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htu giardino, there are in yours and insolent, that he did not ---- Fornmina traditrice, false garuen marks that another value lhe dignity of priorship. woman.---Fortuna traditizie man has been there. Andar Tracotáre, to grow build beyond,

perfidious fortune.
th traccia, foi trace, to hunt the limits of decency. Tradizione, s. m. tradition.
after. ---Andlar in tinccia di Tracotáto, adj. indecently, Tradolce, adj. very sweet.
ricchezzo, to hunt after riches. bold.--Tracotan, insolent, Trainiciáto, } Both Obs,
- Aular traccia di liti, to impudent, arrogant. Tradório, translated.
pick quarrels.

Tiacruccióso, adj. very angry. Traducióie, a translator.
Tracciamento, s.
m. machi-1 Obs.

Tradúrie, to carry, to convey nation, device, plot.-Irac-Tracuríggine, ? All Oos. z.

from one place to another. ciarnéndo, the act of fullowing Tracuranza,

Tradurre, to translate, to turn the track.



a work out of one language Tracciare, to trace, to follow Trucutamento,


into another. the trace or fouting.–Trac- Tracutáto, adj. careless, su- Traduttóre, a translator. cinre una lepre, to trace a pine, negligent. Obs. Traduttrice, fem. of Traduthare.-Tracciare, to machi- Tradigióne, s. f. 2. Tradimennate, to contrive, to plot, lv

Traduzione, s. f. translation. devise.

Tradimenticito, adj. quite for- Traénte, adj. attractive, draw. Tracciátn, adj. traced, machi. gotten. Obs.

ing nated, contrivedi, plotted, Tradimento, s. f. trenchery Trafelamento, s. f. wearisomehatched, devised.

treason.--Lu ritià di Troja ness. Trachiáro, adj. very clear. per tradi-nento fu presa, the Tratuláre, to be out of breath Obs.

city of Troy was taken by trea or tired, to grow tuint and Tracodardo, very cywardly. chery ---- Ainmazzare 200 a wcak.-- Trafetüre, di sete, to

Obs.-Un tracodardo, a cow-trailimento, to kill one crea be very thirsiy.--Rotli e sconard, a poltroon.

chem usly.--Mangiare ii pane fiuti si misuizo in figa, di che Tracolla, s. m. a shoulder-belt a troumento, to eat one'si molti ne fierono presi, moiti or bandoleer. | breid in dieness.

ne trafelaruno, molti affogaTracollaméoin, s. m. the act Tradire, lobetray, to be false to. rono in Arno, being routed of falling or tumbling down. Tradiri:to, adj. very streight. and defeated, they betock Tracollárc, to pod, to sleep up- Obs.

themselves to flight, of whom on a chair, with a motion of Tradispregevole, adj. very des many were taken, several the head. --Tracollire, to picable. Obs.

fainted away, and a great maex seel, to stagger, to stumble.-- Traditévole, adj. treacherous, ny were drowned in the Ara Tracollárr, to fall or tumble false. Obs. down.

Traditevolmente, adv. trcache- Trafeláto, adj. fainted away, Traccolláto, p. p. of Tracol- rously, faiscely: Obs. out of breath, tired. lare.

Tradito, adj. betrayed. Traferire, to wound, to strike, Tracóllo, s. m. nod or nodding Tradlicóra, fem. of Traditore ; Traferére, } Ois, boin.

- Dare il tracollo, to make often used as an endcaring Trafficánte, dealer, tra ler, one preponderate-Ell erano tuta word.

addicted to traffick. volta si bilanciate le forze loro Tralicoráccio, a vile infamous Trafficárc, o tra le, to deal, to che ogni poco di ogumento era traitor.

trafick, or drive tradebastante a dare il tracollo, Traditóre, a traitor, a betrayer. Truáre nota, to negocihowever, their forces wvere so --Traditore adj. treacherous, ate, or drive a trade in money, well balanced, that the least false, pertilioni.--Occhi tra or bill of exchange. assistance would make one ditori, treacherous eve --- Traficáro, adj. tradeil. preponderate.

Moro traditore, treacherous Trafficacóre, one addicted to Traconfortársi, to cornfort one's world.

traffick, dealer, trader. self. Obs.

Tradicorélla. s. f. a little female Tratticatrice, feni. of TrafficaTraconvenévole, adv. very con- traitor ; often used as an envenient. dearing word.

Traffico, s. m. traffick, trade, Tracordáre, to agree very well Trattorélio, s. m. a wou'd be trading, commerce. Far Obs.

traitor, a perty despicable traffico, to drive a trade, 19 Tricorrente, adj. that runs

traitor, a witle's traitor ; it is traffick or trade. swiftly. Obs.

also an endearing word for an Traffre, dugger, porriard. Obs, Tracórrere, to run swiftly. amiable boy, and a kind 'Trafiggénte, adj. piercing. Obs.


Trafiggere, to pierce, or fun Tracotánza, s. f. insolence, ar- Traditore-cuménte, adv. trea through, to wound.-Trafig. rogance.- Questa lor traco- cherously,

gere il cuore, to cut to the tanza non m' è nuova this in- Truditoresco, adj. treacherous, very heart.-Traficgere di do solence ot cheirs i not a new false ---Fisonomia traditures lore, to gritve, to break one's thing to me - - Monto in tan c2, a traiterous, false look heart.---Trafiksere, lo sting, er audacia e tracofarza che l' Tra litrice, a traitress, a treiche t2.cttle to vex ufficio del priorata a cu por rous wom 11. - Traditrice, adi T-fi-gimento, s. m. the act miente, he grew so audicious teacherous, false, perfidious. Trafiggicúra, s. f.



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nimrcing or wounding.

path.- Trogetto, a passare er, shoot, twig, sprig of a tice, Trafila, s. f. a wire-drawing over the sea or a river.---Ci herh p'ant, or tree

resta ancora un gran tragetin Tralicciu, s. m. buckram or Critea, s. f. a sting or wound a fare, we have still a gruar trelis, Tiedista, sharp, biling, keen way to 90.-Da sera a mune Tajznamento, s. m. corrupponnant, abusive, satirical ho fato il sol rragetto, the tion, reprivation. "Tvillig or muito.

sun is passed tiom luis setting frignárie, adj. degenerating, pratitto, adj. pierced, run to his ri-ing.

unlike. strugh, wounded transfix-i vagheitáre . Traggetrare. Tralignáre, to degenerate, to el --Trafitto di dolore, struck Tragicaniénte, adv trazically, grow wore. - - Deh conne 10 the quick, grieved to the with a tragical end.

iraligni tu? il prima firsti very heart.

Trático, adj. tragical, tragic, uomo e ora se funcirlo. Trafitiúra, S. f. a sting, a sud, doleful, mournful. how sırangely you are altere?

wound.--Trafillúra delle mo- Tragi,gáre to pass beyond thie beto'e you was a man, and sche, the sting of flics.

limits of justice or decency. now vou are a boy. • Trafoglio, s. m trefoil, or Obs.

Tralignáto, adj degenerated, three-leafed grass.

Tragittáre, v. Tragettare. corrupted, lepraved. Tafoglioso, adj. sowed with or Tragitisiúre, a slinger, he thai Tralórdo, adj very filthy. Ob. full of trefoil.

slings, Caits, or throws. Toralucente, adj. shining or Traforåre, to pierce or run Tiagitto, v. Tugello.

bright. ---Traluoeste, shin. through. ---Trafordre, to go fragrande, adj. exceeding in through. through.

Traducere to shine through.Taforáto, adj. pierced or run Traguardiire, to aim, to take Travarere, to shine, io be Through. one's aim.

bright or shining. Traforelleria, v. Trafurelleria. Traguardo, s. m. a mathema. Tralunáre, 10 roll one's eyes in Tratorellino, v. Tiafurellino. tical lostrument look one's head, to squint, to look 'Traforello, v. 'Trafurcllo. through, in measu. ing distan- askew --Varratimando quan. 'Tiafóru s. m. a hole.

tumorue tu vuoi, you may Tramireria, v. Trafuselleria. Traiménto, s. m. drawing, at- frown as much as you will. Traforétto, s. m. a small-hole.

Tialuráto, adj. strayed, wanTrafreddo, adj. excessive coid. Triináre, to draw, to trail, to doring - Occhi trolirati, 1 Obs. rag along.

wild locks.---Tralunto af. Trafugáre, to run away with. Túino, s. m. as much as a frighted, astonished, stupified,

to carry or seal away, to con drughi-horse can draw ay dismavcd. ceal.-- Trafugare una zitelia, once --Crivallo da traino, a Tralúngo, adj very long. Ohs. to run away with a girl, draught-horse. ---Traino, Tráma. f the woof, in wear. Trafugáto, p. p. of Trafugare. sledge, sled, dray, cart. ing --L'uomo che ha saniate Trafuugire, to fly, to run away. Tranum, the act of cirawing or trunun grande amista'e, se vie 05s.

pulling along ---Traino, im ene in tempestate romppsegli Trafuggitóre, a deserter, a run pediment, hindiance, incum la Irama, no longer foster, no away soldier. Obs.

brance --Prouincù che in longer friend. -- Traine, plot, Trafurelleria, a trick, a deceit. reggimento non s' andasse con combination, conspiracy. 'Trafurellino, sm, a little traino ili moglie, he ordered Tramaglio, s. m. à tramel or Trafuréllo, thief, a pick- that governors should not go dirag ner. pocket, a subtle deceiver, or incumbered with wives tu Trunalvagio, s. m. very wickcheat.

their governmenis -- Traino, ed. Obs. Tratúsola, s. f. a little skain weight.---Trnino, a lo of Tramaraviglioso, adj. very Tradiso!o, s, m.) of silk, wood. Tiaino, ambling, wonderful. Obs. Tragédia, s. f. a tragedy, a tra pacing.

Tramáre, to weave. --Truire, gical play.--Tragédia, a tra-Tralasciaménto s. m. a desist to plot, to contrive to brew. Sedy, a sad and cruel acci- ing, forbearing, giving over, Tramálo, p. p. of Trainare dent.

ceasin:", or leaving off. Tiamazzáre, to knock down, Tragédo, s. m. a maker or Tralasciáre, to forbear, to de to fall down. Not used.

ivriter of tragedies. Not used, sist, to cease or leave ufi, to Tramazzo, s. m.tumult, noise, Tragettáre, to pass over.-Trao give over.

confusion, or hurly-barly. gelare un fiume, to pass over Tralasciálo, adj. desisted, ceas- Trambasciamento, s. m. an. a river. - Tregeliare, to throw ed, left off, or given over.

guish, great pain, trouble, disor disperse here and there, to Tralatáto, transported, carried. tress, atfliction. toss up and down. Not used Obs.

Trambasciáre, to be vexed or in this sense.

Tralazióne, s. f. translation, re- grieved, to swoon or faint Tragettatore, a man that di-l, moval. Obs.

away. Trumbascio di deside. verts the company for a little Trálcio, s. m. a shoot, twig, di vederla, I have a long. inoney with feats of dexteri. or sprig of a vine, trec, herb,' ing desire to see her. ty, playing wicks with cards or plant.--Tralcio, the umbia Tramlasciato, p. p. of Tram. and other things. lical gut in children.

basciare --Corseto tranbasciIragétto, s, m, a path, a fopr. Tralchizzo, s. m. a small lay- uti per aver da Sejano udiotza,

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Tramendúe, adj. both, one

Tramendúni: S and the other.

m. tramon

going down


they ran out of breath to have) Trámite, s. m. a jyath, a way. to plot, to conspire.-Scornia, audience of Sejanus.


are i branillo, tu appcini, 10 Trambunca, s. f. confusion Tiaminéitere, 2:. Tramettere. batite, to break one's mca

dis rder, trouble, hurly burly Tramoggia, s. f. the mill-hop- sures. Trainbuscáre, o contounid, 10 per.

Tranrétti), adj. very clean. Olii. hudde tojecties, in put every Tranjolliccio, adj. soft, fabby. Tranghiottménto s. m. swain thins at sixes and sevens.


lowing, devouring. Trambusiio, s. m.coutu.son, Tramontaménto, s. m. the set-Tringnintuire, to swallow in Trambústo, I disorder, jumi. ling of the Un, the going

lo devour.-- Tranghiottre in ble.--Trumiusto, a noise, a

down of the un or stars. oltraggio, to brook in te great noise, a tracas.

Tramuntária, s. 1, the north- front. Tramentáre, to treat, to coin wind. Tramontana, the arc- Tranghiuttito, adj. p. p. út pass a creaty of war peace, al

uick or dortti-pole. La mia Tranghiolite. liance, or any other such casa è volta à tramowano, Trangosciare, to be vexei or thing.

my bousc stands to inc nonn. grieved, to be in anguish cr

Tiamoniúna, che north great pain, to suffer. Tramendúi,

star.—Perder la tramontana, Trangugiamėnto. s. m. the aft,

to be at a luss, to be at oncs of swallowing up. Tramescoláre, to intermingie,

wiis end.

Trangog áre, io sia low.---' to jumble together. Oos. l'rainditanáccio, a sharp, of- Trungaguure alcuno, to 016Tramessa, s. f. interposition fensive, northerly wind. power one, to swallon ha mediacion, procurement

no.ta:1:, s.

up. Tramessa, a digression.

tane, norin wird.

Trangugiato, adj. swallowed Iratésso, s. m. dainty dishes Tramontante, adj. setting or up. or plates served at a great ta

Not used. Trangugiatóre, a devraier, i ble.-- Tramésso, acij. put be Tramontáre, to set or go down. glution.

-Il sole irano!!!, the sun Tranúbile, adj. very mbie. Tramestáre, to intermingle, to seis.--. Irumuntulo, adj. set,

Obs. minle, to jumble together. Sone WI..

Tranquillamente, adv.quices, Tramestio, s. m. confusion, Trür.unio, s. m a setting or calmly, peaceably: disorcier, jumble.

ging down. Obs.---Tin-Tranquiliáie, to tranquillo Tramétere to put between wisto, ar!}. contracted from or quiet..---Truqurturies Tramitere, to send. Tiamo llo.

gr.w calm.---Tranjuriteits !! Tramétterai, to intermeddle, to Tramontigióne, s. f.

kerpat bay. to amuse, tu lieti interpose. Tiamoramento, s. m.

in play, to play the tool kita Tramézia, ». Tramezzo. ä tainting til, a swoon, Obi-Tranquillure, tu lei, Tramezzemémo, s. m. inter- Tramortire; tu faint away, to to be nurry, 10 eat and anni mission, interruption, pause. fall into a swoon.

well. e' ttumezzamenti di ques. Tarmortito, adj. swooned Tranquilláto, adj. calmed, ; ti rempi, during these trans away, in a swoul).

peased. actions, while those things Trampoli, s. m. pl. stilts. Tranquillità, s. f. tranquility, were doing.

Tramúra, s. f. altera. quiet, calmness, sctätune, Tramezzáre, to put or cross be- Tramutazione, s. f.

tion, composedness. tweeli, to intei meldle, to in- Tramutaméno, s. m. vicissi- Tranquillo, adj. quiet, so!, . ter pose.--Tramezzúre, io in lude, change.

calm.--Mare iraw.juicio, a terrupt, to discontinue, or Tramutare, to move to change, calm sea.-Tranquillo. pencia leave off.

10 a!tas. - Trumuture il inn, able, undisturbed, sednek. Tramezzáto, p. p. of Tramez to rack wine, to diaw it off the Vit tranquilla a quite !! lees.-- Travritture, to turn, 10 -Traryuillo, gentle,

WA Tramezzatore, a mediator, a change.- Tramutar l'amor in -E con tranquillo asing manager between two parties. odio, to charige love into ha vicu losto mi chisse, ali, wiö Not used red.

a gentie 1ook said come, ca. Tramezzatrice. s. f. a media. Tramutáto, adj. moved, chang- along.--Tranquiliu, trix. Not used.

tranquillity, quiel, Tramezzo, s. m. partition. Tramutatóre, s. m. that moves calmness.---- in questu 1.se/se Tramézza, s. f.} division, trom one place to another. qurlio il re mandò il, git any thing that serves to part Tramutuzione, s. f. change, risculco nella marea, kimising or divide one thing from ano alteration.

This calmness, the king at ther.--Tramézza, the inner Tranále, to draw, to trail, 10 his master of the best I'::: sole of a shoe. drag, to diag along.

Maica.--Tenere in 1'11*;7475.07% Tramischiare, to mix, to min- Tranelláre, to ched with cun to keep at bay, 10 amusu linn gle, to confound, to jumble, ning, to deceive with subtle words. or put together. malice.

Transazione, s. f. fran-icon. Tramischiáto, adj. mingled, Tranelleria, s. f. deceit, plot, Trursazióne, transacc.). mixed, confounded, put to Tranello, s. m. ) conspiracy, Transcendere, gether.

combination. Usar iTunelii, dere.





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Transégna, s. f. a mantle, an! -Prestamente trapassù in in-! catch-nennies. upper cit. Ohs.

octora, be Went oier 09 Tr pricháre, tu catch, to cheit, Triskiire, r. Laferre. Enguid iminedizielv.-Tra to over reach, to trici. Chi

Iransión lure, 29. Trastuniere. liassoie, to pass, :o come il pie sline 51 trappolure alTare, to nie Obs. I gotne ish, o com arcobri ir le prglia de' zarch the Tránsito S. m. pansige, a g?

to comuur go oler. --Tranas antalet is very olon cheated. in firun out place to ano

0-1 sure, to dia, io depute this lite. Ta, poláio, H. p. of Trappen ther.--- Truzsina, denti, dis-, -Trapassare, to end to make bare. eise. ---"re o essere in tran- or have an uni, to finish.-- Tiappolaróre, a cheat, a rogue, silo, to be a dying.-kia ma-i Trapassare, to surmount, to a knare. 2240, e si preselio iz transito, i go beyonıl, to excel, to pass, Trappaluurice, fem. of Trappohe was very sick and ready to or surpass, to outso.--Trapas- lauore. die.

sare, io umit, to pass by or Trappoleria, s. f. deceit, fraud, Sransitoriamente, adv. curso over, to take no notice of, tu havish trick. rily, by the wiv.--Perla e d'I forget.

Trappoliéra, feris. of Trappoliuna cosa transitoriamente, lo Tra, a sáto, p. p. of Trapassare. speak of a thing by the way, -Trapassuto ciccease1 dead, ! Trappoliére, v. Tra; polatore. or shie hily.

departed this life.-1 trupas- I'r. ppule ta, $. f. Gimin. of Transitorio, adi. transitorv, suti, the dead.

Trappila. transient, so in pa-sing.-Le Trapassaráce, one that gnes he-Treppurie, to pu: hetween. · Cose tenipurizli ir!!!e seria tranta | yoni --- Trapussitóri, trans Tra rencsére, io tave. Obs. sitorie, a'i worldiyings are ressor,

Tiapreso, üdj.iaken. Obs. i transpory.

Tiapassei ole, transitory, tran Trapanilaie', lv quit, tristlich. Translatára, to translate. s'ent, soon Pasing. Obs. | Trapumálo, adj. quilted, slitchTranslatio, ailj. translated. Trapásso, s. m trespass.-Tra- ed. Translatvaniénie, v. Trasla- prisso, a diges-ion. - Trapuis- Trapunta, s. m. quilting tivamcr.te.

so, deaih, ducede.-Trapus. Trujinto, adj. quited, stitchTransricchimiot.), s. m. the so, the strong pacing of a


-Trapunto, lean, thin, growing imalojeruicly rich. horse.---(allo che ia dil extenuated, fallen away. 05

trapasso, a busc thul paces Tourice's, a:1). Very nich.' Obs. Transricchire, to enrich very

well and last.

Traripomeno, s. m. precipice, much. Oos.

Trapeiáre, to flow, run, leak, sicep down iall. Transvedére, to see one thing ouze, go through.---Questo, Traripúre, to precipitate, to tor another. Obs.

1050 Napela, this vessel runs. throw down headlon. Transumanáre, v. Trasuma | --Trapelare, to penetrate. Trarijárc, tu piss over from

Trapiantáre, to transplani. one bank to the other. Transastanziáre, to transub. Trapianisto, adj. transplanted Trarótto, adj. interrupted, disstantiate, to change into ano- Trapiccolo, adj. very small or continued. Ous. ther substance.

little. Obs.

Traiozzo, adj. very clownish. Trarsustanzia zióne, s. f. tran-Trapórre, to put between. Trárre', the same as Tirare. substantiation, a change of Traportimento, s. m trao-por- Yet there is a propriety in one substance into another, tation, the act of transpurting.! using the one for the oher, the change of the sacramen. Traportare, to transport or ex that is noteasily pointed out to tal bread and wine, according purt, to carry from one place strangers.— Tiarre mercanzie to the Roman church, into to another.---Traportáre, w d'un paese, to export commoChrist's real body and blood. carry, to bring.

dries cut of a country.- Tras. Traonestamente, adv. very ho- Tiaportáto, adj transported.-- re d'inganno, to undeceive.pesily. Obs.

Esser traportato delia collera Trane in volgare, to translate Trapucificii, adj. very peaceto be transported with anger.

into Italian.--Tíur di scuola, to able. Obs. Trapos érte, adj. very power

make one mad.---Trarre un Lapınáre, s. m. to trepan, to ful. Obs.

dende, to pull our a tooth..apply the trepan in fractures | Trapósto, adj. pit between. Trarre di lande, to receitrom of the skull ; also to bnie, 10 Tiappola, s. f. a rap.—Trip banishment.-Trarre di periwierce, to mahe a hole. ponit, snares -- Tender trap- coln, to draw out of danger.-Tápa:10, s. m. a trepall or tre poole, to lay snares.-- -Farl-Frarre, to draw a bili of ex. pan-iron, an auger, wimble, trappole, to plot some traile change:-Trarre di vita, to or piercer.

rous designs. Trúppola, --Truire guul, to comTrapssamento, 3. mn. a passage drag-niei, trammel, or sweep- plain, to lament.-Trarre del or pa-sing away.-

---Trapasszal net.- ilanginre il cucio nella capo, to beat a thing out of mérito della r;iia, death, de troppola, where vice is, ven. one's head.-Trarre la jame, @case.--Trapesemérto, trans geance follows.--Ec è più to give much food to him gression, trespass, ottence, trappole che topi, there are that is very hungry.--Trursi misdeed.

mote rogues ihan rogueries.- la fuma, to eat one's belly. Trapassante, adj. pissing over Tiuppose da quattrini, toys full. or beyond.

that make a fine shew, and Trarupare, to precipitate, te trapassare, to pass or go over. are of no intrinsic value, throw down headlong,



turn or


; } p.p.of Trasattare


Trarupato, adj. steep, rugged, Trascorrevole, adj. transitory. be? am I so changed?rough, uneven, full of rocks Trascorrimento, s. m. a run- Trasfigurazióne, s. f. transfigu.. and stones. Obs.

ning over quickly, an incur- ration. Trasandamento, s. mn. a passing sion.-Truscorrimento di lu- Trasfondere, to transfuse, to or going over or beyond me, a beam of light,

pour froin one vessel into anTrasandamento, carelessness, Trascorritore, s. m. he or she other. supinity, negligence.

Trascorritrice, s. f. } that Trasformaménto, s.m. / transTrasandáre, to go beyond.- runs quickiy.

Trasformánza. s. f. forTrasandáre, to cake too much Trascorsivamente, adv. by the mation. liberty. Trasandáre, to neg. bye, by the way.

Trasformare, to transform, to Hect or slight.

Trascór:0, s. m. mistake, error, metamorphose, to Trasandáto, p. p. of Trasan- blunder. ---Trascorso, adj. run change from one form to ano. clare. over, past (ver.

ther. Trasandatúra, s. f. r. Trasan. Trascotato, adj. fierce, proud, Trasformarsi to be transforma damento.

haughty, highspirited. Obs. ed or changed, to turn. Trasatráre, to seize, to make Trascrítio, adj. copied, tran- Trasformáio, adj. transformed, one's self master of. Obs. scribed.

changed. Trascrivere, to transcribe, to Trasformazione, s. f. transfora Tusátto, copy.

maion Trasávio, adj. very learned. Trascurággine, s. f. careless. Trasida e, z. Trafugáre. Obs.

ness, supinity, negligence. Trasgründe, adj. very great. Trascannáre, to wind from one Trascuranie, adj. neglecting. Obs. skain to another.

neglectful, careless, Trasgredimento, s. m. transTrascegliere, to select, to Trascuranza, 2:. Trascuraggine. gression Trascérre, chuose, to Trascuráre, tu neglect, not to Trasgredire, to transgress or pick out.

take aire of, lo slight. trespass, to disobey. Trascegliménto, s. m. choice, Trascurarázgine. s. f. careless. Trasgrediro, ailj. transgressed, picking out.

negligence, neglect, trespasser! disobeyed. Trascelta, s. f. choice.

hecdlessness, supinity. Trasgreditorc, s. m. a transgresTrascélto, adj. chosen, select-Trascurataminte, adv, negli-sor, ed.

gently, carelessly, sppinely. Trasgressióne, s. f. a transgres, Tra rendente, adj. frascendent. Trascuratézza, s. f. negligence, sion. exceeding, surpassing, excel carelessness, neglect, heed- Trasgressore, a transgressor. ling.

lessness, supinity.

Trasi, adj. such, so great. Trascendere, to exceed, to sur-Trascuráto, adj. neglected, Obs.--Trasi gran pena, so pass, or excel, to ourdo, to gol slightel.- Trascurdlo, negli- greit a grief, beyond.

gent, neglectful, careless, su- Trasicuramente, adv. most Trascétre, v. Trascegliere. pine.-Trascuráto, haughty, certainly. Obs. Trasciocco, adj. very foolish, proud, fierce, high-spirited. Traslatáre, to translate, to re

silly, or simple. Obs. Trascuránza, s. f. negligence, move from one place to an. Trascolorare, to change colour. carelessness. Obs.

other, to transfer.--Traslatáre, Trascorrente, adj. wandering, Trascurato, adj. proud, to translate from one lanunconstant, moving up and haughty. Obs,

guage into another. down, running at random. Trasecoláre, to wonder, to be Traslatáto, adj. translated, reTrascorrentemente, adv. by the amazed, astonished, or sur. moved, transferred. bye, by the way.


Traslatatóre, s. m. a translator. Trascorrere, to run over, to Trasecolato, adj. wondered, Trasláto, s. m. a metaphor, a pass over quickly, to touch al amazed, astonished, surprised. I trope, a rhetorical figure.-thing by the bye.---Trascor. Trasferire, to transfer, to trans Traslato, adj. translated, transTere un libro, to run over a late, to remove, or bring over. ferred, removed, carried. book, to read cursorily.--In Transferire il trono, to trans- Traslaróre, s. m. a translator. tanto furor trascorse, he flew fer the throne or the empire. Traslazióne. s. f. translation, into such a passion, or he was ~Trusferirsi in un irogo, to removal.—Traslazione, transso transported with anger. come or go to a place.-Erle lation from language to lanAllettato dalle sue promesse mi ordine di trasferirsi in corte, guage. son lascia o trascorrere a com he was ordered to come to Traslignáre, v. Tralignare. grauerio, enticed by his pro

Trasinés), adj. transmitted, mises' I condescended to please Trasfiguráre, to transfigure. cor veyed. him.----Trascorrere, to grow Trasfigurársi, to disguise one's T.smétiere, to trarsfuse, to licentious, to take too much self, to take up another form pour out of one vessel into anliberty, too great a latitude - or shape.

viner. Trasméltere, to transTrusionere, to puss, to spend, Trasfiguráto, adj. transfigur. mii, to convey. or employ one's time.---lo ed, disguised, changed, alter- 7,25 miztále, to transmigrate, 7.on trascorsi la puerile, età ed, disfigured.--. Come può iu pass from one place or bo. uziosa, I did not pass my questo essere son' io così dy to another. youth idly.

trasfiguralo i how can that Trasmigrazione, s. f. transmiVOL. 1.


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