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Aissáre, u. Aizzáre.


Alberdre, to set trees. Alega, s. f. a sea-weed. Aita, s. f. help, assistance. Alberáta, s. f. grove, thicket, Aléggere, to choose, to elect. Aitáre, to help, to assist. row of trees.

Obs. Aitório, s. m. help, assistance. Alberello, s. m. a gallipot. Aleggiáre, to clap the wings. Aiuola, s. f. a small barn-floor. Alberése, s. f. a whitish hard Alenamento, s. m. breath. Aiuolo, s. m. a net for small stone, whereof they make Alenáre, to give or take breath.

birds.-Tirar l'aluólo, to die. grinding ur mill-stones. -Allendre, to feed. Aiutamento, s. in. help, suc- Alberéta, s. f. a place where Alenoso, adj. out of breath.

trees grow, a nursery. Alepárdo, s. m. leopard. Aiutánte, adj. strong, robust. Alberécto, s. m. a small tree. Alessifármaco, s. m. an antidiutinte, s. m. helper, assist. Albergare, to receive into one's dote. ant.- Siutánte de campo, aide- house. Ilbergure, to dwell, to Alétta, s. f small wing-Alette de-camp.-Aiutinte di cúmera, inhabit, to live.---- Alberguto, di pesce, fins of fishes. groom of the chamber.

stored with lodgings. Alfa, the first letter in the Aiutáre, to aid, to assist.

Albergatóre, host, innkeeper. Greek alphabet.-«llfu ed oneAiutativo, adj. helpful. Albergatrice, hostess.

ga, the first and the last. Aiutatóre, helper, assistant. Alberghétto, s. m. small inn, Alfabéto, s. m. alphabet. Aiutatrice, she that helps.

smali lodging

Alfabético, adj. alphabetical. Aiutévole, adj. propitious, Albérgo, s. m. inn, lodgings. Alfána, s. f. a kind of wild kind.

Alberino, s. m. small tree. horse, imagined by poets. Aiúto, s. m. aid, help, assist- Albero, s. m. a tree.-Albero Alfiere, ensign, standard. ance. Aiuto di costa, a help fruttifero, a fruit tree.

-Albero bearer. towards maintenance.

di vascello, the mast of a ship. Alga, s. f. a sea-weed. Aiutóre, s. m. helper, assist- Albero di vita, the tree of life. A'lgebra, s. f. algebra.

Anular su per le cime degli alberi,! Algebrista, algebraist. Aiutório, s. m. help, relief. to pretend more than one Algente, adj. cold, chill. Aiutrice, she that helps. ought.

Algére, to be chill. Aizzamento, s. m. inticement, Albiccio, adj. whitish. Algore, s. m. grcat cold, chillprovoking.

Albicocco, s. m. apricot-tree. Aizzáre, to set dogs to fight. Albicocca, s. f. the fruit of the Algóso, adj. full of sea-weed. Aizure, to provoke, to urge, apricot-tree.

A'lia, s. f. wing. to anger, to exasperate. Albitráte, . Arbitráre. Obs. Aliáre, to

or wheed Aizzatore, he that provokes.

Albitrio, v. Arbitrío. Obs. round. - Aliáre, to fly round Aizzatrice, fem. of Aizzatore. Albo, adj. white, whitish. as a hawk does. Ala, wing. Ala, wing, pro- Albóre, s. m. the dawn of day. Alíce, s. f. pilchard. tection.-lla di capelto, the - Matutini albori, the break of lidíre, to dry, to wither, to brim of a hat-le ale ľun day--Albóre, light, bright- parch. mulino a cents, the sails of a

Alido, adj. dry, parched. windmill.-dia di pesce, fin of Albore, a tree.

Alieggiare, r. Aliáre. a fish.--dla, an ell.-Siar sull' Albúginc, s. f. a disease in the Alienabile, adj. alienable. ali , to be ready to go.--Far cornea of the eye.

Alienare, to estrange, to alieala, to make room.

Albúme, s. m. the white of an nate.- Alienársi, to withdraw Alabarda, s. f. halberd.


one's self from one. Alabardiére, an halberdeer. Alcalí, s. m. alkali

Alienatanıénte, adv. foolishAlabastrino, adj. of alabaster. Alcáona, s. f. an herb where- ly. Alabástro, alabaster.

with they dye red.

Alienáto, adj. alienated.---Vente Alacrità, s. f. alacrity.

Alcatrózzo, s. m. a kind of sea olienát, unsettled mind. Alarnánna, s. f. a grape so call- gull.

Alienazione, s. f. alienation. ed. Alce, s. m. an elk.

Aliéno, adj. of another counAlamiré, a note in music. Alchimia, the art of alchymy. try-lieno dall' opinione, coAlna, s. m. a bulidog, or mas

--Alchimia, craft, trick, sub- mune, singular in opinion.tiff.ilare, s. m. an andiron. tilty

Alieno dai libri, averse Aláto, adj. winged, having Alchimista, alchymist.

books. wings.

Alchimnizzáre, tó exercise the A'liga, s. f. sca-weed. Alba, s. f. the dawn.

art of alchymy.-- Ilchimizzáre, Aligero, adj. having wings. Albagia, s.f. ostentation, pride. to sophisticate, to mingle, to Alimentare, to nourish, feed, Albáno, s. m. a sweet amber- adulterate.

maintain. coloured wine near Rome. Alcione, s. m. halcyon. Aliménto, s. m. food, victuals. Albático, s. m. a kind of white Alcuna volta, adv. sometimes. Alípede, a surname to Mer. grape.

Alcúno, some one,somebody cury. Albeggiamento, s. m, whitish- Alcuno, one.sicuni, some Aliquanta parte, aliquant,


Aliquota parte,

aliquot Albeggiante, adj. whitish. Alcunóra, adv. ?


part. Albeggiáre, to be of a whitish Alcunótta, adv.}

Alitáre, to pant, to breathe colour.--Albeggiúre, to dawn. Aldárga, s. f. a target. short.-Aliture, breathe Alberáre, to set up, to set on Aléffe, the first Hebrew letter.






za, Ols.

Alito, S. m. breath.-Alto, lay- Illeggaire, to lighten, Alleratrice, 6. f. midwife. geotle gale, breeze-Alito, disburden.

Alleviamento, ease, relief. a vapour, fume or steam. Alleggiatore, s. m. comforter. Alieviare, to ease, lighten. Alla buona, plainly, without Alleggiatrice, she that easeth Aleviarsi d'un junciullo, to any ill design. Alla Francese, or conforts.

bring forth a child.-lleviare after the French fashion.- Allegória, s. f. allegory. il dolore, to appease the pain. Alla grossolina, clownishly. Allegoricamente, allegorically. Alleviazione, s. f. ease, confort. Allaccévole, adj. that may be Allegórico, allegorical. Allibire, to turo pale for fear. intangled.

Allegorizzare, to allegorize. Allibraménto, s. m, entering Allacciamento, s. m, the act of Allegrággio, s. m. v. Allegréz- into a book. intangling

Allibráre, to register, to enter Allacciáre, to intangle, to in- Allegramente, joyfully, gladly. into a book. snare, to allure. | Allegrare, to rejoice.

Allibrársi, to set one's name in Allacciársela, to be presuming, Illegrársi, to cheer up, to be a book. to have a good opinion of merry:

Allićvo, 8. m. scholar, pupil. one's self.

Allegrezza, s. f. joy, gladness. Alifánie, elephant. Obs. Allacciatúra, s. f. tying knot, Allégria, s. f joy, gladness. Allignáre, to take root, to bandage.

Allegro, adj. merry, cheerful, thrive. Allagamento, s. m. overflow, jocund, jovial.- llegro, sú, Allinguáto, adj. long-tongued. inundation.

cheer up.-- Illegro, allegro, Alliquidire, to melt like wax. Allagáre, to overflow.--Allu- opposite to the pathetic in Allividire, to grow pale. gáre, to overwhelm.


Allódola, s. f. lark,

-langiar Allagazióne, s. f. overflow. Alleluia, s. m. hallelujah, praise canne d'allidoid, to take pieaAllapidáre, to stone to death. the Lord.-)ll'allerin, adv. sure in being praised-Dar Allargamento, s. 17. amplifica at the end.-lonire all' alleluia, l'allóola, to flatter. tion.

to come too late.

Allogagićne, letting for rent. Allargáre, to enlarge, to spread. Allenamento, s. m. want of Allogáre, to place, put, lay, or Allurgáre la mano, to use li- breath.

seat.illogrire qualcuno, to get berality --Allargare la piazza, Allenére, to decay, to become one a place.illlogare, to let, to bring plenty. weak and faint for want of

to farm. Allargáto, abounding, plenti- breath. Illenure, to use, to Ailogársi, to settle, to set up. ful.

accustom. lllenáre, to as- Allogatóre, landlord. Allassaménto, s. m. weariness. suage, to appease ---Ailenáre, Allogatrice, landlady. Allassare, to weary, or fatigue. to abate.

Alloggiamento, s. m. inn, lodge Allastricáre, to pave.

Allenire, to soften, to allay: ing --lear gli alloggiuménti, to Alláto, near, by.--llato-allato, Allentamento, s. m. relaxation. march of Alloggiamento di adv. close to.

- dilenterin ento, slowness, dulls soldati, soldiers quarters. Allattamento, s. f. suckling. ness.----silentamento, mitiga- Alloggiare, to lodge. - AllogAllatcáre, to suckle, to give tion.

guire, to quarter soidiers. suck-Allaiture, to suck. Allentáre, to slacken, to uno siloszare, io make a lodgAlleanza, s. f. confederacy. bend.- 1lluntáre, to relcasc, to ment, to quarter a body of Alleato, adj. confederate, al let go.-Allentur la nana, to troops lied.

give more liberty.—Allenture, Alligoio, s. m. v. AlloggiaAlleficáre, to take rooi. Obs.

to tarry, stay, or linger.--.llAllegagione, s. !. allegation. lentare, to lessen, to abate. Allontanamento, s. m. distance, Allegamento, s.m. heya-Allenzamento, s. zn. bandage. mento di denli, one's teeth on Allenzáre, to wrap up, to fold | Allontanáre, to remave, to send


a great way. alligare, to allege, to quote. All'éria, adv. ex.--Stiro allerta, Allontanarsi, to remove, to go Allegáre, to set the tecth on to stand upon one's guard. from.llontanarsi dal soggetto, edge.--villegársi, to make an Allestire, to prepare, to get to ramble from the subject.alliance with. ready.

Quanto ci siamo allontanati dalla Allegáto, ally, confederate. Alletanáre, to dung, to scatter

cilla? how far are we got Illegato, allayed.

from the city? Allegazione, s. f. quotation.

Allertamento, allurement. Alloppiare, to cast into sleep Alleggeramento, v. Aliegeri- .Tentáre, to allure, to intice.

with opium. menio, Obs.

Allettatóre, inticer, allurer. Alluppio, s. m. any thing that Alleggerare, v. Alleggerire. Allutta rice, fem. of Alletta causes a profound sleep. Alleggerimento, s. m. ease, re- tore.

Allóra, adv. then, at that time. lief

Alletteráto, learned, lettered. - Secondo il tempo d'allora, acAlleggerire, to

-Allegue. Allevaménto, s. m. nurture. cording to those times.-D'de Fire, to appease, assuage, to Alleváre, to bring up, rear, to lora innanti, since that timemitigate.

foster --Alleváre, to instruct, D'allora in grad, since, since Alleggiaménto, s. m. ease, com to teach.

that.--4Uora-allora, at that fort.

Allevato nella bambágia, bred very time. áre, to alleviate, to al delicately.

Alorino, adj. made of laurel,

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manure (n.




of the nature and quality of Alquanto, adv. somewhat, a Alto, adj. high, tall

, deep.Laurel.

little.---- Ilgianto meglio, some. Alto sonno, sound sleep. Alóro, s. m. the laurel.

what better.-- Alquanto tempo, Alto mare, high sea, main sea. Aliorra, adv. then, at that time. a little while.- llquanto, adj. Vore alia, loud voiceAlhaciare, to fix one's eyes some, not many.

alto, from above._. 1lto, high, apon. Altalína, a. m. a swing.


eminent, Alluda, s. f. thin leather to Altalenáre, to swing as boys subliine, lofty.--Uno «l'alto side nike white gloves with. do.

pere, man of great learningAllıdere, to allude to.

Altaménte, adv. on high, aloft. Donna d'alto legmagaria, woman Alunáre, to light.-- Alumáre, fitumente, deeply.--- la of noble extraction.- lta, to steep in alum water. mérte, loud. - 4tuninte, nobly, dangerous, hazardous, perilAllume, s. mn. alum.-Allume generously, splendidly:

-- Alto, broad.-Panno e roeca, rock alum. --Allume Altána, s. f. terras, the leads of aito, broad cloth.-Alto di coda piina, stone alun. a house.

lure, high-coloured.-- Alto, A 'uminamento, s. m. illumina- Altáre, s. m. altar.

adv. loud. - Virute in alto, to tion-dlaninamento, inspira- Altarino, s. m. small altar. look above.--Fire alto, to tion.

Altea, s. f. marsh-mallows. halt.-fare alto e basso, to do Aluinináre, to illuminate, to alterábile, adj. alterable. as one please....dlto, treble, enlighten, to give light to.- Alteramente, v. Altieramente. upper part in music. A luminaire, to light.-Allumi- Alteráre, to alter.

Altraménte, e. Altrimente. mre, to do the clothes with Alterársi, to grow angry.

Altresi, adv. also, too, likewise. alum.-Alluminire, to illumi- Alterativo, adj. that can move. Altrettanto, as much.-AltreDate, to limn.

Alteráto, adj. changed, altered. tanto, same.-Io sono d'altitAiluminóso, adj. full of alum. Alterazione, s. f. alteration, tanta eti che voi, I am as old as Allungamento, s. m. drawing change.

you.- Altrettanto, adv.as much out in length.-Allungamento, Altercáre, to wrangle, to scold. distance, interval.-Aluinga- Altercazione, s. f. altercation. Altrimente, adv. Otherwise, rento, remoteness.

Alteréllo, adj. somewhat high. else-Non altriminte, just 90, Allungire, to lengthen.-Al- Alterezza, s. f. haughtiness, exactly. kogusi, to remove from. pride.

Altro, other, another.-L'uno e Aliungatére, he that lengthens. Alterigia, s. f. ostentation, altro, Gli uni e gli altri, both. Allusione, s. f. allusion. pride.

Ne l'uno l'altro, neither. Alluvióne, s. f. alluvion. Alternaménte, adv. by turns. Dall' altra parte, on the other Alma, s. f. soul.

Alternáre, to do by turns. side. Un altra volta, another Anagésto, s. m. almagest. Alternatíva, s. f. alternative. time, once more.-Gli uni di Almanaccare, to build castles Alternativamente, by turns. cuno di si, gli altri di nò, some in the air.

Alternáto, adj. reciprocal. say yes, and some say no.-Almanacco, s. m. almanac. Alternazióne, s. f. change by ultri, sometimes is used in the Almanco, adv. at least.

singular number - dltri dire, Almsso, adv.at least.

Altérno, adj. alternate, done some say, other; s?V-RADO Amarantc, s. m. an admiral. by turn.

d'altri, another man's goods. Almo, adj. nourishing, foster-Aliéro, adj. proud, disdainful. -Vuel? altro, will you have iag- umy, famous, excellent. Alteroso, high-minded, proud. anything else. Von ho bisogno - jln, fair, lovely.-- lino, Obs.

d'altro che li riposo, I want no bad, courteous.--- Almo, bless. Altétto, adj. somewhat high. thing but restler altro, vet, ed, --smo, good, agreeable. Altézza, s. f. height. - Altezza, nevertheless, however.-iltro Alocco, s. m. an owl.licco, depth.-- Heaza, power.-il che, altri che, adv. except, 80t, booby, silly fellow, block- tezza, heights, greatness, sub- saving, but-iltro che te nos head.

limity.-- thezza, valiantne-s, volevo, you are the very Aive, s. m. aloes.

courage, greatness of spirit.-- person I wanted. Non dile Alopecia, s. f. a disease that Altezza, higimess.Suu allezza, altro, speak no more. Voir causes the hair to fall off. his highness.

esser da altro, to be good for Alpe, a. f. Alp, high mountain. Altezzáso, adj. proud. Obs. nothing else. -Le Alpi, the Alps.

Alriccio, adv. somewhat high. Altronde, elsewhere.- Dial Alpestre, adj. mountainous.- Alterainénte, haughtily, arro tronde, adv. from elsewhere. Abátricoli

, high mountains. gantly, nobly, with grandeur. Altrove, adv. to another place, -litestri fiere, wild beasts. Alterézza, príde, haughtiness. somewhere else, elsewhere. betre, savage, unsociable.- Altiero, adj. proud, häughty.--- Altrúi, others.--. che tormenii Alpistre, rough, harsh, severe. Altiero, splendid, great; noble. te sicsso ed ultrui, why do you Alpestro, the same as Alpes- Altimétria, s. f. the measuring vex yourself and others too? of heights.

Non bisogna desiderare l'ultivi Alpigiáno, adj. Alpine, that Altire, to ascend, to mount.

covet orker lives in the Alps. Obs.

people's goods.-- Iver compasAlpigno, adj. Alpine, inhabit. Altitonánte, that thunders sione del male altrui, to picka ant of the Alps.--Luogo all from above.

other men's misfortunes.pigno, a rugged place, Altitudine, s. f. altitude.

L'altrui, other men's or peo





ple's goods.

| Amaretto, adj. bitterish. Ambracáne, s. f. ambergrise. Alrúra, v. Altezza.

Amarézza, s. f. bitterness. Ambráre, to infuse a smell of Al tutto, adv. wliolly, utterly. Anorézza, grief, amiction. amber. --F' al tutto swindlo, he is ut- Amarezzare, v. Amareggiare. Ambrósia, ambrosia, the food terly ruined. Amaricáre, to imbitter. Obs.

of the gods. Alúccia, s. f. a little wing. imario ito, disordered, dis-Ambuláre, to go away. Alveario, s. m. hive; beehive. composed.

Amendúe, adj. both. Alveo, s. m. pipe, water-con- Amariccio, adj. bitterish. Amenduni, both. duit, canal. L'alveo d'un Amarino, s. m, a sort of tart Amenitá, s. f. pleasantness. fiume, the bed of a river. cherry.

Améno, adj. pleasant.-Paese Alúme, s. m. alum, t. Allume. Amarire, to imbitter.

ameno, delightful country. Alunno), s. m. a pupil.

Amaritúdine, s. f. bitterness. Amianto, s, m. a kind of stone Alvo, s. m. womb. Poetical.

Amurit indme, grief, discontent, which was formerly spun. Alzaja, s. f. a rope which is Amáro, adj. bitter.-Amaro, Amicabile, adj. v. Amichevole. tied to the mast of small ves. grievous.-- Imáro, cruel,hard, Amicamente, adv. friendly. sels, to drag them in rivers. fierce,barbarousinuiro,s.m. Amicarsi, to contract a friend. Alzamento, s. m. rising, ascent, bitterness.

ship. height.

Amarógnolo, adj. hitterish. Amichevole, adj. amicable. Alzare, to raise, to lift up, to Aparöre, m. bitterness.- ima- Amichevolmente, adv. amicahoist. Mlzar, uno fin al cielo, róre, grief --maróre, severity. bly, friendly, to commend one highly - Amatista, s. f. amethyst. Amicizia, s. f. friendship. Alzar le carte, to cut the cards. Amatíta, s. f. hæmatiies. Amico, s. m. friend. Amico Alzore i mazzi, to run away. Amatore, lover.

strello, intimate friend.Amico
Akare il grembiule, to be Amatrice, she that loves. da bonaccia, a table friend.-
with child.-lzarsi, to rise Amázzone, s. f, amazon. Amica, mistress.--Fortuna
upAlzarsi da letto, to rise up, | Ambáge, s. f. long circumle amica, favourable fortune.
to get up:

A'mido, s. m. starch.
Alzatúra, s. f.v. Alzamento. Ambascería, s. f. embassy. Amistà, s. f. friendship, amity.
Amabile, adj. amiable, lovely, Ambáscia, s. f. shortness of Amistade,

0. Amista.
affectionate, kind, agreeable, breath.Ambáscia, anguish, Amistánza, s
pleasant, grateful to the taste. trouble, distress.

Ammaccaménto, s. m. v. AmAmabilità, s. f. amiableness. Ambasciare, to grieve.

maccatúra. Amabilmente, adv. amiably. Ambasciadóre, ambassador. Ammaccáre, to squash, to Ainadóre, a lover, a wooer, a Ambasciata, s. f. embassy-crush. gallani, a spark.

Ambascinta, message.

Ammaccatúra, s. f. bruise.
Amalgama, s. f. amalgamation. Ambasciatore, ambassador. Ammacchiare, to hide amongst
Amalgamare, to calcine a me- Ambasciatrice, the ambassa- tlie briars.
tal with quicksilver.

dor's lady.

Ammacchiato, adj.hid, hidden. Amalgamazióne, s. f. amalga- Ambascióso, sad, anxious, dis. Ammaestramento,s.m.? mation.


Aminaestranza, s. f.
Amánte, loyer, gallant, sweet- Ambassi, s. m. ambs ace. tion, education,
Ambe, adj. both.

Ammaestráre, to instruci, to
Amantemente, adv. lovingly. Ambidúe, both.

teach. Amánza, mistress, sweetheart. Ambi, both.

Ammaestratore, instructor,
Amaraccio, adj. disgustingly Ambiánte, adj. ambling. teacher.
Ambiáre, to amble or pace.

Ammaestratrice, she that in.
Amaraménte, adv. bitterly. Ambiatúra, s. f. amble.

structs or teaches. Amarásca, a kind of ceruise. Imbidestro, adj. ambidexter. Ammaestratúra, s. f. instrucAmarásco, s. m. a kind of Ambidúi, e. Ambidue.

tion. cherry-iree so called. Ambiente, ambient.

Ammacstrévole, adj. docile. Amáre, tolove, to like.- Amore, Ambiguamente, adv. ambi- Ammagliáre, to bind up. to love, to delight in.--- Amar guously,

Ammagráre, meglio, to have sather, 'to Ambiguézza,?

to grow lean,

Ammagrire, choose rather. mare, to Ambiguità, s

s. f. ambiguity.

Ammagrito, adj. fallen away. thrive most in.--I pionpi ama- Ambiguo, adj. ambiguous.- Ammajáre, to deck with green no le ripe de fiumi, poplar-trees Uomo anbiguo, an irresolute boughs. thrive best on the bank of a

Ammaináre, to lower the sails. river. A’mbio, s. m. amble.

Ammaláre, to grow sick. Amareggiaménto, s. m. bitter- Ambíre, to aspire with ambi- Ammalato, adj. sick, ill.-17

tion imtire, to environ. ammaliito, a sick person, & Amareggiáre, to imbitter. Ambizioncélla, s. f. dimin. of patient. Amureggiare, to grieve, to af Ambizione.

Ammalatúccio, adj. diin. of flict.

Ambizione, 9. f. ambition, ammaláto. Amarélla, s. f. mugwort, a sort Ambizioso, adj. ambitious. Ammaliaménto, s. m. witchof plant. Ambo, both.

craft, charm. Amarena, a sort of cherry. Ambra, s. f. amber.

Ammaliáre, to bewitch, to






marry a wife.



Ammazzoláre, to make into Ammirazione, admiration. Ammaliatáre, s. m. witch, sor nosegays.

Ammiseráre, to become mi. cerer.

Ammenda, 5. f. récompence, serable, wretched, stingy. Ammaliatrice, s. f. sorceress, satisfaction, amends.---Am- Ammistióne, s. f. mixture. witch.

viénda, fine, mulct, penalty.-) Ammisuratamente, adv. mode Anmaliatúra, s. f. bewitch-| Incorrer l'ammenda, to forfeit. rately, temperately. ment, eharm.

Ammendaménto, s. m. the act Amnisuráto, adj. temperate, Ammanettáre, to manacle. of bettering Ammendamento' sober, moderate. Ammannamento, s. m. prepa d'un campo, the improvenient Ammitto, amict, a linen gar. ration.-simmannmmenti di nave, of a piece of ground. In ment which covers the priest's Topes or cordage belonging mendamento, amendment.

head when he goes to say to a ship:

Ammendáre, to mend, to beteinmannáre, to prepare, to

ter - immendar la vita passata, Ammodatamente, adv. modee get ready.

to live more regularly.--!m-l rately. Ammannire, o. Ammannare. méndar le leggi, to reform the ; Ammodato, adj. moderate, so Ammansare, to tame. laws.

ber. Ammansato, adj. tame. Ammendársi, to be reformed. Aumoderataménte, adv. moAmmapláre, to cloak, to man mendure i danno, to make deraiely, soberly. tie-immantáre, to defend, good the loss.

Ammodernare, to modernize. to preserve.

Ammendazione, s. f. amend- Aminogliáre, to give a wife, to Ammantatúra, s. f. covering ment. with a cloak or mantle. Ammentáre, to call to mind. Ammoináre, to caress, to coax. Arronatima, mantle, cloak, Obs.

Ammollarnénto, the act of Ammantellare, to cover with a Ammésso, part. admitted. mollifying, sonening. mantle, to hide, to conceal. Ammettere, to admit.

Ammolláre, to mulliiy, to sofAmmánto, s. m. mantle. Ammezzamento, s. m. the act - Immullore, to grow wet, Amdarcire, o. Marcire. of parting in the middle. or moist.mollare, to apAmmargináre, u. Rammargi- Ammezzamento, half.

pease, to assuage.-- dimollere, náre.

Ammezzáre, to cut in two.. to let go, to let down, to let Ammartelláre, to hammer. Ammézzar la via, to meet half-l loose. Annartelláre, to make one way.--Amme zure, to grow Ammollíre, to open, to loosen jezious. mellow or ripe.

the belly. Ammolire, to Arconartelláto, jealous. Ammezzatore, he that divides touch, move, or aflect. Annassamento, s. m. a heap. into two parts.

Ammonigióne, s. f. ? admoAnmassáre, to heap up.--Am- Ammiccare, to wink, to make Ammoniménto, s. m.nition, assare diari, to hoard up signs with the eyes.

warning money immassarsi, to ga- Ammigliorare, v. Migliorare. Ammonire, to admonish, to ther, io get together. Amministragióne, s. f. o. Ain warn.smmonírt, to repriAmmassatore, one that heaps ministrazione.

mand. Amministrare, to administer. Ammonitúre,

admoAmmassicciáre, to heap up Amministratore, administrator. nisher. little by little.

Amministratrice, administra. Ammonizione, s. f. admonitioni. Ammasso, s. m. heap.


Ammontare, to heap together, Ar matassáre, to wind into Amministrazione, s. f. admini to gather into heaps. skaids. stration.

Ammonticárc,to amass, to heap Ammattire, to go distracted. Amminutáre, to cut very small. up.

dramat:te, to make mad. — Amminuture, to break in Ammonticelláre,to make heaps Ammattonamento, s. m. pave- small bits

of. meot of bricks.

Ammirabile, admirable. Ammonticchiare, Ainmattonáre, to pave with Ammirabilménte, admirably. Ammonzicchiare,

to heap up. brick.

Ammiragliato, s. m. admiral- Ammorbáre, to iniect, lo taint, Animatonáto, s. m. a place ship:

to poison with stink. pared with bricks. inmat- Ammiraglio, admiral.-Ammi- Ammorbidaménto, s. m. genin éta, adj. paved with bricks. taglio, lookiag-glass Obs. tleness, sofiness. Art.mazzamento, s. in. slaugh- Ammiramento, s. m. admira-Ammorbidáre,

to soften. te massere, carnage.

tion. Obs.

i ammorbidire, Atizzáre, to kill, to mur-Amınırándo, adj. to be admir. Ammorscliáto, s. m. a kind of


į minced m.eat with eggs. Ar mazzársi, to kill one's sell. Ammiránza, v. Ammirazione. Anmortarénco, . m. the act

- svararsi, to take abun- Ammirare, to admire.-mmin of quenching dance of pains.

Tursi, to wonder, to marvel, to Ammortáre, to quench, 20 Aanazzalójo, . mn. slaughter- be amazed.

Aminortire, extinguish, to buke.

Ammirativo, adj. admiracive. Arnaz zatóre, murderer. Aminiratore, admirer.

Ammorzáre, to quench, to exArmazerisc, to make or be- Ammiratrice, teo. of Ammi- tinguish.. Amorzare, to recome tough ratúre.

press, to tame, to mitigate. VOL. I.




put out.

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