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Testicciuola, s. f. a lamb's or a witness or evidence against Tettáre, to suck.- Dare a lel• kid's head.

one.—Ne chiumo Dio in tes tare, to give suck, to suckle. Testicolo, s, m. a testicle. rimonio, God knows I speak Tertárello, s. m. a small roof, Testiculocánis, s. m. a kind of the truth.

a poor roof, a thatch. satirion. Testína, s. f.

Tettáto, adj. sucked. Testiculovúlpis, s. m. an hero Testino, s. m. head. Tétto, s. m. the top of a house, called trefoil, or three-leaved Tésto, s. m. a flower-pot.

the roof,-Camera a lello, a grass.

Tésto, an earthen pot-lid. garret, a room near to the top Testiéra, s. f. the head-stall of | Tésio, an earthen pan.- La of the house, with no other a bridle.

pruoda drl testo è la torta, ceiling but the roof.Non Testificánte, adj. testifying, the proof of the pudding is in credere dal tetto in su, to be. that testifies.

the eating:- Tésto, a text, the lieve no more than what one Testificánza, s f. v. Testifica- very words of an author, sees.-Tétto, a house.

without any exposition. Tertója, s. f, a cot, a small Testificáre, to testify, to wit- Tésto, a text, a portion of the house. ness, to certify.

sacred writ, chosen for the Tértola, s. f. a little breast. Testificativo, adj. apt to testi- subject of a sermon.

Tértola, (wo wattles, or little, fy, testifying.

Tescolina, s. f. a small head. ceats, which hang down frotn Testificátń, adj. testified, wit. -Testolínn, an obstinate the neck of a she-goat. nessed, certified.

head, a stubborn person.

Tettuccio, s. m. a little roof. Testificatóre, s m. witness, Testóne, s. m. a great head, a Ti, to thee, thee, thyself.-Ti evidence, deponent.

large head.--Testóne, a very scongiuro, I beseech thee.Testificatiice, fein. of Testifi-wise and prudent man. Dirrotti, I shall tell thee.

Testóne, a silver coin so cal-) Conténtati di ciò, content Testificazione, s. f. testifica- led. -Arere de' lesioni di- thyself with that.-Ricordari

tion, testimony, witness, evi- molti, to be rich, to be opu di quel che t'ho detto, redence, deposition. lent.

member what I have told Testimonánza, v. Testimoni. Testore, a compositor or au. thee.--Ti, is sometimes an Obs.

thor.--Testóre, a weaver. expletive particle, ex. -Che Testimonáre, v. Testimoniare. Testuále, adj. of or belonging tri con noi ti tirnarga, per Testimone, s. m. witness, an to a text, the literal sense of questa sera n' è caro, we shall evidence, a deponent. a text.--Esposizion testunle, be very glad if thou wilt stay Testimónia, s. f. testimony, the exposition or explanation to-night with us. evidence, deposition.-Testi- of a text,

Tiára, s. f. tiara, a round ornamóni 1, testimony, proof, to - Testuggine, s. f. a tortoise, a ment for the head, something ken, mark, sign, argument, turtie.---Testuggine, a slug like a mitre, worn by the an-, evidence. Obs.--Testimónia, gard, a fazy man, a lazy- cient Persians.--La tiara del a woman witness,

bones.—Testúggine, the roof Papa, the tiara, or the Pope's, Testimoniale, adj. testimonial, or vault of a room. - Testúg- triple crown. that testifies.-Scrittura tesa | gine, a warlike engine or Tiburtino, s. m. a kind of white rimoniale, a testimonial, a fence, made of boards, co stene, in Rome. certificate.

vered wer with raw hides, Ticchio; s. m: whim, maggot, Testimoniánte, adj. testifying, under which as a penthouse, whimsey, crotchet, freak, shewing, demonstrating. the besiegers of a town get up fancy, humour, caprice, Testimonianza, s. f. testimo- close to the walls; a testudo. E m' è verulo il ticchio d'. · ny, deposition.-Far testi- - Testaggine, a tortoise, an andare in villa, the fancy took

monianza, to depose, to tesc astrological figure in the shape me to go into the country.' tify.--Testimonidnzı, testi- of a tortoise.

Tielismo, s. m. a distemper so. mony, proof, token, mark, Testúra, s. f. a weaving or called. sign, argument, evidence. texture.

Tientamménie, s. m. a blow, Testimonianza, certificate, Tetratármaco, s. m. tetraphar given to one, in order to make testimonial.- Testimonianza, macum, a medicine consist- him remember something., the character one gives of a ing of four ingredients.

Vulgar. person.

Tetrágono, s. m. a tetragon, a Tiepidamente, adv. slowly, Testimoniáre, to depose or give square.---Tetragono, adj. re-l coldly, indifferently, with in. evidence.- Testimoniúrr, to tragonal, square.-- Tetrügono, difference. testisy, to make appear, or usern, accustomed, ivured. |Tiepidáre, to cool, to grow make knuwn.-Testimoniúre, Not used.----A17egnachi 20 cold.

to affirm a thing upon oath. mi senta l'on tetragono a Tepidézza, 6. f. cool..ess, Testimoniato, p. p. of Testi-colpi di ventura, because I lukewarmness. Tiepidézza, moniare.

find I have courage proof indifference, coldness.--TicTestimóniu, s. m. a' witness, against the crrøses of fortune.. pilléin, fear, timcrousness, an evidence, a deponent. Tétro, adj. dark.----Carcer'le f artulness, timidity', bashTestimonio di eduta, an eye. tro, a dark prison.

fulness, witness. ---Servir di testimo- Tétta, s. f. breast, a woman's Tiepidità, s. f. coldocss, i Tuio contro uno, to come in as breast.

difference, negligence, su

vein in stoncs.


nity, carelessness.

Timológia, s. f. etymology, Tintín, s. m. a ting, or ting Trépido. adj. lukewarm. the desivation of a word. ling of a little bell, a jingling. Trépido, cold, slack, indit- Ots.

--Sunar tir in, to ring ? ferent supine, Cirele s, neg. T móne, s. m. the helm of a) bell. ligent.

ship.-Timone, the beam ofa Tutinrante, adj. tingling, Ti olo. s. m a cry, a squeak. cart or corch.

jingling. Trio e, s m typhor, a vio-Time méie, s. m. a steers. Tinginráre, ?.. Tintinnire. lent whiriwind or huisicane. Tim nista ) man.

Tintin ío, s. m. a tingling, Tiglia, s. f. Luiled ches. Timorálo, adj. ieligi us, good, jirgling. or sound. Táta, nuts.

purus. godly, honest, that Tintinnire, to ringle, to jingle, Tiguin, s. m. a linden-tree tears God.- Uomo timorato. to resrucd - Faceano invorao Tiglio, the grain of wood, the a reli rous good man, a man l'aria intimitre d'armonia that fear: Gud.

dotre, they made the air reTiglio:n, adj. hard, tough - Timó e, s. m. fear, fearful scund with a sweet harmony. Legno tiglioso hard wood. ness, apprehension.--|| ti-Tinto, s. fy the ting or Carne tigliosa, hard or tough mor di Dio, the fear of God tingling of a bell, a sound, a

- Per timore for fear, lest. noireEgli udirono un tiaTigna, s f a scurf or scald on T muscs n érte, adv. fear. tinno di mulino, they hcard the head. Tigna. trouble, tuily, timorously, cowardıy. the latting of a mill. D'une

vexatun, scriow, disquiet. | Timoróso. adj. religious good, fronda nell' altra ferendo, e di Tign mic ,t. a kind of weed | godly, prus, that tears Gor'. tu te dolce tintinno rendendo, so calıd - Tignamica, a nis -Un uomo timoroso di Dio, the leaves of the trees, I uchSadly le low,

a religiou, li. u: man, a man ing one another, made an a. Tignere. io die or colour.. That fears Go'.— Timotóso. erexable poise. La tenera elà si digne d'ogni feartul. afi: rimerous, ti Tinto pop of Tirgere.-Tir. colore, you'h is like while mid, bashtul awaidly. to changed in the face, either paper, ihal receives all im- Timpano, s. m i'mbrel, tabor, red for anger. or pale fos fear. pressions

drum.- Timpano, the tym- -Tinto, s. m. a dye or ticc. Tignózo adj. scurfy, troubled' pan or drum of the cas. ture - Che tutte ginje dr bela with the scurf La madre Tina s. t, a vat. a giat vessel iade hinto siccome grana

pietosa fa il figliuol tignoso, where grapes are pressed to avanza ogni a tro tinto, who spuse the rod and spoil the make wine.

Lipaeth all other je wels for child.

Tinaja, s. f. a place where beauty, as the grain is supe Tigrosúzzo, s, m. a little scab- vants a:e kert, in order to rior to any other dye.

by fellow ; also a pely stin- make wine, like English Tir fóre, a dyer sy rascal, a peuy miser. brewbouses.

Tintúra, s. t. dye, hue, co Tignuola, s. f. muth, worm, Tináccio, s. m. a vat, a great loui, tincture. ---Tintára, a vine-tsetter.

ves-el to press the grapes in tincture. a smattering, a suTi, ra . Tigre. for making wine.

perficial know edge. Tigráne, s, m. a kind of pi. Tinca, s. f. a rench,

Tiórba, s f, ihturbo, a kind of genn.

Tinchétta, s. f. a small tench musical instrument. Tigre, s. f. a she-lyges, a ty. Tincóne, s. m. a bubo, a swel- Tipóre, s. m warmth, heat. gress. 1 lug in the groin.

A low word. Questo q IRO Tigre, s. m. å tyger. Tinella, s. f. a little vat, a

non ha tipore sapore, Tinello, s. m. | tub with ears. this wine has no manner of Timbállo, s, m. a kind of war -Tinéilo a common hall for like instrument, like ketic servants to eat in.-L'ora del Tira, s. f. dissension, strife, drums.

| linello, dinner-time.- Tenere quaniel, debate, dispute. Timbra sf the herb sa a linello, to entertain at din Fare a tira tira, to dispute, Timbro, s. m.) voury. I ner.

to quarrel, to contend. Timidamente, adv. timorous!y, Tingere, v. Tignere. Tiraménto, s. m. a pulling or fearfully, with fear.

Tino, s. m.

a vat, a large drawing - Tiranénio, the act Tím detto, adj. a little timidj wooden vessel wherein they of forcing an interpretation. or fearful.

press the grapes in order to Tirannáre, v. Tiranneggiare. Timidezza, s. f timorousness,' make wine

Tirannáto, v. 'liranneggiato. fearfulness, tinudity, bast- Tinore, r:. Tenore. Obs. Tiranneggiare, to tyrannize, to fulness, fear,

Tinózza, s. f, a small vat or use Tyranny, to govern like a Tin.idit", s. f. fear, timorous- tub put under the large vat ro tyrant, ro oppress. ness, fearfulness, timidity, receive ihe wine in. Tiranneggiato, adj. tyrannized, br: hfulne-s.

Tinta, s. 1. (incture, dye. oppressed. Tinido. adj. timorous, feas- Punro di luona tula, cloib Tirannéllo, s. m. a little tyrani, ful, iimid, timorse me, bash- well dyed.--Tinta, a dye-, a petty tyrant, fut.-Timido, frightened. ter house.

Tirannería, s. f. tyranny, crurified.

Tintiláno, s. m. cloth dyed! elty, oppression, violence. Timo, s. m. thyme, the herb Tintil áno.} in wool, or be- Tuannescaménie, adv tyranthyme. fore the wool is spun.

nically, tyrannously, in a ty.




Tare a

rannical os tyrannous man to avemo noi più grande fred the mak.-Tirar rolando, o

do e più lunga nolle, as the a 20:0, lo shoot flying.-TiTirannésco, adj tyrannical, cy sun) draws near the sou

un uccello, to shoot a rannous, unjust, violent. gnes far freni us, the greater biid.Tirare al peggio, to Tirannía, s. f. tyranny, a ty cold we hive, and the linger mi interprct a thing; o take Tant's government -- Tiranria, nighis.-Tirar giù un laz oro it in bad part, to put a bad tyranny cruelty, oppression, to do any work in haste.- conduction upon.-- Tirare al vio ence. Tirare a pochi, to content

Tuono io in'cipiet a thing Tirannicamente, adv. tyranni. (ne's self with little.-Tirre, well, to take it in gcd part cally, tyrannously, in a ty to aim, to drive at a thing, to or well, to put a good conrannous manner.

have lun view or prospect. struction upon it.-- Tirar la Tiránnico, adj. tyrannical, ty. Tuln i suoi pensieri ad altro paga, to receive one's pay.

rannous, unju-i, violent. 101. tinuno che al guadagru, Tirar calci, to kick, lu wince, 'Tirannide, s. f. tyranny, cru

all his thoughis drive at no to jerk --Tirur de calci ab eliy, oppression, violence. thing else but to get money. siento, to kick the air, to be Tiránnio, adj. tyrannical, ty E tutti quasi ad un fine 12 hanged.-Tuure una corregrant-like. Obs.

rarono assai crudele, and they gia to let a fart. -Tirar le Tiranuizzáre, to tyrannize, all wer am st of the same calze, virar le cuoju, iu dic.. to oppress.

cruel mind.--Tirare, w draw Tira poco di mira, to be pur. Tirannizzáto, adj. tyrann.zed, out in leng h, to put off, to blind --Tirar di pratica, to be oppressed.

prolons, io delay, to spin... insolent, presumptuous, or Tuanno, a tyrant, a cruel gn Tirar il collo agli uccelli, 10 arrogant --Tirar su, to pump vernor, an usurper.-- Tiruno pull the necks of birds to huil a thing out of one --Tirare, a lord. Ob Questo cas them. -Tirar da parte, in

to chepin, to haggle, to truccio fue un viloroso, e take aside - Essa vira oloa stand haggling.---Tirure, 10 m guanımo tiranno, this Cas. parte hisse, she taking him blow. ---ll vento tira, the tuccio was a valiant and aside, said -Tirarsi da je to wind blows -Tirare, to gros magnanimous lord

te, to'saw or go aside.-Ti. clear, speaking of wine.- Ti. Tirante, adj. drawive, pulling Tur fuori ia spada, o coltello rure a' suoi colomli, to shoot

- Carne tirante, fiim fesh. to draw a sword or a knife out at one's own pigeons ; to do -Carne tirane faluon fan of the scabbard.---Tirar la one's scit prejudice, to wrong se, a lusty nurse makes a lus. spada contro ad un', to draw one's self, -Tirare, to have a ty child.

gainst one, to fight him.- certain lread.h ur wideness. Tiraie, to draw, to pull, to Tirare, to draw, to allure. Qu no può tirare questo pan

tug -Tirare uno pe' piedi, to Tirar uno alla sua opinione, 10? what breadth might this draw one along by the rect. to bring one over to one's cpiel cloth lave?-Questa iela lira -Tirare un denie, to pull out nion - Tirare un urcata, 10 ad un traccio, this cloin is a a tooth - Tirar gli orecchi ad speak at random, or extrava- yard wide. --Tirare ad un co. uno, to puil one by the ears, gantly:- Tirarla giu ad uno. lore, to incline to some coto pluck his ears -- Tiráre, to to impo-e upon one.-Tirar lour.- Questo fiore t'ra al g0.-Chi tirò d'una parte e di spala, to feuce. - Tirar turchino, this flower inclines chi d' altra, some went one colri, to strike, to give blow.. 10 bine. - Tirare al luono, to way and some anothes, --Tirare una stocca'a ad uno, have a gut or bad inclinaTirare, to force to constrain. to make a pass at one.-- T : 1011.---- Tirare, to draw, to compel.-Tir. a ad uivi. rár via, to draw or pull cut Tirare per sotie, to draw or dirli ogni persona. he forced or away.-Tirdre to gain, to Cast lots - Tirare una lotteria, every body to obey thein win, to draw in.--Tirure una to draw a lottery. - Tirare a Tirdre, to throw, to cast ---- cosa, to get or obtain a thing, segno, to shunt at the white Tirar sassi ad uno, to throw to have a thing one's own or mark T'irar gli orecchi, stones at we -Tiráre, to go, way -Voi gliene lasciate ti 10 call to one's memory.to take one's wy, to begin tar troppo, you indulge bim Tirare in'cuzi alcuno, to one's journy, to set forward. 100 much --Tirar dei dado, promote, to prefer ont.-TiLa sera vegnenie dormi alla to begin ---Tirar singue, to Tar da uno, to take after one, vadia di San Maccario, e la draw or let blood to bleed. -- to be like him. - Egli tira mattina lírù z erso la città di Tirare alcuno dalla sua, te molto dal padre, he takes very Parigi, ihe night following he draw or bung (ne to one's much attei his father.--Tiras lay at the abbey of Si Mac-' side, to bring hun over - re, to dr.w (ul.-Tirare un carius, and in the inorning set Tirar la sela, to make or canale, to draw out a canal. out towards the ciryf Paris.

Tirúre, to Tirare una linei, to draw a Tira i in, get you gone. shont off, to

let off,

line ----Tvrare costrutto, to Turursi indie ro, to drase discharge.--Tir re un archi. take advantage from a thirg. back, to go back, to retire.- luso, tu shoot off a gun. -Tirare, to get or obtain. Tirarsi, to draw nigh or near, Tirare una pistola, to dis Non ho potuto lirare altro da to approach, to come near -- charge a pistol.-Tirar l' ar lui, I could not get any more Come il sole si lira verso mez co, to shoot with a bow.-Ti. of him.--Tirirsi addosso, to zodi e si dilunga da noi, tan rare al berzaglio, to shoot at draw or bring upon one's self.

spin silk.



-Tirarsi adınsso qualche Li suoi poderi erano grandi, Titilláre, to tickle.- Titill:72, disgrazia, to draw some mis len tiratu la borsa, he had a to please. chiet upon one's self.--12- very good estate, and a great Titilláto, p. p. of Titillare. rarsi audosso, o incur the deal of money. Tirato, Titimáglio, s. m. a piani so hatred of the psople. Tira- close-fisteid, near, covetous, Titímalo, called. me il sottile lat sollile, tobus niggardlyStare iz sul tira. Titolare, to intitle, to give a tiband, to be saviog, spâning, to, to be difficult of access, to tle or name, to call. --Tito. or frugal. Tirarsi un passo be proud-Tiroco, clear, fine. lare, adj. titular. in dictio, to draw a step back. Vino lirato, clear fine Titoláto, s. m. a man of qualiTar liratattierro, to

ty.--Titoláto, adj. intided, force, to draw back.--Tirire, Tiratójo, 4. m. a gig-mill, a called.--Titoldio, styled.--to trail, to drag along.-Trar sort of fulling-mill.—Zirató- }' maggior figlio del re d Inmolto il debit fianco oltra non jo, a drawer.

ghilterra e titolato principe puote, he or she could not Tiratúre, a drawer, he that di Galles, the eldest son of walk or go father.-Tirare, to draws.---Lo mirifico tiralor the king of England is styled draw, to get, to receive to del carro di Giunone, the prince of Wales. reap.---Tirur d'una cosa, to wonderful drawer of Juno's Titolo, s. m. a title, a mark profit of a thing. Tir ri chariot, the peacock.

of dignity and honour -profitto d'un i cos , to reap the Tirella, s. f. a trace for draw. Titolo, the title, or inscription profit of a thing.---Treva. ing hores.-- Tirélla, the of a book. --- Titolo, title, tro de' fatti di Colanirino, il splinter bar of a coach. name.--Titolo, renown, fame, en arvior piacere del mondo, Tiriaca, ?.. Teriaca. Obs. name, reputation, note.They were inghuily pleted al, 'líritéra, s. f. a long story, an Poi rien colei che ha 'l titol the recital of Calandrino's ad- old woman's tale.

d'esser l'ella, after cumes she, ventures. -Tirúre, tu kick, T10, s. m. throw, hurl, shnt, that has the name of being to wince, to jerk.---ll was- reach, or cast.–Essere a liro handsome. -Titolo, a right, tro caraiblo tira come rein, by di moschetto, di cannone, e si claim, title. Questa dome what I see your horse kicks. I mili, to be within a musquet meritamente è mia, alcuno Tirare a tin, to end, to make or cannon shot.--Essere ali con giusto tilolo me la può an end.

--Tir re a fine un mo, to be near the end, it con- raddomandue, this woman, negozio, to terminate an at clusion of a thing.--.-Tiro, at by right, is mine, and nobody fair.-Tvare, to export.-7- turn, trick.--Hanno fatto un has a title to claim her again -rársi, to draw back or aside, caltivo tiro, they have play-, from me.-Titolo, colour, to retire. Tutti concorsero a ed a scurvy trick. --Tiro di ca pretence -Sat:o 12: olo, m.i. Tedere i due amanti, li uomi. valli di carrozza, a set of tolo, adv. under colour, unnii tutti a riguardar la gio- coach-horses. --Tiro di can der pretence. vane trive ano, every body none, a cannon shot.--Tiro, a Titubánte, adj. reeling, stagger. ran to see the two lovers, and kind of disease in horses.—Tz- ing, tottering. - Tilubarse, all the men flocked together ro, a viper so called.

wavering, irresolute, or unto see the young woman.-- Tirocinio, s. m. the time dur- certain. Tirare, to transiate into Ita. ing which one is a novice, Titubáre, to reel, to stagger, to lian.--Tirar la gola, to long probation time, apprentice cotter, to waggle, to joggle – for a thing, to have a great ship.

-Tituture, to be wavering, mind for it.--Aresti frutli mi Tiróne, s. m. a novice, a pren- irresolutc, or uncertain what tiran la gola, these fruits set tice. Obs.

to do, to be in a quandary. me agos, or make my mouth Tirso, s. m. the stalk or stem Tirubáto, p. p. of Tituhare. or teeth water.-Tirare in. of a flower, or of an herb..-- Titubazione, s. f. vacillation, "TIN2i, to continue, to go on. Tirso, the club worn by Bac- reeling, fortering, or stagger--Tirare, to carry, to reach. chus and the Baccantes. ing.---Titulazione, vacillacie Una colubrina che tira 12 Tisána, s. f. a liquor made with on, irresolution, uncertainty. miglio, a culveriu that car-baricy.


s. m. a brand or ries a mile.

Tisica, Obs. s. f. consump- Tizzóne, } fire-brand. Tiráta, s. f. a drawing.- Tira-Ti-ichézza, } ton. Tócca, s. f. a kind of cloth

ta, a tract or space of ground, Tision, adj. consumptive, in a of gold and silk, a gauze of a journey, a way. -Era la consumption.

gold and silk. sirada una tuona tirała, un Tisicuccio, adj. weakly, ten. Toccalápis, s. m, a black lead miglio o più, the way was a der, thin, slender, of little pencil. good mileand more.--Ciresto strength, of little powers of Toccamcnto, S. m. touch, UNA luono tirata da qui a mind.

touching or feeling. --Cerle Londra, we have still a great Tisicunie, s. m. phthisick, con infermità al toccamento del way to go, before we coine to sumption.—Tisicáme, a lean corpo so nppiccano, certain London.

body, a mere skeleton. diseases are catched by the Tiráto, p. p. of Tirare.-Tirato, Tisicúzzo, v. Tisicuccio. touch.-Toccaménto, fecling, stretched, stretched out.--Go-Titillamento, s. m. a tickling. one of the five senses of the te liraie, smooth cheeks.. -Titillamento, pleasure, de- body. Borsa tirala, apurse full, light.

Toccase, to touch.-Ha eri ir

, non mi toccate, go farther to give us a toast.-Toccar da- the touch.--Tocco, the ting that way, don't touch me. mari, to take or receive mo or tingling of a bell.--Sonare Chi vi tocca who meddles ney.---Non ho toccato dieci wl campana a tocchi, co toil with you.--Toccar la mano scudi in tutto'l giorno, I did a bell.locco di lamturo, to shake hands-Far loccar not take ien crowns in all the the beating of a drum.--TOCcon mani, to demonstrate day.- Toccare il ramburo, to

co, a fescue.---Tocco, a nighi. plainly.--Toccare, to touch, beal a drum.--Toccar la cap. ---- Tocro. adj. touched, to reach a thing.--E si alto tromla, to play upon the telt, mentioned. che tocca al soffitto, he is so trumpet.--Toccar delle busse, Tóga, s. f. a gown or robe. tall that he reaches the ciel to be beaten.- Toccar la cor- Togale, adj. to the gown, and ing.Toccure, to drive, in ila, to undergo the rack or it is always understood of doedrive on.---Tocca, cucchiero, torture.--Toccare l'ombu, to tors or magistrales. drive on, coachman.---Toc run away, to betake one's Togálo, adj. gowned, that care de' buoi, to drive oxen. self to one's heels.--Toccare wears a gown.-Un logito,

-Toccare, to move, to excite. il cielo cal dito, tu be happy, s. m. a gownsman.

- Il suo discorso toccò l' ani. to live in clover.-Toccare le Tógliere, or Tórre, to take, to mo di tutti, his discourse af. scritture, to alter a writing. Jay hold of.—Togli questo lifected the minds of every one. - Toccare il polso, to feel the bro, e mettilo sulla tavola, Toccare il cuore, to move the pulse.—Toccare il cuore, to take this book and lay it upan heart.- Toccare, to hint, to touch one's heart, to please the table.-Appen, il portal" speak a few words about.mightily.--Toccare la fregola, orchio torre, I could scarce Questa fortuna di che ti mi to long for a thing, to have a perceive it.--Tor gita, to save socchi, che è ? what, is ebis for great mind to.--Egli è teste one's trouble of going somewnethat you speak of ?- Del- lor tocco fregola di fure una where.--Chi è questa, ale la cui qualità 'loccamento di commedia, all of a sudden a vien di qua? ell' è la Purellu, supru, of whose quality we whim came into their heads ella m' ka tolto gita, who is spoke of above.--Toccare gli to act a play.-Toccare il tic she that is coming this way? orecchi, to reach to one's chio, v. Ticchio.-Toccare il she is Puiella, she has savert ears. Du toccare in tuq pro- cielo, to reach the heavens, me the trouble of going to pria moglie ti conviene aste to have one's prayers heard in her.-Tor casa, to take or hire nere, you must not meddle heaven.--Le tue preghiere a house.---Tor moglie, lor with your own wife. - Toc- hanno toccalo il cielo, God has per moylie, to marry. To cáre, io louch a thing, to

hearkened to your prayers. marito, to marry.-- Tor retake something out of it.--An- Tuccare sul vivo, to touch to valli a vettura, to hire horses. dammo ria senza toccare al- the quick.---Toccare, to pro. —Togliere, to take away or (una cosa,

went away voke.--Toccar la memoria, to from, to deprive or bereave. without touching any thing. have a good memory.— Non-Li nomi delli quali io in -Toccare, to happen, to

toccare dove duole, motteg- propria forma racconterei, se chance, to fall out, to fall by giare il vero, name not a rope giusta cagione da dirlo ran lot.-Tocco per avventura tra in the house of him that hang. mi logliesse, whose names I ľ altre cose in sorle ad 2012 ed himself.-Toccare, s. m. would tell one by one, if I Messer Guasparriro ď Oria a touch, touching, or feeling. had not a just reason to conle balia di Milonna Beritola. - Trecáre, the act of de ceal them.--Tolti dal pianto; amongst other things. it feil nouncing to a debtor the pe se'l tuo figliuolo è morti, al. by lot to Gasper of Oria to remptory term.

tro non può essere, forbear' take care of Mrs. Beritola's Toccára, s. f. the prelude of a crying; if your son is dea i, isnurse.—Toccure, to belong, sonata on the harpsichord. cannot be helped.--Tor quri. tu touch, to concern, to re- Toccativo, adj. feeling, ape to che cosa di mano al mi), to gard. — Tucca al padre di gas feel.---La virtà toccaliva, the; snatch something out of one's tigare i suoi figliuoli, it is the feeling of virtue, the touch. hands.-Tor di rila, tor la duty of a father to chastise his Trccáto, p. p. of Toccare.- persona, tor di terra, tor dal children.---Le logi serono Sopra toccato, abovesaid, mondo, to take away one's esser comuni, e fatte con con. abovementioned, hinted life, to put one out

of the sentimento di coloro a cui elle bure.

world, to kill him.--- Rincque laccano, the laws onght to be Toccatóre, he that feels or a Dio di torlo di vita nila sui general, and made with the truches. – Toccalóre, a bea- gioventù, Gou was plaid for consent of those who are cou). dle.

take him from this lite in his cerned in them.--Questo ne- Toccatrice, fem. of l'occatore. youth.--Ma forse ci turi020 le gozio mi tocca strettamente, Tocchetto, s. m. a ragou of persone, but perhaps they will this affair toniches, or concerns fish, Tocchetto, minced take away our lives.~Tome : me very much.-- A chi tocca meat, a dish of minced meat, credenza, to buy or take any @fire? who to deal? a hash or hashie.

thing upon trust.-Turre, io Tocca a me, tocca 101, I am Tócco, s. m, a bit, a morsel. take away, to rob, to steal, in to deal, you are to deal. Un tocco di pane, a bit or ravish.---Tu mi togti il mio Adesso locou a coi a darci un morsel of bread.-Tócco, the falsamente, you take away brindisi, it is your cura apw feeling, the sense of feeling, my own unjustly.- Quesia



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