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Tiincieráre, to intrench, to Trippáccia, s. f. a great tripe, a sowly, particularly, distings
fo:efv.-Princierársi, to in- large beliy.

lv.--Esaminare ma cosa tria trench, to feirce or fortify | Tripudiamento, s. m. eripujia- iamente, to examiners search one's self with intrenchments. tion.

narrowly into a thing. Trincieráto, adj. ititrenched, Tripudiárc, to dance, to caper, Tritamento, s. m. cum'ling, tortified, or covered by an in- and make merry.

grinding, mincing or cutting trer.chment.

Tripudiatore, he that dances in small bits Tríncio, s. in a piece of stuff and inakes merry.

Tritare, to crumble, to grind, cut in a particular way for or- Tripudiatrice, fem.of Tripudi- to mince, lo cur in small bits.

-Triture, to ponier, to con Trincóne, s. m. a great drinker, Tripúdio, s, m. merriment. sider, to weigh in one's mind, a toper,

Triregno, s. m. the pope's to sift, to scan, or examine. Trinità, s. f. the Trinity, one crown or diadem.

Tritáto, p. p.of Tritáre. only God in three persons. Triéme, s m. a uireme, a gal. Tricello, s. in. bran.- Pane di Trino, adj. trine, belonging to ley with three tiers of oars on irildlo, hrown bread. the number three, or to three a side.

Trito, adj. crumbled, ground, .* persons,-Trinn aspetto, the Trisávo!o, S. m. the great minced or cut in small bits. true aspect, when two pla- grand-facher's father.

-Trilo, fitquented, olen re. nets are distant from one ano. Tristáccio, adj. profligate, fta- sorted 10, common.--,

-Stralla ther 120 degrees, or a third ! gitions.

trita, a beaten road, a compait of the zodiack.

Tristággine, s. f.sadress, hea mon or public road or streer. Triócco, s. m. a noisy asscm viness, grief, sorrow, lrouble, -Cose drive, trivial, common, bly. affliction. Obs.

ordinary things. Trionfale, adj. triumphal, be- Tristaménie, adv. sadly, grie- Tritolo, s. m. fragment, a lite" en longing to a iriumph.-Cairo vously, sorrowfully.-Trisia tle bit, morsel, a crumb. trionfule, a triumphal cha monte, wickedly.

Tritono, s. m. a mu-ical terrı. riot.

Tristánza, s. sadness, grief, Tritume, s. m. fragments, bits, TL, Trionfalminte, adv. trium


crumbs, chippings. phantly.

Tristanzuolo, adj. unhealthy, Tritira, 9. f. trituration, pound-
to test Trionfánte, adj. triumphant. sickly, weak, feebles-Tris-i ing, mincing, grinding or cute'
15$ Trionfare, to triumph, to re- ranzuolo, somewhat wicked, ting in small bits.
ceive the honour of ill inclined.

Tritúra, grief, sorrow, afflicti.
triumph.-Trionfare dell' Tristársi, to be sorrowful or on, anguish, pain.
ini micr, to triumph over the sad, to fret or vex one's self. Triviále, adj. trivial, common,
enemy, to conquer or van-
Not used,

quish him.-Trionfar delle Tristerello, adj. mischievous, Trivialitá, s. f. a trivial, coine
passioni, to conquer, to sub- unlucky, arch, roguish. mon,ordinary way or manner.
due, or master one's passions. Tristezza, s. f. wickedness, ma- Trivialmente, adv. trivially, in
Trionfüre, to domineer, to lice, roguish tricks, roguery.- a trivial manner.

rule or govern, to bear rule or Tristeaza, sadness, heaviness, Trivio, s. m. a place where * En sway.-Trionfáre, to feast, to melancholy, pensiveness. three streets meet, à crosseat and drink well.

Tristizia, s. f. melancholy,pen-way or street. Triontáto, p. p. of Trionfáre. siveness, sadness, heaviness. Triunfále, adj. v. Trionfale. ufa 'Trionfatore, a triumpher. --Tristizia, wickedness, ma Obs, all Triuntatrice, fem. of Trionfa- lice, roguish tricks, roguery. Triunfo, v. Trionfu. Obs. tore.

--Tristizia, a poor, nasty, piti. Triunvirale, adj. belonging to
Triunfo, s. m. triumph.--Il ful thing.

the triumviraie.
trionfo d'amore, the triumph Tristo, adj. sad, heavy, sorrow. Triunvirato, s. m. triumvirate.
or victories of love.--Trionfo, ful, sorry, melancholy, pen- the office of a triumvir.

the trump-card, crump. sire, sullen.---Tristo, heavy, Triunviro, s. m. a triumvir,
Tripartito, adj. divided in three sad, sorrowful, afflictel, mise one of three magistrates that

rable. - Tristo, cratiy, wily, governed the Roman empire i ta' Triplicare, to treble, or triple. cunning, sly:-Tristo, wick-in chief; one of three officers

Triplicáro, adj. crebled. ed, profligate, flagitious, ras who had equal authority.
Triplice, adj. triple, or treble, caily, lewd.--Tristo, interj. Trocisco, s. m. a medicinal pilt
chrec-fold, three times woe to!-Tristo a voi se fate mare out of a sort of paste, to

ciù, woe to you, if you do that. hold in the mouth to dissolve
Triplicaménte, adv.three times Tristóre, s. m. sadness, grief, as lozengers.
as much.


Troféo, s. m. a trophy. Triplicità, s. f. triplicity, the Tristúzzo, adj. saddish, griev-|Trogliáre, to stammer, to stur. quality of that which is triple ing a little.

ter, to hack and hew. Obs.
or three foid.

Trita, s. f. a kind of ship or Tróglio, adj. congue-tied, that
Tiipio, adj eriple, three-fold. bark so called.

stanimers, stutters, or mut
Tripode, s. m. tripod, a shree Tritamente, adv. piece-mcal, fes in his speech. Obs.
footed stool.

in hits, in goblets, by small Trogolo, v Truógolo, Trippa, s. f. cripc, belly. portions. Tritaménle, nas i Trója, s. f, a sow.


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Tojáccia, s. f. a large sow. Tronconcito, s. m. a small Bisoprinn fa tretire la

And neph. adiiy, , fill, trunk, stump, or body vf a rhia, nced makes the best Udous strunt.

an run,

or reed quale Trojá! *, s. m. aging or tromp, Troncó: e, s. !. trunk, stump naked quein spin, or the of ruffiansObs.

or boly or a tree.-Troucone, write trot. Tróinbat, s. f. a prurgpet ---Tor a piec., a miei.--La lou- Trortálo, adj. trotted. nare colle fronale nel sito, cia al cielo ur! 2016 in trun-Trottafóre, à letter.-Cre! to ci me home with emphy

coni, the lance iruke all tol troli'ore, a trotter, hands --Tronka, a pump.-- piece.

ting horse. "Fromln. the trunk or sneur Trúntio, adj. proud, hauchty, Trollo, s. m. a tret.- A) of an ele; hint.--Tromla, a conecited, puffed uf.---Trol trolio, to trot.--7'roti sln, kind of hand grande fio, angry, exa perated. a hard trot.-Cargilarda Trumla-morina, a trump-m1- Troni:o, s. m. thunder. Obs. duro trotio, a horse that 108 tine.--. Vendere alla tromlu, Trón), s. m. a chront.

hard. to sell by auction,

T:01, s.

s. m pl.threnes, tinc Trócióia, s. f. a top for childres Trombadore, 4. m. a trampe-third rank of ongels in the ce 10 jay with. ter. Obs.com Tromladors, tro- lestial hierarchy. -Tino, shun- Trióne, adv. trotring.badour. Poet. obs.

dor or thunder-holt. Obs, clar iro/1071p, to trot alans. Trombamarina, s. f. a coun- Tropico, pl. 'Trópici, tropick, Trovábile, adj. that mer be try jocularly imagined by pl. sropicks.

found. Boccaccio,

Tropoljgico, adj. tropological, Trovamento, s. m. invention, Trombare, to sound the trum-/ belonging to tropology. contrivance, device.-11.6. pei.-Tromiáre, to proclaim Troppo, adij. ico much, too ménto, a finding out. or publish with sound of many, 100 great.---Troppi da- Trováre, to find, to mee. trumpet.--Tromlure, to pub- nari hai spesi in dolcitudini, mcet with.—Non possg lish, to blab our.

you ilave spent too much rare quel che lo con Trombáta, s. f. the sound of money in pleasures.-1e ne I cannot find what I am ko a trumpet.

ho pur saffure troppe, I have ing for.--Chi cerce 17*: *, Trombáto, p. p. of Trombare. been too mdulzu to you.-- seck and you shall find.Trombatóre, v. Trombadore. Troppo, s. m. excess, super- Trováre, to find, to find ok, Trombérta, s. f. a little trum-nuity.----Rugionernle vuol to invent, to compose, road pet ---Tromilla, s. m, a dire, con eliscrezione e senza trive, or devise.-Trore i en trumpeter.

min troppo, reasonable size io il modo di farlo, I shall Trombettáre, to play iipon the nifies, with discretion, and find out the means hose to do trumpet, to sound the trum without excess.- La medio- it.--Trovare, to find, to see, :0 pet.

crità consiste inn'l poco e 'll know.--Trocarsi, to be.-Qort Trombettáto, adj. trumpeted. troppo, mediocrity is between dode novelle uellegio ar con Trombettiere, s. m. a trum tco little and too much.---Oy e de' tre giorani si trorero

peter.---Tromlettiere, slan- ni troppo è troppo, e ogni finire, when they found that derer, detractor, backbiter. troppo si asirsa, too much of the novels of the young woTrombettino, s. m. a trum any thing is good for nothing. men and of the three youn Trombéco, s peter.

-Troppo, adv, 100, too men were over.-Tro:ate ca Tromtóne, s. m. a sackbut. much, too many, 100 great,

l'ere o de mangiare, to get Trouáre, to thunder. Obs. Overnuch.--Lo so 1roj po be- somcthing to drink or to est. Troncaménto, s. m. a cutting, ne, I know it too well. -Trurore, to have.-lo ri or cutting off. Troppo presto, too

trovo del delito, I have some Troncire, in cut, to cut off, - Poi levete tinpf, you drink debts.lo mi trovo moto Troncar la testa ad uno, to too much. A cailor va chil zino, I have a great deal of cut off one's head. — Troncare, troppo in alto inle, hasty wine by me.- Von mi troru to break. ---Troncare un dis-l climbers have sudden tails. danari adilosso, I have to corso, to cut short.

Troppo, much more, a great money about me.-Trosa Troncatamente, ady. by de al more. Vi trovi iarlo pictà, to find pily or mercy, snatches,

0 0 0 tanto argento' sirutto Trováto, adj. found.-'oisiae Troncam, adj. cut, cnt off.- che valse troppo più che non il lon troiato, I am very glad Tronceito, imperfect, not fi tutta la spesa, he found there to see you.--Signori, a ni s. nished.

so much gold and silver ate i len tro ati, gentlemen, Tionen, S. the trunk, melted, that was worth a I am very glad to see wu, siump, stem, ur body of a great deal niore than the ex you are welcome.-Parro. tree. - Tronco, adj. cul, cut pence.

Zeto, to meet one'.-Garo. cff.-- --Trono, imperfeci, Tróscia, v. Suroscia.

?c ?Toria?o ??? (40 tap 6, he short, not finished.---Trouco Trota, s. f. a trout.

met with a good man. --Iron dire, an imperfect speech. Troiare, to dress a fish in the cuto, s. m. invention, device, Parola tronca, a word that same manner that a trout is tale, story, fablc.-Orm:67ends w th an accented vow dressed.

reste fare un lel tro:cta, nu el. -- Voorsi tronchi, verses Trottáre, to trot, to be trotting. I you would palm upon me that end with accentcd vowels. Trottúre, to trot, to run. your fine stories.






Trovatore, a finder, he that Tuberosità, s. f. a tumour, al-mutiny. finds.---Trovatúre, an in- swelling.

Tumultuariaménte, adv. tu. ventor, author, contriver, or Tuber uso, adj. bunchy, knob. multuously, in a hurry, in forger.--Trovatore, a poet, or by, full of bunches or knobs, haste, hastily. composer.

cuberous.--Tuleroso, s. m Tumultuário, adj. tumultuous, Trovatrice, fem. of Trovatore. tuberose, a flower so called. hasty, disorderly, done in al Trucciáre, a term of all games Tuello, s. m tender part of the hurry. at balls, and it is, to hit with bone near the hoof of horses. Tumultuáto, p. p. of Tumulone's ball the ball of our an. Tuffire, to dip, to duck, to imtagonist.

merse, to plunge.

Tumultuazione, s. f. tumult, Trucco, s. m. billiards.-Gruo. Tuffarsi, io dive, to duck un noise, insurrection.

care al trucco, to play at bil der water.--Tuffarsi in qual. Tumultuosaménte, adv. liards,

che disgrazin, to plunge or multuously, seditiously, riotTruce, adj. cruel, fierce, sa. run one's self into misfor- ously. vage. Poet.

tunes.—Tuffdrsi, to go down, Tumultuoso, adj. tumultuous, Trucidare, to murder, to kill, to to set, speaking of the sun. ceditious, mutinous, riotous. slay.

Tuffáto, adj. dipped, plunged, Túnica, s. f. a tunick, a jacket Trucidatore, a murderer, a kil- dived.

or jerkin.- Túnica, a tonicle ler.

Tuffo, s. m. a dipping, duck- or thin skin. Trucidatrice, fem. of Trucida- ing, plunging, or immersion. Tuo, pron. possess. thy, thine.

Dar l' ultimo tufo, to be - Il tuo lilro, thy bok.--Trucioláre, to cut in pieces, toutrerly undone, to be ruined Questo è il tuo, this is thine. hack small, to chop, to mince to all intents and purposes. – -Il tuo, thy money, thy es. or ha h.

Dare un tuffo, to lose one's tate.-1 luoi, thy relations or Trúciolo, s, m. a chip or shay- reputation, or one's health. friends.

ing of wood. -Trúciolo, a Tufo, s. m. a kind of porous Tuóno, s. m. thunder.- Tiono, very small part of any thing. stone.

fame, reputation, name. Truffa, s. f. cheat, slight. Tuguriérto, s. m. dimin. of Tuono, a tone, a tune, or note soguery, roguish trick.Truf- Tugurio.

in music.-Rimettere in tro. fa, trifle, toy, idie thing. Tugurio, s. m. a pror habita 710, to put one in the right foolish thing.-Stare in truf tion, a cottage for people 10 way again.-Stare in tuono, fe, to play the wag. live in.

to stand to reason, to be rea. Truffáre, to cheat, to gull or Tulipáno, s. m. tulip, a sort of sonable.—Tenere in tuono, to bubble, to cozen.-Truffure, fower so called.

keep one in awe or fear, to to laugh at, to ridicule, 10 Tumefatto, adj. swoln, bloated. keep him within bounds. scoff or deride, to banter. Tumidétto, adj. dim. of Tumi- Tuúrlo, s. m. the yolk of an Truffiro, adj. cheated, gulled, do.

egg.--Tuório, the centre, or bubbled, cozened, laughed at, Túmido, adj. swoln, puffed, the middle. ridiculed.

proud, !ofty, haughty: --Gen- Tura, s. f. stoppage, the act of Trufftóre, a cheat, a sharper, ie placida in vista e mansueta, stopping, the state of being an impostor, a crafty knave. ma pia del cupo mar tumida stopped. T.uffatrice, jeminine of Truffa- e fera, people, who under a Turáccio, 1sm. a scopple,

pleasant and smiling counte. Turácciolo, } a cork. Trufferia, s. f. cheat, slight, nance, conceal a proud and Turamento, s. m. a stopping or roguery, imposture, cozen treacherous heart.

shutting up. age,

Tumore, s. m. a tumour, a Turáre, to stop, to shut, or Trufficre, v, Truffatore, Obs. swelling: - -Tumore, pride, dam up.-Turare un fasco, Trugioláre, v. Truciolare. haughtiness.

to stop or cork á bottle. --Tu. Truogo,

Tum rétto, s. m. dimin, of rare le orecchie, to stop one's Truógolo,

a trough.

-Turare la bocca, to
Truono, s. m thunder. Obs. Tumoróso, adj. swoln, strut. stop one's mouth.
Truppa, e. f. band, troop, com ting, bumping, blubbered, or Turáto, adj. stopped, corkerl.
pany, set, gang, crew.-


Turba, s. f. multitude, throng, Truppa di soldati, a troop or Tumuláre, to bury, to lay un crowd, swarm.---Turba, the tand of soldiers.--Ardure in der ground. Obs.

populace, the common peotruppa, to flock together. Túmulo, s m. tomb, sepul- ple, the ve:lzar, the mobile, Truppe, pl. of Truppa, troops, chre. Poet.

the mob, the rabble. forces, soldiers, men. Tumulto, s. m. a tumult, an Turbábile, adj. apt to be trouTu, thou, ne' casi obliqui di uproar, a bustle or stir, bled or disturbed, Te, a Te, da Te.-Dare del hur!y-burly, a riot.--Tumul. Turhamento, s. m. perturbatu ad uno, to thou one,-to, seditinn.

tion, perplexity of mind, Stare a tu per tu, to cope, or Tumulvánte, adj. tumultuary, trouble.--Turbuménto, rising, make head against one. tumultuous, hasty, disorderiv. insurrection, revolt, rebellion, Tuba, s f. a trumpet. Poct. Tumultuáre, to inake a sedition.— Turlamento, dis. Tubero, s. m. la kind of trec mult, stir, or a great nure, to turbance, disorder, troublet Túbisa, s. f. ) so called. be in an uproar, to bustle, to hust, detriment Vol. I.

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S. m. a



Turkish cap.


Turbante, s. m. a turban, a Turcásso, s. 'm, a quiver for Tuttavolta che, so many times

as, as often as, whenever Tu,bánza, s. f. perturbation, Turchésco, adj. Turkish, of or Tuttavolta che, provided, properplexity, trouble. Obs. telonging to a Turk, after the vided that. Turbáre, to trouble, to disturb, Turkish fashion.

Tuttto, adj. all, the whole, to imbroil, or confound. Turchina, s. m. turquoise, a every thing, any thing - Tul. Turbúre, to disturb, to inter- kind of jasper stone, of an a to 'l mondo, all the world.rupt, to disorder, or put in zure culour.

Tutto un pus, a whole loaf. disorder.

Tuschiniccio, adj. bluish. -Tullo quel che franale, Turbársi, to be grieved, vexed Turchino, adj blue, azure, everything, or any ing or disturbed, wo be angry:

Túrchio, v. Turco. Obs. whatsnever you desire.-Tule Turlarsi di colore o di colin, Turcimánno, s. m. truchman, to, all, eveny, every body.to change one's colour or interpreter.

Ciascuno per se, e Din, per countenance. ---Turbursi, 10 Turco, a Turk.---Turco, adj. ! tutti, every body for himself, grow cloudy, to be overcast. Turkish.-Cavallo Turco, a and God for us ail.--Tulli Il cielo comincia a turbarsi, Turkish horse.

SINN), crery boly knows.it grows cloudy or dark. Túrgere, tu swell. Obs.

Tutte le notii, every night Turbatéten, adj. somewhat Türgido, adj. swelled.

Tutti e cinque andammo all' troubled, disturbed, sad or Turibile, s. m. a censer, a opera, we went ai! five to be melancholy.

Turibolo, } fuming pan. opera.--Che andate to corTurbativa. s. f. an act before a Turnia, s. f. a troop or compa candı, a quest'oru, katli atsen magistrate against him that ny of horses.--Turma a herd, what are you all three looking troubles one about his proper

a' flock.-Turma di lupi, a for at this time of the day?ty.

herd of wolves.---Turniza di i Sane i con tutta l' onla e la Turbáto, adj. troubled, disture pecore, a flock of sheep. - 2TONo e dunno riceruta ria bed, 9. Turhare.

Turma d' uccelli, a flight of Fiorentini, the people of SieTurbatore, disturber.

birds.-Turma di pernici, a na, with all the shame, con Turbatrice, s. f. femin, of Tur covey of partridges.-Turma tusion, and hurt they had batore.

di quaglie. a bevy of quaiis. / received by the Florentines.-Turbazioncélla, s. f. a small -Turma di pesci, a shoal of Con tutto, adv. notwithstandtrouble, disturbance, disorder, fishes.

ing.-Conti to'l dolore non po. or perturbation.

Turpe, adj. nasty, filthy, dis lei le risa tencre, notwithstandTurbazione, s. f, trouble, dis honest, unclean, shameful, ing the pain which I endured, turbance, disorder, confusion, base.

I could not fubear laughing. perturbation.

Turpeménte, adv. shamefully, --Tutto, adv. wbully, en. Túrbico, s. m. a whirlwind, dishonestly, basely, disho- tirely, quite, thoroughly, al. storm, or boisterous wind. nourably.

togeriier, all over. --Son tutto Obs,

Turpézza, s. f. dishonesty, vostro, I am wholly yours Túrbine, s. m. a storm, a

baseness, sharnefulness. Fii lutto stupilo, I was all Turbinio, } whirlwind. or Turpitú line, v. Turpezza. amazed.--Tutto coperto do. boisterous wind.--Turlinio, Turpo, v. Turpe.

To, covered all over with gold, jout, defeat, disorder, con- Turtumaglio, s. m. a kind of

---Sou muito losso. I am quite fusion. herb so called.

tired. --Egli è fulto amore, he Turbinoso, adj. whirling, Tysánti, s. f. All-saints-day, is tull of love,--Tuto unde, storming

Al-hallows-day. Obs. stark-naked.-Trorainmo Turbo, s. m. darkness, gloomi- Tutéla, s. f. guardianship, tui portu iait' aperta, we found Poet.--:crlo, storm, tion.

the door wide open.--Tutto, tempest, whirlwind, or boiste- | Tuteláre, adj. tutelar.

though, although.-Tuilofos. mous wind. --Turbo, adj. trou- Tutelato, adj. skreened by a SP Suo o nico, although he vras bled, disturbed, perplexed in guardian, under the protection his friend. --- AI tutto, quite, one's mind. ----Turbo, dark, of a guardian.

entirelv, altogether, - Coa gloomy, overcast.--Turlio in- Tutóre, s. m. a guardian. tutto che, tutto che, though, tricale, intangled, confound-, Tutoria, s. f. guardianship o although.- Per tulto, every ed, confused. tuition.

where.-11 tutto, entirely, Turbolento, adj. turbulent, Tutrice, s. f. a female guar quite, aliogether. In tutta e mutinous, seditious. dian.

per lutlo, altogether, quite, Turbolenza, s. f. turbulency, Tuttafiáta, alv. always, con entirely.--A tutto posso, cun. boisterousness, blusteringness, tinually incessantly --Tutia- tinnally, incessantly, always. Turbolenza, muddiness, the futa, however, nevertheless - }u tutto in inito, in short, at thick or mudily part of any yet, still.

last, when all is done. In liquor.---Turiolénza. tibul. Tuttavia, adv. continually, in tutto in tutto che role e de Jation, trouble, affliction, cessantly, always.--Tuliaria,

mex in short what do you crosses, adversity.

nevertheless, yet, for all thal, want of me --Tutto che, Turbulento, adj. turbulent, however, still,

though, although.- Tu to che, blusterink, boisterous, sedi- Tutcavólta, adv. yet, neverthe-almost.-Del tuito, entirely, tious, mylinous,

less, however, for all that.- altogether.Con tutto aid




nevertheless, yet.Tutto dł, who reigned after the demise vagrant, rambling.--- Anuar Tuito'ldì, adv. continually, of the French kings. A bad vagabondo, to wander, to always.--Tutto giorno, Tutto word in this sense. -- Vacaxi ramble or stroll about.--Un il giorno, adv. continually, óne, intermission, rest. vagabondo, š. m. a vagabond, daily.-Till' ara, Tillt' ore, Vacca, s. f. cow.-Vacche, s. f. a vagrant fellow, an idle peradv. continually, incessantly. pl. silk-worms, that by some --Tutto qua:itó, all, entirely, distemper do not work or spin. Vagaménte, adj. finely, hando al ovci. Tutto si, adv. as, -Pacche, s. f. p!ur, reddish somely, charmingly. as well as. Not much used. spots, red scorches.--Vacca, Vagamento, s. m. wandering, --Tu tu tempo, Tullo il tempo, a whore, a strumpet.

strolling or rambling about. adv. always, cousinually, in- Vaccarela, s. f. a young Vagánte, adj. wandering, ramcessantly-7nti mm, 1/1 one. Viecherella, cow.

bliug or strolling about. Tutt' nomy, every man.- Vacchéita, s. f. a litle cow.- Vagáre, to wander, to rove, or Gridare a tuli' icumo, to cry. Vacchélta, neats leather, Rus-range about, to stroll, to ramhelp, hip!

sian leather-Vacchetta, a ble, to stray or stragile. Tuianáglin, s, m. an herb so day-book, wherein our daily Vagáto, adj. wandered, roved, calleil.

expences are set down. ranged about, strolled, ram. Futullo, adj. all. -Tudúito, Vaccina, s. f. beef.-Vaccina bled. adv. quite, enurely, altoge- lessa, boiled beef ---Vaccina vagazione, s. f. a roving, wanther. arrosta, 'roast beef.

dering, or strolling about.. Tuzia, s. f. tutty, a white me. Vaccino, adj. of or belonging Vagazióne, distraction, want dicinal substance, to a cow or ox.

of attention.
Váccio, adv. quickly, speedily. Vagellájo, s. m. a dyer.

Vagelláre, v. Vacilláre, and
Vacillamento, s. m. vacillation, all its derivatives.

reeling, staggering, wavering Vagélln, s. m. a dyer's vat.U.

uncertainty, irresolution. Vagéllo, cauldron, brass
Vacillante, adj. reeling, stag- pot.
gering, wavering, uncertain, Vagheggería, s. f. Obs. 1 ade

Vagheggiamento, s. m. ) mi-
Vacilláre, to be wavering, ir-ration, a looking with an amo-

resolute, or uncertain what to rous eye, a courting a woU' with an apostrophe, is an do, to be in a quandary, to man, a making love to her. abbreviation of oue, where - waver. Vacillare, to ramble, Vagheggiare, to admire, to look Risornò Ferrai verso la fonte, to go up and down.-Vacil. with admiration and pleasure u'rell' erl'u giacea l' elmo del lare, not to mind what one upon a person that we love, to conte, Ferau returned to the says, to look about, to think make love to her, to court a fountain, where the helmet of of something else.-Vacilláre, mistress.“ the court lay upon the grass. to be light-headed, to rave.- Vagheggiato, p. p. of Vaghege Và, go, go thou.-e digli Vacillure, to reel, to stagger, giare. che enga da me, go and tell to totter.

Vagheggiatóre, an admirer, a him to come to me. Va fut Vacillám, p. p. of Vacilláre. gallant, a spark, a lover. to così e cose, we must do so! Vacillazione, s. f. 2. Vacilla- Vagheggiatrice, s. f. an admi. and $0.--Cosi vu de to, you

rer, she that admires and must say so.

Vacillità, s. f. vacillation, irre-l makes love to one, a sweet. Vacante, adj. vacant. - Sedia solution, wavering, state of heart, a mistress. tacanle, a vacant see. -Va. uncertainty.

Vagheggino, s. m. a beau, a cunde, attending, minding, ap-Vacủare, to evacuate, to void, gallant, a spark. plying, that attends or minds.

to empty.

Vaghetto, adj. pretty, handVacanza, s. f. vacation, vacan. Vacuazione, s. f. evacuation. some, fine, cy,an einpty space of time, or Vacuità, s. f. vacuity, empti- Vaghérza, s. f. delight, plea. lei arre.

aure, inclination. -Altra van Vacáre, to be vacant or empty. Váculo, s. m. vacuity, empti- ghezza non ho che della cace

orare, to cease, to end, io ness.--Non si può dare nella ciu, hunting is my sole de. hecome extinct.- Vocure, to natura racno, there cannot be light.--Egli prende molta va. attend or mind a thing or bu a vacuum in nature.

ghezza di studiare, he de. siness, to apply to it. - Vacare, Vacun, adj. empty.

lights very much in studying, to rest, to cease from one's Vado, s. m. a ford.

he loves to siudy very much. Wyk.

Vagabondáre, to rove, to sam ---Vaghezza, beauty, great Vacáto, adj. vacant, empty. ble about, to stroll, to go beauty. Vacrizionc, s. f. vacancy - about.

Vagilláre, v. Vácillare. baraziune, demise, death..- Vagabondáto, p. p. of Vaga- Vagillazione, v. Vacillazióna Gl dinperadori Italiani, che bondare.

Vagina, s. f. a sheath. regnarono in que' tempi, ap- Vagabondità, s. f. a wandering, Váglia, s. f. valour, courage, presso la vacuzion de Fran- rambling, or strolling about. stoutness, bravery. ceschi, the emperors of Italy, Vagabondo, adj. wandering, Vaglire, to winnow-Vaglia



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