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tree un let the ground.--Ta- in altro litogo dore meglio mi fie e tale da farmi pers, gliure, í end, tv onih, to cadrà in taglio, I shall speak you are not a man to fnat: make an end.--Tugl are il ri of that in another place, me.-Te lo do tale che e I gionamento, trend, to mike where it will better fit my give it you such as it is an end of a discourse. --Ta- purpose.--Viandrò domani se Gli dià iale sulla coprie 1 fiar le parole alw0, tu cui mi :errà in 'aglio, I shai. go capo, che lo fece cascaran leta one short to silencehin. there 10-m !Iow, if it suits ra morto, he gave him such Tagliare secundo il pannu, to my convenience.- --Questo a blow upon the rate, teet se cu: one's coit according to panno ha luon loglio, there's knocked him down dead.th: cloch.-'lagiare le logue! cloth enough to make a suit Un tale, such a min-ok, addoso di chi che si siu, to! of cloths.--Taglio, cuting such.- Vi fu il tale ed i lobby sian ter onc.--Tegliare, to set --Questo sarto ha un taglio there was such and such a ode. a price upon one.

miralile ne’vestiti, this taylor - Von sono le mie Leuarede Tagliuli, s. f. slaughter, mas has a good hand in cutting out

lasciare amare da quail, sacre - Taglidta, esplanade, a suit of cloachs.--Essere in my beauties are not to be ad-Fare una taglilla to threat taglio in che che si siu, to fall mired by this and tirataen, to swagger, to vapour.

out as one would have it. - Condursi a tale, giugriere Tuliatélli, s. m. pl. a kind | Non ci ergo taglio di metter tole, to be reduced or brooz

of paste cut in small slices 1o le ragione, I do not see to some condition -- Fx con commonly used in broth. which

1Way 1
may bring him

doito a tale che Ho'la eta ps. Tacliati), adj. cut.--Tagliilto, to reason ---Per nessun moto da mangiare, be cut, wouncxd. --Togliato, in questo paino non ci conos brought so kw, that he band sha;sed, made.-Un uomo cen co taglio, for my part, all this not a bit of breed to put in Taglia'', a man weil shapei.' is a mystery to me, Iconot

his month.-La sua arrogan. Tagliató.e, s. m. a cutter...- se hw this can be done za è giunte a tale che non si Tagliature di legne, a wood Nel poco partaie è ogni buon può più so rire, his arrockaver, a feller of wood. taglio, few words are best. gance is come to such a pitch, Tugliatore di pietre, a stone- Tiglio, a cui.-- Fare un lug.

that it is not to be borne cutter.

lin, to make an incision, any longer-Tal Kno, sume, Tagliacúra, s. f. a cut. Fondere a taglin, to sell bv some people. -Tal che, so Tagleg giáre, to set the price retail.- Dare una cosa a laz. that-lniale, in such a man. upon slaves, or upon the head lio, to give a thing upon trial ner --Tul quale such. of highwaymen, rebels, and ressy.

al ostro comando lele quale the like.---Tagliczyiare, to l'l'aglione s. m. the talion law, e, such as it is you shall be lay a tax upon, to tax, to as a penishment proportionate welcome to it.---Il tale, such Se ss.

to the otience, as hand fr a one. Ta leggiáte, p. p. of Taglies hand, eye tur eye, &c.. Taléa, s. f. a stock set in the giare.

Tugnóla, S. (. fin, snare, ground to graft on, a graft. Tagliente, adj. sharp, catting. spring.–Coglver alle tagliu- T dentáre, to please. to be ac--Coltello taglimnie, a sharp ole, to caich in the snare.- Ceptable or agrecable. cutting knite --Lingua luglio | Taziinela, a pulley. Talentáto, p. p. of Talentare.

saurcal virulent Tugliuolo, s. m a little bit, a Talento, S. m. wiil, mind, tongue, File : iwe.

pleasure, inclination, desire, Tagientemente, adv. in a cut- Tagliuzzamento, s. m. a cut fancy.- Vruno alto talento ting manner.

ting very small, a mincing. ho che di serviria, I have no Tagliere, 1 s. m. a trencher Tagliuzzáre, to mince, to cur other desire but to serve you. Tagliero -Essere very imall.

--Più non t è uopo armiib stare a lugliere con uno, t. Talabalácco, s, m. a Moorish tuo talento, you need not eat and drink together, to live musical instrument used in open your mind to me any together, to board, to be a war, a kind of kettle-drum. farther.---Ho gran talento di boarder. -Essere due ghiotti Talaciminno, s. m. a person mangiare, I have a great au un tugtcre, to be like two among the Saracens mind to eat.-Sommettet la dogs at a bone.

Turks, who from the top of ragione al talento, to submit Taglicrétio, m. a smal! the tower calls the people to reason to pleasure. - Par se troncher. the temple.

talento mai e si strano e si folTáglio, s. M. the edge.--Il tag. Tá am), s, in the nuptial bed. le a te ierisse, yet if ever bio di una spada, the edge of Poetical.

such a strange and foolish tana sword.-- Spala e duetagli, Talco, s. m. talck, a transpa cy should come into your a two-edged sworl.-- Ferir di rent stone.

head.--Tuo mal talento, in aglio, tu cut, to slash-Tag Tule adj. such, like.--Nons spight of your terth.-Mal tzo, slaughter, massacre.-- è lal cos, there is no such talento, ill will.--Tullo pieno Mettere al inglio della spada, thing --Egli fu tale e di tan'a di mal talento gli disse, very to put to the sword. ---Caileré forza, che, he was so prodi- angrily or roughly told him.

venire in taglio, to fit one's digieusly strong, that. - Non - Tuiénto, a talent - Telenpurpose, or to suit with one's ho mui risto cosa tole, I to, gift endowment, parts. convenience. -Parleri, di crù never saw the like. Foi non A wuru lately imported from







France in th's signification. Tampúco, adv. nor, not only, so much virtue, so much Talione, v. Tiglione.


mode-ty, that.--Sessanta Tallire, to seed, to grow up Tana, s. f. a cen, a cave.--Ta dan i scui, threescore and to sceti.

n@, a hole, a furrow, a odd ergons. - In quorat e Tallito, adj. seeded


tanti anni che ha :7234te) in Tallo, s. m. the stalk of any Tanacéco, s. m. tansy, an l'aline, in the space of torty herb when it grows up to hert.

years, and upwants, that ie seed, a sprout.---Tallo, a Taniglia, s. f. pincers or rip lived in Italy.---lo tlaiuttere graft, the'slip of a tree.-Ri. pers.-Condannare alta :07 : tide, che io ti furò tristo per mettere il tuldo, to grow up glid, to condemn one to have tuito 'l trmo che ti aiurai, -again, to bring forth again.-- his tleh torn off with but I will give you so inany Rimettere un tallo siul zecchio, pinceis.- Non ho potuto ca blows, that you shall feei it for an old man to grow strong tergli di l'occa wita pardia as long as you live.-Gliene and jolly.

colie tanaglie, I could not, disse anle, he abuser him Tallóne, 8. m. the heci.

for my blood, get a word ou! so much, he called him so Taiménte, ativ, so, in such a of his mouth.

many nanies.-Tanto, adv., minner.--Lo maltratiò tal. Tanagliéita, s. f. nippers. so many, so much.--T2710 mente che non so come il sof Tanė, adj. tuwny, dun, dark. pregò e tanto scongiurù, 'thle, Vri, he abused him so, that i Tantanire, to pesier, to plazue, he prayed and begged so wonder how he could bear it. to teaze, to bang, to beat much, that.---(quanto il paTaimonte che, so that. soily.

clre è stato uomo italbene, ianTalóra, 1 adj. sometimes, Tank, 5. m. a camp or strong to il figlio è perverso e iniquo, lalória, now and then. smell, proceeding tom cor

as much as the father was an Talpa, e Talpe, s. f a mole.rpt water or mouldy earth, honest

so much the E andato nil regno relle tal that has not been siirred a son is wiched and perras :pe, be is gene, he is dead and long time ---Botte che sente Tunto seppe operare che l' inburied.

il tanfo a mouldy cask. dusse alle sue voglie, he did Taluno, some.

Tangente, adj. tangent, that so well, that he induced her Talvolta, adv. sometimes, now couches, touching, the geo

to do his will.-Di questo fr and then,

mctrical appella'ion of a right pgli tanto lielo che 2012 cena Taminto, adj. so great, so big, line perpendicularly sai-ed on nella pelle, he was so glad of so large. Obs.

the extreinity of a radius, it, that he was almost mad Tamarindo, 6. m. tamarind, a which touches a circle so as for joy.--Tanto piccoli che sort of Indian tice. nt to cut it.

granui, both small and great. Tamari:cu, s. m. tamarisk, a Tángere, to touch, to move, or ---Tento per u, so much a kind of shrub. atlecr. Poetical.

whead. ----Quanto più l'amo, Tambellóne, s. m. a kind of Tangherello, adı, somewhat tanto più egli mi odili, the roof.the. rustical or clownish

more I love him, the more Tamburáccio, s. m. a large Tánghero adj. rastical, clown he hates me.---Tunio, as long, oll dium.--Tamburáccio, ta ish boorish, rude, homely so long as. Tanto che rirerò, .bor.

Tunghero, s m. a clown, a as long as I live.- Aanlo, to Tamburagióne, s. f. accusation, rustick, a boorish fellnw. that degree, ----La sua 9770impeachment.

Tanzibile, adj. tangible, that ganza è renula a lanto che si Taniburare, to accuse, to im- may be touched, or that is è reso odioso a nutii, his arpeach --Tanlurure alcuno sensible to the touch.

rogance is come to that rie. di deiitto, co accuse or im- Tantaféra, s. f. non ense, fus- gree, that he has made himpeach one ct a crime.

tian, a discourse that nobody self odious to every body.-Tamburato p. p. of Tambu- knows what to make of. Tain, so much, so, to that

Tanteferáta, s. f. the same as degree, such a manner. Tamburello, s. m. a little! Tantafera.

Tamo tanto, che #CSSUNO Tamburino, drum, a tim. Tangoccio, adj. snttish, silly può amarti di piz, I love you

brel.-- Tamlurino, a drummer. simple, foolish, foppish, so much, thai nobotly can Tambúro, s. m. a drum. dull

love you more.---Tant d, so it Tamturo, a trunk.--Tanouro, Tantinétto, s m a very little. is.--Da tanto, so valiant, so a box which is kept in Flu- Tanino, s. m a litle. --Ab. streng, so courageous.- 31ai rence publicly, commonly liate in tantino di pazienza, fui da tardo da poterlu supefixed at the gates of the have a little patience.


Strong houses of the magistrates, Tanto, so minv, as many, so enough to beat him.- Non whe ein people put their mach, as much.-luho lan ? qi credo da tanlo, I do not accusations impeach-/ litri, quarti mi o-ngnano, take you to be such an able I ments.

I have as may books as I man.--Tanto, only, but.-11 Tambussáre, to bang, to beat want.-- Ve ho vanti che non so 00:05ceresla Mo ? tanto che lo soundly. .

che farne, I have so many greln, couhi you know him? Tamerice, s. m.

that I know not what to do if I could but see him.-Tamerige, s. m.

tamarisk. with them -Ha tanta virtù; Tanto l' uno, quanto laltro, Tumerigia, s. f.

taxta modestia, che, he has both the one and the other








of goods.

Tanto follo, so big, so large, over an affair.--- Pager sul venire? why did you stay se so rall.-ra melu tanto fute tappeto, to pay a debt cum long? ta, an apple so big or large.- pelled by the law.-Star col Tardetto, adj. little, slow, tas. Un uomo tanto alto, a man tappeto alla fines'ra, to live dy, late, lingering.-Terdil. sorall as that.-A che tanto well and comfortably, to be at to, adv. a little toc, lateparlare? what sizgifies to

Tornai jersera 'ardetto a case, mike so many words: --- Tappezzeria, s. f. hangings, a last night I went home a little Questo cavallo mi costa tan suit of hangings.— Tappezze

late. to, this horse cost me rin, tapestry, tapestry-hang- Tardézza, c. f. tardity, slos. pluch.--In tanio, in the ings.

ness, slackness, mean while, in the mean Tara, s. f. fare and tret, waste Tardi, adv. late. --Ardare e time.--In tanto in quanto, as

casa lardi, to go home lata, much as.lon per tan'o, Tara Bara, almost alike, near in keep bad hours.-Chi far. however, nevertheless, yet. the same, a vulgar expres- di arrir a male alloggia, they Quel tanio, what, chat, all sion, and it is only said of that come too late must kiss that.--Vi do quel tanto che two things.

the cook.–Al più tardi, a posso, I give you what I can. 1'arabíso, s. m. a kind of bird. farthest.-Tosto o tardi, soon Quel tanto non mi gina a Tarantella, s. f. a tune played or late.- Tardi inverso la se niente, that does me no man to those who are bit by the ra, late in the eveningsier of good. Von lanto, not tarantula to make them dance. tardi, towards the evening.only.Non tants, notwith Tarantello, s. m. ever-measure, Si fa lardi, it grows latc.standing :--Taulo qunnlo, a

in advantage or over-weight Tarili, slowly: little.- A tano per touto, at It is only said of eatables. Tardità, s. f. ardity, slowness, this rate.--Tanto solamente, Tarántola, s. f. tarantula, a Tardivo, adj. tardy, late, sir, only, but.--Ogni tanto tem. kind of venomous ash-co- lingering.. -Fratti terdiri, po, every now and then.- loured spider, speckled with backward fruits. Tunto che, so that.—Tanto little white and black spots, Tardo, adj. tardy, slow, late, che a dura morle io ti sottras. whose bite, they say, is of dull, lingering, negligent.si, so that I saved you from a such a nature that it is only Moto tarila, a slow motion. cruel (leath. to be cured by music.

-Ora tarda, a late hour.-Tantochè, adv. so that, so far, Tarantoláto, adj. bit by a ta Occki terdi, a grave serious so much, insomuch.-Tan rangula.

countenance.---- La giovane tuche, until, as long as, whilst Taráre, to bate, to abate.--Ta veggendo che l' ora era terda, that.

rare alcuna cosa del prezzo, the young woman seeing that Tanto o Quanto, adv. a little, to abate something of the it was late.—Tardo, adv. late. ever so linde, but a litele.- price.-Tara per uso, abate Tarza, s. f. a target, a shield, a Tunto quonto, whatsoever. something of it.

buckler. Tantósto, adv. presently, im- Tarato, a ij. bated, abated. Targáta, s. f. a blow with a

Inediately, in a moment, as Taratóre, s. m. he that abates target. svonas, no sooner.--E conoscis something of the price. | Targhétta, s. f. a small target. uto tantosto costei essey fem. Taratrice, fem. of Taratore. Targóne, s. m. a buckler.minn,andassoon as he saw that Tarchiáto, adj. strong, lusty, Targóne, a kind of herb that she was a woman. -Egli sa well-limbed, stout.

has a biting taste, tarragon, qui tantosio, he will be Tardamente, adv. slowly. dragon wort. here very soon, presen:ly. Tardamento, s. m. stay, stop, Tarifa, s. f. tariff, a book of Tapinare, to live in pain and delay, hindrance.

rates for duties to be laid upmisery, to lead a miserable Tardánte, adj. retarding, put on merchandizes. unhappy life, to live misera- ting off, delaying.

Tarlare, to breed moths, to be bly:- Ahi lasso me, che, pas- Tardantemente, adv. slowly, caten by moths. suti sono anni quattordici che with slowness, in a slow man- Tarláto, adj. eaten by moths, io sono anualo tapinnndo per

gnawed by morbs. lo mondo, alis, that for these Tardánza, s. f. stay, stop, de- Tarlo, s. m. a little worm fourteen years past I have lived lay, hindrance, slowness, Tarma, s. f. } that eateth a miserable life rambling a slackness.

wood, a moth.-L'amor del bout the world.

Tardare, to tarry, to stay, to tarlo, self-interested love, Tapinéilo, adj. poor miserable, put off, to delav, to linger out mercenary love

wretched, pitiful.-Pufge la the time.----Questo oriuolo Taroccare, to play trumps. tapinella, the wictched wo. tarıls, this watch goes slow.- Turoccare, to storm, to blusman runs away.

Tardáre, tu retardi, to binder, ter, to swear, to rage, to fume, Tapino, adj. miserable. un to stop, to keep or put off, to

to fret. happy, wretched, pitiful, la- | delay.- Il giorno comincia a Tarocchi, s. m. pl. a kind of mentable, sad.--Vivere lapi. Tardare, it draws towards play at cards.- Essere come il no, to lead a miserable life. - night, the night approaches, matto fra' tarocchi, w be Un tapino, s. m. a miserable it grows late.

here and there and every uunappy man, a wretch. Tardaio, p. p. of Tardare. where. Tapporo, s. m. a carpe..---Le Perchè avere tardato tanto a varsi de tappeto, to give


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prate, to cheat.


*Tarpáre, to clip or cut the 'Taruólo; s. m. a disease so call-, Tasło, one of the keys of an wings of birds, to crop them. ed.

ngan, pianoforte, or harpsie -Turpdre, to rendei weak, Tasca, s. f. pocket, pouch, chord. --Toccare un tasto, 10 to take from one the ideans bag. - Mettere in lasca, to tuuch upon a thing to glance of acting. pocket up.

ät ii, to hini, to speak of by Tarpáto, adj. cut, clipped, Tascáta, s. f. a pocket full. the bye, i handle.--Per tis

cropped.-Ale furpate, clip-Taschécta, s. f. a poke, pondere al primo tasto che.ca ped wings:-Aver l'ale lar. Taschetto, s. m.) pouchor bag. toccate, to answer the first pate, to have one's wings Tascóne, s. m. a large pocket point which you touch upon. clipped, to be in bad circum or pouch.

-Non l'isogna toccar su quel stances.--Perro tarpato, blunt, Taso, s. m tartar, a sort of salt. testo, do nnt harp upon that blunted, dull iron, that can- Tassa, s. f. tax, assessment, string, do not mention thai, not cut or pierce through. duty.--Tassi, a set rate, price, forbear talking of that. - TocTarpigna, į s. f. a kind of or assize.--La tassa del pane,

care il tasto buono, to come Tarpina, plant.

the price or assize of bread. to the most material point. Tarsia, s. f. inlaid work.--Tar. Tassagióne, s. f. taxation, im- Tastólle, adv. groping, or grosír, s. f. ex. oh tu se' pure u? position, valuation.

ping along in the dark.- Ar gran tarsia, oh thou art a ve- Tassáre, to tax, to lay a tax up dar tastore, o a laslone, ta Ty stingy fellow, a very avari on, to assess.---Tassare uno, grope along, to grope or fcei cious person.

to fine one.--Tassare, to rate, one's way.-Parlare a tasTarso, s. m. a kind of marble, to set a rate upon, to setile tone, to talk rashly, or at san

very hard and milk-white. the price. --Tassare, to tax, dom.
Tartagliáre, to stammer, to to accuse, to charge with, to Tato, e Tara, brother, sister,
3tutter, to stut, not to speak blame.

worils of children.
one's words plain.
Tassáto, adj. taxed.

Tattamélla, s. f. chat, talk, Tartagliato, adj. stammered, Tassazióne, s. f. tax, duty, set talkativeness. stuttered.

rate, price, assize, taxation, Tattamelláre, to talk idly, tu Tostaglióna, s. f. | stammer. imposition, or valuation. Tartaglione, s. m. } er, scut-Tasselláre, to inlay bits of stone Tártera, s. f. blur, blemish, terer.

or wood, to stop hiles either stain, spot, defect. Tartána, s. f. a tartane, a ves for use or for ornament. Tatto, s, m. the sense of touch. sel. used in the Mediterranean Tassellétto, s, m, dimin. of ing or feeling, touch.

Tassellino, } Tassello. Tarúsa, s. f. 12:00, a kind of Tártara, s. f. a kind of milk. Tassello, s. m. the collar of a animal. tart.

cloak.--Tussello, s. m. a bit Tavérna, s. f. tavern, inn.-Tartáreo, adj. tartarcan, hel- of stone, or piece of wood to In chiesa co' santi, alla taver

lish.--Le tartaree porle, the stop a hole.---Tassello, a label. na co' ghiotti, like to like, as tartarean gates, the gates of (Tássia, s. f. a kind of medici- the devil said to the collier. hell. Poet.

nal herb.

Tavernájo, s. m. inn-keeper, Tartarésco, adj. of Tartary. Tasso, s. m. the yew, or yew one that keeps a Tártaro, s. m. tartas, a sort of tree.--Tasso, a badger, gray, Tavernajo, he that ficquents salt in wine, that hardens in. or brock. to a crust, and sticks to the Tassobarbásso, s. m. a plant so Taverniére, s. m. a haunter of sides of the vessel.-Tartaro called.

taverns, he that frequents tam vi'riola:o, tartas vitriolate, a Tasta, s. f. a tent, to put in verns.--Taverniere, vintner, preparation, made by pouring wounds.

tavern-keeper. spirit of vitriol, or oil of tartar Tastáme, s. m. the keys of Távola, s. f. table, board -Taper deliquium, and reducing an organ or harpsichord col tola rotonda, ouale, o qua. it to a very white salt.-Sale lectively taken.

dra, a round, oval, or square di tartaro, salt of tartar, Tastaménın, s. m. the act of table.-Tarola di marmo, d' made of tartar washed, puri- feeling.

argento, a table of marble, of fied, and calcinert in a che- Tastáre, to feel, to handle, or silver.-Mettez la larola, to 'mical furnace.--Tártaro, hell. touch.- Tastare una piaga, to spread the table, to lay the Tárlaro, Tarcar, a ñative of search or probe a wound. - cloath.-Meilersi a tavola, Tarrary.--Tdrlaro, adj. bar. Tastare, to sound, to sift, to to sit down at the table... barous, cruel.

pump.-Tastare l'animo di Lrrar la tarola, to take aTartaruga, sa f. a tortoise. qualcheduno, to sound, to way.--Levarsi di tavola, to Tartassáre, to beat, to abuse, sift, or pump one.

rise from table.- Portate in to thrash.

Tastáto, adj felt, v. Tastare. tavola, to serve up, to bring Tartassáto, adj. beaten, abused, Tastatóre, s. m. he that feels, the dinner on the table.-5* thrashed. handles, or touches.

è portato in tarola, dinner is Tartufo, s. m. truffic, a kind Tastatúra, s. f. the crder of on the table.--Metter lovola,

of mushroom, growing in the the keys in a harpsichord or to keep an open table.-1'avo. ground.

other such instruments. la, a counter, or counterTarva, s. f. 20 insect so call. Tasto, s. m. the feeling, the board in a shop. Obs. in this

scass of feeling, the touch. sense. - Tax.la, a picture.-




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Tavola, a table where public -Taroluccia, a little picture come, tiresome.
matters are registered.---Le painted upon a board. Tegimais, s. f. as much mat-
die tavole di Moisè, ne two 2010, s. in. a bull. Poet. lords will be contained in a
tables of M sey's law.-Ta-Tonne, Taurus, in the stewing-pan ---

-Trgumenti, s. noli, a bard. Ta ola, a viack.

f.a blow given with a stewpicture. - Ta ola, the table Tizia, s. f. a cup, a disli, to ing-pan. or index ot the contents of a li erink tea or cottie in. Terime, s. m. an earthen stev. book.–Taroie, s. f. pl. men, Tazzéria, s. f. a small cuy, a 118-1. to play at back-gammon us small dish to drink Qa or cufToggbia, s. f. a pun, a baking. other such games.-Dare a fee in.

pan.--Tchia, an ear then cudue tavole, to kill two birds Tazzóne, s. m. a large cup, a ver or lid. with one stone, _Giroco di bowl.

Tegghini, s. f. a litde bak. poche tavole, an affair of no Te, ulice.- Dile, A te, Di te, Tegghiúzza, I ing-pan. great consequence. -Far tre of thee, to thee, from thec. Tégiia, v. Tegghia. vola, to draw the game at ---T7, hold.---questo lume Tegliáta, s. f. a pan-full, as chess.-Far tavolu, to keep buon nomo, hold this candle, much meat, or other things, an open table, or to keep an good man.--Te, f: compiut: as can be baked or fried at open liouse. - ta ma non mente quello c'e' il tiro è mio once in a pm. s' ir 'ecchia, a merry life, a signore i kz i nprst, mind. Tenente, adj holding, that long life. ---Rocinnur de' mor do exact!y whit y ur mjgier holds --Temnenie, sticking, ti a lavola, to mention things and mine did you.--Te te binding, ilding tast, clamthat are unpleasing to the heie, here ; a way of calling my, clinging. Herrer.--Tuzole, a square. - dys. - Te, sjetiopo, tè'; here, Tesnenza, s. f. tenacity, clammogli può stare a titola riton- Meiam; us, here -7°, s. n. mines.--- Axr lignendi, to erit, he is fit to go into any 16, the leaves (fa plant that stic' iogether. compiny. comes from China.

****, f.'a title. Tavolieciájı, s. m. a wooden Tentale, ai theatral, the-To 1, s. f. a small ihin tar e-market. Teático, s auical, belongin, Tigo étio, s. m.

Tarolaecino), s. m. a tip-staff or tv a iheatre or stare --Poesice Tegolino, 5. in.

summer, an ustiat, a beü entrale, theatrical poetry. Tezulo, s. m. a tile.

Teátinn, s. mn. theatre, play. Tca, s. f. cloth, linen.—Terser
Tavoláccio, s. m. a wooden hous", stage-! paesi lussi dell: ttli, to weave clorh.
target or shicht. Par two. Sono stati il teniro dle!!a guera Onlire deila ichi,
laccio, to treat at dinner ru, the Low Countries have clor',.-Imlinchire dellilla,
heen the seat of vai.

to bicach cloth. -Tilem Tavolare, to draw the game at Tebertino, s. m. v. Tiburtino. ol and 2 o dicamkruj, holland, chess or draught.--Tavolúre, Tecca, s. f. a little spot or stain. cambrick.-Tel. d'oro, o to floor with, 10 cover with) --Tecra, a firult.-lo non HP dargruto, a tissue of gold or boards, to wainscoat. 10 lecca, it is not my fault, I silver.

Teli di 1.570, 3 Tavoláta, s. f. a set or compa- have no hand in it.

cobweb.-Mere:nte di te. ny of men that dine together. Trechire, to thrive, and it is la, a linen draper.- Vè donTavoláio, adj. floored, or ce. said of plants.

tel i non compr. rabluvered with boards, wainscot- Tecchito, aui. thriven, grown. me di candela, buy neither a ted.-- Tarlalo, s.m. wainscot. Téccoli, s. f. a small stain. woman nor cloth by candle-Terolato, a floor. Teccolina, s. f. a very small light.--Zilda della rii:, the Tavolélla, s.f.a little table, stain,

course of one's life.-A derri Tavolátta, s also a little pic. Teco, with thee.-Con taco, il tuilo s ryebbe una lidi, it

tule painted upon a board. with thee. Not right.--Teo would be a long story to tell
Tavolélle. men, to play at medesimo, with thyseli.

recoméco, one that speaks ill Telaiétio, s. m, a small weat-
Tavoliére, chess or draught- of your antagonist, and will er's looin.
Tavoliéri, boards. --Aver! do the same to him of you. Telujo, s. m. a loom, the frame
Tavoliéro, tutto l suo in Teda, s. f. a tirch used at wel a weaver works non.

sullar oliere, to have all one's ding, a tede. Poet.—Teda, Teleria, s. f. cloth, all sorts of
substance at stake.--Essere the larch tree.

cloth.-Mercan e di ielerie, a siel toroliere, to lie at stake. Tediare, to weary, to tire, to linien-draper. to be in danger.--'F..voliére, be it arisome of tire cme to, Telescopio, s. m. a telescope, 'a banker Obs.

to be tedious..--Tedhirsi, to an pical instrument, conTavolino), s. m. a little table. grow wearied or tired.

sisting of two or more glasses, Tavolito. s. m. a floor, a wain- redio, s. m. we rriness, heavi. plac w in a tube of various Obs,

ness, lisiles ness, teliosress. lengths for looking at distant Tavolóne, s, m. a large table or -Tidio, iinporeunity, trou-! ohj cts *board,

blesomeness. --Teneri a redio, Teiétia, s. fi thin cloth or lin. Tavolózza, s. f. a painter's weary, to tire. --Stare aleen.-Telésta, a tissue of gold pallet.

dio, to be tirert or wearied. Or silver. Tavolúccia, s. f. a little table. Tecióso; adj, tedious, weari- Telu,s, m. a breadth-of cloth.

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