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whereby it is fastened to the Unitaménte, adv. jointly, to-| tere in uno, to bring or put to. knap. Obs.--Unghia di ca- gether.

gether.—Uno, the same.---- Ad callo, a horse's hoof.--Unghiu Unità, s. f. unity, unit.-- Il nu un' ora avea piacere e noja neil della gran bestra, an elk's hoof. mero è composto d'unità, the animo, at the same time he -Unghia cavallina, colt's foot, number is composed of units. was pleased and displeased, an herb so called.-Unghia --Unità, conjunction.--Unità, Ad una core, unanimously. odorata, a kind of drug so union, concord, society, in -Ad una, adv. unaniinously, called. --Unghia, a disease in telligence, agreement.---L'u- with one accord.—Uno, the the eye, called a haw. mità della chiesa, the unity of first, the second.--Gli uni dio Unghiáto, adj. that has nails. the church.

cono di si, gli altri dicuno di no, Unghióni, s. m. pl. claws. Unitivo, adj., unitive, that some say yes, some say no. Unghiúto, adj. chat has nails unites.

L'uno e l'altro, the one and and claws.

Unito, p. p. of Unire.Unito, the other, both.U'ngola, s. f. a thin membrane adj. of one mind and will, of A uno a uno, one after anowhich extends itself over the one assent, unanimous, peace A un per uno, f ther, singly. tunic of the eye. able.

--L'un l'altro, one another, Unguánno, this year.

Unitóre, an agreement-maker, each other.- S'amano l'un l'alUnguentáre, to anoint.

a compounder of differences, tro, they love one another, or • Unguentário, s. m. he that a peace-maker.

each other.-Nè l'uno l'alsells and makes ointments and Unitrice, fem. of Unitore. tro, neither.- Tal' uno, some. perfumes, a perfumer. Univálvo, adj. that has one --Tull uno, all one.--E tutt' Unguentáto, p. p. of Unguen- single hole; said of some ung, it is all one, it is the same, cockles.

or the same thing:-E tutt Unguentiére, s. m. a perfumer. Universále, adj. universal, ge uno, it is all one, it is no mate Obs.

neral.-Universále, s. m. uni- ter.-L'un per l'altro, one with Unguénto, unguent, salve, any versity, the whole in general, another. Un a certain.---Gli ointment.-vere unguento a generality.--Umversále, an venne a memoria un Ser Ciappelogni piaga, to have a remedy universal, that which is com letto da Prato, it came into his for every sore.

mon in several things, a pre- head a certain Mr. CiappelUnibile, adj. that may be unit- dicable.

letto of Prato.--Uno, ahout. ed, easy to be joined. Universalità, s. f. universality, -Questo più valere un dieci scuUnicamente, adv. only, singu- generality.

di, this may be worth about larly.---Unicamente, entirely, Universalmente, adv.univer ten crowns. --Uno, piece, without reserve.--Unicamente, Universamente, s sally, ge head.Un tanio per uno, so dearly.-Unicamente amato, nerally, without any excep much a piece or head. dearly beloved. tion.

, U'nico, alj. only, sole. figlio unico, an only son. shole in general, generality. Unquánche, Unico, singular. E unico nel -Unitersità, university, a Unquáaco, adv. never, ever. suo mestiere, he is a singular body-politic, a corporation. Unquemái, person in his trade.

Università, university, a Untare, to anoint. Unicórno, s. in. an unicorn. nursery, where youth is in- Untáro, adj. anointed. Unicornúto, adj. that has but structed in the languages, Un tempo, adv. a long while. one hora. arts, and sciences.

Un teinpo, formerly, a great Uniforme, adj. uniform, even, Universo, s. in. the universe, of one fashion, regular.

the world, the whole world. Unticcio, adj. a little greasy, Uniformeinénte, adv. after the -Universo, the university,

somewhat greasy. same fashion.

the whole in general, genera- Unto, adj. anointed, greasy.Uniformità, s. f. uniformity. lity. Universo, adj. univer Par unto, a piece of bread Unigénito, 8. m an only son. sal, general.--L'universo mon dipped in sauce.-Undo, s. m. Unimento, s. m. union, the do, the whole world.

grease. -Unto bisto, a fat Unióne, s. f. S conjunction Univocamente, adv.univocally. capor , -Unto, unction. or combination of several Univoco, adj. univocal, con- Untório, s. m. ointment. things into one. -Unione, sisting of one voice, sound, or Untosità, s. f. unctuosity, oiliunion, unity, concord, socie- name.-Termini univoci, unity, intelligence, agreement. vocal terms, such whose name Untúme, s. m. unctuosity, Unire, to unite, to join toge and nature is the same.---Scg- Untuosit:ì, s. I. an unetuvius ther.-Unire, to smooth, to ni univoci, univocal signs. matter, ihe quality of anointlevel, to make smooth, level Uno, adj. one, a, an. ing or greasing

-Orire, to curse, Uno, due, tre, one, two, three. Untuoso, adj. ünctuous, oily, Obs. and only used in tran -aUno a uno, one by one. greasy. slating the moito on the En- Un uono, a man.--Una donna, Unzioncélla, $. f. a small or glish garter, as follows:

-- Un obbligo, an ob- light unction. Unito sia che mul vi pensa, hony bligation..---Tre per uno, each Unzióne, s. f. unction, anoinesoit qui mal y pense.

one threc. ---In uno, adv. to. ing.--Estrein unzione, the ex. Unisono, s. m, unison. gether,mRecure in,

treme unction,

Un Università, s. f. university, the Unque

; } adv. never, ever.

while ago.


O even.

a woman.

une Mo







Vocabolario, is. n. vocabula- have a bad character in the great mind, to long.-DiVocabolista, s ry, a dictionary world.--Coprire ad altrui la glia, adv. willingly. -Di malo or book containing a collec- voce, to drown one's voice, to voglia, adv. against one's will, tion of words alphabetically hinder one's voice from being by force.-Dar la sezie, to disposed.

heard.—Eléggere o create a excite, incite, provoke, or Vocabolistário, s. m. a voca voce, o a piva voce, to choose by encourage.-Buena o wala w

bularist, a dictionary maker, the plurality of votes.-Con glia, good or bad habit of the a lexicographer.

voce sommessa, with a low body.-Voglia, a mole, a spor Vocábolo, s. m. word, name, voice.--- 4d una voce, unani- upon the body.

mously, by one consent.- Vogliente, adj. willing. Obs. Vocale, adj. vocal, belonging Dare in sulla voce, to inter- Voglienza, s. f. will, desire. to the voice. Musica vocale, Dar sula voce, s rupt one Obs. vocal music.--- Nerci vocali

, in his discourse, to still his Voglievole, adj. desirous, covocal nerves, nerves which din, to make him hold his vetous, lover. supply the muscles of the la tongue. Dure una voce ad uno, Vogliolosaménte, adv. t. Vogrynx.-Leltera corale, a vowel, to give one a call.

liosamente. a single sounding letter. Vocerellina, s. f. a little shrill Vogliolóso, v. Voglioso.-Dar Vocalizzáre, to use a great voice, a pretty little voice. na vogliolosa, a longing womany vowels, or to add vow- Vociáccia, s. f. a bad, disagree- man. els to the consonants. No able voice.

Vogliosamente, adv. desirousfine word.

Vociférante, adj. bawling, ly, willingly, eagerly, pasVocalizzáto, p. p. of Vocaliz- crying out aloud.

sionately. Vociferare, to bawl, to cry Voglioso, adj. desirous, covet. Vocalmente, adv. vocally. out aloud.-Vociferáre, to ous, longing, willing. --Vocáre, to call, to naine Obs. whisper about, to be report- glioso, bold, audacious, daring. Vocativo, s. m, the vocative ed or given out.

Vogliúzza, s. f. some little de Vociferato, p. p. of Vocife- sire, the beginning of a longVocato, adj. called, named.

ing desire. Obs.

Vociferatóre, a noisy fellow, a Voi, pron. you, ye.- roi, ebe Vocazione, s. f. vocation, call- vociferous declaimer. siete in piccioletta barca, O you ing, course of life to which Vociferatrice, fem. of Vocife- that are in that little boat.one is appointed, or inclined.

Voi, you. Se a toi aggrae, if Voce, s. f. voice.--- Voce forte, Vociferazione, s. f. vocifera- you please. strong voice.- Voce acuta, a tion, bawling or crying Volamento, s. m. the flying or shrill voice.----- Ad alta voce, aloud.- Vociferazione, bruit, fight. aloud, with a loud voice.- rumour, news, report, fame. Volante, s, m. shuttle-cockVoce d’un oca, the cackling of -E vociferasione, it is report. Volinte, adj. flying.- Desriet 'a goose.-Parlar sotto voce, to ed about.

volante, a flying horse.-Cars. speak softly, or with a low Vocina, s. f. a little thin voice. po volante, a flying camp or voice.-Voce, word. Vuce an- Vocolézza, 3. f. blindness. Obs. army.--Volante, inconstant, tica, an obsolete word. — Voce, Vócolo, adj. blind. Obs. fickic, light, changeable. voice, vote, suffrage.--Dar la Voga, s. f. the rowing:- Vet- Volare, to fly.-oláre, to go sua voce, to give one's voice ter i remi in voga, to begin to up in the air.-- Il tento fa 15 or vote.--- Voce attiva, e pas ira,/ row..Voga, way, course. - lar lo polvere, the wind makes active and passive voice. Pigliar vaga in terso un luogo, the dust fly about.- Voláte, river voce in capitolo, to have to go towards some place, to to fly, to run, to post away. great interest or authority.-- set forward.---Vogn, vogue.--Il tempo vola, the time flies of Egli non ha vore in capitolo, he Voga, mode, fashion.--Esser passes away.-Fa volar 1:720 is not minded, no body minds in voga, to be in vogue, to be da cavallo, to fling one down what he says.--Va

from his horse. - Par adlere reported or given out.--Dar Vogare, to row.

una mina, to blow up a mine: voce, to give out, to spread Voguro, p. p. of Vogare.

-Huer il ceroel che roli, to abroad. Vogatóre, a rower.

be inconstant, fickle, light, { it is reported or Vogatrice, fem. of Vogatóre. changeable. Corre voce, I said.- Nascer voce, Voglia, s. f. mind, desire, long- Volárc,s.m. to be whispered about.Dar buona voce ad uno, to give one voglia d'andarve, I have a great Volática, s. f. tetter, ring a good character. Dur catti mind to go there.--Compir le va voce ad uno, to give one a sue, voglie, to gratify one's Volátile, adj. volatile, that bad character. -Acer briona wish or desire. For le sue vo fies or can fly -- Animole te voce, to have a strong voice. glie, to follow one's inclina- latile, a flying creature.-76

Aver buona vuce, to have a tion.--Caversi le sue voglie, to látile, volatile. -Spirito volatık, good character in the world, satisfy one's self to the full.volatile spirit. Sale solatile, to be reputed an honest man. -- Acer mala voglia contro a quals volatile salt.-I volatili, s. m.

Huer mala voce, to have a cuno, to bear one an ill-will. pl. all fiying creatures colo bad voice.-- Avermula voce, to -Morirsi di voglia, to have a lectively taken.

voce, it is

cried tp.

E voce,

ing, fancy, humour ---Hogram Volata; . 7. flight or flying.


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Volatio, s. m. poultry, fowl.; quelche delle vesti, one ought Vólgere, to turn Yolgere gli Obs.

to use lovers as one's cloaths. occhi, to turn one's eyes. Voláto, se m. the flight or -Voler piovere, it looks as if Volger a drilta, o a finislra, to flying of a bird.

it would rain.--Il pane non turn to the right or to the Voláto, adj. fled, flown. vorrebbe passar il giorno, bread left:-Vulgere indietro, to turn Volatóre, š. m. flier, flying, ought to be of one day's bak- backwards.--Volger i passi

that flies.-Volator destriere, a ing. ---Voler accusativo, to rerso qualche luozu, to go toflying horse.

govern the accusative case. wards some place.- Von sa Volatrice, fem. of Volatore. -Amare vuol l'accusativo, to dove volueriti, I don't know Volénte, adj. willing.–Non vo love governs the accusative which way to turn myself.lente, nor willing, unwilling. case.—Voler la gutta, to be in Il tempo si colge a freddo, the Volentiéri, adv. willingly, rea :--Non voler la guita, weather grows cold.--Vulger

dily, freely, gladly, chear to be in jest.-Chi non può il pensiero a qualche cosa, i to fully.

quel che vuol, quel che può vo turn or bend one's thoughts Volentiermente, adv. willingly. glia, they who cannot as they upon a thing.--Mille cose mi Obs.

will, must will as they may. si vulgon nel pensiero, a thouVolenza, s. f. will, mind, plea- --Volerla con uno, to have a sand things revolve in niy sure. Obs.

design upon a person. ---Qual.) mind.-Volget l'ira supra una Volére, to will, to be willing, sivoglia, whosoever, what persona, to vent or wrcak one's to please, to be pleased, to soever.--Sia coine si voglia, be auger upon one --Già il festo have a mind. Se voi voléte, if as it will, however it be, anno volgea che in oriente passò you will, if you please.--Vo-] however.-Vulere, to be.--O il campo Cristiano all' alla in. glio che sia cosi, I will have it vuoi di sela o di lana, be of silk! presa, it was the sixth year so.—Fatelo quando volele, do it or worsted.-Volére, S. since the Christian army went when you please, or when will, pleasure.--Secondo il vos to the East for the great conyou have a mind. Io non tru colere, according to your quest.–Vólgere, to induce, to voglio, I will not, I won't. -10 will or pleasure. --Mulvolcre, lead, to entire, to persuade or vo' che sappi, I will have you ill-will or intention. -Di draw on.--Ostinato in sulla sua know.- Non dir più così, vo

buon volere, willingly. credenza, volger non si lisciaorg glitene venir meco, say no Volganamente, adv. vulgarly, fixed in his opinion, he would more, but come along with commonly. Obs.

not be persuaded.--Volger le me.--Idilio lo toglia, God Volgáre, adj. vulgar, common, spalle, to run away, to betake grant it.-- Iddio non voglia, general. --Lingua volgare, vul- one's self to flight, or to one's God forbid. -Volére, to wish gar, vernacular tongue.-Vol-heels.-Vulgere, to turn round.

--Vorrei che, I would, I wish gire, vulgar, common,ordina- -Volgere un muina, to turn a that.--Che volete? what would ry, mean, base, vile, trivial. mill. Volgere, to rule, to you have ?-- Non sa quel si Como volgure, a vulgar mean manage or govern.---Volger Doglia, he does not know his man, an idiot, a man of no | arnu contro il nemico, to turn own mind.-Volére, to must, learning.--Volgáre, s. m. the one's forces against the eneex.-L' uito non vuol esser la vulgar tongue; that is, Italian, my.-Volersi, to traverse, to gliato, the olive-tree must not when opposed to Latin.-Tra-! thwart or cross --1rr ogni be cut.-Volére, to think, to durredi Latinoinvolgare, to tran- fuscelli ja lia cre wi si voige be of opinion or mind.--- Altri slate Latin into Italian. fra i piedi, besteniniute Milio, e vogliono altrimente, some think Volgarizzamento, s. m. trar la madre, e tutta la corte del paotherwise,--Voler bene a quals slation in the vulgar tongue; ruliso, a bit of straw which cheduno, to love one, to wish that is, in Italian.

you meet in your way makes one well, to be his hearty Volgarizzare, to translate out you curse God, his mother, friend.Voler male ad uno, to of a dead language into the and all paradise. --Volgere, to hate one, to bear him an illa vulgar tongue; that is, in move, to stir.-Vol rre, to will, to be his eneniy-Non Italian.-Volgariszáre, to ex

inciine.-Vieto fiore vulge al Eli lasciò in capo capelo che ben plain or expound, to make surch. n), this tiower inclines. gli rolesse, she tore every hair plain or intelligible.

to blue.-Volgere, to change, off his head.--Voler dire, to Volgarizzato, adj. translated to alter.-Vol er l v dine delle onean, to signify.--Che vuol into the vulgar tongue, or cuse, to change or alter the dir ciò? what means that? | into Italian.

order of things.--76'gere to what is the meaning of that ? Volgarizzatore, a translator vault, to make an arch roof, Co vuol dire lul cosa, that out of a dead language into to arch.-V Igere un pinte, to signifie; such a thing -Volére, the vulgar tongue; ihat is, arch or make the arches of a to be fit, convenient, or ne in Italian,

bridge.-Völgersi, to turn, cessary. ---Elle si vorrebber vive Volgarizzatríce, fem. of Vol. said of wine when it, spoils ineller nel fuoco, they ought to garizzatore.


grows acid. -- ll cino cobe burnt alive.-Clá ho a fare Volgarménte, adv. vulgarly, mincia a polgersi, the wine beCon Tusco, non vuol erser losco, commonly.--Volgarménie, in gins to turn, to spoil.-Volwho has to deal with the the vulgar tongue, in Italiau. gersi ad uno, to go over to one, Toscans must be cunning.- Volgente, adj. turning, that to side with him, to be of ruolo a punto fur deyli amanti

his side.




Volgimento, s. m. the act of Volpigno, adj. of or belong to take one's turn.-Tocce whirling or turning round, Volpino, } ing to a fox, cras. la volia, to supplant one.turning or winding about, sy, cunning, sly, witty, subtle. Alle volte, sometimes. fetching a compass.---Volgi- Volpo, adj. sly, cunning, wily, Voltabile, adj. changeable, ismunto di testa, a dizziness or crafty. Obs.

constant, fickle, variable. giddiness.---Volgimenti della Volpóne, s. m. a large for, or Voltaménto, s. m. the act of fortuna, vicissitudes of fortune. a male fox.Volpóne, a cun- turning, turning.. Volgitóre, he that turns about. ning, sly, crafty man. Voltánte, adj. turning.

-isteitrice, fem. of Volgitore. Volta, s. f, a whirling or turn. Voltáre, to turn.-Voltar looks Volgitrice, adj. that turns.-L2 inground, a turning or wind to, to turn one's face. - Foder

forturi voluitrice, fortune that ing about.-Volta di tempo, faccia, Voltar le spalle, to turn turns, changes, or alters every alteration or vicissitude of one's back, to run away.thing.

time.-Dar volta, to turn one's Voltre a dritta o z finistre, to Volgo, s. m. the vulgar, the back, to fly, to run away.- turn to the right or left haad. common people, the rabble,

Dar la voltı tonda, to turn --Voltare, to change. -Vital, the multitude. round.

to roll, to wallow, to tumble. Volitáre, to flutter. Dar volta,

-Voltáre, to wane, to de

to come back Volitúre, s. m. 2 lover, he that Dur a volta,

crease. ---Vollársi, to change loves or likes. Obs.-lo fui - Dur la volta, to set, to go or alter one's inind.. sempre rolitor di pace, I always, down; speaking of the sun. Voltato, adj. turned. was a lover of peace.

Dar la volta, to wane or de-Voltazione, s. f. the act of Vollienza, *. Volontà. Obs. crease, speaking of the moon. whirling or turpiog round, a Volo, s. in. flight, the flying of -Stare sulle volte, to be or lie turning or winding about. a bird.-Lcvarsi a vulo, to soar, upon the catch.-Rubar la Not in use. to fly.--Levrirsi a colo, to do volta, to turn too short.-An- Volteggiamento, s. m. the act ef a thing rashly, unadvisedly. dare in volta, to rove or ram. turning about, of whirling. --Dure il colo, to forsake one, ble about.-Fr le volte del Volteggiáre, to turn, to tura, to leave one in the lurch. lione, to pass and repass, to about, to go about, to go turnDi volo, / adv. suddenly, im. go to and fro-Dare o pigliare ing and winding, to whirl or Col volo, } mediately, in

una volta, to take a walk-wheel about.

Dar la volta ad un vaso, to Volticciuola, s. f. a small vauk Volonta', s. f. the will, a fa. overturn a vessel.-Dar la or arched place. culty of the soul.-Volonti, volta al canto, to go beside Volto, adj. turned. - Volto, redwill, inind, pleasure.-Di sun one's self, to grow mad. Dar dish colour.-Vin colto, solis tolontà, voluntarily, spontane. la volta, to turn, to grow wine.-Volto, s. m. face, viously, freely, of one's own sour, speaking of wine.-Vols sage.--Gittare al volto, o ir aecord.—Di volontà, willingly. ta, a vault, a vaulted roof or volto, to twit in the teeth, io Volontariamente, adv. volun- cieling.–Volta, a vault, a throw a thing in one's dish. tarily, freely, spontaneously. wine-cellar. Dopo volta, af. -Mostrare il volto, to show Volontário, adj. voluntary, terwards.-Star in su le volte, one's teeth, to show one's spontancous.--Volontário, s. to labour, to roll as a ship, seif resolute.—Egli non la m. a volunteer.

does in a calm.-Alla volta, colto da mostrarsi, he has not Volontariéso, adj. desirous, prep. towards.---Alla volta di the face to shew himself, he willing. Obs.

Roma, towads Rome.llla is ashamed to shew himself. Volonterosamente, adv.volun- volta mia, towards me.---Volta, Voltójo, s. m. the snaffle of a tarily, spontaneously, wil. time.-l ento tolte, hundred bridle. ingly.

times.-Una volta, once.-Due Voltolamento, s. m. a rolling, Volonteróso, adj. desirous, rolle, twice.--Tre volte, three tumbling, tossing, or wallow. willing, ready-Volontiruso, times.--Uno alla voita, one at

ing. desirous, covetous.

a time.--Iltre volte, formerly, Voltoláre, to tumble, to roll.Volpáto, adj. os or belonging some time ago.---:dssui volte', 'l'oltulare uno nel fango, ta' to a fox.-Volputo, blighted, several times. --- Più volle, very tumble or roll one in the dirt. blasted.—Grano volpato, blast often, many a time.- Tutie ----Voltoluirsi, to roll one's seif, ed corn.

volte che, every time that. to wallow.--Voltol.rsi nellette, Volpe, s. f. a fox. -Volpe, a Twite volte, however.-le to turn about and about in cunning fox, a sly cunning volte, very often.--- Porecchie bed.-- Vitulur.is net Junge, to man-E' v'abwa la volpe, volte, several times, often.-' wallow, to welter in the dirt. 'tis dangerous to go there. Alcuna undta, sometimes.- Da - Pultolato, part. pass. of Vule

Beile volpi si myslia, cunning una volta in , more than tolare, mea sometimes are taken in. once.--I? più delle volte, for the Voltolódi, adv. tumbling, roll_Volpe, blight, a malady that most part.--Ogni volta, every ing.-- Andir roltoloni, to roll attacks plants and trees.

time, whenever.---Volta per or tumble about. Vo petia, s. f.

volta, by turns, alternately.-Voltúra, s. f. revolution, change Volpic:lla, s. f.

Toerur lie colta, to be in one's a fox cub.

or turn of affairs. Obs.--Pula Volpicina, s. f.

turn. volta loca a voi, it! túra, assignment, 3 making Volpicino, s. m.

is your turn. Pigrar la volta, over of a thing for the paye



ment of a surn.
of bad character.

buona pasta, a good-natured Volúbile, adj. unconstant, Vomíre, to vomit, to spue, to man.--Uomo di grossa pa ta, a changeable, mutable. -Vo. (ast or bring up.' Obs. clumsy, dull, clownish, unlubile, s. f. rope-weed, withe-) Vi mitaménto, s. m. a vomic polished man.Uomo fatto, a wind, bind-weed. ing:

grown man.-Uumo da bosce Volubilita', s. f. volubility, Vomitáre, to vomit, to spue,

e da riviera, a clever, handy, fickleness, inconstancy, chan to cast or bring up.-Vomi. cunning man.--Esser un uomo, geable:ess.-La enlubilità all lare, to expel, to drive out. to be a reputable man, a maa una ruota, the volubility of a Vomitato, p. p. of Vomitare. of note.-Conoscere uomo, to wheel.-Volubilità di lingna, Vomitatório, s. m. a vomitory, know man, to have a carpal volubility, fluentness, or nim. a medicine that causes knowledge of man. -Uomo di bleness of tongue.

provokes vomiting, a vomi penna, a merchant.-Uomo di Volubilmente, adv. with vo. tive.

penna, a writer.

Uomo di lubility, nimbly, fickly, Vomitévole, adj. that causes or spuda, a man that wears a Vólvere, v. Voigere. provokes vomit.

sword, a swords-man.-Uomo Volvitóre, s. mhe she Voinitivo, adj. vomitory, that di spida, a soldier.--Uomu di Volvitrice, s. f. S that turns provokes vomiting.-Un to toga, a lawyer or magistrate. or rolls about.---Fortuna cola mitivo, s. m. a vomitire, an - Farc da uomo, to act like a titrice, changeable or incon emietic, 2 potion to cause man of courage.--- Fare l'uomo stant fortune. vomiting.

adetosso altrui, to hector, to in. Volúme, s. m. volume, a part Vómito, s. m. vomit, that mat sult, to abuse another, to bul. of a large book, tomc.--Vo ter that is vomited.Il cane rie ly one.-Uumo onorato, a man lume, a mass of any thing. torna al cómito, the dog returns

of honour.-Uomo di conto, a -Volume, confusion, disor: to his vomit.-Ritornure al man of distinction.-Uomo di der, trouble. Obs.

mity, to commit the same reputazione, a man of good re. Volumétto, s. f. a small book, fault again.--Vomito, p. p. of putation, a reputable man.a small tone. Vomire.

Uomo basso, a mean man, a Volunta', s. fi u. Volontà. Obs. Uomo, s. . a man.--Uomo, man of low birth.-Uomo OT. Voluntariamente, v. Volonta. one, a man, a budy. -Uomo, goglioso, a proud man.- Uomo riamente. Obs.

a husband.lo trovai l'uom rigoglioso, a tall, lusty, jolly Volúta, s. f. volute, that part tro che anirun a città, I met

man.-Uomo chetc, a peaceof the capital of a pillar with your husband, who was able man, a man of few words. turned into spiral lines. going to town.Uomo, a -Uumo fatto da alcuno, one Volútu, part. pass. of the verb subject a vassal.--1 Marchese

that has been made or preVolere.

di Saluzzo da' suoi uomini cos. ferred by another.-Uomo di Volutta', s. f. voluptuousness, trella di pigliar moglie, the mar messo, mediator.Uomo di sensuality.

quis of Saluzzo, compelled by guerra, a man of war, a sola Voluttuoso, adj. voluptuous, his subjects, to marry.-- Vonio

dier.-Uomo, a man of cousensual, given to pleasure d'arme, a military man, a sol rage.--Uomo di paglia, a man Uomaccino, s. m. a puny, slen. dier, a martial man.--Uomo of straw. der, or little man.

d'arme, a cuirassier, a horse Uopo, s. m. good, benefit, adUomác.io, s. m. a clumsy, ill man.--Uumo di corte, a cour vantage, interest.-Cio poshaped man; a clownish-look :ier.—Uomo di tempo, an old trebbe esser a vostro uopo, this in fellow,a good-for-nothing man.--Uomo di mondo, o del might be for your good. tail or fat man.

mondo, a worldly, sensual Bene a tuo uopo se tu stai cheto Vomaccióne, s. m. a tall fellow, man, a man of pleasure. e lascimi fure, it will be better a very clownish, clumsy, ill Uomo di monilo, a man who for you to be quiet and let shaped, unsightly, ill-man. knows the world, a man of me do what I have a minde nered fellow.

experience.Vomo d'animo, a -Mule a tuo uopo, so much Vómere, s.m.coulter,plough- godly or religious man.-Vo. the worse for you. dumo Vomero, s share.

mo di sangue, blood-thirsty, assaygiò male u suo nopo dei fruta Vómica, s. f. a kind of distem- bloody, cruel, sanguinary to che gli fu vietato, Adam eat per.-Vumicu, a kind of eme man.-Uomo di lestu, an ob of the forbidden fruit to his tic medicine. stinate, stubborn, head-strong

loss or detriment. Uopu, Vomicáre, to vomit, to cast man.-lomo di buona lesta, a need, want, necessity, lack. or bring up

long-headed man, wise - uupo, 'tis needful or ne. Vomicato, p. p. of Vomicare. prudent man.--Uomo dolce, a cessary.- juer vopo, to be Vomichevole, adj. vomitory, gentle, mild, meek, sweet

Deedful or necessary. that causes or provokes vo natured,sweet-tempered,trac- Voráce. adj. voracious, ravenmiting: - Medicina comichevole, table, affable man. - Uomo ous, glutionous, immoderate an emetic medicine.

dolce di sale, a shallow-brained in eating. sinimul wrace, a Uomiciálto, s. m. a little man. -Uomo difcrro, a strong,

ravenous beast.Furmha to. Uomiciáttolo, | man, a dwarf, stout, vigorons man.-Uumo race, a fierce flame. a shrimp:

vivente, a living man. - Vumo Voracit:, s. f. voracity, greedi. Uomináccio, s. m. a senseless di gerbo, a worthy man, a man ness, gluttony. fellow, a mean man, a man

of good address. Uomo di Voragine, s. f. a swallo VOL. I.

4 D



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