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may write.

Tema, s. f. fear, apprehension., agitation.Tempellamento, | - Temperáre, to moderate, to

Per lema, o da tema, for fear, vacillation, wavering, uncer temper, to refrain or curb, to fearing.--Tema di Dio, the tainty, irresolution.

abate, to humble.-- Temperare fear of God.— l'ema, s. m. a Tempelláre, to shake, to move, i desideri, to moderate one's theme or subject to write or to stir, to toss, or jog.-Tem desires.-- Temperare 'l orgospeak upon.

pellure le campane, to toll a glio, to abase or humble one's Teménte, adj. fearing, that hell. — Tempeliáre, to keep in pride.-E a gran fatica si fears, timorous, fearful. suspense, to keep at bay.- icmperò di richiederlo, and had Teménza, s. f. fear, timidity, Tempelláre, to be in suspense much ado to forbear asking

timorousness, fearfulness. or in a quandary, to doubt or him.—Temperáre, to tune an Temerariamente, adv. rashly, be uncertain.

instrument.--- Temperar una unadvisedly, inconsiderately, Tempelláta, s. f. motion, agi penna, to cut a pen that it at random.

tation, tossing or jogging: Temerário, adj. rash, fool- | Tempello, s. m. a tolling, ring- Temperataménte, adv. tempehardy, inconsiderate.-Azione ing, or tinkling.

rately, moderately. temeraria, a rash action.

Tempellóne, s. m. a blunder- | Temperativo, adj. that tem. Giudicio temerario,arash judg buss, a sot, a blockhead, a pers or moderates.--Tempement.--Un temerario, s. m. il fool.

rálo, adj. moderated, temperrash man.

Témpera, s. f. the temper of ed, ordered.--Temperáto, temTemére, to fear, to dread, to iron tempered. Tempera, perate, that is in good order, apprehend, to be afraid of, to temper, quality, goodness. neither too hot nor too cold.. stand in awe or in fear of. Sono tulli della medesima tem Temperáto, temperate, sober, Temere Dio, to fear God.

pera, they are all of a kind. moderate.-Rispose lei con viTemo di non poterti andare, I -Témpera, way, manner, so temperato, che farem noi ? am afraid I shall not be able fashion, wise, rate. --Témpera, she answered very modestly, to go there.-E da tenere, it singing, harmony, concert. what shall we do!--Tempe.. is to be feared. - Farsi temere, In tempera lesa, tuned, in tune. ráto, adv. temperately, modeto make one's self be feared. Intempera, in tune.-Témpera, rately.--Bere temperato, to --Temere, to suffer.--Il grano the temper, constitution of drink temperately or modeha tenuto molto quest'anno, body, natural disposition of rately. corn has suffered very much humour.-lo non sono oggi in Temperatójo, s. m. a pen-knife. this year.--Temere, to fear, to tempera di leggere, I am not Temperatóre, s. m. a moderavalue. Non temo le vostre mi in a humour to read to-day. tor or director. nacce, I do not fear, or do not ---In tempera, in temper, in a Temperatrice, s. f. a moderavalue your threatenings.- good humour.-Dirignere a trix or directress.--La discreEgli è un uomo rol-usto che non tenpern, to paint in water zione è madre, guardiana, e teme la fatica, he is a strong colours, or distemper.

temperatrice di tutte le virtudi, man who does not value fa- Temperamento, temperament,

discretion is the mother, guartigue or labour.--Temere il a proportionable mixture of dian, and moderatrix of all sollelico, to be ticklish. any thing, but more espe virtues. non icma il solletico, I am not cially of the humours of the Temperatúra, s. f, the temper ticklish. Von lemer gratta. body, the habitude or natu of iron tempered.-Temperaticci, to be obstinate or reso ral constitution of the body, túra, temperature, temperatelute in one's purpose. -( temper. .

-In temperatura dello vallo che teine lo sprüne, a horse | Temperánte, adj. tempering, aria, the temperature of the that cannot bear a spur. allaying, mitigating, node air.-La temperatura della Temerità, s. f. temerity, rash rating.-Temperante, tempe complessione, the state of one's ness, unadvisedness, inconsi. rate, moderate, sober.

constitution.---La temperutura deration.

Temperíinza, s. f. temperance, d'una perna, the cut of a pen. Temiménto, s. m. fear, dread. moderation, sobriety.--Tem- Temperazione, u. Temperanza. Obs.

peranza, a temperament, mo- | Tempérie, s. f. tenperateness Temo, s. m. the rudder of a dification.

in heat and cold.--Temperie ship, the helm. Poet. Temperire, to temper or qua

dell' aere, the temperateness Temolo, 8. m. a kind of trout. lify-Temperare del ferro, to of air. Temóne, v. Timone. Obs. temper iron.-Tempercre, to Temperináta, s. f. a stroke or Temoniére, v. Timoniere. Ob. build, to make.-Temperáre, cut given wit in a pen-knife. solete.

to agree.--E come furono in Temperino, s. m. a pen-knife. Temóre, v. Timore. Obs. Pisa, come era temperaio, and Tempesta, s. f. a tempest or Teniorosamente, adv. fearfully, as soon as they were at Pisa, storin, a wind accompanied fimorously, cowardly. Obs. as they had agreed.-Tempe

with rain or hail.---- Mugghia Temoróso, adj. fearful, afraid, Tárr, to semper, to allay, to come fa mar per tempestu, he bashful, cowardly, timorous qualify, to moderate, or abate. roars like the sea in a storm. Obs.- Temoróso, horrible, hi Temperare il caldo col fredo --Tempésta, fury, vehemence, deous, frightful, terrible. Obs. do, to femper the heat by the eagerness, fierceness, boister Tempáccio, s. m. bad weather. cold.--Temperare il vino coll' ousness. Con quel furore è Terpellamento, s. m. motion, acqua, to mix wide wish water. con quella tempesta che escon i



or storm.

S. m.


coni addosso al poverello, with flowers.---Tempie bianche, | Uomo di tempo, an aged man. that fury and fierceness that grey

-Tempo, women's monthly the dogs set upon a beggar. Tempiále, adj.belonging to the courses.-Tempo degli miuoti, -Tempesta, a storm, trouble, temples.-Tempiáli, s. m. pl.

the balance-wheel of a clock vexation of mind, disturbance the pendants of a bishop's or watch.-Chi ha tempo ha or perturbation of the mind. mitre.

vita, time will bring every -- Tempésta, a storm,a shower Tempiére, s. m. the keeper of a thing to pass.-4 tempo, o€ of rain or hail.-- Acqua e non temple, a sexton.----Tempieri, tempi, adv. timely, in due tempesta, a medium is the best

s. m. pl. Kvights Templars, time, opportunely, at the nick in all things. T'empesta senz' an order of knights who ori of time.-A tempo, for a while. acqua, a great cry and little ginally dwelt in a part of the - A tempo e luogo, in a prowool.

buildings that belonged to per time.-4 luogo e temps, Tempestante, adj. tempestu the temple of Jerusalem; their in a proper time.- Esset e Ous, stormy, boisterous.

office and vows were to de. tempo, to be in time. Tempestánza, s. f. a tempest fend the temple, sepulchre, tempo, in due time.-Egli è Obs.

and Christian strangers. buon tempo, it is a great while Tempestare, to storm or bluse Tempierello,

a little

ago.-Chi tempo ka, e tempo ter, to be in a storm or rage. Temipiétto, temple. aspella, tempo perde, time lost -N mare si cominciù forteTémpio, 5. m. a temple, a can never be retrieved.-UA mente a turlare e a tempestare, church, a plue set apart for

tempo, once, before.--Corre the sea begun to storm and the worship of God.

il tempo, to take the opporrage.-- Tempesture, to trouble, Teinpióne, s. m. a blow given unity;--Non è più tempo, it to disturb, to vex, to annoy. on the temple. - Tempióne, a

is too late, you came too late. --11 pirati tempestano il mare, fool, a dupce, or blockhead. - Per tempo, early, betimes. pirates trouble the seas. Templo, s. m. a temple or -Di tempo in tempo, now and l'on continui tiri tempestavano church. Poet.

then, sometimes.-Poco tem. gli ussedianti, they annoyed Tempo, s. m. time, the mea

po appresso, a little time after. the besiegers with a continued sure or the duration of things. -Tempo fu, formerly, in fortire of their cannons.- Tem -Il tempo presente, il tempo mer days, before. Di gran justáre, to be vexed or dis passato, il tempo futuro, the tempo, a great while ago. tuntie in one's mind.—Tem time present, past, and to Tempo per tempo, now and pestare, to storm, to bluster,

- Passar il tempo, to

then, sometimes.--Andare ia to chase, to fume, to rage.- pass the time away.--Spender tempo, to go in time. A muE mentre che il caval furia e tempo allo studio, to spend sical phrase.--Già tempo, a tempesta, and whilst the horse one's time in study.-Perder great while ago.-Dare per foams and storms. -- Tempe il tempo, to lose one's time. tempi, to sell for a time, or sture, to teaze, to weary, to - dccomodarsi al tempo, to be upon trust. -Darsi buon teinitrouble or be troublesonie, to a time-server.-Col tempo, in po, to live merrily, to take importune.-La dislea! fem time.-- Tempo, time, leisure. one's pleasure.Far tempo, mina pungea e attizzava il ma Non ho tompo, I have no conceder tempo, to take time. rito e non finiva di tempestar time, I am not at leisure. - -Fare buon tempo, to be to, the wicked wife spurred Tempo, time, season, oppor. merry.--Tempo viene chi puo and incensed her husband, tunity, occasion.- Aspettar il aspettarlo, a little patience and was always teazing him. tempo, to wait for an oppor brings things to maturity "Tempestato, adj.stormed, blus tunity.--Il tempo è favorevole, Ogni cosa doma il tempo, time tered. Tempestálo, strewed, this is a favourable oppor bringeth every thing to pass. seeded, spread, covered.--Un tunity:- Tempo, time or sea -Dar tempo al tempo, to wait pra:o tempestato di fiori, a field son.- Il tempo della raccolta, a' favourable opportunity:strewed or seeded with flow harvest-time.--Il primo tem Tempo, the weather-Fa bel ers.-Un vestito tempestato di po, the spring of the year. tempo, it is fine, fair weather. gioje, a suit covered or spread Giovane tempo, the spring of -Fa cattivo tempo, it is bad over with jewels. the year.---Tempo, time, age,

weather.--Tenrpo nere, cloudy Tempestivo,adj.tempestive,sea days.-Nil tempo del re Carlo weather.-Il tempo si rarcon sonable, timely, done in time. primo, in the time of king cia, it grows fair weather 'Tempestosamentc, adv. tem. Charles the First.-Un giovine again. pestuously, ragingly, furious. del mio tempo, a young man Tempóne, far tempone, adv. ly, impetuously, like a fury. of my age.--- Quanii travagli, to live merry, to live a merry Tempestóso adj. tempestuous, lasso, ho sofferti nel mio tem life, to rejoice or divert one's stormy, boisterous.

po! alas, how many troubles self. Témpia, s. f, the temples, a la have I undergone in my days! Témpora, ex. Le quattro temteral part of the skull, in the - In quel tempo, in those pora, the four ember weeks, middle between the ears and times, in those days.-7'empi Temporaláccio, m. bad or the eyes. T'empia, the head. calamitosi, troublesome, liard, sad time; 'a violent storm. -Ornare le tempie di fiori, to or bad times. -Di notte tempo, Temporále, s. m.time.- temadorn or dress one's head with in the night.--Tempo, age. porale, in time, -A suo tem




porale, in due time, in a pro-t curtain.- Al levar delle tende, affairs are in a bad condition. per time. Temporále, time, after the affair is over. Tenére, to hold, to have, to be

--Temporále vende Tendente, adj. tending, aim- possessed of.---Tutto quel che merce, take time when time ing.

ho lo tengo di voi, whatever ! is, for time will away. Tem- Téndere, to spread, to stretch, have, I hold from you.--Io porále, a tempest or storm. to extend.-Tenulere un padi- tengo il primo piano della casa, Temporále, adj. temporal, tem- glione, to set up a pavilion or I live on the first floor, I live porary, that lasts but for a Tender laccinóli, to lay up one pair of stairs.Tenere, time, transient, transitory, snares.- -Tender le reti, to to hold, to keep in, to stop:

perishable.- Temporále, tem- spread the nets — Tender un -Ti terrò si stretto, che non poral, secular.

arco, to bend a bow.--Tender potrai fuggirmi, I wilt hold Temporalità, s. f. a temporal l'arco, to aim at something you so fast, that you shall not

- Temporalità, tempo — Tender gli orecchi, to heark- escape from me. -Tenere, to ralities, the temporal state of en, to listen, to hear atten arrive at, to come to a place, the church or church-men.tively. Tender gli occhi, to to get into it.— Tenere un luo-Temporaliti, a temporal or look fixedly, to stare.--Ten go, to arrive, to reach or perishable thing.

dere il bucato, to dry linen. come to a place.--Tenere, to Temporalmente, adv. for a Tender la mano ad uno, to give hold, to take. Tenere, ecco time. - Temporalménte, tem one his hand,

-Tendere, to il vostro danaro, hold, there is porally, in a worldly manner. tend, to have a tendency, to

your money.--kendete il da. -Le ierre, che temporalmente drive or aim at, to incline or najo mio, é tenete la medaglia sono sollo il papa, the towns look to. Tendere, to incline rostra, give me back my mowhich are under the tempo- to.---Questo fiore tende al rosso, ney, and take your medal.-ral state of the pope.

this flower inclines to red. Aspetta, lienne un' altra, stay, Temporáneo, adj. temporary, Tendetta, s. f. a small tent.- there is another.-Terore, to not perpetual. Tendélta, a canopy:

keep, to observe, to follow, Temporeggiamento, s. m. de- Téndine, s. m. tendon, the to make use of. --Bisogna telay, dilatoriness.

extremity of a muscle, where nere un altro metodo in questo Temporeggiáre, to temporize, its fibres run into a strong negozio, we must keep another to accommodate one's self to springy cord.

method in this affair.--Non the times, to be a time-server. Tendinóso, adj. full of ten so che modo tenere intorno ciò, Tempra, v. Tempera, and its dons.

I do not know what course I derivatives.

Tenditore, he that spreads, must take about this thing.-Temúto, adj. feared, dreaded. stretches, or extends. -Ten- Non ci siamo accorti, the ella Tenáce, adj. tenacious, clam- ditor di lacci, he that lays a ogni di tien la stessa manieru, my, slimy; gluish.— Tenace, snare.

we have observed that she stable, firm, constant, durable, Ténebra, s. f. darkness, the uses to do so every day. lasting, steady.--Tenace, te dark.-Le tenel're eterne, eter T'encie, to keep, to preserve, nacious, close-fisted, covet nal darkness, hell.--Fure una or maintain. I regni non si

cosa nelle tenebre, to do a thing tournon per parole, ma per proTenaceménte, adv. tenaciously, in the dark, or secretly. de:12, kingdoms are preserve strongly, stoutly, vigorously, Tenebra, darkness, error, ed not by words, but by stiMy, tixedly.---Le ingiurie ies blindness, ignorance. valoure-Tenere, to have or nacemente stanno nella memo- Tenebráre, to darken, to grow partake of its quality, to be ria, injuries are fixedly im- dark, to grow gloomy, to be something like it. -Questo printed in one's memory;

luogo tiene del salvatico, this Tenacità, s. f. tenacity, clam- Tenebráto, adj.darkened, dark; place has something rural in miness, viscosity:--Tenacilà, gloomy, overcast,

it.-L'acque che tengono del tenacity,niggardliness, covet- Tenebria, s. f. darkness. Obs. ferro, e quelle che tengono del

Tenebróre, s. m. darkness, Obs. Sono molto utili, the Tenasmóne, v. Tenesmo. Obs. Tenebrosità, s. f. tenebrosity, waters that partake of the Tencionaménto, s. m. conten- obscurity, darkness.

quality of iron or copper are rion, debate, strife. Obs. Tenebróso, adj. tenehrous, of good use.Egli tiene del Tencionáre, to conceal, to con- dark, full of darkness, gloomy. pudie, he is like his father, he test. Obs.

- Il vero

amore di nessuna takes after his father.. IL Tencionáto, adj. contended, avarizia può esser tenebrosu, lince tiene del lupo, the lynx is contested. Obs.

true love cannot be stained of the nature of the wolf. Tencionatore, a quarrelsome by covctuusacss, true love is Tenere una cosa d'uno, to have man. Obs.

never covetouis, A bad phrase, a thing from one, --Tenere, Tencióne, s.f.contention,strife. though it were ly Boccaccio. to stick.co, to hoid fast, to Obs.

Tenéntc, adj. holding: -- c- be fast:--La cera quando è Tenda, s. f. a tent.-- Tenda da moria tenente, a retetive me.

calda si tiene aile dita, wax, letta, a curtain.--Tenda da mory.

when it is hot, sticks to one's scena, the curtain of a stage. Teneramente, adv. tenderly. fingers.--Tenersi lene negli mo. Ilzar la tenda, to draw the Le cose stanno teneramente, the arcioni, co be fast in the said.





dle-Tenere, to pity, or be keep in the sun.- Tenere all'| for another.—Tener contesta, concerned for, to take to umido, to keep in a damp to please, to satisfy.-% si heart.---Tengari pietà della place.--Tenere all'uscio, to terrò contento si io non te 2. mia disgrazia, take pity on keep out of doors.--Tenere a pago, I shall not be easy tül I my misfortunes.- Tenere, to mostra, to keep for a show. am even with him. Tas take up, to keep, - Questo Tener l'animo, to have a mind corte tumlila, to keep open tiene troppo luogo, that takes or fancy:— Tenere a pane, ?

house.-Tener corie, to keep up too much room.- Una acqua, to keep with bread and the assizes.-Tener cred lerra che tien sei miglia, a water.--Tenere a parugone, to to keep secret, to hide, to town that is six miles in cir- try, to make a trial.---Truere conceal.-Tener cuore, to have cumference. L'esercito teo a paura, to keep in awe or courage, to be bold. –Tenere neva da una parte della città fear.---Tenere in l'ambino a in cuore, to have a mind. all' altra, the army reached petto, to suckle a child.- Tenete a cuore, to take a thing from one part of the town to Tenere e pesto, to stand in to heart.-Tenor da tarda, to the other.--Tiene una casa competition.-Tenere a pigz. keep at a distance.- Toerd intcra, he keeps a whole house. one, to hire. -Tenere a pivo uccordo, to promote union,

Tenere, to hold or contain lo, to make one wait, to keep concord, or good understand-Questo fiasco non può tenere one waiting: ----Tenere a ritro- ing-Tener da uno, to be for tutto quel vino, this Rask will so,to keep by force, or against one, to side with him.-Teur not hold all that wine. Te one's will.--Tenere a segno, to dieta, to hold the diet. To nere, to hold, to count, to keep in awe,or within bounds. nere u dieta, to keep one to a account, to believe or think, -Tenere e sindicato, to call strict diet.— Tenere diciro, to to look upon, to take.--Ten to an account.--Tener a spe follow, to pursue. -Tener de go ciò per sicuro, I hold that ranza, to give hopes.---Tener tro ad uno, to follow one close, for a certainty.—Gli altri a scuola, to keep at school.- to watch him, to spy his actulti che alle lavole erano, tulli Tener assemblea, to hold the tions. Tenere indietro, to insieme dissero, se tener quello, states.- Tenere a zile, to de. keep back, or at a distance. che da Niccoluccio era stuto spise, to contemn.-- Tenere -Tener digiuno, to starve one, risposto, all the rest of the awerlito, to advise, to give to keep him without victuals. company, that was at the notice, to let one know. - -Tener dimestichezzi, to be tabie, of one accord said, Tener landito, to banish. intimate with one, to have a that they believed what Nic- Tener l'ene, to keep or feed familiarity with him.- Tener coluccio had answered. well. Tener l'otlega, to keep di mezzo, o tenersi di mezzo.to Tennesi che fosse morto, every a shop.-Tener caldo, to keep keep a medium in a business, body thought ihat he was warm.--Tinersi caldo, to keep to side with nobody.-Tener dead.lolo teng? per un amo

one's self warm.-Terrer cam diritto, to go straight along. clabbene, I take him to be an mino, to set out on a journey, - Tener disteso, to keep any honest man.Lo lerro a to begin a journey.--Tener'il thing open.- Tener in duitia, grand' onore, I shall look upon commin dritto, to keep the to doubt, or be in doubt.it as a great honour.-Cias- right road.-. Tener alirui le Tonere in dubbio, to keep in cuno teveva il suo giudicio per mani in capo, to protect, to suspence. Tenet duro, to diritia sentenza, every body defend one, to take care of persist in one's opinion, to Inked apon what he said to him.-l'ener caro, to value, to stick to it.Tener duro, to tarisht ---Tenere a inda, o. esteem.--Tenercelato, to hide, hold, to hold out, to stand, 32.einere a battesimo, to to conceal, to keep secret.- to stand out, to resist.-1A stanici rodinjer o. godmother Tener certo, o per cerlo, to

ciltà tenne duro un mese, the to a child - tenere a bocca hold for certain, to be sure of. town held out a month. Conte, in kerp in suspence, -Tener cheto, to quiet, to | soldati privati tennero, per in expectation.

Terre a make one be quiet or still. Vitellio, the private soldiers Copcoin, to keep an account. Tiner compagnia, to keep stood out for Vitellius. -TeToure a coin, to keep one at company, to go along with ner famiglia, to keep or mainsupper -- T'enere a discirzione, hin. Tiner comune, a co tain a great family, or serLo have any thing ai discre an une, o in comune, to have vants. Tener favella ad uno, tion, or at one's disposal.

-any thing in common.--Te not to speak to one, to be at Tenere a dorme, to give one ner con alcuno, to be of one's odds with one.--- Texer fede, a night's lodging:--Tenere a opinion or mind.- Tener con to believe, to give credit. dozzina, to keep boarders. uno, o tenersi con uno, to fol. Tener per fede, to believe as Tener a fondo, to keep down. low one's party, to side with an article of faith.

-Tener -Tenere u çuadagno, to make him.-Tenersi al consiglio d" | fermo, to hold fast.–Tenere il money of a thing - Tenere uno, to follow one's advice. fermo, to hold out stoutly, to al lujo, to keep in the dark. - Tener conto, to value, to stand fast.--Tener per fermo,

Tenere una casa a livello, to esteem.-Tener conto di una to be certain or sure of 2 have the lease of a house. cosa, to make much of a thing, thing; to be confident of, to Tenere all'aria, to keep in to take care of it. --Tener hold it for certain. ---Tenes the air.-Tenere al sole, to conto d' uno, to keep a thing forte, to hold, or hold out, to


stand, or stand out, to resist. ing.-Tenere in istima, to sa le mani a' se, to keep one's -- Tener fortuna, to be in pro lue, to esteem, to make an ac hands at home.Tener le masperity. Tenere a freno, to count of.--Tenere in orecchi, ni a cintola, tenersi le mani a bridle or curb, to keep in, or to draw the people's ears, to cintola, to keep one's hands in keep under.– Tener fresco, to draw the attention of every one's pockets, to be idle. keep cool, or in a cool place. body --Tenere in parale, to Tenere a man ritta, o a man -Tener fronte, to cope, to

drive one off with fair words manca, to have on one's right withstand, to oppose or re

and promises, to trifle, to or left hand. --Tenere a mente sist. Tener le fronte scoperta,

talk to no purpose.


o a memoria, to have any to go bare-faced.- Tener fie nere in pensiero, to keep in thing by heart, to remember ora, to exclude or keep out. suspence, to keep at bay. it. -Tener meno, to hold less, -Tener giù, to keep down. Tenere in piè, to keep stand or a less quantity.----Tener.

- Tener giunci, to keep gam ing or in being, to keep on mente, to mind, to be atten: ing-tables.—Tenere a giunco, foot. –Tenere in ponte, to keep

tive.-Tiner mercato, to deal, to despise, to slight, to scoru, in suspence, to keep at bay. to trade. -Tener morto, to to contemn or undervalue, to Tenere in possesso,; to have a look upon one as dead. set light by, to make no ac thing in one's keeping, to

Tener dandro morto, to keep count of.--Tenere a grado, to have it by him. — Tenere in se, one's money dead, not to accept or receive kindly.- to keep secret.Tenere sopra anake use of it.Tenet nas. Tener grande, to have a great

di se, to have a thing upon coso, to keep secret, to conopinion of one, to take him one's own account. -- Tenersi ceal.-- Tenere obbligio, to be for a great man. -Tener del in se, to stand upright.--Te bound.--Tenere occlrio, to look grande, to look majestical, to nersi insieme, to keep or con well.-Tener gli occhi l'assi, to have a majestical look or ap verse together.- Tenere in ti look down, to look dejected: pearance.-- Tenere alla grande, more, to keep in fear.. Tenere Tener li occhi addosso ad to entertain one nobly or ma in travaglio, to trouble, to uno, to watch one, to have gnificently.--Tenor guardato,

disord:r, or discompose. a watchful eye upon him.to preserve or conserve, to Tenere in frono, to keep in Tenere opera, to bestir one's keep or defend. - Tenere il tupe.-- Tener l'acqua, to keep self, to be diligent. Tenere collo Corto, to look huinble or the water.-?'ener l'anima co' opinione, to think, to be of modest, to have a modest denti, to have a foot already opinion.---Tenere a ordine, to look. Tenere il collo, to stop

in the grave. Tenersi ma have ready.---Tenere oslerin, the course of any thing.

donna, tenere una donna, tener to keep an inn. -Tener pat. Tenere in collo, to hold in one's si una, to keep a mistress. lamento, Tener diceria, Tener arms.- Tenere il lume, to hold Tenar l'arco teso, to be ready. Tugionamento, to talk of or the candle, to intervene in -Tener l'aria, to keep the air

discourse of or upon a thing. some affairs, where one's in. out.— T'ener per aria, to hang - Tener parte, to follow one terest is not concerned.- up in the air.

Tenere all party, to side with one. Tenere il mercato, la fiera, e si aria, to keep in the open air. Tener da parte, to keep apart, mili, to keep a market, a fair. – Tenere una strada, to keep

or aside.

- Tener pattı, to ---?enere il sacco, to hold the a way, to go or follow a way. keep one's promise. -Tenere sack, to be an accomplice, or -Che strain luisogna tenere? in pegno, to keep any thing to assist one in doing some ill

what road shall we go?-?e. in pawn. Tener per alcuno, things.-Tanto ne ra a chi rua ner la liulioza, to open the o con alcuno, to be for one, to la, quanto a chi tiene il saco, shop, to keep the shop open.

side with him.the receiver is as bad as the -Toner lesato, to tie or fasten niente, to despise, to slight, thief.-Tenere il sole, to keep 10.- Tener le risa, to forbear to scorn, to contemn.Tethe sun from one. -Tenere in laughing, to contain one's nere il piede in due staffe, to apprensione, to

self from laughing. ppena have two stringa to one's bow. fear or apprehension.--Te. pusso tener le risa, I can hard -Tener da' più, o cu' più, to nere in bando, to banish. ly forbear laughing--Tener follow the strongest partyTener segreti i budi, to con libri, to keep merchants or Tener la posta, to bind the ceal things which every body bankers hooks.—Tener l'oc- bargain.-. Tenere a posta, to kaows.Tenere in bilancio, to chio ad una cosa, to have an keep on purpose.---Tenere a hoid the balance. -Tenere i eye upon a thing, to mind ic. sua posta, to have at one's conti per bilarcio, to keep the Tener l'occhio teso, to take command or disposal....Tener balance of an account.--Te care or heed, to stand upon presso, to have or keep near. nere in cervello, to keep in one's guard. -Tener gli occhi - Tenere appresso di se, to awe, to keep in or short. aperti, to take care of one s have any thing under one's Tenere il cervello a bottega, to self.–Tener l'invito, to accept

command. - Tener prigione, be attentive, to take heed. an invitation.--. Tener mano, to keep in prison. -Tener puTenere in colleta, to make one to help or assist, to favour, lito, to keep clean.---Tener raangry: - Tenere in forse, to to support, or countenance. gionamento, to talk or diskeep in suspence. -Tenere in Generally said in a bad sense.

-Tener ragione, to guardia, to have the care of a -Tenere in mano, to have a judge causes. Tener la rathing, to have it in his keep thing in one's hinds.---Tener gion dalla sua, to be in the

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-Tener pet

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one in


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