to, a hard style.

sively, exceedingly. del fuoco si stende sino alla Stento, s. m. want, lack, misery, Sternúto, s. m. v. Starnuto. luna, the element of fire calamity, torment, anguish. - Sterminatézza, s. f. unmeasura. reaches the moon:-Pie mimi, Poco tempo appresso ammalò e ble bigness.Sterminato, adj. vostra ragion non si stende, morì in grande stento e miseria, exterminated, extirpated.my feet, you must not pretend a little after he fell sick, and Stermináto, huge, excessive, to reach so far. Per quanto died in great anguish and mi; exceeding great. le mie forze si stenderanno, as sery.Che stento non fanno gl Sterminatore, destroyer, exterfar as my ability will permit. infermi ne' dolori in non trovar minator ---Sterminatrice, fs

Il suo ingegno non si stende riposo ? what torments do not minine of Sterminatore. che a far sonelti, his talent the sick endure for want of Stermínio, s. m. extermination, reaches no higher than to rest!--Ho grande stento a cre destruction, extirpation, ruin. compose sonnets.----Stendere, derlo, I can hardly believe it. -Sternáto, adj. lying on the to slander, to revile. --Stendere, -A sentirlo parlare uno stento, ground, spread upon the to slacken, to unloose, to un it is death to one to hear him ground. Obs.Stérnere, to be bend.-Stender un arco, to speak.--E' uno stento a vederla

on the ground, to level. Obs. unbend a bow.--Stendere', to ballare, it is tiresome to see her Sterpáme, v. Stirpame. explain, or expound.---Slen dance, she dances most wretch-Sterpaménto, s. m. extirpation, dersi, to stretch one's seif, to edly.--A stento, adj. hardly, extermination. lay one's self down.-Stender with much ado, with a great Sterpáre, to root out, to extirsi, to divulge, to publish, or deal of difficulty, by little and pate, to pluck up by the roots, spread abroad.---norella si little.--La calca era grande to destroy.-In slerperogli, il stese per tutta la città, the che in entrai a siento, the crowd core e darò poi le membra lacenews was divulged til rough all was so great, that I could hard rate agli avolioj, I shall pull his the town.

ly get in,---Pare che faccia heart out of his breast, and Stendimento, s. m. extension. ogni cosa a stento, he seems to give his torn members to the Sienditore, he that extends, do every thing against his will.

vultures to feed upon. stretches, or enlarges.

- E' un uomo che non paga Sierpigno, s. m. the stock of a Stenebráre, to illuminate, to volentieri e da a stento quel che plant. enlighten.

deve, he is not a good pay- Stérpo, s. m. young shoot, suck. Stensione, S. f. extension, master, he gives by piece-meals er, or spris, any small wood stretching.

what he owes.--Amalo stento, that grows wild. -Uomini Stensivo, adj. extensive, large, with much ado.

fummo e or siam fatti sterpi, we that reaches far.

Stenuáre, to extenuate, togrow were once men, and now we Stentamento, s. m. r. Stento. lean.

are become shoots. Stepikre, to want, to luck. Stenuativo, adj. extenuating. Stérpone, s. m. a large shoot, Si stenia molto di grano quest'Stenuáro, adj. extenuated, lean, sucker, or sprig.----Stérpore,

tallen away. anno, corn is very scarc.- this

a wicried man, a rogue, a vilyear.--Chi sguazza per le feste Stenuazióne, s. f. extenuation, lain. stente į di da lavorare, who leanness of body.

Sterquilinio, s. m. a dung-hills lives on clover on Sundays, Srérco, s, m. dung, excrement. Sterramento, s. m. a digging wants all the rest of the wtek. Stérile, adj. steri'e, barren, fruit up the earth. Senáre, to sufier, tu te in 1035, unfruitfol. - Terra sterile, Sterráre, to dig up the earth. pain and comment...Stentuire, barren ground.--Donna sterile, Sterrálo, adj. dug up.-Sterre! wziny, lo far!y, to put ort.-- a barren woman.

tato, s. m. 2 dug piece of

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