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right. Tener regola, to keep | silvertheywould pot be worth nera, a tender, nice, or seru. the rule or precept. Tenere a farthing, because they could pulous conscience.Ténero, a regala, to keep one in awe. stand the hammer.- Tenérsi, tender, soft, moving.-Ténete

Tener ritto, to hold stand to think or account one's self. lagrime, moving tears.--Té! ing.-- Tener saro, to keep in Si tiene la più bella d'Ing nere carezze, alluring or eribealth.---Tener scoperto, to

hilterra, she thinks herself gaging caresses.--Cuore ténen keep uncovered. -Tener seco, the handsomest woman in To, a tender heart.---Ténero, to keep by one, or in one's England.--Si tiene da molto tender, sensible. Una farhouse.-Terer segrelo, to keep più di quel che non è, he thinks ciulla tenera più che latte, the secret.-- Tener serviti, to keep himself a greater man than he most loving girl in the world. servants.---Tenet serviti con is.- Mi tengo da molto più per -Ténero, jealous, careful alcuno, to be acquainted with questo favore, I am very proud -Tenero della sua fama e del one. Tener sicuro, to be sure: of this favour.Teneisi d'una suo onore, jealous of his

repuof, to hold for certain. Teo cosa, to be proud of. Uno tation and honour. Ténero, nere in sicuro, to have in a che si compiace in se medesimo e tender, touchy, exceptious, sure place. Tener per sicuro, si tiene, e adulatore di se stesso, soon angry.-Bénero, ticklish, zo be certain, to hold for cer one who has too good an opi- slippery.- 1 casi degli stati Bain.Tener sodo, to hold out,

nion of himself, is his own son si téneri, che bisogra, gir to stand out, to resist.--Te. flatterer, Tenersi, to forbear, largo a' canti e non si fidar ner soldati, to keep soldiers. to keep from.- Aveau si gran troppo, state affairs are so

- Fener sopra, to have any voglia di ridere che scoppiave-| ticklish, that one must act thing above or upon.-Tener ), nia pure se ne teneano, they cautiously, and not trust saspese,

to keep in suspense. had so great a mind to laugh, much to ourselves.--Ténero, --Tener: sospetto, to suspect. that they thought they should wavering, unsteady, fickle.Fener-sotto, to keep below, or

burst their sides, yet they Il re vedendo ancora il reame onder-Fener sotio, to keep forbore. Per poco mi tengo tenero sotto la sua signoria, the under, to humble, to depress. che non vi dia uno schiafio, Ilking, seeing that his govern-Temer stretto, to hold close. have a great mind to give ment was not yet well esta Tmer stretto uno, to keep you a slap on the face.-Te blished in the kingdom.-U one close, to guard one close. nérsi, to stop. Di Firenze mo ténero, a dull wittted man,

Tmer su, to keep up.--Te usciti, non si tennero sinchè non a man dull of apprehension nere in sulla fune, to keep one furono in Inghilterra, having -Donne tenera di calcagna, in suspense.--Tener sulla man left Florence, they did not a tender-hearted woman, a Titta, to keep to the right.- stop till they reached Eng. / slippery woman.-Donna tiFerrer terra terra, to keep land.Tenére, s. m. the han nera di parto, a woman that down, to bumble, to depress, dle. Obs.--Prende la spada is newly brought to bed. to keep low-ener tranquil per la punta e rendela al cava- Teneróne, adj. quite tender, To, to keep in franquillity. liere per lo tenere, be takes the

very tender. Touer trattato, to have a cor sword by the point, and gives Teneróre, s. m. tenderness, respondenee. Tenere al trat it to the gentleman by the softness. Obs. deto, to intervene at a treaty. handle.-- Tenere, territory, ju- Teneráccio, adj. somewhat Tenere via, to have the risdiction. Obs.

tender, pretty tender or soft. means.--Tenere alla via, to Tenerello, adj. pretty tender, Tenerume, s. m. cartilage, keep in order, or to keep somewhat tender, young gristle.Teneráme, a teuder ready.--Tener vita, to live. - Teneréllo, young, tender, not branch of a plant. Toner. buona vita, to lead a

Tenerúzzo, adj. tender, soft. good lifc.--Tencre in vitki, to Tenerétto, adj. v. Tenerello. Tenésmo, s. m. tenesmus, a keep alive.-- Tener grun rita, Tenerézza, s. f. tenderness, continual inclination to go to to live well, to have a good softness. --Tenerezza, youth. stool, attended with an inatable.--'Fenere una cosa da uno, --Tenerezzu, tenderness, love, bility of veiding. to hold a thing of one, to be affection.

Teniére, s. m. the bow of a obliged to him for it. Non Teacrino, adj. r. Tenerello. crossbow. errere un cocomero all erta, not Tenerita', tenderness, Teoiménto, s. m. stay, stop, to be able to keep a secret. Teneritúdine, softness. support. Teniménto territoTenersi, to keep, to stay, to Obs. both.

ry, jurisdiction.--Teniméndo, abide, to live, to stand, to lie. Ténero, adj. tender, soft, plia obligation, duty. ---Tenersi in campagne, to live ble. -Carne tenera, tender Tenitore, s. m. a keeper, he in the country.Tenersi a

-Legno, ténero, soft

that keeps. martello, to resist or bear the wood. Pietra tenera, soft Tenitrice, fom. of Tenitore. bammer.-T'enersi a martello, stone.--Un metallo tenero, a Tenisóro, 5. m. territory, to withstand or resist, to be soft metal.--Tenero, tender, Tenitório, jurisdiction. constant.--Sele

femmine sossero young--Ténera età, tender Tenóre, s. m. the tenor, the Langenio elle nen varrebbonda age, youth, tender years, in substance, true intent or nejo perchè niuna terrebbe a fancy. Ténero, tender, de meaning of a writing, conmartello, if women were of licate, weak. ---Coscienza te

or purport.Tenote,

in ycars.




the form, way, or posture.- to knock at the door.-Ten- Tenuto, blamed, found fault Ben conosco il tenor della mia tennare, o tentennarla nel ma with. stella, I know too well the in- nico, to beunsteady, wavering, Tenza, s. f. combat, fight, batfluence of my star.--Tenore, or irresolute, to waver, to tle, dispute, quarrel. Obs. concert, harmony. Tenóre, stand trilling, to dodge. Tenzionáre, v. Tenzonare. the tenor, the first mean or Tentennáta, s. f. motion, agi- Tenzióne, *. Tenzone. middle part, next the base in tation, jogging, tossing. - Tenzonàre, to combat, to fight, music. ----Tenere il tenore, to Tentennála, a knock, a blow. to dispute, to quarrel. Che keep pace with one in talking, -Diede ad Orlando una gran 'I si e'l no nel capo mi teresana, to talk as fast as he.

tentennata, he gave Orlando I am irresolute, I do not know Tensióne, s.f.tension, a stretch a great knock on the pate.- what to do. ing out of nerves.

Tentennáto, p. p. of Tenten- Tenzonáto, adj. fought, disa Tenta, s. f. a probe to search

pated, quarrelled. a wound,

Tentennatórc, he that moves, Tenzone, s. f. combat, fight, Tentamento, s. m. tempta- stirs, jogs, or ways.

battle, dispute, quarrel. tion.

Tentennio, s. m. the tempter, Teodía, s. f. a song in praise Tentánte, adj. tempting, that the devil. - Teniennio, agita- of God. tempts.

tion, tossing, jogging: Teologále, adj. theological. Tentåre, to try, to make trial Tentennóne, s. mi. a lingerer, Le tre virtù tevtogali

, cioè fede, or experiment of.-Tentáre, a delayer.

sperarca, e carità, the three to feel, to touch.--Tentáre, Tentóne, adv. groping. divine virtues, faith, hope, to give a touch, to give a Tentóni, Andar tentóne, to and charity. hint. - Quando il mio duca mi grope along, to feel one's Teologánte; s. m. a dirine, a tentò di costa, when my guide way.indar a teutóne, to theologer or theologian, a touched me in the side. -Ten- proceed warily.--Andare a professor of divinity: Obs. tire, to tempt. — Il diavolo tentone, to boggle, to be irre-Teologistro; a theologaster, a lascia di tenture coloro i quali solute.

smatterer in theology, a bad pacificamente possiede, the de. Ténue, adj. slender, thin, lean, theologian, vil doth not tempt those that poor, mean, sorry, small, lit-Teologia, s. f. theology, diviare his ow11.- Tentárc, to try, ile. Cosa teme, a small in- nity, a science which teaches to attempt.---Tentò spesse significant thing.

the knowledge of God and divolte di rimuoverlo dal suo pro- Tenuamente, adv. slenderly. vine things. ponimento, he tried several Tenuità, s. f. thinness, slen- Teologicamente, adv. theoio times to dissuade him from derness, tenuity. - Tennd, gically his resolution.-Tentáre, to want, lack.--l'enuità di cibo, Teológico, adj. theological, ditempt, to set agog, to awake want of victuals.

vine. desire.

Tenúta, s. f. possession, en-Teologizzáre, to write or speak Tentativo, s. m. attempt, en- joyment.-Meitere in tenuta, theologically. deavour, effort.-Tentuto, p. p. to put in possession. Pigliar| Teologo, s. m. a theologer or of Tentáre.-Fui tentato di in tenuta d'un luogo, to take theologian, theologist, a dirompergli la testa, I had al- possession of a place.-Chi è vine, a professor of divinity. most a mind to break his in tenuta Dio l'ajuti, posses. Teorema, s. f. tbeorern, a head.

sion is eleven points of the proposition of undoubted Tentatore, s. m. tempter, he law. Tenáta, estate, land, truth. that tempts.-Tentaibre, the possession. -Tenuta, capa - Teórica, s. f. theory, the contempter, the devil.

ciousness, extent, bigness templation or study of any Teatatrice, fem. of Tenta- size.--Un unso di gran tenuta, art or science, without praetore.

a large vessel.-- Cr rentre dil tice. Tentazioncélla, s. f. a small gran temta, a very big belly. Teórica, adj. theoretic, theotemptation.

-Di statura egli è piccino, retical, belonging to theory, Tentazione, s. f. a temptation. quonto a tenuta e' si prtò dir speculative. -Tentacióne, attempt, effort, gigante, he is a little man in Tepefäre, to warm, or make trial.

his size, but for his brains he lukewarm. Tentelláre, v. Tintinnire. Obs. is a giant.

Tepetatto, adj. warmed. Tenténna, ex. Stare in ten- Tenutella, s. f. a small estate Tépere, to be warm, ot laketenne, to be ready to fall; or possession-lenáto, p. p.

warm. Obs. and it is said of a thing that of Tesere.-- Tenáto, bound, Tepidézza, v. Tiepidezza. is shaking.

obliged.-Esser tenuto ad 179, Tépido, v. Tiepido. Tentennamento, s. m. agita- to be obliged to one... Voi Tepificáre, to warm, to make

tion, motion, tossing, jog siamo tenuti per legge divina lukewarın. Not used. ging

ď obbedire i nostri superiori, Tepificáto, adj. warmed, lukeTentennante, adj. shaking, we are bound by the law of warm. Not used. jogging;

God to obey our superiors.- Tepóre, v. 'Tepidità. Tentennáre, to shake, to jog, vi resto tenuto della vita, I am Térrhio, adj. clownish, mgento stir.- Tentennare all' uscio, indebted to you for my life, teel, unmannerly, tode.

Terebinto, s. m. terebinth, the finish. Por termine ad una the earth.-Allassar gli occhi turpentine-tree.

lite, •to make an end of a suit in terra, to cast down one's Térgere, to wipe, to make at law.–A Dio piacque di por eyes.Gittare in terra l'armi, clean, to scour.

termine a quel lignaggio, God to lay down the arms.-TefTergiversáre, to tergiversate, was pleased that such a fa ra, earth, ground, soil. --Terrd

to use fetches and shifts, to mily should be extinguished. di pentolajo, potter's earth or cross.

--Il mio negozio ebbe buon clay-Terra fertile o serile, Tergiversazione, s. f. tergiver- termine, my affair ended very fertile or barren ground or

sation, subterfuge, evasion, well.-- Il termine d' una corsa, soil.–Arare la terra, to plough change, fickleness.

the goal of a race.-Términe, the ground.-Coltivar la terra, Tergo, s. m. the back.-Vol-. a term, a term of time, day, to till the ground.—1 frutti gere il tergo ad uno, to turn time.- Dar termine ad uno, to della terra, the fruits of the one's back to one.--Il tergo d' give one time.-Termine dats, earth.—-Vasellame di terra, una montugna, the ridge of a a fixed time or day.--Términe, earthen-ware.-La terra di hill. tergo, adv. behind. day.--Il termine della partenza promessione, the land of pro

-Rimanere a tergo, to stay appresa, the day of our de mise, the Holy Land.-Gitbehind.

parture approaches. Vendere care a terra, to throw on the Teriáca, s. f. treacle.

una cosa a termine, to sell a ground. - Terra, country, Terme, s. f. pl. the baths of the thing for time.-V'enne a com- dominions, land. - Il re Nino ancient Romans.

posizione di dare alla compag tenne in sua signoria tutta la Terminábile, adj. apt to finish, nia in diversi termini fiorini ierra d' Asia, king Ninus had

that ends or has an end. centoltantamila doro, he came under his power all the counTerminále, adj. serving to to an agreement, to give the try of Asia.---Terra, way, bounds or limits, that bounds company, in several pay. journey-Ci sarà malageedle and terminates.

ments, an hundred and eigh. i' andare cotanta terra a piedi, Terminaménto, s. m. bound, ty thousand Norins of gold.- we shall hardly be able to go limit, border.

Términe, terms, case, state, a foot so great away.--Terra, Terminánte, adj. that termi- pass, condition.--Mentre le a town, a walled town,

nates, bounds, or ends. cose erano in questo termine, Terra marina, a sea-port town. Termináre, to terminate, to whilst the state of affairs was –Terra, the inhabitants of a limit, to bound.--Termindre, such.--In che termine sono le town.--Terra, a coast, or seato end, to finish. Terminare cose? in what condition stand coast, the shore.- Navigat la vita, to end one's days. the affairs? how does the terra terra, cudar terra terra, Termináre, to end, to put an business go on?--Términe, to sail along the coast, to .end to, to decide.-Termináre, degree, state, pitch, propor-coast along-Terra terra, even to determine, to resolve, to tion.-Olie ad ogni te mine with the ground, very low. decree, to conclude.--Termi di ragione t'ho amata, I have -Gli uccelli volano terre, the náre, to end, to have an end. loved you to the highest de- birds fly even with theground. La min pussessione terming gree. -La sua arroganza venne Cadere in piana terra terre, to al fiume, my estate ends at the a termine di maltrattare i suoi fall upon the ground. -- Andere river, or goes as far as the più intimi amici, his arrogance in piana terra, to fall down.river.

came to such a pitch, that he Pigliar terra, to come a-shore, Terminatamente, adv. deter-abused even his most intimate to land.-Terroferma, the firm minately, positively, precise friends.-Uscir de' termini, to land, the continent.-- terra ly, absolutely

be unreasonable or unjust.-i cavolini,adv. stoop, you proud Terminatezza, s. f. limitation. Uscir de' termini, to go astray, fellow.- Egli non è terra de Terminativo, adj. that sets or out of the way, to be in por vigna, he is not a proper bounds and limits.--L'oriz. an error, to mistake.- Tér.

man to deal with. Dare in zonte è circolo terininntivo del mine, term, word. S'espresse terra, to run a-ground.-- Dare la nostra vista, the horizon is in questi termini, he expressed in terra, to stamp with one's a circle, which bounds our himself in these words.--Ter-feet.-Dare come in terra, to sight..---Termináto, P. p. of mine d'arte, a technical word, strike or beat unmercifully. Terminare. a term of art.

- Non dure in cielo, ne in Terminatore, a finisher, he | Termométro, s. m. a thermo- terra, to do any thing ac ranthat finishes or makes an meter, an instrument to mea-dom, or rashly-Andar per end.

sure or show the several de terra, to fall down. Andere Terminatríce, fem. of Termi-| grees of heat and cold, a in terra, to fall down, to be weather-glass.

ruined or undone. Prender 'Terminazione, s.f.term, bound, Ternário, adj. ternary, of or terra, to come a-shore, to end.-Terminazione, the ter- belonging to three things land.--Smonture in terra, to mination or end of a word. together.

land.- In piano terra, upon Términe, s.m. the terin, bound, Terra, s. f. the earth. Il cielo the ground.-Andar per terra, limit, end, goal. ----Il termine e la terra, heaven and earth. camminar per terra, to go by della vita, term of life. Por -Il globo della terra, the ter land. Tagliar fra due terris termine, to make an end, to restrial or terraqueous globe, to cut a tree as low as possible.


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Terra, sa f. the earth.tel cie- lant.-In piana terra; upon terreno, the earthily paradise Lo e la terra, heaven and earth. sheground.Andar per terra, la terrena somn, the earth

Il globo della terra, the ter. to go by land. - Tugtiar frn due ly frame, the body-Slanza Tesinal or terraqueous globe terre, to cut a tree as low as létrend, a ground-roulli, the earth.-Allassar gii possible.

Térren, adj. earthly, partaking occhi in lerra, to cast down Terraccia, s. f., bad land or of the quality of the earth. one's cyes - Gittrare in terra earth.

Roer. c urmi, to lay down the Terracotta, s. f. bricks, ciles, Terrestità, v. Terrescrita. Obs. arms.-Terra, earth ground, baked earth.

Torresto, v. Terrestre. Os. soil. - Terra di pentoinjo pot Terracrépolo. s. m. a kind of Terrestreità, the same as Tera ter's earth or clay-Terra herb so called.

restrità. fertile o sterile fertile or bar. Terraferma, s. m. firm land Terrescrita, s. f. earthly qualiren ground or soul.- Arare la the continent

ty terra, to plough the ground. Terafináre, to banish. Obs Terestre, adj. terrestrial, - Coltivar la erre. to all Te rafináto, adj. banished Torrestro, S earthly. the ground.- frutti dellu Obs.

Toriétca, s. f. a small inwn, a terra, the fruits of the earth. Terrafine, m. banish- small village, usm:ll casties Vasella me di terra, carth- Terrafino,

Obs. Turivile, adj. terribe, dreade en-ware -La terra di pro Terrá no

ful dismil. --Terr lite, terria messione, the land of pru. Terragliolo, near the ble, strmgs, wondrous won, mise, the Holy Land. --Gut ground, that creeps along the dertul. --Terribile, $. m. a iare a terra, to throw on the ground.–Appartamento fer

c.inser, or perfuming pan. ground.-Terra country, 10 ragno, a ground floor.-Mu minions, land. - Il re Nino lin lerragno, a mill built up Termilica, s f. terribleness, lenne in sua signoria tutta la on land. -Piania terragnola, the site of beinz terrible. terra d'Asia, king Vinus had a creeping plant.

Terribilmente, adv. cer iblv.. under his power all the coun- Terrapienále, to terrass, to Terri..cio, teriestrial, earthly.

of Asia. - Terra, way, strengthen with earih, to fill Teniciaóla s. t. a little town. journey.--Ci sard malage- the inside with earth. Terriére, s m. the mhtuitant vole di andare cotanta terra a Terrapieniáto, ads strengthen- of a twn, a t wn's man. piedi, we shall hardly be able ed with earth, terrassed.

Território,'s m. territory, ju. tu go a-foot so greit at way.-- Terrapiéno. $. m terreplein risdiction. Terra, a town, a walled town. (in fortification) a platform Terró e, s. m. terror, conster-Terra marina, a sea-pcrt earth

nation, dread, great fear of town.--Terra, the inhabitants Terrático, s. m. land-rent. fright. ot a town.-Terra, a coast, Terráto, a terrass, or terrass Terros , adj. earthlv, full of or sea-coast, the shore. -Na walk

earch, mudy. -Acqua lerro. vigar terra terra, andar ler-Terrazzáno, s. m. an inhabi .24, muddy water. Ta terra, 10 sail alung the tant of a city, town, or wal Tersu, adj. clean, neat, bright, coast, to coast along-Terra led towi. -Terrazzano, a clear. terra, even with the ground, countryman, one of the sam. Terza s. f. tierce, one of the very low.Gli uccelli - olano

canonical hours. terra terru, the birds fly even Terrazzino, s. m. a little ter. Terzaménte, adv. thirdly, in with the ground. --Cudere in

the third place. piana terra, to fall upon the Torrázzo, s. m. a terrass. Terzána, s. f. ague, a fever, ground. - Andare in piana T:rrazzóne, s. m. a large ter which returns

every other terra, to fall down.-Piglior rass.

day. --Terzána, terra, to come a-shore, Terremoto, s. m. an earth- nal, a royal or public storeland. -Terraferma, the firm Terremuóto, quake.

house of arms, or warlike land, the continent.--A terra Terrenamente, adv. worldly, ammunition. Obs. ca olini, adv. stoop you proud after a worldly manner. T-rzáre, to plough or till the fellow.-Egli non è terra da Terreno, s. m. earth, ground ground the third time. por vigna, he is not a proper land soil. Terreno incolto Terziruolo, v. Terzeruolo. man to deal with.-Dare in untilled ground.---Terreno Terzáto, plowed a third time. terra, to run a-ground. fangoso, muddy land.-Ter- Terzávo, s. m. the great Dare in terra, to stamp with réno, territory, jurisdiction... Terzávolo, } grand father's one's teet-Da e come in ter Egli ha puura non gli man father. ra, to strike or heat unmerci. chi il terreno solto i pieli, he Terz ría, s. f. the third part. fully. -Non dare in cielo, is afraid of wanting.-E non Terzeruola, s. f. a pint meso in terra, to do any thing at è terreno da porci nigna. he sure. random, or rashly.--Andar is not a man to be dealt with. Terzeruolo, s m. the fore sail per terra, to fall down.-And -Terreno da ferri suoi, a, of a ship. Par terzeriolo, co dare in terru to fall down. to thing fit for one — Terreno, reef the sails. –Terzeruoló, be'ru' ried or undone. Pien a ground floor ---Terreno, a kind of b'under buss. der terra, to come a-shore, 10 parlour.- Terreno, adj. earth- Terzétro, s. m. . scinza of ihrees land. Smontare in terra, to iy, terrestrial.-It paradiso ve ses n poetical composicions, You. I.

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country or town.

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Ferzetto, three verses that / Testa, s. f. the head. —Tagliar Testa, the heads, or tops stand almost by themselves la tesla ad uno, to cut off of some trees, or plants.in a poctical composition. somebody's head, to behead Una testa d' aglio o di cipolTerzina, v. Terzetto, in both him..--Fur testa, lo oppose, la, a head of garlick, or significations.

to resist.-Ficcarsi in testa, 10 onions.-Testa a tesla, adv. Terzino, s. m. a little vessel fancy, to thiúk or imagine.--| face to face. --Testa, the head holding about our half pint. Esser di testa, to be stubborn, or top. la testa di una pez. Terzo, adj. third.---Térzo, s. to be headstrong.-- Fare una z2 di panno, the head of a m. the third part.-Al terz), cosa di sua testa, to do a piece of cloth.-Testa, the ed al quarto, to this man, and thing out of one's head.--Pi- hear from the eyes upward. that man.--Terzo, a regiment gliar una cosa a scesa di les -Gli saltò o venne in testa of three thousand soldiers., ta, to be obstinate or stub. un pensiero, he fancied, or a. Terzuolo, s. m. a tassel, tier- born, to be obstinately resol. fancy took him.-Che grillo cel or tercel, the male of a ved, to be stiff in a purpose.-- v' è sallato in tesla? what hawk.

Fare altrui un gran rumore in whim is now come into your Tesa, s. f. a stretching or bend- testa, to chide, to rebuke one head?-Testa & imperatore, ing:--Tesa, a place fit to soundly, to make him a sharp testa lucchese, a strange, spread a net.—Tesa, the brim reprimand.--Andare colia tes whimsical, maggotty man, a of a hat.

ta le ata, to go about with maggot headed man.-Tesia: Tesaureggiare, v. Tesoreg- out any fear---Gridare a les di vetro non faceia a' sassi, 3 giare. Obs. or poet.

ta, to cry out aloud, to bawl. glass head must not run 3-4 Tesaurería, s. f. the treasury.

Gridare in testa altrui, to re gainst stones. Obs.

buke soundly.-Tor testa Testaccia, s. f. blockhead, logTesauriére, a treasurer. Obs. altrui, to be troublesome, to gerhead, dunce. Tesaurizzáre, to hoard, or be importunate.-Deh di gra- Testamentáre, to make one's. hoard up money,

zia non mi turre la lesia, sel will. Tesaurizzato, adj. hoarded non vuoi che io li spezzi il Testamentário, adj. testamenup,

capo, prithee do not trouble tary, left in testamen'.-UR Tesauro, s. m. treasure. Poet. me any longer, if you do I esecutore testamentario, the Téschio, s, m, the skull, the shall break your head.--Dar executor by will.— Erede tes. whole campages of the bones si su per la tesla, to come to tamentario, an heir by will.of the head. --Teschio, the blows, to fall out.--Lavar la Con animo testamentario di head cut off from the body. lesta ad uno, to rebuke, to fo mio crede, I make you my Teso, adj. straight, stretched make a sharp reprimand.heir by this last will. out.-Andare col petto leso, i Ciò sarelbe un darsi la testa Testamento, s. m. a testament to walk straight up, or with contra un muro, one had as or will.-Far testamento, to one's head up.--Arco teso, a good beat one's head against make one's will.-li Vecchio, bow bent.-Stare coll' occhio a wall.-Rompersi la testa e Nuoro Testamento, the Old teso, to listen attentively. intorno a che che si sia, to and New Testament. Star cagli occhi tesi, to look put one's brains upon the Testárdo, adj. headstrong, atentively,

rack about a thing.--'ino che heady, wilful, obstinate, stubTesoreggiare, to hoard or hoard monta alla testa, strong born.-Un leslárdo, a stubup money. heady wine.—Testa, head, a

born man. 'Tesorería, s. f. treasury.

person, a man.-Le teste co-Testáre, to make one's will. 'Tesoriére, treasurer.

tonate, crowned heads.-L' Senza disporre de' suoi fatti, Tesorizzáre, to hoard, or hoard uccisione fu grande che non dicendo, che niente avea di up money.

ne scampò lesta, the slaugh suo de testare, without sete Tesoro, s. m. treasury, trea. ter was so great that not one tling his affairs, saying, that sury-house.

man escaped. -Pagare un he had nothing to leave.Tesscra, s. f. a talley.

Tanto per testa, to pay so Testò il valente di fiorini venTesserándolo, a weaver. Obs. much a head, so much a limilo, he left, by his will, Téssere, to weave.--Tessere, man, so much a piece.--Tes twenty thousand fiorinis. to weave, to compose, or col ta, the head or front, the first Testátu, p. p. of Testare. Ject. - Tessere inganni, to rank of a body politic or mi- Testatúre, a testator. contrive inventions or de- litary.--Essere alla testa d' Testatrice, a testatrix. ceits.

un negozio, to be at the head Testè, adv. just now, not long Tessitóre, a weaver.

of an affair.--Marciare alla ago, a little while ago.melo ho Tessitrice, s. f. a she weaver. testa d'un esercilo, to much testè riceiule lettere di MessiTessitúra, a weaving or tex. at the head of an army.--Tes. na, I have just now received ture, the web or weft.

1a, sense, wit, brains.-Un letters from Messina. Tessizúti, s. f. the contexture, uomo di buona testa, a good Testereccio, adj. headstrong, ordering or framing.

head-piece, a man of great heady, wiltul, obstinate, Tessuto, s. m. tissue.---Tessuto sense or judgment, a wise stubborn. d'oro 1' argollo, a tissue of man.-Un uomo di festa, a Testéso, adv. just now, ang gold or silver.---Tessáto, adj. headstrong man, a stubborn, long ago, a little while ago. Moren, wilful or obstinate man..


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