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or draw with.-Stile, a fescuc, regard, account. Sérro, s. m. a digging up the a little stick.-Slile, a round, Stimáre, to believe, to this, earth.

long, and straight piece of to look upon, 10 suppose, to Sierzire, to divide in three wood, but not very big.--Stile, reckon, to judge.--Shizo cha parts.

a style, a manner of writing. serà meglio di uon partie € Siesaménre, adv. diffusely, at - Stile, a wav, humour, or cora, I believe it will be better

custom. -Sole, style, the for us not to go vet.--Nos lą. S:co, arti, p. p. of Siendere. manner of reckoning rime. sogna stimar le liade in cam Sieso, diffused, large.

Stile recchio, stile nuoro, the prian che sian matute, ne S'éssere, to unweave. old and new style.

must not judge of the standing Sie su, adj. the same, self.-Lo Stilettare, wound with a corn before it be ripe, coe $1490 giorning the same day. dagger.

must not count chi :kens he. E' la sie sa cos9, it is the same Stilettata, s. f. a blow with a

fore they are hatched.-thing.--lo stesso, myself. We stiletto, a stab with a dagger. máre, to esteem, to value, to 1550, himself, se stessa, her- Stilettáto, adj. stabbed with a

have an esteem or value fer, self. darger.

to make an account of.-Na Stia, s. f. mew, coop.

Stiletto, s. m a stiletto, a dagger, ri stimo un firo, I do not value Stiaccia, v. Schiaccia. a poniard.

you a pin.-Stimáre, to estStiacciare, to quash, to crush, S:illa, s. f.a drop.--Una stilla d'

mate, to value, to prize, a to squeeze. ceque, a drop of water.

rate. Stiacciata ,s. f. a cake.Stiac- Stillamento, s. m. distillation, Stimate, s. f. v. Stimite. ciuta, adj. quashed, crushed, dropping down.

Stimativa, s. f. judgment, opie squeezed.

Suillante, adj. distilling or drop nion, discerning faculty.Sriantáre, to pluck up.--Stian

ping down.

Stimato, adj. esteemed, 1. Ste Lulo, adj. plucked up.

Stilláre, to distil, to extract the Stiáre, to cram fow's in the moisture of things by heai, Stimatore, prizer, esteemici, mew or coop.

through the alenibic. --Siila valuer, rater. Suáre, adj. crammed, fattened lare, to instil, to infuse princi- Stimatrice, feminine of Siimain the mew. ples or notions.--Stillarsi il

tore. Siilionáta, s. f. a spit-full. cervello, to puzzle one's brains. Stimazione, s. f. estcem, veice, Slidióne, s. m. a spit.

-Stare in su i libri a stillarsi

regard, account.--Slimazine, Stiettamente, adv. plainly, sin il cervello, to be beating one's

opinion, jucigment. cerely, openly, frankly, can brains about books.-Stilláre, Stímite, s. f. pl. prints, niarks didly.

to drop, to drop down by - Fare le stimiie, to bescech Stieriézza, s. f. plain dealing, drops. Stillar del calda, to or intrear. sincerity, honesty, integrity, melt down, to be very hot.-- Stimo, s. m. rate, price, value. plainness, candour.

Stillúrsi, to clarify, to grow Obs Siiétio, adj. plain, sincere, clear.-il zino quanto più sia, Stimolante, adj. stimulating,

honest, true, candid, open, tanto prie stilla, the longer moving, stirring, spurring on. free, ingenuous.

wine stands the clearer it Stimolare, to prick with a goad Stificanza, s. f. towardliness, grows.---Sillare, to drizzle.

or sting, to sting. --Stimolutę natural disposition, genius. Suutáto, arij. distilled, r. Stil to stimulate, to move or stir Obs. lare.

up, to spur or egg on.--5aSuificáre, to signify, to mean. Stiliato, s. m. jelly broth. mulée, to trouble, to be trouObs. Sillatore, a disciller.

blesonic to, to importune, 10 Stigamento, s. m. instigation, Stillazióne, s. f. instillation, the

press, or vex. enticing,

act of instilling.

Stimolato, adj. pricked, stung.

provoler, to entice.

pencil.Stila, stilemanner Stimolatrice, s. f. Sincenser. Stigálo, adj. instigated, induced, of waiting.--Shlo, way, hu- | Stimolazióne, s. f. stimulation, enticed nicur, custom. -. Stilo, stiletto,

a pushing, spurring, or egging Srigazione, s. f. instigation, so dagger. --Stilo, a steel-yard.

licitation, encouragement. Stíma, s. f. estcem, value, ac- Stimolo, s. m. çoad.-Gli stimsStige. $. m, the Siyx, a river, in count, regard.ro grande sti li della coscienzii, the suings of hell.

ma di lui, I have a great re conscience. -Slimolo, spur, Stígio, adj. of or belonging to gard for him.--Non fa stiina motire, incentive, inducement. the Styx.

di nessuno, he values nobody. -Stimolo, affliction, trcuble, Stígnere, 10 discolour, to stain. 7 enere in isiimi, auere torment. --Stignersi, to fade away.

in Sistimur, to esteem, to Stimolóso), adj. perplexing, Stignere, to extinguish, to put value.

gnawing, vexing. Obs.--SiOUT.

Stimábile, adj. valuable, wor moluso, sharp, poignant. Obs. Stilláre, to train, to bring up, thy, deserving esteem.

-Stimoloso animak, to use, to accustom.

Stimagióne, s. f. Obs. 2 esteem, that stings or has a sting. Stile, s. m. a stile, a pen to write Stimamento, s. m. $value, Obs.

Sticárciceo instigate, to induce, a penci-Saring side, marine Stimolatice, s. m.}


a beast

Sainca, s: f. the top or edge. of a tree.---Stipite, a pole, a Stiva, s. f. the handle of this Obs.

pearch or perch, ----Slipite, the plough.-Slicu, the ballast of Stincáta, s. f. a stroke upon stalk, blad, or stem of a plant. a ship.--.Trovar la stita, to

the sizin or shin-bone-Slin-Stipite, the jambs or posts on find the way to do a thing. cata, an elopement. Stipito, s either side of a door. La vera stiva a chi piantat Stinche, s. f. a prison so called Suipo, s. m. a press or chest

vuole è trover buon terreno, in Florence. of drawers.

the right way for one who has Stinco, s. m. the shin, or shin Stipulante, adj. that stipulates. a mind to plant, is to look for bone.

Stipuláre, to stipulate, to co good ground. Stingere, to extinguish, to venant, to bargain, to agree. Suivaláco, adj. hooted. Stinguere, } put out. Both Stipuláto, adj. stipulated, bar- Stivále, s. m. boot, great boot. Obs.-Stinguere, to cancel, gained, agreed.

---Slivále, a paltry tellow. to raze, or blot uut.-Slin- Stipulazione; s. f. stipulation, Ugnere li stivali, to flatter, to guere, to be extinct. agreement.

çoax.--Nor sa quanti punti Stinto, adj. extinguished, blot. Stiracchiáre, to pull

, to endea- entrino in uno stizale, he does ted out. Obs.

vour to stretch.Siracchi not know his right hand from Stilo, adj. sowed in the month are, to cavil, to wrangle, to his left, he is a perfect fool, of March, an epithet to Lino argue captinusly, to force an Stivzlécto, s. mn. buskin, boot. fax.

interpretation or passage----|Suivalóne, s. m. a large boot. -7 Stióppo, s. m. a gun, a fire- Stirácchiare, to bargain. - Stivalone, a clumsy feliow, a lock.

Chi ha coglia di comprar: heavy. cur. -Stivaióne, a Scióro, s. m. a peck.

nou islà a sliracchiare il prez. block head. Stipa, s. t. fuel, wood, fag- zo, he that has a mind to buy Stivaminto, s. m. heap, hoard, guts, uld twigs or branches. will not make many words pile. -Stipa, heap.-E vidivi en about the price.-Sliracchi. Siiváre, to heap up together. tro terribile stipa di serpenti ársi, to stretch one's self. Slivársi, to assemble, to lay e di diversa mena, and there, Stiracchiataménte, adv., cap

close together. wichin, I saw a heap of ser tiously

Stiváto, adj. heaped, or piled pents, and of many different Stracchiato, adj., cavilled, Stivo, up: --- Von, vi era kinds. Venimmo sopru piu wrangled, captious.

tetto 'o luogo alcuno che non crudele stipa, we came after-Stiracchiatúra, s. f. captious- fosse sti: úto di gente, there wards into a more dismall ness, cavillation.

was not a bouse or place but place. Sejráre, to stretch.

what was crowded with peos Stipáre, to surround with heape. - tiráto, adj. stretched. ple.-Ove di donne stiva era -Stipare, to condensate, to Stiratúra, s. f. stretch, the act la sala, where the ball was thicken. Lo sguar lo appoco of stretching.

full of women. anpoco raffigura ciò che cela Stirpáme, s. m. Briars, thorns, Suumáre, v. Schiumare. il vapor che l'aere stipa, my brambles.

Stiumáto, v. Schiumato. eyes began to perceive, by Stirpáre, to extirpate, to pluck Sriumóso, v. Schiumoso. little and little, what the thick up by the roots, to destroy: Srizza, s. f. anger, wrath, pasa air concealed from me.--Sti-Stirpáto, adj. extirpated pluck- sion.--Stizzı, the mange. pure, to heap up. -Ah gius. ed up.

Stizzáre, to anger, to make one tizia di Dio tante chi stipa Stirpätóre, ac extirpator. angry.--Stizirsi, to grow anNulove travaylie! oh, justice Stirpatriee, fem. of Stirpatore. gly, to fall in a passjon. of God, who heaps up or purs Stirpazione, s. f. extirpation, Stizzare, to put out the file by together so many new trou- extirpating.

taking away the fire-brands. bles.-Stipare, to prune, to Stirpe, s. f. race, family, ge. Stizzato, adj. ang v. trim trees by cutting off the neration.

Stizzire, to be angry, to make superfluons ewigs or dead Silicheria,

one angry. branches.

Stitichezza, Ss. f. costiveness. Srizzárst, to be angry, to grow Stipáto, adj. hedged, encum- Stiticità,

angry. passed about. -Stipúto, pron- Srítico, adj. costive.--Stilico, Srizzito, adj. angry, in a vioed.

co-tive, bound in body. Jert passion, Stipendiáre, to give wages, to Stitico, custive, binding Stizzo,

S. m. hire.

Stitiro, morose, sullen, cross, Srizzóne, brand. Stipendiáto, adj. hired, that peevish. ---Componimen'o sti-, . tizzosamente, adv. angrily, receives a salary.

tico, a cold and dry compo- in a passion. Stipendio, s m. salary, wages, sition.

Sizzóso, adj. passionate, suon рау. .

Seiticúzzo, adj. shy, sullen, angry --Suizzóso, margy., Stipetto, s. m. a small chest cross peevishi, morose. Stoccáta, s. f. ali ust, or pass or drawer.

Stituire, to constituie, to ap with a sword.--Stoccaia, disa Stipidire, to astonish, to sur. point. Obs.

content, vexation, trouble, prize, to amaze. Obs. Siiruito, adj. instituted, apo grief.--Stare sulle stoccale, to Siipidito, adj. astonished, sur pointed, made, ordered. Obs.' lock sharp to one's own bu

prized, amazed. Obs. Stituzione, s. f. institution, ese siness. Scipite, s, m, the stock or stalk tablishment. Obs.

Stoccheggiáre, to make a Vol. I



a fire-t'

thrust or pass upon one with his talk.

make a wry mouth of free '& sword, to wound with a Bromacazione, $. f. loathing, faces.-Storcer il senso das gword. ---Andare stocchregt- surfeit, qualm.

parola, to wrest the sense of endo, ty parry, or cover orie's Stomachuvole, adj. loathsume, a word.Storcersi, to makt seit with a rapier, to stand surferting.

contorsions, or wry faces. upon the defensive.

Stómaco, s. m. the stomach. Storcersi an piede, un Étudin, Stocco, s. m. a rapier. --Stocco, Stomaco, anger, indignation, to put a foot or arm out of stock, pedigree, descent, race, grudge.- Non passo parlarne joint.Storcersi, to oppose, family.

senza stomaco, I cannot talk to hinder, or be contrary, to Stóso, s. m. quantity. Obs. of it without indignation.-resist.Se per attentare al

-- Il nostro fioriro raleva ses Gwell' ingiuria non gli fa cuno arrogante presumest santa anni fa sette lire; orgi stomaco, he swallows that di storcersi contro ell" apen si camliv per dieci, perché affront-Contra stomaco, dell eterno artefice, if by perchè in quelle sette tuito unwillingly, against one's chance there was any so pre stoffo e brono argento era, will.-Nivo tontra stomaco, sumptuous, as to find fauk quanto in queste dieri, out I go there unwillingly. with the works of the eternal Horin sixty years ago was Portar sopra lo stomaco, to artifices-Sorcere, to worth seven livres ; now it hate, to be sick of one. unwring, to untwist. goes for ten ; why? because Per certo comincio a portarlo Storcere und fune, to udtwist there was the same quantity sopra lo stomaco, indeed 1 rope. of silver when it went for se begin to be sick of him. Storcileggi, s. m. a pettifogget, ven as now that it goes fns Stomacóne, s. m. a large sto an ignorant lawyer. ten.


Storcimento, s. m. a whirling, Stógliere, v. Storre. Stomacoso, adj. loathsome, writhing, Wresting, wringing. Stoicamente, adv. aftct the nasty.

-Storcimento, tergiversation, manner of the Stoicks. Stomacúzzo, s. m. a poor sto a shuffling of finching, Stoichézza, s. f. indifference mach, a weak stomach. tetch, or shift.

for, or contempt of most Stonáre, to be out of tune. Seord igióne, s. f. stunning, things, as the Stoicks had. Stoppa, s. f. tow, härds of flax Stordimento, s. m. į numbness Stóien, si ma a Stoick.

or hemp.--Spegnere il fuoco of senses. Stóla, s. f. eloaths, habit. cotta stoppa, lo extinguish Stordire, to stun, to dun Stola, a stole, an ornament the fire with tow,ofasmallevil Stordirsi, one's brains. about the neck of a priest, to make a great onre.--For la Stordire, to stun, to amaze, and across the breast.

bærla di stoppa, to deceive, to surprise. Stoliuézza, s. f. stolidity, to disappoint, or supplant one. Stordito, adj.stunned, amazed, Stolidità, foolishness, Stoppáccio, s. in. tow put surprised, stupified, astonishblockishness.

Stoppaccidlo, in a gun in ed. Stólido, adj. stolid, fuolish. charging of it.

Stória, s. 1. an history. --Stória, Stoltamente, adv. foolishly, Stoppáre, to stop with tow. a story, tale, fable, or ftam. sillily.

Sioppåre, to stop.-Slopparé, A che servono tante storie!

to neglect, to despise, to un. what signify so many sto Stolcia. Obs. dervalue.

ries ? foolishness. Stoltizia,

Stoppia, $. f. stabble, straw Storiale, adj. historical.-StoStolto, p. p. of Storrre, or left in the field after the corn ridle, s. m an historian. Obs.

Stogliere. --Stolto, adj. stolid, is reaped.-Stópria, a field Storialmente, adv. historicalfoolish, silly.

full of stubble. Io non son ly. Stomacaggine, s. f. Inathing, uso e mettere stoppia in ajur, Striáre, to story, to paint the surfeit, qualm.Questa car. I am noç used to propose fri- history of the adventures of ne ti fa stomacaggine, this volous things.

somebody, to reptesent the meat turns my stomach. Stoppino, s. m. snuff of a can life and actions of somebody Stomacale, adj. stomachical, dle or other light.

in painting. - Storiáre, to lingood for the stomach. Stoppióne, s. m. thistle, fuller's ger, to be long a doing any Stomacáre, to turn one's sto. thistle, teazle.---Stoppiore, thing, to pine.—Molti delle mach.--Stomacáte, to loath, stubble or straw left in the plele disperati innanzi che to have a qualm come over

helt after the corn is reaped. volessero storiare e morire cota one's stomach - Mangia cosi Scoppóso, adj. dry, without sì gran tormento s' avrilup. sporcamente, che mi fa sto moisture.---Limone stopposo; parono il capo e si traboccato macare, he eats so nastily, a dry lemon.

nel Trevere, a great many of that it makes me sick.-siv. Storáce, s. f. storas, a fragrant the common people rather macu le ricchezte che ingiusta- gum so called.

than linger and die in so great mente s' acquistano, I despise Storcere, to twist, to "wrest, to a torment, wrappat up their those riches which are un- wring.-Storcer della lana, to heads, and threw themselves justly gotten.

twist wool.--Sturcer della sera, headlong into the Tiber. Stomacáro, adij. surfcited. to throw silk.--Storcer il col. Prima indugiano un pezzo Sono stomacato del suo dis

lo ad uno,

10 wring one's prometterli, e poichè li hanno corso, I am surfeited with neck.---- Storcer la bocca, to promessi fanno scoriare altrai

Stultezza, s. f. stolidity,


the an

saranzi che li diena, they are Stórte, ?80 avert, disturb, your thoughts to consider the at first a great while before Stágliere, 1 hinder, take off, extravagancies of human they promise them, and after divert, or interrupt.–Storre power. they have, they make them uno dallo studio, to divert Straboccante, adj. excessive,

long before they give thein. one from his study.--La qual immoderate, extravagant. Storiato, adj. painted with some cusa, se di far ti storrei, sen- Straboccare, to overflow, to history.

za pericolo di morte non puoi rise above the banks, or the Ştoricamente, adv, historical scampare, and if you fail to brim of any vessel, to run ly.

do this thing, you cannot es over.-Straboccare, to rush Stórico, s m. historian.Shu cape without exposing your upon.-Straboccare, to precirico, adj. historical.

self to an imminent death. pitate, to hurry, io OverStoriélla, s. f. a short history, -Stoglietevi dal cosi hasten, to do in haste.--Vesa short story

fare, e dal cosi dire, forbear tendosi di quelle vestimenta Stociétia, $. f. a short tale, a saying or doing such things. che poteo, subitamente quasi short novel.

Storre uno dal suo strabboccando scese dalla sua Storiógrafo, s. me an histo- Miro, to put one out of his şala, dressing himself as well rian,

way.-Storre yna sentenza, to as te could, immediately ran Storióne, s. m. a sturgcon, a repeal a sentence.-Non mi down like a fury from his fish so called.

starrete mai mai della risn dining-room. Storlomia, som for astronomy. luzione, you shall never make Straboccataménte, adv. crossObs.

me alter my resolution. sively, immoderately. Stormeggiáre, to crowd, to Storzióne, s. f. extortion, ex. Straboccato, adj. overflowed, throng together.-şlarmeggi-l action, violence. Slorzione, v. Straboccare. ere, to alarm, to give the torment, torture.

Strabocchio, inconsiderate, alarm.-Slormeggiar le cam. Stórta, s. f. a scimitar.--Storla, rash, foolish, unadvised, inpane, to ring the alarm-bell. a kind of musical instrument. discreet, imprudent. Stormeggiáta, s. f. a noise, a --Storta, retort, a kind of chy. Strabocchévole, adj. immode thundering noise, a bustle, a micalvessel.--Slorir, twisting, rate, excessive, extravagant. hurly-burly

wresting, wreathing. ---Stral'occhécole, ruinous, Stormire, to make a noise, to Startigliato, s. m.

:the putting steep.Strabocché ole, furibustle. Stortiláto, s. m.

ous, precipitous, rash. Stóimo, s. m. band, a throng,or Stortilatúra, s. f. cle bone Strabocchevolmente, adv.with crowd of combatants.-Storno, out of joint.

great speed, hastily --Calere a combat, fight, or fighting.-- Starto, adj. twisted, wrested, stralocchevolménie, to fall Slarmo, noise, buste, hurly-writhed. ----Storto, crooked, down headlong ---Stravoce buriy.--Sonare la campana bowing in and oul-Fare il cherolmente, excessively, e stormo, to zing the alarm- viso storto, to make wry faces. immoderately, extravagantly. bell.

--Storto, crooked, untoward, Strabócco, s. m. fall, preciStornáre, to push or thrust perverse, wicked.

pice. back, to make or force to go Stóscio, s. m. ruin, fall. Obs. Strabondanza, s. f. excessiveback.Stornare, to dissuade. Stovigli, s. m. pl. utensils or ness, great quantity.

-Stornare, to go, to fall, or Stoviglie, s. f. pl. ) vessels, Strabúle, s. f. breeches. Obs. draw back.

kitchen utensils, kitchen Strabuono, adj. excessive Stornéllo, s. m. a stare, star- tackle. Dare nelle storiglie, good. ling, a sort ot bird.Ştor. to take pepper in the nose, to Strabuzzáre, to look askew, nello, top, gig. --Stornello, fall into a great passion. to look with the eyes half adj. Alea-bit. ---- Cavallo stor. Stovigliájo, s. m. a maker or shut. nello, a flea-bit horse. seller of kitchen utensils. Stracantáre, to sing very fine. Stórno, s. m. starling, stare.- Strabalzáre, to toss or hurry Strácca, s. f. weariness, faint

Slórno, a pushing or thrust up and down, to use ill, to ness, lassitude. -Cavalcare a ing back, a calling back. wrong, to abuse.

stracca, to ride too fast.Stoxpiamento, s. r. maiming, Strabáttere, to vex, to trouble, Strácca, girth, lash of leamutilation. to disturb, to disquiet.

ther. Storpiáre, to maim, to lame, Strabére, to drink immoderate. Straccaggine, s. f. listlessness, to cripple.

Straccale, s. m. a girth. Scorpiáto, adj. maimed, lamed, Strabiliáre, to wonder, to be Straccamento, s. m. weariness, crippled,

Strabilire, ) amazed, aston lassitude, faintness. Storpiarúra, x. f. maiming, ished, or surprized. -lo Straccare, to tire, to weary, to Stórpio, s. m. } crippling... strabilio, I am amazed. facigue.

Storpia, hindrance, let, ob- Strabiliáto, adj. amazed, sur- Straccarsi, to grow or be wea. stacle, disturbance. Davano Strabilito, prized, wondered. ried or tired. quanto scorpio polcano ul. Straboccaméoto, s. m. excess, Straccativo, adj. that tires. la reilificazione di Firenze, superfluity. Folgele un poco Suraccáto, adj. cired, wearied, they hiudered as much as questi pensieri a considerare fatigued. they could be rekuilding of gli straboccamenti della po- Stracchézza, s. f. weariness, Florence.

terzia mondana, win a litse faininess, fatigue.




Stracchiccio, adj. little Strecotánza, s. f. arrogance, do a thing under-hand or ski

weared or fatigued. pride, haughtiness, presump- ly, Stracciafoglio, s. m. a day- tion.

Straformagióne, s. f. transforbook, a book of memoran- Stracotáto, adj. arrogant, proud, mation. dums, ? journal to be tran haughty, presumptuous. Straformáre, to transform, to scribed in to the ledger-book. Stracotato, negligent, neg. change from one thing to Stracciamento, s. m. a tearing, lectful, careless, supine. another. rending. or pulling in pieces. Stracotto, adj. too much done Siraformáto, adj. transformed. -Stracciaménto, ruin, de or roasted, boiled to rags. Strafugáre, v. Trafugare. struction.

Stráda, s. f. a street or road. Strage, s. f. slaughter, massa. Stracciare, to rend, to tear, to Stradą maestra, high-way, cre. mangle or pull in pieces.

main-road. --Strada reale, Stralciáre, to prune, nip, or Stracciare, to cut the water, tha king's road.---Sada rici- shred off the needless buds or as a ship does when she sails. nále, a bye street. -Strada branches of vines or trees. -Stracciare, to rend, to tear, valtura, thoroughfare, public Stralcia e un negozio, to disto tear off, to tear in pieces, soad or street.- -Sırada, a entangle an affair.. to pull in pieces --Le fazioni way.--Mettere uno nella luo- Strálcio, s. the act of strarciano' le citià, factions na strada, to put one in the pruning. put whole towns in cornbus- right way.--Gettarsi alla sera-Suale, s. m. an arrow, a dut. tion.

da, arlare alla sirado, ta go Straléto, s. m. a little arrow; Stracciato, adj. rent, torn, torn upon the bizhway, to rwb.-Sunlignamento, s. m. degene 'off, corn in pieces.--Strac- Essere ficor della luonu strada, racy, degenerating, deprava: cid o, broken to pieces, split to be out of the right way, in tion, corruption. in pieces. ----Stracciato, aill be in the wrong, to be out -- EStralignáre, to degenerate, or in rags or latters, ragged, tat si va per più ştrade a Roma, grow worse. tered.

there are several wys and Straglinato, adj. degenerated. Stracciatore, he :hat tears. means to obrain what one Stralucinte, adj. very bright; Stracciatrice, fem. of Straccia- aims at ---Stroda coperta, shining, glittering or glisten

covered way, in fortification ing. Atracciatúra, s. f. tearing, rend- Stradáre, to walk, to go along Stralunaménto, s. m. the act ing, pulling to pieces.. the road. Ots.

of looking asquint. Stracciatura, rent, hole. Stracétia, s. f. a little Stralunáre, to roll one's eyes in Stráccio, s. m. rags, tatters, Stradicciuola, s road or street. one's head, to squint. fattered cloaths. -Struccio; Stradiére, s. m. a custom-house Strilunáto, adj. goggle-eyed, bit, a little piece.-Straccio, officer.

squinting.-Occhi siralunati, -Strárcio, nothing at Stradiótio, s. m. a Grecian squinting eyes.-0:e se ti, all.---Non ne so straccio, I soldier.

dasiardo stralunato where know nothing of the mat- Stradóne, s. m. a large street, are you, squinting bastard ?

Stradúzza, s. m. a litde or bye- Stramalvagio, adj. very wicked Stráccia, s. m. pl. tow of silk, street.

or mischievous. the course part of silk. Strafalciáre, to leave some com Stramazzáre, to fling, to cast, Stracciājuolo, s. in. a silk-car or grass behind in mowing, to beat, to strike down wich der.

notio cut it down with due force.-Stramazzare, to fall Scraccióne, a tatterdemalion, -Strafaiciáre, tu err, down for dead, or as if dead, a ragged felicw.

to blunder. ---Strafulcuire, to in fall down plump.- PativaSirácco, adj. tired, wearied, fa- walk very fast.--Strafalciúre, no sopratutio diçqua e gia tigued.--Terreno stracco, bar to neglect.

moribondi stramazzavano in Ten ground that has the heart Strafalcióne, s. m. a mistake, terra per tutto, the scarcity. of it spent or worn out. a blunder.

of water was such, that they Siracco, ihat has a hogoo, Strafáre, to dn more than one fell down dead in every place stinking. ----Questa carne è ought.

for want of it. stracca, this has a Stratá to, adj. done more than Suramazzáta, s. f. a violent ho 300. what one ought.

fall. Straccuránza, s. f. carelessness, Strafficáre, to dispatch, to end, Stramazzáto, adj. cast, flung neglectfulness.

to make an end, to expedite. | down, tumbled down.- Ca. Straccurare, to'be careless, to Obs.

dere stramazzato, neglect.

Strafficáto, adj. dispatched, down for dead. Straccurarággine, s. f. careless- done. Obs.

Stramázzo, s.

m. a quilted ness, neglectfulness. Serafizzéca, s. f. a kind of hert materass, a thick quilt to sleep Siraecurato, adj. careless, neg

so called.

upon. lectful.

Strafoiáre, to run through. Stramazzone,.s. Stracórrere, to run very fast. Strafóro,

a running fall.-Far dare uno stramazSiracorrévole, ed. very swift or through a hole -Di strafó- zone ad uno,

to fing, to fast.---Tempo stracorrevole, To, adv. in secret ; secretly, throw one dow).-Stramarrinte that runs away.

under-hand, in hucger-mug zóne, a slash or cut in fenStracorso, adj, that is run away. ger. Passar per estraforo, to cing.






to fall

m. violent

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