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to spy:

reason; matter.

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catch, to be catching.-Lal tito.

non sarebbe venuto, I thought. peste supicou col siati, the Appiuolo, s. m. a kind of apple- Ire would not come. plague is cauglrt by the tree.

Apportáre, to bring, to conbreath.- Ippicast, to grow, Applaudire, to applaud, to vey: --.jpurtáre, to bring, to to thrive. La mal' erba s'ap clap--- {pplaiulire, to praise, to procure.- jyportáre, to come picca per tutto, ill weeds thrive recommend.- Jpplauirsi, to into harbour. every where.- ppiecar surut admire one's self.

Appertatóre, he that brings. gli, to cry down, to slander. Applauso, s. m. applause. Apportatrice, she that brings.

--ippierárla ad uno, to play applicabile, adj. applicable. finasisiúne, addition.-pone a trick.

Applicáre, toassign, to appoint. posiču ne, ar position,when two
Appiccaticcio, adj. clammy, Midplicarsi, to apply--pin substantives are put together

sticky, like birdiime.--Unap-carsi allo studio della legge, to in the ame case.
piccaticcio, smeil-feast, trench- apply to the law.

Ippésta, adv. on purpose, with
er-friend, hanger-on. Applicatúre, s. m. one that ap a design.
Appiccatėjo, s. in. holdfast, plies to.

Appostarénto, s. m. ambush, hook.

Applicazione, s. f. application, silure. Appiccatúra, s.f. the ironwork care, attention, diligence, stu- Appostáre, to spy, to watch, of a window, or of a door.

todog, toobserve.-Appostáre,. Appicciare, to stick fast to, Appo, prep. near, by.-- ippa, to place, to put, to liy.--.Appiccicánte, adj. sticking fast, to, in comparison.-La roštial p sture, to appoint, to design. clingy

disgrážiu i wla azpo la mia, dypúslur l’all Rule, to be a spy,
Appiccicáre, to cling, to stick, your misfortune is nothing to
to stick fast.

Appostatamente, adv. design-
Appiccinire, v. Appiccoláre. Appoggiáre, to lay any thing
Appicco, s. m. adhesion.-Dure against another that may sup- Apposticcio, adj. added, done
appicco, to give hopes.-- ippic. port it.- ippougiáre, to sup atter.--Colore eppusticcio, paint.
CJ, occasion, motive, cause, port, to countenance, to back, Appósto, part. of Appore.

to favour, to protect.--- Jppog. Ben mi sono usposto, I thought Appiccolamento, s. m. diminu- giársi, to lean, to rest.-

-- Ippog. tion.

girsi ad un bastone, to lean up-Appostolático, s. m. the papal Appiccoláre, to diminish, to on a stick.--. ippoggiarsi, to dignity. lessen, to shorten.- ippicco trust to, to rely or depend upon. Appostolato, s. m. apostolate, lure le vzánde cu um, to re- Appoggiatójo, 6. m. any thing apostleship. trench one's victuals... Ippic

that serves to lean upon. Appostolicale, adj. belonging to colársi, to lessen, tu grow less, Appoggio, s. m. prop, stay.-- the pontill or chiet-priest, to grow short.

Sedia d'appoggio, elbowchair, pontifical, apostolical.
Appie, adv. down, at the foot. armchair. -- lppoggio, support, Appostolicamente, adv. after

-4mpie del monte, at the foot strength, prop, defcnce.. the manner of the apostles.
of the mountain.

Egli è l'appoggio dellu fumiglia, Appostólico, adj. apostolical, Appieno, adv. full, entirely. he is the support of the fami- apostolick. Appigionamento, s. m. the act ly.--Non posso fur nulla senzu'il appostolo, s. m. apostle. of taking a house or ludging vostra appúggio, I can do no- Apprenuénte, adj. ihat learns. for a time, and the rent paid thing without your help.- Appréndere, to learn.--:lj prine for it.

E' un uomo che ha dell' apággio dere, to apprehend, to con Appigionáre, to let, to let' out in corte, he is protected at ceive... Von apprenuto come ció to hire.

court.--Esenca ajpósgia, he is possa ri cire, I cannot conceive Appigliamento, the act of stick without help, he has no pro- how this can succeed.-- /pe. ing, fastening to a thing.--Ip- tection.

prendersi d'umore, to fall in love. pigliamento, the act of taking Appollajársi, to roost. -Il fuoco s'apprende facilmente

- Appigliársi, to take hold, Apponérsi, to guess, to con alle cum secche, dry things easi. to stick fast.-- ppighursi ad un jecture.--Ben i'upponesti, you ly take fire.--Bisogna apprno ramo, to take hold of a branch. guessed right. Or non m'oppo- derci all'umido degli amici, we sppigluirsi, to adhere.Ap $. che la cosa serebbe cosi? did must have recourse to our pigliársi

, to betake one's self I not say that the thing would friends. - Appigliursi, to take root. be so?

Apprendiménto, s. m. learning, Appigrire, to make lazy, idie, Appórre, to lay one thing on knowledge. slothful.Jppigríroi

, to grow another.-Apporre, to impule, Apprenditése, apprentice, idle, or lazy.

to charge with, to find fault learner, new-beginner. Appio, s. m. parsley, smallage, with.- roi s'uppone la sua Apprensióue, s. f. comprehenAppio domest.co, garden pars- disgrazia, they impute his mis. sion, apprehension, "under. ley.-i'ppio palustre, wild pars- fortune to you.---Apporre, to standing Apprenzióne, appre: ley.-:'pino montano, hill pars. oppose, to object, to allege. hension, jealousy, fcar. 'ley.- Apio macedónico, cello Che potete apporre a questo ? Apprensiva, se f. apprehension, ry--sippiu silvestre, horsera. what have you to say to this? | judgment, understanding. dish.

**Applrsi, to have a guess, Apprensivo, adj. fearful, cimoAppitíto, c. m. vulgar for Appe- to conjecture. Wapost che


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Appresentáre, to shew, to let | Appropiáre, v. Appropriére. Apríco, adj. sunny, that lies in see, to place before.- Appre- Appropinquagióne, s. f.? the sun.-Poggia aprica, ag sertárp, to represent one, to Appropinquaménto,s.m. S ap- open plain. hold his place.

proximation, approach. Aprile, s. April.-. Nell Appréso, adj. comprehended, v. Appropinquáre, to draw near, Aprile dell' età, in the prime of Apprendere

to approach.- Appropinquársi, age: Appressaménto, s.m. approach, to approach, to come near. Apriménto, s. m. the act of the act of approaching, com- Appropriarsi, to appropriate opening. ing nigh, drawing near. Ap to one's self.-- Appropriáre, to Aprire, to open, to set open. pressamínio, neighbourhood, apply one thing to another. Aprire, to cleave, to cut open. vicinity:

Appropriato, adj. appropriated. -Aprire, to let see, to discoAppressáre, to draw near, to Appropriato, fit, good.

ver.Che non m'aprite il rostro approach.-sppressársi, to Approssimamento, s. m. ap- bisogno? why don't you tell come nigh.-L'ora s'appressa, proach, the act of coming me your want?


, to the time draws near.–Sap- nigh.

stretch the arms. - Aprírxi, to pressaðu al cinquantesimo anno, Approssimánte, adj. near,

r, nigh. blow, to open as flowers do. he was almost fifty.

Approssimánza, s. f. nearness, Aprirsi, to chap, to chink, as Apprésso, prep. near, by.--Ap- proximity,

the ground does.Aprirsi, to presso di me, near me, by me. Approssimáre, to come nigh, clear up, as the air does.

ipprésso, after, next to. to draw near, to approach. Aprire la mente a qualche cosa, Ritornò quattro giorno appresso, L'interno approssima, winter is to mind, to take heed, to be he came back four days after. coming:

attentive.-liprir gli occhi od Uno appresso l'altro, one af- Approssimazióne,

$. f. ap

uno, to forewarn one, to make ter another.- Apprésso, adv. proach.

him wary.---La povertà fa aprir after, afterwards, next..Lo Approvagióne, s.f. approba- gli occhi u molti, poverty makes vidi la mattina d'appresso, I saw

many look about themselves. bin the next morning.p- Approvamento, s. m. approba.

rir bottega, to set up a presso a poco, almost, near. tion.com

Approtamento, consent. shop.dprir casa, to begin to Areva appresso, a poco cinquant' Approváre, to approve, to ap- keep a house. enni, he was near fifty years old. prove of, to allow of, to like. Apritivo, adj. aperitive. Apprestamento, s. m. prepara-cipprocáre, to confirm, to A pritore, he that opens. tion, the act of getting ready strengthen.

Apritúre di case, housebreakApprestáre, to prepare, to get Approvataménte, adv. in an ready. Apprestur da mangiáre, approvable manner.-Un p- Apritúra, s. f. slit, chink, gap. to make dinner ready.-dp- proválo antico, an old and come ! A quário, s. m. Aquarius, one prestársi, to prepare one's self.

mon saying.--dp prováto, adj. of the signs of the Zodiac. Apprésto, s. m. preparation approved.

Aquático, adj. of or belonging Fare appresti di guerra, to make Approvatore, approver. to the water, breeding or preparations for war. Approvazione, s. f. approba-| growing in or about the waApprezzabile, adj. valuable. tion, liking, consent.

ter, aquatic. Aquatico, waApprezzamento, s. m. the act Appulcráre, to embellish. terish, rainy. of appraising, valuation.

Appuntamento, s. m. conven- Aqueitá, aqueousness, waterisha Apprezzáre, to appraise, to va tion, agreement.

quality. lue, to rate, to prize.mp- Appuntáre, to stitch, to sew. A queo, adj. watery, aqueous. prezaire, to esteem, to have a - Appuntáre, to blame, to find Aquidótto, s. m. aqueduct. value for.

fault with. ppuniáre, to A'quila, s. f. eagle. sula non Approbáre, v. Approvare. sharpen, to make sharp.-piglia noche, I don't stand Approbazióne, s. f. approba- Appuntáre, to enter a thing into upon trifies.--Occhi d'aquila, tion, liking, consent.

a book-Appuntáre uno, to set piercing eyes, good eyes. Approcciamento, s. m. ap- one down.-- ippuntáre, to find Aquilino, s. m. eagle..-- zuilproach. fault, to find amiss.

no, adj. bäwked us areptia Approcciáre, to approach, to Appuntatamente, adv. exactly, lino, hawked nose, Roman

draw near, to bring near. punctually, duly, diligently. Approcciarsi, to draw near, to Appuntáto, adj. stitchedio Aquilonáre, s. m. north-wind..

Bppuntato, sharpened, pointed. quilóne, north-wind.---Verso Approccio, approach.--Gli ap- Appuntatére, critic, censurer. quoat, towards the north. pruri d'un assedio, the ap- | Appuntatúra, s. f. mark. svilóne, large eagle. proaches in a siege.

Appuntellare, to stay, to prop, Aquilótio, s. m. eaglet. Approdare, to reach the shore.

to support.

Aquúso,0. Acoutso. Approdore, to do good.- Appuntino, adv.just, precisely, Ara, s. f. altar.-ara, s. f. a star Spero che l'aria deila campagna exactly.

so called s'approderà, I hope the coun- Appunto, adj. just, exactly.-- Arabesco, adj. Arabian, Ara. try air will do you good..dp Per l'appunto, just, exactly, bic. prodáre, to become valiant, or precisely.

Arabico, adj. Arabic. courageous.

Appuzzare, to poison with Araviie, adj. arable. Approfittare, c. Profittare. Appuzzoláre, stink. Arabo, s. m. Arabic Arabo,


come near.





Arcaccia, a contemptuous word| tetto, adj. belonging to archi: Arágno, spider.

for Arca.

tecture. -- Dottrina architetta, Araldo, s. m. herald, king at Arcadóre, s. m. archer, bow- the knowledge of architec

man.--Arcadóre, cheat. Araménto, s. m. tillage, plow- Arcágnolo, s. m. archangel. Architettore, o. Architetto. ing

Arcále, s. m. arch of a door. Architettúra, s. f. architecture, Arancia, s. f. the fruit of the Arcanaménte, adv. secretly. the art of building: orange-tree.

Arcángelo, s, m. archangel. Architráve, s. m. architrave, Aranciáta, s. f. a sweetmeat Arcáno, s. m. secret, mystery:

the first member of the enta. made of orange peel. Arcáre, to shoot, to dart.-- Ar- blature which is upon the pilArancio, s. m. orange-tree.- cáre, to bend like a bow, to lars and under the frize. ATárcio, orange.

arch, to vault. Arcáre, to Archivista, s. m. recorder, he A ránda a ránda, exactly, just cheat, to bubble, to gull. that keeps the records. 17, precisely.

Arcáta, s. f. bow-shot.-Di-Archívio, s. m. archives, the Arare, to plough.

móra lungi dalla mia casa un'ar- place where old records are Arátolo, s. m. plough.

cata, he lives a bow-shot from kept. Aratóre, s m. husbandman, my house.-Tirar in arcáta, to Arcidiaconato, s. m. archdeatiller, plougher.

judge at random, rashly, in- conship, the dignity of an Arátro, s. m. plough. considerately:

archdeacon. Aratúra, s.f.tillage, ploughing. Arcáto, adj. fashioned like a Arcidiacono, archdeacon. Arazzeria, s. f. tapestry, hang- bow, arched, bent.

Arcidúca, archduke. ings.

Arcatore, archer, bow-man. Arciduchéssa, archduchess. Arazziére, s. m. a tapestry- Arcavolo, the great grandfa- Arciepiscopále, adj. archiepismaker.

ther's or grandmother's grand- copal, of or belonging to the Arázzo, s. m. tapestry, hang- father.

archbishop. ings.

Archeggiáre, to bend like a Arciére, s.m.archer, bow-man, Arbitrante, s. m. that arbi- bow, to arch, to vault. Arcifanfano, s. m. babbler.

Archeggiato, adj. fashioned Arcígno, adj. grim, that hath a Arbitráre, to arbitrate, to ad- like a bow or arch.

sour, dogged, sullen look or judge.

Archetipo, s. m. first example countenance.-Far viso arcigArbitrariamente, adv. arbitra or pattern, archetype. no, to frown, to look sourly. rily, despotically.

Archettino, s. m. dim. of Ar- Arcigiulláre, s. m. buffoon, jesArbitrário, adj. arbitrary, left chétto.

ter, droll, great fool. to a man's choice.

Archetto, s. m. little bow.–Arcíone, s. m. saddle-bow.. Arbitrato, s. m. arbitration, Archetto, a bow to play on a Arcióne, saddle, (in poetry). award.

violin, fiddlestick-Archetto, a Arcipelago, s. mn. Archipelago. Arbitratore, s. m. arbiter, arbi bow made of horse-hair to Arcipresso, s. m. cypress-tree. trator.

catch birds with.-- Architto, a Arcipréte, archpriest. Arbítrio, s. m. will, pleasure, little bow.-Star su gli archetti, Arcivescovo, archbishop. faculty of the soul to choose to be in wait, to be upon the Arcivescováto, s. m. archbione thing rather than an catch.

shopric. other.Libero arbitrio, free-Archibusáre, to shoot, to kill Arco, s. m. bow, hand-bow, will.--Arbitrio, authority, with an arquebuse or any long-bow -- orda l' urco, bowpower.-Voi volete fare sempre fire-arm.

string - Tenoko larro, to bend le cose di costro arbitrio, you Archibusáta, s. f. arquebusade, a bow.--- Alentar l'erco, to unwill always do things of your the shot of an arquebuse or bead a bow.-- frco, arch, a own head. hand-gun.

piece of work in architecture. Arbitro, s. m. arbitrator, ar- Archibusiéra, s. f. a small --L'arco l'un ponte, the arch of biter.Arbitro, arbiter, mas opening left in a wall to fire a bridge.-L'arco della schiena, ter, sovereign, disposer. Voi through with an arquebuse, chine, back-bone, the ridge of siete l'arbitro della mia volontà, loop-hole.

the back.- 4100, rainbow.--you are the sovereign master Archibusiére, arquebusier, one Arco, turn, going about. of my will, I have no other that serves or shoots with an Far una cosa coll' arco dell'osso, will but yours.


to do a thing with all one's A'rbore, s. f. tree.

Archibúso, s. m. arquebuse, a mighr.-Star coll arco teso, io Arbóreo, adj. woody, full of sort of hand-gun.

watch, to look about, to look Archidiacono, v. Arcidiacono. erery way. Arboscéllo, s. m. little tree. Archimandrita, the chief leader Arcobaleno... m. rainbow. Arbustíno, s. m. wild vine. of a flock.-- Archimandritu, Arcobigius. m. i. Archibuso. Arbústo, s. m. shrub, sprout.

prelate, ruler, chief.

Arcoli s. m. pl. cassies in the Arca, s. f. chest, coffer.Arca Archimia, s. f. v. Alchimia. air, silins. di Noè, Noah's ark.-L'arca Archipéndolo, s. m. 1 a geo- Arcolájo, 3. m. a recl... Acgitat santa, the ark of the covenant. Archipinzolo, s. m. metri uno come un airmajo, 10 puzle

- Arca, monument.--All' arca cal instrumtht so called. operta il giusto vi pecra, oppor- Architettare, to build, Arconcello, s. m. lille bow. tunity makes a thief. Architetto, architect - Archi- Arcorreggiare, to belch, to VOL. I.




break wind upwards. Not | Arduamente, adv. arduously, banks or piers.
in use.
with difficulty.

Arginétto, s. m. small bank Arcuccio, s. m. little arch. Arduità, s. f. difficulty. Argoglio, s. m. obs. v. OrgogArcuáto, adj. vaulted, arched. A'rduo, adj. hard, difficult.-lio.

-Naso arcuato, crooked nose. A'rduo, high, inaccessible.--- Argomentáccio, s. m. a bad, or Ardénte, adj. hot, burning, A'rduo, perilous, of great con- silly argument. burning hot, glowing, tiery: cern.-L'impresa è più ardua di Argomentáre, to argue, to Ardenie, ardent, hot, violent, quel che mi pensava, the enter- bring in arguments or proofs. vehement, mettlesome...dr-prise is of greater danger than -Argementáre, to argue, to dente, eager, hasty.-jeju ar I thought.

infer, to conclude one thing dente, brandy.

Arégano, s. m. origan, wild from another. Ardentemente, adv. ardently, marjarom:

Argomentatore, arguer, that vehemently, eagerly, fervent- Aréna, si f. sand, gravel.- holus an argument. ly.

Aréna, a place in the amphi- Argomentatrice, fem. of ArgoArdénza, s. f. v. Ardore. theatre, where masteries were mentatore. A'rdere, to burn, to consume tried and prizes fought, pit. Argomentazione, s. f. reasoning by fire. -A'rdere, to burn, to Arenosità, s. f. quantity of gra or proving by argument, arbe inflamed.strdere d'amore, vel.

gumentation. to be vehemently in love.- Arenóso, adj. sandy, gravelly, Argomento, s. m. reason, argusfrdo ili sapere se e viro o morto, 1 full of sand or gravei.

- Argomento, sign,token, am impatient to know whe- Arfasátto, s. m. any man that conjecture, presumption ther he is alive or dead.- carries on a poor trade, as a L' undur sempre ai di orti è urgoTu ardi di ritornartene a casa, cobler, a translator, a diction- mento che non ante lo studio, I you long to go home again.--- ary-maker.

conjecture from your going A'rdere, to shine, to cast a light A'rgano, s. m. capstan, wind abroad so often that you don't or brightness, to be bright. beam, draw-beam, crane,iron love to study.--. románto, Ardiglione, s. m, the tongue of crow.

trick, device, way, contria buckle.

Argentájo, s. m. silversmith. vance.- Von so dhe argumento Ardimento, s. m. boldness, cons Argentále, adj. white or bright trovare per isbrigarni di lui, I fidence, assurance, impu- as silver.

don't know how to contrive dence-Ardimento, boldness, Argentário, silversmith. to get rid of him. Irgomento, freedom, courage.--Ii suo ar- Argentáto, adj. silvered over, pretence or pretext, cloak, dimento lo liberò da un gran queria overlaid, or plated with sil- colour, appearance, shew.-colo, his courage delivered

Argominto, instrument, tool, him from a great danger. Argentatóre, s. m. lackerer, engine, implement.--ArgoArdimentóso, adj. bold, coura- Argenteo, adj. of the colour of mento, glister ---Argoménto, ar, geous, daring, stout...Ardi silver.

gument, theme, subject. mentóso, bold, contident, im- Argenteria, s. f. plate, silver, Argomentóso, adj. effectual, pudent. plate.

prevailing, done with contriArdire, v. n. to dare, to be Argentiéra, s. f. silver-mine. vance, wit and skill.-Irgo

bold. Ardireste farlo? could Argentiére, silversmith. mentoso, expert, skilful, of you be so bold as to do it?- Argentino, adj.silver-coloured, good experience. Non artisco uscir quer questo tem- bright, white as silver. Arguire, to argue, to reason.po, I dare not go out in this Suono argentino, clear sound. ärvure, to argue, to infer, to weather-rdire, s. m. bold- Argento, s. m. siiver-lrgento conclude.- Arquire, to check, ness, courage, confidence, as- filuto silver wire.-- Irgintoorn, to reprimand, to chide. surance, daringness-Indire, quicksilver, mercury.-Dar- Argumentáre, D. Argomenboldness, impudence.

génto, silver-coloured.--Capelli tare. Arditággio, very great boldoginio, silver hair, hoary Argumento, s. m. v. Argomenness, intrepid courage.

hair Arditamente, adv.boldlv. stout- | Arzigiia, s. f. white clay, such Argutaménte, adv. subtly, cunly, courageously, confidently, as potters lise, potters carth. ningly. with assurance.

Argiglino, adj. cla;cy, full of Argito, adj. subtle, sharp, cunArutánza, S. f. confidence, white clay.

ning, witty, brisk. courage. Obs. assurance, im- Argilla, 5. f. potters carth.: truuzia, s. I. smartness, quaint. Đt:cence. Obs.

The same 23 Argigli. | 110ss, repartec, quirk. Arditéza, s. f. 2. Ardiménto. Argilloso, clayey, tull of white' A'ria, s. f. air, that of the four Ardito, ašlj. bold, courageous, clay.--Tirra urgilósa, clayey elements which environs the daring.--mirdito, confident, ground.

water and the earth-fri inipudient.

Argia:le. s. m. Obs.) bank or salióre, wholesome air.--diria Ardore, s. m. heat, burning Irginamento), s. m.

grossa, thick air, foggy air.-mm heat Cordre del solo', the 'rgine, s. in..

siria sollile sharp air. --Irrliner heat of the sun.mirdlóre, af inundations.

un poco d'aria, to take some fection, love, inclination, pas- Jrgináre, to fortify, to ram fresh air.- lll'aria scoperta, iu 5.09.-virdúre, ardour, eager- part.

| the open air.-dria, wine... **** fervency, zeal. Argináto, adj. bordered with In uria, in vain, ya

yainly, silidy,



to resist

drie, song.






-Batter l'aria, to beat the air. wort.

armour, harness, weapon oftria, air, carriage, form, Aritmética, s. f. arithmetic. fensive or defensive.- Arme a look, aspect, presence, mien. Aritmético, arithmetician, ac- fuoco, fire-arms.- Irme bianche, -Jle una aria nobile, he has a comptant.-- Aritmético, adj. any arms that are not firenoble air.-Si di dell'arie, he arithmetical, done according arms.---Pigliar l'armi, to take carries it high, he gives him to the rules of arithmetic. up arms. --}'urtar l'armi, to self airs.- Iria, air, tune.- Arlótto, s. m. glutton, greedy- bear arms, to be a soldier..

1 qut, great eater, devourer. Deponer l'armi, to lay down Aridizza, 5. f. aridity, dry-' Arma, t. Arme.

--All'urmi, to arms; a Armacóllo, crosswise.-Portare military cry.- Passar per la Ariditá, s. f. aridity, dryness. ut armacollo, to wear cross armi, to shoot to death, to bę Arido, adj. arid, dry, withered, wise.

shot to death.-l'on d'armi, barren. Terra árida, dry or Armádio, v. Armario.

soldier.-Genie d'armi, militia, barren ground.-Discorso árin Armadura, s. f. iron coat, coat soldiery.--Opera d'arme, milito, a dry or jejune discourse. of mail, panoply.- Armadura, tary action.-Futto d'arme, ex- frido, poor, sorry, pitiful, men armed with a coat of ploit, feat, achievement, batwretched. un luogo arido, mail.-Irmadira, arms.dra tie.-Fur il viso delle arine, to érie si trova appena del pane, it madura, prop, stay, tressel.-look angry, or in a passion. is a wretched place where irmadura delle rayne, part of Esser in urine', to be in arms.bread is scarce to be found. the fotvling-net.

Fard'arme, to fighi.-Sospension Arientáto, adj. 0. Argentá- Armajuolo, s. armourer, arme, cessation of arms,


trucç.-Itone, arms, coat of Ariento, o. Argento. Obs. Armamentário, s. m. armoury. Arietáre, to strike with the Armamento, s. m. armour.-- Armeggería, s. f, play of arms. ram, to batter down walis sirmamento, armament, war: Armeggevole, adj. warlike, with the ram as the ancients like preparations, 'raising of contentious, quarrelsome. did.


Armeggiamento, ș. m. play at Anete, s. m. Aries, a celestial Armáre, to arm, to put on aragn-Ariée, battering ram, mour.--. Irmáre, to arm, to Armeggiare, to play, to sport a warlike engine.

mahe preparations of war. in arins, to fight only for diAriéta, s. f. air or song.

armuire un inscello, to fit out a version.-- dimewaiire, to conArimmética, s. f. arithmetic. ship.--cirmáre, to prop, to found one's seit in talking, to Arimmético, arithmetical. stay.--dirmircuna volta, to stay speak nonsense.--- Armezurre Aringa, s. f. harangue, dis a vault with centers.-- Irmite un vascello, to moor a ship. course, speech.---E' un aringa una ragna, to draw up a net. Sea term. che ha piaciuto a tutti, it is a Irmirsi, to take up arms. Armeggiata, fighting, justing, speech that every body liked. Armársi, to arm one's self, tu tilting. - iring, herring:

put on one's arms.- irmársi, Armeggiatóre, s. m. juster, one Aringamento, s. m. a long to fortify, to arm, to fence, to that runs a tilt. speech made in public, and strengthen, to secure one's self Armeggio, s. m. the act of upon public business.

against.---- Armársi di pazienza, fighting in play. Ariagare, to harangue, to be patient.--- irmársi di cu- 'Armellino, ermine. make a speech in public. stanta, to put on a stout reso- Arménto, s. m. herd or drove Aringatore, speech-maker, lution.

of cattle, properly of oxen or speaker.

Armário, s. m. chest, drawer, Bringheria, s., f. speech, dis- cupboard.

Armeria, s. f. armoury, consercourse, harangne.

Armata, s. f. navy, feet, arma vatory for arms. Aringhiera, s. i. chair, pulpit, da.--. B. Some say, armata Armicella, s. f. small arms. bar.

for a land-army, but that is a | Armigero, adj. valiant in arms, Aringo, s. m. lists.---Correr Gallicism, and the true word warlike, martial. Jaringa, to run for a prize.--! for it is Esercito.

Armilla, s. f. bracelet, jewel Entrar neil' aringo), to enter the Irmatamente, adv. with arms, worn on the arm or wrist. lisis. 1 in a hostile manner.

Armilláre, adj. which has worn Arióne, o. Airone.

Armatélla, ? S. f. a small or wears bracelets. Arióso, adj. light:ome, full of Armatétta, feet.

Irmisi izio, s. m.cessation from light, well seated, situate in a Irmáto, adj. armed, harnessed, arms for a time, short truce. fine air, airy, siriuso, comely, fenced. Una nuer bra surinuita, Armónia, s. f. harmony, conhacdsome.

a ship well equipped or litted/ cert, agreement of sounds. Arizmetica, arithmetic.


Arinoniaco, S. m. gum armoArista, s. f. chine of pork. Aumaióre, s. m. captain of a

niac.drmoniaco, a

sort of Aristocrático, aristocratical. privateering ship.-- Armatore, salt dug out of the sands. Aristocrázia, aristocracy, poli- privateer, a ship titted up for Armoniale, adj. harmonious, tical government exercised by privateering.

melodious, musical. some of the most eminent in Armatúra, s. armour, pano- Armoniáto, adj. set in order, a state. ply.

ranked, ranged, set in array." Aristologia, hartwort, birth-Arme, $. f, arms, all kinds of Obs.



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