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ject, a cubject of no great con sing strata," to-put a trayeiler Svisceráin, p. p.:of Svisceris. sequence.

out of his road.-Sicure an -Sizscerato, excessive, 11Suggéito, s. m. the subject of colpo, to shun or pairy 3 lent, passionaries, hearty.----a science, that which a sci blov.-Sviare uno dallo slite Arore sviscerut, violent or ence is conversant ab: ut.-, dio, to take one tway from his excessive love-Amica srian Suggéito, subject, master. study. ----Soiure una d'ui suoi orao, a bearby. sincere, in

-Suggetto d'una tra- proposito, to dissuade one tira ate friend,-srisccrá , . gedin, o cummalin, arzu. from his resolution.-Sviure, 17). an jatimate or beauty nient, theme, subject, subject Swiársi, to go out of one's Inend, matter of a tragedy or come. way, lo mis, one's way, to Svitare', th disinvite. Obs... cy. --Suggelto, subject; vas. wander, to go astray.-- Sciar- Solére, iour

-Suggesto, occasion, si, to addict one's sell to pira- Soitto. p. p. of Svitare. cause, reason, inatter. sures.--Sinirsi dalla virtá, Sviticchiare, to disintangle Suggetto, object, subject w forsake virtue.--- Ita si tu disengage, t rid of, to de matter. -Suggétio, a person, suid tanio, che ella ven in liver. a subject.-si fece uenire Pz. comune e palese pecratrice, Sviticchársi, to disentangle, Sone Luciniano, pincessegli il shetook so lewit a course of life, or disengage one's selt, to get susgelto, o spintovi came al that she became a common rd of or from. cuni voglione da Lacone, he and public sinner.

Sviziare, io cure of vice. cause! Piso Lueinianus tu Sviato, adj. scrayed, wander. Sul, sing. m. à contraction of come to biin ; either chat he ing, debauched, loose, lewd, su and il. liked the man, or was proinpt given to debauchery, wicked Sultúreo, adj. sulphureous. ed to it, as some say, by La- dissolute, wretched, profuse, Suila, ing. t. upin the.- Sulla con -Un suggetto di grande prodigal.--Svitu, adj. ruined, tavola, upon the table.-Sale ulima, a person of great repu-l urvlone.

los sern, towards the evening. talioni. Sugge to, 'adj. sub. Sviatore, s. m. debaucher, en- Sallunáre, adj. sublimary, thar ject, obliged, liable, bound. sicer, seducer.

is under tre orb of the moun. -bvi sapere che et d d Sviatrice, fem. of Sviatore. Suliána, st. the sultaness, the augi lullal Africa e l' Eit- Svignire, to run away, to take salonu's wife. Sutina, a sula ropa è quasi suggetta agli to one's heuls. A lo. word. 12:14, a large furkish man of Greci, you know that at pre- Svilise, to abase, to disznice, sent almost all Africa and in disparage or undervalue, Sulino, s. m. the sultan, the! Europe is subject to the to make contempablo grand signior. Greek :-Tutti quanti siamo Svilanegyiáre', to abuse, to af- Seiranino, s. m. a sultanine, a suggelli alle lezzi, we are front, to call names, to re Turkish coin.iso sultaall of us subjest to che laws. viie, to vility:

nina, a putealar hind of nice, Suggezióno, s. f. subjection. Svillaneu crisi, to abuse one very goal, that comes from: slavery, dependence. -- Tener another, to call one another Turkey. uno in suggezion", to keep one

Samministrire, to furnish, to' under, or in awe.

Svilianeggiato, p. p. of Svilla. supply, to provide, to give, to; Súzhern, s. m. the cork-tree, nergiare.

afford. , Obs. } Sughera, s. f. cork. Sviluppáre, to open, to un- Sumministrito, arij, furnished; Sugliárdo, adj. slovenly, nasty, wrap, to unfull.Ketjupare, supplied, provided, given, 0:: filthy. Obs,

to unravel, co opr'n, to lay attarded. Obs. Sugna, s. f. swine's-grease. open, to unfolil, to clear, Sunga, s.-m. abridgmens, a!). Sagnaccio, s. m. the fat which Svilupparsi, to clear, to get stract, epitome, summary,

is about the kidney.--Sugcicur, to free, to get out, to compendium. wiccin, grelse

dicentangle, to disintricate Sunnassamente, alu. somptuSugnóso, adj. fat, greasy. one's self, to get rid of or from. iously, Splendidly, magnifiSugo, s. mr. juice, moisture of Sviluppato, p. p. vi Svilup. Cently, nobly.' plants, fruits, and flowers. páre..

Suntuosità, S. f. sumptuous. Sugo di carne, the gravy of Svináre, to take the must off ness, costliness, splendour, meat.-Sumo, the substance tb FA

magnificence. orquintessence.-Un discorso Svinálo, p. p. of Svináre. Sun, his or her. Dua giar. Seuza suga, a dryy empty dis- Svisále, i to disfigure somebo- dimo, his or her garden. dy's face.

1.2 satilia, his or her counSucosica, s. f. moisture, juice Svisatu, p.p. of Svisare. try-scat:--I suoi tilri, dis nic Sugáso, adj, juicy, full of Sviscerare, to draw, to em. her books.le sur case, his juice.

bowel, co open, to paunch, or her house.--Suv, their, Sviamento, s. 1. a straving.

cheirs i irii'uni parir Inwandering, or going out of Svisceratamente, adv. heartily, ogo e lempo-d assalire i sirva the way, ill conduct. desperately, passionately, vio- arcrsuri, the tribane's Sra e uno dnlla, caror, mis- lently, extremely.

thought it high time to ta' take.

Svisceracézza, s. f. violent tack their endinics.-Lut Sviáre, to put out of the way. love, extreme or, violent pas- sempre come sposa e Sviure un viaggiature della sion,

Trogiie anò, ho lovcet het

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to gut.

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always as his spouse and crook. to turn. Svoltáre amo, (Saperblosamente, adv. propel wife ---Acer le sue, toccar to persuade one, to prevail ly, haughtıly. Not in use. le sue, to be well banged or with himn.

Superbioso, adj. baughty, threshed.--Far detle sue, to Svoltáto, adj. bowed, bene, proud, arrogant, self-conceitplay the fool. -E' fu sempre turned, crooked.

ed, stately. Obs. delle sue, he is always play- Svoltatóre, be that bends, Superbire, to grow proud, to ing his tricke-l suo, his, bows, turns or makes crooked. be puffed up. bis own, hers, her own.- Svolto, adj. Ofened, unwrap- Superbito, adj. grown proud, Di chi è questo libro è suo, ped, unfolded. --S olio, per. haughty, or arrogant. whose book is this? it is his suaded, prevailed upon. Superbiúzza, s. f. a little pride or hers. - Sprudere il suo, to Svólvere, to open or lay open, or vanity. spend one's own.-sni, his to unfold, to unwrap.- Sól Supérbo, adj. proud, haughty, or her relations or friends. vete, to dissuade from. stately,high-minded,arrogant, Suóccra, s. f. mother-in-law. Suono, s. m. sound, noise. self-conceited. - Supério, Suóccro, father-in-law. Un suono acuto, a shull or stately. sumptuous, noble, Svogliáre, to take away one's sharp sound.-Un suonn or. magnificent, costly, rich. stomach, to make to loath, to monioso, harmonious Superbóne, adj. very proudy put out of conceit-Ne far sound.--Il suono delle caru. haughty or arrogant. peggio può dmna che lasci- pane, the sound of bells. Super búzzo, adj. a little proud, arsi svogliat l'amante, Il suosto di qualsisia sorta di haughty, or arrogant. woman cannot do a worse moncta the jingling of mo- Superchiáre, v. Soperchiare, thing than to let her lover ney.-Suono, an instrument and its derivatives. grow tired of her.

to play upon.- Suono, music Supercilio, s. m. v. Sopraccige Svogliársi, to be of grow out

Di canto di enne maestro e lio. of conceit, to grow weary, to di suono, he became a sing. Supererogazione, s. f. Superbegin to loath.

ing and music master. abundance, overdoing. Svogliatágginc, s. f. v. Svogli. Suono, a song, the words of a Superficiále, adj. superficial, atezza.

song. --Suono, fame, renown, slight, imperfect. Svogliatello, s. m. that has no repure, reputation, credit, Soperficialità, s f.outwardness, great eagerness for labour, or

abstractness of superficial. any other thing.

Suora, s. f. a sister.-Suore, a upeificialmente, adv. supera Sungliatezza, s. f. satiety, bad

ticially, stomach, surfeit.

Suórsa, s. f. his or her sister. Superficie, s. f. superficies, sufSvogliato, adj. that loaths mcat, Obs.

face. surfeited, out of conceit, weary Superamento, s. m. victory, Superfluaménte, adv. superfisof conquest. Not used.

ously. Svolamento, s. M. a Aying or Superáre, to surmount, to over- Superfluità, s. f. superfluity, flight.

come, to subdue.-Superare, that which is more than Svoláre, to fly. to excell.

needs, uverplus, <scc8s. Svoláto, adj. flown.

Superáto, adj. surmounted, Supérfluo, adj. superfluous, Svolazzamento, s. m. a flying overcome.

over-much, inore than needs, or flight.

Superatore, s. m. he that sur. unnecessary, idle, needless, Svolazzánte, adj. Aying about. mounts of overcomes. unprofitable. Svolazzáre, to fly about.me Superatrice, tem. of Superá- Superiore, s. mn. superior, chief. Srolazzáre, clap the

-li superiore, o padre sapewings.

- uper baménte, adv. proudly, riore d' un convento, the supeSvolazzáto, adj. ftown abour. arrogantly, haughtily, stately. rior of a convent.

La supe Svolazzatore, s. m. he that - Superlamérie, stately, ziura d'un monastero, the su Aies about.

sumpruously, costly, magni-l periur of a monastery, the sixSvolázzo, v. Svolazzamento. ficently, nobly, richly. perior of a monastery.-S*• Svolére, the opposite of to Superbétto, adj. a little proud, periore, adj. superior, upper, will. self-conceited.

uppermost.--Hester superiore, Syúlgese, to open, to unwrap, Supérbia, s. f. pride, arrogance, to surmount, to overcome, to to unfold. Srolgere, tu dis- haughtipess, vain-glory. be superior, to get the better. suade.

Superbiamente, v. Superba. Superiorià, s. . superiority, Suolo, s. m. carth, ground, mente. Obs.

pre-eminence, excellence Alvor, land, soil, botrom, Superbiáre, 9. Superbire. above others. - Superiorità in ground, pavement. Snob Superbiénte,adj. proud, haugh. nn com ento, superiority, or marino, the sea.Suolo, ihc ty, arrogant. -Supetlićnie, being superior in a monastesule of a shoe-Suolo, the predominant, bearing chief ry. sule of a foot. Srolo, the sway or rule.-Umore supier- Superlativamente, adv. sepeshoof.-Suolo, layer, bedl. bienie, the predominant hu- latively, in the surperlive svoltaménto, s. m. a bowing mour.

degree. bending, turning, or winding Supérbio, adj. proud, haughty, Superlativo, adj. superlative, up.

siately, arrogant, self-conceit- eminent, extraordinary: -Sujyoltáre, to bend, to bow, to ed

perlativo grado, superlative


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degree.-Superlativo, s. m. a Supplicio, s. m. punishment, a thick forest, in the middle

superlative in grammar. pain inflicted. Supplicio es of desart valleys.- L' acqui Superlazióne, s. f. the high- tremo, a capital punishment, che vedi non surgedés ena, the est degree..

death.-Monar al supplicio, water that you': sce does not Supemale, adj. supernal, that to conduct to the place of cx come out of a spring, --- Sús

comes from above.- La citru ecurion.—Supplicio, pain, gere; to rise, to spring, to prosupernale, paradise.

ceed, to begin 10.c<me cui. Supernalmente, adv. supernal. Suppliménto, s. m. supple-Nalio errore può surgere de

ment, complement, that ciù, no mistake can arise from Supérno, adj. supernal, supe. which makes up a thing.-- that.--Chiara fontann in quel mor.

Dar supplimento ad una cosa, medesimo bosco surge d'un Superpurgaziūne, s. f. superpur to make up a thing, to sup sasso, in that same, wood a gation, an overmuch purging ply, to furnish, to fill the clear spring gushes out of a by stool. place of a thing.

stone..----Sárgere to pass or Superstizione, s. f. superstiti- Supplire, to supply, to make go over. -- E perchè sa notar

up,to recruit, to make amends. come una luntra entra nel fi, Superstiziosamente, adv. su. Supporte, to suppose, to take ume e surge all' altre rinis perstitiously.

for granted, to put the case. - and because he can swim like Superstizioso, adj. superstitious, Suppongasi che sia come vui an otter, he gets into the ri. scrupulous in matters of reli- dile, suppose, or put the case, ver, and passes over to the

gion, bigotted, over-nice. it be as you say.-Supporre, other side. Superstizioso, s. m. a super to put under.

Surressivac, s. f. resurrection, stiiious or bigotted man. Suppositorio, s. m. suppository, a rising agun from the dead. Supinaménte, adr. supinely, a medicine to loosen the bel. Obs. carelessly.


Surrettizio, adj. surreptitious, Supinársi, to lie supinely, or Supposizione, s. m. a supposi-| fraudulent, done by stealth, on one's back.

tion, a thing taken for grant gorter or produced fraudu. Supino, adj. flar, lying on the ed.

lently. ground with the face upwards. Suppósta, s. f. suppository, aurrogare, to surrogate, to deGracer supino, tu lie on one's' medicine to loosen the belly. pute, to appoint in the room back.-Supino, supine, idle, Supposto, adj. supposed, grant of another. cuele:s, negligent. --Sumno, ed.-Supposto, che sia così, Surrogáio, anj. cofrogated, deadv. on one's back.-Supino, suppose, or put the case it be puted, appointed. adv. supinely, carelessly, nego so.-Suppósto, s. m suppo- Surrogazione, s. f. surroga. ligently, idly.--Supino, s. m. sition, supposal, thing taken tion, the act of appointing a supine, a term in the Latin for granted.

deputy. grammar.

Supremamente, adv. supreme Sures, adj. risen, come out. Suppa, s. f. soup, pattige. ly, highly.

Susp. iuniénio, S. m. resurec Suppállido, ad.. palish, some-Suprémo, adj. supreme, high tion rising from the deci, whac pale.

est, chiefest, or most eminent Suscitaméu!o, solicitation, inSuppellectile, s. m. houshold of all.-Supremn lont;, thu stigation, persuasion, gues, implements, furniture, supreme or highest goodness Suscitáre, to rise from the all things moveable within -La suprema ragione dell' dead. Obs. --Susciture, to the house.

aria, the upper region of the raise, to raise up to create, Supplica, s. f. petition, memo air.-Susrema possanza, the to kindle, to provoke to stis rial.

supreme power. Supremo up, to suscitate. ---Susci are Supplicantemente, adv. obse- grado, the highest degree. una rilellione, to raise a re. quiously, in a supplicating Sur, prep. upon. It is nerer bellion --Suscitar tumulti,

used but sometimes new be to create troubles.-Syseirare Supplicáre, to beg, to entreat, fore a vowel.--Sur una se il fuoco, to low the fire. to pray, to supplicate, to dia, upon a chair.

Suscitato, adj.ra sed. Surgente, ailj. nisins, gushing. Suscitatóre he that rises again Sapplicato, adj. begged, en or coming out - surgenti from the dead. 05-Srs.

treat:d, prayed, supplica'ed, raggi, the r«ing beams of the citató:e, encen er, instigde cravel sun, the rising sun La sur.

tor enticit, Slxron.-Snsa Supplicatórii, adj. suppliant, gente au ora, i he dawn, the rilatore di rinj, encourager hamble.

peepot day.-- Acgun sargente, Supplicazione, s. f. supplica-! spring wuer.

Suscicatrice. s. f. enticer, sete tiunt, prayer, hunible petitior, Sree to rice, to get up, toy Irr on, encourager. -Susciina eamet or subm:5510€ praser. stand up - Vel m2:0 do [riie di brigae, a turbulent Súpolice, adj.sun, isant, pianura sulge un chile Supplichévole, humble, en rises t1, the middle of ine S sina, s. f. a plum. treating.

plain. - Surup at lunge alir Susine, s. m. a plum-tree. Supp'ıcheralmente, adv. hum. Curzitiale civile tra solitarie Suso, adv. up abis, up D. bly, with bended knees, in a zali ołta furesitt, not far

Ardut sii$0, to go in. suppilant manner.

trom the Christian camp lies Sus muiáre, to whisper, to VOL. I.




O vices.




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mutter, to speak softly. Obs. the angels. - Sustánża, the tion of sour milk, sugar, and Susonióne, s. m, a sullen or substance, the most material herbs. sly man. Obs.

part of a discourse. In sus- Suzzaménto, s. m. drying or Susórno, s. m. suffumication, ianza, in short. ---Sustánze, airing before the fise. Obs. an external remedy, consist- estate, goods, wealth. Suzzánte, adj. drying, airing ing of a decoction of roors, Sustanziale, adj. sulostantial,] before the fire. Obs. herbs, flowers, and the like. essential, real. - Sustanziale, Suzzáre, to dry, to air before --Susorno, a knock on the substantial, thick, strong, so the fore. Obs. pate.

lid, pithy.

Suzzáto, adj. dried, aired. Suspensióne, s. f. a suspension Sustanzialità, s. f. substantia. Obs. or cessation.-Suspension d'lity, essence, the being sub- Suzzatore, s. m. drier, that armi, a suspension or cessa-stantial or existent, exist. dries. O tion of arms, a truce.-Sus.

Suzzo, adj. dried, aired. Obe. pensione, a suspension from Sustanzialmente, adv. sub. the exercise of clerical orders. stantially, in a substantial Suspicáre, to suspect, to fear, manner, essentially. to mistrust.

Sustanziársi, to take his subSuspicato, adj. suspected, fear stance or being, to exist. ed, mistrusted.


adj. substanSuspizione, s. f. suspicion, jea- Sustanzioso, } tial, essenlousy, fear, distrust. tial, real, solid, existing.

T. Susseguénte, adj. subsequent, Vivanda sustanziosa, substan

immediately following, com- cial, solid food. ing next after.

Sustentazine, s. f. mainte-
Susseguentemente, adv. subse- nance, keeping, food.

quently, successively, imme. Sustituire, to substitute, to
diately after.
put in the room of another, ABA'

tobaeSusseguénza, s. m. the conse to subrogate. --Sustituire, to CO.--Fumare o masticare det quence. ertail.

taláccn, to smoak or chew Sussidin, s. m. subsidy, help, Sustituto, s. m. a substitute. tobacco. Tabacco in polvere, assistance.---Sussidio, sug

-Sustituito, adj, substitut- latacco da naso, snuff. gestion, a prompting or put


Tabállo, s. m. a ketile-drum. ting into one's mind, insinua- Sustituzione, s. f. substitution. Poet. tion.

Susurráre, to whispers 80 Tabáno, s. m. an ox-fly, or Sussiégo, s. m. gravity, seri- speak softly, to murmur. gad-bee.

Si susurra per la città, it is Tabarráccio, s. m. Sussistenza, s. f. subsistence, whispered about the town. patched cloak. .being. --Sussisténza, subsist" Susurráto, adj. whispered. Tabárro, s. m. cloak, .ence, sustenance, subsistence Susurráto, s. m. susurration, Tabarróne, s m. a large cloak. money.


Tabbeáto, adj. rolled, rotten. Sussistere, to subsist, to exist, Susurratúre, a backbiter, slan- Obs. to stand, to be, to continue, derer.

Tabélla,s, f. a rattle.To to have a being.-Questa ra' Susurratrice, semin. of Susur-tella, a great talker, a blab. gion non sussiste, that reason

Tabernacolétto, dim. of Ta. is not good.

Susurrazione, s. f. susurra bernacolo. Sussuláno, s. m. the cast - Susurro, s. m. $ tion, Tabernácolo, s. m, a tabemawind.

whispering, noise, murmur. cle. Susta, s. f. packing.cord, rope. Susurróne, s. m. backbiter, Tabì, s. m. tabby. Mellere in susta, to tie with slanderer.

Tacca, s. f. a notch.-Tacca, a rope.

Suto, adj. been. Obs, or poet. a tally.–Tucca, a notch on Sustánte, adj. standing. Obs Surgerfúgio, s. m. subterfuge, the edge of a knife or any

- Rizzarsi in susiante, to evasion, escape, shift, a hole other cutting weapon.„stand up, to rise. to creep out a..

Tacca, a little spot.Tacca, Sustantivo, adj. that may Suttráre, v. Sottrarre.

spot, blemish, stain, blur.stand by itself, substantive, Suttrazione, s. f. subtraction. Tocca d' infamia, a note of substantial.-Verlo sustan- Suveráto, adj. corked. -Rete infamy:-Tacca, vice, fault, tivo, a substantive verb, a sucerata, a corked net.- defect, default, blemish imverb that subsists by itself.- Scarpe sui erate,

corked perfection, ill quality. Tac. Nume sustanti:0, a noun sub- shoes.

ca, size, pitch, stature.- Bel stantive, a noun or word that Súvero, S. m. a cork-tree...- la tacca d' uomo, a man of subsists by itself. Súvero, cork.

good size. Egli è un uomo Sustánza, s. f. substance, es. Suvversióne, s. f. subversion, della mia tacca, he is a man sence, being, matter, reality, turning upside-down, over of my size. -Acre sotto la quiddity, the essence, or be throw.

tacca del zoccolo, to have a ing of a thing.--Sustanza an. Suvvertire, v. Sovvertire. thing in one's sleeve or thumb, Sclico, an angelical substance, Suzzacchera, s. f. a composi- to have it at one's disposal at


an old


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power.-Stare sotto la tacca pushed there where the sun no, that makes no noise.com del zoccolo, to be under one's does not shine.----Tacére, to Taciturno chin islello, a bolt direction or command, to be conceal, to keep close or se

that makes no noise. under his rod.

cret, tp keep to one's self.-Taciúto, adj. ex. mi son laci. Taccagno, adj, niggardly, pe Tacere an segreto, to conceal nto, I held my tongue, I was - nurious, stingy, pitiful, sordid, a secret.- Non occorre tacere silent. covetous.

quello che ognuno sa, you Tafáno, s. m. ox fly, dung-fly, Taccagnúne, so'na. a great mi- need not keep as a secret what gad-bee.- Lezarsi all''alina ser.

every body knows.--. Machi de' lafazi, to rise or get up Taccato, adj. speckled, spotted. ne parla ogn' altra cosa tace,

late in the morning. .-Aver taccaia la coda di mall but they who speak of it, do Tafiería, s. f. a wouden handpelo, to be of a revengeful not say the particulars of it. bowl. temper or mind.

Tucersi, to be quiet or still, to Tafferúglio, s. m. noise, quarTaccherélla, s. f. dim. of Tac- make no noise, to hold one's rel, bustle, hurly.burly, conca.-Taccherélla, a spot, ble-| tongue.-Chi lace consente, fusion, trouble, tumult. mish, blur, stain, defeci, de silence gives consent. ----Ta Taffetà, s. f. taffery.-Taffeta, fault, imperfcction, vice, cére, 4. m. silence.--Senza a scarf, a veil. fault.

compagnia ando per li mu- Táglia, & f. a cut, the act of Táccia, s. f. blur, blemish, oli taceri della mezza notte, cotting-Taglia, a tax or -spot, stain, blot in one's repu- witheut any company he subsidy. Tnglia reale, a tation or honour.- Uomo di went in tke dead of the land-tax. Inglia personale, mala taccia, a man of a bad night.

poll-tax, poll-monev-Tagcharacter or reputation. Tacibile, adj. that ought to be lia, a ransom. -Telia, a Tacciá:e, to tax, to charge, to kept secret, not fit to be sum of money p om sed or

blame, to accuse. --- Tacciar spoken of. Not used.-- Pec. given to one that kills high- uno d'avarizia, to tax or calo tacitile, ax horrible or waymen or rebels, a reward. .charge one with avarice. heinous sin.

--Tiglia, share, portion, pait. Táccio, s. m. ex. fare un tac- Taciménto, s. m. silence, erill. -Taglia, alliance. Obs. cio, to end, to make an end. ness, quietness.

Essere in taglia, to be in alliVeggian di fare un laccio Tacitaménte, adv. tacitly, qui- ance, to be allied. Obs. di quesio negozio, let us en etly, secredy, silently.--Ta Taglia, device. Obs. - Tag. deavour to make an end of citarénte colla sua gente nel. lia, livery. Obs.

-Taglia, this atfair, let us speak no la terra entrato, having en fashion, manner. -Tuglia, more of this.

tered the town silently with will, pleasure Quando tu Táccola, s. f. chouga, daw, his people.--In casa di lei la. vuogli partire questo è in iua jackdaw.--Tuccola, play, citamente avea falto fare un laglin, if you have a mind 10 sport, pastime, game, prank, lagno, he had secretly made go, you may please yourself. trick of youth.-Taccola, a bath in her house. La Taglia, tally.---Taglia, nababbling, prating, chattering. mogle ka tutti 2 leri del ma. ture, quality, kind. - Taglia, --Taccola, trifle, nonsense, rito fæcitamente par la dote a pulley. thing of no value or estima- sua, the wife has implicitly Tagliabórse, s. m. a picksion.

all her husband's estate en pocket. Taccoláre, to prate, to prattle, tailed on her for her portion. Tagliacantóni, s. m. bully, to twitrle-twalle, to gabble, Tácito, adj. silent, quiet, still. ruffian. to babble, to chatter.

- Star tacito, to be quiet or Tagliamento, s m. a cutting, Taccolára, s. f. babbling, prat- soill. Il convilo, che tacitu a pulling down.- Tagliamen. ing, chattering.

principio avuto avea, eble so to, slaughter, massacre. Taccolato, adj. Prated, practled, Tono fine, the feast which at Tagliáre, to cut, tu cut off, to gabbled, chattered.

first had been quiet and silent, cui out, 10 cut down, to Taccolino, sem.' a kind of was very noisy at last.---Taci.carve, to fell.-Tagliare in speckled stuf.-Taccolino, to, tacit, not expressed, im. pezzi, to cut in pieces.--Tagprattler, babbler, blab. plicit.--Tácita questione, dub. liare della carne, to cut meat. Taccone, s. m. a piece of sole bio che si potrebbe muorere, - Tagliare un albero; to cut to mend shoes with, a heels an implicit question.--Tácito. or fell a trec - Tugliar la tes. piece.

adv. silently, quietly, softly:-- ta ad uno, to cut off some. Tacente, adj. silent, still, of a Guardar una cosa tacito, to boily's head. -- Tagliar una few words.- Notle tacente, a look silentiy at a thing with borsa, to cut a purse. --Tagsilent, still night. out speaking.

liar un aliin, to cui a suit of Taccuino, s. m. a small alma. Taciturnità, s. f. taciturnity, cloaths:-Tagliar le carte, to

nack, a memorandum book. silent humour, silence. cut the cards. Tagliare, to Tacére, to hold one's tongue or Taciturno, adj. silent, of few cut down corn, to reap.-- Tag. one's peace, or one's prating, words, cluse, reserved.---Tacia liar l'erba, to mow the crass. to be silent, in forbcar talk- túrno, quiet, still, silent.--E-Tagliar le calze, to slander, ing, to keep silence. -Tac, voi solinghi e laciturni orrori to speak ill, to detract, to hold your tongue – Mi ri- and you solitary and silent traduce --Tagliare un albero pigneva là dove il sol tace, be horrors or deserts. Tacitár. fra due terre, to cut down a

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