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gration, migration.-La tras-Traspiantáre, to transplant. Trastulláto, p. p. of Trastulas.
migrazione delle anime, the Traspiantáto, p. p. of Traspi- Trastullatóre, he that diverse
transmigration of souls, the

a buffoon, a merry antiex.

Traspiráre, to transpire or Trastullevóle, adj.' diverte,
Trasmodáre, to exceed, to ex perspire, to breathe through pleasing.
cel, to go beyond measure. the pores of the body. Trastúllo, s. m. diversion, pas-

Traspirazione, s. f. transpirati- time, sport, recreation, pia
Trasmndáto, adj. exceeding, on, perspiration.

sure.----Compugno de tres beyond decency. Obs. Traspórcre, v. Trasporre. tullo, a play-fellow.-Extra Trasmortire, v. 'Trasmortire. Trasponiménto, s. m. transpo. trastullo della fortuna, to be Trasmutabile, adj.changeable, sition.

the sport of fortune. - Oredete transmutable, capable of Traspórre, o Trasponere, to voi che io sia il dorita. change.

transplant, to plant in another tullo? do you take me te Trasmutagione, s. f. trans- place.---Trasporre, to trans your laughing stock? Trasmutaménto, s. m. mu pose, to change the order, to Trasvasáre, to transvasate, Trasmutánza, s. f. tati misplace. Traspórte, to decant, to pour out of one is on, change, transformation.

transport or export, to remove sel into another. Trasmuráre, to transmute, to or carry from one place to an- Trasvasáto, adj. transvasat, charge or transform.--Tras.' other.

decante, pourert out of muláre, to truck, to barter, to Trasportamento, s. f. transpor- | vessel into another. exchange.- Trasmuture, to tation, renoval.

Trasudáre, to sweat very mer casıy, to convey, to transport, Trasportare, to transport or ex- Trasversale, adj. transverse of remove from one place to port, to transfor, to renove or thwart, crossing.- Linectanother.

Carry from one place to an wersale, a collateral line.Tru-muláto, p. p. of Trasmu- other.--Trasportore delle met. Prodetta trastersale, an : tare.

(2nzie, in transport or export reci vengeance, not made Toismutazione, s. f. transmu. corrimodities. - Trasporláre, to rectly on the offender, but a ration,transtormation,change.cany, to carry away.--Lasca- somebody belonging or rett Traspatyrálo, adj. unnatural, arsi trasportare dalla passio- ing to him.

ni, to give over one's self to Trasversali, s. m. pl. collater Irasueltaménte, adv. very nim- passion, to yield or give way relations, as brothers and hiy. Obs. to them.

ters children. Trasnello, adj. very nimble. Trasportato, p. p. of Traspor- Trasversalménte, adv. arx Obs.

obliquely. Trasognamento, s. m. raving, Trasportazione, si f.? trans- Trasverso, adj. transverse, wandering with the mind, as Trasporto, s. m. sportatio thwart, oblique, crossingif asleep.

on, removal. -Vascello di - Trusvérso, wicked, E Trasognare, to save, to think, trasporto, a transport ship.-verse, untoward. to be in a brown study. Trasporto, conveyance,'as. Trasviáre, to go astray, o Trasognálo, adj. p. p. of Trasignment, or making over.- of the way, to mistake one sognare.---Trasognato, stupid, Fire un trasporta, to convey, way.-Tras viáre, to put ! dull, senseless, foolish. to assign, or make over. of the way, to lead astray, Trasollicitaménte, adv. very Trasposizione, s. f. transpositi- bring into an error. eagerly or earnestly. Obs.

Trasumanáre, to change bol Trasordináre, to wandes, to Traspósto, adj. transposed, man nature into a divine E swerve, to talk troin the pur- transplanted, transported.

Trassináre, to handle, to ma. Trasumanáto, adj. that t Trasordinário, adj. extraordi nage, to feel, to touch. Not changed human naiure ink:

used.- La mia moglie è mol. divine nature. Trasordinatamente, adv. extra to rustica, e non fa aliin che Trasvoláre, to fly or pass y ordinarily. Obs.

trussinar lana, my wife is ve- swiftly, to run away.-Itt Torasrdináro, adj. extraordina ry homely, and does nothing po trasrola, time passes 13 ry. Obs.

else but spin wool.- Trassi- ---Trasvolite d'un Trasórdine, s. m. disorder, ri. riar bene una spada, to handle in in' altro, to run or » ot. Obs.

or manage a sword well. from one discourse to Trasosiére, s. m. a treasurer. Trassináto, p. p. of Trassinare. other. Ous.

Trastornáie, to hinder, to im- Trasrólgere, to subvert, Trasparente, adj transparent, pede.

turn or wind about. diaphanous, pellucid. Trastomato, adj. hindered, im- Trasvolto, p. p. of Trasvolge Trasparenza, s. f. transparency, peded. - Linëz trastornata, a Trasustanziare, to transube diaphaneity.

crooked or curved line, tiate, to change into ano Trasparére, to shine through, Trassulláre, to divert or make substance. Trasparire, to be transpa others merry.

Trasustanziato, adj. trans? rent, diaphanous, or pellucid. Trastullársi, io divert one's self, stantiated, changed into sa Traspiantamento, s, m. trans to takeone's pleasure, to sport, ther substance. podstatiun.

to play, ta play like children. Trátta, s. f. space, distancta





pose. Obs.

Dary. Obs.

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Tratta, shot. Voi siano une) is not the business in hand. Dare il tratto alla lilai-
tra ta d'arco dalla città, we -Qui non si tratta di cose cia, to turn the scale.--A
are within a bow-shot of the frwole, it is not a trifling con un tratto, at once.--Tatto,
town. - Tratta, a pull cern.--Trarlare, to treat, to space, distance.-- Dal delto
pluck.--Tratta di fune, the use, to deal with.---Trattar al fatto v' è un gran tratto,
strappado, a punishinent in uno da gluntuomo, to use one to say and to do are two
flicted by drawing the crimi- like a gentleman.-Ciricere è this.---Tratto, a turn or
nal high, with his arms ried benignumente, e trattúrci du trick, - Qikesto è un tratto da
backwards, and then letting amici, he reccived us kindly, villano, this is a scarvy trick.
him fall at once, not quite tu and used us like friends.--102 –Tratto, a sayink, a squib,
the ground.
--Tralla, a li-

non trattate lene meco, you a jesi.---Bel iralto, a five cence for exporting commo

do not use me well.-Cosi si saying or sentence. -Truito dities.--Traila, a drawing by tralla con pari miei? is this sottile, a witty squib or jest. lots.---Tratta, a concourse, your dealing with gentlemen Tratlo, manner, fashion, resort, or crowd.-Tratti, a like me?

way, behaviour, carriage.com draft, a bill drawn by a mer- Tratráta, s. f. v. Trattamento. Una persona di bel tratto, chant or banker.-Tratta, the Obs.-Trattata, machination, a civil man, of good manners trading ships with the in- plot. Obs.

or behaviour. Tralto, a habitants of a sea-coast.-Gli Trattatéilo, s. m. small trea- crack, stroke, touch, or dash. Inglesi fanno tralla grande al rise, short discourse.

-Trallo di penna, a stroke or Livorno, the English trade Trattálo, adj. treated.—Trattá. dash of a pen.--Trallo di very much at Legliorn. to, s. m. traci, treatise, dis- pennello, a stroke or touch of Trattábile, adj. tractable, easy,

course,-Trattálo, treaty, a a pencil. Non si può levar supple.---Trattabile, tracta- greement.--Trattato, ploi, tralto con zoi, there is noble, gentle, kind, affable. combination, conspiracy. thing to be gotten by you.Trattabilità, s. f. gentleness, Tenere trattato con unu, to Vincerla del tra 10, to get the

kindness, mildness, good hu- have a secret intelligence with start of one, to be beforehand mour, humanity, courtesy. one.---Pigliare una città per with him.-- Tratto di corda, Trattabilmente, ady, kindly, traltulo, to take a lowo by ca the strappado.- Pigliare il humanely, friendly, courte-piculation.

Iratto, to take or watch the ously.

Trattatóre, a negociator, me opportunity.--Tratto trntio, Trattamento, s. m, a træet, a diator, or manager of a busi. adv. from time to time, now treatise, or discourse. Trat ness. –Tractatóre, machina- and then.--All ogni trullo, taménto, machination, des toi, contriver, plotter.--Trat. every moment, incessantly, vice, piot.--Traliamento, tatúre, interpreter, expoun. always.-Dare i tratti, to ex. treatment, usage.-Vii tratia. der.

pire, to breathe ons's last mon'o, base treatment. Trattaziune, s. f, creaty, agree

In un tratto, at once. --Trat. Buon trattamento, kind entes

Mala trallazione,

to, p. p. of Tirare and Trarre. tainment. bad or ill usage.

--Tratto, except.- Trátione Trattánte, adj. creating, that Tratteggiamento, s, m, a draw. lei, excepe her.---Trattone ing.

zoi, except you. Traitáre, to treat of or about, Tratteggiáre, to draw a picture, Tratióso, 'adj. civil, gentle. to be upon a tteaty.---Trat. to draw lines,

man-like, well-mannered. tare la pace, to treat about Tradeggiato, adj. drawn. Tratiúra, s. f. the act of throw. the peace, to be upon the Trastenéic, to keep at bay, to ing, the act of pulling. Obs. treaty of peace.-Tra tare un amuse, to divert. --Trattenersi Travaglia, s. f. Obs. work, matrimonio, to treat about a

} in un luogo, to stop at a place, Travagliamento, s. m.

lamatch.--Ivailare, to treat or to stay or live there for a bour, toil, trouble, affliction, handle, tu di course of or up while.-Tralienersi in villa, pain. on, to be upon, lo devise or to live in the country.

Travagliánte, adj. that afflicts. consult.-Tro'lare d' una Trattenimento, s. m, amuse. Travagliáse, to aiflict, to troumateria, to treat of a subject. ment, pastime, diversion, ble, to disorder or discom--Trattar il modo di fare una pleasure. --Traiterimento, pose.-La sete mi tra aglia cusa, to devise, to consult stop, delay, hindrance, molto, I am mightily afflict. the incans how to bring any Trattenitore, one that with cd with thirst.-Travagliari, thing about. Questo libro holds, one that entertains. said by some instead of LavoTratta di filosofia, this book Trattévole, adj. tractable, gen rare, to work, is a Gallicism trears of philosophy.--Tral- tle, affable, kind, courteous. to be avoided, and so 'Travatare, to touch, to fcel, to han. Trátto, s. m. pull, pluck. - slio for labour or work. die. --Trattare il fuso, to han- Trilto, time.--Pagù cinquanta Travagliársi, to meddle or indie the spindle.-Si tratta mila fiorini di primo tratto, termeddle, to be meddling della vita, life is at stake. he paid fifty thousand florins Mi travaglio poco in y Si tratta di farlo morire, down.--Non bisogna spender affari, I do not med they are for taking his life. tanto ad un tratto, you must those affairs, I don Vou si tratta di questo, that not spend so much at a time. my head about the

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Travagliúrsi, to sprain, to snow that congeals itself up-, co, assalita da ure irata, endeavour, to strive, to at on the trees of the Alps. diede in una secca, one at the tempi, to labour, to compass Ogri ruscolo ti pare una six merchant ships, surpr1 a thing.-Tra: aglinrsi, to be trave, you make a rout about by a storm, ran a-ground. frightened, to be afraid.


Traverso, adj.cross, overihan, Travagliatamente, adv. painfu - Travecchiếzza, s. f. great old crossing.--Trarérse, striped ly, hardly.

age, decrepitude. Obs. -- Traverso, adverse, cot Travagliato, adj. afflicted, Travedéie, to see one thing trary, cioss.-Falo ines, gricved, troubled, miserable, for another, to see double. cross fortune. Traits, distressed.

Travedúto,' adj. that has seen rough, hard, severe, CTOS Travagliatore, he that vexes or one thing for another.

Parole tra" erse, rough, bart, teazes.---Tra: agliatore, a jug- Travéggole, s. f. ex. aver le or cross words.-Trar, gler, a hocus-pocus man, a truveggole, to see double, to s. m. a cross blow or stroke. cheat. Obs.

see one thlng for another. Menare un trarerso cry Inavagliatrice, fem. of Trava. Far venire agli occhi le tra to strike one across the bote. gliatore:

vergole, to make one dim -Per traverso, adv. side-wise, Travaglio, s. m. affliction, sighted, or to make him see across, cross-wise.-Aircre. trouble, di quiet, sorrow, double,

so, cross, through or to griet pain, ang nish.---Traru. Traversa, s. f. a cross piece of rough.--A traretso de cer. glio, farizus, hard working.--ember, a cross iron bar. pi, cross the fields. -A trarri. Tra zuglio, a travel or travise, Traversa, a traverse, a trench 50 de boschi, through the a contijvance to dress or shoe with a little parapet : also a woods.-Da trar:780, CICS, unruly horses.

retrenchment or linc fortified across, cross-wise, overthvast, Travaglioso, adj. that has or with far gors and baskets fil awry, askew, aslope.-Taghz. gives pain.

led with earth.---Trarérsa, are una cosa da frareso, to Travalénte, adj. very valiant. CFOss, trouble, mschance, cut a thing a-cross.-Carm Obs. .

misfortune, rub.---Traversa, nar da traverso, to go a!! Travalicamento, s. m. the act breadth, wideness, largeness. awry.--Riguardar da traitof crossing any large water.- ---Traversa, a short way, or so, to look askew of a squint, Traxalciumento di tempo, a bye-way

Alle trarets, to squint:- Riguarder 40 ds spice of time. -Travalica. adv. cross, through.-Alla traverso, tu look upon one mainio, transgression.

traversa dle' compi, cross the with an ill eye, or sourly. Travalicáre, to go or pass over.

fields.-Alie Irarersu d'una Da traverso, through, all orci. Travaiicare un fiume, to go selva, through a wood or

- Da Iraverso la campagne, over a river.-Trovalicare ! forest.-Traversa, ä back through the country. --Di 201 ragionamento in altro, stroke.

traverso, CIOSS, CIOSS-wise, 2to dretess from one discourse Traversále, adj. transverse, a cross.—Mettere a trat erso, o to another, to make a ram thwari, crossing:

· per traverso, to put across, or bling Jigression.---Trarali. Traversalmente, adv.side-wisc, cross-wise. · core, to transgress or trespass.

Cross, Cross-wise.

Traversóne, adv. Cross, crossTravalicato, adj. p. p. cf Tra- Traversamento, s. m. a cross wise, across.--Mettere e tra. ralicare.

ins or putting a thing across, versone, to put across, I Travaliçatóre, he that passes or Traversamento, ballusters, cross-wise. goes over.---Travalicatore, a ballisters, banisters, rails Travertino, S. m. a kind of transgressor.

Traversáre, to cross, to go or white stone, in Rome. Travasamento, s. m. the act of

pass over. _Traversure una Travestirsi, to disguise one's decanting, of changing a fluid selra, to cross a forest, to go self, to put on a disguise.from one recipient into ano cross or through a forest.- Travestirsi, to mask, to put ther,

Traversare la struda, to cross on a mask. Travasáre, to transvasate, to the street.--Un firme che Travestire, to disguise, or put decant, to pour out of one irar ersa la ciità, a river that in a disguise. vessel into another.--Trava- crosses, or goes cross a town. Travestito, adj. travested, dissure di male in peggio, io - Strada che traversa, a guisel, masked.-Trar eshto grow worse and worse. thoroughfare.

da donna, disguised in a woTravasato, adj. poured out from Traversária, 's, f. a drag or man's dress,

-ltrarestiti ei one vessel into another. sweep-net.

conoscono al carar della Ros. Travára, 5. f. a fence, or de Traversáro, p. p. of Traversare. chera, deceitfal men, socner

fence, made with beams. ---Traversato, strong limbed, or later, are always discover.
Traudire, to hear one thing for stort, strong.--Carallo tra- ed.
another. Obs.

versulo, a broad shouldered Travétta, s. f. a small beam.
Trave, s. f. a beam, a great or strong-limbed horse. Traviáre, v. Travviare.
piece of cimber.- Viva trava, Traversia, s. f. calamity, ad. Traviáto, v. Travviato.
ihe tree out of which a heam verity, crosses, a cross aeci. Traviatore, r. Travviatore.

made.--Siccome neve tra dent, trouble, misfortune.----- Travicello, s. mn. a small beam, ve travi per lo dosso d' Tyaversia, a tempest or storm. or piece of timber, a joist or

si congela, like the - Una della sei navi di cari. raficr.


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Travilláno, adj. very infamous. away one's time in conversa ma non ha tregua, my diss, Obs. tiuni, tu div it one's self in

ease gives me no rest. Travinto, adj. quite subdued, or company.-La furtuna ha Trománie, ads. trembling, overcome. Obs.

zoluto il tribbio del fatto mio, quaking, shaking, shivering. Travisársi, to mask, to put on

fortune has made me her Trentáre, 10 treble, to shakey a mask, to disguise one's sport.

to quake, or shriver for cula. self.

Tiebeliána, Rif. the tourth lo iremo diz jauta, I rumble Travisáre, to deceive, to cheat, Trebelliánica, pari, which or quatre for fear.---Tiomar di to shew one thing for another. an heir may keep fur hin eit freiside to quale with cold, lo Obs.

out of the totiinent, when he shiver.-- Gli iroma la mano, Travisato, adj. masked, dis cones to inuke is over to ano- bis hand shakes.--Trennure, to guised. ther.

fear, u be afraid. -l'ar tree Traviso, s. m. disguise.-Tra- Trebúio, s. m. '. Tributo. more, to cause a trembling: 10 riso, a mask.

Trécca, s. f. i fruiterer, a wo. make trembl.--Le suc usmi Travolgere, turn upside man that scils truit, or any fan tremure tulla i Europa, down, or topsy.turvy, to over. other thing that is eatable, a his arms make all Europe turn.--Travolge gli occhi nelhuxkstur or retailer.

tremble. la testa, to roll or tum one's Treccare, to huclster, to re- Tremáto, p. p. of Tremare. eyes in one's head.

tail, to sell viciuals.--Trei- Tremebóndo, alj. trembling, Travoltáre, v. Travolger: cure, to cheat, tu sharp, to tha: trembles. Tracólio, p.p. of Tivolgere.- bubole.

Treniésides, adj. terrible, dread. Occhi trovolli, a wil: look. Treccheria, s. f. a cheat, or fui, liliendous. Travólvere, 2. Travolgere. cheating trick. Obs. Trementina, s. f. turpentine. Travvéggole, v. Tiave gule. Trecchiéro, adj. huckstering, Tremila, three thousand. Travviare, to lead or put out retailing.--:ecchicin, cheai- Tremilia. Not used.

of the way.-Trarvine, to ins, decenful, tailec.ous. Trémico, S. m. trembling, miss one's way.-Tranziar:! Ons.

quaking, shivering. to go from the subjec: in hand Treccia, s. f. a tress of hair.-- Tiomlánte, adj. trembling, into another not to the pur- Treccie blonde, golden tres- shaking, shivering.-11 tres pose. ses, golden locks.

molante lume della candrla, Travviáto, p.p. of Travviare. Trecciéra, s, f. a hair-lace, or the trembing Game of the Travviatúre, he that goes out hair-gilet, any thing that candle.

of the straight road.-Trav-serves to adorn ihe head. Tremoláre, to tremble,
vialóre, a transgressor.
Tiéccola, v. Tiocca.

share, or shiver. --Tremolare, Tre, three.-Tie anni, three Treccone, s. 13. a fruiterer, a to sparkle, to shine, to glityears.---Tre cotanti, three min that sells fruit, or any itr times as much, or as many other eatables, a huckster or Tremoláto, p. p. of Tremo. lo ho tre cotanti litri di retailer.

lare. voi, I have three times as Trecentésimo, adj. the three. Trémoli, arlj. trembling, many books as you.


Trémulo, shaking, wagTreágio, s. f. a kind of cuaise Trecento, adj. three hundied. ging. clo:h.

Tredécimn, adj. the thir- Tsemua, adj. trembling, Trebbia, s. f. a kind of flail. Tredicésimo, } teeath. shaking. shitting.-Un tre.

Tretlia, scourge, chastise- Trélici, s. m'thirteen. moloso, a paralytick, a man ment.---Li tributazioni sono Trefólio, v. Trifoglio.

that trembles with the pala le trebuie di Dio, tribulations Tréfolo, s. m. thread twisted, scy. are God's scourges.

a twist.

Ticmóre, s. m. tremor, trem. Trebbjáno, s. m, a kind of Trégenda, s. f. a noctum.l bling. I're more, tear, awe, white wine. -Trebbiano, a meeting of witches, who go apprehension, diea:l. kind of white sweet grapes. about as silly people believe Tien 6, ailj. wembling, Trebbiáre, to thiesh. --Treba with lan horns; and some shaking for fear. biare il frumento, to thresh take the shape of an old wo- Tremuo, 2. Tremuoto.

-Treblidre, to send man, some of a horse, and Trémuin, s. f. in kind of shrub. troubles, to afflict, to chas several other forms.

T.cmuláre, v. Tremolare. tise. --Trevliare, break Treggéa, s. f. sugar-plums.- Tremuláto, v. Tremolato. very small.

Giliar la treggea a pori, to Trémulo, v. Tremolo. Trebbiaco, p. p. of Trebbiare. throw pearls to the swine. Tremiuót, s. in.

an earthTrebbiatóre, a thresher. Trézia, s. f. a sledge or sled, quake. Trebbiatúra, s. t. the act of a dray.

Tréno, S. m. sledge, sled, threshing.--Trebbiatúra, tri. Treggiatóre, he that draws the dray: ---Treno,

train, equi bulation, trouble, afflicticini sludge.

pisa, reunue. Crosses, adversity.

\ Tréglia, s. f. a red mullet, a Trénta, s. m. thirty. Trébbio, s, .m. the meeting of kind of a sea-fish.

Trentacinque, s. m. thirtythree roads. Trebbio, merri- Trégua, s. f. cruce, cessation of five. ment, diversion-Stare a arms.-Tregun, intermission, Trentacinquésimu, ads. the trellio, far trebbio, to pass rest, breathing-time. Il min thirty-filth.






Trentamila, adj. thirty-thon-|Tribolátn, adj. afflicted, trou- points: sand.

blet, tormented, vexed, dis- Tridente, s. m. a trident, also Trentaquatirésimo, astj. the turbed.

any tool or instrument with thirty-fourth.

Tribolatóre, s. m. a tormenter, three prongs. Trrntávecchia, s. f. an idle a disturber, one that troubles, Triégua, v. Tregua. word to fiighien children vexes, or afflicts.

Triémito, v. Tremito. with.

Tribolatrice, fem. of Tribola-Trienne, adj. triennial, of three Treniésimo, adj. the thirtieth.

years. Trepilánte, adj. trembling, Tributazione, s. f. tribulation, Trénnin, adj triennial, that shaking, shivering for tear. trouble, disturbance of mind, continues three years, or that Trepictáre, to tremble, to atidiction, crosses, adversity. happens every third year. shake, or shiver for fear, wo Tribolo, s. m. a thistle.--Se- Trifera, s. f. a kind of electuabe afraid, to fear, to tremble. minar triloli, to sow dis ry invented by the Arabians. Trepidazióne, s. f. trepidation, cords.--Tribolo, tribula- Trifogliato, adj. three-leared, trembling, feu, fearfulness. tion, trouble, affliction, cross, trefoil-like. Trépido, adj. trembling, shak- adversity.-Fare il trilolo, to Trifoglio, s. m. trefoil, the

ing, or shivering for fear, cry, to weep, as some wo herb commonly called threefearful.

men do abroad, being hired leaved grass. Treppllo, s. m. a band, crew, set, company, gang.

about somebody that is dead Triforcúto, with three Obs.

-Trilolo, a thorn, crosses.prongs. Treppie,

troubles. --La nostra rita i Triforme, adj. trifcrm, haring S. m. a treret. Trenprede,

pirni di triboli, our life is full three forms or shapes. Tiesca, st. a country.dorce of thorns or troubles.--Triboty Trigésimo, adj. the thirtieth,

--Tress?, company, society, aquatico, water-lenil. Triglia, s. f. a mullet. · conversation-Tresca, tr60- Tribolóso, adj. troublesome, Trilingue, adj. having three ble, incumbrance, trouble- grievous, sad, vexati015. tongues. sonne afivir.

Vita ditolosa, a troublesome, Trilláre, to shake, to quiver, 10 Trescire, o dance country cumbersome, life.

trill. A museal term. dances.--Trescure, to dance. 'Tribu, a tribe.

Trilerino, s. m. a soft shake, -Trescrite, to handle, to Tribulóso, adj. v. Triboloso. a soft quivering. A musical tecl.---Trescure, to play, 1o Tribúna, S. f. the body or play wanton tricks, 10 wag,

choir of a cathedral.-Tribu-Trillo, s. m. a shake, a quirert

m, a gallery. Tre chrélla, s. f. a diminu- Tubonálc, s. m. a tribunal, a Torústre, adj, of three lustres, ive of Tresca.

jandament-scat, a court ot jus op hfteen years old. Trescóne, s. a kind of rice.-Triluvaile, arlj. tribu- Trimestre, adj. of three months Cance,

nal, bulonging to a court of time. Tréspulo, s. m. the foot of a justice. ---Sedin tritunabe, Trimpelláre, to play ill on the

table, a trestle:--Tréspolo, a a tribunal, a judgment- guitar, the lute, and other prop, stay, support, strength, seat.

such. defence.

Tubunalmente, adv. sitting Trina, s. f. lace. Triaca, s. f, treacle.--Triíce, in the judginent-eat. Trincáre, to drink, to quaff, to

a malicine or medicament.-Tribunáco, s. m. the tribune's Lope, to carouse. Ever triara di alcuno, to be a ottice and dignity among the Trincato, adj. runk, quaffed, gitat foe or mortal enemy to ancient Romans.

toped.--Trincato, cuming, Tribúno, s. m. tribune, a ma- sharp. Triangoláre adj. triangular, gistrate among the Romans. Trincatóre, a toper, a great three-cornered, in the form Tributá!e, to pay a tribute. drinker. of a triangle

Triburária, s f.v. Tributo. Trincatrice, fem. of Triocatore, Triáng::lo, s. m. a triangle, a Tributário, adj. tributary, tha: Trincća, s. f. an intrenchfigure that being three angles, pays tribute, tax, or toll. ment, dus mänsides.

Tributáto, p. !. of Tributare. Trincergre, 7., Trincierare. Triário, s. m. Tarians, stout Tribúin, s. mn. tribute, tax, Trinceráto, o Trincieralo. Roman soldiers.

toll, custom, duty.- Trilulo, Trinchetto, s. m. the forezil, Tiibulár, 2. Trihaldare. tribule, humage.--Render tri- Trinciánte, adj. shary, cutting, Tubbiáre, 7. Trebbiz:e. luin ad uno, to pay homage ---Spode o coltella trincante, Tribbiálo, a t;. Trebbiato. to on :-Render il tributo al. a sharp or catting sword, a Trio, Tribu.

liu natura, to die.

knife.--Trinciínie, .s. m. 3 Tribe áre, to afflict, 10 tor. Tricorde, adj. with three gentleman sewer or carve.meri, to vex, to trouble, to sernigs, that has three strings Trincianie, a kind of towel disquitt. to cumber, or dis- upon it.o-Arro tricorde', a Princiáre, to cut, to carve ai · turb.

Low with three strings. table.-Trincidre, to all. Tribolársi, to aillict, 10 tor- Tricorpoiec, adj. that liäs three Trinciato, adj. cut, carrel. menti, to tro E, to rea, 10 bodies.

Trinçiéra, s. f. an trenchtorment une' scr.

Tricúspide, adj. that has three mini.


to toy

ms, a trill.



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