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mónto, dress, garb, attire. charge with.- Von ho danari by, presently. Addobbárc, to set off, to deck, açlulusso, I have no money Adestra, ad. on the right to trim.--'ddobb re una cusu, about me.- Netter le mani ad- hand. to furnish a house.

dosso, to lay one's hand upon A destro, adv. conveniently. Addobbo. s. ornament, one, to apprehend him. Adjacente, adj. adjacent. tinery.-Addobbidu casa, house- Addotto, induced, led. Adjacenza, s. f. the state of hold goods.

Addottoráre, to take the high- being adjacent. Addogáto, striped.

est degree in any faculty. A diétro, adv, v. Addietro. Addogliáre, to grieve, to af- Addottrináre, to teach, to in- djettivo, s. m. adjective. flict.

A dilungo, adv. incessantly. Addolcáre, to mollify, to soft- Addottrináto, part, taught, in- Adimáre, to pull, or bring structed.

down.--dmáre il viso, to iddolciáre, to sweeten, to make Addottrinatúra, s. f. learning, look down. - Adimáre, to come sweet.

Audrappáto, adj. adorned with down, to descend. Addolcire, to soften, to miti- fine hangings.

Ad imo, adv. down, to the gate, to comfort, to ease Addrieto, adv. back, back- bottom. grief.-Addolcire, to indulge, ward.

A dio, adv. adieu, farewell. to gratify.

Adduáre, to put two and two. ddio per semper, farewell for Addolorare. to grieve, to af. Jeduáre, in double.

-Dire a dio, to take flict. --Addolorirsi, to be af- Adducitore, a leader, a bringer, leave. fiicted. a producer.

Adiraménto, s. m.anger, wrath. Addománda, s. f. demand, ques. Adducitrice, s. f. of Adduci- Adiráre, to anger, to provoke. tion.

-Adirarsi, to be angry, to fall Addomandamento, s. m. de. Adduráre, to harden, to make into a passion. mand, question.

hard.--- idduráre, to endure, Adirataménte, adv. angrily. Addomandagione, s. f. demand, to suffer.- Iddurársi, to be Adirato, adj. angry. request.


A dirimpetto, adv. facing, Addomandínte, s. m. a de- Addurito, obstinate, stubborn against, overagainst.

ander, a petitioner. Addúrre, to bring, to convey. A diritto, adv. directly, Addomandare, to demand, to - 1ddvore, to produce, to al straightly -A diritto, deserak

ledge, to cite.--dedurre le sue vedly, justly. Addomandatóre, a demander, ragioni, to shewh is reasons. A dirittúra, straightways. a petitioner.

Addurre meraviglia, to astonish. Adirosamente, adv. angrily. Addomandatrice, s. f. of Ad- Addutto, v. Addotto.

Adiróso, adj. choleric, passiondomandatore.

Adeguamento, s. m. equality. Addomesticamento, s. m. the Ideguáre, to make equal.- A disznisúra, adv. beyond meaact of taring:

adeguáre, to paland Addomesticáre, to tame.

A dispétto, adv. in spite of. Addomine, s. m. abdomen.

Adempiere, to accomplish, to A'dito, s. access, admitAddoppiare, to double----4dfulfil.

tance.--dito, opportunity, doppiirre, to redouble, to in- Adempiménto, s. m. the act of convenient time, crease, to reiterate. fulfilling.

Adjutóre, adj. helper. Addoppiatúra, s.f.thedoubling Adempire, to fulfil.

Adjutório, s. m. help, assist of a thing that was single. Adempitórt,s. Il.

m. accomplisher. Addoppio, adv. doubly, twice. dentro, adj. inwardly. den- Adjutrice, fem. of Adjutore. Addormentamento, s. m. drow- tro, far, a great way.-Troppo Adizzánte, adj. provoking, exsiness. adentro, too far in.

citing Addormentáre, to make sleep. Adequatamente, adv. exactly. I dizzáre, to egg on, to anger,

-- Actormentarsi, to fall asleep. --Rispor dere atleq atamenle, to to exasperate. Adizzáre, to Addormentaticcio, adj. sleep-give a right answer.

provoke, to urge, to stir up. ish.

Adequáto, adj. proportioned, Adocchiamento, s. m. the act Addormire, to make sleep. commensurate, proportion of looking as by stealth. Addormirsi, to fall asleep. able.

Adocchiáre, to fix one's eyes Addossamento, s. m. the act of Adequazione, s. f. evenness, upon a thing laving upon. conformity.

Adolescente, a young man. Addossire, to lay upon one's Aderbáre, 'to put horses to Adolescentulo, a very young back.--ddussársi, to take grass. upon one's self.fddossere la Aderenza, s. f. adherence. Adolescenza, youth; youngage. . copa ad uno, to lay the fault Adergere, to extol, to raise up. Adombramento, umbrage, or blame upon one.

- surgere, to lift up, to raise. shade. Addosso adv. on, or upon one's! Aderire, to adhere.

Adombráre, to overshadow. back.--L'abito che ho addoss),the, Idescáre, to allure, to draw in, Adombráre, to fancy, to imaclothes I have on.-inclurp ad

gine.--Adombrarsi, to start dosso, to fall upon.-Portar l'oro Adesióne, s. f. adhesion.

back for fear. chio utasso, to cast an eye upon. Adesso, adv. now, at this in- Adombrazione, s. f. umbrage, . -tetter udosso, to impuce, to stant. sidess' adesso, by and shadowing


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Adonáre, to abase, to depress, two.

Affabilità, s. f. affability. to debase, obs. E cosi sado- Aduggiáre, to overshadow. Affabilmente, adv. affably; la rabbia dello 'n grato, e s'ka Aduggiáre, to eclipse, to ob- Affaccendarsi, to be very busy. perbo popolo di Firenze, and so

Affaccendato, adj. busy. the rage of the ungrateful and Aduggiato, dark, full of dark- Affaccettáre, (lavorare un corpo proud people of Florence was

solido, c're abbia più faccette, rome depressed.

Adugnáre, to snatch with the si fa del die nente e dell' arre Adonársi, to be angry with, talons, or with the nails. gioje) to work diamonds and Aduláre, to flatter.

other precious stones by the Adonáto, adj. angry, full of in- Adulatore, flatterer.

wheel. dignation, obs.

Adulatório, adj. pertaining to affacchinársi, to drudge. Adonio, s. m. Adonis-flower. flattery.

Affacciare, to square, to bring Ad onta, ad. in spite.

Adulatrice, she that flatters. d thing into a square, to work Adontáre, to affront, to shame. Adulaziónc, s. f. adulation. it up square.--- Affacciarsi, to dontárs, to vex, to fret. Adultera, adultress.

look out. Adontáto, affronted, vexed.

Adulteraménte, adv. like an affacciatamente, adv. impuAdoperamento, s. m. use.


dently. Adoperáre, to use, to employ, Adulteráre, to counterfeit, to Afacciato, adj. impudent.

to make use of.- Adoperáre, forge, to corrupt.- Idultera- Affaldáre, to plait, to fold. to act, to do.

tor di moneta, a false coiner. Affalsare, to falsify. Adoperársi, to use one's inter- Adulterino, adj. begotten in Affamáre, to starve. est for one, to speak for one. adultery.--duterino, coun- Affamaticcio, somewhat hun. Adoppiamento, s. m. the act of terfeit, forged.

gry. giving an opiate.

Adultério, s. m. adultery. AfTamáto, adj. hungry. Adoppiáre, to give opium. Adúltero, s. m. adulterer. Affamatúzzo, adj. a poor starveAdoppiáto, laid asleep with Adultéro, s. m. adultery. ling wretch. opium.

Adulto, adj. grown to full age. Affangáre, to bemire, to beAdopráre, v. Adoperare. -- Elà adulta, marriageable come mired or muddy. Adorábile, adj. adorable.

Affannaménto, v. Affanno. Adoraménto, adoration, wor- Ad úna, together.

Affannáre, to grieve, to moship.

Adunamento, s. m. the act of lest. - Afannársi, to fret, to vex Adoráre, to adore, to worship. uniting or putting together. one's self.- Affannársi, to enAdoratóre, adorer, worship- Adunánza, 8. f. assembly. deavour, to strive. per. Adunáre, to gather.

Affannáto, grieved, distressed. Adoratrice, fem. of Adoratore. Adunáta, assembly, meeting. Affänno, s. m. trouble, vexäAdorazione, adoration, wor- Adunatóre, collector, he that tion, grief. ship.


affannóne, one that troubles Adornamente,adv.gaily,neatly, Adunatrice, she that collects. himself about other men's elegantly:

Adúnche, adv. v. Adúnque, business. Adornamento, 6. m. ornament.


Afannóso, adj. sad, troubleAdornáre, to adorn, to set off. Adúnco, adj. booked, crooked. Adornataménte, ad.finely,neat. Adunghiáre, to seize with Affardelláre, to make up into ly. claws.

a bundle. Adornáto, adj. adorned. Adunque, conj. then, there- Affäre, business, affair.-Affare, Adornatóre, a setter out, a


condition, quality. dorner.

Adusáre,to accustom, to inure, Affarúccio, s. m. small affair. Adornatrice, she that decks, or obs.

Affasciáre, to make up in trims.

Adustáre, to scorch, to parch. bundles. Adornatúra, s.f. decking, trim- Adustézza, i. Adustióne. Affascináre, to tie or make ming

Adustióne, . f. the act of parch-| into faggots.-Affascináre, to Adornézza, o. Adornaménto. ing, or drying up.

bewitch, to charm. Adorno, adj. adorned, decked. Adustivo, adj. burning, parch-Affascinatóre, a bewitcher. Adottamento, s. m. adoption. ing.

Affascinatrice, s. f. witch, sorAdottare, to adopt.

Adisto, adj. burnt, parched.Adottatóre, he that adopts. Il Fobro a:l!sto, Vulcan. Afastel!áre, to tie into bundles. Adottazione, 9. f. adoption. A'ere, s. m. the element of the Affaráre, to render invulne. Adottivo, adj. belonging to air.

rable. adoption.

Aérco, adj. airy, etherial. Affaticaménto, s. m. lalour, Adovráre, v. Adoprare. Aescarc, to allure, to lure. pains. Adozione, s. f. 0. Adottamento. Afa, s. f. sultry heat.Afa, Affaticáre, to fatigue, to tire. Adragánti, s. a kind of trouble, vexation.-Fare afo, - dicticársi, to take pains. gum.

to make to loath.

Affaticatóre, s. m. a trouble. Adriéto, adv. back.

Afáto, adj. nipped, hindered Adro, adj. (atro) black, dark, by frost or excessive heat to Affaticatrice, fem. of Affatica. dismal.

come to any perfection. A due a due, adv. two and Affabile, adj. Fable.

Affatichévole, adj. Laborious.

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some man.


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Affaticoso, adj. laborious. Alievoliménto, s. m. the act of with thirst.-Afogursi in un Affatto, adv. quite, entirely. weakening, and the state of bicchier d' acque, to despond at Affatturaménto, s. m. sorcery, being weak.

a trifle.-l'ora affogale, poachwitchcraft.

Aftigere, to fix, to set. AfFaituráre, to bewitch, to Affiggere, to more, to sti- Aitolare, to pant, to breathe charn. muiate.

short. Affatturatore, sorcerer. Affigurare, to discern, to per-| Aftollársi, to throng, to crowd. Affatturazione, s. f. witchcraft. ceive.

Affultare, to run to the charge. Affazzonamento, neat dress, Affiláre, to range, to put in affoltáta, spet d, expedition.

| files.---ffilure, to whet, to Afundamento, s. m. sinking to Affazzonáre, to set oT, to sharpen. Vaso affiluin, nose, the bottom. adorn, to embellish.

well made.- Sullo affilato, a Alondare, to sink to the botAffe, adv. faith, upon my faith. fine face.

- Izlondire, to dig, to Affermamento, affirmation. Aftilettáre, to put the net in sink.---Loncárt, to end, to Affermánle, adj. that attirins. order, to mend the net. finish. Affermare, to affirm.-.ifer. Aflinaminto, s. m. the act of Affundo, adv. deep. Apvillo, mársi, to stop, to stand still. 1 refining.

to the bottom. Affermativamente, adv. affirm. Aflináre, to refine, or make Atfortiticare, to fortify. atively.

finer. ---- ifinare, to sharpen. Allorzamento, s. m. strength. Affermativo, adj. affirmative. Aflinatore, s. m. a refiner. Allorzáre, to strengthen. Aftermatóre, he that ascertains.' Aflinche, adv. to the end that. Atiossamento, intreuchment. A Termnatrice, fem. of Aller. Iftine, adj. a kinsman. Alfogsáre, to ditch. matóre.

| Allinită, affinity.--finiti, af- Attr-gricre, to break. Affermazione, s. f. afirmation. finity, relation, conformity, Affrancáre, to infranchise.Affermamento,u.m.affirmation. agreement.

dtruncáre, to make free, to Afferráre, to hold fast, to catch. Affocaménto, s. m. hoarse-l give liberty.--- Aijrancáre, to -Afferrare, to apprebend, un- ness.

encourage, to incite. derstand, or conceive-offer- Affiocáre, to grow hoarse.- Affrangere, to infeeble, to Táre, to arrive in the harbour. Affiscarsi, to grow weak, to weaken. Afferratojo, s. m. an engine, or decay.

Affranto, adj. broken, weakentool to isold fast with. Afriocato, hoarse, languishing. ed. Affettare, to cut in slices.- Voce affocuta, faint voice. Aftrappáre, to cut in pieces. Afsttáre, to affect.--4fettáre a fliocatúra, v. Affocamento. Afratellanento, brotherly il favellar Toscáno, to affect to Afirmáre, o. Affermare. Allratellüliza, s love. speak Tuscan.

Afissáre, to look fixedly.--4f- Sifratellarsi, to live together Affettatamente, adv. with af- fissare, to set up, to fasten. like brothers. fectation.

Affisso, fastened, fixed, stick Mifreddáre, to make cold, to Afettazione, s. f. affectation. ing to

cool.-i irekdarsi, to grow Affettatúz.2.0), s. m. a nicely con- Affittáre, to let, to let out. cold, to cool.lt reduursi, to ceited fellow. Stitáre, to hire.

relent, to grow colder. Alfetto, s. m. love, good will, Affitto, s. m. rent, house rent. Aftrenamento, s. m. the act of kindness, inclination, pas- - Cavallo d' axillo, hackney checking, or holding in. sion. - litto, adj. affecied, horse-Donna d'offillo, hack- Aftrenare, to curb, to check, disposed.

ney-whore.-Dar in affitto, to to restrain, Affettuiso, adj. affectionate, let,to let oui.--Pigliarad af tto, Afirettamento, haste, speed. kind. | to rent.

Alfrettánza, s. f. haste, speed, Affezionáre, to make one have Allliggere, to aflict, to grieve. obs. alicction.

Anliggérsi, to grieve. Atircitáre, to hasten, to make Allezione, s. f. affcction. Aflittivo, adj. afflictise. speed.--- Altretiarsi, to make Afliammáre, to inflame, to kin- Aflitto, afilicted, grieved. haste. dle.

ditlilto, afflicted, poor, dis- Affrettataménte, adv. hastily. Aflibbiaglio, 8. m. clasp buckle. tressed.

Affrettatore, hastener. Allibbiamento, s. m. tying, or i Amlizione, s. f. affliction. Afrettatrice, she that hastens.

joining together, or buitoning. Afluénte, flowing, abounding. A:Trettóso, adj. quick, hasty. Aitibbiáne, to button or fasten Allluénza, f. afluence, Allrico, s. m. south-wind together, plenty.

Ailricóyno, a particular kind Athlbiatójo, 8. m. button-hole. A fiocáre, to set on fire.

of grane: Affibliatúra, . f. clasp, but- Affocato, part. fiery:-Oro af. Affrittelláre, to fry.

tony, buckle, string ot buttons.' fucéto, fine gold.iocato, red Affrontamento, s. m. encounter, Afficcáre, to drive, to thrust in. as fire.

charge, brunt. Alhdháre, to make contident. | Affodillo, s. mn. daffodil. Affrontáre, to engage in front, Hifiorire, to trust.----- Jársi, Allogaggine, s, f. suffoca to attack-it rontáre, to ai. to think one's self safe. drogamento, s. m.] tion. front.-It'rontar la morte, to Ath ebolare, to weaken, to

Affugire, to strangle, to choke. dare death. Athir bolire, debilitate.

lugar nell'acqua, to drown. Affrontata, 6. f. rencounter, Atheruline,

-lugar di sele, to choke skirmish.


Aitezza,, . I. sharp taste, as Agruggere;} to add, to join. Aggraticiäre, to creep, as ivy,

to come at.




ATrontato, adj.affronted, abus- straggle, to lose one's way.--Aggrandire, to enlarge, to aug. ed.

aggirarsi, to lose one's selt, to ment.-- Agrandire, to raise, to Affronto, s. m. affront, abuse. know not what one does. advance, to prefer.--- Aggrano Affrontatore, he that affronts Aggiráta, s. f. turning, wind- dirsi, to grow larger, or bigor abuses. ing:

ger. Aggrandirsi, to raise or Affumicáre, to besmoke, to Aggiratóre, 2 cozener, cheat, advance one's self. smoke.

Aggiratrice,] deceiver, tre- Aggrappamento, s. m. grap: Affumicata, s. f. fumigation. panner.

pling Affusoláre, to adorn, to beau- Aggiudicáre, to adjudge, to Aggrappáre, to grapple, to tify: give by sentence.

gripe.-- 4ggrapparsi, to climb, , sm. Aggiúngere,

to clamber up. quinces have, being eaten raw. Aggiúgnere, to unite, to join

or a vine. Africo, s, m, the south-wind. together.---Iggiugnere, to reach, Aggratigliáre, to captivate. Afro, adj. sour, sharp.

Aggravaménto, s. m. increase. Agarico, s. m. a kind of mush- Aggiúgnere, to overtake. - Iggricumento, burden, sur

room, growing upon trees. Aggiugniménto, s. m. joining charge, Agata, s. f. agate, a precious

Aggraváre, to over-charge, to Aggiúnta, s. f. advantage, over over-burden.-dggraváre, agente, s. m. agent, factor. measure, overplus.

oppress, to over-charge.--Agrgente, adj. m. f. active, stir- Aggiúnta, increase, addition.-grovarsi, to grow heavy or mag. Agriúnta, addition.

dull.svgratarsi, to wrong Agenzia, s. f. the office of an Aggiunto, part. of aggiungere. one's self. agent.

Aggiunzióne, s. f. addition. Aggrávio, s. m. wrong, injuAgevolaménto, s. m. facility. Aggiuráre, to swear; also to ry. Agevolare, to facilitate.

conjure, to beseech.

Aggregaménto, s. m. aggregate, Agevole, adj. easy to be done. Aggiustamento, s. m. the act aggregation, collection, heap. Agevolézza, s. f. facility. of adjusting. Aggiustamento, Aggregáre, to aggregate. ig. Agevolmente, adv. easily, with agreement, reconciliation. gregire, to gather together. ease, readily, quickly. Aggiustáre, to frame, to fit, Aggreggiáre, to gather togeAggaffare, to catch, to lay hold to size. Aggiusteire, to pre- ther into a herd: --- siggreggiúrof.

pare, to make ready.--- Ag- si, to herd together. Aggavigaáre, to lay hold of, to giustar un'affare, to make up Aggreváre, v. Aggravare. seize, to grasp.

an affair. Aggiustar i conti, Aggrezzáre, to starve with Aggecchirsi, to humble one's to settle the accounts.

cold. selfdegecchirsi

, to despond, Aggiustatámente, adv.comely, Aggricchiáre, to benumb with to be cast down, dejected, or prettily, in goud order, with cold. discouraged. a good method.

Aggrinzáre, to wrinkle. Aggeláre, to freeze, to con- Aggiustatézza, s. f. justness. Aggroppáre, to knot, to tie ingeal.

Aggiustatóre, he that sizes the to knots.--Aggroppúrsi, to asAggettivo, s. m. an adjective money in the mint.

semble, to gather together.. Aglutináre, v. Conglutinare. Aggroppure, to twine or twist Agghermigliáre, to hold fast, Aggomitoláre, to wind round, one with another. as the birds of prey hold their as they do thread upon a aggrottáre, to make or become food. bottom:

craggy.--Aggróttur le ciglia, Agghiacciamento, 8. m. frost. Aggonritolato, adj. wound up, to frown. Agghiacciáre, to freeze, to con or brought into round Aggrovigliáre, to become inheap.

tangled as thread when too Agghiacciato, adj. cooled in Aggottáre, to pump up.

much twisted. the ice.gghiacciato, frozen, Aggradevole, acceptable. aggruppáre, e. Aggroppare.

Aggradíre, to accept, to re- Agguagliamento,s. m. equality. Agghiadáre, to benumb, to be ceive kindly.

Agguaglianza, s. f. equality, benumbed, to grow stiff.- Aggradire, to please.

equal proportion. Aeg hadire, to-discourage, to Aggraftáre, to seize with vio- Agguagliáre,to equal,to match. dishearten. Igghundato, over lence a thing, and keep it Agguagliure, to compare. whelmed with grief. fast.

Agguagliürsi, to compare one's Aggiogáre, to yoke.

Aggranáre, to bring forth, as self, to enter into competiAggiornáre, to appoint the plants do.

tion with. tire, to adjourn.

Aggranchiáre, to grow stiff Ayguáglio, s. m, comparison. Aggiornare, to be day. with cold.

Agguantáre, to

seize with Aggiraménto, s. m. turning, Aggrancire, to gripe, to seize quickness and violence. gang round.--Aggiramento, upon.

Agguardaménto,spying, watchstasion, subterfuge.

Aggrandimento, s. m. improve-ing. Aggirare, to go about. Aggi-! ment. ilggrandimento, prefer- Agguardáre, to consider. Fur, to surround, to environ. ment, advancement, rise, pro- Agguatáre, to lay in ambusu - Aggirársi, to wander, to motion, growth.




irozen up.



Agguato, ambuscade.

pass.-Ago, sting.-- Aga, the Aguatatore, he that lies in wait. Aggueffare, to add.

trial of a balance.-.1go, the Aguatatrice, she that lies in Agguerrire, to train up in war. pin of a lock. --Agv, a nettingo wait. Agguindoláre, to reel or wind need!e.

Aguàto, v. Agguato. silk.

Agócchia, s. f. the same as Ayucchia: e, io sew. Agguindolo, s. m. silk-winder. Ago.

Agúglia, s. f. eagle. Obs.-A. Aggustáre, to please, to be Agognáre, to wish, to covet, to guglia, obelisks Agúglia, a agreeable.

long for.–Agognare, to aspire, nccale. Agherbíno, v. Gherbino.

to aim at. igognare, to pant Agugliata, s. f. needle-full. Aghétta, s. f. litharge.-- ghetto, after.

ag glione, s. m. a goad, a rod s. m. the tag of a lace. Agognatore, a covetous man, with a sting at top to prick Agghiadáre, to chill with cold. one that lusts after a thing. oxen with. Agghiado, adv. treacherously: Agóne, s. m. a great needle.-- Agunanza, assembly:

Immazz-ire acuad), to kill rigone, a place for justing, Agunáre, to assemble. treacherously.

wiestling, and other exer- Agúrio, s. m. omen, presage.com Aghiróne, s. m. heron, a bird. cises.

Agúrio, luck. Agiamento, convenience, ease. Agonía, agony.

Aguro, v. Agário. Agiáre, to accominodate, to agonista, a champion, a public Aguróso, adj. superstitious. tit. fighter

Agutello, s. m. a little nail. Agiatamente, easily, commo- Agonizzánte, adj. dying, at the Agúto, 6. m. nail.. siguto, . diously. point of death.

Acuto. Agiatezza, s. f. convenience, Agonizzáre, to be at the point Aguzzamćnto, s. m. sharpness, of death,

sharpening Agiáto, adj. wealthy, rich.- Agoráio, a needle-case. Aguzzáre, to sharpen, to whet. Agiato, fít, good.-gráto, Agostáro, s. m. an ancient coin izar le ciglia, to frownlazy, slow, idle. Un agialo, of gold of Augustus.

Agússar ferrúzzi, to whet the a lazy fellow.

Agostino, adj. any animal born wit. A'gile, adj. agile, nimble, ac in August.

Aguzzatore, s. m. grinder. Agosto, the month of August. Aguzzétto, s. m. an emissary, a Agilità, s. f. agility, nimbleness. Agozzino, an inspector over servant employed to execute Agilitáre, to make agile, or galley-slaves.

any wicked design. nimble.

Agraménte, adv. sourly. Aguzzino, he that has the di. Agilménte, nimbly.

Agrário, adj. pertaining to the rection orer the giles-slaves. A'gio, s. m. case, conveniency, fields.--La legge agraria, the Agúzzo, adj. poinfoc, el. p. comfort.--Esser negli agi, to agrarian law.

Ah, interj. ' o sad ais! enjoy one's ease. A vostro Agréste, adj. rural. Agreste, ch, how? what?

-jh Togo agio, at your leisure.-- A bell" savage, rude.

na, fy for shanc--th siete agio, leisurely, at leisure.--Agrestezza, sourness.

vivo, ho-ho, are vou alive? Agio, mansion, dwelling-place. Agrestino, adj. sourish. Ahi, interj. alas!

-hi lasso, Obs. Agrésto, s. m. sour grapes.

alas-shine, alas! Agitamento, agitation, motion. Agrétto, adj. sourish.

Aia, s. f. barn-floor, threshing---gitáre, to toss, to agitate, Agrezza, s. f. sharpness, tart floor. to stir.

Aja, a void space in the midAgitazione, s. f. agitation. Agrícola, husbandman. dle of any figure.siu, a Agliaca, a garlick-sauce. Agricoltore, husbandman. bright circle about the moon. Agliet'to, s. m. young garlick. Agricoltura, husbandry, agri- ---dia, a plot of ground to Aglio, s. m. garlick. culture,

build upon.-Menar il can per Agna, s. f. v. Agnella. Agrifólio, s. m. holy-oak. l' aia, to keep at bay, to put Agnáto, s, m. kinsman. Agrimensore, surveyor of land. one off.-Mettere stoppia in aia, Agnazione, s. f. kindred. Agrimónia, agrimony.

to trifle away one's time. Agnella, s. f. a she-lamb. Agro, adj. sharp, tart, sour. Mettere in aia, to meddle or Agnellétto, s. m. 2 Agnellino, s. m.

Agro, rough, uncouth.--Agro, busy one's self with other } lambkin. bitter, biting, sharp:

folks concerns. Agnellino, adj. of a lamb.- Ag-Agrúccio, adj. sourish. Aiáta, s. f. the quantity of corn nellino, made of lamb's wool. Agrume, s. m. a general name that


he threshed at Agnálo, e. m. lamb.

for all fruits that have a sharp once. Agno, 8. m, a lamb.

taste, as lemons, oranges. Aiáto, adj. vagrant, rambling. Agno, a swelling in the groin. Dond' è uscito questo strano a Andare aiáto, to wander, to Agnolo, s. ni. angel.

gronie? what strange imper- stray. Agnus Dci, a piece of wax tinent fellow is this?

Aimé, interj. alas! blessed by the pope, having Aguaglianza, o. Uguaglianza. Aio, governor, tutor. the print of a lamb on it. Aguardáre, to guard, to look Aióne, s.m. a vagabond...4n. Ago, * m. a needle.rigo da to or after.

dáre aione, to wander up and sonchi, a packing-needle-Ago Aguatáre, to lie in wait, to be down. du rapo, a bodkin.-digo da upon the catch, to watch, to Aiósa, adv. abundantly, bawla, the needle of a com- lay an ambush, or a snare. Airónc, s. m. heron,


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