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!11 v.

the laws.--"iniar amicizia, street.-!'ótto!n, an alley ory thy man. Obs. to break the friendship.--Mio- walk in a garden.

Virtudioso, adj. virtuous hou túre, to mar, to corrupt, to ipera, s. f. a viper.-Linguo ner rikt, worthy. Obs. deprave.-Volare l'altrui fa. di wipera, a virulent tongue. 'irtuosamente, tadv. virtuous. ma, to stain or blemish one's Viperájo. s. m. a viper-catcher ly, uprigitiy, honestly, wore reputation.

or hunter.

thily. Violato, p. p. of Viclare.- Viperá!o, adj. of or belong- Virtuóso, adj. virtuous, honest, Violito, purple, of violet co-Vipérco, irg to a viper.

worthy, upright.- l'ispises, lour. --Violálo, made with Viperino, s. m. a young or learned, skilled, skilful, fuil an infusion of violets.-Sci- litile viper, a viper's whelp. of learning - Fintro o. virturoppo violato, syrup of vio- -Viperino, adj. of or belong- ous, efficacious, that has virlets.

ing to vipers. Veleno viperi. tue, force, or efficacy in itViolatore, a ravisher, he that no, viper's poison.

self, good.- Proloteru ravishes a woman.-Violu. Virgapastóris, s. m. fullers- son ci ristusse roine a Luca, tore, breaker, infringer, trans- weed, teazil.

the waters of Pozzuolo are greysor.

Virénte, adj. green, verdant. as good as those of Lucca Violatrice, fem. of Vinlatore. Virginále, adj. virginal, mai.; l'isaccio, s. m. an ugly face. Violazione, s. f. violation, denly, virgin-like. Modestia Visaggio, s. m. face, visage. transgression, infringernent. virginule, virginal or maiden- Viscera, s. f. the bowels, - Viviazione, a rape.

ly look. --Bellezza rirginale, Viscere s. f. pl. S entrails. Violentáre, io torce, to com. virginal or modest beautv. Vischio, s. m. bird lime. pel.-Violenlure una fenmi- Virgineo, adj. v. Virginale. Vicho, misietoe, a sort of na, to force a woman. Virginità, s. f. virginity, mai- shrub, out of whose berries Violentatore, he that forces or den-head.

bird-lime is made. compels.--biolentatore di Virgola, s. f. a comma, a little vischioso, adj. viscous, clamdonna, a ravisher.

stroke of the pen in writing. Violentatrice, s. La female Virgulin, s m. young sprig, Viscido, adj. viscous, clemmy, compeller. Spivut or twis.

slimy. Violeniémente, adv. violently, Findicà, s. t. greenness. Vísciola, s. f. the red or scur outrageously.

Cirile, adj. of or belonging to cherry. Violéniu, adj. violent, fierce, a man.-Virile, stout, va. Viscioláto, s, m. a kind of jel. vehement, boisterous --Ri- liant, manly.-- Forza sir.le, ly, or liquor drawn from the ined o violento, a violent re mightiness, great power or sour cherry medy.-Morte violenta, a strength.--Animo iirile, a Visciolina, s. f. a cherry of violent, unnatural, untimely manly courage.-Magnificen- the smallest sort. death.-Aiere in se man zio za iirile, great magnificence. Visco, i. Vischio. lenta, to lay a violent hand Età virile, virility, man- Viscontado, s. m. viscounty, upon one's self, to murder hood.

the dignity of a viscount. one's self, to commit suicide. Virilità, s. f. manliness, stout- Viscontudo, visi ounty, the terV'erto riolento, a boisterous,

-Firilirà, virility, ritory and jurisdiction of 3 fierce wind. - Matrimonio man's estate, manhood. viscount. siolento, a deadly poison. Virilmente, adv. valiantly, Viscopie, s. m. viscount, nert Busse riolénte, hard, heavy manly, manfully.

in degree below a counter blons.-Violénio, violent, Viro, s. m. a man, a man earl. hasty passionate, eager, bois. grown).


Viscontéa, 2
Virtù, s. f. virtue, knowledge. Viscontería,

s. f. viscounty. Violenza, s. f. violence, out- -Virtù, virtue,efficacy, force, Viscosità, s. f. viscosity, clanirage, oppression, force. power, property... Latirtù miness, a gluish qualitv. Violenza, violence, fierceness, in un rimedio, the virtue or Viscosétio, adj. a little visce boisterousness,

vehemence. force of a medicine.-La virtù or clammy. lioiénza, violence, eagerness, d'un' erba, the virtue of an Viscoso, adj. viscous, clammy, carnestness.

herb.-- Le quattrovirtù cardina- slimy. Violétta, 5. f. a violet.

1, the four cardinal virtues: Visétio, s. m. a small face. Violéico, adj. of a violet co prudence, temperance, jus. Visibile, adj. visibile, that may lour.

tice, and fortitudc.- Le vira be seen or discovered. Violino, s. m. violin, fiddle. teolégali, the theological vir-visibilio, ex. cindere in c2.05.10,

Suonu!or di violino, tues; faith, hope, and chari- to disappear, to vanish, ao player upon the violin, a fid-ty. Virt", virtues. diler.

Virtuále, adj. ellectual, poten-Visibilmente, adv. visiblv, de Violoncello, s. m. a violoncel- tial, virtual.

monstrably, plainly, cearl. Jo, a musical instrument so Virtualmente, adv. virtually, Visiéra, s. f. the sigle or visor called.

effectualiy, porentially. of a head-piece.- Mandar 373 Violone, s. m. a bass-viol. Virtudiosainente, adv. virtu- la visiera, to pull off one's Viortola, s. f. Ja by.street, a ously, uprightly, worthily, mask, to pay no respect to Viottolo, s. m.) litile narsuw like an honest, upright,wor- any.





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Visióne, s. f. vision, every) d'una cosa, not to succeed, to appearance, show. -Questa thing one sees in a dream. - come poorly off.-Mostrare casa è di bella vista, this house Visione, vision, apparition, il viso, to show one's teeth to looks very fine. -ueste giarphantasm.--Visióne, vision, one, to look resolute, not to dino fa una bella vista, this garseeing, sight.

be afraid.- Mostrar buon viso, den makes a very fine show. Vísita, s. f. visit.-Fare una to look pleasantly upon, to

-L'oro fa una bella vista sopra visita, to pay or to make a shew one's self kind to. turchino, gold makes a fine visit. Render una cisita, to Far cattivo viso ad uno, to look show upon blue.- Vista, prosreturn a visit.-Andare in visi. upon one sourly, or with an pect.Vista, search, searchta, to go visiting.Andare in ill eye.-Fare viso arcigno, to ing-Questa cassa non si può visita, to make the visitation look gruff or sourly.--Fare il aprire fin che i veditori non fanno of a diocese.--Viita d'un me. viso rosso, to colour, to blush. la vista, this chest cannot be dico, the visit of a physician. --Fare viso torto, to look surly opened till the searchers have

Visita, search, searching. upon, or with an ill eye.- searched it.- Vista, show, preVisitamento, s. m. visitation, Dare nel viso, to look very im- tence, appearance, outside.the act of visiting:

pudent, to have an impudent Far vista, to make as if, to Visitánte, adj. visiting, that look. A viso aperto, a viss feign, to pretend, to affect. visits.

scuperto, adv. courageously, -Fece cista di non conoscer Visitáre, to visit, to go to see. boldly.—Dir sul viso, to tell a mi, he made as if he did not '--Visitare un ammalato, to visit thing to one's face, freely, I know me.--Fece vista d'esser

a sick body.-Visitare un ami- frankly. Andar sul viso, to malato, he pretended to be co, to visit a friend, to make meet one with a threatening sick.--Non fate vista di nulla, a visit.–Visitare uno con lettere, countenance.-Colle mani e take no notice of any thing. to write to one, to send him) coll' armi vanno in sul viso agli --Bastar la vista, to have the a lettter.- Vesitáre, to visit, to ambasciadori, they go to meet courage to do any thing.--Vi make a visitation. Visitare, the ambassadors, threatening basterebbe la vista di lasciarmi? to search.-.-!isiture un vascello, them with their hands and have you the heart to leare to search a ship. Visitare delle their arms.--Sul viso, to one's me? could you be so cruel as mercancie, to search commodi face, before him.---Far viso to leave me!-Enti bastuto la ties.- Il chirurgo ha visitato la lieto, to look merrily or chear vista di maltrattarla? how could ferita, the surgeon searched ful.- Aviso a viso, adv.before, you have the heart to abuse the wound.-Icommissari hanno) in the presence, face to face. her?-Di vista, adv. by sight. visilato il corpo del murto, the --Stur col viso basso, to look lo conosco di vista, i know coroner sat upon the dead down.-Alcare il viso, to look him by sight. body.---Visitare una casa, to proud or haughty:--Viso, the Vistamente, adv. quickly, nimview or survey a house. sight.-Viso, the little black bly, swiftly, immediately, Visitáto, adj. visited, v. Visi- speck of French beans. Visto, adj. seen.-Visto che, be.

Vispézza, s. f. briskness, live cause.-Visto, brisk, lively, Visitatóre, a visitor.-Visita- liness, vivacity, merriness, quick, sprightly, subtle.-Ún tore, a searcher. gaiety.

uomo visto d'ingegno, a sharp Visitatrice, fem. of Visitatore. Vispistrello, s. m. a bat, a rareVisitazione, s. f. visitation - mouse.

Vistosamente, adv. prettily, La Visitizione della Malonna, Vispo, adj. brisk, lively, jo- neatly, handsomely, sightthe Visitation of our Lady. vial, merty:

ly. Visivamente, adv. visibly, Visso, ?

Vistosétto, adj. pretty, handclearly, plainly.

Vissuto, s
P. p. of Vivere.

some, or comely Visivo, adj. visual, belonging Vista, s. f. sight, eye-sight, one Vistóso, adj. handsome, come

to the sight. -Visivo, visible, of the five senses. Vista acuta, ly, graceful, sightly. that may be seen.

a keen and piercing sight.- Visuale, adj. visual. Viso, s. in. face, visage. Perder la visin, to lose one's Visualmente, adv. visually. Grardare uno nel viso, to look sight. Esset di corta vista, to Vita, s. f. life, the union of one in the face.-Divenir ver have a weak or dim sight, to the soul with the body. miglo nel viso, to blush, to be pore-blind.-Vista, sight, Tor la v ta, to také one's colour-Vio, look, corate view, or eyes.- Perler una Trar di vita, life away, to nan e.Viso aperto, open,

cosa di vista, to lose sight of a kill him.-Tror vita, otrar la frank, sincere look. Viso all thing, to see it no more. vita, to live.- Non ho di che legro, a chearful countenance. Lettera di cambio pagabile a vistn, trarre la mia vita, I have no. l'iso ar igno, grim face, sour, a bill of exchange payable at thing to live upon.- Juando crabbed, gruff look.-Star col sight.--Giudicare d'una cosa a non si ha dunari si trae una mi. viso duro; to look surly.--- Mal vista, to judge of a thing at serabil vitat, one leads a miser. viso, a surly, crabbed 'look. first sight or view.

able life without moneyFare il viso a brusco, fare il viso Di prima vista, ? at first sight, Vi va della vita, life is at dell' urme, to pout, to look A prima vistu,!

V'è pena della vita, s stake, it gruff or surly. -l'avar buon vi-l seen.--Fare una cosa a vista d' is death.--Andare alla vita, to so d'una cosa, to succeed or tutli, to do a thing in the sighe attempt upon one's life. come off well-Cavar mal viso of all the world. Vista, look, Dar lu vita, to give one his




as soon as

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life, to forgive him.-Doman- living, that has life. rare. -Vituperato, dishonour-
dur la vill, to beg one's life, Vitáre, to avoid, to shun. ed, vile, base, villainous, in-
to cry quarters.---Dar la vita, Vite, s. f. a vine. Vite, a famous.
to charm, to please. --Vita,, screw, a vice.Una scatola Vituperatore, he that blames
life, the course of one's life. falla á vite, a screwing-box.- and reviles.Vituperatore,
--In autta la mia vita non ho Scala a vite, a winding stair defamer, calumniator, slan-
uisto una cosa simile, I never

case, a winding stairs. derer.
saw the like in all the course Vitebiánca, s. f. briony, Vituperatrice, 5. f. she that
of life.Chi ha tempo, hz Vitellino, s. m. a small calf. blames, defames, dishonours,
pita; as long as one lives, be ---Vilellino, adj. yellow, like or slanders.
may hope for better--Dare the yolk of an egg. Vituperazione, a blaming, dis-
a vila, to give any thing for Vitello, s. m. a calı.- Della vi-| honouring, defaming.Vi-
life.- l'ico livelihood, food. teila, veal.-Vitella di latte, a perazione, dishonour, shame,
---Blendicar la sua vita, to beg sucking calf.

disgrace, infamy. for one's livelihood, to beg Viticcio, s. m. the tendril or Vicuperévole, adj. blame-wor. one's bread. --Gunagnar la young ewig of a vine.-Vitic- thy, blameable.- Vituperécole, sua vita, to get one's liveli- cio, a sconce for a candle. dishonourable, shameful, inhood.---Perser la vitri, to get Viticélla, s. f. a young vine. famous, discreditable, ignoone's livelihood.--O quanto Vitigno, s. m. a sort of yine so minious. si stenta a requer la cita, oh what called.

Vituperevolmente, adv.blame. trouble to get a livelihood.- Vitreo, adj. of or made of ably, dishonourably, shameVita, life, way of living.-Far glass, glassy, clear like glass, fully, disgracefully, infamousbuona vita, to live well.-Far transparent.

ly, ignominiously malı vita, to lead a sad and Vitrióla, s. f. a plant so called. Vitupéro, 2 s. m. infamy, dispainful life.-- Fur vita regolata, Vitriuólo, s. m. vitriol, (a mi- Vitupério, honour, ignomito lead a regular lite, to live neral.)

ny.Vitapéro, a shameful act regularly.-- Vienar una vita so- Vittima, s. f. victim, the beast or action. i, tarixi, to lead a solitary life. which the ancients designed Vituperosamente, adv. disho- Vasu mai fu che la sua vita for the sacrifice.-Viltima, a nourably, shamefully, igaointera senza doglia menosse, no victim or sacrifice.

miniously. man ever lived wiihout meet- Vitto, s. m. food, diet.-Cose Vituperoso, adj. infamous, dising with soine troubles.- necessario al vitto, provisions, honourable, shameful, disBossare ull' altra vita, to make victuals.-Guadagnarsi il vitto, graceful. one's exit, to die. --- Passare a to get one's livelihood.-Gli Viva, interj. long live.-Via mniglior vita, to make one's do un tanto al giorno per il vitlo, il re, long live the king, Ged exit, to pass to a beter life, I give him so much a day for save the king.–Viva l'Italia to die. --Vita, one's way of his board.–Vitto, adj. 'van- pe' friuti e pel buon vino, give living, life, course of life.- quished, overcome.--Il vitto, me Italy for fruits and good Vita solitaria, a solitary life. s. m. he that is vanquished or wine. Fure una bella vila, to live well, conquered.

Viváce, adj. lively, brisk, metto live a merry life.- 1bbrac- Vittore, s. m. conqueror, van tlesome, sprightly.-Vom raciare la vila relig osa, :o em quisher. Obs.

unice, a sprightly, lively, or • brace a religious life.--Darsi Vittoria, s. f. victory, the up- brisk man.

i'olor citace, a vila e buon tempo, to make per hand, the better.-Aver la lively colour.-Vivace, bright, much of one's self, to pass vittoria, to get the victory, to shining, away one's time merrily.-- get the better, to carry the Vivacemente, adv. lively, La tua vita non mi piace, I don't day.

briskly, sprightly. like your way of living. Vitioriáre, to get the victory. Vivacézza, s. f. v. Vivacità. Vita, course of life, way of Obs.

Vivacità, s. f. vivacity, liveli. living.--Uomo di santu vita, a Vittoreggiante, adj. trium ness, fire, mettle,sprightliness. man that leads a religious phant, victorious. Obs. Vivagno, s. m. list of cloth.life, or holy life.-- Uomo di Vittoriosamente, adv. victori- Viagno, bank, shore, waterscellernta vilo, a man that leads ously.

side. a wicked life, a wicked man. Vittorioso, adj. victorious. Vivajo, s. m. a pond, a fiske

Vita, life, the history of a Vittrice, she that vanquishes. pond. man's life.-- Le vile de' sariti

, Vittnagia, s. f. vietuals, pro- Vivamente, adv. briskly, the lives of the saints.---Vila, Vittnaria, vision.-Viltuaria, sharply, smartly, vigorously, shape, gait, carriage.--Una food, diet.

strenuously. -Viramente, to donna di bella vita, a woman Viruperabile, adj. blame-wor the quick-Olenkt umu rieof a line shape, carriage, or thy, ilst may be blamed, or mente, to offad one to the gait.-- Anulare in sulla viia, sorr: found fanlt with.

quick. tur bene la vida, to walk grace- Vituperáre, to speak of igno-Vivanda, s. f. victuals, meat, fuily.

moniously, to revle.co blame. food, viands, provisions. La Vitusta, s. f. wild-vine.

Vituperativo, adj. that brings to unde vera è l'animd e lu rera, Vizále, adj. vital...ili spiriti shame uron, disgraceful. a hearty welcome is the best weby the vital spirits, --Irte Vivperato, p. p. oi Vitupe-' victuals.



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Vivandáre, to eat many things ened, revived.

Vivoróso, adj.vigorous, strong;
all well dressed, to live the Vivificatore, he that vivifies, lusty. Obs.
life of a glutton. Not used. quickens, and revives. Vivuóla, s. f. o. Vivóla.
Vivandetta, s. f. a ragoo. Vivificatríce, fem. of Vivifica- Vivublo, s. m. the gilliflower.
Vivandiére, s. m. a sutler.

Vivúto, adj. lived.
Vivente, a living man.--Costei Vivificazione, s. f. vivification, Víúzza, s. f. / narrow street,

era la piu bella cosa che giammai | the act of giving life. Viúzzo, s. m. S a byway street,
per alcun vivente veduta fosse, i Vivifico, adj. vivific, reviving. a lane, an alley.
no living man had ever seen | Vivo, adj. alive, living, that has Viziáre, to vitiate, to corrupt,
a finer thing than this wo life.--Mio padre è viv), my fa to spoil, to deprave, to mar.
man.-Non si trovare da alcun ther is living.–Trota viva, a Viziatamente, adv. fraudulent-
vivente, to be a great scarcity' live trout.-Vivo vivo, all alive.ly, deceitfully..
of. I miseri viventi, the poor

-Fa bruciato vivo, he was Viziato, adj. vitiated, corrupte
mortals.-Vivente, adj. living, burnt alive.-Vioo, lively,brisk, ed, spoiled, depraved, mars-
alive. -Le creature viventi, the mettlesome, sprightly.--Un ed.Viziato, cunning, crafty,
living creatures. -Non v'è uo uomo vivo, a brisk lively man. sly. Viziato, expert, expe-
mo vivente che ardisca dire il con -Un cavallo vivo, a mettlesome rienced, used, skilled.
trario, there's no living man horse. ---Occhi vivi, bright, Vizio, s. m. vicé, contrary to
that dares to say the contra-, sparkling or piercing eyes. virtue.-Vizo, vice, sin, lewd-
ry-Vivente il padre, in the Color vivo, a bright or lively ness, debauchery, wickedness.
father's time.
colour.Viva speme, a great

-Vizio, vice, fault, defect, Vivere, s. m. provisions, vic- aspiring hope.- Pietra viva, default, blemish, imperfectuals.

a flint, a flint stone.-Carbone tion, ill quality. - l'izio, a Vivere, to live, to be living vivo, a light coal.-- Calcina longing of a woman with child. or alive. Vivere splen- viva, quick lime. Fuoco vivo, Viziosamente, adv. vitiously. diamente, to live splendidly, brisk fire.-Vivo dolore, a smart Viziosità, s. f. the quality of magnificently.

Viver alla or violent pain. Di viva voce, being vicious. grande, to live nobly.--Vrser by word of mouth. -Viva Vizióso, adj. vitious. meschinamente, to live poorly. Frome, a sharp appetite, a great Vizzáto, s. m. wild vine or --Viver bene, to live well, to hunger.- Per vira fame man

black briony. Jive in clover.-Viver di per gruvano l'erba, being starved Vizzo, adj. Aabby, soft.Viz*di, to live from hand to they eat grass.

-Carne viva, zo, withered, decayed. mouth.--Vivere, to live, to the quick.-Tagliare alla carne Ulcera, s. f. an ulcer, a sore full lead a sort of life.-Viver da viva, to cut to the quick.- of putrid matter. uomo dabbene, to live like a Virn bellezza, a lively, bloom- Ulceragióne, s. f. šv. Eleen good or honest man.-Vivere ing beauty. ---digento uro, Ulceramento, s. m.] razione. regolarmente, religiosamente, to quicksilver.---Anima riun, a Ulceráre, to ulcerate, to dislive regularly, religiously:-- living soul.--Non vi è anima ease with sores

.. Ulceráre, Viver male, to lead an ill life. viva, there's not a living soul, to come to an ulcer.

Non sa vivere, he knows not there's no body at all. -tar Ulcerato, adj. ulcerated. how to behave himself.--V vivo, to vivify, to quicken, to Ulcerazioncélla, s. f. dim, of insegnerò ben io a vivere, I will revive.--- farsi vito, to take Ulcerazione. teach you how to behave courage, to chear up. Vra Ulcerazione, s. f. ulceration, youseelf.–Vivere, to feed, to necessità, extreme or great ne.

ulcer. live upon.-Gli animali virono cessity --A rua forza, per via Ulcero, s. m. 1. Ulcera. Obs. d'erba, brutes feed upon grass. forza, by main force, forcibly. Ulceróso, adj. ulcerous, full of

E se lu foi cosi, di che viverem - Acqua viva, spring-water. ulcers.
nci? and if you go on at that -Firme vivo, a stream.-Vivo, Uligine, s. f. moistness, dampe
• sate, what shall we live upon? s. m, the quick.--Il vico il'un ness, moisture.Uligine, dus.
---Viver d'accatto, to live upon albers, the wood, the inside of tiness, dryness.
charity.-Viver del svo, to live a tree. Questo mi tocca piu nel Uliginoso, adj. uliginous,moist,
on one's own.--Virer tra due, vivo, this nearly concerns me. damp, moorish.
to live in suspense.--Viv pur -Al c.vo, adv. to the quick, Uliménto, s. m. odour, smell,
simo, you may assure your to the life. Toccar al vivo, to scent, flavour. Obs.
rself, you may depend upon. touch to the quick-Questo Ulimíre, to have an odour or
Vivezza, s. f. vivacity, liveli- ritratto è fatto al vivo, this pic- smell, to smell. Obs.

ness, mettle, sprightliness. ture is drawn to the life. Ulimóso, adj. sweet, sweet-
Vívido, adj. lively, brisk, met. Vivóla, s. f. a viol, a musical smelling, fragrant, odorifer-
tlesome, strong, lusty.
instrument so called.

Vivificánte, adj. that revives Vívole, s. f. pl. the vives, a dis- Uíre, o. Olíre. Obs.
or vivities.
case in horses.

Uliva, s. f. olive.
Vivificáre, to vivify, to quick- Vivore, s. m. vigour, force, Ulivággine, s. f. wild olive
en, to revive.
strength. Obs.

tree. Obs. Vivificativo, adj. vivifying, Vivório, s. m. ivory. Obs. Uliváre, adj. of the shape of quickening, reviving: Vivorosaménte, adv. vigorous- an olive. Vivificato, adj. vivified, quick- ly. Obs.

Ulivástro, s. to. a wild olivee


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-Ulicastro, adj. olive-| tere umane, human learning. (Umbre, s. m. humour, mois coloured. -L'umana spezie, human

Umore, humour, Ulivélla, s. f. an iron spike or kind.--Umano, humane, kind, phlegm.--Umére, humour, leaver to raise large stones. affable, courteous, meek, kind, temper, '

mood, genius, dispoUlivello, s. m. a little olive- gentle, friendly, obliging; sition.-Non sono d'amore di

Umbè, interj. well, what then, scriver oggi, I am not in hu*Ulivéto, s. m.

an olive-grove lack-aday. }

mour to write to-day-Umer Ulivéta, s. f. or yard. Umbilico, s. m. navel.-Umbi- malinconico, hypocondriacal Ulivigno, adj. olive-cloured. lico, the center, the middle of humour. Umére, humour, 'Ulivino, s. m. a little olive. any thing.–Madrid riede nell fancy, whim, whimsy.-Be:

umbilico della Spagna, Madrid umore, a humoursome or Ulivo, s. m. an olive-tree.- stands in the middle of Spain. whimsical man.-Non fate il

Ulivo, a branch of olive-tree. Umettáre, to moisten, to hu- bell umore, none of your tricks, Uloláre, Obs. o. Ululare.

I desire you. Ultimamente, adv. lastly, at Umettativo, adj. moistening, Umorista, s. m. a whimsical, last, lately.- L'ho veduto relti-that moistens.

fickle,humoursomeor changemamente, I saw him lately, or Umettáto, adj. moistened. able man, a humorist. not long ago.--Ultimamente Umettóso, adj. moistening. Umorosità, s. f, humidity, lo persuasid' andere, lastly or at Umettazione, s. f. humecta- dampness, moistness. last I persuaded him to go.

tion, moistening:

Umorósó, adj. humid, wet, Ultimáre, to terminate, to fi- Umidétto, adj. dampish. moist, damp. nish, to make amends, co per- Umidézza, $ f. humidity, Va, a, an, one. Un cwallo, a fect. moistness, dampness.

horse. Ultimatamente, adv. lastly, at Umidiccio, adj. dampish. Una,adv.together, in company. Jast, lately, not long ago.

Umidire, to moisten, to hu- Una volta, once.-Una colle, Ultimáto, adj. terminated, fi

adv. finally, at last. nished, complete, perfect. Umidità, s. f. bumidity, moist-Unanimamente, adv. unaniUltimato, s. Ultimatum.

mously, with one consent or Ultimo, adj. last.-Domani | Umidito, adj. moistened, hu- accord. l'ultimo di nel mese, to-morrow


Unánime, adj. unanimous, of will be the last day of the U'mido, adj. moist, wet, damp, one mind, of one accord. month.All'ultimo, adv. humid.---Luogo umido, a damp Unanimità, s. f. unanimity, a lastly, at last, in the end. place.--U’mido, s. m. moisture, common or general consent. Ultóre, s. m. a revenger, or humidity.--Umido radicale, the U'ncico, a. Uncino. Obs. avenger. radical moisture.

Uncicáre, to hook in.--UnUltrice, fem. of Ultore.-UL- Umidore, m. humidity, Uncináre,) cináre, to snatch, trice, adv. reveaging, revenge-moistness, dampness. Obs. to wring, to wrest. ful.- Mano ultrice, a revenge. U'mile, adj. humble, modest, Uncinato, adj. hooked in, ful hand. -- Ira ultrice, a wrach submissive, respectful. snatched, wringed.- Urináthat breathes revenge.

U'nile, low, mean, base. Un lo, crooked, hooked.- Egli ke Ululare, to howl, to roar as uomo di nascita umile, a man of le mani uncinete, he is light

the wolf or the mastift. a mean or obscure birth. In fingered.
Ululáto, 2 s. m. howling, roar poetry we say úmile and umile. Uncinello,
Uslulo, Sing.
Omileménte, ú. Umilmente. Uncinćtto, s

5. m. a little hook. Umanamente, adv. humanely, Umiliáca, s. f. a kind of apri- Uncino, s. m. a hook.-- Atlac. efter man's manner.--limania

car l'uncino, to lie with a woménts, humanely, friendly, Umiliáco, s. m, a kind of apri- man.--

.- Arer le mani e uncima, kindly, gently, courteously, cot-tree.

to be light-fingered. affably.

Umiliáuza, s. f. humility. Obs. Uncinúto, adj. hooked, crooks Umanarsi, to take human flesh. miliáre, to hunible, to de- ed.---Uncinito, rapacious, Umanáto, adj. that has taken press, to bring low.

freedy, covetous. Aver le human fiesh. - Iddio umanato, Umiliarsi, to humble one's self. muno uncinula, to be light-fin. God that has taken human Umiliáto, adj. humbled. gered. flesh.

Umiliazione, s. f. humiliation, Undécimo, adj. the eleUmanista, a humanist, one mortification, submission. Undicesiino, S venth. who is skilled in classic learn- Umillimo, very humble, mo- U'ndici, eleven. ing.

dest, submissive, respectful. Undunque, adv. Obs. 9. Ovun.. Umanità, s. f. humanity, hu- Obs.

que. --Umanità, hu- Umilità, Obs. 3. Umiltà. Ungere, o. Ugnere, and all ita manity, mildness, kindness, Umilmente, adv. humbiy, derivatives. good nature, civility, friend - Umileménte, s submissivelý, U'nghero, s. m. a general dame liness, benignity.

respectfully, modestly. for all ducats coined in HunUmáno, adj. human, belong. Umiltà, s. f. humility, lowli- gary, Germany, and Holland. ing to man.--La nutun umu


humbleness, submission, U'nghia, s. fia nail of a tigger na, human nature. -Le cose respect,

or toe, --Unghia, the white in umane, human things.---Let- Umoráccio, s. m. bad humour. the deaf of a rose or violes,

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