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a thrush.
Zerbino, s. m. a spark, å beau, Zimbéllo, s. m. a bird tied to Zirlo, s. m. the whistling of a

a fop:--Fare il zerbino, to be a stick fastened to a branch thrush.
foppish or beauish.
of a tree, and at the end there Zísica, ?

s, f. a kind of grapes.
Zero, s. m. zero, a cypher, a is a little cord, which being Zisiga, s
naught.--Zero, naught, no drawn makes the bird flutter, Zítéile, s. f. a girl, a lass.
thing, a trifle. Nun vale un so that the other birds Ay to Zitello,

} 3. m. a boy. sero, it is worth nothing. him, and are caught.--Zim- Zito, Obs. Non ve ne darei un sero, I would béllo, allurement, cajoling, Zitto, s. m. hush, silence... not give you a straw for it. coaxing, courting, false show Zitli, hush there.-Slar silto, -Non vi pensavo un zero, I did

or appearance.- Non risponde to hush, to keep sileace. not think of it at all.- Martel il zimhel secondo il fischio, the Zitto, quiet, still, silent. ho per un poltton, per zero amore, business don't answer. Es. Zizza, s. f. the breast, pap, I look upon Mars as a pol sere il zimbello, Servir di zim- teat, or dug. Obs. troon, and I don't value love bello, to be a laughing-stock Zizzánia, s. f. tare, darnel, à fig.-Il suo affare è un zero, to, to be a may-game.--Zim- cockleweed.-Zizzania, disa his business is a trifle.

bello, a little bag full of flax cord, dissention, division. Zéta, s. f. the letter zed. or wool, tied to a stick, with Semmar ziazanie, to sow disZettovário, s. m. Zedoary, a

which children beat one an sension, to cause discord root like ginger.

other in playing:

amongst friends. Zézzo, adj. last.--Al da zezzo, Zimino, s. m. a kind of meat, Zizzanióso, adj.sowing discord, at last. so called.

turbulent. Zézzolo, s. m. nipple, the teat Zinepro, s. m. the juniper-tree. Zizziba, s. f. jujube, a sort of of a breast. Obs.

fruit. Zía, s. f. aunt.

Zinfonía, u. Sinfonía. Zizzibo, s. m. jujube-tree.Zibaldonáccio, . m. a bad! Zingano, s. m.? a gypsy, a Zizzibu, dry grapes that come hodge.podge, a confused med- Zingana, s. f. S rambliog man from Turkey. ley.

or woman, that tells people's Zizzifa, u. Zizziba. Zibaldóne, s. m. mixture, med fortunes.

21.zifo, s. m. jujube-tree. 'ley, hodge-podge.--Ziballone, Zingarésca, s. f. a song after Zizzoláre, to drink, to quaff, a book in which one writes the way of gypsies, sung by to tope briskly. such passages as strike him in masked people in caruival Zizzoláto, p. p. of Zizzolare. reading time.

Zoccolájo, s. m. a patten or
Zibellino, s. m. a sable, a little Zingarésco, adj. of a gypsy, wooden shoe-maker.
wild beast less than a marten belonging to gypsies. Zoccolánte, an observantine,
that yields a very rich fur.--Zingaro, v. Zingano.

a friar of one of the orders of
Pelle zibell na, a sable skin. Zinghinája, s. f. Ex. Gellar la St. Francis, who wear wooden
Zibétto, s. m. a civet.cat. zinghinaja, to be on the mend- shoes.
Zibello, s. m. civet, a perfume ing hand.

Zóccolo, s. m. wooden shoes, like musk, contained in the Zinna, s. f. breast, pap. pattens, sandal.-Andare in groin of a civet-cat.

Zinzanióso, r. Zizzanioso. Obs. zoccoli, to wear wooden shues. Zibibbo, s. m. a kind of grapes. Zinzivo, s. m. ginger.

- Zoccolo, zocle, (in architec-Zibibbo, jar-raisins. Zinzináre, to sip, to drink ture) a square member lower Ziemo, s. m. my uncle. Obs. Zinzinnáre, little

than its breadth, serving to Zieso, s. m. his or her uncle. time, to tipple.

support a pillar or any other Obs.

Zinzino, s. m. a sip, a small part of a building, instead of Zigolo, s. m. a green finch. draught.-Bere a zirzini, to a pedestal, base, or plinth. Zilobálsamo, s. m. xylo-balsa. sip, to drink but a little at a Zoccolo, a silly gull, a sot, a mum, the wood of the balsam time.

fool, a blockhead, a ninny, a tree.

Zío, s. m. uncle.-- Cadere in dunce.--Zoc oli! a word used Zimár, s. m. verdegrease, the grembo al zio, to fall just as one to express wonder.--Dire zoczreen of copper. could wish.

coli, to say wonders or wonder. Zimárra, s. f. a night-gown. Zipolétto, s. m. a little spigot. ful things. ---Star solto la locca Zimarráccia, s. f. a heavy, rag- Zipoláre, to shut up a tub or del zoccolo, to stand in awe.ged, or greasy night.gown. cask with a cock.

Andar le gatte in zoccoli, to be Zimarróne, s. m. a large night. Zipolo, s. m. a cock for a extremely merry.-- In casa vogown.

cask. -Far d' una lancia un sira hanno a ir stasera le gatte in Zimbelláre, to allure birds with zipulo, to make a little out of zoccoli, they shall be very merother birds, or by other a great deal.

ry at your house to-night.. means. -Zumbelláre, to beat Zirbo, s. m. a double mem- Zodíaco, s. m. zodiac. with a little sack full of fax brane spread over the en- Zólfa, s. f. the notes of music. or wool. trails.

Cantare ad uno la zolfa, to Zimbelláta, s. f. a blow given Zirlamento, s. m. the whistling reprimand, to rebuke, to rewith a little sack full of flax of a thrush.

prove or chide.--Zolfo degli or wool.

Zirlare.towhistle as thrushes do. Armeni, the church music used Zimbelláto, p. p. of Zimbel- Zirlétto, s. m. the whistling of by the Armenians.-----Ell' e la



* stone.




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20??a degli Armini, it is Greek dle of the two {emperate - Zucca, a dry, hollow gourd to me, I understand nothing zones, being divided by the to keep in fish or salt, a gourdof it.

equator into equal parts. botrle. - veca, the noddle or Zoltanéllo, s. m. match, a Zónfo, adv. Ex. Anulare a zon head.- Acer pica sale ra 2017, piece of wood or card dip 30, to rove and ramble about. to have no salt in one's head, ped in brimstone to light tire --Che se 'l colpitz sul cappel di to be dull, stupid, wirless.with

bronzı), il cervel su pel prato an Ir zvicra, bare-headed.-\n'e Zolfatára, s. f. a mine of briin. dura a sonso, for if he had hit in znora, to be uncovered or

-Zufatura, a place him upon the head-piece, he bare-headed.--Zucca al sets, where brimstone is worked. had dashed out his brains. a vain man. - lfalára, a place by Naplen, Vandar il cervello a zonzo, to Zuccaja, s. f. a kind of grape. so called, because it is full of puzzle one's self

with variety Zuccajo, s. m a piece of ground sulphureous waters.

of thoughts.--Una donna che sowed with gourds. Zolfato, adj. belonging to va a conzu, a woman that walks Zuccajuólo, s. m, a kind of 11brimstone, mixed with brim the streets, a woman that goes stone. after a man.

Zuccherato, adj. sugared, Zulfatúra, s.f. the smoke which Zoovito, s. m. zoophytes, cer sweetened with sugar, sweet, coines out of the brimstone.

tain substances, which par- Zuccherino, 5. m. a kind of Zolfino, s. m. match, a small take of the nature of plants sweetneats. stick or other master with a and living creatures. Zuccherino, adj. sogarith, Hittle brimstone at top, with Zoppaccio,s.m. a wicked lame --Allu9zuccemi, which tire is lighted.

sweet alum.- Zuccherine Zvitino, adj. sulphurcous. Zoppicante, adj. lame, that tico, a physical composition, Zilfino, of a sulphur colour. goes haluing:

made with sugar and conserve Zólto,s.m. sulphur, brim tone, Zoppicáre,to go lame, to limp, of roses.

t. Solto, and its derivatives. to halt.-Soili che piede coppi- Zucchero, s. m. sugar.-Zolla, s. f.clod, a lump of earth, er, i know dois ways.-Zoppia cho rosato, conserve of roses glebe. curi', to lean, to incline.

and sugar.--Zucchero Canta, Zollerta, s. f. a little ciod, or Zoppicato, p. p. of Zoppicare. sugar-candy.-Zuckera diano, lump of earth. Zoppicone,

retined Zuilóso, adj. glebous, full of Zoppicóni, Š

sugar.-Zurcero rosa, ad. halting,lame.

coarse sugar.---recinto in pure clods, cloudy.

onlar zoppicone, to go iame, ni, loaf sugar,--Znackt 70 07Zombramento, s. in. banging, to halt.

late, a confectioa of riolers beating, striking

Zoppo, adj. lame, crippled.-- with sugar. ----Zucchero di Zombare, to bang, to beat, to siulare a pie copro, to golame, corte, double-refined sugar.fudgcl.

to walk falting: --Le conpa- Aurre il cuor nel cucchero, to be Zombato, adj. banged, beaten, racione corre a pri zoppo, this is picased and contented.--Ve cudgelied.

a lame comparison.---Vassi nire come le cuccizo in dogana, Zombatore, he that bangs or capra pappi se'l lupo non l'in to come in a chest.-Di suc. heats.

toppa, ditficult things some chero, sweet.-labbra di :Zombatrice, fem. of Zomba tinies succeed, if they don't cher, sweet lips.Ben tore. mee with new obstacles

doce di zurchero, my dear love. Zombatúra, s. f.

? a beat

Cin pratica col zoppo gli se ne -Uno spula zucchero, a Zombolamento, 5. m. Sing, apieca, mocking is catching. whining lover, an affected banging, striking

--La bugin è zoppi, liars are beau. Zomboláre, to bang, to bcat or soon found out. Andare a Zuccheroso, adj. sugared, strikc.

caccia col buc zuppo, to go poorZomboláto, adj. banged, beat- ly to work. -Verso soppo, a Zucchetta, s. f. a small gourd. en, stricken. hobliling verse.

-Zucchetta, a head-piece. Zombxylatore, s. m.} he or Zoticaccio,a downright clown, Zucchella di vetro, a glass-bolZonbolatrice, s. f. s she that an ill-bred churlish fellow. tle.

bangs, beats, or strikes. Zoticággine, s. f. rusticity, Zucchettina, dim. of ZucchetZombolatúra, s. f. 3. Zombo. clownishress, churlishness. ta.--Zucchettina, the tendrils lamento.

Zoticaménte, adv. rustically, of a gourd. Zóna, s. f. a zone, a space con rudely, clowaishly.

Zúccolo, s. m. the crown a tained between two paraliels, Zoticheito, adj.


the head. or divisions of the heaven or clownish or boorish.

Zucconamento, s. m, the cat. earth.--Zona frigidu, the frigid Zotichezza, s. f. clownishness, ting the hair of one's head or frozen zone. Zna lempe rusticity, churlishness. quite close. ráta, the temperate zone, is Zótico, adj. rude, boorish, Zurconáre, to cut the hair of that which is between the tor clownish.

one's head quite close. sid and the two frigid zones. Zoticonáccio, adj. perfectly Zucconato, adj. that has the zona corrida,the torrid zone, clownish.

hair of the head cut quice is that which is bounded by Zoricóne,adj.very rude, clown- close. the tropics of Cancer and Ca- ísh, or boorish.

Zucconatóre, a hair-cutter,one pricorn, and lies in the mid Zucca, s. f. gourd, pumpkin. that shaves the head. Obs.


Zucconatrice, 6. f. fem. of you may say what you will, zuppa nel paniere, who under. Zucconatore. Obs.

I don't care.

-Zufolur negli takes to do what he does not Zucconatúra, s. f. a shearing Orecchi, to whisper or buz a know, loses his time and his or cutting the hair of one's

thing in one's ear, to prompt. labour; everyone to his trade. head quite close.

Zufolátore, a whistler: -Mangiar la zuppa co' ciechi, Zuccone, s. m. he that the hair Zufolatrice, feminine of Zufo to deal with fools. So quel of his head shaved quite close. latore,

che dico quando dico zuppa, I am Zuccone, s. f. a great gourd. Zufolétto, s. m. a little whis not a fool, I know what I say. Zuccotto, s. m. a head-piece ; Zufolino, } tle or flageolet. -Zuppa segreta, the act of and a small gourd.

Zúfolo, s. m. a whistle or fla drinking with one's mouth Zúffa, so f, strife, quarrel, dis- geolet.-Zufolo, a blockhead, full. Vulgar. pute, contest, debate, fight, a sot, a ninny, a dunce. Zuppóne, s. m. a large sop in battle, fray.

Zufolo, a whistling, hissing, Zuffétta, s. f. a little battle, a or whizzing.

Zurláre, to make merry, to be light skirmish..

Zufolóne, s. m. a great whis transported with joy. Zuffettina, s. f. dimin. of Zuf tle, a flute.

Zurlátro, p. p. of Zurlare. fetta.

Zughétto, s. m. dim of Zugo. Zúrlo, 8. m. mirth, joy, conZufolamento, s. m. whistling, Zugo, 8. m. a kind of fritters. tent, delight, gladness. Anhissing, whizzing.

-Zugo, an honest simpleton. dare in zurlo, to be merry or Zufoláre, to whistle.-Zufolare, -Rimanere un zugo, to be cheerful.-Mettere in zurlo, to to hiss, to make a hissing noise.

cheated or tricked, to be make one merry, to rejoice -Zufolare, to whistle, to hiss, dashed out of countenance. or divert one. to whiz-Zufolare, to buzz Zúppa, s. f. bread soaked in Zúrro, s. m. v. Ruzzo. as a gnat does.—Tu puoi zufo wine, or in any other liquid. lare quanto vuoi, you may talk, --Chi fa l'altrui mestiere ja la



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