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he fit of proper. Verire a be tedious.--Cicle cose che l'ventaruóla, s. f. shuttle-cock.
warno, to fall into one's l' uom kisogra che atlio, ien- Ventáco, p. p. of Ventare,
hands, to meet with by 907o a noia prestu, those Ventavolo, s. m. north-wind.
chi.ce, to hit together. Ve things that a mian is forced to Venteggiatu, to breathe, to blow
Bulagli alle mani una tavola, hare, grow tire some very soon. softly, 'speaking f the wind.)
a quella s'arpicio, he took ---Chi' i ruuja se per troppo Venti syia, the wind blows a
hoid of a board that fell in carlur non enimi a nuja, 1 little
his hands. -Se i venisse nel wish I muy die if he does not Venterello, s. m. a little wind,
de mani ion tal irito comprate weary me with his long prats a gentle breath af wind.
melo, if you should meet ing. Kei re noiiz, to! Ventesimo, adj. the twentieth.
with such a buok, buy it for begin to hare a knowledge of l'intesimo, s. m. the neo-
me. -- l'enire a mano, to be something -Te vezmisel on neth part.--Il sole è paragram
handy, to stand conveniunt notizia viel padre murso enme de che la 'erta centosessanta-
for the hand that one makes la passertioip, if his father sei colte e tre tentesimi, the
use of in doing something.-- happed to know this, it sun is bigger than the earth
Questa cosa non mi ani a would be very bad for hin 106 times, and three twent-
mam, this thing is not haridy l'enire per*23:0, to come for eth parts,
to me,-- enire in mano, to one.--Slule qui;.chè io mnen- Verti, wenty.
fall into one's hands.-Venire ga per uz stay bere till I Venticello, s. mn. a little wind.
in mano de nemici, to fall come for you.-Venire a po. Venticiaque, twenty-five.
into the hands of the enemies. terra, lenire in porertà, to Venticinquesimo, the twenty-
Venire alie mari, to come to i come to p verty, to become fifth.
handy blows, to fight.--- We poor.-Venire sulto, to fail in- Venticinquemila, twenty-ért
nire aile mani colle spade, to to one's hands. Se vai ver thousand.
come to the sword, to fight rcte mai sottu, if you ever fall Venticino, v. Venterello.
with swords.----Venire nelle into my hands Venir talen- Ventidue, twenty-two.
mani, to meet with by chance, to, to have a fancy or mind. Ventiéra, s. f. a large fan.-
to light on or upon.-Quarulo - Tienmi talento di non an, Ventiera, a kind of military
mi z iene alle mani qualche darci, I have a great mind not instrument.
glorinetta che mi piace, when to go there.-Pur se talen o Ventilaménın, ventilation, a
I lighi on a girl that I like- mai e sì strano e si folle a te fanning or gathering wind.
Venire alle mani, to fall into venisse, however, if ever such Ventilánte, adj. tanning.
one's hands. Veuire meno, a strange and foolish thought Ventiláre, to ventilate, to fall
to faint away, to fall into a should come into your head. or winnow, to gatber wind.

Venire meno, ro -lenire a temine, to come ventiláre, to debate,to canvas,
want, to lack, to need, to to a certain term, case, stare, to sift or examine a business.
stand in need of, to be short or condition.--Le cose 30 Ventiláto, adj. tentilated, fan.
of, to tail. Vi vien meno un venutç a termine d'accomo-l ned, debated, examined.
traccio di pamo per faraj damento, things are come to Ventilatóre, s. m. a veotilator.
un restito, I am a yard 'short a term or state of accommoda- ventilazione, s. f. ventilation.
to make me a suit. - Mi parretion -enir trocato, to find, Ventina, s. f. a score or twen:
come se il mondo sotto i piedi to meet with, or light on.-ty.-Tre rentine, three-score.
m2 fosse : enuto meno, it seem. Por aventura gli cenne tro. Ventipióvolo, s. m. south-
od to me as if the world was vato un umo, by chance he wind. Obs.
sinking under my feet.t'i met with a man.-Venire Ventiquatro, twenty-four.
prego per quell' amore che mi vento, to blow,-- E' un 110- Penrisétre, twenty-sevca.
portair di non venir mi meno, go alto dove il cento viene Vento, s. m. wind.--E2 r. nto,
I pray you, tor that lore molto forte, it is a high place Ti nréato, the wind blows.-
that you bear to me, not to where the wind blows very Into yiesco, a fresh or stiff
forsale me.- La mia parola hard.--Venire coglia, in base gale.--Pento in poppa, a fore
non i errà mai meno, I shall a mind or fancy li sion wind.--Arcre il:ento in pope
never go back from my word. Toglia di bueltarii zi delle pa, to sail before the wind -

- Ma che creduto a ria di scale, I have a mind to kick Arere it cenio in faccia, to
verar meno tra le grandezze, you down sturs-crire in have the wind in one's teeth,
ima mir ne!' oro tut who sor.e, to fall out, to come by to sail against the wind.-
would have thought that one

Esser sotto il -en e, to be to should come to want in such Feniiiccio, adj. casual, acci- leeward.--Dar le cele a' ceni, magnificence, ani grow poor den, foreign-Gente veni to set sail, to buist the sails.in the midst of gold? --Il suo liccia, rabbie, mob.

Volgarsi ad ogni tento, to turn pricre comincia a entir ineno, venie, alj. veiny, full of with every wind, to be fickle, his pouver begins to deciy.--

inconstant, or uncertain Venire ? murie, to die, to ventaglia, the check piece of Munrersi a cenio, to do a come lo die..--tenirea, to a helmet.

ih:ng rashly, inconsiderarely. b: weary, to he tired ---Venire Ventaglio, s. m. a fan. --Pigliar torto, to vanish, to annje, to weary, to tire, to l'entáre, to blow, to be windy disappear, to go out of sight. be wearisome or tiresome, to-lenia, the wind blogs, Vento, wind in one's body.


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Vento, haughtiness, pride, os- have an itching desire forti e seriale, 'a verbal noun.-tentation.-Un uomo pieno di gaming.

Processo verbole, a verbal vento, a haughty man.-Ven- Ventûccio, s. m. a little wind.

process. to, wind, vanity, emptiness. Ventuno, twenty-one. Verbalmente, adv. verbally, by Una testa piena di vento, an Ventura, s. f. luck, fortunc. Ivord of mouth. empty noddle. - Trovarsi le queste costre pazzie da- Verbéna, s. f. verein, pigcon's mani piene di vento, to be tanno un giorno ó l'altro la "herb. disappointed in his designs.- mala entura, you will corne Vergigrázia, adv. as for exam. Tutto ciò non è che un vento, one day or other to some un- ple, viz. to wit, namely, all that signifies nothing. lucky chance by your follies Vérbo, s. m. a word.- -Nor Pascer di vento, to feed one -E stata gran centura di ruol più dell'accordo intender with wind, to amuse him non essermi riscontrato con lui, verbo, ma si lancia del letto with fair words. -Dur de' it has been very lucky for me ed arme grida, he will not calci al vento, to kick the air, not to meet him.-Ventura, hear a word more of the agree. to be hanged -Fare una cosa adventure, hap, chance, ment, but jumps out of his al vento, to do a thing blindly, event, hazard -Me tersi alla bed, and cries for his arms, rashly, at random.-Avere il ventura, to venture, to run a -Verlio a derlo, verbatim, cento in poppa, to sail before hazard.---Trarre alla yentura, word by word.-Verlo, the the wind, to be in favour, lo to cast lots.--Me: ersi in vi-l Word, the Son of God, prosper, to thrive.- Vento, aggio alla ventura, to take the Christ.Verbo, a verb in inkling, hint, private notice. first road one ineets with.- grammar.--Vervo atlivo, verVéntola, s. f. a fan.

Fare le cose alla ventura, to to pressizo, a verb active, a Ventoláre, to fan, to winnow, do things at random.-Perl verb passive. to pass to and fro.

ventura, A ventira, adv. by Verbóso, adj. talkative, full of Ventolino, s. m. a little wind. chance, by good luck.-Schi- words, verbose. Ventósa, s. f. a cuppinig-glass. era di ventura, a squadron of Verdazzurro, adj. sky-colourVentosamente, adv, vainly, in volunteers. vain, to no purpuse.

Venturiére, a volunteer. Verde, adj. green.--Erla ver. Ventosáre, to cup, to apply the Ventúro, adj. ready to come, de, green grass.--Y'erde, green, cupping-glasses.

next, future.-L'anno ventri that is not dry.-Legna yerde, Ventosità, s. f. ventosity, windi- ro, the year a coming, on green wood.--/ crie, green,

ness, wind' in a human body. next.--Cose venture, things to fresh. Rosa verde, fresh Ventóso, adj. windy, exposed come.

rose. La verde età, green to the wind.--Ventóso, windy, Venturóso, adj. happy, lucky, years, tender years, ynuthful that is troubled with wind in good.

days. - }'erde, strong, fresh, his stomach.--Ventoso, windy, Verustà, s. f. beauty, comeli- full of hopes.--verdi vesiri, that causes wind.--I fruttiso- ness, grace, si ht!iness. juvenile desires.--- Verd:, & no naturalmente seniosi, fruits Venusto, adj. beautiful, grace m. a, green, a grass plai, are naturally windy.-l'entó- ful, comely, fine, handsome, place full of green herbs.--so, haughty, proud, vain-glo- sightiy.

Chi non ha alčergo posisi in rious.-Un uomo rentoso, a Venuta, s. f. coming, arrival.-- sul cerdę, who has no house haughty man.

Alla sua venuta, at his com let him tie upon the grass Ventottesimo, adj. the twenty- ing.

yerde, strength, rigour.- Ega eight.

Venuto, adj. come, arrived, li è nel verde della sua elà, ho Ventótio, twenty-eight. Venúzza, s. f, a little vein. is in the flower or priine of Ventráccio, s. m. a great belly. enzéi, (wenty-six.

his age.-E il mio desir p-ról Ventrája, s. f. belly, paunch, Venzétte, twenty-seven. non cangia il verde, and my guts. A low word.

Vepri, s. m. pl. briers, bram- desire is as strong as ever.-Venirajuóla,* $. f. a tripe wo bles, small bushes.

Mentre che la speranza ha k. Vei, prep. towards. Ver me, di verde, while there Ventie, s. m. belly, paunch, towards me.

is room to hope. E sce guts. --Muo:er il centre, to Verice, adj. true.--Comine condollo al verde, esser ol toosen. Empirsi il centre, to sentenzia e verace sid, it is a serie, to be at an end, ta fill one's belly.--Ho mule al cummon and uue saying: - be put to one's last shifis, rentre, my belly aches. Verace, trusty, true, faithful. La cançla' è al zerde, the l'entre, the wonib.

T'n verace outure, a faithful candle is almost out. Ventrésca, s. f. belly, paunch; author.

Verdéa, sf. a kind of white salt bacon.

Veracemente, adv. truly, faith-| grapes, of which is made a. Ventricchio, r. Vintriglio. fully, really, verily.

wine called Verdea. Ventricino, s. m. a small belly. Veracità, s. f. veracity, truth. Verdebrúno, 'adj. deep green, a Ventricolo, s. m. ventricle, sto- Veramente, adv. truly, in green colour, paitaking of mach.---Ventricolo, any small truth, verily, certainiy, in- dark. cavity in an animal body, deed.

Ventechiaro, adj. light green, particularly those of the heait. Verbále, adj. verbal, by word a green colour partaking of Ventrigiio, s. m. gizzard. - of mouth. Promessa er the white. d.er l' u$so nel centriglio, to lale, a verbal promise. ---No- Verdeggiamento, s, m, the act



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Dorresti a'er vergogna, you Verména: 7 branch of a

of growing green, of looking Tremare a rerga & verga, to! grace, to dishonour. green, the state of being tremble all over, to shiver. Vergognársi, to blush, to be green.

Verzáre, to si ripe or streak.- ashamed. Verdeggiante, adj. gieen, ver- Perguit, to trace.-Vergare, Vergognato, adj. shamed,

dant. -Tendensiante prato, to write. --- Ma volse soldi noi ashamed; mi sarei iergog. a green field.

vergar le carte, but he would nulo, I would have blushed. Verleggiare, to be green, to write only of us.

Vergognosaménie,ady.shame. look cidant.-- quando il Vergato, adj. striped or streak- fully, disgracefully, ignomisul fa ierilerriar i coili, and ed. Pergato, s. m. striped niously.--. Veryagios . mérit, when the sun makes the hills, cloth.

respectfully modestly: Tokik verdant.

Veigéila, s. f. a small rod or Vergognosetto, adj. bashful, Verdegiallo, adj. between green wand. Obs.

discreet, modest, shy. and vellow.

Vergello, s. m. lime.twig. Vergognúso, adj. shameful, disVerdeggiato, part. pass. of Ver- Esser in sul vergello, to be in graceful, ignominious, disdeggiare. great danger.

honourable.- Pergognosa, Verdessiglio, s. m. a kind Vergheggiare, to whip, to lash, bashful, modest, shamefaced, of green so called by ches to scourge or jerk.--Vergheg- ashamed, mists.

giore, to dust, to dust oif. Verdicamente, adv. verily, Verdemézzo, adj. greenish, Vergheggiato, adj. whipped, . truly, in truth, between green and dry. lashed, dusted off.

Veridici, adj. true, that speaks Biada verdemozd, corn al- Verghétta, s. f, a small tod. the truth, veridical. most ripe ---Verileniérra, Verginále, adj. verginal, mai. Verificáre, to verily, in prove, rawish, half done.- Verde- denly, belonging to a virgin. to make good, to ascertain. mézzo, extravagant, whimsi-| --Ouestà verginale, verginal Verificato, adj. venheil, ascercal, strange

or inaidenly honesty.-- Latie tained, proved, made good. Verdeporro, adj. greenish. verginale, á sort of chemical Verisimigliante, adj. likely, Verderáme, s. m. verdigris, composition so called. probable.

the green rust of brass or cup- Vergine, adj. that has still his Verisimigliánza, s. f. likeness, per.

or her vicinity.— Io son ver- probability. Verderógnolo, adj. greenish. gine corio uscii del corpo Verisimile, s. m. probability, Verdétto, s. m. a kind of green della mamma mia, I am still likelihood.-La cosa ha det matter used by painters. a maid as my mother made cerisimile, the thing is like Terdetto, adj. greenish. -Olio vergine, virgin oil. enough. -Verisimile, adj. Verdetto, sour, tasting a little l'in vergine, pure winc. likely, probable.

Vérgine, virginal, maidenly. Verisimilitudine, s. f. verisimiVerdézza, s. f. greenness, -Vergini mani, virginal or litude, probability, likelihood. green, green colour, maidenly hands.-érgine, Verisimilmente, auv. likely.

s. f. a virgin, a maid. - Lu Verisimileménte, } probably, Verdicánte, adj. green, ver l'esgine, the Virgin Mary, the with some appearance or redant.

Holy Virgin. I'lrgine, Virgo, semblance of truth. Verdicáre, to be or grow

one of the twelve celestial Verità, s. f. truth, verity:-/A gree:1, tu be or look verdant signs.

yeritù, adv. truly, verily, in Verdiccio,

Verginello, s. m. la young truth, indeed.- in verità me. Ve:digno, adj. greenish. Verginélla, s. f. ) virgin, donna, di soi in creste, cru. Verdognolo,

maid, or maiden, a lass, a ly, madam, I pity you.-Com Verdúie, s, m. greenness, ver- boy.- Verginello, adj. vergi- si è in : erità, it is so indeert. dure. nal, maidenly.

-Laacrità sta sempre a gal. Verdúco, s. ni, a kind of nar. Vergineo, adj. virginal, be- la, truth may be blamed, but TOW sword, that cuts on four longing to a virgin, maiden- it shall never be sbamed; sides. likc, maidenly.

truth has always a fast bottom. Vecúne, s. m. 1greerness, Verginetto, s. m. a boy, a -La ceritù è madre ileii'odio, Vercura, s. f. verdure.

Verginétra, s. f. } youh, a truth finds foes where it Verecóndia, s. f. mudesty, girl, or lass.

makes none. bashfulriese,

Verginità, s. f. virginity, the Veritieramente, adv. verily, Tarecóndu, adj. modest, bash state or condition of a maid, truiy, indeed. ful. maiden-head.

Veritière, Verecundia, 2., Verecondia. Vergózna, s. f. shame. Veritiero, Verga, s, f. rol, switch, or Vergogna, bashfulness, mo. Verme, s. m. a worm.- Veme, ward. - !'ergo, a scepter. desty. - l'ergógna, shame, di seta, a silk-worm.-Terme Vergu difirro, an iron rod.- disgrace, infamy, dishonour, che si genera ne frulli, nella Verga « oro o d'argen:o, an reproach, ignominy. carne,e nci cacio,maggot, mite. ingut or wedge of gold or sil

aliule vel.-I'erga, stripes or sircaks ought to be ashamed.

, in silk-cloth.-Battere a iet vergogna, I am ashamed.

tree. *hs, to whip with sods. Vergognáre, to shame or dis






}true, veridical.

S. m.

a little


Vermicciuolo, s. m. a little ghiaccio, un fuoco quando bag.-Versare, tu spill, ta

worm, maggot, or nite. varna, a piece of ice in sum. shed.--Versare il sangue deg? Vermicciuo úzzo, a very little

mer, a fire in winter.

innocenti, to spill innocent worm, maggot, or mite. Vernáta, s. f. winter.----Uno blood.- Versar lagrime, to Vermicello,

vernora aspra, a hard winter shed tears.- La sua piaga woim, maggot, or mite. Vernáto, s. m. 2. Vernata.

versa sangue,

his wound Vermicelli, s. m. plur. ver Obs.-Verna o, adj. wintered. biceds. -Persdre, to spend,

micelli, an Italian dish made Verneréccio, adj. winterly, be to consume, to waste, to of paste, like little worms. longing to winter.--elre squander.-Versare, to overVermicoloso, adj. full of vernerécce, winterly fevers. tuin.-Versare uno da cauallo, worms, maggots, or mites. Vernica e, to varnish.

to throw one down off his Vermigliáre, to cover over with Vernicáto, adj, varnished. horse.--Versársi, to fall into a red colour.

Vernice, painting.--Vernice da a violent passion. Vermigliáto, p. p. of Vermigli- scrivere, Indian ink. Versáto, p. p. of Versare.

Verniciare, v. Vernicáre. Versáty, versed, skilled, схре. Vermigliezza, s. f. vermilion Vernino, adj. winterly, belong rienced, used. colour.

ing to winter.- Fior vernino, Versałóre, he that pours, fills Vermiglietto, adj. reddish, red. winter flower.- Pioggia ver or spiils.

Vermiglietia bocca, red mina, winter or cold rain. Verseggiare, to versify, to mouth or lips.

Vérnio, s. m. a kind of line or make verses. Vermiglio, adj. vermilion, fine fax.

Versétto, s. m. a verse, or place or lively red.- Labbra ver. Verno, s, m. winter.

of scripture. miglie, red cherry lips. Vero, s. m. truth, verity - A l'essicciuolo, s. m. a poor verse, Granci vermiglie, cherry dirvi il vero, to tell you the a verse of a short measure. cheeks. Vino vermiglio, red truth.--Voi dite il vero, you Versiéra, s. f. a ghost, a spiwine.--Divenir vermiglio, nel arc in the right.-Dite il vero, rit that walks at nights, viso, to blush.-Far cerm g-speak the truth

-In vero

Come il diavolo fugge e la lio col sangue, lo stain, or be- adv. verily, truly, in truth, in. mersiera, he runs as if he had dew with blood.

deed -In vero non ne so nul the devil in him. Vermigiúzzo, adj reddish la, verily, I know nothing of Versificáre, to compose verses,

-Bocca vermigliuzza, a it.—Da vero, in earnest, in to make verses. pretty little red mouth. deel.---Vi parlo da vero, I Versificatóre, a versifier, & Vermináca, s. f. a kind of speak in earnest.-Nel vero. maker of verses. herb.

verily, truly, in truth, indeed. Versióne, s. f. version, translaVérmine, s. m. worm.

Nel vero io non so che mi fare, tion. ----Versióne, overturning, Verminétio, S. a little verily, I don't know what I overthrow, subversion.

shail du.-Ogni vero, non è Verso, s. m. verse. --Verso Vominóso, adj. verminous, ven detto, all truths are not to eroico, heroic verse. - Verso

full of worms, worm-eaten. be spoken at all times.-Vero, sciolto, blank verse --Verso, Vermo, s. m. worm. Poet.

adj. true, right.--Questa è in the chirping, warbling, sing. Vermo, L'icifer, the devil. vera cagione, this is the true ing or chattering of birds. Che al gran vermo infernal cause ur reason.- -Un vero

Ogni uccello ha a fare il suo mette la briglia, who puts the amico, a true friend.-Questa verso, every body ought to briille tö Lucifer. Quando ci novella non è vera, that news talk according to his capacity. scorse Cerbero il gran vermo, is not true.--Vero, true, law. -Verso, a tune.---Verso, a when Cerberus the great de-ful.-Egli è il vero erede, he line in writing.-Verso, way, vil saw us.--Vermo, a kind of is the lawful heir.-Un vero manner, means, expedient... disease in a horse.

furbo, an arrant cheat. Non c'e verso di ridurlo alla Vermocáne, s. m. an imagina. Un vero sciocco, a downright ragione, there is no bringing ry distemper, that the vulgar fool. -Egli è una vera scimin, hiin to reason. - Piglier's benz has farcied, and wishes to he is a very ape.

io verso di farvi fare quel che others by way of imprecati- Veroncéllo, s. m. a little gal voglio, I shall find the way lery.

to make you do as I please... Vernáccia, s. f. vernaccia, a Veróne, s. m. a gallery. Non so che erso 170 zate per sort of white wine.-- Vernóc- Verétta, s. f. a kind of arrow. istrigarmi di lui, I don't cia, the grapes of which ver- Verrettóne, s. m. a large dart. know what expedient to take naccia is made. Verro, s. m. a boar.

to be rid of him.- In buona Vernále, adj. winterly, or be- Verrúca, s. f. a wart.

fe che se tu non muti ter80, io longing to winter. - Solstizio Verrúto s. m. a dart. Obs. te ne farà pentire, faith, if vernale, the winter solstice. Versamento, s. m. pouring, you don't change your note,

Verndle,. adj. vernal, filling, spilling, or shedding. I will make you rrpent of it. belonging to the spring-sea. Versáre, to pour, to fill, or - Andar a iersi ad alcuno,

empty.-''ersare dell' acqua, to humour one, to do seadily Vernáre, to winter, to take up to pour water. Versare del as one hids.- l'erso, side... winter-quarters.--Vernáre, to vino, to fill some wine. Pigliare una cosa per il cerso, be in winter.Di stale un Versare un sacco, to empty a to go the right way to work.






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-Non mi curo per quel rerso arirlo, there is no remedy allo scolare aver fatto esci, voi la pigliare, take it how that can cure him.-Se arele being almost night, and the you will, I don't care.-

Teruno per me, if you scholar thinking he had drona mici affari hanno preso buon have any love for me.

enough.--Cantare il tespre verso, my affairs go on suc- Verzicánte, adj. green verdant. uno, to reprimand, to rebote. cessfully Verso, prep. Obs.

-V'espro Siciliano, Sicilian towards, toward.- l'erso lon- Verzicáre, to be or grow green, / vespers, a great slaughter. dra, towards London.--'erso to be verdant,

Vessáre, to vex, to tease. di me, towards me.Verso Verziere, s. m. a garden. Vessáto. adj. vexed. teasel. against -- figliuol mio per- Verzino, s. m. brasil wood. - Vessazione, s. f. vexation, troue chè hai tu Cost: erso noi fatio i Veraino, the colour extracted ble. oh my son, why hast thou froin the brasil.wood. Vessíca, 0. Vescica. Obs. done such a thing against us. Verzíre, to grow green, to be vessillo, s. m. a standard. Poet. Che ho io verso voi com. vervant. Obs.

Vesta, s. f. a long robe or messo di volermi tento male? Verzume, s. m. greenness; gown.-Vesla da donna, a what have I donc to you to verdure.

woman's gown.-Vesta de hate me sol'erso, for, for Verzúra, s. f. greenness, ver camera, a right-gown.-Fe one's sake.E farai a me fare dure, green plants or grass.

in cesta secondo 'I panno, o verso di le quello che mai Veschio, v. Vischio.

cut one's coat according to verso alomo altro non feci, Véscia, s. f. a toadstool.--les- his cloth.-In resle noa fa and you will make me do a cia, a story, a tale, or inven il monnco, a tartered cloak thing which I never did for tion.

may cover a good drinker; any body else. l'erso, to.-- Vescica, f. bladder. men are not to be judged d Ci è nulla verso, di quel che Vescico di presce, the swim- by outward appearance. ut devo, it is a small matter bladder of a fish.-Dar tesci. Vasticcia, s. f. a bad, tattered, to what I owe you.--Verso, che per lan'erne, to make one nasty gown. about. Verso la sera, about believe that the moon is made Veste, i. l'esta. the evening.--Di ?erso quella of green

cheese.--Vender Vestétta, s. f. a little gown, s parle, towar is that way. zesciche, to tell a bliud story. child's gown. Verta, s. f. a kind of fishing- --l'escica, a still, a kind of Vestíbulo, s. m. restible, a

alembeck.--Stillar per ves- porch or entry into a house. Vertà, s. f. v. Verita.

cica, to still, to distill.-Ves- Vesticciuola, s. f. a little Vértebre, s. f. plur. vertebræ,/ cica, a blister.


gown. the joints of the neck and Vescicánte, s. m. a versica - Vestígio, s. m. step, footstep, back-bone of an animal. Vescicatório, } tory, or blis- vestige, trace. Vertente, adj. turning or roll- tering-plaster, a blister. Vestimento, s. m. habit, aping about.

Vescichétta, s. m. a little blad- parel, attire, cloaths. Verticale, adj. vertical, belong. der.

Vestire, s. m, cloaths, habiliing to a vertex.

Vescicóne, s. m. a large blad ment, apparel.--Alcuni si Vértice, s. m. vertex, the top der.

gloriano d'avere preziosi 26. of any thing.

Vescicoso, adj. full of blad- stiri, some are proud of their Vertigine, s. f. vertigo, a giddi- ders.

fine cloaths.-A linea & ves. ness, dizziness, or swimming Vescovádo, s. m. episcopacy, tire, to dress, to put on one's in the head. bishopric.

cloaths, to clothe--Vestirsi, Vertiginóso, adj. vertiginous, Vescovále, adj. episcopal, of to dress one's self, to put on giddy.

Vescovile, or belonging to one's cloaths. ---Vestir lene, to Vertů, s. f. o. Virtù. Obs. a bishop.-Dignità vescovile, dress to the best advantage. Vertudiosaménte adv. v. Ver- episcopal dignity.----Ordine Vestito, s. m. suit, cloaths, tuosamente. Obs.

vescovile, episcopal order.- suit of cloaths.-Vestito, Vertudióso, adj. v. Virtuoso, Vescovo, s. m. a bishop. cloathing.--Spendo cento scuObs. Vespa, s. f. a wasp.

di l'anno per il min vestito, Vertuóso, adj. v. Virtuoso. Vespájo, s. m. a wasp's nest.- I spend a hundred crowns a Obs.

Vespajo, a swarm of wasps. year in cloachs.--Vestito, adj. Verúno, not one, nobody, any. Ve-pajóso, cxlj. full of holes. dressedl.Vestite setre, ver. Veruno sa, nobody knows. -Cacio l'espojoso, cheese dant woods.--Nascer vestito, -Non ne posso trocar veru full of holes.

to be born lucky.-Egli è nano, I cannot find one, Ican. Véspero, v. Vespro.

to vestito, he was wrap up not find any. Perino,' adj Vespertino, adj. vespert'ne, in his mother's smock; he is any, no.--Questa medicina non belonging to the evening.-- born to a good fortune. mi ha fallo pro veruno, this Crepuscolo vespertino, even- Vestitúccio, s. m. a short or physic has done me no man ing's twilight.

narrow suit of cloaths, a poor ner of good.Quest' erba non Vespóne, s. m. a large wasp. suit of cloaths. ha virtù veruna, this herb has Véspro, s. m. vespers, evening Vestitúra, s. f. cloaths, attire. no virtue at all.-lon fa cala prayers. L'espro, the hour -Vestitúra, the act of dresu do reruno, it is not hot at all, when véspers are sung.--Es- sing one's self. sie Verun rimedio non può gu- sendo già vespre, e parendo Vestóne, s. m. a large robe.

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