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Stramba, s. f. a rope made of Stranguglióni, s. m. the glan- to do a piece of work in haste, brooms.

ders, a discase in horses. and wil. Strambasciáre, to grieve. Strangúria, s. f. strangury. Strapazzatamente, adv. negli. Scrambellare, to cut in pieces. Straazuriáre, to be afflicted, gely, carelessly, supinely. Sirambelláto, adj.

with the swangury:

Surapazzáto, adj. alused, ilia pieces.

Strangunáto, adj. atilicted with used, ill-done. Strambello, s. m. a bit, a lit the strangury.--Strangurii't, Surapazzatúre, he that uses an. tle bit or slice. s. m. he that is subject to, ou

other i!l. Strambo, adj. bandy-legged. athicted with the strangury. Strapazzatrice, she that abuses

8 ramio, s. m. a rope made Straniánza, s m. novelty, in or uses ill. of broms.

novation, newness, new Strapazzo, s. f. abuse, affiont, Strambulio, s. m. a kind things. Obs.

ill usage, contumely.--coste Strambottolo, s of roundelay, Stran áre, v. Stranáre. --Stra. de strapazzo, a ibing fit for mostly of eight verses. niáre, to part, to go away, lo

daily service or use ----Alilo Siramne, s. m. straw, hay, any estrange --- Von mi ricordo che strupazzo, every day

dry grass good to feel cattie', io straniassi giammai da toi. cloaths.-Cavallo da strapazi aud to make their beds with. I do not remember that I zo, a horse fit for service. S rameggiare, to feet. 10 cát ever parted from you.--Stra. Strapiantáre, to transplant, to their straw or bay, speaking

mar la mente dallo studio, to plant in another place. of cattle.

dive't one's vind from sundy, Strapióvere, to rain excessively Suamezzáre, to interrupt, 10 Siruráto, adj. parted from, bad.

put between, to stop. gone uway, estranged, di Straportáre, to transport or ex. Stramoggiáre, to abound, to be vertel from.

port. very pienuful, to bear in greut Stran ere, { s. m. stranger, a Strapotén:e, adj. very power abundance. Straniero, s foreigner, an

ful, formidable. biramortire, to fuint away, to vutlandish man.--Shaniiio, Strappáre, to pull, to draw, 19 fall into a styoon.

arij. strange, foreign, out get, tu pluck out or away by Stram untito, adj. fainted away, kindish.—Siraniero, remote, force, lí grub, to pull 11p, to fallen inw'a swoon.

far.--Essui cosa è tanto chiara, snatch, to tear off, to wringi Strariamente, adv. strangeiy, che è sermiera da orui scrue to Wicst, to force out---aftur a stange manner.----| polo di dulitazime, the thing Stramare gli occhi od ung, Seranuménte, strangely, ex is so evident, that there is no 10 poll one's eyes out---tremely.

of doubt lett, or Struppar 12 spala valle mani Stranárt, to live strangely, to there is no room tudoubt of it. ad uno, to wring a sivoid out do strange things. -Sirnarsi, Birnaliero, alien, or strange of somebody's hind. to go away, to absent one's! I figliuoli suoi perseguita sic. Serappára, s. r. a snatch, a pull. selt, to part from.-Stranare, come stranieri, he persecutes --Sticppárie, the strappato. to abuse, to use ill, or in an his own children as if they Strappáto, adj. (drawn, pluckill manner. were strangers to him.

ert, snatched, wrested, torn Standi), p. p. of Stranare. Suánio, adj. strange, unusual, off. Stranaturare, to change or al

Sirarij'évole, adj. very steep. ter one's nature.

Strano, s. m. stranger.—S!ra ! O's. Stranétto, adj. cim. of Strano. 200, adj. strange, toreign, one-strasapére, to know a great Stranezza, S. f. a whim, a landish.--Stano, strange, deal, to be very learned. strange or whimsical thing.- unusual, uncommon.-Fare Sirasaputo, adj. very learned. Stranezza, ill use or treat. strano, to Icok sourly upon strascicáre, to drag along, to meni, ill usage, injury, a one. -Strano, strange, siy,

diaw, to trail..Strascicar buse.

impertinent.---Strano, a'ie, urn per terra, to drag on: Strangolare, to strangle, la

-Stano, de, along upon the ground. choak, to stitie to death. birais, wan, sallow.---Strano. Strascicá o, adj. drawni, draga Strangoláto, adj. stiftel, chris didva s.rly, angrily.--Gior. gu! along. ed, strangled.-Strangolito, quie 849130203 una 7.4750!!!, to 5:2»c cn, s. m. a drawing or shrill, squcaking.--Vuce stran. I ok suurston one.

draaig along.--"riscico, goluta, a shriil voice. Straujinariziere, div. ex. the rain or trail or a gown.Stran olatúre, he that stran- traordinarily, entrepriv.

fariar collo Station, to gles or throttles. Straordiná:2, a. cior1??

draw our clie's words, Strangolatrice, fem. of strange ry, unus..?, cum en speak slowlv, latorc.

girlar Straordinaria, s. m. Strascinaniénto, s, m, a draw." Strángolo, s. m. choaking

ng or dragging along. strangling, ihr williny, in: Sirdi 354,"pay more thin Sirascinire', to draw, in trail, Strangosciate, to guest. ----

to drits, to drag along. Strangosoare, to fat

'n speiki! of onc, - S rascinar 1970 per fpirit, to tire, to weary.

istide!, t0 Cad ora nne along up in the Stringosc 110, aili humilie.

mund.-----Siraseindtr, 10 grieved, tarigued, uued, w. SZÁ¢: to a tuse, toute erat in prison.-Sirascinir le tied.

::.- Stranazure .22 lavoro, parole, io dru one's words,





to speak slowly, to drag oze's wil siolence. Stravolgere Streghiare, to cury.–Stag. words,

un braucio ad uno, to wang ghare coll'ung wie, to scratca. Strascináto, adj. drawn, drag- one's arm.-S revolgere gle Stregghiato, adj. curred. gedanng.

orchi, to turn or roll onc's Stregghiarúra, s f. a currying. S: $cino, s. m. 2 drag, sweep, eyes in one's bead.

-Seegghiatára, reprisrand, draw-Det-Srascias, a Saraselgiinánto, s. m. over. rebuke, reproof. vile butcher, a butcher that throw, subversion, destruc- Scregóna, witch, hay, sarco sc's striking meai.

toa.--Stravolgimento di loc-
S:? secolare,
Strise cuarsi,

to be amazed, a, convulsion, wreathing Stregone, wizard, sorcerer.
astonishal, one's mouth.

Stregonéccio, s. m sorcers, or surprized. - Mi strasecolo, Stravoltamente, adr. in a wry Stregoneria, s. 1. } witchI am amazed. | manner.

craft. $'rasentre, to bear a thing per. 'Suavoliáre, 7. Stravolgere. Stregna, s. f. every one's share tialy well, to comprehend it Stravolto, p. p. of Stavolgere. of a reckoning. --Stegna, well.

- Brarco strarolio, an arm share, postion. Sisasentito, adj. comprchen- oat of joini. --- Mi par che'l Seremáre, to lesser, to diej.

del or conceived very well. mondo sia stravolto, meihinks nish.-Sirena le moneta, so Strasordinár:o, adj. v. Straordi- the world is inpay turvy. clip the money.

Slamaco sirar a'io, a stomach Stremáro, adj. lessened, StriŞuaagémma, s. f. stratagem, out of order.-!1 mio appetito nished.-Stremeto, narrow, trick of war.-& ra agénna, ¢ strazolta, I have lost my limited.-strenati conim, stratagem, cunning, subilety. appetite.

narrow bounds, curice.

Stravoltúra, v. Stravolgimen- Stremiting s. f. the extremity, Stratagiáre, to slash, to cut, to

extreme, utmost part, cod. cut asunder.

Straziáre, to use very ill, to Le sitemità del corpo, th: exStrato, s, m. pavement. teize, to comment.--Siraziare. tremities of the body. Le Stratta, s. f. pull--S ralla di to deride, to mock, to laugh stremià del regro, the borcorda, estragado.

at.--Sirazigre, to waste, in ders of the kingdom.---Le Stráico, s, m. abstract.-Strato squinder.

stremità delle dita, the fingers 10, adj. negligent, neglectful, Suaziáso, p. p. of Straziare, ends.---Stremità, extremity, careles, supine.---Siralo, Strazłeggiáre, to deride, to streight, misery, necessity, descended, come, drawn.- mock, to laugh at.

the lowest conditila-Esser Egli ès ralio di rabil fami- Straziévole, adj. abusive, con- in grade stremità, to be reglin, he descends or comes of tumelious.

duced to grez want.--Recare a noble family.-Srato, Strázio, s. m. torment, tor alle stremità, to redace to pared from, separated, divi-| twe. Fare strazio d' uno, lo ope's last sbifes. ded.--Shalio, given, addict- torment, to torture, of rack Serema, s. m. the extremity, ed, inclined.

- Strázio, slaughter, exuere, utmost part, end.Stravagante, adj, fantastical, massacre. — Sírázio, con Tutti gli stremi sono szzjosi, humoursome, capricious, tunely, abuse.

all extremes are vicious. whimsical, okl, extravagant. Scrazio amérte, adv. contume. Stremo, necessity, want, exStravagantemente, adv. extra- liously, in an injurious man- tremity, distress, streighbvaganuy, fastastically,

Sono ridotto allo streng, I Seravazánza, s. f.extravagance. Strebbiáre, to rub, to make am reduced to sureights, I am -- Fura delle straganze, to do clean.--Strebbiarsi i viso, very low.-Sorén, adj - the Xav.çant things.

to clean or rub one': face. lasi, the outermost, or utStravi dire, to see much. Strebbiato, adj. cleaned, rub. most, the fasthermost.bs Siryntep, to see one thing bed.

S temo giorno della 512 vita, for anotier.- Sirar.edulo, p. Serebbiatrice, s. f. a woman the last day of his life.---La p, of Suravedere.

that employs the best part of strema parte della città, the Suravitos, adj. very true, more her time in dressing and mak. | farthermost part of the town. 111 1.

ing herself very clean. Stremo, very great, quiscaBu avestre, to disguise one's 'Serecchiare, to undo, to un- ble, unhappy --Egli è iz is. s«, to change dress in order make.

Irema necessità, he is in very not to be knovo.

Surefnláre, to untwine, to un. great necessity:-Strema fure travestien, adj. disguised. twist, speaking of a rope. tund, a very miserable or unStravizzáre, to make merry, to Strega, witch, vaz, sorceress. happy condition. --Stremo cat and drink in merry com -Darsi alle streghe, to be dolore, a violent pain.-Stre

vexed about a thing, to be mo, niggardly, penurious, piinainzo, s. m. feast, banquet. mad at it.-Şlregáccia, an old tiful, sordid, covetous, stingy. l'are stavizzi, to make witch.

Egli è un uono di poco cuate
Stregare, to bowi.ch.

¢ di strena cita, he is a man Qianwolére, to wis's or desire a Stregáto, adj. bewitched. of a mean soul, and riggardubong Cainestly, to long for Stregheria, s. f. sorcery, witch- ly to the highest degree. craft.

Stremo, wanting, deprived, Suivulgare, to bwist, to wsing Strégghia, s. f. 2 çurry-comb. destitute.- Si di famigliars

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timasi streni che nefficio aleu- mine endured for several anıt verg penurious.--Sirello, no non polean fare, they days.--Strettamente, nearly, extreme, very great. -Sirela. were so destitute of servants, thriltily, frugally.-Siretta. ta necessite, extreme wah úr that they could do nothing. mnente, carnestly, vehement necessity.---Sirlio, precise, Strema unzione, the ex-1 lý.--Piacyue molio al re il exact, distinct... Vararigh. treme unction, one of the se. consiglio di Carpigna, e lo andonni quole cagione poresse ven sacrarnenes in the Romish pregi strettamente che gli essere, che cos'ei inducesse cburch.

desse esecuzione, the king ap- dimanulare così s relie pari- . Strenna, s. f. a new-year's gift, proved Carpigna's advice, and colari à, wondering what a Christmas-box.

intreated him earnestly to put motives could induce this Strenuamente, adv. strenuous- it in execution.

person to be so exact in de. ly.

Strettezza, s. f. natrowness, manding every rarticular Strénuo, adj. strenuous. smallness. -Strettézze, scars thing. -Tenere 's rello, io hold Strépere, to make a noise, to city, penury, want.--Tolsero fast.---Parenie š tolló, a near busue, to rustle.

veltovaglie che venivano relation.---Srélio, s. m. a Strepidire, to fall with noise. all'esercito che ne narrow place. --Sirello, Strepíre, Obs.both.-Strepi- strettezza, they carried away straits.- Passar per lo sire to dire l'orecchie, to wring one's the provisions going to the de nimici, to pass through cars.---Tutta la città di verio army, that had great scarcity the thickest of the enemies. tumulto strepidivano, they of them.—Non possono anco --Stretto, distre-s, perplexity, filled the towhs with several i pregi del cambio, star fermi difficulty, trouble.- Vi trovo tumults.

in sulla pari, ma vanno in si in mol i gradi streita, I find Strepitánte, adj. making' al 'e'n giù secondo le strettezze o inyself in several great dillinoise.

targhezze, nor can the price culties or troubles.--Streilo, Strepitáre, to make a great of exchange be always at par, adj. close.- Metere s'rculo, noise, to make a great stir. but it is sometimes higher, to put or thrust in by force. Strepitare d'una cosa, sometimes lower, as there are Tenere stre'n, to keep me make a great noise or bustle more or less demands. short.---Sirelio di mano, about a thing, to talk much Strettezzn di cuore, anxiety, close-fisted, of it. ---Questo accidente stre- vexation, trouble of mind. - Strettója, s. f. any thing that pita per tutta la ciltù, this Strettezza di petto, shortness lies close. accident makes a great bustle of breath.

Strettoino, s. m. a little press in the town.

Sirétto, adj. pressed.-Stratto, for wine, oil, cyder, and the
Strepitato, p. p. of Strepitare. narrow, close, strait.. -Vid like.
Strépito, s. in. a noise. strella, a narrow street. Srreirójo, s. m.

2 press for Strepitosamente, ads, with a Stretto, intimate, strict. wine, oil, cyder, and the like, great noise.

Amico stretto, an intimate -Sre:tójo, a hard ligaStrepitóso, adj. noisy.

friend.--Stretta familiarità, ture. Stretta, S. f. press, crowd, an intimate fainiliarity. Strettuale, adj. country-mán, throng.--Dodici vi si trova Stretto, secret, private. --- of the same country. Obs. Tono morti dalla stretta e dal- Avere pratiche strelle Con Streetúra, s. f. a fast binding, lo scalpitamento della gente, uno, to carry on secret or or tying hard.----Sireltúra, they found twelve people kill. clandestine designs with one. narrowncss, straitness. ed by the crowd's crushing and -lo trovai colla doma mia Streitura di 100, the nartrampling upon them.-- Dar in casa una femminetlo a rowness of a place. --Sirelta stretla, to put to flight. - sire!lo consiglio, I found at ları, a narrow hole. Stretta, oppression, stress.- home an ordinary woman Stribbiáre, v. Strebbiare. Stretta, scarcity, penury, ex- talking very secretly with my Stribuire, to diszribute. Obs. treine want.--Nou si poteano wife.--Sirétio, reserved, stribuito, adj. distributed Obs. più tenere, si erano a stretta close, wary, sly, canious.- Stribuzione, s. {. distribution. di vettovaglia è d'assedio, E voi moriali teneievi stre i Obs. they could not hold out any a giudicare, and, you mor-Stridente, adj. gnashing, creak. longer, having a great scarci-| tals, be wary in your ju ig. ing, crashing.--Vuce sitidente, ty of provisions, and being so

---Streilo, narrow,

shall voice.
closely besieged. -Essere alle low, pinched.-- Jfi Irovai in Striderc, to cry, to make a cry,
rtrette, to be on the point of istreria fortuna, I found my to shriek.
accommodating an atfair. self in a very narrow fortune. Stridésole, adj. shrieking.
Strettamente, adv. closely, -Sirétio, sordid, base, nis-Sendire, v. Sisidere. Obs.

strictly. -Assedinte una terre gardly, pitiful, penurious, Strido, s. m. a great and acilts
strettamente, to besiege a town stingy.- carilinuli, consicle cry.
closely. -Abbracciare uno ta'o la spesa grande e lo Stridore, s. m. the same as
streltamente, to embrace une impera lore pover. di more re Sindo ; but it implies some
closely. Stretlamente, ex stretto t'nnino, the cardinals, continuation. Stridure, au
tremely.- Per forza di fame considering the great ex excessive cold.
più giorni strettamente patio perces, and knowing theem-Siridulo, adj. shriekics, harsh
ta, forced by the extrenie fa- peror to be short of money, crashing, crcaking.


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Strişáre, to unravel, to disen- j' to assemble.--Strignersi nella (Štritoláco, adj. crumbled, brom

spalle, to shrug one's shoul. I ken mall, aturared.
Strigatóre; be that unravels, or ders.----Strignersi, to retrench Striculatúra, v. Stritolamen-

one's expences... Strignere,' to.
Siviglia, a curry.comb.

to lesseli, to dimin'sli, 10 Strofa, s. f. strophe, stanza,
Stnsliáre, tu curry a horse or make less or narrow.-Sirig Scrufe, I staff of verses.

merr il sangue, to staunch the trofinaccio, s. m, a robe
Strigliato, curried


Strofinacciolo. ber, a dust-
Scrizliitúra ihe act of curry serigniméneo, s, i. a fast! ing.clout, a dish.clout.
ins.--Sriglia úra, reprimud, Singutúri, s. f. bind- Strofinamento, S. m. a rub-

ing, or tying hard.--Srigni. ving.
Strignénte, ac;. binding, eving meno, costiveness, the being Strofinare, to rub, to scour.
hal. -I'redilo s.rigneile, D'und.-Srizini úra, a join! Sirofináto, adj. rubbed, scours.
frosty weather - Leccio

1 ed.
s rignene, a running kuul. sunillare, to dry, to screak, to Stroninio, s. m. a hard and free
Striknere, to bind, or vie band

quent rubbing
or tast.-- Mi sirigne più ist ca. Sirimáto, p. p. of Strillare. Strolagáre, to practise astrolo-,
miscia che non la gionnelle, Stri), s. m. scream.

gy.---.-Strolagare, to presage,
nean is my shirt, but neuer is $ rimpelláre, lo scrape upon an 10 prognosticate, to foretel,
my skin.---Chi troppo abbrac-

Srolagáre, tu meditate, to
cia nulla strigne, ailchi,all Strina, s. f. lace, in lace be thoughifal or pensive, is
losc, -Strignere, to press, 10 with.

be in a brown study.
squeeze.-S rignere, to draw Suigase, to write close. Surulagáto, adj. presaged, prog-
or pull cluse, to close. Strato, adj, written close. nos icted.
Sliignersi, tu draw near, in

ringia, a close Stróaso, astrologer.
approach one, to come near piece of wrurg.

Stroingare, v. Strolagare.
--Strignersi, to meet toge- Sirin ito, compendious, short, Strologato, ?'. Strolagato.
ther.-Aldi 21 d'Aprile Succinct, brief.

Strologo, v. Strolago.
strinsono presso alle porto di Sirio gere, v. Strignere. Strologia, s. f. astrology.
Verona al gittar d'un lüles- Stringi, s. f. a squaze. Ohs.--"trombazzáre, 10 publish with
tro, on the 2: st of April they Sprintu, narro vness of fortune, sound of trompet.Sirom.
drew their army tog-t

ther be-

lazzare, to publish, to blab
fore the gates of Verona, at Sisinto, adj. bound, tied, nar-
the distance of a cross-bow-


Strombazzata, s. f. the sound
shot.---- Allor mi strinși a ri- Stróne, a stage player,

ot trumpet.
mirar se alcuno riconoscessi Sir pare, to cram, or stuff Strombettáre, to sound
nella folta schiera, then I


trumpet. Stromicitare, to
drew nearer to see if I could > riscétta, s. f. a little band. proclaim, to publish with
know any burly in that great Siriscia, .. f. a band.-S riscia, quand of trumpet.
crowd. -Strignere, to (sce, s. f. a ludicrous name for a Strombettáta, the sound of
to compel, to cunstain, 10 sword.

-S riscia, ser- Strombertio, } a trumpci.
oblige. - Il tempo mi strigue pint, snake ---Tra l'aria e Strombettáta, noise, bustle,
a partire, time forces me to for rende la mala striscia, hurly-burly.
gn-lui mi sıriguete a querido ine bad serpent was coming Stroménto, x. Strumento, and
che io del tutto a ea disposto butween the gras; and the all its derivatives.
di non far mui, you enlige flowers. ---S riscut, the trace Seroncamento, s. m. v. Trork.
me to do a thirts, which which the seriwni leaves upon camento. Obs.
was resolved never to (16.


gr und in shding.--Siris. Seroncáre, v. Troncare. Obs,
Si scuesù che non potea, che ciu di luce, a beainst light, Stroncato, adj. v. Troncato.
era forte stretto dalla zolla, Siri-ciáre, to slip, io slide. Obs.
he desired to be excuse I do. Strisciúre, to fly very low, Stronomia, s. f. t. Astrong-
ing it, beciuse he was very speaking of birds.-- Strisciarmia.
much'afflicted with the gour. il bramie, to brandis, a sword, Seropicciagióne, s.f. rube
-Srignere, to urge, to press, -L'ortiglieria striscia: Serpicciaménio, s. m.) bing,
to be carne-t or pressing wuh. tulli i lor : iprol, the aruilery friction.

Cuaninciò molo u smgnere levelled all their fortitications Sercapicciare, to rub. Siropir.
e solleci ar Bruno, he began with he ground.

clarsi gli occhi, to ruh one's to press and solicit Bruno Sirisciálo, . p. of Strisiare.

eves: -- -Siropicciari, to strongly.Strynere, w be. Strolabile, adj. that can be squeeze. Not used in this siege, to lay a close sieve be crumbled, or brusen small,

sense.--Stropirciársi, to med. fore à town). E misesi a Sirtolamento. s. in crumbling! dle with one, to keep com. $ riquere la ci à di Genoa or breaking into small bils.

pany with him.-Queso gli and he began to besiege the stritriásc, in crumble, to break protrebbe essere assai ugerude city of Genoa.–S rigidere in into smal bits, to triturare. Sf. con alcun de' reggeri si 71220, 10 environ, to encem Stri táis', to dissolve, to c. n.

s ropirciune, this would be pass.---Strigreta, to gathe, sume, to melt wiu pleasure.

very easy for him, if he could

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the reyency.


2 stream.

be acquainted with some of -Striggere, tu melt, to con.molesting, offensive, griete

sume, to destroy, to waste, to nus, irksome, tedious, loathStropicciato, adj. rubbed. pine, to devour.-Strüggersi, some, discastetul, surfciting. Stropicciatúra, s. f. rubbing, to consume, 10 waste,

to Stucchevolézza, s. f. disgust, or 'triction.

waste away, to wear out, to distaste, dislike, aversion, Suopiccio,

s. m. repeated pine away.--Mi struggo di weariness, loathsomeness, sur

} Stropiccio,

rubbing or fric- sete, I am almost choaked, I feit. tion.--Stropiccio di piedi, am very dry.-Struggere, lo Stucchevolmente, troublethe sustling or stamping of destroy, to ruin, to defeat, to somely, tediously, in a loachthe feet. Stropiccio d'arini, overthrow, to spoil.

some distasteful manner, the rustling or rattling of Struggiméntu, s. m. melting, Stucco, s. m. stuccn, a com arms.-Stropiccio di piedi dissolving.----- Struggimento, pound mortar made of challe facendo una riverenza,the destruction, ruin, overthrow, and white marble pounded scraping of a leg in making desolation. --- Struggimento, and sifted.--Stucco, adj. suran aukward bow.--Stropic unquietness, disquiet, rest- feited, glutted, satiated, cloyo cio, trouble, affliction, rub, lessness,' trouble, anguish of ed, wearied, tired, sick.--Di loss, detriment.--Stropiccio, mind, uneasiness, pain. promesse io son gia stucca, I noise, hustle, hurly-burly, Struggimento, an intense and am surfeited with promises. confusion, uproar.

excessive desire, lust, long. Sono stucco di questa carne, Stropiccióne, s. m. a bigot, a ing.

I am cloyed, saliated, or sur hypocrite. Scruggitore, a destroyer.

feited with this meat. Stroppiáre, v. Scorpiáre, and Scruggitrice, fem. of Struggi. Studente, a student, one who jts derivatives.

studies any art or science, esStróscia, s. m. a furrow which Struire, to instruct, to teach, pecially at an university. the water makes in running.

to educate. Obs.

Studiaménto, s, m study, apStróscia, torrent, stream. Struitu, adj. instructed, taught, plication of mind to learn. -Faceva giù pel suo pello educated. Obs.

Sludioménio, sludy, care, uno stroscia di lagrime, the Strumentale, adj.instrumental. carefulness. tears ran down fier breast like Strumentalménte, adv. instru- Studiánte, 7. Studente.


Studiáre, to study, to apply the Strosciáre, to murmur, as the Strumento, s. m. instrument, mind to any art or science. water does in falling from a cool, engine.Strumento, Studiar legge, to study the high place, to purl.- Stros. any instrument of music. law.Studiare, to study, to cidre, to fall down with force, Strumento, instrument, apply one's mind to

ant speaking of the water. deed.

thing.–Studiársi, to study, Stróscio, s. m. a murmur, a Strupáre, to stuprate, to ra to endeavour, to strive.Stupurling of brooks or streams. vish a woman.

diársi, to haste, to make hagie. --Stróscio, bouncing or Strúpo, s. m. a rape, stupra -Se non ti studi di fuggire, bounce.--Stróscio, ruin, fall. tion.

questa notte li sarà la seczaja, Strózza, s. f. the throar, gul-Strútto, adj. melted, dissolved. if you don't make haste to run let, or weasend.

Strútto, destroyed, ruined, away, this night will be your Strozzáre, to strangle, to throt- spoiled, defeated, overthrown, last. --Studiare it passo, walk tle, to choak, to stiftc to demolished. Strútto, s. m. on briskly. -Studinre, to death. lard, suet.

plough, to till.-Si come il Strozzáto, adj.stranglec, throt- Struttúra, s. f. structure, fa campo, quantunque da se sis

tled.--Strozzato, too narrow. brick, pile of building. - vuono, se non è beni studiato, Strozzarójo, adj. strangling, Struttura d'un corpo humano, non puole esser fruttuoso, al.

throuling, choaking.-- Fuñe the structue of a humın bo. though a field be goud in ito strozzatoja, a strangling rope, dy.

self, if it is not well tilled, it viz. strong enough to strangle Struzione, s. f. destruction, cannot bring forth any fruit. Frutic strozzatoje, ruin, overthrow.

Studiáto, adj. studied. choaking fruits, like the choak Struzzo, s. m. ostrich, a Studiacóre, a student. pear.-Vaso col collo strozza- Strúzzolo, great African Studiatrice, fem. of Studiatore, fojo, a vessel with a strait bird so called.

Studievolmente, adv. purpose: neck, and a large mouth. Sru, if thou.

ly, on purpose, with a dou Strozzatúra, s. f. a strangling, Stuccáre, to stop or do over sign. throttling, or choaking. with stucco.Stuccáre, to Studio, s. m. study, an applia Strozzutára, s. f. the strait turu one's stomach, to sur cation of mind to learn orindo neck of any vessel.

feit --Stuccúre, to weary, to any thing.Lo studio delle Strozziére, falconer, falkener. prove tiresome or irksome. Irggé, iho study of the laws. Strozzúle, s. m. throat, gul. La carne soverchio grasa Studio, 'study, application, let, weasend.

stucca, meat 100 fat turns care, diligence, carefulness. Smiffo, heap of a great one's stomach.

Tutto il suo studio non cra Struffolo, } many things to stuccato, adj. stopped or done che la cacca, his mind was gether. over with stucco.

bent on nothing else but Struggere, to melt or dissolve: Srucchévoles adj. troublesolac, huacing. Can ogni mio stis VOL. I.



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