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aluss --Arte exar.a, the ate Verúsio

, adj. ancieri, setust, / Uffiziáto

; }adj

. officiated.

old age.

willows grow,




Vestúra, s. f. u. Vestitura. Vetturále, s. m. a carrier. something.

lettureggiare, to convey, to Ufficiánte, adj. officiating.-Veteráno, adv. veteran, that carry,

Ufficiante, ) Prete ufficiante, has served long in wars.

Vettusino, s.

one who

an officiating priest. Soldato reterano, a veteran hires horses to travellers, a Ufficiáre, to officiate, soldier, an old soldier.

calash driver,

Uffiziáre, s read the divine Vetrájo, s. m. glazier.

Vetlavágiia, v. Vettovaglia. Service. Vetrário, adj. belonging to Vetusta, oldness, age. Ufficiálo, of making glass.

of great antiquity. l'elvsto, Ufficiatore, s, m., an offici. Vetráta, s. f. a -window. old, ancieni.-Elà vetusta, Uffiziatore, ) ating priest. Vetriáto, adj. glassy, covered

Ufficiatúra, s. f. the way of or adorned with glass. Vezzatamente, adv. flattering. Uffiziatuia, officiating in Vétrice, s. f. a kind of willow ly, fawningly. smoothly, aa the church, the officiating of a very brittle texture. greeably, gallantly.

or reading the divine ser Vetriciájn, s. mn. a place where Vezzeggiare, to dandle, to vice.

fondie, to caress.

Ufficio, s. m. office, duty, Vetriéra, Vetrata. Vezzeggiativo, adj. caressing, Ufizio, } part, business, task. V'etriticáre, to make glass, to kind, fawning, flattering. - Fornire il suo uficio, tu do

vitrify, to became glass. Vezzeggiato, adj. caressed, one's office or duly.--Ufficio, Vetrificáto, p. p. of Vetrifi. treated with kindness, fiatter- office, place, employment. ed, humoured.

Ufficio, office, divine service. Vetrificazione, .S. f. vitrifica- Vezzo, s. m. pastime, plea- --Ufficio, office, part of the tion, the act of becoming sure.----Vezzo, way, Breviary:-|| santo ufficio,

tom, manner, tashion, vice, the inquisition. Vetriuóla, s. f. the herb pelli- trick, custom.-11 lupo can- Ufficioso, adj. officious, reatory.

gia il polo ma non il t'ezzo, Uffizioso, y dy to do one serVetriuólo, s. m. vitriol, a kind the wolf loses his hair, bui vice, serviceable, kind, obli. of mineral salt.

never his tricks.-Vezzo, fair ging. Vetro, s. m. glass.-Vetro, a or kind words, allurements, Utřiciuolo, s. m. a small of.

glass, a drinking glass. Poet. endearments, caresses, whee- Uffiziuolo, } fice or post. Vetta, s. f. top, height, peek. die.- Par vezzi, to caress, to Ufficiuolo, a little book -La vella d'un colle, the coax, to flatter, to wheedle, wherein is contained the top of a hill.-La vetta d'un to fondle, to make much of. office in honor of the blessed albero, the top of a tree. -Ca car di vezzi, to be very Virgin. Vetlu, a little branch.-Cerul caressing, of a caressing tem- Uggia, s. f. shade.--Stare all' car de fichi in ve'la, to do a per, obliging, fawning, flat- aggia, to be under the shade dangerous thing, when there tering.--Vezzo, necklace of a tree.-- Uggia, omen, is no occasion for it.-Egli è which women wear about good luck.-Essere in uggia, meglio cader dal piè che dni. their necks.

Trovarsi in uggia, to be lu retta, of two evils choose Vezzosamente, adv. kindly, hated, to be out of favour. the least.-Vetia, the crop of gently, friendly, courteously, Aver in ugg'a, to hate, to ab. a fail,

agreeably, graciously, grace- hor, to detest, to loath. Vertajuóln, adj. young.–Ra- tully.-1'e insumenie, nice- Uggioláre, to howl, Obs. mi vellojuóli, young shoots, ly, tenderly, softly.

Uzgióso, adj. shady.com Luogo suckers, or sprigs.- Fruti Vezzoséuto, adj. pretty, agrec. uggioso, a shady place.vettojuoli, forces fruits. able, handsome, wanton. Oggioso, suspicious, distrustVerticcinóla, s. t. the top of Vezzoso, adj. agreeable, sweet, ful or mistrus:ful, jealous.

any thing, a little branch. pleasant, graceful, charming, Ugioli e Barúgioli, all in all.Vettóne, s. m. a young shoot, handsome. - Vezzoso, nice. La spesa fra ugioli

, e barucucker, or sprig.

squeamish.-Un vezzoso, Una gioti ascende a dieci scudi, Vettóna, i. Vittoria. Obs. rezzosa, a nice man or wo

the expences come to ten Vellováglia, s. f. provisions, man.- Far il vezzoso, to be crowns in all.Pra úgioli e victuals,

very nice, to affect a pretty barág oli non guadagno pi Vettovagliáre, to victual, to disdainful air in one's counte che sei ghinee, one with ano provide with victuals.

ther I don't win above six Vettovagliato, adj. victualled. Ufficétto, s. m. dimin, ot guineas. Vetrúccia, s. f. a tendril or Ufizietto, } Ufficio. Ugna, s. f. a nail of a finger young twig of a tree. Ufficiale,

or toe.-Dar nell' ugne, to

s. m. an officer-Vertúra, s. f. carriage.--Bes- Uffiziále,

fall into the hands of.-doer . tia du vettura, a beast of wur. Ufficiale, Ufficiale, adj. help- nell ugne. to have in one's then. Prender un carallo u ing, assisting, serving. power.- Entrare tra carne e vettura, to hire a horse. - Membra ufficiale, those ugra, to meddle in somePrestere un cavallo a vettura, members in the body that body's domestic affairs. to let a horse.

help and assist us in doing U'gnere, to anoint. Ugner il



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grifo, to grease one's mouth. cr you.-Né vi andò guari, / pointment to meet together - Deliberárono tutti e tre di and it was not long after.--- presently.- l'ia ria, so so, trovar modo di úgnersi il gri. Voi v'ingannate in digrosso, pretty well.-Che vi pare di fo a spese di Calandrino, all you are very much mistaken. questa donna? ell' è iza vie,

three resolved to find the V, yourself. --Voi vi mos how do you like that woman? means to fill their bellies at trale troppo ingrato verso di

she is so so, she may pass. the expence of Calandrino.

me, you show yourself too Lo verlo čia ia per le strade, U'gnere un Re, to anointa un grateful to me.

I see him often in the streets. king.–U'zner le mani, to Vi.?,,s. f. way, rond, street.

Via, times.-- Treria quattro grease one in the fist, to tip Smarrir la via, in miss one's fumo dodic, three times one's hand, to bribe one with way.-E prese cusa nella nu four make twelve.-Andat money.--ligner le carrucole, la quale noi ogni chiamiamo per la mala via, to sink or to flatter, to coax, to fawn la via del Cocomero, and he fall to the bottom, to decay, upon.--Egli ha che ugnere, took a house in the street to come to nought.-Dar ria, - he has enough to do; it is which now we call Cucum. to perfect, to tinish, to accomvery bad with him.

ber street.--Metersi in via, plish, to make perfeci.Ugnimento, s. m. unction,

Entrare in ria, to set out on

Dar via, to give away, to anointing.--Ugnimento, al

a journey - Vettersi la via part with.-Dar via, to seli. lay, case, mitigation, lenify- tra piedi, Mettersi la via ir.. Chieder la tia, to demand ing, appeasing, alleviation of le gamie, to set 'out on a leave to go by:-Dar la via, pain or grief.

journey. -Fare una via, e to give the way, to make Ugnóne, s. m. a large or long due servigi, to kill two birds room for one to pass bynail. with one stone.-- Fia, way,

Dar la iia,

to avoid.-Far U gola, s. f. uvula, that hangs manner, fashion,


ria, to shew the way.--Ho down from the palate between mcans, method,

fatlo laria di Calais, I came the glandules. —Questo pol- per via di dipurio, by way of by Calais.-- Facciamo le ria lastro non ci toccherà l'ugola, diversion.----Terminare una de' campi, let us go through this chicken will be hardly differenza per via d'aggiusta- the fields.--Che via faremo ? enough for us. --Questo guaz- mento, to make up a differ which way shall we go?

m 'he tocca l'ugola, ence by way of agreement.-Gillar via, to throw away. this ragoo was excellent. Nelle cose di conseguenze

-Gitlar via, to waste, to Far venir l'acqua all' ugola, l'isorna tenere la via di mez

sell for less money than any to make one's teeth water, to 30, in things of consequence thing is worth.--Portur 2, set one's mouth a watering the best is to keep the mid to carry or steal away. Uguagliamento, s, m. the act dle way. - Vur soʻritrozar ni Mandar ria, to send away, of making equal, the state of capo nezin di metterlo, all.?

to dismiss, to turn out.being equal, levelling. ragione. I cannot see which Fuggir ia, to run away.Uguagliante, adj. thai makes way or by what means I can Eh ra ria! prithee!- Eh ra equal.

bring him to reason.--lia, ria, non mi romper la iesic! Uzuaglianza, s. f. equality ady. much,

more, much prithee don't leaze me! likereis, conformity. more.--Egli è la più ricco

Venir via, to come away Ugtagliáre, to equal, to make che sag io, he is much richer Ben alla ria, well diessed.equal. than wise',-l giorni sono

Viettersi alia rin, to get one's Uguagliato, adj. equal, like, 2.2a più inclina'i ai piaceri self ready: ---Esser per via, 19 conformible. che non allo studio, young

be abeur doing something. Uguagliatore, s. m. he that people are more inclined to Di dietro ila, by the back equals, or makes shares equal, pleasures than study.--La way.—Di fuora ia, by the leveller.

dortrina deze via più stimar- outside. -Alla via, ready.Ugualále, to equal, to make si che non le ricchezze, learn Il carallo è alla zia, the horse equal.

ing ought to be esteemed be is ready. Via croce, a cross Ugualáto, adj. equal, uniform, yonni riches.

ja, come,

way or strect.-Cosa ricor. like.

come on. --I'in, andiamo, data ta per via, talk of the Uguále, adj. equal, conforma come, let us go.- Or via nori

revil and he'll appear. ble, proportionable, alike. te mete, come on, don't be Viaggéito, s. m. a little journey Ugualità, s, f. equality, like afraid, -lin, fye, fye upon,

or voyage. ness, conformity.

out upon it.--E disse, ris Viaggiante, a traveller. Ugualmente, adv. equally, a- ruffaro ; qui non so femminc Viagciáre, to travel, to go on a like.

da ronio, and said, tye upon journey or voyage. Unguánno, s. m. this year. you, pimy, there are no Viaggiato, adj. travelled. Uazuannóito, s. mn. a fish one

strumpets here.-;ia, away. viaggiatóre, a traveller. year old,

Aidar ia, tn go away..

Viaggio, s. m journey.--Fiaz. Uh! an interjection of sorrow. Vin via, immediately, in a glo, voyage.----Jettter air Vi, adv. there.--Vi sono stato, moment, presently.-E poco viaggio, to go upon a journey. I have been there. Quando fa si dicunr la posia d'essere

- Fare un riaggio, to travel, vi ritornerete ? when will you insieme vin ia, and a little to take a journey -Esser in go there again? Vi, to you while ago they made an ap- ringgio, to be upon a jouse

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ney.-A le convien tener al-, fortuna, every one is subject was almost dead, orhe thought tro viaggio, you must take to the vicissitudes of fortune. to die.--Vicino vicino, adv. another way.-Fare una

zning. -A ricerda, per vicenda, very near. gio e. die servizi, to kill two adv. by turns, in order, une Vicissitúdine, s. f., vicissitude, birds with one stone. after another.

change, tum, the succeeding Viále, s. m. a bye-roail, a way, Vicendevole, adj. reciprocal, of one thing after another. a path.---Tiule di giardino, murual, interchangeable.- Vicitáre, ó. Visitare. Obs. an alley, a walk.

Vicendevole amore, recipro. Vicitatóre, v. Visitatore. Obs. Viandante, a passenger, a tra

cal love.

Vicirazione, v. Visitazione. • veller.

Viceriderolézza, s. f. recipro Obs. Viaréccio, adj. travelling, fitto carness, interchange, miutu- Vico, s. m. a narrow street, a carry in a journey.-dlilul alness.

narrow lane, 3 court. riureccio, a travelling coat. Vicendevolmente, adv. reci-Vicolétto, s. m. dim. of Vi. Viático, s. m. all things neces- procally, mutually, inter.

coin. sary for a journey, as victuals, changeably.

Vicolo, s. m. dim. of Vico. money, and the like ; voyage Viceré, s. mi vice-roy, one Vie, adv. much, much more. provisions.--Vidtico, viali. who governs a state instead of -La sua compagn a fece pocum, the sacrament given to a king

rcre il viaggio vie più grato, dying persons.

Vicereggente, s. m. vice-regeni his company rendered our Viudore, a traveller, a passen one who governs for another. journey much more agreeger.

Viceregina, s. f. a vice-queen. able.
Vibrare, co brandish.- Fibrar vicheria, s. f. vicarage, the ju. Vié.a, s. f. an iron bolt.

ruggi, to shoot forth beams. risdiction of a vicar. Obs. Virtunento, s, m. Prohibi-
Vibráto, adj. brandished. Vicinále, adj. neighbouring, tion.
Vibratore, he that brandishes. bordening upon, confining. Vietáre, to prohibit, to forbid
Vibrazione, s. f. vibration, icinamente, adj. near, nearly. or detend, to bar or keep from.
brandishing or shaking. Vicinanza, s. f. neighbour Vieláre, to avoid, to shun, to
Vibúrno, s. m. the wild vine hood, vicinky, propinquity. escape, or eschew.
or hedge-plant.

Vicinanza, the neighbours, Victativo, adj. that forbids. Vicareria, s. f. Obs. vica -Far buona vicinanza, to Vietálo, adj. forbidden, proVicaria, s. f.

be a good neighbour.

hibited, avoided, shunned. Vicariato, s. m. the

spi Vicináre, 10 be nigh or near, Vietatore, he that forbids. ritual cure, benefice, and ju

to border upon.

Viciatrice, fem. of Victatore, risdiction of a vicar.

Vicináta, s. f. neighbour. Viélo, a.lj. mouldy, musty, Vicário, s. m. a vicar.-Il - Vicináto, s, m. hvod. stale, rusty, stinking, unsacario d'un cscovo, a bishop's Vicinità, s. f. proximity, pio- voury, ramnish-- Questa vicar.--Vicário, a deputy in pinquity, nearness:

-Vicmni. carne sa di viéto, this meat is a secular office. , neighbourhood.

a little upon the hogoo.Vice, s. f. business, affur. - Vicino, s. m a neighbour.- Vielo, olit.

Vice vice, a particie used with Meglio, è ricini di presso che Vielta, s. f. a narrow street, a some nouns, and signifies as fraiet de iunge, a goud ncigh. by way, a path. much as instead of.

bour is beeter than a bad bro. viiúme, s. m. stale things, Viceconsólo, s. m. a viceconsul. ther.-Chi ha mal i icino ha mouidy things. Vicogerente, s. m. vicegerent. mal mutultino, who has a Vie via, adv, so so, pretty one who governs or acti for bad neighbour has a bad well. or under another, a deputy, morning.--Auer cattizi rici-Vigere, to be strong, lusty, a lieutenant.

ni, w praise one's self fre: h. Obs.--O donna in cui Vicelegáto, s. m. a vicelegate. icino, adj. near, nigh, neigh la mia speranza rige, 0 wo. Vicenda, s. f. recompenses one bouring, bordering, adjacent, man, in whom I have put all

for another, requitul.- Ren- adjoining, neighbours. my hopes, der la venda to requite, to La mi: cnsa è icma al fiume, Vigé-imo, adj, the twentieth. sender like for like. - ; icéna, my house stands near the Vigilante, adj. vigilant, watchturn order -Ognuno a i. river side.---Una pro incia ful, careful, diligent, wary, çerida, every one in his turn islomna, a neighbouring pro- circumspect. or order.-A er ticenda con vince. - l'icino, prep. near, by. Vigilantemente, adv. vigilentuno, in have a familiarity, --Sa qui vicino, he lives ly, watchfully, carefully, circorrespondence or acquaint near this place...l icino, near, cumspectly, warily. ance with one. --Vicda, alm st. - Egli è stato in lia. Vigilanza, s. f. vigilance.wa:chlieu, sicid.–Vicenda, buşi-l lia vicino a tre anni, he fulness, carefulness, wariness, ness, attair.-In luona veri- lived in Italy almost three diligence, circumspection. lù, che io zio infino alla città! years. Si contano in questa Vigilare, to be awake, to watch, per alcuna mia sicrnda, in- terra ricin a mille anime, to be vigilant or watchful. deed I am going as far as the they reckon in this town Vigiláto, adj. watched. city for sume business. near a thousand people.. igile, adj. vigilant, watchful, Vicenda, vicissicu.ie, altera-Esser vicino al fare una cosa, careful, diligent. tion change, turn--Ognuno, to be going about a thing.-igilia, s. f. watching --!? è su do posto alle vicende della l. Eglia fu vicino morire, hel giliu, eve or vigil, the day





befort. --Le vigilia di Natale Vigoreggiante, adj. that shows front, to revile. Christmas eve.--ligilia, lien. | it is vigorous.--Vigor 6g?- Villaneggiato, adj. abused, af--Vigilia, night.guard.riunte, vigorous, lusiy, stout. fronted, reviled. gilin, a watch, or part of the Vigoreggiare, to encourage, to Villaneggiatore, an outrageous, night.-Vigilia, the prayers give courage, to incite, to stir injurious, abusive man. which are sung by the priests up.

Villanello, a country-man, a of the Roman religion over Vigoreggiato, adj. encouraged, young clown.--l'illanéllo, adj. the corpse of the dead the day inclined, stirred up.

rural, rustical, county-like.-before they are interred. Vigorózza, Obs. ( s. f. vigour, Festa villanella, a rural of Vigliaccamente, adv. coward- Vigoría,

strength, country-feast. .ly, unmanlily.

Villapescamente, adv. rudely, Vigliaccheria, s. f. cowardice, Vigorire, to grow vigorous, clownishly, coarsely, in a cowardliness, a cowardly act. stout or strong again. Obs. coarse of gross manner. V gliáccio, i, Vigliuolo. -Viburire, to strengthen, to Villanésco, adj. rustic, rustical, Vigliacco, adj. cowardly, un make strong, vigorous, or homely, clownish, coarse.-manly.--Un vigliucco, s

Drappi villaneschi, coarse a poitroon, a coward, a cow- Vigorosamente, adv. vigorous- clothes. - Villanesco, rural, ardly man, ly, stoutly, lustily.

rustical, belonging to the Vigliaccone, s. m. a very great Vigorosità, s.f. vigour, strength. fields, country-like. coward, a despicable cow- Vigoróso, adj. vigorous, lusty, Villania, s. f. injury, wrong, ard

outrage, offence, abuse, ili Vigliamento, s. m. the sweep- Vilánza, s. I. v. Viltà. Obs. Janguage, - Dir villanie ad

ing off with a broom the Vile, adj. vile, of no account, uno, to abuse one, to give him hu-ks of corn after being despicable, mean, palıry, abusive language, to call him threshed.

base, wicked.--Aiere a zile, names.-Villania, a base acVigliáre, to sweep off with a to make no account of, to de. tion, villany, baseness.--Gran broom the husks out of the spise, to scom, lo contemn, villania sarebbe la mia s'ia

corn after it is threshed. to undervalue. - Vile, base, ogni cosa che a grado i fosse Vigliato, adj. p-p. of Vigliare. cowardly, fearful, timid. non m' ingegnassi di fare, it Vigliatúra, s. f. separation of Vendere o Comprare a vle would be very base in me, if the corn from the husk.

prezzo, to sell or buy very I did not study to do every Vigliérto, s. m. a note, a billet, cheap. --Vile, adv. vilely, in thing to please you.-Villania, or billet-doux.

a vile or base manner. wrong, injury, injustice.Vigliuolo, s. m. ears of corn, Vilézzi, r. Viltà. Obs. Messer coi fate sillania e non

or husks which are swept off, Vilia, s. f. eve or vigil, the day mi far rag one e non volermi after the corn is threshed. before.--La vlia di Nalale, udire, Sir, 'tis a wrong thing Vigna, s. f. vineyard.Vigna, Christmas eve.

for you not to do me justice, an engine of war used in for- Vilificáre, to vilify, to despise, nor to hear me. mer times.- Purre o pientare to undervalue.

Villáno, s. m. villager, an inuna vigna, not to niind what Vilificato, allj. vilified, despis- habitant of a village, a country others say.- E non è terr n da ed, undervalued.

man, a peasant, a clown, or porci vinia, he is not a man Vilipéndere, to despise, to vili- country clown.--Però giri forto be dependel on, one can. fy.

luna la sua ruota come le pia not rely on what he says. Vilipendio, s. m. contempt,

ace e'l villan li sila mara, the fear of punishment keeps scorn.

wheel as she pleases, and the offenders from doing ili. Vilipeso, adj. vilified, despised, peasant his matttock. - Vila Vignájo, a vine-dresses, a keep undervalued.

láno, a villain, a rogue, a pier of a vine-yard.-Vignejo, Vilire, to despise. Obs. tiful, sordid fellow.-Villano, a vine-yard. Vilità, v. Viltà. Obs.

adj. rude, clownish, rustic, or Vignajuólo, s. m. a vinedresser, Villa, s. f. Country seat, rustical, boorish, homely

a seeper of a vineyard. try-house, farm house.- Vil Villuno, villainoes, unwor. Vignáre, to plant vines. la, vilia.

thy, base, pitiful, sordid, Vignájo, adj. planted with Villaggio, s. f, village, a num. shameful. -- lillano, cruel,

ber of country houses os cute barbarous, inhuman. Vignázzo,

Villanóuo, a lusty strong pea. lages without any wall. Vigneto,

s. m. a vineyard. Villanáccio, s. m. a clown, an Vzné!ta, s. f. a little vine uncivil rascal.

Villanzóne, a peasant, a counvard,

Villanamente, adv. uncourte tryman, a husbandman, a Vignuola, s. f. a small vine. ously, rudely, homely, un clown.--Cazullone villan yard.

minnerly, uncivilly.-Villa- zone, a strong horse. Vignuolo, s. m. a small vine na nente, cruelly, barbarously, Villáca, s. f. a village. Vigogna, s. f. an American inhumanly, un mercifully. Villático, adj. rustic, rustical,

qadruped so called. Villanánza, s.f. unkindness,illo of or belonging to a village or Vigóre. s. m. vigour, strength, breeding, clownishness. Obs. country. -- Luogo villatico, stoutness, sprightliness, fusce. Villaneggiáre, to abuse, to uf- . fuial or country place,






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Villeggiare, to dwell in the rod, a switch, a wand. with conditions or articles. country, to go to one's coun- Vincente, adj. conquering, Vincoláto, p. p. of Vincoláre. try seat.

vanquishing, vanquisher.— Vincolo, s, m. tie, band, knot. Villeg. iáto, p. p. of Villeggi-Esser vincente, to get the bet- -Vincolo, bonds, chains, are.

-Vincente, exceeding, hondage. Villeggiatúra, s. f. the being in that exceeds, surpassing. Vindice, adj. revengeful, vinthe country, and the time fit Vincere, to vanquish, to sub- dictive.-i indire Dea, reto be in the country for plea- due, to overcome, to con vengeful Goddess.

quer.--Vincere, to surmount, Vinello, s, m. small wine. Villeréccio, adj, rural, rustical, to overcome or conquer ob. Vinettino, ( s. m. small, thin,

belonging to the fields or stacles to difficulties.Vin- Vinétto, but pleasant country, country-like. cer se slesso, to conquer one's wine. Villerésco, adj. rustical, ru self.-Lasciarsi vincere, to Vino, s. m. wine Din liun. Villésco, ) ral, of or belong- be prevailed upon, to yield, co, white wine.- Vin nero, ing to the country.-Voca to give way to --Lasciarsi red wine.-Dimandar l'oste volo ailleresco, a word used vincere alla pietà, to be s' egli ha buon vino, nobody among the country people. moved to pity.--lasciarsi will cry stinking fish.--il -Alilo vrlleresco, country

cincere all'ira, to give way buon vino fa buon sungle, cloatis.

10 passion. Lasciarsi «in-good wine makes good liluod. Villetta,

f. a little cere al dolore, to give one's - l'in di lecorr, a very small Villicciuola, ) market-town self over to grief.-Vincere, to wine.-Cavare o Trurre ale or village.

surpass, to surmount. La trui il rin della testa, to make Vilménte, adv. vilely, basely.

bianchezza della sua carna one sober again, to make one Vilpistrello, v. Vispistrello. gione vince la neve, the white. know his duty-Albuun ri. Vilcà, s. 1. cowardice, faint ness of her complexion sur no non bisogna frasca, good heartedness, cowardly act. passes that of the snow-VM. wine wants no bush. Viltà, pusillanimity, mean. cere, to root, to root out, to ex. Vinolento, adj. given to drink ness, lowliness.-Viltà, vile- tispate, to pluck up by the much wine.-Un vinolento, ness, inconsiderableness. roots, to destroy.-Vincer il

a great drinker. Piltà, cheapness.

partito, to carry by majority Vinolenza, s. f. drunkenness. Vilúcchio, s. m. a plant so of votes.--Vincer una lite, Vinoso, adj. juicy, full of called.

to carry the cause, to have wine ; said of grapes. Il via Vilúine, S. a volume. judgment given on one's side. noso Dio, Bacchus. Poet. Obs.

-Vincer danari, to win mo. Vinta, s. f. victory. Obs. Viluinétto, S. m. a small vo ney.-Vincer clelia mano, to Vinto, adj., var.quished, sublume. Obs.

get the start, to be before. dued, overcome, conquered. Viluppo, s. m. thread, silk, or hand, to prevent.--Vincer di -Vinto, prevailed upon, or worsted wrapt up together.- cortesin, to overcome with ci- with.- Vinto, weakened, del'iluppo, a pacquei, a bun- vilities. --Dar la vinta, to

bilitated, decayed.—Dar vindle.-Viluppo, confusion, yield, to submit, to knock to, Concedere per vinto, to disorder, intricacy, embar- under.-re la do vinta, 1 yield, to give over.- Darlis rassment, crowd, trouble, in- knock under.-si può rin vinta, to agree, to grant. cumbrance, perplexity of cere patrare, we cannot a. Dar la vinta, to adapt one's mind, clog, hindrance. gree.

self to other people's huVime, s. m. a twig or wicker of Vincévole, adj. vincible, that mours.-Darsi vinto, Darsi osier.---Vime, a string, tie, may be overcome.

per vinto, to yield, to lay band or bund. Obs. Vinchéto, s. m. a willow.plot, down one's arms, to surrenVímine, s. m. a twig or wicker an ozier-bed.

der or submit. of osier.

Vincibile, adj. vincible, that Vinúccio, s. m. small wine. Vináccia, s. f. the kernels or may be overcome.

Viola, s. f. a violet.--Avuiluphusks of grapes after the last Vincibósco, s. m. a plant so par frasche e qinle, to tell pressing. called.

idle stories, to tell lies.--Vio! Vinacciólo, s. m. the kernel in Vincido, adj. soft, fiabhy. la, a viol, a musical insuragrapes.

Vinciglio, s. m. a withe, a ment so called. Vinágro, s. f. vinegar. Obs. twig to tie a faggot or any violácea, s f. a kind of herb. Vinájo, s. m. he who sells thing else with.

Violamámmola, s. f. a double wine for others.

Vinciménto, s. m. victory. violet. Vinário, adj. of or belonging Vincita, s. f. gain, what one Violamento, s. m. violation, to winc.---Celiz vinaria, a wins in gaming.

transgression.oriolamento, a cellar to keep wine in. Not Vincitóre; a conqueror, van rape. used. quisher.

Violáre, to ravi h or force a Vinattiére, s. m. a vintner, a Vincitrice, fem. of Vincitore. woman, to commit a rape

taverner, one that sells wine. Vinco, s, m. osier, or water upon her.Violdre, to vioVincája, 3. Vinchéto.

willow.-l'inco, a twig, a late, to break, to infringe or Vincastro, s. m.

a little withe to tie faggots with. transgress.---'iolare le leggi, Vincásıra, s. f. § stick, a Vincoláre, to oblige legally to violate, to break or infringe

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