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quean spin.-Vecchio, adj. dere, to make one believe or|Vedéta, s. f. a centinel.
uld, ancient.-Un vecchio cos understand.--Non mi darete Stare alla vedettá, to watch,
tume, an old custom.- A col a vedere così fatte cose, you to stand upon the watch.
pr vecchia pena nuova, an

shall not make me see such a Vedimento, s. m. the sight.
uld sin a new penance. -Vec- thing. ---Voleva darmi a ve- Veditore, spectator, bye-standa
chio, great.---Vecchie basto- dere che quel che faccva era ér, beholder. Not used.
nale, heavy blows.- lecchia per mio vantaggio, he would Védova, widow.
prura, a great fright.-Voi by that make me understand, Vedovággio, s. m. widowhood,
minvere falla una verchia that what he did was for my viduity
paura, you have frightened own advantage.—Dare a ve- Vedovále, adj. belonging to a
me out of my wits.

dere, to let see, to let know widow or widower. Vecchiore, à venerable old or understand, to demon-Vedovánza, s. f. widowhood,

strate or discover, to show. Vedováre, to deprive. Vecchioni, š. m. pl. chesnuts Vi darò a vedere, che non ho Vedovático, S. widows boiled in wine.

altro fine che di serviri, you hood. Vecchiórto, s. m. Jan old shall see that I aim at nothing Vedováto, adj. made a widow, Vecchiória, s. f. brisk but to serve you.-Vedére, to bereft. man or woman.

see, to consider, to observe, Vedovélla, s. f. a poor distresVecchiúccio, a poor old man, to popder, to mind, to take sed widow. Vecchiúme, s, m. a parcel of care. Vediamo quel che bi- Vedovétra, sóf.a young widow. old ragged clouths, tatters, sogna fare in questo affare, Vedovézza, v. Vedovanza. rags.

let us consider what is to be Vedovile, adj. belonging to a Véccia, s. f. fich or vetch. done in this case. --Vedi che widow.-Abito redo'.ile, a Vecciato, s adj. mixt with or non sancidi, take care you widow's dress.-yedurile, s. Veccióso, s full of verch.- do not kill him.-Facciumo m. a mourning suit due to a A tempo di cares ia pan vec dimque a cotesto modo, ma widow out of her deceased cioso, half a loat is better cor guesto vedi che tu non til husband's estate. than no bread.

porta da me, let us do so Vedoviti, s. f. widowhood, Vece, o lice, ś. f. place, then, but take me right, you viduity:

room, -Prendere o tener la must not go away from me.- Védovo, s. m. a widower.
- vece altrui, to come in or Vedi ve', che se io non l'aves. Védovb, adj. Bereft, deprived.
take one's room or place. si dissuaso da ciò egli l' a- -Quante védove notti ho con-
In vece, o A vece, adv, in the vrebbe fatto, I can assure simato indarno? how many
name, instead, in the room you, that if I had nor dis- solitary nights have I con-
of.-- In vece del re, in the suaded him from it, he would sumed in vain ? Védove
king's name.--Mangio delle have done it.-Stare a ve- piume, a widowed bed.
frutte in vete di pane, I eat dere, to see, to behold, in look Luogo redovn, a solitary un-
fruits instead of bread. ---Pin at:--Stare e vedere, to be inhabited place. Védovi sola,
yliąte questo in vece del vos idle.- Non vedersi mai sazio, chi, untilled ground.
tro, take this in the room of to be never satisfied. PolerVeduità, s. f. v. Vedovità.

si veder con uno, to wait up-Vedúra, s. f. the sight.-VeVececancelliére, s. m. a vice on one.-Veder chiaro, in duta corta, short sight.-Lo chancellor.

comprehend well.-Vedere in so per vedutu, I know it beVececónte, s. m. a viscount. viso, to comprehend, to un cause I have seen it. - In tieVedénte, adj. seeing, that derstand well.-Veder torlo, duta mia, before my eyes.

to see one thing for another, Si tallegro molto della mia Vedére, to see, to perceive or to judge wrong.-Far vedere cedula, he was very glad 10 discern objects by the eyes or una cosa in candela, to shew see me.Veduta, view, vis. sight --Vedo l' aurora appa- plainly.---Far vedere il nero to, prospect.-Vedule, s. f. rire, I see the dawn appears. per il bianco, to make one pl. stars. Obs.-Lo ciel se--Se no 'I credete cenite a ve. believe that white is black... guente che ha tante vedule, dere, if you don't believe it. A vedere e non vedere, in a the next heaven that has so come and see. Lo vedo ve. moment, presently:Vedere many stars.

All bad expreso nire, I see him a coming.-- il bello, to watch the opporo sions of Dante.-Veduta, obo l'edter da lontano, to see him tunity.- Quando ride il belo ject-E vidi spenta ogni vem afar off. ---Vedere, to see, tolo gli diede una gran bastona. Juta fuor che della fiera, and consider, to examinc, to ob ta su la testa, he watched che every object disappeared, eso seive, to mind er cake notice, opportunity, and gave him al cept that of the wild beast. to farceive-losto vedrete desperate blow with a stick up. Far l'odula, to feign, to affect, quel che so fare, you shall see on the head.-Non veder pill to preterd as if.-Ci fece vedva by and by what I can do.-aranti, to be passionately in ta di non conoscerci, he preJo reggo che la mia opinione love. -Non veder l'ora, to tended not to know us.com non vi quatra, observe that long, to be impatient.--Ve noscer per vedula, to know by you don't relish my opinion. dere, s. m. sighi.--Egli ha sight. SA quel che vedo, for what perduto il vedere, he has lost Vedutaménte, adv. visibly, I can perceive. -Dure a te his sight.

demonstrably. Vol. I.



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Vedúro, adj. seen, perceived. Vegghiáre, to wake, to be or Veglievole, adj. vigilant, ratch. Veeménte, adj. vehement, lie awake.-Vegghiare, in sit ful, careful, wary. hot, eager, violent, passion- up the first part of the night. Véglio, an old man. ate.

-A vegghiare erano ella e Vegliúccia, s. f. a short watcb. Veementemente, adv. vehe- marito andati co' lor vicini, Vegnénte, adj. coming, neas,

mently, eagerly, violently, she and her husband were nigh-a-coming, next, followVeeménza, s. f. vehemence, gone to pass the evening with ing.--Il giorno vegnente, the eagerness, violence.

their neighbours.-! egghiure, next day.--L' anno vegnente, Vegerábile, adj. vegetable.- to watch one, to have a

the year following.- egnaFegetábili, s. m. pl. vegeta- watchful eye upon him, to le, growing, thriving. bles, all kind of greens fit to watch his steps. --Bigghiure, Veicolo, s. m. vehicle, chari S. m. watching

of.----Veicolo trionfale, a triVegetánte, adj. that vegetates. Verghiáto, adj. p. p. of Vecghi- umphal chariot. Veicolo, Vegetáre, to vegctate, to grow

vehicle, that part of a medias plants.

Vegghiatóre, a watchman, a cine which serves to make Vegetativo, adj. vegetative. watchful or diligent man. the principal ingredient pota. Vegetálu, adj. vegetated, Vegghieria, s. f. watching. able.-- l'eicolo, vehicle, that grown.

Obs.-- Fare la verghieria, to by means of which any thing Vegetazione, s. f. 'vegetation, watch, to guard. An ouso. is conveyed. growth proper to all trees, lete phrase.

Vela, s. f. a sail.-Vela moesshrubs, plants, and herbs. Vegghiévole, adj. awaked.-- tra, the main-sail.-Spiegar Vegetévole, adj. vegetable, ca- Vegghievole, vigilant, watch. le vele, to set sail.- Far? ela; pable of growing.

ful, diligent, careful, cireum to sail, to be under sail.com Végeto, adj. quick, fresh, live- spect, wary-Gli occhi di lar le vele, to strike sail.-- Dar ly, lusty, sound,

Dio sono sempre aperti e veg- le rele a'venti, to set sail Veggénte, adja seeing, that shieroli sopra i giusti, e. so. Esser alla vela, to be under sees, or can see.-Veggende pra coloro che l'amano con sail.--A vele gonfie, A reie tullo il popolo, before all the dirillura di cuore, God has piene, full sail, with a fapeople.- 4 pincregente, be always a watchful eye upon vourable wind.--A vela e re. fore my eyes,-A occhi reg. righteous men, and upon those mo, with all speed.-Pele, s.

Billi," before, in the pre- who love him with a sincere f. pl. sails, ships.-Un armesence, openly, before one's heart.

ta di cento vtle, a fleet of a tyes.

Veggbievolmente, adv. watch hundred sail, of a hundred Végghia, s. f. watching, the fully, diligently, carcfully, ships of war. State of being awake.In warily,

Veláme, s. m. veil, cover.zegghia, awake.---Il sonno Véggia, s. f. a cask, a pipe.- Volume, veil, figure, allegory. on" è alcata volta più grazio- Vesgia, a cartfull, or load.-. Velóme, a very thin skin. so che la regghia, sometime Bastiti per l'arlore una veg. Velamento, s. m, a veil, a co

I love better to sleep than to gia di letame, ma al piccolo ver.--Velaménto, veil, figure, be' awake.--Vedere una cosa Frbore una mezza veggia, for allegory --Velamento, reil, u vieghia, to see a thing a large tree you have enough cloak, colout, shew, cover, when one is awake, viz. per of a cartfull of dung, and for pretence. fectly well.Pegghia, cven a smalt tree one half will do. Veláre, to veil, to cover with a ing meeting.-Do:e passere- Veggiolo, s. m. bitter vetches, veil. ---Pelare, to covér, to mo la vegghia stafera where tares.

hide.- Le muli selano il cieshall we pass the evening ? Véglia, s. f. rout, watching. lo, the clouds cover the sky Cosa da resghia, an old wo reglia, a watch, or part of the Velúre, to veil, to cloak, to

man's tale, a silly story. night.--Veglia, a night's hide, to cover or conceal.Vegghiamento, s. m. watch meeting, where neighbours Velar l' occhio, to fall asleep. ing.

mect to pass some part of the Olire alla mezza notte io se Vegghiánte, adj. that is a long winter vights together.-- lai un pochetro l'occhio, af. wahed, vigilant, watchful. Andare alla veglia, to go to a ter midnigh: I fell into a light Në prima la luce entra ne' rout, to go and spend the sleep. vegghianti occhi, che egli le- evening with others. Veláto, adj.veiled, corered with vato cu'sui cani ricerca le sel Vegliánte, adj. watching.re, and he is no sooner awake Vigliánte, watchful, diligent. Velatóre, s. m. he or she that but he gets up, and seeks the Vegliárdo, an old man. Velatrice, s. f.) veils. wouds with his dogs.---Il vrg- Vegliáre, to wake, to be a-Velazione, s. f. 9. Velamento. ghiante gallo area le prime wake.-Vegliáre, to watch, Veleggiamento, s. m. a sailing, ore caniute, the watchful to be vigilant, to take care or being under sail. cock had crowed the first of.

Veleggiáre, to sail, to set sail, hours.

Vegliáco, adj. awaked, watch- to steer one's course. Vegghiánza, s. f. vigilance, ed.

Veleggiátu, that has set sail, watchfulness. Obs.

Vegliatore, s. m. a man or a sailed. Fegghiárdo, s. m. u. Veglias-Vegliatrice, s. f. } woman Veleggiátóre, s. m. a sailing do.

who watches at nights, ship.-Un buono o callico it.

a veil.

to spy

leggiatore, a good or bad bleness, quickness.

tromba, nendere all' incanta, sailing ship.

Velóne, s. f. a large sail. to sell by auction.- Vendere a Veienáto, adj. poisoned. Velea, s. f. a greyhound bitch. I peso o a misura, to sell by, Velenifero, adj. venomous, full Veltro, s. m. a greyhound. weight or measure

-Vendere of poison.

Pelúzzo, s. m. a little veil. a lraccia, to sell by the yard, Velėno, s. m. venom, poison. Vena, s. f. a vein.-Segnare - Vendere a minuló, to sell by

Ilzelena sta alla coda, the una vena, to open or breathe retail.--Vendere a ritaglio, venom lies in the tail. -rele a vein, to let blood. l'ena, a to sell cloth by retail. ró, spite, hatred, grudge, ma- spring of water. -Vena di me Vendere in digrosso, 10 lice.

talli o di pietre, a vein of me sell by wholesale. Velenosamente, adv. angrily, tal or stones.~lena d'oro o dere a contanti, to sell foc maliciously, spitefully, in a d'argento, a vein of gold or ready money.

Vender pel jage.

silver. l'ena, fecundity, tempi, to sell upon trust.Velenosetto, adj. a little vene fruitfulness, plenty-Secou è Vender caro, to sell dear.-mous.—Velenosetlo, a little la rena dell' asato ingegno, Vendere a buon mercalo, to spiteful, or angry,

the natural flights of wit are sell cheap.-i'ender parole, to Velenosità, s. f. rage, fury, exhausted.vena poetica give fair words. Veniler al madness.

a poetical vein.- Aver vena trui, to make one believe.--Velenúsu, adj, venomous, poi d'una cosa, to have a natural A me non la vender as 1u, ne

sonous, Erla relenosa, a disposition for a thing.–Egli manco alla mia padrona, you poisonous herb.--Lingua ve ha una buona vena di poesia, shall not make me believe it, lenosa, a venomous tongue.

he has a good genius for poe. nor' my mistress neither.Yelétta, a centinel on the top try.—Questo tino ha una zena Vender gelto in sacco, to sell of the walls of a fortress. -- di dolce, this wine is a little a pig in a poke.- Ne ho de Stare alla veletta; to watch, upon the sweet. Egli rendere, I have enough to to observe, in spy..

una vena di puzzo, he is spare.--Aver ragion da ver, Yelettajo,' s. m. a merchant touched a little in his brains, dere, to be very much in the that sells veils or crapes, a man

Fare una cosa di nena, to right.-Voi avelę ragion da that makes veils.

do a thing willingly and with rendere, you are very much Yelettáre, tu observe, to watch, alacrily.Non ho zena da in the right. Obs.

studiare oggi, I am not in a Venderéccio, adj. venal, that is Velle, s. m. will, mind, plea- good humour to study to-day. to be sold. — Vendereccio, ve. Obs.

-Non siale meco adirato se nal, mercenary. Velleità, s. f. velleity, the low non m'avete, trorato di vena, Vendétta, s. f. vengeance, re, est degree of desire.

don't be angry with me, if you venge.-- Far rer.detta sur uno, Velli, there they are, there have not found me in a goud to be revenged on one.

humour.-Vena, an artery. - Vendettáccia, s. f. an infamous Vello, s. m. a fleece of wool, l'ena, oats.

yengeance, a treacherous re. the locks of shorn wool. Venagione, s. f. hunting, chace, yenge. Vello, hair. - Pettinando al gaming. Obs.

Vendérole, adj. renal, that suo vecchio i bianchi welli, Venále, adj. venal, that may Vendibilc; S is to be sold, combing the grey hair of her be sold.-Venále, venal, mer vendible. old man.--Vello, a handful cenary.

Vendicabilmente,adv. revengeof something. - Vello, there Venardi, Obs. v. Venerdi. fully. Obs. he is.-'ello, there it is. Vendémmia, s. f. vintage.- Vendicamento, s, m. vengeVellóso, adj. hairy, full of hair. Vendemmin, the vintage time. ance, revenge. Obs. Vellutáto, adj. made after the Vendemmiánte, adj. gathering Vendicánte, adj. revengeful, manner of vclvet.

the grapes in order to make vindictive. Velluto, adj. hairy.-- Crojo wine - Un vendemmiainte, s. Vendicánza, s. f. revenge, venvellu'o, rough, rugged skin.- m. a vintager, a gatherer of gcance. Obs. Cosle vellute, sleep rocks.-- grapes,

Verdicáre, to revenge, in Velluto, s, m. velvet. Vendemmiáre, to vendemiate, Vendicarsi, f avenge, to vinVelo, s. m. a veil, a crape. to gather the grapes in order dicate.-Il m glior modo di Velo di monache, anun's veil. to make wine.- Vendemmi. rendicarsi de' nemici è dir en. - Velo, nunnery.--Che l' af úre, to hoard, tv hoard up:-- tare migliore, the best way to fezion del vel Cos'anza tenne. -"endemmia mentre hai be revenged on one's enemies hecause Constantia had a great tempo, get money while the is to mend. Tendicúrsi, to inclination to be a nun.-"el opportunity lasts.

usurp, to take away, to claim, lo, a veil, a cover.-Velo, veil, V'endemmiáto, p. p. of Ven tu challenge a thing. cloak, colour, shew, cover, demmiare,

Vendicativo, adj. vindictive, pretence,

Vendemmiatore, vintager, a revengeful. Velóce, adj. swift, quick, nim-gatherer of grapes:

Vendicáso, adj. revenged. ble, speedily," hastily.--Ve- Vendemmiatrice, fem. of Ven- Vendicatore, a revenger.--"'11 lóce, adv. swiftly, speerlily. demmiatore.

dicatóre, a revengeful man. Velocemente, adv. swiftly, Véndere, to sell, to make over Vendicatrice, s. f, fem. of Venspeedily, quickly, nimbly. for a certain price. —' ender dicatore. ---Ira rendicadice Velocità, s. f. swiftness, nim. sotlo l' asta, vendere alla revengeful wrath.


'they go:


Vendichévole, adj. vindictive, Veniále, adj. venial, pardon nose, and it fell down ; ! revengeful.

able, which may be forgiven. went to feel my ears, and Véndico, adj. revenged. Not - Peccato veniale, a venial they came off-Venire, to used. sin.

become, to gmw, to be medie. Vendimento, s. m. a selling. Venialménte, adv. ex. Peccar -La cera esposta el serens Vendita, s. f. sale.Vendita di venialmente, to commit a ve zene l'ianca, wax exposed to - mobili, 4 sale of household nial sin.

the air of the night become goods.

Venimento, s. m. coming, white,- Dopo molti tra egh Venditore, a seller. arrival.

seiferti zev saio e se Venditrice, she that sells. Venire, to come, to be a com- spese, after a great many Venduto, adj. sold.

ing. ---Vengo da Londra. Il troubles he grew wise at hes Venéfica, witch, hag, sorcere-s.

come from London.-l'olpe expence.-- Von moito dopo Veneficio, s. m. witchcraft, venir meco ? will you come ne magriordoiro, not lors sorcery.

along with me?-leníre, in after he was marie steward. Venéfico, wizard, sorcerer.

deserve, to merit -Tutte le Ciù che *oi dite non rice a Venenáre, to poison.

calamità che ci arradono ci ruta, what you say signifies Venenáto, adj. poisoned. zengono per i nostri peccati, nothing.-- Quando eu : Venenifero, adj. venomous, all the afflictions which come prender moglie, when he poisonous,

upon us we merit for oursins. came to marry.--Venire a Venéno, s. m. poison, venom.

-Venire, to come. to hap- dire, to signify, to incan Venenoso, adj. poisonous, ve

pen, to befal, to come to Ogni zolta che io rango cos nomous.

pass, to fall out.--Mi venne siderando le cose di questa Vennénte, adj. next, coming.--una gran fellre, a gicat fever mordn, whenever I consider -La motiina vencute, the came upon me. terrà il the things of this world.next morning.

tempo, time will come.- E più tri«mente esempenda Venerábile, adj. venerable, Se urnisse a morire senza fis- vegnendo ogui porticularid, worthy of reverence,

liuoli, if he should die with- and when I came to consiet Venerápdo, adj. venerable, out children.-Se questa cosa more minutely all the particoto be reverenced.

tenisse a sapersi, if this thing lars.---Tutta ofannc!o care Veneránza, s. f. veneration happened to be known,-- dicendomi che il nemico pa Obs.

Venne una gran tempesta a icino alla città, in a great Veneráre, to venerate, to reve- great storm arose. Che l'ene- haste he came to tell me that

ficio me ne üerra da cãthe enemy was near the town. Veneráto, adj. venerated, reve. what advantage shall I reap –Mi ienne eluto un renced.

from that ? - Vivienne in pene assai arneno, I saw a very deVenerątóre, a worshipper. siero di mandargli una lettera, licious garden - Questa mia Veneratrice, fem. of Venera- a thought came into my headlien della la sensili a th's tore.

to send him a letter.- Venire, herb is called the seasitise. Veneraziónę, s, f, veneration, to come, to arrive at.--.fe-Egli izen riputato per m2 * obsequiousness.

nimmo ad un boscherin, e uomo dallone, he is eleco:d Venerdi, s. f. Friday.

ci fermammo alquanto, we in be a very honest man.Venereaménıç,adj.lasciviously, came to a little wood, where Ciò mi vien de to da molti, I lustfully.

we stayed awhile. - Vuire, to am to!d so by a creat many.me Venéreo, adj. venereal, lustful, smell.—Egli è che dianzi in lenire, to come to, to east.

lascivious, --Mal venereg, che biancni i miei seli col zolfo, Queetos arito' mi vien tenta venereal disease.

onde ancor ne iiene, it is be- scudi, this suit stands me in Venerévole, adj. venerable. cause a little while ago I wenty crowns ---Questo liite Venerevolmente, adv. venera- washed my veils with sulphur, mi iene uno scudo, this book bly.

and they smell of it still. costs me a crown.-l'evird, Vengiadóre, s. m. a revenger. Vinire, to come, to proceed to grow, to thise.--Il grano Obs.

-Questa vostra malattın vi. 10n irone in festa terre, Vengiánza, s. f. vengeance, re ene dn mancanza di riposo, corn does not wine well in venge. Obs,

your sickness proceeds from this ground.- tp u ew1: type Vengiare, tu revenge, avenge, want of rest-$rsuoi supere gono in bighilterra, grapes do or vindicatc. Obs.

donde questo cicne dirotri, not thrive in England.--Vengiársi, to be revenged on, if you want to know from Gli atieri ingon bene con or of, to revenge one's self whence this comes, I'll a fuomi, irtes thrive well on upon one. Obs.

tell it you.-Vrnire, to incur the bank of a river.-Iiro Vengiato, allj. revenged. Obs. orrun into.-!'rnire in disgra- a bullaglia, in engage in bai. Vengiatóre, s. m. he that re- zia di qualchicilioro, in incur tle, 10 come to blows, to fight. venges. Obs,

che displtasure of somebodv. l'enire a campo o in campo, Vengiatrice, s. f. she that re. tenire, to come off.--- Mi to encamp, to pitch the venges, or makes a vengeance. volli pigliare il naso, ed egli camp.---t’enire a capo, to Obs.

mi cadde ; collimi toccure'li make an end, to finishi, ta Vénia, s. f. renission of sins, orecchi, ed egli se ne vennato, come to an end..--Se.olessi

pardon.-Ven a, licence., I went to take hold of my raccontur. I tute le particula,


rilà non ne rrrei a capo in gage the enemy:Venire a had a fancy to drink a glass of tre giorni, if I should tell you parole, to quarrel, to dispute, wine-tenir fastidio, io be all the particulars, I should to come to high words. Vetired or sick of something.-not make an end of it in three nire oppresso, to follow Mi vien fastidio di tanto par days.---Posso ben persuaderlo Méttiti avanti, io ti verrò ap. I lare, I am tired with so a studiare, non ne posso ienire pr. sso, go before, and I'll much talking.--I enire in fase a capo, I may well encourage follow you.--Vinire a rischio, tidio, lo loaihe, to nauseate, him to study, I can make no to be in danger,---Vinire a' or abhor.-Ogni cosa mi vi. 78 thing of him.--Venire in capo, sassi, to come to fight with in fastidio, I loathe every to happen, to become, to be stones, to begin to throw thing, my stomach' turrs ac fal.. Se non state attenio, stones.-Venite a schifo, a every thing.- Venir frito, to qualche disgrazia vi zerrá in naui a, to loathe, to nauseate, meer, to come to pass, or (apo, you don't take care, to abhor.--Venire a laglio, to happen. Von so quando vi you will cime to some misfor pick the time. Vinure al ta- certà fatta un' altra tale octune or other. --' enire a' glio, to cut, to cut off.---La casiune, I don't know when conti, to settle accounts. sur gamla è mat ch: tr- you will have such another Venire tuosso, to fall upon,

mo bisognerà venire al taglio, opportunity. - lo non so quanto come upon unawares. his leg is so bad that I am a- do e' mi zerrà così ben fatto Una gran pioggia ci venne fraid it must be cut off.--A- come ora, I don't know when addosso, we were caught in a vrelle sulrito voluto venire al I shall have so good an opgreat shower. - l'enire a do taglio di quella pratica scel-portunity to do it.- l'enir dosqere, o dal do ere, to be ruled leratú, he was willing otiro, to suit, to be suitable or by reason, to come to some break immediately those wic- proper.--Sono ora in città, reasonable terms.Venire a ked designs.--Venir liello, to ora in campagna, secondo che ferri, to come to a conclusion, grow handsome.--I enir lene, mi vien destro, i am some.. to make an end of a bargain. to be advantageous or fit for times in town, sometimes in

Vorrei in qualche modo ve one to do a thing, to turn to the country, according as it nire a' ferri, i would fain his account.Venir male, to suits my convenience.-Vicome to some conclusion. be improper or disadvanta- nire a gralo, to like, to have J'emire alle prese, to be upon geous for one to do a thing a fancy for, to please.--Questhe finishing stroke, to he Venire a lisogno d'urna cosa, to colore mi viene a grado, i very near to a conclusion of to be peedful, or necessary like this colour.--Fate come. some affair.--Venire alle for one to do a thing. -V - il jiene a grado, do as you prese ron uno, to fall to log- nire al bisogno, to nick the please. enire innanzi, to gerheads with one, to go to

time..tenir concio, to become before. - l'enite imangether by the ears.--Venire fit or proper, to be useful or zi di me, come •before me. elle prese col nemico, to en commodious.-Un tal ca.al. Venire innanzi, !o thrive, to gage the enemy.-Venire nile lo mi cereble concio, such a grow.ol'enire in superlin, to strel e, to come to the main horse would fit me well. -Ve- grow proud or haughty. point of an affair.-Venire al nire a cuore, l'enire in cuore, to l'enire in un parere', to be of niente, to come to nothing.- come into one's head, to think. sonnebody's opinion, to com I suoi visezni sono venuti al - Mi venne a cuori un bello ply with it, to approve ii.--nienie, all his designs are sıralagemma, I thought of a Pisone atroce por natura rencome to nothing.–Venire al fine stratagem.- Penir da lo ne in questa sentenza, Piso, niglie, to be reduced, to coinc lano, to come from afar off. naturally given to chielty, apto beggary -l'enire al pun -Venir desiderio, to have a proved his opinion.- l'enire Jo, to come to the point in mind, to long for.- Mi vien in riccheze, to grow rich.question.-l'enire altrui del desiderio d'andare in :illa, i Venire it islato, to be adcencio, to be sick at every

have a mind to go into the vanced to some charge or dig. thing oue stes.-E quando courtry:--!enir tumpas- nily.--l'enire la schiuma alia ella wara per iie, si forte sione, to pity, to have piy or borca, lo fume and fret, to de renuca del concio, che al compassion.- Mi zien com- be enraged or mad.--A Go.

proche torrere il maso non fa- passione di coi, I pity you.- Infron rien la schiuma alla Loca, and when she walked in l'enre il destro, to suit, to be rocca redenso, il popol suo cn. the streets, hei siomach turn- suitable or convenient – Fate si fuggire, Galatio was ena el at everything, so that she lo quando ti verrè destro, do raged to see his people ronaolid nothing else but make it when it suits you bist - way sv.-lonir male, to fall faces, ---,enire a najn, to Venir dietro, to follow.--Ir- sick ~! enir manco, to misJathe, to nauseale, to abhor. nire a dieiro, to go back. Carry, to prove abortive', to be Dli viene a unja agni cosa,

Venii fantas'a,


in battled or disappointed.--Tiumy stomach iurns at every fantasia, to have a fancy o. ti i mini pensieri mi som 18. shing.-''en re a olio, to be mind.-Mi vien funtasia di nu i manco, all my projects gued to make o.-L'utice dar.i uno schinfii, ! have are come to nothing, are mis. Sono conu e a olio, the olives inind to give you a slap on th:

carried. Muir air sije enough a make oil face.--Gli renme in juntas...?! away, to tai inca wich, -lenire a wife, to en. di tere un bicchier di vino, die swoon.-Venre a manno, to




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