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unu cosa

duca non inglieva ad alcuno, Tollerábile, adj. colerable. tail. -- I'on ne farei un tomo is thi- duke wionged nobaby. Tolleabilmente, adv. tolera- sulla puglia, I would not give Mai viù ben non seruti, pose bly.

a pin's head or a straw for it. ciache ti tolta mi fosii, i ne- Todleránte, adj. tolerating, suf- _Tomo, a tome, volume, of ver had a moment of retfering

part of a book. since you was stolen fri m me. Tolleranza, S. f. toleration, romolto, v. Tumulto. Obs. --Tor lz.ir inità ad unu fun. connivance.

l'ónaca, v. Tonica. crulla, to din wr a nad - Tollerále, 10 tolerate, to sui- fonamento), s. m. a thunderTorre ad inte isse, to take mo fer, to bear with.

ing, thunder. Tonamente ney uron interest -Torre, to Tolleráto adj. tolerated, suf- negli orecchi, a humming up be contenteil, well pleased, or fered, burne with

tingling in one's ears.-Tona satisfied --Dime, che mi torrei Tolleratore, a tolerator, he that mento di vento, the whistling, dormire in pietra tutto il mio toler.tes or uffers

his ing, or whizzing of the tempo of me, that shall be Tolleratrice, femin. of Tolle- wind. very well contented to sle.p

Tonáre, to thunder. - Dopo il upon a stone all my li'e-time. Tollere, v. Togliere. Obs. mollo tonure si venne tardi a -Tor feile ad uno, 10 unde- Toilero, s. m. a kind of Tus- diliberare, aker a great bustle, ceive, to disabuse, to put out cau coin, that has derived its they came at last to a conclu. of conceit.-Torne la volia. name from dollar

sion. to have the start of one, to be Tollétta, s.fi

theft, robbe- Tonchiáre, to be caten by before-hand with him. -Torrollétto, s. in. ry, stolen mtes or weevils, speaking of re in sino cielo, to raive goods. Obs. both -Rendere corn. one to the sky, to commend il mal tolletio, to mahe a re- Tonchiáto, adj. mite-eaten. him mightily. --Torre uno stitution of stolen grods. Obs. Tonchio, s. m. a mile or weedi se medesimo to make one Tolomméa. s. f. a nime in vil. mad, to make one go beside hell se called by Dante, Tondamento, v. Tondatura. himself, to teaze o fret one. where he pliccs traitors. Tondáre, to round, to make -Torre il capo ad uno, to Tólta, s, i a taking or carry- round. teaze, to fret or imporiune ing away. Buoni o mala Tondatúra, s. f. shavings. one. - Torre altrui del cupol toltı, a goo I or bad harga:n. Tonde giáre, to incline to a

to beat a thing out -Essor toila di alcuno, to rognchish form or shape. of one's head, to undeceive or be one's adherent.

Tondregiure, to make a thing di-abuse him.---Tor ili mira, Tolto, adj. taken away, taken. of a round form. to aim, or ti ke one's aim. Tomijo, s. m. the upper lea-Ton lezgiáio, adj. roundish, Tors, uno d m ra to have a ther of a shoe.

round. grudge at one.-Tolga Idilio, Tomare, to fall upside down. Tóndere, to shear.—Tondere God forbid !-Torsi da una to tumble. Ohs.

le pecore, to shear the sheep. COS2, forsi gi da una cosa Tómba, s. f. a grave.-Tom- Tonlere la barba ad uno, to to give a thing over, to for. ba, a vault, a tomb.-Tomb, shave one.--Tondersi la bar. sake 11, to think of it no more, outward buildings, belonging va, to share one's self.to abandon it.- Sforsò ancor to a country house a farm. Tondere la moneta, to clip the Tiridate a ri irarsi, e orsi house. No longer in use i money. gu dall'impresà, he also this sense. -- In pochissimo Tondéito, adj.roundish some forced Tiadates to retire and tempo ili molte gran'li pos- what round. to abandon the enterpize. sessioni, e ville, e lombe,, e Tondezza, s. f. roundness. -Vilcl io dall' imoresa non castella comperarono, in a Tondino, s m. a small plate. riuscibile si olse gri per rer very little time they bought a Tóndino, in architecture, gogni, Vitellius slamefully great many and very largel kind of ornament so called. desisied froin the enterprize possessions, country houses, Tonditúra, s f. the act of clip. that could not succeed. farm-houses, and castles, ling, shealing, shaving.-Torsi dnanzi ad ai ru, to go Tomboláre,lo fall upside down, Tonditúra, the curting of une's away from one — Tors: uno to tumble.

hair. -Tonditúra, what is dina, to get rid of one--- Tombolára, s. f. the act of taken off in shearing. Togl m nm, get you out falling down or tumbling, and Tóndo, adj. round. -- Tondo, of my sig'.--Torre sn pace, it is an only of persons. simple, weak, silly..Uomo to be ir patiently.--Torre a Tombolúto, adj. cumbled. tondo di pelo, a simpleton, a furo, a nolo, a pigione to Tómbolo, s. m. å rumble.- hlockhead, a dunce.-Ham. hire.--Torre un cosa a pigi. Fare un tombolo, to fali mi tu per cosi tondo di pelo? one, to hire a house. --Torre down, to tumble - Non ne do you take me for such a w b7c4 a nolo, to hire a farei un tombolo in su l'erba, f:01? - Tondo, coarse ---Pan. beat

I would not give a pia's heid n, tondo, crarse cloth. Tozliménto, s, m, a taking or or a straw for it.-Tom' olo, Tondo, round.--Daterri die

carrym away, a theft. a bobbin to make hone lace eci doppie tonde, e lo farò, Togliore, he that takes away,


give me ten round guineas, a thief, a robber.

Tómo, s. m a fall or tumble. and I will do it.-Tondo, s. Toglivice, tom. of Toglitore. Fare il tumo, to fly top over m. roundness, circumference.


young buil.

-Matto è colui, che è sil Torbidezza, s. f. thickness, ing, writhing, throwing, or erdito, che la meite fuor del muddmess.

turning abour. tondo, he is a great fool that Torbkiccio,. adj. somewhat Torcolare,

S. m. a press. pretends to go higher than his troubled, disturbed, uneasy. Tórco'o, knowledge will reach. - Ton- vexed.

Tordajo, s. m a place where do, a plate to eat out of. Tórbido, adj. thick, muddy, thrusbes or fieldfares are kept Tondo, a blow.

troubled, turnej.--Acqua tor to be fattened. Tondúro, adj. shurn, shaved, lida, thick muddy water l'ordéia, s. f. a large thrush. cut, chipped. Not much used. Torbido, troubled, disturbed, Tórdo, s m. a thrush, a field. v. Tóso.-- Pecore tondute, uneasy, vexed.

fare.-- Meglio è fringuello in shorn sheep.

Tórbo, adj. troubled, thick, man, che in frisca tordo, a Tónfano, a whirlpool, a stream, muddy.--Visto torlo, a dim bird in the hand is worth two a place in a river where sight -Torto, troubled, dis-, in the bush. - Pigliar due tor. the water is very deep. turbed, vexed, angry.

di ad una pania, to kill two Tónfo, s. m. a fall, and also Tórcere, to wret, to wring. birds with one stone -Tordo,

the noise of a man's fall on Torcer deila lana, to twist a simpleton, a fool, a dunce, the ground.

wool.-Torcer della seta, to a blockhead. Tónica, s. f. a tunic, a jacket throw ilk.---Torcer il colo ad Torello, s. m, a bullock, a or jerkin.

UNO, to wing one's neck. Tonicéila, s. f. a little tunic.-- Torre la borca, to distort one's Toriccia, s. f. a young sheTonicélla, cope. alb.

mouth. to make a wry mouth. goat. Tonnára, s. f. a place wherethe - Tórcere tu turn, to put oft Tórlo, v. Tuorlo. tun fish is pickled.--Ton- or on.-Volger il viso ad uno, Tórma, s. f. many ople tonaru, a place in the sea where to turn one's face to one. gether. the funny fish is catched. -Torcere uno dal suo cam-Trmenta gióne. s. f. 1 torTonnina. Š. f. the back of the mino, to put one out of his Tormentaménto,s. in. ) ment, tunny fish pickledi.

way.-Torcer gli occhi ant pain. Both Obs. Tónno, s. m. tunny, a sort of uno, to look gruffat one, to Tormentáre, to torment, to sea-fish.

look soor upon him.--Tor- torture, to put to great pain, Tonsúra, s. f. tonsure, a priest's cpre versu uz luogo, to stier,

to rack. - Tormenture, lo tortonsure.-Prima torsura, the tv go towar is a place.--Tor ment, tu disquiet, 10 vex, first cutting of hair made to cemmo all'isola di Sicilia, we 10 grieve or afflict-Tor. the intended priest.

steered towards Sicily.--Tor. menunre, in infest, or trou. Tonsuráre, to give the first cer a man drilta, to turn up

ble.--I ladri sorméntano le tonsure.

on the right hand.-Torcersi, strude, the highwaymen inTopaja, s. f. a mouse's nest. to twise, to writhe one's self. fest the roads — Tormentarsi, Topaja, an old mouldy chest --- Torcere il muso, to turn up to torment, disquiet, grieve, or Irawer.

one's nose, to despise. - Tor. or afflict one's self.—TormenTopázio, s. m. topaz, a yellow cere le scritture, to wrest the társi, to macerare, in mortie precious stone. sense of a passage.

fy, or torment one's self. Topinája, the same as Topaja. Torchiettu, s. m. a small Tormentáto, p. p. of TormenTopino, adj of a mouse colour. torch, taper, or light.

tue. Tópo, s. m. a rat.

Tórchio, s. m. a wch, a ta- Tormentatore, s. m. a tormen. Topolino, s. m. a little rat, a per, a flambeau ---Torchio, ter, one thar torments.

a printing press.-Torchio, a Tormentatice, s. f a female Tóppa, s f. che lock of a door. press.

tormenter, she that torments. -Toppa, a piece, a patch.

Tórcia. s. f. a torch or tiper. Tormentilla, s. f. tormen il or Toppa, done, a word said to Torciare, to twist, to tie fast. settoil, a sort of herb. signity that we accept of a Torcicóllo, s. m. a bird so cal. Torménto, s. torment,

led.–Torcicollo, a hypocrite, rack.---Tormé to, torment, Tuppallachiáve, s. m. 2 lock a dissembler, Teligious pain, trouble, grief, sorrow, smith. Obs. cheat.

anxiety affliction. Toppure, to say done when an Torci'écio, s. m. a strain. Tormentosaménte, adv. painother offers to lay a wager.

Torcitéciolo, ing bag. ! fully, in a punful manner. Tóppo, s. m. a billet or log. Torcigliáre, to ćwine, to roll up. Tormentose), adj. grievous, Tórba,

2 s. f. the stream of Torcigláto, p. p. of Torcigliare. painful, vexatious, trouble. Tórbida, s rivers when mud- Torcimánno, v. Turcimanno. scme, offensive. dy, by reason of the dirt that Torcimento, s. m. twining, Tormenıúz26), an inconsiderathe rain carries into them. twisting.

ble tormcnt. Torbidamente, adv. turbulent-Torcitójo, s. m. an engine used Tornagústo, s. in. something ly-Torlidanunte, nastily, to twist silk.

pla-ant that on eats, 10 p!Ofull of mud.

Torcitóra, fem. of Torcitore. voke or secover appetite. Torbidare, to trouble, to make Torcitóre, s. m. a twister ---- Tomaléito, s. m. the lase o a liquor thick or muridy. Torcilore di seta, a silk throw-! a bed. Torbidáto, adj. troubled, thick, ster,

Tornamento, s. m. a retura ou inuddy.

Torcitúra, s, f. twisting, wrest coming back.
Voi. I.











Tornánte, adj. returning or -Il conto non torna, o non and the 11t. coming back. Not used. mi torna, the account is not Torpétine, s. f. the cramp-fishi, Il non tornante tempo, the in- nght. Torndre o non tor. that pombeth the hands of revocable tune

nare l'ene, to be profitable oi those that touch it. Tornaie to return or go back. unpr ftable.--Questowego- Torpénte, adj. numb and --Torniamo a casa let us re zio si tornerà bene, you will faint, dull. turn home.--Tornare aililie. find your account in this af- Tórpere, to be berambed, to tro, in g back.--Torndre, air -- Tornar lene, to fit. - grow stiff. -Torpere, to he return, tu co ne or become. Queslo estilo vi torna bene, surprised, amazed, or asto

L'uomo è fatto di lerra ini suii fiis you very well. ni bed. in terra tornerà, men Tornare a m'ina, to be handy Torpóre, s. m. numbness, still made of dust, and they shall or cmmodius.-Tornare,

---Torpore di mente, return tu dust. -Tornáre, to to be profitable, advanta numbness, dullness, heavireturn or resume, to begin a ge us, or available.

-- Torpore, idlenes, gain ---Torniamo al nostru, Tuna óle, s. m sunflower slothfulness. discorso, let us resume our turn ol, a kind of flower. Touacchióne, s. m. an old former discourse - Rarrédit Tornára, s. f. a retur, or com- Torráccia, s. f. S ruinous oggimni, e torna uomo come ing back, an arrival.

tower. tu sulevi, come to yourself Train, . p. of Tornare. Torrajuólo, adj. ex. Pircione last, and be the same min Torncamento, s. m. a touma-torrajuolo, a wood-fiseon. that you was before. --Tu non ment, a just or tilt.

Torrázzo, s. m. a laige tower, desideri di tornar donna, you Torneare, tu till, to run at tilts. an old ruinous tower. do not wish to be a woma'y --Tornrdre, to turn, to turn Tórre, to take away, to reagain - Torno a dirvi, che voi round about. Obs, --Tor. move, v. Togliere.-Torte, dic'e torto, I tell you once neure, to environ, to surround, s. f. a tower. more, you are in the wrong. or fince round. Obs Torreggiante, adj. that stands --Jorndre, to turn, to ted. Tornéo, s. m. a tournament, like a tower that exceeds tu return, to redound.-Ciol just, or tile.

others in being tall, towertornerà a vostro onore, that Tornése, allj. ex. lira Tornese, ing. will turn to your honour.- a French livre ----Tornése. s Torreggiare to stand like a Tornáre, to carry back ag 21!! m. a piece of money at Na tower --- Torrrggiaran di meze --Tornale questo libro nel ples.

zo la persona gli orrilili zi. suo luogo, carry again this Torniájo, s. M. a turner. ganti the horrible giants bnak to its place. - Tornare Turniuménto, s. m touma stond libie towers, from their alla memoria o n lla mente. ment, just ur tilt.-Torn a. midules upwards. to call to memory, to remem ménto, a fence, hedge, inclo-Torrente, s. m. a torrent. ber, to recollect, to put in sure, circumterence. Obs. Tonétra,

s. f. a little mind.-Ma nella mente tor Torniáre, to turn with a turn. Torricciuóla, naudosi chi egli era, bur cal. er's wheel.

Torricella ling to memory who he was Tomálo adj. made on the Torricellaccia, s. f. an old ruinM' hanno nella memoria lache by a turner.

ous little tower. tornata una novella, they Torniéro, a turner.

Tóirido. adj. torrid - La zond have put me in mind of a no Tórnio s. m a turning-wheel, torrida, the torrd zone. vel.--E non potendo indietro a arhe, the wheel of a turrer. Torrére, s. m. the keeper of a tornare, converrà per forza,| Fatto al tornio o lorno, tower. che sien contenti, and ince in turned.

Torrigiáno, s. m. a guard or cannot be helped, they mu Tornire, 75. Torniare.

sentinel of a tower, the watch be contented. -Il dato è trot. Tömíto, ali, v. Torniato. M:- of a tower. to, e non può più tornare in taphorically, well dune, done Tornioncéllo, s. a low, dieiro, the thing is done, and with exactness, done extreme stout looking tower. cannot be helped -Tornare ly well.

Torróne, s. m, a large tower. addietro, to revoke to recall. Tornicóre, a turner.

Toriucciáccia, s. f. a little to repeal, or make void.-Turórno, s m. a furning wheel, ruinous ower. sia il ben tornato welc me a lathe.--Torno, a long round Tossáccio, s. m. a rotten stump back-1 ornare in se 10 come beam, whereon dyers wind of cabbage, lettuce, or any to one's self agein. -Tornare cheir cloaths oui of their other such thing - Torsaccio, il cervello, to come to one's vats and pans. ---D'età di due a mangled statue, a statue, senses akain --Tornare una anni, o in quel lorno, tw whose arms and legs or other cosa in 42, ad uno

years old. or thereabouts. parts have been broken. turn, to reflect or fall upon.- l'oro s m a buli.-Turo, a Tossello, s. m bale or packet Tutto questo tisoriline vi lor. od. Poeticil.-Toro, Tau. of goods or merchandise nerà in (210, all this bustle rus, the second sign of the Torsello, a pin-cushion-Tot. will fall heavy upon you, of

zodiack.- Toro, torus (in ar sélio, a coin to stamp money. will come hom: to you chitecture) is a round memorsióne, s. f, distortion. Ciò non mi torna a conto; it her, encompassing the base Tórso, s. m. the stump of a does not turu to my account. of a pillar, between the plının cabbage, letcuce, or any otter




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Fortellera, }



one such plant.-Tarso, the core make one see one thing for best Italian is sprken. of a

pear or apple. - Torso, anothir. --Se Torio o diriti Poscaramérite, adv. in a Tusa the truuk of a scaiue.

vu, non è suo merlo, if he can manier.--Parlar ToscaToisol), s. m. the stump of a dies wrong or righi, it is not namenie to speak l'uscan, or cabbige.

his fault.-Atorto, duurong

h Tuscan tingue. Torta, s. f a kind of pastry fully, unjustiy,

liith ut

fotaio ad:. Tuscin, born
work like a puiding baked.

-Voi mucousi e a in Tuscany.-Lingua Toscú-
Tortamente, adv. cross-way, torto, vou accuse me ul, ust

na, the Tuscan tungue
obliquiely, awry, sloping, a ly.--A diritto, e a torlo, right Tosciino, the Tucan order in
cross.--Torlamente, in a wring or wrong, by hook and by architecture, so called because
sense. --litendere una cosa crook.

inve!!ed in Tuscany.
tortamente, to misunde stand Tórtola,

To:c!), adi. Tuscan.- Tosco,
or misinterpret a thing
Tó, cora,

adv. Tuscan.-Philor Tosco, 16- Tortamente, wrongfully, un- Tórtore,

to spe k Tu. can. - Tosco, s.

Tortoléila, Zs. f. a turtle dove. m. poise.n.
Tortellótta, s. f. a little cart, Tortorell.,

Toséica s. f. a little girl.

Toso, adj. heared, shaved.
a petty pattee Tortoću
Tortello, a petly partie.

Torio étia,

Tosáre, lo shear, to shave, or
Tortevolmente, adv. wrong-Torture, s. m. an executioner. trim. O's.
fully, unju.ciy. Obs.

a torturer, a tormenter. Obs Tsám Ladi. shorn, shared,
Tortizza, s. f. crookedness. Torióso, adj. u.jusi, unr:a-Táto, ) trimmrd. Obs.
Torriglione, s. m the crookesi sonable.-Lubuo fallir d'ogni Tóne, the golden

part of a tree vine, orihe like. torio torioso, your fault is lie fieece lite Torciglioso, aviž. crookul, tuin.

most unjust of any.

Tó:sa, s. f. cough, a convul. ing in and out.-tune torti. Torunsarnéose, adv. in an nb-T sse, sion of the lun s. gliosi, a twisted rope. lique minner, obliquely, in Nè amor nè ossa si possono Torvíre, to cwist, to wrest, to

a winding manner.

celáre, love and a cough canwring

fortuosità, s r. owiquity turn. not be c Ocealed. Torurúline, s. f. crookedness, ings. windings.

To sicáre, to poison. Torti úrline, dishonesty, ro- Tortuóso, adj. tortunus, wind. Tosicám, adj poisoned. gang guery, iniquity.

ing, turning in and out. Tóssico, s. m. a particular, sort Tórto, adj. crooked, bent.---Toriúra, s. f. crookedness, ! of poison.

Capelli torti, curled or friz. wreathedness --Turlúra, ma-Tssicóso, adj. venomous, poi

zled hair.-Torto, unreason. lice. wickedne, cialiness. TRA

able, unjust, dishonest, ro. Tortura, torture, rack, tor- Tossiménto, s. m. the act of
guish, knavish. --- Torto, im. meni, pain — Porre alla tor- coughing.
modest, unruly, depraved, nura, mettere alla tortura, Tossire, to cough - Tossire,
lewd, excessive --Torto ap dare la tortura, to put to the s. m. cough, or coughing.
pelilo, immoderare or unruly rack, to torture.

Tostamente, adv. qu ckly nim
desires.-Costumi turti. de Torvità, s. f serrness, grim- bly, swiftly, presently, soon.
praved or corrupted manners, ness, souruess, doggi hness. -lo i eggio che io dello e
Forsennata latro siccomecane Tório, alj. grim. stern, sour,

lostamente morire, I see that
tanto dolor le la mente or. crabbed, diggel.-Guardar

I must die, and very soon.-
ta, she barkod like a dog uno con occhi orvi, to look Dare ostamente è dare dop-
through the violence of the sour or stern upon one. Viso piamente to give soon is give
grief which had made her torvo a stern, severe, crabbed ing double.
mad. --Operar non torin, ho.


T scanamente, v. Tostamente, nest, upright dealing.--Torto, Torzione s. f. extorrion, an Obs.

wronz, injury. --- Far unlawful exaction of money i Tustáno, adj. nimble, speedy, torto, to wrong, to injure. Torzione, contortion, distor- quick swift. Ohs-Via tosVoi fate torto alla vostra ri- tion.

tana, the shortest way. Obs. putazione, you wront pour Torzóne, s. m. à lay-friar. Tostanza, s. f quickness nim. own reputation -- Torto, Tosa, s. f a girl, a lass. Not Heness swiftness Obs. wrong, fult, blame.-Voil used but al Milan.

Tó-lo, adj

quck nimble, avete torto, you are in the Tosáre to shear, to shave or speedy, swift, fast.–Tosto, wrong.-Il tor o fue suo di trim-Tosare le pecore. to ready. quick.- Via tosta, che mescolarsi in cose che non gli shear sheep.- Tosare la bar- sheviest way. -Tosto, ady, spettano, he was to blame to ba, to shave one's beard, to quickly suddenly immedimeddle with things which did trim Tosar la monela, to ately soon --Andale tosto, go not coucern him.--Tutti gli clip morrey.

quickly:-D h farciomo lose diedero torlu, every body laul Tosato, adj. sheared, shaved 0, prithee let us make ha te. the blame upon him.---Torto, trimmed, clipped

--Le cose tosto date e trorate, adv. crookedly, mbliquely, a- Tosatúra, s. f. shavings shreds par che l' uom nou le reputi wry --- An-lar tortoi, to go parings, clippings.

core, things rediiy granted awry.-Guardar torto. tolook Toscana, s. f 'Tuscany, a and soon got, dr.rot seem to awry.-Far reder torta, to country in Italy, in which the be much es.semed. Par con


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over to


tosto inamorare cost frattal of gold.--Trà morti, « feri-l a traboccanie amore, I see foo donna come è costei ! to make li, between killed and wound. well, alas ! that a weak heart such a woman as she tali in ed.--Stare tra I si e'ln. to is too small a vessel for an exlove so soon!--Tusio tosto, be irresolute.-Trà per lo sci. ceeding love.-Ghinea traimmediately. -Più tosto, alacquare e lo giuocare ha toccante, a guinea that is fuil sooner, before.-Ben tosio, speso tutto il suo, what with weight. soun, quickly, speerlily, short his lavishness and what with Traboccantemente, adv. with ly, in a short time-Tosto his gaming, he has spent precipitation, hastily, ra hly, che, as soon as-lo sarò la every grout he had.—Trà due inconsiderately. 1os'o che in possn, I will be rolle, in two times --- -Tra, Traboccare, to there as soon as I can.---Pin with.--E in breve trà ciò che overflow, to superabound. tosto, soon, rather, before. - v' ma non rileva oltre a du-! Perchè si riniuzzi la malvagi. Porrei più tosto morire che cento fiormi, and, in a little à de' calliri quando è tanto lasciarvi, I would sooner die tiine, with what was left he cresciuta che tralocca, that than leave you.—Tosło come, was not worth two hundred the roalice of wicked men as soon as, in the same mo forins.---Tra, besides. may be stopped when it bement, forthwith.

Avendo trà gli aliri a fare comes too great.-TralocTorále, adi. total, whole, in con Borgognoni, uomini pie- cáre, to overflow, to lay under

tire, utter.- Somma totale, ni i inganni, besides he had water.-Traloccare, to throw the whole, the total or whole to deal with Burgundians, very or cast.-Traboceire, to pre. sum. ---Routra totale, utter deceitful men.--Trà, either, cipitate, to throw, or cast ruin.

No more used in this down headlong.-Troloredre Totalità, s. f. wholeness, to sense. ---Quale era meglio, trà una sentenza, to be over-hasty tality.

che li uomini avesse: o due mo in giving a sentence. Totalménte, adv. totally, ut. gli o le femmine du mariti ? Traboccato, p. p. of Traboe. terly, quite, entirely, to all which was better, either for care.---Traloccáto, precipie! intents and purposes

men to have two wives, or tate, over-hasty, rash, furious. Totávo, s. m. calamary, or cut for women to have two hus- Trabocchello, s. m. a pit-fall, tle-fish.

bands :--Trà via, upon the Trabocchetto, } a trap. Totamáglio, v. Titimaglio. road, in the street.

Trabocchetto, a litile mortarTotto, ex. Ve n' anlaste senza Traantico, arij, very old, very piece.-Tenulet trabocchelli, farmi molto totlo, you ancient. Obs.

to lay snares. went away without letting me Traaváro, adj. very covetous, Trabocchevole, adj. immense, know that you were going. very stingy. Obs.

vast, prodigious, huge, exTováglia, s. f. a table-cloth. Trabácca, tent, pavilion. ceeding great.--Tralocchi. Tovaggliaccia, s. f. a nasty old Trabucca, a camp-bed. vole, sad, grievous, unlucky. table-cloth.

| Trabacchetta, s. f. a little tent. - Caso fraterchecole, a sad, Tovaglietta, s. f.

Trabaldáre, to carry away hy unlucky accident. Tovagliolino. s. m. Sa napkin. stealth, to steal away. Obs: Trabocchevolmente, adv. with Tovaglioóla, s. f.

Trabalderia, s. f. the act of precipitation, hastily, rashly. Tozzétto, s. m, a little bit.- carrying away by stealth. Trabócco, s. m. downfall, ruin, Tozé 10, a short and thick Obs.

destruction, end.--Trobocco, nail.

Traballáre, to reel, to stagger. a stumbling-place.- TratosTózzo, s. m. a bit, a morsel.- Trabalzáre, to toss up and cu, a mortar-piece. Un tozzo di pane, a bit or


Trabondárc, to be plentiful, morsel of bread.-Tozzo, adj. Trabalzáto, adj. tossed. Obs. an epithet to a thing that is Trabálzo, S. m. a cheating Trabuóno, adj. extremely good. too large or thick in propor. trick.

Obs. tion to its height.

Trabeáto, adj. very happy. Tracannáre, to pcur down, to Tozzótto, adj. an epithet to Obs.

drink hard. any thing, whose bulk ex. Trabéllo, adj. very handsome. Tracannáto, p. p. of Tracanceeds too much in largeness Obs. or thickness when compared Trabéne, adv. extremely well. Tracannatóre, a great drinker, to its height, ex.-Un gio Obs.

a toper. vane torzotto, a little, and Trabíccolo, s. m. a wooden Tracannatríce, fem. of Tracan. thick-set young man.

horse to dry linen upon before gatore. Trà, prep. between, betwixt. the fire.

Tracáro, adj. exceeding dear. Non c' è molta differenza trà Traboccaménto, s.

Obs, questo e quello, there is not a flow.--Traboccamento, ruin, Tracattivo, adj. great difference betiveen this destruction.

Obs. and that ----Trà, among, a Traboccante, adj. overflowing. Traccheggiáre, to temporize, mongst, with.-- Trà una vol. Vino traloccante, sparkling. to delay. ta e nitra avea aruto quello wine.—Misura traloccante, a Tráccia, s. f. footstep, track. che vale ben trenta fiorini d full measure.-E ben m' Seguitar uno alla roccia, to oro, at several times he had areggio, ahi lassa, che trop follow one by the track.le ceived about thirty florins po angusto vaso è delil, care

tracce di alta Homo sou je


m. Over

quite bade

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