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cimonorer la superbia, to hum- Ampollosamente, bombastical | wise. --- Ancúra, yet, as yet, stil. ble pride. ly.

Ancúra, again, anew, still, Aminozzicáre, to cut in pieces. Ampollosità, bombast.

once more.- incora una volta, Ammucchiare, to heap toge- Ampollóso, bombastic.

once more. ther.

Ampollúzza, s. f. 6. Ampol- Ancorache, though, although. Ammusáre, to hit nose against letia.

Ancorággio, s. m. anchorage. nose.

Ana, s. m. a word commonly Ancorche, Ancurache, Ammutinamént4, s. m. mutiny. used in physicians bills, signi- though, although. Ammutinársi, to nutiny.- fying a like quantity of each Ancoretta, s. f. a small anchor. ammutinoti, the vineers. several thing

Ancúdine, s. f. anvil. Ammutire, 2 104 become

Anabattista, s.

s. m. anabaptist. Ammutoláre,

Andamento, s. m. gait, walk.mb.

Anacardo, s. m. a plant so cindumentu, carriage, behaAmmutolire, called.

viour. Ammutolíto, adj. dumb. Anacoréta, anchorite, hermit. Andantemente, fluently, going Amo, s. m. hook, fishhook. Anacronismo, s. m. anachro- easily, without interruption. Amómo, s. m. a kind of aroma nism.

Andare, to go.-rinduire a piedi, tic plant.

Anagallo, s. m. 7 herbs so call to walk, to go a-toot.-InAmoráccio, s. m.) amour, in- A nagiride, s. f.} ed.

dire, to go away.. Indare in Amorázzo, s. m. trigue. Anagogía, s. f. a mystical sense puce, depart in peace.- Von Amore, s. m. love.- imor poró or meaning.

andrii muito tempo, it shall not prio, self-love.--emóre, afTec- Anagogicamente, adv. mysti- be long-lo bivogna kun andra tion, kindness, liking.-duor cally, anagogically.

sempre cosi, it shall not be al. min, my dear, my love. Anagógico, adj. nystical, ana ways so.-Andure aliu lunge. Amoreggiamento, wooing. gogical.

to draw out in length. AMÚLT Amoreggiare, to make love. Anagramma, s. m. anagram. innanzi, to grow, to thrive. Amoretto, s. n dim. of Amore. Analemmo, s. m. a term in sindure all' incuntro, to go to Amorevole, adj. kind, friendly, dialling, a way to find out the ineet.. inuure puliegrimu, to go civil.

course of the sun, and the in- wandering-indare a vela, to Amorevolízza, s. m. friendship, erease of the shadow.

sail.-- indarne la tiin, to have love. Analogia, s. f. analogy.

one's life at stake.--Intuit a Amorevoleménte,adv. lovingly. Análogo, adj. analogous. marito, to marry. - Andare a Amorino, diminutiveof Amore. Anarchia, s. I. anarchy. ruba, to be pillaged.rindar Amorosamente, adj. amorous- Anátema, s. m. anathema. bene, to succeed.indar dietro, ly.

Anatómia, s. f. anatomy. to follow.---Lasciamo anduse Amorosello, 2 pretty, genteel, Inatomicamente, anatomical- questo discorso, let us talk no Amorosetto, I lovely, wanton.

moreof this.-Andare a seconda, Amoróso, adj. full of love.- Anatómico, adj. anatomical. to go with the stream.-dindar Letlera amorósa, love letter.- A'natra, s. f. a duck.

sotto, to set, said of the sun.Amoroso, s. m. lover, gallant, Anca, s. f. haunch, hip. Iisule va sotto, the sun sets. spark

Ancajóne, adv. limpingly.- Andare pe' futti suoi, to yo Amorósa, s. f.. mistress, sweet cindáre ancaion, to limp, to go about one's business.---rindur heart. lame.

di brigata, to go together.Amostánte, a man of great dig- Ancella, s. f. maid, waiting- indare per una cosa, to go to nity or office amongst the maid.

fetch something:- indare per Arabians.

Anche, adv. also, too, likewise. uno, to go to call somebody. Amovibile, adj. that may be - Per onche, yet, as yet.me - indare verso una cosa, to ap: femoved.

anche, peither, not, not even. proach, to go near. --In tutti i Angiamcatc, amply, fully. -Zuando uncie, though, al suoi disegni vii a gambe levute, all Ampiezza, s. f. amplitude, though.

his designs miscarry.Andar hugeness.

Ancheggiare, said of a horse del corpo, to void.- pergio A'mpio, adj. large, wide.- bearing himself upon his andare, when the worst comes simpio, ample, great, full.-- haunches,

to the worst.-flungo andare, Ampio, s. m. breadth.-i'ne Ancidite, to slay, to kill. at long run, in time. Andare lan a d'ampio tre dita, a blade inciditore, one that kilis. Obs. a monte, to deal the cards three fingers broad. Ancilla, s, f. u. Ancela.

again. Inuare a galla, to float Amplísso, s. m. embrace. Ancico, s. m. a hedgehog. upon the water, to go adrifi. Ampliare, to extend, or eniarge. Ancisore, killer. Obs. Ampliazione, s. f. ampliation.

So quel che ta detto, I know Amplificáre, to amplify. Eroianco contro di me? and you what I must say. Andlare in Amplificatúre, s. m. amplifier. against me too?

sevrenta, to grow up to seed.Amplificaziine, s. f. amplitica- A'ncora, s. f. an anchor for a rindare in amore, to rut/17tion.

ship-Gittar l'cincora, to cast dare di galoppo, to gallop. Amplo, v. Ampio.

anchor-Esstre ell uncora, to Andarsene, to decay..indir. Ampólla s. f. botele, phial. rideat anchor.-lecer l'úricora, sene, to be gone.ndterche Ampolletta, s. f. small phial. to weigh anchor.

ria, begone. Ampollina, 2. Ampolletia. Ancóra, adv, also, too, like Andáre, s. m. step, walking.

Anco, adv. also, yes, stili-! {ndere altéru, to be proud.


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1$.} groin.




Anellecto, s. m.), small ring.

Andári, s. m. alleys and walks

A'ngue, s. m. snake. Poetical. in the gardens.

Anfibologia, s.f.amphibology, Anguilla, s. f, eel. Andáta, s. f. the act of going.– speech that has double mean-Anguilláre, s. m. a long and Dure la buona andata a servi, to ing.

straight row of vines. give the servants something Anfibologicamente, adv. ambi- Anguillétta,? a small eel. to drink. guously.

Anguillina, Andato, adj. gone, past.

Anfibológico, adj. amphibolo- Anguináglia, s.f. Andatore, s. m. goer, walker. gical, ambiguous.

Anguinaja, s. f. S -Un buon andatore, a good Anfiteatro, s. m. amphitheatre. Angústia, s. f. distress, perwalker. A'nfora, s. f. kilderkin.

plexity, difficulty, trouble. Andatúra, s.f. the act of going, Anforétta, s. f. small kilderkin. Angustiare, to alllict, to vex, the act of walking.-Si quell' Angariáre, to overcharge, to to trouble, to distress. Anandatura, in that manner. overburden, to oppress.

gustiársi, to grieve, to be afAndízzo, s. m. (usanza mode. Angariatóre, s. m. an oppres-flicted. - Indazzo, influence.

Angustiáto, adj. vexed, trouAndiánne, let us go.

A'ngela, a female angel. bled, harassed, distressed. Andirivićni, s. m. roundabouts. Angelésco, adj. angelical. Angustioso, adj. sad, grievaus. Indiriviéni, incoherent dis- Angeiétta, a little female angel. Ingustiúso, anxious, much

Angélica, s. f. a plant so called. concerned. A'ndito,s. m. passage, entrance. Angelicáro, adj. angelical. Angústo, adj. narrow, strait, Andróne, s.-m. passage, entry. Angelichézza,'s. f. the nature close.-Angusto, little, small. Aneghittóso, 0. Neghittoso. and quality of an angel. A'nice, s. m, anise, a plant.-Obs.

Angélico, adj. angelical.-L'a- Anice, aniseed. --Son dati gli Aneláre, to breathe short, and gplica trobú, the angel's trum- anici, the business is over. with difficulty - Aneláre, to pet

Aníle, adj. old, ancient, aspire.- neláre alla vendetta, Angélico, angelical.

A'niina, s. f. the soul.-- Render to pant after revenge. A'ngelo, s. m. angel.- Ingelo l'inimo, to give up the ghost. Anélite, s. shortness of custode, guardian angel. ---An- -A'nima, soul, ghost, spirit. breath, panting

gelo di badia, weathercock. Anima, soul, person. Von v'é

Angeluccio, little angel. un dnima nel parco, there is not Anellíno, s. m. Í

A'ngere, to grieve, to vex, to a soul in the park.-A'nima Anello, s. m. a ring - inéllo trouble, only used in the third mia, my dear soul. I'nima di d'oro, a gold ring.-néllo, person singular of the present bottone, buttonmould. thimble.Dar l'anillo, to be.

s'nima di cannone, a mould for troth.

Angheria, s. f. violence, force, casting a piece of ordnance.com Anélo, adj. out of breath. wrong, compulsion.- Per an Anima, kernel. Anelóso, adj. who has a short gereria, against one's will.-I Animaláccio, a great breath.

pigri fanno tutto per angheria, beast. Anémone, s. f. wind flower. lazy people do all against Animále, s. m. animal. Vedi Aneto, s. m. an herb like fen- their inclination.

pezzo d'animale, see yon great nel.

Angheriáre, to force, to comAneurisma, s. m. a dilatation of pel, to constrain.-ngheriáre, Animales'co, adj. beastly, stug

to overcharge, to overburden, pid. Anfanamento, prating, prat- to oppress:

Animalétto, s. m. dim. of Ani. tling, chattering nonsense. Angina, s. f. squinancy, squin- mále. Anfanáre, to speak so that no

Animalúne, s. m. a great beast, body knows what to make of A'ngiola, v. Angela.

Animalúccio, s. m. little ani. it-Anfomáre a secco, to ramble Angiolella, s. f. a little angel. Animalúzzo, s. m. S mal. in one's discourse. -Anfanársi, Angioletta, s. f. a little angel

. Inimánte, s. m. living crea. to wander, to rove, to stray. Angiolino, a little angel. ture; any thing that has soul Anfanatóre, s. m. prattler, bab- A'ngiolo, v. Angelo.

and lite. bler.

Angolárc, adj. angular.---Pietra Animáre, to hearten, to en. Anfanatrice, s. f. prattling angolure, corner stone. courage, to embolden, to ania

woman, talking gossip. Angolarmente, adv. angularly. mate. Anfaneygiáre, to talk idly, to A'ngolo, s. m. angle, corner. Aniináto, adj. animated, have

prattle-Poi anfaneggiate, you Angolóso, adj. that has angles. ing lite.-- {etto animato, sine don't know what you say. Angonía, s. f. t. Agonia. cere love or friendship. Anfánia, vain talking.-- Vonmi Angóre, s. m. passion, grief of Animavversióne, s. f. animadseate a storitire la testa con le vostre the mind.

version. anfmie, don't stun my brain Angoscevoie, adj. sorrowful, Animella, s. f. the tongue of with your idle stories. painful, dolorous.

several things.- Animella di vi. Anfesibéna, s. f. a serpent that Angóscia, s. f. anguish.

tello, sweetbread. has a lead at both ends. Angosciamento, v. Angoscia. Animo, s. m. mind, underAnfibio, adj. that lives either Angosciáre, to grieve. standing, opinion, judgment, in water or on land - Animale Angoscióso, adj. sorrowful, fancy, resolution, affection, anfibio, an amphibious crea- grievous, painful, afflicted. inclination, disposition.-lla


S. m.


an artery.




petty soul.

young duck.

Anino d'andare in campagrid, | drowning.

Annóso, adj. full of vears, old, I have a mind to go into the Annegáre, to drown.-Anne-Annotázione, s. f. annotation. country. Volgere nell

' an mo, gare, to put under water. Annottare, to grow towards to consider with one's self. Annegársi, to drown one's self. the evening. Animo, courage, heatt, valour, Anneghittire, to grow lazy.- Annottire, ü. Annottáre. resolution, boldness... Animo, Annezhittire, to make one lazy Annovelláto, adj. fabulous.-cheer up; on, onts. A'nimo or idle.

Annovelláto, beguiled, deceive vile, spiritlessness, speaking Annegráre, to blacken.

ed. ness. - Pedersi d'amino, to Anneraménto, blackness. Annoveráre, to count, to reckr prove

fainthearted.. Dare Anneráre, to blacken.--Anneenimo, to encourage...Farsi ráre, to defame, to asperse.- Annuále, adj. annual, yearly. Znimo, to pluek up a heari... Annerársi, to grow black Annuále, s. m. anniversary, a Animo nobile, great soul.-- Annerársi, to grow dark or service said for a dead person, Grandezza d'ánimo, greatness of

once every year: soul.

Annerire, o. Anneráre. Annualmente, adv. annually. Animosaménte, adv. coura- Annésso, adj. annexed.

Annulláre, to annul. geously, stoutly, boldly, reso- Annestamento, the act of graft- Annugoláre, to grow cloudy, lutely ing

Annulláto, adj. void, annul Animosità, s. f. courage, bold-Annestáre, to graft.

led. ness.--- Animositd, animosity, Annichilamento, annihilation. Annullatore, he that annuls. grudge, opite, malice, ill-will. Annichilánza, '5. f. annihila- Annumeráre, v. Annoverare. Animóso, adj. brave, stout, va tion Obs.

Annunziamento, s. m. predics liant, courageous.

Annichilare, to annihilate, to tion.
Animúccia, s. f. poor silly soul, destroy.-Annichilársi, to come Annunziare, to foretel.ing

to nothing ---Annichilársi, to nunziare, to bring news, A'nitra, s. f. dụck, drake. humble one's self.

Annunziatúre, foreteller, re-
Anitráccio, s. m. young duck. Annichilazione, s. f. annihila- porter, teller.
Anitrélia, 6. f. a small duck, a tion.

Annunziatrice, she that fores
Annichilíre, u. Annichiláre. tels,
Anitrína, the same as Anitrélla. Annidáre, to nestle.cnnidársi, Annunziata, s. f, the Annude
Anitrina, s. f. duckweed. to make one's nest. Innidar- Annunziazióne, s ciation, our
Anitríno, s. m. young drake. si, to settle any where. Lady's day.
Anitrío, s. m. the neighing of a Annighittire, v. Anneghittire. | Annunzio, s. m. message, news.
horse, or whinning of a mare. Anniversário, anniversary. --dnnúnzio, omen.
Anitrire, to neigh, to whinny. Anno, s. m. year.Capo d' anno, A'nnuo, adj. annual, yearly,
Anitrócco, 2
} young duck

New-year's day.-Danno in Annuvoláre, to cloud, to over,

anno, from year to year.-- in Annacquaménto, sprinkling capo all' anno, at the year's Annuvolíre, v. Annuvolare. with water.

end.-- lli par mill' anni di ve- Ano, s. m. fundament. Annacquáre, to mix water with derlo, I long to see him.-En- Anomalo, adj. anomalous. wine.

trar negli anni, to grow old. Anónimo, adj. anonymous, Annacquaticcio, adj. mixed Annobilire, to nobilitate. Anotomía, s. f. anatomy. with a little water.

Annodáre, to tie, to knit. Anotomista, anatomist. Annaffiamento, s. m. the act of Annodáto, tied in a knot. - Ansamento, s. m. shortness of watering:

Annodato, concluded, ended. breath. Annafliáre, to water, to irri- Angoiamento, s. m. weariness, Ansáre, to pant, to breathe gate. vexation.

short. Annaffiatójo, 6. m. watering- Annoiáre, to weary, to tire, to Aʼnsia, s. f. anxiety, sorrow. pot.

be tedious.--Annoiársi, to be Ansiare, to breathe short and Annále, adj. yearly.

weary.-- Quinto m’annoia la sua

with difficulty. Annáli, s. m. annals.

compagnia! how weary am I of Ansierà, s. f. shortness of breath. Annalista, annalist, a writer op his company!

--/Ansieti, soriow, arguish, annals.

Annoiosaménte, adv. tediously, anxiety. Annasáre, to smell. Innasáre, Obs.

A'nsio, adj. anxious. to hunt upon scent.-Io l'ho Anncióso, adj. tedious, tire- Ansioso, adj. v. Ansio. annusato, I have smelt it out.


Ansiosamente, adv. anxiously. Annaspáre, to reel or wind Annomáre, to name. Not in Antártico, adj. antarctic. yarn into a skain or bottom.

Ante, adv. before. Annáta, s. f. year.--Annáta, the Annona, s. f.provision of corn, Antecedente, adj. foregoing profit of a whole year.-Un all sorts of victuals, or other Antecedente, s. m. the anteceannata di pigione, a year's rent, things that belong to inen’s dent. Annebbiáre, to cloud, to over sustenance.

Antecedenza, precedency. cast.---Annebbiársi, to grow Annonário, belonging to the Antecessóre, predecessor. cloudy: Annebbiáre, to blast, magistrate having the care to Antecessóri, predecessors, an. to blight,

furnish a country or a town Annegaménta, the act of with the necessary provisions. Antelucano, adj. before day,




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mans usually had.

Apertúra, hole, slit, chink, Antemurále, s. m. defence, any Antipápa, antipope.

gap.-- Apertúra,overture, prothing that serves to screen Antipasto, s. m. such dishes as posal. Apertura, way, means, against.

are first served at table, opportunity. Antenáto, s. m. progenitor, an- Antipatia, s. f. antipathy: Apocope, apocope.

Antipático, adj. antipathical. Apócrito, adj. apocryphal. Anténna, a sailyard.--Anténna, Antipensato, adj. premeditated. Apogéo, s. m. the mid point of any long pole. - Anténna, lance, Antipodi, s. m. pl. antipodes. heaven, where the planet is spear. Antiporre, to prefer.

farthest from the earth. Antennétta, s. f. small sail. Antipórta, s. f. fore-gate. An- Apologético; adj. apologetic. yard.

tipórto, s. in. outward porch, Apológia, s. f. apology: Antenóra, s. f. a place in hell

, the entry of a house. Apologista, an apologist. feigned by Dante, where trai- Antiquário, antiquary, a man Apólogo, s. m. apologue. tors are punished.

skilled in antiquities. Apoplessia, s. f. apoplexy. Antepenúltimo, adj. before the Antiquáto, adj. obsolete. Apoplético, adj. apoplectic. last but one.

Antisapére, to know. afore-Apostasía, apostasy. Antepórre, to prefer. hand.

Apóstata, apostate, renegado. Antepósto, adj. preferred. Antiste, a prelate, a ruler or Apostatare, to apostatize. Anteriore, adj. anterior, fore-chief.

A postatrice, she that revolts most.-- Anteriore, former, fore- | Antitesi, s. f. antithesis. from her own religion. going.

Antivedere, to foresée. Apostático, adj. that apostaAnteriorità, s. f. priority. Antivedimento, s. mzforesight, tizes. Anti, adv. before.


Apostéma, imposthume. Antiandáre, to go before. Antiveditore, a wary man, hav- Apostemáre, to suppurate, to Anticaglia, s. f. antiquities. ing a good foresight.

draw to a head. Anticagliaccia, 6. f.a despicable Antiveduto, adj. foreseen, fore- Apostolato, s. m. apostolate, piece of antiquity. known.

apostleship. Anticamente, antiently. Antiveníre, to prevent, to anti- A postólico, adj. apostolical. Anticamera, s. f. anticham-..cipate.

Apóstolo, apostle. ber.

A'ntro,s. m. den, cave. Apostrofáre, to put an aposAnticato, adj.antiquated grown Anuláre, adj. pertaining to a trophe over a word. out of use. -Anlicáto, accus ring-Dito anuláre, the ring- Apostrofe, s. f. apostrophe, that tomed, used, inured. finger.

stands instead of a vowel put Antichezza, s. f. . Antichità. Anzi, adv. rather.-Anzi, on Antichità, s. f. antiquity.-An- the contrary.--Ari, even, A'postumo, s. m. postbumous, tichità, antiquity, the antients. also.- Anziché, sooner, before. born after the father's death. Anticipamento, s. m. v. Antici Linzi pure, rather than not. Appaciáre, to pacify, to appazione.

- dnzi uella che no, rather) pease.--dippaciursi, to be paAnticipáre, to anticipate. handsome than not.-Anxilas cified. Anticipatamente, adv. before- mia partenza, before my depar- Appadiglionáre, to set up or hand. ture.

pitch a tent, to pitch a camp. Anticipazione, s. f. anticipa- Anzianático, the churchwar-| Appadiglionáto, adj. incampo tion. den's office.

ed. Antico, adj. antient, old.-Pa-Anzianità, ancientness, anti- Appagamento, s. m. satisfac. Tole antica, obsolete word.—1 quity.imiánitsi, seniority. tion, content. Al antica, adv. after the man- Anziáno, s.m. senior.inzióno, Appagare, to satisfy, to conner and fashion of the an- adj. old, ancient, of old time. tent.-- Appagarsi, take tients.

Anzinato, adj. eidest, first born. pleasure, or delight in.
Antichi, ancients.
Aocchiare, to ogle.

Appagáto, adj. satisfied, conAnticorrere, to run before. Aorcáre, to bang:

tented, pleased Anticórte, s. f. an outward A ótta, adv. often, oftentimes. Appajáre, to pair, to match. court or yard.

-A otia a otta, now and then. Appalesáre, to discover, to deAnticuore, s. in. a disease in Ape, s. f. bee.

clare. horses.

Apennino, Appenine, moun- Appallottoláre, to form as ą Antidétto, adj. foretold. tains in Italy.

ball. Antidicimento, s. m. predic- Aperire, v. Aprire.

Appaltare, to farm, to let to tion Aperitivo, adj. diuretic.

farm. Antidire, to foretell. Apérta, s. f. hcle, slit, chink, Appaltatóre, farmer, Anudoto, s. m. antidote. gap.

Appálto, farm. Antífona, s. f. anthem. Apertamente, adv. openly.- Appaltonáto, adj. debauched, Antiguardia, s. f. vanguard. Apertaménle, freely, frankly. lewd. Obs. Antimónio, s. m. antimony. Apérto, adj. open.- A braccia Appamondo, v. Mappamondo. Antimúro, S. m. cutmost wall, aperte, with open

Obs. parapet, breast work. Aperto, plain, manifest, evi- Appannamento, s. m. dimness. Antinome, s. m. the first name dent.-- Aperto, bold, bardy, Appannare, to dim, to cloud. of the three which the Ro-stout---Con viso aperto, boldly. Apparáte, to dull-ippan



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nore, to draw a net. appearance.

pendant of another. Apparáre, to learn.- Apparáre, Apparsióne, t. Apparizione. Appensáre, to premeditate.-to furnish with hangings. Obs.

doprensutamente, maturely, seApparato, s. m. preparation, Appartamento,s.m. apartment, riously, deliberately.jppenprovision, furniture.-Conap. lodgings.

satamente, purposely, on pure paratı,stately, sumptuously. --' Appartare, to separate, to se pose. Apparatı, train, retinue, equi. ver, to divide, to put asunder. Appensato, adj. foreseen, forepage.

- Appartársi da un luogo, to go known. Apparecchiamento, prepara-' from a place.

Appéso, adj. hanged, hung on, tion, preparatives for war.. Appaitatamente, separately,se- or unto. Apparecchiamento, furniture. verally.---- Jppartatamente, in se- Appestáre, to infect, to corApparecchiare, to prepare, to cret, secretly, underhand. rupt. make ready.--- Iparcechure la Appartáto, separated, parted. Appetere, o. Appetire. tavo'n, to lay the cloth.-in -.Appart.ilo, picked, picked uppetenza, appetite, desire, inparecchiure il pranzo, to get din

clination. ner ready.

Appartenente, adj. belonging, Appetibile, adj. desirable. Apparecchiatáre, dresser, wait. appertaining.--Appartmente, Appetíre, to desire, to covet, er, he that prepares.

conformable, agreeable.-- ;]p- to be desirous of. Apparecchiatríce, fem. of Ap- partenente, concerned, interest. Appetitivo, adj. appetitive that parecchiatore. i ed.

provokes appetite, that whets Apparecchio, s.rn. preparation. Appartenenza, s. f. appurte- the appetite. Appareggiáre, u. Pareggiare rance, thing that belongs to. Appetito, s. m. appetite, the faAppareggiare, to pair, to sort,' Appartenere, to belong, to re culty of desiring-putilo, to match.-- par ggiársi, to late, to concern to regard.. stoniach, desire of eating. compare one's self.

Appurtenére, to be related as a Aterperduto l'appetito, to have Apparentáre, to match.-- Ap. kinsman.---.Ipportenore, to be lost the stomach.--- ter buon parentarsi con una buonu fiumi- come, to be reasonable or fit. oppetito, to have a good sto. glia, to march one's self into a' Appassáre, to wither, to dry. mach. good family.-4parentarsi, to Appassionatamente, adv. pas- Appetitéso, adj. c. Appetitivo. make one's self familiar, to sionately.

Appetizione, s. f. desire, incii. familiarize one's self. Appassionáto, adj. endured, suf- | nation.-petizione di richeze, Apparentato, adj. related, kin fered.--- 11 passionato, passion- thirst of riches.

ate, adTectionate, fond. Appétio, adv. in comparison. Apparénte, adj. apparent, plain, Appassi: e, c. Appassare. Appianare, to level, to make manifest, evident. ipparuite, Appastáre, to stick as paste. even, to make smooth, to lay apparent, seeming -- Voni ap. Appellagićne, s. f. appeal. flat.--. Appiandre, to clear, to parente che venga oggi, in all Appellamento, s. m. appeal. remove ditficulties. likelihood he won't come to- Aprelláre, io name, to call.- Appiastráre, to cleare, to stick day.

Arpellare, to accuse.. Appel- fast---dpastráre, to engraft. Apparentemente, apparently, láre, to appeal froin the judg Lippiestrare un diamante, to in all appearance.

ment of an inferior court to a set a diamond. Apparenza, s. f. appearance, higher.

Appiastricciire, ? 5. Appiaoutside, show.-Bella apparen- Appellativo, adv. appellative, 1 Appiastriccicare, za, fair outside ---In apparenza susceptible of appellation.-- Appiattamento, s. m. the act of pare un golantuomo, he looks Appellatron, s. m. in grammar, hiding, of concealing. like an honest man.--- Appa- appellative.-Luscior il proprio Appiattáre, to squat, to lie senzit, presence, carriage.- per l'appellatiro, to leave what squat. l'omo di bella apparenza, come is certain for what is uncer- Appiattatamente, adv. by ly man. Ipparenza, appear- tain.

stealth, in a hidden manner. ance, likelihood, probability. Appellazione, s. f. appeal.- Appiattito, adj. squat.-Tenere Apparire, to appear--li aj- Appcllo, s. m. s Appello, appiattata qualche cosce, to con- parte in sogno, it appeared to challenge, defiance.

ceal something:-Sture uppiatme in a dream.- Non appare Appéna, adv. hardly, scarce. toto, to lurk. in lei seyno alcuno di vita, there Appenáre, to suffer, to bear, to Appiccágnolo, s. m. string, tie, is no sigu of life in her. endure, to undergo.

hond, hook. - ippicignolo,ring Appariscente,adj comely,hand. Appenito, adj. tortured, trou on which the scales hang. some.-- Aparisiénte, plain, ma bled, grieved, afilicted.---- Appiccamento, s. m. the act of nifest, evident.

penáto tired, wearied, fatigued.) hanging on, of fastening unAppariscenza, s. f. mien, out- Appénd-re, to hang.----Appen- to, of sticking or cleaving in, side, countenance.

déte questa cappello al chiodo, Appiccáre, to tie, to bind, to Apparita, s. f. apparition, ap- hang this hat on the nail. fasten, to make fast-pirrar pearance ----L'apparite del gi- Apperdere un malfettóre, to hang con uw spilla, to pin. ippiccar orno, the daybreak.-L'appa- a malefactor.

con bottone, to button.-- ippic. gila del sole, the rising of the Appendice, appendix, supple-cúre, to hang -- lppiccorsi, to

- yppendice, appendix, keep close, :v clcave, to stick, Apparizične, s. f. apparition, that belongs to or is an ap to take hold.- Appiccursi, bo

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