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dre, to contemn, to despise, skilful, ingenious, excellent, voured to appease him with to slight, to undervalue, to learned. --Valente, valiant, entreaties, but all in vain.make no account of.

stout, courageous, brave, Quest' erba vale a molte tre Vagliáto, adj. sifted.

Valentemente, adv. strenuous fermitd, this herb is good for Vagliatore, he that winnows. ly, vigorously, bravely, cou a great many diseases - For. Vagliatúra, s. f. sifting, that rageously.

runa vaglia che il saper non which is sifted out.

Valenteria, s. f. bravery, va- gio'a, it is better an ounce of Váglio, s. m. cribble, a com lour, courage.

good fortune than a pound of Valentía, s. f. valour, courage, wit.--I edendo che le lusinghe Vago, s. m. a gallant, a spark, bravery - Valentía, prowess, non ? ale ano ebbe ricorso og!" a beau.-Vago, adj. wander - a valiant and mighty act or ingann, seeing that far means ing, strolling, or rambling thing, an exploit.

would not do, he had recourse about.-Stella vaga, a pia- Valéntre, adj. able, clever, ex to stratagems.---Se ragho a net. --Vago, desirous, cover- cellent, vaijant, courageous, ser: irla in alcuna cosa mi coous, lover.---Sarei rago di brave. Obs.

mandi, if I can serve you in sapere chi egli sia, I should Valentreménte, adv, strenuous. any thing, pray command be desirous to know him, I ly, valiantly, courageously, me.- alere to deserve. — would fain know why he is. bravely. Obs.

Non è generosità il dare il sue -Egli è molto pago della Valentia, s. f. valour, cou atere a chi non lo rale, it is caccia, he delights very much rage, bravery. Obs.

not generosity to bestow one's in hunting.- Chi è ago di Valentuómo, s. m. a valiant wealth upon a man that does ricchezze si rende infelice man, a man of honour, a not deserve it.- Farsi e alete, anche nel posseilerle, who is man of courage.

to shew one's strength, to be coverous of riches, is misera. Valenza, s. f. virtue, merit, formidable.-Eun re che si fa ble even in the possession of Valenzia, s desert, valour, valere de' suoi ricini, he is a them.- Son molto ingo dil courage.

king who is formidable to his zalent uomini, I am a lover Valére, to be worth. Questo neighbours.-Un uomo che se of learned men, I love to

libro vale uno scudo, this fatto valere per la sua iitta, converse with men of learn- book is worth a

a man who was esteemed for ing.-Pago, fine, handsome, Valére, to be worth, to be his virtue.-Egli si sa len ta. beautiful. - Una zaga donna, good.--Questa spada val len lere nella sua carica, he makes a fine beautiful woman. la vostra, this sword is as good money of his post.— Far iaVago, adv. finely, handsome as yours.-Vale dieci mila lere, to improve, to make the ly, elegantly.-Oratore è colui scudi, it is worth ten thou- best of.-Far rulere il suo de che sopra ogni cosa proposto sand crowns.--Nessuno sa naro, to improve one's mo. può dire vago e adorno, an quel che vale, nobody knows ney, to turn it to a penny.orator is one who can talk how much he is wurth.-Non Egli fa ralme quel che sa, he clegantly, upon any subject zal niente, it is good for no makes the best of his know. proposed to him.

thing.-Tu non sai di quel ledge.-Valer di meglio, to Vagúcein, adj. pretty hand-che'io vaglia, you don't know better one's self.-La qual some or fine.

what I am capable of, you congiurazione fu scoperta seVajajo, s. m. he that tans or don't know what I can do.- gretamente, per alcun sesells furs.

Nessuno era nel paese che 12 guace de' congiurati, creden. Vajáno, s, m. a kind of grapes. lesse lui, there was nut ano dosen- taler di meglio, which

Vajro, the wine made of ther in the country that could conspiracy was discovered by the grapes called vajano. not come up to him.-Valere, one of the conspirators, thingVajáto, adj. grey.--Punạo va to be enough, to be able. ing to better bimself by it juto, grey cloth.

Tutte le persuasioni del mon I aler di megiio, to turn to a Vajézz1, s. f. grevishness. do non a arrelbero a smozerlo better account.talersi d' Vainiglia, s. f. vanilla, a pod of dal suo proponimento, all una cosa, to make use of a a certain skrb that smells the persuasions in the world thing, to use or employ it. well, and it comes from the would not be enough to re Valersi della ragione, to make West Indies.

more him from his resolu- use of reason.-Si voglia di Vajo, adj. blackish, said of tion. Le nostre forze non me in tutio crii che potrò set. fruit when ripening.- Vajo, 1. zagliono a resistera a' nemici, virla, employ me in any $. m. grey miniver, vary in our turces are not sufficient to thing that I can be serviceable heraldry. Fajo, the skin of resist the enemies. - lalére, to you.-Valére, to signify. the grey miniver.

to profit, to advantage, to --Digiunare, i ale nor mengiVajoláto, adj. blackish. avail, to do good, to be good. are e non l'ere, to fast signities Vajutlo, s. m. the small pox. -Che vale ad uno aver ric- not to eat and not to drink, -Vujnólo, a disease in pi-l chezze se non se ne sprue? Falére, s. m. value, worth. geons' eyes.

what will it advantage a man - Donogli il alere di dieci Valco, v. Válico. Obs. to have riches, if he does not mila fiorini d'oro tra in dana. Valéggio, s.m. strengih, power. make use of them?--Cercò ri e in giorili, he gave him the Otrs.

di placarlo colle preghire, value of ten thousand florins Valénte, adj. abie, clever, ma nulla valst, he endea- of gold in mouez and jewels.

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Valeriána, s. f. valerian, al space of ground surrounded / glittering, shining, blazing.– plant so called. by hills.

| vamproziunti raggi, the Valetudine, s. f. health.

Valléa, s. f. hollow space of blazing beanis of the sun. Valévole, adj. good, useful, ground surrounded by hills Vampeggiare, to blaže, available, profitable. from one end to the other, a

flash, to be in a fame. Valicábile, adj. passable, for- valley.

l'ampeygiúre, to glizer, to . dable, that can be passed Valletta, s. f. a little valley. shive, to be bright. ---Vam.

Vallettina, s. f. a very small peggiare, to fume and fret, Valicáre, to pass, to pass over, pleasant valley.

to rave, to jage, to be in to tord. - alicare un monte, Valietto, s. m. a valet, a ser

a violent passion. 10 pass or go over a mounvant, a page:

Vampeggiato, p. p. of Vamtain.-falicare un fiume, to Vallicélia, s. t, a little valley. peggiare. ford a river.--Valicò per mure Vallicóso, adj. full of valleys, Vampo, s. m. lightning, a d'Inghilterra in lluiia, he Valligiáció, s. ni. an inhabi- flash of lightning. -Cummiwent by sea from England 10 tant of a valley.

nar come un vampo, to walk Italy.--Valicure, to pass.- Vallo, s. m. a bastion, a bul very fast, or as fast as an arNon valica, di ora che work.

TOW ---Si mosse contro 'l nenon lo ela, he passes neither Vallonáccio, s. m. a large val mico come un tampo, he rusha day nor an hour without ley

ed upon the enemies like sceing him.

--Ho zalicato i Vallonáta, s. f. valley, valc, lightning: · sessant' anni, I am past sixty bottom of a valley.

Vampóre, 1. Vampo. Obs. years of age.--Palicáto, adj. Valloncello, s. mi a little val. Vanaglória, s. f. vain glory, past, forded. ley, or dale.

vanity, pride. Valicatúre, he that passes or Vallóne, s. m. a large valley. Vanaglóriarsi, to brag or boast fors. alicatore dei coman- Vairamento,

of, to be proud of. damenti di Dio, a transgres: or strengthening, or foriitying. Vanaglorinsuménte, adv. vain.

of the commandments of God. Valóre, s. m. value, worth, gloriously. Válico, s. m. a passage, a ford. price. -Uiranello di gran vn- Vanaglorioso, adj. vain-glo. --Válico, a spioning-wheel, lore, a ring of great value.- rious, full of vain-glory. . a spindle.

Valore, valour, courage, Vanamnénte, adv. vainly, foolValidáre, to make valid, to stoutpess, bravery.

ishly:--Vanaménie, vainly, render valid, to convalidate. Valoria, s. f. courage, bravery, in vain, needlessly, unprofitVálido, adj. strong, lusty, 10. viour.

ably. bust.--úlido, valid, authen- Valorosamente, adv. valiantly. Vanáre, to dote, to rave, to tic, dune in due form. Valoróso, adj. valiant, stout,

talk idie, Obs. Validóre, s. m. bravery, va brave, courageous.

Vaneggiamento, s. m. dotage, pour, bodily or mental power. Valsénte, s. m. value, worth, extravagance produced by Obs.

price, equivalent.-Gl' Italia- light-headedness. Valigétta, s. f. a small port- ni mandano deila seva in In- Vane giánte, adj. doting, rave

ghilterra, e dal raisente nel ing. Valigia, s. f. cloak-bag, port- comprano panni, the Italians Vanegyiáre, to rave, to dote, -Entrare in cali.

send silk into England, and to talk idle. -Parli 1 da dogia, to take pepper in the out of the money they buy) vero, o pur avaneggi? do you nuse, to be angry.

cloth. Balsente, estate, spe:k in earnest, or do you Valigiájo, s. m. a trunk-ma stock.--Egli la dieci miln play the fool? - Vaneggiúre,

ker, a cloak-bag-maker. srudi di vaisenle, he has an io be empty.-Nel drillo inteze Valiménto, s. m. value, worth, estate of ten thousand crowns.

zo del

campo maligno, vanega price-aiménto, valour, -Luscið loro di valsente a un pozz0, just in the courage, stoutuess, bravery. quindici mila fiorini, efe middle of the pestiferous field Valitúdine, Valetudine.

them a matter of fifteer. thou- there is a well. Obs.

sand forins.-Supposto chVaneggiáso, p. p. of Vaneg. Valláme, s. m. an interval,

io allia id qalsente di due mi: giare. a distance between many val. la lire sterline, suppose I Väneggiatore, addicted dies.

should be worth two thou. vain glory, lover of vain Valláre, to close, to trench! sand pounds.

Things, a dotard, a vain man. about, or intrench, to fence, Valúta, s. t valour, bravery, Vaneggiatrice, fem. of Vanegor fortify.

strength. Obs.--V'alúla, va giatore. Valláca, s. f. all the space Icur, price, worth.

Vanerélio, a foppish vain which is between two valleys Valutáre, to prize, to estimate, young fellow. froin one end to the other. to value or rate.

Vanézza, s. f. varity, vainness, Vallato, a trench, a fence. -- Valutála, adj. prized, esti- vain-glory, pride, presumption. Halldto, adj. fenced, walled, mated, valucd.

Vanga, s. f. a spade, a mate intrenched, encompassed, Vampa, s. f. flame, blaze. tyck. - Andare a vanga, to fenced.---Jalldto, validated, Vampa, amorous flame, love, find the ground fit to be dig, authentie, done in due form. passion, desire.

ged with the spade. Questo Valle, s. f. valley, a hollow | Vampeggiante, adj. bright, terreno za a lunga per capela




lenza, this ground is exceed- vantage.

Vantagióne, s. f. 2 a boast. ingly good to dig.--Andare a vantaggiato, p. p. of Vantag Vantainento, s. m.) ing, glorang, 10 find a thing casy gare.-Vantaggiuto, excel- rying, bragging, or vapouring. to be one - Beato voi che lent, very good. -- an aggiato, Vantare to boasi, to brag,

ogni cosa vi "a a vangu, hapo rich, wealthy. i estimento Vantarsi, } to glory, to va. "py you that every thing i antaggiato a very large o! pour l'antdrsi, to pretend thrives with you. wide suit of cloaths.

to do a thing, to undertake to Vangaccia, s. f. a bad or clum- Vantaggino, s. m. a pretty ad. do it.- Fornitu a ea quello, SV spade or mattock.

Vantage,, an inconsiderable di che tantato s'era, he bad Vingjuóla, s. f. a diag net. profit.

done what he unde took to do. Vangáre, 10 dig or break the Vantaggio, s. m. advantage, -l'anture, to cry up, to com. .ground with a spade

prerogative, benefit, interest, mend, to praise, to extol.Vangáti, s. f. adigued ground. profit, hi nour.--Ci sarà di So è coil bella came roi la -lungata, a blow with a zustio tantaggio, this will contale, bisogna rerio chells spade or muttock.

be for your advantage.--La sia un' angela, if she is as Vangato, i dj. digged with a gente del repese il ? untaggio handsome as you say, she spade or matlock

del disoryline del nemico), the must needs be an angel. Vangätóre, a digser, a labour- ! king's army improved the ad. Vantáto, p. p. of 1 antale.er in the field.

vantage whilst the enemy was l'an úto, cried up, commend. Vangatúra, s. f. the act of dig.) in disorder — Parlare in zan. ed, famous, renowned.

ging with a spade or muttock, laggio di qualcheduno, to Vantatúre, a boaster, a bragga. and also the time in which the speak to one's advantage, toj dochio. ground is to be dug.

give a good character of uim. lantatrice, fem. of Cantatore: Vangélio, s. m. the gospel. - Ripulo maggior raggio -Lingua i antatrice, a rain Vangelista, s. m. an cvange sincer me stesso che non supe talkative tongue.

liss, or perman of the gospel. | rare il nimico, I think it a Vantazióne, v. Vantamento. Vangelizzare, to preach the much greater victory to mas. Vantevole,


boasting, gospel.

ter ny elf than to overcome bragging, haughty, foolish. Vangélo, s. m. the sospe! - my enemy --Cercare il suo -Parole tante: oli, vain, idle

D:re il rangelo di San Giovantaggio, to mind one's owd words. z'anni, to speak the truth. interest of profit.---Trarre Vanto, s. m. a boasting, brag3 Vangile, s. m. a litle bit of antaggio de una cosa, to reap, ing, glorying, vapouringjren fixent to the handle of a benefit from a thing.-Fur Mi do canto che, si ai fossi Spade, whereupon the digger caninggin, to gratity, to give or slato, la cosa sarele andata puts his foot, to thrust the bestow by way of advantage. altrimente, I dare say that, if spade into ihe ground. --Essere o stare a vantaggio, I had been there, the affair Vanguardia, s.f. vanguard, san. to be superior or above one, had not gone so.—Saresti Vamánte, adj. raving, doting.

to have the better of him. reramente da ripular taloro. Obs.


i gran i antuggio, di tan:0 so se un tal i ato ndempissi, Vanire, to vanish, to disappear, antagirio, very well, ex you ought to be looked upon to go out of sight. Not much tremely well. - Una spetsia as a man of courage, if you in use.

comperarono, e quella segre. should perform wbat you preVanità, s. f. vanity, vain-glory, tamente armarono di graniun tend.- Darsi ranto, to boast, pridc.

luggio, they bought a ship, to brag, to glory.--Dare il Vanitóso, adli vain, foolish, andi secretlý filted her very rando, to give the preference, proud, haughty, vain-glorious. well.-Da i antaggio, much the advantage.--- Per la iellesObs.

beiter.Tro:o questo iino da za l'isogna darne il vento alle Vanni, s. m. pl. the wings, tunluggin, I like this wine donne inglesi, one ought to the pinions. Poetical. much better.Da i antaggio, give the preference to English Vano, adj. vain, cnpry, -Min besiddes:---Ho altre ragioni da women for beauty.-- tano,

no, vain, loolish, haughiv, imagio da non farto, be praise, glory, honour.--vedere proud, vain-glorious. Un sides. I have other reasons dosi fra luite dar il tanto, Homo rano, a self-conceited why I shoukl not do it. seeing herself honoured or man.--Purule z ane, frivolous Puntiggio, corollary, a conse- praised above all the rest. words -- Beni -ani, trail and quence drawn from something Tanto, advantage. Obs. perishable goods.-- In cano, already proved or demonstra- Vánvera, ex. A vánvera, adı. vainly, in vain, to no purpose. ted.

at random, rashly, inconsideluno, s. m. emptiness, Vantaggiosamente, adv. ad- rately. - Far una ensa a : anwhat is empty.--t'ano, adj. riintageously, profitably, to cera, to do a thing at random risedless, supeifluous. the best advantage.

or rashly.-- Tirare a rán. Vantaggiise, to surpass, to ex- Vantaggióso, he who seeks al- pera, to shoot at random,

cel, to exceed innlaggiáre, ways his advantage...l'antag. Vanúra, s. f. vanity. Obs. ro berrer, to augment or in- giuso, adj. advantagcous, pro- Vapor ábile, adj. vaporous, cieise-t'aniussure, to save, fitable.

breathing, sending forth maVantaggiúzzo, S. m, a very ny vapours. Vantaggério, s. m. a pretty ad small advantage.

Vaporabilità, s. f. evaporation,

to spare.

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a sending forth of vapours or variare, a man cannot eat al- Vascelláegio, v. Vasellame. fumes.

ways the same thing, but Vascellájo, s. f. a potter. Vaporále, adj. vaporous, full of sometimes he

10 Vaceláme, s. m. dishes, plates, vapours.

change.- Variáre, to differ or much earthen ware together. Vaporánte, artj. that evaporates. be different, to be unlike, to l'acellame di terra,earthen

Laporants, breathing hard vary.--Tariére, to differ, to ware.-- l'acellame di stagro, and with difficilty.

disagree, not to be of the pewter. --Vacellame d'oro Vapore, to evaporate.

sa me opinion. I scrittori va d'argento, plate, goid or silver, Vaporativ?, adj. et aporative, riuno sopra questo soggetto, plate. streaming out vapours.

writers disagree upon this' asellamento, 2. Vase!lame. Vapoiáto, adj. evaporated. subject.

Pasellětro, s. m. a little vessel Vaperzión, s. f. evaporation. Variatamente, adv. with vari- or pot. Vapure, s. m. vapour, exhala- ety, in a varied manner. Vaséllo, s. m. a little vessel or tion raised by heat.--La vi-Vanato, adj changed, altered.sécro, ) por. -t'asclio, a ta nostra è un apor di fumo, -Variato d'animo, change. ship. Obs. che pocodura e fosto sparisce, able, inconstant, fickle - Vaso, s. m a vessel, a pot.our life is like a vapornus Varialo, various, different, l'aso di terra, an earthern ves. smoke that lasts a little while, divers.-Ha zariati fruiti nell sel. and soon vanishes away.--Ya suo giarrlino, he has several l'asóito, s. m. a pot that is alpore, humour, moisture, or different fruits in his garden. most as high as it is large. juice.

- Di variato colore, variegat | Vassallaggio, s. m. vassalage, V:porévole, adj. fullof vapours. ed, speckled, streaked or di-l the duty of a vassal 10 his Vaporosérto, adj. somewhat verified with several colours. lord.'assallúggio, a great vaforous,

-Pinger con variati colori, many vassals. Vaporosità, s. f. a vaporous to variegate, to diversity, to assallo, -, m. vassal. -- l'as-' quality.

make of different colours. sallo, a servant. Vaporoso, adj. vaporous, full of Variazióne, s. f. variation, Vassójo, s, m, a kind of square vapours.

change, alteration, variety, cub. Vapuláre, to beat, to chassise, diversity.

Vastaménte, adv. 'vastly, exo in a school,

Varice, s. f. a complaint that cremely, excessively, greacy. Vapuláto, p. p. of Vapulare. consists in some swoln vein. Vastità, s. f. vasticisy, vasinising Vapulazione, s.f. chastisement, Varicoso, adj. having swoln largeness, greatness, excese punishment, scourge. veins in the legs.

sive bizness, hugeness. Varáno, v. Vajano. Varieggiare, to vary, to change Vasto, adj. vast, large, huge, Varáre, to launch, to draw a or alter, to differ, to disagree. great, spacious. ship or bark from the shore Varieggiáto, p. p. of Varieggi- Vate, s. m. a poet, a bard, a into the water.

word properly used only in po, Varáto, p. p. of Varare. Carietà, s. f. variety, diversity, etry. Varcáre, to pass over, to go be change, alteration.- La 17- Vaticinánte, adj. prophesying, yond, to carry over, to con rreta oglie fastidio, variety forctelling. vey:-Varcare un monte, to is as good as a sauce.- !'ari- vaticináre, to prophesy, to fure. pass over a mountain.-l'ar elà, variety, difference, diver- tel. care un fiume, to ford a river. sity, distinction.

Vaticináto, p. p. of Vaticinare. l'arcare il mare, to pass over Vário, adj. different, unlike.- Vaticinin, s. m. a prophe:y. the sea.-''arcare da un luo Le varie vivande opprimono Vatricondio, God speed you, go in un altro, to go from one to stomaca, different sorts of God bless you. place to another.

meat clog the stomach.-H. Ubbia, s. f. bad (men, superstiVarcato, adj. passed over. ľ animo nario dlal z ostro, Ition, foolish belief about Vaico, s. m, passage, ford. am not of the same mind Variábile, adj. variable, sub- with you l'ario, various, Ubbidénte, Ubbidiente. ject to variation, changeable, ficile, changeable, incon. Obs. inconstant.


Ubhidenza, a Ubbidienza. Variamente, adv. variously, Varo, adj. crooked, bent, arch. Obs. diversly, differently. ed. Obs.

Ubbidénte, adj. obedient, obse-
Variaménto, s. m. variation, Varvassóre, s. m. a great quious, dutiful.
alteration, change.

Varvassóro, man, a inan Ubbidienza, s. f. obedience,
Variánte, adj. variable, diffe. of note, an eininent man. dutifulness, subjection, sub-
rent, unlike.
Both obs.

Variantemente, adv.with varie- Vasajo, s. m. a potter. Ubbidire, to obey, to do as one
ty, variously.

Vascellétio, s. m. a small ves is bid.
Variánza, s. f. change, varia sel or ship.

Ubbidico, adj. obeyed.
tion, variety.

Vascello, s. m. a ship.-las- Ubbidirore, he that obeys. Variáre, to vary, to diversify, cello da guerra, a man of war. Ubbiditrice, fem. of Ubbidito change, to alter.---Sempre l'ascello mercan ile, a fernon può l' uomo mangiar un

chant ship.

Uboioso, adj. ominous, superfibo, ma talvolta desidera di Vase, s. m. v. Vaso.





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Ubbliáre, 7. Obbliare. Obs. lalore di tencfici, one that Venetian ambassador had an Ubbriacáccio, s. m. a drunken hunts after preferments.--Uc audience of the king -Chie. rascal. cellatóre, a bauterer.

dere udienze, to demand aq-. Ubbriachéllo, s. m. a petty ras Uccellatice, femin. of Uccel- dience.--Udienza, audiency, cal that gives himself airs of latore.

auditory, the auditors.getting drunk.

Uccellatúla, s. t. fowling time, Pili 222, the court th- hall, Ubbriachéza, s. f. drunken and also the act of fitiling. where ambassadors are reccii

Uccellétto, s. m. a little bird. ed, or where Callses Ubbriáco, adj. tipsy, drunk, in Uccellića, s. f lime.avrigs.- 1 beard.--Sala udienza, the liquor.

Cecelieru, a volary, a great hall of the ambassadors. Ubbriacóne, s. a great bird cage.

Ulliménto, S. m. the act of drunkard.

Uccellinn, s. m. a little bird hearing. Uberifero, adj. uberous, plenti -Pugliare gli uccellini, 10 Udire, to hear.--Sta pure a se "ful, copious.

play the tool, to toy.--(u- dire, hearken to me - Aun Ubero, s. m. uber, a breast, or zona a farole dell'uccellino, oglio udirne nulla, I will pap. Poetical.

a long tedious discourse, an hear nothing of it. Ubercà, s. f. uberosity, uherty, oli nomin's tale.

Ullita, s. f. the hearing.-It. plenty, fruitfulness, store, Uccellinúzzo, s. m. a very lit- nire a idi a, to come to one's abundance. tle lird.

hearing or knowle ige.- Po Ubertóso o Ubertuós, adj. Uccello, s. m. a bird krcel- udira, by hear-say.

uberous, plentilul, copious. lo, s. m. a bird --Uccello di Uditi, s. m. the hearing Ubi, adv. where.

rapina, a bird of prey. Udilo, adj. heard. Ubino, s. m. a small borse Duret la vaite, a sly man.- Uditúre, auditor, by-stander.- i

from Albany in Scotland. Oni urcello conosce il grano, Disse a tutti gli uditori, he Ubriachézza, r. Uburiachcz every body luies what is said to all the auditors, to the good.

audience, to the auditory. Ubriaco, v. Ubbriaco.

Uccellóne, s.m. a bubble, a Udinice, s. f. she that hears. Uccellábile, fit or deserving to cully, a sot, a ninny. Uditório, s. m. auditory, the be made a jest of.

Uccellúzzo, s. m. a little bird. place where lectures or serUccellaccio, s. m. a large bird. Uechiello, s. m. a button mons are heard m'ditório, -Urselliccio, a simpleton, a hole.

auditory, the assembly of ninny, a soc.

Uccidére, to kill, to take away those that hear. Uccellagione, s. f. fowling one's lite, to slay,

V'e, to you, you - e lo mare time, the time of shooting or Uccidiménto, s, m, slaughter, derà domani, I'll send it to you catching birds. --Uccellagi-murder.

to-morrow.-ipli monstrerù, ónę, a fowling, the going a Ucciditúre, killer, murderer. I'll shew them to you-te shunting. Uccellagiune, Ucciditrice, fem. of Uccidi ne pentiréte, you shall repent game.

of it.-V'e, adv, there. -12, Uccellaja, s. f. a tree full of Uccisióne, s. f. slaughter, mur shortened from l'edi, see.lime twigs to catch'birds with. der.--Mettere ad uccissione, lê molile fanciullo, e che - Uccellája, a volary, an to kill or slay.

son giunta! see, changeable. aviary, a great bird-cage. Ucciso, adj. krila, slain. youth, wliar I came to! Uccelláme, s. m. a number of Uccisóre, s. m. he that kills, Vecchia, s. f. an old woman. birds together. murderer.

Vecchiaccio, s. m. nasty Uccellamento, s. n. banter, Udinte, adj. hearing, that Vecchiaccia, s. f. } old man baniering, jest.

hears.-- A cni, udenti tutti, or woman. Uccellánte, adj. that banters, loc donna disse, to whom the Vecchiaja, s. f. old age. bantering.

wonian said, so that every l'ecchiárdo, s. m. la vicious Uccelláre, to fowl,to gn a fowl. body might hear.

Vecchiarda, s. f. 1 or mis. ing or bird-catching, or Udibik, adj. au-lible, that may chievous old man or woman. shooting.--Uccellare, to jeer, le heard.

Vecchiccio, adj. oldish. to banter, to laugh at one Udienza, s. f. audience, hear-Vecchicciuola, s. f. a poor old Uccellire, to cover, to desire, ing.-Bru'o trasse il coltello, to watch for a thing, to have tullo sanguinoso, e disse in Vecchicciuolo, s. m. a poor old a design upon a thing.--Eg! Hienza di tu ti, Brutus drew s'accoslo a Outone, e non l'ar his da ger all bloody, and said Vecchierella, s. f. a poor tanulogli l'Africa arcilla a to all the people present. Vecchieréllo, s. m.

old voalia Spagna di isa da porel Dare udienza, to give audi- Vecchétta, s. f. strelto, he corredi Olho, and ence, to hearken 10. -Il re l'ecchietto, s. m. ro contented with Africa, he ha dalo udienza all' ambus. Pecchietto, adj. oldish, prethai Spain in his eye, as being riadere di Francia, the king. iy old. alt:le way distant from it. - has given audience to the Vecchieaza, s. f. old age.

Urcelláre, s. m. lime-twigs. French ambassador.--Avere Vecchio, s. m. an old man. Uccelláto, adj. part. pass. ci ucienza, to have audience.- La necessità fa frottare la vec. Uccellare.

L'aminscatore di 1 enezia chia, need makes the old wife Uccellatore, a fowler.--Uccel ha aiuto udienza dal re, the trot, need makes the naked





man or man.

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