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gulf, a whirlpool, a quag-| Luogo voto, an empty place. Upúpa, s. f. a bird called mire.

-Una borsa dota, an empty whoop or hoop. Vorare, o. Divorare. Obs.

purse.-Voto, defective, poor, Urbanamente, adv. civilly, Vorató e, a dero. er, he that wanting, jejune, void.-Un courteously, gracefully. devours. Obs.

uomo toto di giudizio, a man Urbanità, s. f. urbanity, civi. Voratrice, femin. of Voratore. without judgment, wit, or lity, civil behaviour, good Obs.

- Mani cote, empty Voratúra, s. f. the act of de- hands, that bring no presents. Urbáno, adj. civil, courteous, vouring. Obs.

-Corpo voto, an empty sto- comely. Vórtice, s. f. vortex, whirl- mach.—Bestia vola, an empty Uretéré, s. f. pl. ureters, the pool.

beast of burden, that is with two urine pipe from the Vorticoso, adj. full of whirl out burden.Covallo roto, an reins to the bladder. pools.

empty horse, without a rider. U'retra, s. the passage of the L'osa, s. f. spatterdashes. Obs. --In voto, in vain.

urine. Vosco, with you.

Voto, s. m. a vow. Far coto, Urgénte, adj. urgent, pressa Vostrissimo, more than yours, to make a vow.- Adempiere ing, earnest.--Urgenti bisige, yours again.----Vostró, vos

il voto, to perform or fulfil a urgent necessities. trissmo, yours and yours vow.-10 fo voto a Dio, I vow Urgentemente, adv. in an ur. again.

to God, I swear. -Voto, a gent or pressing manner. Vostro, adj. your.--Vostro pa- vow, a little image which is Urgenza, s. f. urgency, presso dre, your father.-Vostra ma put in the churches in com- ing necessity, haste or busidre, your mother-lo son vos pliance to one's vow.–Voto, tro, I am yours.—Questo è vos a vote, voice, advice, or opi- U'rgere, to urge, to press or tro, this is yours.--Vostro, ... nion concerning a matter in provoke. Obs; m. your estate, your goods debate.

U'ria, s. f. augury, sign, token, or wealth.— Io ci virli sul vos- Vovicíno, s. m. a small egg.

tro, I saw you in your estate. Uovo, s. m. an egg:-Piene come Urlamento, s. m. a howling,
-Perchè volete splendere il vos-

un Wovo,
as full as an egg.

tro così prodigumente? why will Uova di pesce, the spawn of Urlánte, adj. howling, roaring,
you squander away, your fishes.-- Pasqua d'uovo, Easter.' that howls, that roars.
wealth 80 profusely? --I -Far l'uova, to lay eggs.-E' Urláre, to howl, to roar.
vostri, your relations non è come l'uoro fresco, ne d'og. Urlato, adj. howied, roared.

gi di jeri, he is not a child, | Urlatóre, he that howls or Votabórse, adj. expensive, he was not born yesterday. roars, chargeable.--Un cotuborse, s. -- Acconciar l'uova nel paniere, Urlatrice, fem. of Urlatóre. m. an expensive, extravagant to make up one's business.- Urlo, s. m. howl, howling

Voler l'uovo mondo, to have a Urlo; voe mesta e lamentezole Votacésso, s. m. a gold-finder. mind for a thing without che si manda fuori per dolore, laVotagione, s. f. Ieracua giving one's self the trouble mentation, the act of beVotaménto, s. m. $ tion. to look for it.—E' non c'è uova, moaning or bewailing, moanVotáre, to empty, to clear, to che non quazcı, 'tis a good horse ful shrick. make void or empty:-Volare that never stumbles, and a Urna, s. f. pitcher, water-pot, un fursco, to empty a bottle.-- good wife that never grum urn.-Urn, an urn into which Far votar la sella ad uno, to bles -Rompere l'uoto in bocca, they used to put the ashes of throw one down from his to break one's measures, to

the dead.-Urna, an um or horse.-Votare una camera, to disappoint or baffle his de- \ ballot-box. clear a room.--Votare uno stas- signs, to interrupt him that Urtamento, s. n. a push, a no, to drain a pond. -Votare is speaking Vedere il pel nell' shock. un luogo, to leave a place, to uvo, to be clear-sighted, or Urtánte, adj. knocking, dashmarch away.-Votare il paese, of an acute wit. Cercure il ing, butting. to leave the country.- Votáre, pel nell' uodo, to mind every Urtáre, to knock, to hit, to to vow, to promise. —Volvire, individual thing, to look nar- dash, to run against. lstere to vote, to give in one's voice. rowly into a thing, to be contro i nemici, to fall upon the Votársi, to devote or conse over scrupulous in examina. enemy, to rush upon the enecrate one's self.

tion.-E meglio oggi l'uovo che my.- Urtáte, to contradict, to Votáto, adj. emptied.-Vitrilo, non domani la gallina, a bird in gainsay.- Prese consigliv id? vowed, promised, devoted. the hand is worth two in a Imperadore di non urtare co' Votatóre, 8. m. he that empties. bush.

l'iorentini, the Emperor te Votatóre, he that vows or Vòvolo, s. m. a white sort of solved not to fall out with makes vows.

mushroom, not good to eat. the Florentines. Votatrice, fem. of Votatore. - Córol», the knot of a reed. Urtáta, s. f. dashing, strik. Votezza, s. f. emptiness, va - Livolo, the slip of an olive. Urtatúra, Š ing, running cuity.

tree for planting. —Vovólo, against. Votivo, adj. that is promised wave, ogee (in architecture.) Urtáto, p. p. of Urtare. by a vow, votive.

Vpiglio, s. m. great or wild, Urto, s. m. shock, onset, enVoto, adj. empty or void. garlic, African garlic. counter.-Torsi in urto uno,


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use of.

to have a grudge at one. country.- Tu sa' il mio usato, to prove abortive..- Mie'cam Urtóne, s. m. a great push, you know my way.-Com'éduto il presente sull'uscin, my or running against, a great l'usato loro, as they used to be. designs are miscarried, have shock.

-Pru dell' usato, more thao proved abortive. -Strignere Usa, s. f. copulation; coition. usual.-Ben mi par di vederla fra luscio, e 'l muro, to force, Obs.

piu dell' usato suo cangiata in to press, to urge..Trovarsi Usággio, s. m. use, custom, vista, I think she is very much fra l' uscio e 'l muro, to find Usainénto, usage, common

altered in her countenance one's self in great distress. practice, fashion, way. Both from what she used to be.- Attaccur le voglie alla campanella Obs. Venire in usaggio, to Usato, adj. common, usual, dell' uscio, to lay aside one's income in fashion.—E l'usaggio, ordinary, wonted. — Usato, clinations.-Entrar per l'uscio, it is the use or fashion. accustoined, used, inured. to go the right way to work. Usamento, conversation, fre To non sono usato a questa ma -E' scritto sull'uscio, it is as

quenting or keeping compa- niera di vita, I am not used toj plain as the day.--Nascer ti ny, familiarity.

this way of living.—Egli è possa l' erba all' uscio, may no Usánte, adj. conyersing, fre- mollo usato alla chiesa e alla man ever enter your house. quenting, keeping compa- pretlica, he goes very often to An imprecation, ny.

church and to sermon. Usciolino, s. m. a little door. Usánza, S. f. use, custom, Usato, wonted, frequented.- Uscire, to go or come out. usage,

practice, E una viella non troppo usatn, it Uscir da casa, to go out of fashion, way.--Usánza, man is a path not much frequent- doors.--Questo non è lempo d' ner, fashion, wise, way, rate. ed.-Usato, worn out, old. uscire, this is not a time to go -Essere indietro un' usanza, to Abito u ato, old or second-out-Uscire, to go to.--Questa be out of fashion. Usánra, hand clothes.-Libri usati, old porte esce al giardino, this door conversation, frequenting, or second-hand books. goes to the garden.—Uscir keeping company, familiari Usatore, he that uses or makes sangue del naso, to bleed at the ty. Aver usanza con uno, to

Not used.

nose.--M' esce sangue del naso, converse or keep company Usátto, s m. buskin, spatter- my nose bleeds.-Uscire, to with one. dash.

dispatch or make haste.Usanzácchia, s. f. a bad cus- Usattino, s. m. spatterdash, Uscir di se, to be astonished or tom. small boot.

surprised, to be out of one's Usáre, to be wont.--Usure, to Usbérgo, s. m. corslet, cuirass, wits.-Voi mi fate uscir di me, converse, to keep company an armour for the back and you amaze or surprise me.with, to haunt,

Usare con

Uscir del proposto, to talk out unn, to frequent, to converse Uscénte, adj. going or gushing of the purpose, to go astray. or keep company with one out. -Uscente il Maggio, at the from one's purpose. -Uscir di Usure, to use, to make use of, latter end of May.

senno, tc grow mad — Uscir di to employ.-A niuna persona Uscetto, s m. a little door. bando, to be recalled from bafa ingiuria chi onestamente usa Usciále, s. m. a piece of tapes- nishment -Uscir de' gangheri, la sua ragione, he wrongs no try; a skreen before a door to grow mad, to rave, to be body who uses his own rea to keep out the wind. light-headed.---Tu mi faresti son.--Usare un' espressione, to Usciéra, s. f. a she door-keep- uscir de gangheri, you could use or make use of an expres

make me mad.--Uscir tuzzo, sion.Usare con una donna, to Usciére, s. m. porter, door to be out of conceit with a have to do with a woman. keeper, a keeper of a prison. ( thing. - - Egli me uscito il Usar misericordia, to shew mer. -Usciere, a transport-ship. Tuzzo, my mind is over, I have cy.-Usáre, to go or resort often Uscimento, s. m. a going out, no more mind to it.-Uscir di to a place.--Usar le taverne, to a way out.-Uscimento, issue, passo, to take quite another frequent taverns.-Usare, to success, end.

course. Io lo faro ben uscir di use, to waste, to consume.- U'scio, 3. m. a door, a gate.- passo, I shall' order him right. Si usano molte leyna in quella Tenere ad alcuno l'uscio, to for -Uscir dell' animo, to go out casa, they burn a deal of wood bid the house.- Dissigli che of one's mind, to think of a in that house. - Usare, to niuno uscio della mia casa gli sis thing nomore.-Uscir di mente, wear out, to wear off. -Usare poleva tener serralo, I told him to go out of one's head, to un abito, delle scarpe, &c. to that my house was never shut forget.-Uscire a rita, to como wear out a suit of clothes, against him, that I never for- ashore, to land. ---Uscir del lacshoes, &c.

Usar male, to bid him my house. Vidersi il cio, to escape.--Uscir di pina, abuse, to misuse.

nemici all'uscio, to see the ene to end or finish one's trouble Usáta, s. f. fashion, custom, my at one's heels.—Uscio, the or pain.-Fiaccandoti tu il collo

door that shuts or opens.- uscirai della pena nella quale esser Usatamente, adv. commonly, L'avorio uscio, e finestre di zaf- ti pare, if you break your usually, generally.

firo, door of ivory, and win- neck, you will get out of that Usáto, s. m.custom,usage, com dows of sapphire.- Picchiar pain that you think you are mon practice, fashion, way. l'uscio col piè, to give or to in. -Uscir di strada, to go out -E l'usato del paese, that's the make presents.-Cadere il pre- of one's way, to go astray. use, custom, fashion of the sente in sull'uscie, to miscarry, Uscire, 10 eud. Non se dore


way. Obs.

with usury

m. the


vog'ia uscire, I don't know. Usignuolo, s. m. a nightin- Usufruttare, ? to have the use what he would be at.--Uscir gale.

Usufruttuare, J and profit of l'ira, to be friends again. Usitatamente, adv. usually, a thing without property. Marcia che esce d’una piaga, the commonly, generally. Usufrutráto, 2 participles of matter that issues from a Usitáto, adj. usual, common, Usufruttuato, S Usufruttare wound.--Uscir della prelica, ordinary.

and Usufruttuare. della cunmedia, to come from Uso, s. m. use, custom, usage, Usufrutto, s. m. use and profit the sermon, or out of the play. common practice; fashion, without property.

-Uscir dell'infanzia, to be way.-. I'mgo uso vince dritto e Usufruttuario, s. mn. usufructu. past a child. -Uscire vuere, to i ragione, an old custom is bet- ary, one who has the use and smell, to yield a good smell. ter than right and reason. profit of a thing, but not the - Esre un buon' odure di questa il bene dell' uomo non è posto property and right of it. rosa, this rose smells well.- nel! meigo spazio del tempo ma nell' Usúra, s. f. usury, higher inUscir di vita, to make one's usn, the happiness of a man is terest of money than exit, to die.--Ustir del corpo, placed not in the long space ought to pay: —

Prestare a to void. Un luogo da uscir of time, but in the way of

usura, to lend upon usury,del corpo, a house of office.- using it.-L'uso è quello che è il Presiatore ad usura, an usurer, Uscir di borca parole ad uno, to rero maestro in ogni cosa, use is

one who lends upon usury. talk rashly.-- Usrir del semi the umpire in every thing: - -Render con wara, to return nato, v. Seminato.--Fare uscire Metiere una cosu in 10, to use uno, to induce, to urge or a thing.--Ciò non è più in uso, Usurájo, s. m. an usurerpress one.Guarilati di non

that is out of use. -- Auer per Usurrijo, adj. usurious. biasimare dir male di loro im uso, to use, or be used or ac- Usureggiamento, S. prese e faccende, eziandio che elle customed.-Uso, practice, ex

trade of an usurer. sieno cuttive, slatti cheti, e non ercise.--Inte senza uso nun Usureggiare, to lend upon uscire le non a commendarli, giova molto, art without prac-usury. take care not to blame their tice does not do much good. Usureggiato, adj. lent upoa actions or business, howso- l'uso c la sperienta signoregever bad they might be; be giano l'urti, practice and cr- Usuriére, $. m. an usurer, one quiet, and do not speak of perience rule all arts.--Uso, who lends upon usury. them if it should not be in conversation, company;

Usurpamento, s.m. usurpation. their praise.—Fare uscire, to Aventlone per tanto prizali la fur- Usurpáre, to usurp, to endrive out, to strike out, to tuna dell' uso d'un tanto amico,

croach upon. squeeze.--Fare uscire un uomo therefore, fortune having de- Usurpativamente, adv. usurpdi prigione, to get a man out of prived us of the conversation erlike, in a usurping or en'prison.-Fare uscire un chiodo

of so great a friend,

- Uso, croaching manner. per forca, to drive out a nail

use, advantage, benefit, use. Usurpato, adj. usurped. by force.--Fare uscire il sugo fulness.-10 ho solamente l'uso ('surpatore, s. m. aa usurper. d'un limone, to squecze the di questa casa, I have only the Usurpatrice, fem. of Usurpajuice out of a lemon.-Fare use of his house.—1 W0, adv. U store del fuoco d'una pietra, to like. -1 uso di capello, like a Usurpazioncélla, s. f. a small strike fire out of a Nint. hat.--Uso fa legge, custom be- usurpation. Uscita, s. f. a going out.-V'ie comes a law.--Uso si comporte Usurpazione, s. f. usurpation. tare l'uscita ad uno, to stop in natura, use is a second na- Utello, s. n. a cruse, a phial, one's way or passage.--Uscita, ture.- A uso, at usance. a glass or pot for oil or vine. a way out, a door.--lora mia Lettera di cambio a uso, a bill gar. Obs. casa ha l'uscita ne' campi, my of exchange at usance. Uterino, adj. uterine.-Frate! house has a way out to the Uso, adj. "used, accustomed, lo uterino, uterine brother, a fields. Uscita, diarrhea, lar. inured. -Non sono uso ano brother by the mother's side ativeness, looseness.--Uscila, dare a pie, I am not used to only.--Sorello uterine, uterine -Uscita, event,/ walk.

sister, a sister by the mother's issue, success, end. --('on licta Usofrútto, v. Usufruttu.

side only: uscita, happily, successfully. Usoliére, s. m. a ribbon, a U'tero, s. m. the womb. Uscita, expences..-Il libro string to tie one's breeches U'tile, s. m. utility, usefulness, dell'entrata e dell uscita, the with, or any other thing. benefit, advantage.-Ciò non ledger or ledger-book. Obs.

tornu in mio utile, that does not Metter a uscita, to put at in-Usso, s. m. a gypsy. Not in turn to my advantage.terest.--Uscita, end. All'uscio

Utile, interest, protit. Per ta d' Agostó, at the end of Au. stoláre, to expect that food piccolo ntile ogni quantità di degust.

be given, and it is said of nari gli avrebbe prestata, he Uscito, p. p. of Uscire.--Usci. dogs:

would have lent him any 20,5. m. out-law.--Uscito, dung. Ustório, adj. ex. specchio ustorio, money upon a small interest. Obs.

burning-glass, burning-mir- Utile, adj. useful, beneficial,proUscitúra, s. f. a going out.-

fitable, advantageous, good, Uscitúra, excrements.


Usuále, adj. usual, clistomary, serviceable. Usciuòlo, s, m, a little door.

common, ordinary

Utileménte, adv, t. Utilmekte.





of the eye.

Utilità, s. f. utility, lisefulness. if it should be written with|Zafferano, s. m. saffron. 'Utilizzáre, to profit, to gain. an S, would equivocate with Zaffetica, s.f.assafætida, a gum Lirilmente, adv. usefully, pro- Santo, a saint. In such a case or rosin brought from the fitably, advantageously: others use“ a 2, and write East Indies. Usimamente, adv. lastly, lately. ZANTO,

Zailiro, s. m. sapphire, a sap. Obs.

phire sfone. U'timo, r. l'ltimo. Obs.

Záffo, s. in. a serjcant, a catchU'tole, o. Utile. Obs.

pole, a bailiff-2allo, stop* Utolità, v. Ctilità. Obs.


ple, cork. Utriáca, s. f. treacle.

Zailróne, s. m. saffron of the Uva, s. f. grapes.--Uva pa sa,

garden, a bastard saffron.

Zagaglia, s. f. a long kind of currants. Una de futi, a Z\CCA'GNA, s. f. the skin dart or lance, in use amongst plant so named-Uor di colpie, of the forepart of one's head. the Moors. the herb nightshade.--Viva Zaccaràle, s. in. a press for Zagaglietta, s. m. dimin, of spina, a gooseberry-free. wine, oil, cyder, and the like. Zagaglia. Ura spinu, gooseberry.--- Pucal Obs.

Zainetto, a small shepherd's uta e molia fogli, a great cry Zie hera, s. f. dirt or splash.--pouch. and little wool.

Zucchern, a thing of no great, Zaino, s. f. a shepherd's pouch, U'veo, adj. of grapes, bclong value, a trille. -Zárciera, as the bag or poke wherein the ing to grapes.

debt. --Venue in Firenze e la-i shepherd puts his bread. U'vca, s. f. one of the tunicles sc om?ni una sacchero di parecchi Zalfética, ü. Zaffetica.

fiorini, pui n' anilù in Verona al Zamberlúcco, s. m. a kind of l'vero, s. m. uber, breast, pap.

soldo, he came to Florence, night-gown. Obs.

left me a debt of several flo- Zimbra, s. f. a chamber. Obs. Vui, you. Poetical, .

rins, then went to Verona to -Zambra, a house of office. Uvízzolo, s. m. a kind of wild enlist himself a soldier.-Zac-Obs. grapes.

chera, nothing, a trifle. Zambrácca, s. f. a strumpet, a l'ulgáre, v. Volgare, and all its Quel che io ho jallo mi pare uma whore. derivatives.

caccheta, what I have done Zambraccáccia, s. m. a harlot, Vulgáto, adj. common, geneseems to me nothing.

a quean, a common whore, ral, trivial.- Proverbio vulgato, Zaccherélla, s. f. dim. of Zac- Zambraccare, to whore, to a common proverb or saying, chera.

wench. -- Zambraccáto, adj. Vulgo, s. m. ū. Volgo, Zaccheroso, adj. that has his whored, wenched. Vulnerabile, ailj. vulnerable, stockings or clothes bespat-Zambúco, s. m. elder-tree. * that may be younded. tered or splashed with dirt. Zámpa, s. f. paw, the foreVulneráre, to wound. Zaccherúzza, v. Zaccherella. foot of a beast.-

-Zampa d" Vulneráto, p. p. of Vulnerare. Zacconito, a word used by orso, di linee, di gatta, the piw Vultúrno, s. m. the north-east peasants in Boccaccio's time

of a bear, lion, or cat.-Żane wind.

whose signification is now pue d'un granchio o d'un gumhein, Vúlva, s. f. che passage or neck


the claws of a crab or lobster. of the womb.

Zaffaménto, s. m. a stoppage, Zampáre, to stamp or beat the Vulvária, s. f. the name of a the act of stopping,

ground with the fore-fect, as plant so called from its smell. Zaifardóso, adj. nasty, dirty: horses do. I'voia, s. f. . l'goia.

Zaffare, adj. to siop, to shut Zampáta, s. f. a blow with a U'zzolo, s. m. an itching desire. or dam up.

paw.-Zampáto, p. p. of ZamZaffata, s. f. that stroke which pare. liquors give in one's face Zampétta, s. f. a little paw.

when rushing out suddenly Zampettáre, to begin to move X

and impetuously und Zatlus the feet, and it is said of qua-
tn we call also shu: kind of drupeds only.
percussion which is felt at the Zampettáto, p. p. of Zampet.

unexpected and sudden evaX, Is not used in the Italian poration of any thing that Zempérto, s. m. a little pow. language. We translate the 11.25 a strong smell.- Zaffata, -Zampetto di castrato o di porco, I found in Latin words with a sharp, cutting, satirical sheeps feet, petty toes. a double S, as ALESSANDRO word.-- Dariuna salata ad uno, Zampillánte, adj. gushing out, for Alexander, and sometimes to give one a cui.

springing, spouting. with a single S, as ESEMPLO Zaffatáccia, s. f. augm. of Zaf. Zampilláre, to spring, to shoot for exemplum, which some of fata.

or gush out, to spout out. our ancient authors wrote Zattito, adj. stopped up. Il sangle campilata dalle sue also ESSEMPLO. And if any Zattatúra, s. f. c. Zatramento. cene, the blood gushed out of of them ever used the letter 1, Zatleranato, adj. done, infused his veins. they did it merely for fear of or mixed with saffron, saf- Zampilláto, p. p. of Zampil. an equivoke, as in the word froned.--Zajerarátu, of saf- lare. Santo, a Greek river; which fron colour.

Zampillétto,s. m a litcle spout



or water-sport -Zampil-1 and raging to the battle, and Zedoaria, s. I the root of a letto, a cup, a drinking-cup breathes nothing but blood tree. Obs.

and fire.

Zefiro, s. m. zephyr, a westZampillio, s. m. a gushing or Zoppata, p. p. of Zappare. Zefiro, wind, which in sostie spouting out.

Zippatore, a digger, a tiller, a part of Italy begins to brow Zampillo, S. m. a spout, a ploughman, a husbandman. about the beginaing á Fewater-sport.

Zappatorello, a young tiller, a bruary. Zampino, s. m. a little paw. - young husbandman. Zelamina, s. f. lapis calami. Tanto va la gata al lardo, che vi Zappétta, s. f. a small spade. paris. lascia lo zampino, the pitcher Zappettáre, to dig the ground Zelánte, adj. zealous, fail of goes so often to the water, not very deep, to rake or zeal. that at last it comes home scrape the ground. Zelantemente, adv. zealousy, broken.-Zupino, a kind of Zappattina, s. f. á very small with zeal. fir-tree. spade.

Zeláre, to be zealous. Zampógna, s. f. a pipe, a bag. Zapponáre, to dig or open Zeláco, adj. zealous, full of pipe. the ground with a mattock.

zeal Zampognáre, to play upon Zippóne, s. m. a mattock. Zelatóre, ) zealot, stickler, a the pipe, to pipe.

Zara, s. f. hazard, a game at Zelatiíce, 3 zealous man or Zampognatore, a piper, a bag- dice. Zara a chi iocca, let piper.

every one take care of him- Zelo, s. m. zeal, ardent affece Zampognétta, s. f. a small bag- self-luarluteri pugan ehe vien tion or passion for any thing, pipe.

lu morte : sura all' ur izo, omni more especially for one's see Zana, s. f. a basket.--Zana, a non ci è più giuoco, take care ligion and welfare of one's cradle.- Zana, trick, deceit.

of yourselves, pagans; your country; Appiccar cane, to revile, to death approaches, you are Zelosamente, adv. zealously. traduce.- Zana, s. m. a bas- undone, your life lies at stake. with zeal. ket-man, a porter:

Zára, hazard, peril, danger.- Zelóso, adj. zealous, full of Zanajúola, s. f. / a basket-wo

Mettere a zara la fua riputazione, zeal. Zanajúolo, s. m. S man, a bas to expose one's reputation. Zendado, s. m. a kind of this ket-man, a porter.

Zaróso, adj. dangerous, hazard- silk stuff. Zanáta, s. f. 'a basket-full.

ous, perilous.---.itwe zaroso, Zenit, s. m. Zenith, the vertes Zánca, s. f. a leg. a ticklish business.

or point in the heavens wluich Zánna, s. f. tusk

Zátta, s. f. a kind of melon. is directly over one's head, Zannáta, s. f. buffoonery, scur- Zatra, 2 s.f.a float of timber, ninety degrees distant from rility, jesting, drollery:-Zan. Zattera,} a raft.

the horizon, and its opposite nata, a blow given with the Zavardársi, to bespatter one's is called Nadir. tusk.

self by walking or running Zenzára, 3. Zanzara. Zánni, s. m. a buffoon, a droll, in the mud.

Zenzarétta, s. Zanzaretta, a merry-andrew, a fool. Zavórra, s. f. ballast. -Za. Zenzariére, Zanzariere. Zannúto, adj. tusked.

vórra, a gravel-pit.

Zenzero, ? Zanzára, s. f. a gnat.

Zazzeátu, adj. a word used Zenzévero, s. m. ginger. Zanzarétta, s. m. a little gnat. amongst countryınen in the Zenzóvero, Zanzariere, s. m. a curtain that time of Boccaccio, whose sig. Zenzoreráta, s. f. a composi. hangs about beds, made of nification is now unknown. tion of several medical in. net-work, to keep away flies Zazzera, s. f.a head of hair. gredients. and guats.

Zazzerina, s. f. 1 a short head Zeppa, s. f. a wedge or coin. Zanzaveráta, s. f. a composi- Zazzeríno, s. m.) of hair. - Metier zeppa, tu sow discord

tion of several ingredients to Zazzerone, s. m. a thick and or dissention.—Egli è una maawake appetite, a sauce. long head of hair.-Zazze- la zeppa, he is a sower of dis. Zappa, s. f. a spade.-Darsi le réve, a man that has a thick cord. zappa sul piede, to cut one's and long head of hair. Zeppamento, s. m. the state own legs, to be the cause of Zazzerúto, adj. that has a long of being filled or crammed. one's own misfortune.-A1 head of hair.

Zeppáre, to fill, to cram, to sillon dagli la sappa, use one ac- Zazzeráccia, s. f. a nasty hcad stuff. cording to his deserts or con of hair.

Zeppáto, adj. full, crammed, dition. Zéba, s. f. a goat.

stuffed. Zappadóre, a clown, a digger, Zécca, s. f. mint, the place Zeppatore, s. m. he that fills, a tiller of ground. Awhere money is coined.

crams or stuffs. Zappáre, to dig, to till, to Nuozo dizecca, uscito di zecca, Zepparúra, s. f. a filling, crambreak the ground with a brand-new, fire-ncw.--Zecca, ming, or stuffing spade.--Zapáre, to under a tike or tick, a dog-louse. Zéppo, adj. fuil, crasmed, inine, to sap, to ruin.--Zap- Zecchiere, s. m. the superin- stutfed. -Questa scrito è páre le mura d'una città, to un tendunt of the mint, or he piena zeppa d'errori, this aritdermine the walls of a town. th it works in the mint. ing is quite full of faults, --- Mugghiando esce e zapperndo Zecchino, s. m. a sequin, an swarms with errors. alla battaglia, c ferro e fuoco cola Italian gold coin so called, Zerbineria, s. 'f. foppishness, fronte synas.a, becomes roaringl worth near ten shillings. over-doing in dress is to

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