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* detestation.

dere, quasi riddurre in brace) A bisdósso, adv. bare-backed. Abbomináre, to abominate, to to fire, to set on fire.

-Cavalcúre a vistosst, to ride detest, to hate.

Abbraccio, s. m. an embrace. bare-backed. Abbominevole, adj. abomina- Abbrancáre, to snatch,to grasp. Abissáre, to fall into an abyss ble.

Abbrancáre, to hold fast. or bottomless pit. Abissdre, Abbominio, s. . abomination. Abbreviamento, shortening, to waste, to squander away.-Abbonacciare, to calm, to pa- making short.

Abissére, to perisha, to come to cify, to still

Abbreviáre, to abridge, to a fatal end. Abbonacciarsi, to grow calm. shorten.Per abbreviure, in Abisso, s. m. an abyss, a botAbbondamento, Abbon-l short, to make short.

tomless gulf or pit..sbísso, danza.

Abbreviatore, an abridger. a thing most abstruse or obo Abbondinte, adj. abounding.

Abbreviatúra, s. f. abbrevia- scure. Abisso, hell. Abbondandemente, adv. abun- tion.

Abitabile, adj. habitable. dantly.

Abbriccáre, to throw with vio- Abitacolo, s. m. an habitation, Abbondanza, s.f. abundance.lence.

abode. itbondin:2, at Fiorence 'tis a Abbriváre, to begin to move, Abitaggio, s. m. magistrate that provides the speaking of a ship.

Abitagione, s. f.

an habi

tation. city with corn and other pro- Abbrividáre, to shiver, or Abitaménto, s. m. visions.

shudder for cold.

Abitáre, to inhabit, to live, or Abbondaziére, s. m, a victual- | Abbronzáre, to tan, to make dwell in. ler, one that provides the tawny.--Abbronzáre, to burn Abitatore, inhabitant, dweller. city with all sorts of provi- up, to scorch.–Viso abbron- Abitatrice, s. f. a she dweller or sions. zuto, a scorched face.

inhabitant. Abbondáre, to abound with. Abbrustolíre, to toast, to dry Abitazioncélla, s. £. a narrow Abbondézza, u. Abbondanza. any thing by the fire. place to live in. Abbon'do, s. m. plenty, store. Abbruciacchiare, to burn but Abitazione, s. f. an habitation. Obs. little.

Abitévole, adj. m. f. habitable. Abbondosaménte, adr.. Co-Abbruciaménto, s. m. burning, Abito, s. m. a suit, or suit of piously. or firing.

clothes-Pigliar púbito (farsi Abbordire, to board a ship, to Abbruciare, to burn.

frate) to take the religious come up with a ship. Abbruciatíccio, adj. burnt a habit, to go into a monastery. Abbórdo,'s. m. the running or little.

1'bito, babit, use, custom. falling foul of ships one with Abbrunáre, to grow dusky. Abituále, adj. m. f. habitual. another. Ablórdo (arrivo) Abbrunire, to become brown, Abitualmente, adv. habitually. arrival, coining to.

to make brown; to grow Abituáre, to use, to accustom. Abborracciare, to cobble, to dusk, to darken.

Alituursi, to use, to accus. bungle.- Abboracciursi, to fud- Abbrustiáre, 1 to scorch, to tom one's self to. dle one's self. Abbrustire, singe.

Abitúdine, s. f. habit, temper. Abhorrimento, s. m. abhor- Abbrustoláre, to parch, to Abitúro, s. m. (abitazione, hao rence. scorch, to toast.

bitation, abode. Abborrire, to abhor, to loath. Abbujáre, to grow dark.- A bizzeffe, adv. abundantly, Abborritóre, he that abhors. Prima che abb", before 'tis in great quantity. Abborritrice, fem. of Abborri- dark.

A bocca baciata, adv. easily. tóre

Abburattáre, to bolt, to sift.-Ablativo, s. m, the ablative Abbottináre, to pillage, rob, or Abburattare, to abuse, to use plander. ill.

Abolíre, to abolish, to repeal. Abbottinársi, to mutiny, to Abburattatóre, the man who Ahorrire, o. Abborrire. rise up in arms.

turns that instrument called Abortáre, to miscarry, to be Abbottonáre, to button. burutto, in which the Italians Abortire, I brought to bed Abbottonatúra, s.f. the button sift their meal.

before the time Abortico, boles.

Abdicáre, to abdicate, to re adj. abortive, born before its Abbozzamento, s. m. (schizzo) sign.

time. a rough draught or sketch. Abdicazione, s. f. abdication, Aborto, s. m. a child born by Abbozzáre, to sketch.


miscarriage. Abbozzariccio, adj. half-sha- abecedário, s. m. a teacher, or Abrogare, to abrogate, to te dowed, half-sketched, not fi learner of abc.-.Abecedário, peal. pished. an a bc book.

Abrogazione, s. f. abrogation. Abbozzatúra, s. f.2 the first Abetája, s. f. a wood of fir Abrótano, 9. m. southern Ahhoz.zo, s, m. $ draughe.

Abruorino, wood. Abbracciainénto, s. m. embrace, Abete, s m a fir-tree. Abusáre, to abuse a thing, to embracing

Abile, adj. m. f. skilful, expe- misuse it, to use it ill, to put Abbracciare; to embrace, to rienced.

is to a wrong use. bug, io clasp.

Abilità, s. f. ability, address. Abusivamente, adv. abusively Abbracciata, s. f. embrace, em Ibilitii, art, skil.'

Abusivo, adj. abusive. bracing Abilitáre, to enable.

Abúso, & m: an abuse. Abbraciare, infocáre, accén. A biuscio, adv. obliguely. Abuzzágo, s. m. a buzzard,


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Acacia,? s. f. a kind of yel-{ Aceasúrsi, to settle, or to settle Accendimento, s. m. the state Acazia, low flower. one's self

of burning, or setting on fire. Acca, s. m. the letter H.- Non Accasáto, adj. married, settled. - Accendimento, incitement, vale un acca, it is not worth a - Accasto, full of houses. incentive. pin.

Accascáre, to happen. Accenditójo, a lighting stick. Accadémia, s. f. an academy. Accasciamento, heaviness of Accenditore, he that kindles. Accadémico, an academist: limbs through old age or | Accenditrice, she that kindles. Accadére, to happen. - Vonac sicknegs.

Accennamento, s. m. a beck, a cáde mi diciáte, you need not Accasciarsi, to decay, to fall, nod, a hint.-Accennumento, tell me.

to be worn out, or quite spent hint, private notice. Accadimento, s. m. accident, through old age or sickness. Accennáre, to nod, to beckon. chance.

--Questa febbre m'hi accasciuto, - decenndre, to mention, to Aecaffáre, to snatch, to wrest this fever has weakened me. make mention.-decennure, to away:

Accatarráre, to get a cold. advise, to give an account Accagionaménto, s. m. impu- Accatastare, to heap, to heap M'è stato accennuto, I had a tation, charge. up

hint of it. Accagionáre, to impute, to Accattabrigʻhe, a quarrelsome Accennatura, a nod, a beck. charge with.


Accensible, adj. combustible. Accalappiáre, to ensnare. Accattamento, begging alms. Accentáre, u. Accentuare. Accaloráre, to heat, to warm. Accattáre, to borrow. ---Accat-Accénto, accent. Accampare, to encamp, túre, to beg:— Accattáre, to get, Accento, accent, tone, pronunpitch a camp.- decamparsi, to gain, to obtain.

ciation-Accento, tune, note, to pitch one's camp. Accattatore, a beggar.

voice.-Febili accenti, doleful Accanalare, to channel, to Accattatozzi, s. m. one that

notes, or words. chamfer

begs from door to door, a Accentuáre, to accent.-AccenAccanalatúra, s. f. chamfering beggar.

tuure, to pronounce. Accaneggiáre, to stir up to Accattatrice, s. f. a she-bega Accentuáio, part. accented, anger. gar.

marked with an accent. Accannelláre, to wind it to a Accattatúra, s. f. borrowing. Accerchiaménto,hooping, bindskein or bottom.

Accatteria, s. f. ü. Accattatúra, ing with hoops. Accánto, adv. aside.

Accátto, s. m gain, profit – Accerchiáre, to hoop, to bind Accapacciato, adj. tired with Cavallo d'accitio, a borrowed with hoops.- decerchiúre, to mental fatigue.

horse, l'iter d'accetto, to live go about. Accapezzáre, to conclude, to upon trust.-Far un buon ac- Accerchieliáre, to hoop round. end, to finish.

catto, to make a good bargain. Accertaménto, the state of Accapigliamento, ș. m. pluck-Accavalciáre, to straddle, to being sure, the act of making ing out one another's hair.

ride straddling Accapigliíre, n. p. to fall toge- Accavalláre, to set one a strad- Accertáre, to assure, to affirm, ther by the ears. dling:

to assert, to aver, to ascertain. Accapigliatúra, s. f. v. Acca- Accavigliare, to wind thread -- Accertáre, to warrant, to pigliamento.

into bobbins.

promise. Accappiáre, to tie with a slid- Accecaménto, s. m. blindness. Accéso, part. kindled.–Fieraing knot.

- derecomeno, mistake.

mente acceso d'amore, violently Accappiáre, to insnare, to in- Accecáre, to blind.

in love. tice.

Accecatóre, he that makes Accessibile, adj. accessible. Accappiatúra, s. f gin, snare.


Accessione, s. f. accession - Accappiatura, a sliding knot. Accecatrice, she that makes Accessione di febbre, an access, Accapponáre, to make capons. blind

or a fit of an ague. Accapricciarsi, to tremble, to Accedére, to approach. Accésso, s. in. access, or fit of

shiver for fear or horror. Accedére, to come, to arrive. an ague.- Accésso, access, ad. Accarezzamento, s. m. cares- Acceffare, to snatch with the mittance. ses, allurements, kind words. teeth.

Accessoriaménte, adv. accesso Accarezzare,

coax, to Accéggia, s. f. a woodcock. rily. wheedle, to caress.

Acceleraménto, s. f. celerity, Accessório, adj. accessory. Accarezzatore, he that swiftness.

Accerta, s. f. a two-edged in resses much

Acceleráre, to hasten, to make strument, an axe. Accarezzatrice, fem. of Acca- speed.

Accettábile, adj. m. f. acceptrezzatore.

Accelerazione, s. f. haste, ea able. Accarnáre, to penetrate, to go gerness, speed.

Accettagione, s. f. acceptance. deep into the flesh.

Accendere, to light, to kindle, Accettáre, to accept, to accept Accartocciare, to wrap up in to set on fire.-Accendere, to of -Un'accettata, s. f. a stroke form of a cornet, which gro- stir up, to cause, to excite. —

of an axe. cers use.

Accendere, to egg on, to set Accettatore, he that accepts. Accasamento, marriage.

Accettatrice, she that accepts. Accasáre, to begin housekeep- Accendibile, adj. m. f. that may Accettazione; s. f. acceptance. ing - Accastirsi, to marry be kindled.

Accettevole, adj. m.acceptable.

one sure.







Accetto, adj. grateful, accepta- Acciottoláre, to pave

with! a knife. ble. pebbles.

Accoliellatóre, s. m. a gladiaAccetto, subs. acceptance.

Accircondare, 0. Circondáre, tor, a swaggerer. Acchetare, to quiet, to still, to to surround, to encompass Accolto, adj. entertained, rehush-Acchetúre, to calm, to about.

ceived, gathered. appease

Accismáre, Ols. to separate, to Accomandagione, s. f. protecAcchiappáre,to catch, to cheat, create division.

tion, tuition, guardianship. trick.- Acchiappure, to Accismársi, Obs. to be obsti -lecomandare,io recommend. catch, compass, or get cun

- conandire, to fasten, to ningly:

Acciuffáre, to catch, to snatch, make fast-Accomundursi, to Acchináre, to bow, to stoop - or take hold of by the snout. recommend one's self to one. Acchinire, to yield, to yield Acciúga, s. f. anchovy. Accomandigia, v Accomanup.

Accivettato, adj. cautious, ragione. Acchioccioláre, to form or to wise.

Acesmunitáre, to dismiss, displace after the manner of a Aceiviménto, s. m. storing, fur-l charge, send away.-- Accomsnail-shell.

nishing with all necessaries, matarsi, to take luave, to bid, Acchiudere, to shut in, to in -lecivimento, good luck. fareweli. close.

Accivire, to furnish, sind, pro- Accommiatatore, he that disA'ccia, s. f. (lino filáto; thread. vide, supply.

misses another. Acciabattáre, to cobble, to Acclamare, io call aloud unto Accomodábile, adj. 1. f. that bungle.

Acclamazione, s. f. acclama- may be compoundexi, brought Acciaccáre, to squash, to crush tion.

to an agreement. to pieces, to pound.

Acclíno, adj. inclined, or bent; Accomodamónto, s. Acciacco, outrage, contumely. prone.

commodation, repair, repair-jcieco, a distemper.- Acclive, adj. m.f. given to, ad ing.-- Accomodamento, agreedocr degli ucciacchi, to have a dicted, or inclined to.

ment, or composition. complication of distempers. Acclività, s. f. acclivity. Accomodáre, to mend, piece, Acciajo, s. m. steel.

Accoccáre, to play a trick, to patch.- lccomodirsi con quul. Acciajuolo, s. m. a steel to serve one a trick.

chedumo, to agree, to come to strike fire with.

Accoccolarsi, to stoop down, an agreement with one. Acciappinársi, to be angry, to to squat down.

Accomodatúra, s. f, the act of fret much.

Accodirsi, follow setting Acciarino, s. m. a steel to strike closely.

Accomodevolmente, adv. con. fire.

Accoglienza, s. f. reception, en veniently, commodiously. Acciaro (acciajo) steel; poeti- tertainment.

Accompagnamento, s. m, train, cally, the sword. Accógliere, (fare accoglienze)

retinue. Acciarpáre, to botch, to patch. to make welcome.

Accompagnare, to accompany. Accidentále, adj. accidental, Accogliere, to assemble toge. - Siccompagnare, to match. casual. ther, to gather, to join toge- Accompagnersi

, to be a comAccidente, accident, ther.-- Accogliere,

panion, or partner. chance, fortune.-Per acci near, to approach...Lo brlon Accompagnatore, he that acdente, casually, by chance. maestro a me tutto s'accolse, my companies. Accídia, s. f. sloth, laziness. good master stuck close to Accompagnatrice, she that acAccidiáto, } (pigro) sloth

companies. Accidióso, adj. S ful, idle,slug- Accoglimento, gathering, pro- Accomunáre, to put in comgish-Un accidioso, a slug- vision.--ccoglimento, recepgard. tion.

Acconcézza, s. f. conveniency, Accidiosaménte, adv. with la-Accogliticcio, adj. gathered up Acconcézza, ornament, finerys ziness. hastily.

attire, dress, Acciecáre, t. Accecare. Accoglitore, a gathercr. Acconciamente, adj. conveAccigliáre (cucire insieme le Accoglitrice, a woman that ga- niently, commodiously palpebre agli uccelli di rapina thers.

conciamente, nearly, finely. per addomesticárli) to seal the Accólito, a person that has re- | 'Acconciáre, to fit, to make fit, eyes.---ccigliare, frown. ceived one of the minor orders to fit up.-Accouciáre, to inend, Accignérsi , r. Accingersi. of the Romish church.

patch, or botch.- dicconciare, Accigniménto, the act of pre- Accollare, the peasants of Tus to set off, to adorn, to trim. paring one's self to do a cany call the bringing up an Acconcire, to pacify, or make thing ox to the yoke.

peace-decorujúre, to marry, Accingersi, to prepare one's Accollarsi, to take another's to natch.-iccorciáre, to get, self. debt on one's self.

to make ready.-- Acconciore, Accinto, girt about.--cccinto, Accolpare, to blame, to accuse. to get one a place or employe ready, prepared.

Accólia, s. 'f. an assembly ment.--cconcire pelli, to Acció, adv. that, to the end Accoltellánte, a gladiator. dress, to tan leather cronthat.

Accoltellare, to strike with a cirsi, to submit, or yield.Acciocchè, adv. that, to the end kaife.

Acconciarsi, to go to service.-that.

Accoltellata, s. f. a blow with Acconciúrt, to sit down at ease.












Acconciatamente,adv.properly. help, help.

saver of money: Acconciatore, a mender. Accorso, adj. ran to.

Accumulatrice, fem. of Accudresser.

Accortamente, adv. wariiy, mulatore. Acconciatrice, a woman merd- heedfully.

Accuratamente, adv. carefully. ér, a botcher.

Accortáre, to shorten, to cut Accuratezza, s. f. care, diliAcconciatúra, šo f. the order short.

gence. ly placing of something.--sc-Accortézza, s. f. çircumspec- Accurato, adj. careful, diligent. cancictura, che attire, or orna tion.

Accúsa; s. f. accusation, ment of a woman's head.--Accortezza, sense, wit.

Accusamento, s.f.f charge. Perder l'acconciatura, to miss Accortináto, hanged with cur. Accusáre, to accuse, to im. one's aim. tains.

peach.--ccusare, to confess, Acconcio, s. m. gain, advan- Accorto, adj. prudent, wise. to acknowledge. riccusársi, tage, conveniency. In accón- Accorto, subile, crafty.---Far to own, to confess. ció del fatti suoi, to his own cccorto, to forewarn, to give Accusativo, s. m. the accusative purpose.---Accórcio,'adj. men notice. ded, dressed, put in good or- Accosciáre, to sit down cowr- Accusatóre, s. m. accuser, inder. Accóucio, given, addict- ing, or with one's legs across.

former. ed, bent.

Accostamento, s. m. approach. Accusatrice, she that accuses. Acconsentimento,s. m.consent, Accostire, to accost, to ap- Accusazione, s. f. accusation,

proach. Accostársi, to draw charge. Acconsentire, to assent unto.- near.-- Accostarsi, to make an Accusazioncélla, dirin. of acChitace, ucconsente, silence gives alliance with.

cusazione. Accostatúra, s. f. coherence, Acéralo, acephalous.-- AcerbaAccoppáre, to knock on the connection.

inénte, obstinately, bitterly, head. Accustévole, accostable, of an

grievously, cruelly. Accoppiáre, to match, easy access.

Acerbétto, adj. tartish, shy, recouple, to join together. Accostévole, agrecable, like.

served. Accoramento, s. m. affliction, Accósto, adv. near, close by, Acerbézza, s. f. bitterness, heart grief. side by side.

sharpness, harshness, cruelty. Accoráre, to grieve, or vex. Accostumánza, s. f. custom.

Acerbità, s. f. asperity, roughAccorato, adj.touched, grieved, accostumáre, to accustom. vexed.

Accostumarsi, to accustom, to Acérbo, adj. unripe, green, sour. Accorciáre, to shorten, to di- inure one's self.

-Acerba ctà, tender age. minish.

Accostumáto, adj. accustomed. Morte acerba, untimely death. Accorciatúra, s. f. the act of -ircost mato, adj. gocd, cerbo, hard, fierce, cruel.shortening honest, virtuous.

Aspetto ho, a crabbed look. Accordamento, s. m. accord, Accottonáre, to stuff with cot- A'cero, e A'cera, a maple-tree. agreement.

Acertéllo, 6. m. a kestrel. Accordáre, to tune. Accordáre, Accovacciáre, to lie, or to go Acetajo, a vinegar seller or to agree. into a den.

maker. Accordatamente, adv. unani- Accozzamento, s. m. a knock, Acetire, to grow tart, sour. mously

a knocking or dashing one Aceto, s. m. vinegar. Accordatore, he that tunes in- against another.

Acetosa, s. f. sorrel. struments by trade.sccorda-Accozzamento, union, con- Acetósità, s. f. sourness, sharptóre, a mediátor.

junction of many things. Accordatrice, fem. of Accorda- Accozzáre, to assemble toge-Acetóso, adj. sour, tart. tóre.

ther.m.1ccozzáre, to meet, to Achínea, s. f. an ambling horse, Accordo, s. m. agreement, con meet together. Accozzáre, to a nag, a saddle horse. tract.- Metter d'occordo, to knock, to butt at, to front as Acidezza, s. f. acidity, sourmake friends.-decórda, har rams do..

Acidità, 5 ness. mony, consonance sccordo, Accreditáre,, to trust one, to A'cido, adj. sharp, sour. accord, consent.---'o son d'ac- give him credit.

A'cino, s. m. (granello d' uva) cordo, I agree to it.

Accrescenza, increase, augmen a grape. Accorgere, (venire al conosci. tation.

Aco, (ago) s. m. a needle. ménto d'una cosa) to perceive, Accrescere, to increase. Aconito, s. m. wolves bane. to discover.-Far accorgere, 10 Accrescimento, s. m: increase. Acqua, s. f. water.-- Acqua mormake one sensible.micrórger- Accresciuto, adj. increased. ta, still-water-Acqua cotta, si, to perceive.- lccorgimento, Acculato, adj. idle, slothful. barley-water.---Acqua mele, wariness, prudence-Accor- Acculattáre, to make one fall water and honey together gimento, capacity, understand. upon his back, one holding scque tuffonia, la kind of ing:

him by the hands, the other sicqua di Perugia, s slow poiAccorre (per accoglière) to re by tlae feet.

son so called.-Fur venir 1 acceive.

Accumulamento, s. m. collec qua alla bocca, to make one's Accórrere, to run, to hasten, to tion, cumulation, heap.

mouth water.-Far acqua, to flock to.- Accórrere, to pursue, Accumuláre, to accumulate. leak. to run after. - dccór 2010, Accunulatore, a hoarder, a Acquacchiare, to lose vigour,





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metaph. to lose boldness. Acrità, s. f. sourness, sharpness. Addentáre, to catch with the Acquaccia, s. f. bad water, Acro, adj. sour, sharp in taste. teeth. filthy, nasty water.

- lcro, crabbed, rough. Addentelláto, s. m. dentelled, a Acquacedratajo, a man that Acróstico, s. m. an acrostic. term of architecture.

keeps a shop to sell lemonade. Acuità, s. f. sharpness. Addéntro, adv. within. Acquaforte, s, f. aquafortis. Acúme, s. m. edge, point, prick. Addestramento, the act of inAcquájo, s. m. gutter, water --Saime, quickness of wii. structing passage.--Acquajo, adj. wa- Acutamente, adv. subtly, acute-addestráre to instruct or teach. tery.

ly.--Hispárdat achtsmenie, to - Iddr strársi, to exercise, to Acquajuólo, s. m, a water-man. answer wittilv.

- Acquajuolo, adj. waterish, Acutezza, s. f. quickness of Addestrátore, teacher.

wit-scutézun, force,strength. Addiétro, adv. behind. Per 1 Acquarzénte, s. f. brandy. Acúto, adj. sharp, pointed.--, achilietro, adv. formerly, uere. Acquatico, adj. aquatic. sicúto, quick, smart, brisk.- tofore.--Mettere aderetro, to Acquattársi, to lie, to sit squar. Ingegno acuto, shrewd wit.- neglect, not to take care of. Acquavite, s. m. brandy. Voce acuta, shrill voice.--Do- Addiettivo, adjective--siekia Acquazzóne, s. f. a heavy show- lore achto, grievous pain.- demanda, request, petition.

cento acútu, acute accent. Addimandagione, s. f. demand, 'Acqueo, adj. waterish, aqueous. Ad, a preposition of the dative petition, claim. Acquerélla, s. f. a small rain.- case, for the words which addimandáre, to demand, co

Acquerella, s. f. water-colours. begin with a vowel.--.Id An- ask, to crave.-- ditimanitare, Acquerello, s. f. a small thin tónio, to Anthony.---.id un ad to ask, to enquire after.---wine made of the husks of uno, one at a time.

dinamarsi, to be called, or grapes.

Adacquaménto, s. m. the act named.Come addimandáte? Acquerúgiola, a very small of watering.

what is your name? Adacquáre, to water.- Vino 2- Addimandatóre, s. m. demand. Acquetáre, to appease, to pa- ducquuto, wine mixed with er. plaintiff, petitioner. cify.

Addimängita, s. f. petition, reAcquétta, s. f. wine mixed with Adagiáre, to accommodate.- quest.

Adagiarsi, to delay, to linger. | Addimesticáre, to tame.-- AddiAcquérta, the same as acqua Adágio, s. m. conveniency, mesticirsi, to familiarize one's tuffunia, a slow poison so calle commodiousness, ease.-- Ida-self with. ed.

gio, adv.conveniently, leisure- Addimesticatúra, s. f. taming. Acquicélla, s. f. small brook, ly, slowly, heavily -- sindare Addio, adieu, farewell.-- Adm. rivulet. adugio, to walk gently.

alire, to become. Von addice Acquidóso, adj. moist, damp, Adamánte, s. m. (voce poética) ad un uomo, it does not become humid.

diamond. Acquidóccio,

Adamántino, adj. adamantine. | Addirimpétto, adv. facing, over Acquidótto, s. m. aqueduct.

Adante, s. m. thé sanie as Dante, against. Acquietare, v. Acchetare. a kind of wild goat or stay Addirizzamento, s. m. correcAcquisizione, s. f. acquisition. that lives in mountainous tion, reformation. Acquisito, s. m. acquisition.-places.

Adirizzáre, to make strait. Acquisito, adj. acquired,gotten. Adasperáre, to make something Adirizzúre, to put in the right Acquisitore, s. m. a purchaser. rough. Acquistamento, s. m. acquisi- Adastiaménto, s. m. envy, spite. Addirizzáre, to redress, to retion, purchase. Adastiáre, to envy.

form, to correct.--Addirizzere, Acquistare, to acquire. Adattábile, that can be adapt- to instruct, to train.---Idaze Acquistatore, s. m. a purchaser. ed.

rizzirsi, to go, to take one's Acquistatrice, s. f. a female pur- Adattamente, adv. aptly. way. chaser.

Adattaménto, s. m. aptness. Addirizzársi, to mnend. -Acquistévole, adj. that may be Adattanza, aptness.

Addirizzatójo, s. m. bodkin. acquired.

Adattáre, to adapt, to fit. Addirizzatúrd, v. Dirizzatura Acquisto, acquisition. Adatto, adj. apt, fit, experienc- Addisiáre, . Desiderare. obs. Acquitrino, s. m. marsh, fen, ed.--Essere udatto, to be fit. Additamínto, s. m beck.


Additáre, to point with one's Acquolína, s. f. small rain. Addanajáto, adj. full of money, finger. Acquósità, s. f, waterishness. rich.

Additatúre, s. m, one that points Acquóso, adj. aqueous, water. Addáre, to perceive, to under with the finger. ish.

stand, to discover.- Iddarsi, Additatrice, she that points Acre, adj. m. sour, sharp, tart. to apply, to addict one's self with the finger to a person of Acrédine, s. f. acrimony, sharp- to.

place. ness.

Addivenire, to chance, to hapo

pen. Acremente, harshly, severely. Addebolirsi, to grow weak, Addizione, s. f. addition, Aerimónia, f. sharpness, aeri- feeble, or infirm.

Addobbamento, $. m. furnja mony,

Addebolimento, weariness. ture, moveables.Addobba

a man.



Acreménte, sharply, sourly – Addebolire, }v. Indebolíre.

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