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Armonioso, adi musical, me-| Arrabbiarsi, to grow very an


to an affair.--Arrenáre, to $ , har- gry,

grind or polish marble. monious.

Arrabbiatamente, adv. outra- Arrendatore, renter,, be that Armoniosamente, adv. harmo-geously, madly, furiously. rents a house or any thing niously, melodiously, musical- Arrabbiato, adj. mad.-Cane else.

arrabbiato, mad dog.–Arrab- Arrendatríce, fem. of ArrenArmonizzáre, to make harmo-biáto, furious, fierce, cruel, datore. ny. outrageous.

Arrendersi, to surrender. ArArmoráccio, s. m. ox-fly, gad- Arraffare, to wrest, to snatch. rendersi, to bend, to bow, to bee, dun-fly.

-Arraffare, to catch, to lay yield. Arnése, s, in. household-stuff, hold on.

Arrendévole, adj. tractable, implements, furniture, . all Arramacciáre, to drag along easy, supple, obedient, pliant. things moveable within the upon a hurdle.

- Irrendécole, flexible, apt to house, harness.---- Esser male in Arramatáre, to kill birds with be persuaded or intreated. arnise, to be ill equipped, to boughs of trees in the night. Arrendevolézza, s. f.flexibility, be in a sorry dress or garba Arrampicáre, to climb, to tractableness. Arrese, ornament. Arnése, fi- clamber up.

Arrendiménto, s. m. sorrender, gure, form, shape.--che egli Arrancáre, to run apace as Arréso, adj. surrendered. era a vederlo strano arnese, so some cripples do.-Arrancáre, Arrestamento, s, m. the act of that he was the most comical to row with speed.Andare a arresting. figure to look at.

roga arrancata, to go very fast. Arrestáre, to arrest one, to A'rnia, s. f. hive, bee-hive. Arrandelláre, to tie fast with a seize him.- Arrestáre, to keep, Arnióne. s. m. kidney. packing stick.- Arrandelláre, to detain, to hinder, to keep Aromatário, s. m. druggist. to throw, to fling, to cast, to

from.--Altro non m'arresta, 'tis Aromatichezza,

hurl.-- Arrandelliire, to Aromaticità,

the only obstacle I have to it aromatic

away with, to take or carry - Arrestársi, to stay, to tarry, Aromaticitade,

quality or

to make a stand, to make a Aromaticitáte, Arrantoláto, hoarse.

halt. S'arresto smarrito nel tem Aromatico, adj. aror

romatical, Arrapináto, adj. humoursome, dermi, he stopped surprised to aromatic, spicy, odoriferous, morose, hard to please, cross, see me.--Arrestar la lancia, to sweet, sweet-smelling.- Aro- wayward, peevish.

couch the lance. mático, humorous, morose, Arrappáre, to snatch, to wring, Arresto, s. m. arrest.-Arresto, hard to please, cross, peevish.

delay, stay, stop. Arómato, s. m. ail-sweet-smell- Arrappatore, s. m. snatcher. Arretrársi, to draw back. ing spices, as cassia, clove, Arrappatrice, s. f. snatcher, Non m'arretro da quel che vi ho mace, ginger, all sorts of drugs ravisher, robber.

promesso, I don't go back from in general, grocery ware

Arraspáre, u. Raspáre. what I promised you. ArreArómato, adj. sweet, odorife- Arrecáre, to bring, to convey tráre, to put off, to delay, to rous, fragrant, aromatic. -Che novelle m'artéchi? what retard. Arómo, s. m. 3. Aromato. news do you bring me?-Ció Arrettizio, oppressed, overArpa, s. f. harp.

m'arreca meraviglia, I wonder charged. Arpe, s. f. harp.

at it.

Arri, s. m. a word which carArpeggiamento, s. m. the act Arrecatóre, he that brings riers use to make their asses of harping upon a musical Arredare, to prepare, to disa or mules walk faster. instrument.

pose beforehand, to get ready, Arricchiménto, enriching. Arpeggiáre, to harp, to play to put in readiness. Arredare Arricchire, to enrich Arrieupon the harp.

un vascello, to equip, to fit out cháre, to enrich, to adorn, to Arpeggio, s. m. the same as a ship. Arredare una casa, to embellish. Arpeggiamento.

furnish a house.

Arricchirsi, to grow rich, to Arpia, s. f. harpy.

Arrédo,s.m.household goods,im- thrive. Arpicórdo, s. m. a musical in- plements, furniture, all things Arricciamento, s. m. the act of strument so called.

moveable within the house.curling.–Arricciamento, s. m, Arpióne, 6. m. the hinge of a Arredi di nave, rigging of a horror, dread. gate, the hook whereon the ship-Arrédi di chiesa, para- Arricciáre, to curl.Arricciare, door hangs and moves. Ar- ments, altar ornaments. to stand on end with horror. pione, hook, tenter.

Arredi da uomo, man's apparel. Arricciar il muso, to shew an Arra, s. f. earnest, money gi- ~Arréti da donna, woman's aversion for, to disdain-Atven for the striking up a bar- attire.

ricciare il muro, to rough-cast gain.

Arrenamento, s. m. running a wall.Arricciarsi, to be very Arrabbattáre, to be busy, to aground or on shore, to put angry, to fall in a passion. stir. aground.

Arricciato, s. m. silver or gold Arrabbiamento, s. m. hydro- Arrenáre, to run aground, or brocade.

phoby, raging madness. on shore, to put aground. Arridere, to smile, to look Arrabbiáre, to enrage, to go Arrendre, to cease, to leave off, pleasantly upon; to shew 2

niad, to rage---sdrrabbiar di to desist, to give over.-— Arre liking or satisfaction in the fame, to be mad for hunger.- náre un negócio, to put a stand countenance, to favour. La

to wrest.

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fortuna y'arride, fortune smiles (Arrompere (rompere) to break.| destruction, confusion. upon you.

-Arrompere, to remove, to go Arrozzire, to make rough, Arringáre, o. Aringare. away, to go from.

rugged, or uneven.«Il freddo Arringaménto, v. Aringaménto. Arroncáre, to weed, to sarcle. arrozzisce le mani, cold makes Arringo, o. Ariago.

Arroncigliáre, to twist, to wind the hands rough.--Arrozzirsi, Arripare, to come to the coast about.

to grow rough or harsh. or shore, to land.

Arroráre, to sprinkle, to as- Arrubigliáre,} to make red, Arrischiare, to venture, to ha- perse with water.

Arrubináre, and of the cozard, to expose, to bring into Arrossáre, to blush, to co lour of a ruby.- Arrubinare il danger, to run the risk or ha- Arrossire, Š lour, to redden. fiasco, to fill a bottle with red zard.- Arrischiarsi, to dare, to - Dovresti arrossare, you ought wine. be bold, to presume.- Non to be ashamed. --Arrossire, to Arruffáre, to intangle or ravel voglio arrischiar mi d'uscire, I will redden, to grow red. the hair.- Arruffársi, to pimp. pot venture to go out.-Chi Arrossiménto, s. m. the act of A vulgar word. non arrischia non aequista, no- reddening or blushing. Arruffatore, s. m. he that inthing ventured, nothing got. Arrostarsi, to strive against, tangles. Arrischievole, bold, hardy, dar to endeavour, to struggle.- Arruffianáre, to pimp.- Arrufing, that ventures.

Arrostársi colla spada, to parry fianuire, to clean, to polish up. Arrisicáre, to venture, to ha- with the sword. Arróstar le Arrugginire, to grow rusty.

zard, to run the risk-Voimosche, to drive out the flies. Arrurginire, to make rusty. non arrisicate niente, you run no Arrosticiána, s. f. steak.--Ar. Arruotáre, v. Arrotare. hazard in it.

Tosticiana di vitella, veal-cutlet. Arruotoláre,'to round, to make Arrischievole, adj. resolute, -Arrosticiána di manzo, beef- round. stout, bold.

steak-Arrosticiána di castráto, Arruvidár to grow rough or Arrissáre, to brawl, to scold, to mutton-chop.

harsh. quarrel.

Arrostíre, to roast.-- Arrostire Arsella, s. f. a kind of fish. Arrivaménto, s. m. arrival. sopra graticola, to broil.Ar. Arsenále, s. m. dock, arsenal. Arriváre, to come to the shore, rostire, to burn, to parch, to Arsénico, s. m. arsenic. to land.-Arriváre, to arrive parch up.

Arsibile, adj. apt to take fire. at, to come to a place, to Arrostito, adj. roasted.-Pane Arsicciáre, io burn a little, to reach. Von vi potremo arrivare arrostito, toast. stasera, we shall not reach Arrósto, s. m. roast-meat. there to-night.- Arriváre, to Arróta, sa f. surplusage, over-Arsíccio, adj.) come to, to arrive at a thing plus, inore than weight, num- Arsióne, ş. f. v. Arsura. one aims at.-Arriváre, to rise, ber, or measure..Per arrota Arso, adj. burnt, consumed by to amount.-Il vostro conto ar alle mie digrazie, to complete fire. riva a dieci scudi, your bill my misfortunes.

Arsúra, s. f. burning, heat, amounts to ten crowns.--Ar- Arrotamento, s. m. the act of Arsura, drought, dryness. riváre, to overtake-Arrivare sharpening any cutting tool. Artagoricamente, adv. wonderad una certa età, to come to a Arrotáre, to whet, to sharpen. fully. certain age.--Arrivare, to -Arrotáre, to sleek, to smooth, Artataménte, artfully, ingereach, to come to.- Non ciar to make smooth.

niously; cunningly, with deTivo, I cannot reach it. Arrotíno, a knife-grinder. sign, subiilly. Arrivo, s. m. arrival, coming. Arróto, part. pass. of Arro, Arte, s. f. urt, science.Arte, Arrizzáre, to set upright. gére. Not used.

skill, address. Arte, cunArrobbiáre, to dye in goslin- Arrotoláre, to make up into a ning, subtilty, craftiness, sliWeed or clivers. ball or paper-cornet.

ness.--:d arte, adv. on purArrocáre, to grow hoarse, to Arrovelláre, to be angry. pose, purposedly. -Ognuno ha

make one's self hoarse. Arrovellatamente, adv, madly, buona moglie e cattiv' arte, no Arrocato, adj. hoarse. furiously.

tradesman is contented with Arrocchiáre, to cut in pieces. Arrovelláto, adj. inad, furious, his trade.--Chi ha arle ha parte, -Arrocchiare, to cobble, to very angry.

a man that has any ability can bungle.

Arroventare, to make fiery live any where. Arrogánte, adj. arrogant.

Artéfice, tradesman, artisan, Arrogantemente, arrogantly. Arroventíre, to wax hot, to be workman.-- Artéfice, artificer, Arroganza, s. f. arrogance. on fire, to grow red.

author, contriver. Arrogársi, to arrogate, to at-| Arrovesciamento, s. m. over-Arteficello, a degrading dimitribute to one's self.

throw, subversion, ruin, dise nutive of Artéfice. Arrógere, to give something to order.

Artemisia, s. f. mug-wort. boot-Atrogere, to add, to Arrovesciáre, to put the wrong artéria, s. f. artery. join, to put to.

side outward, to overthrow. Arterioso, adj. arterious, that Arrogiménto, s. m. addition, - Irrotesciáre, to turn upside has something of the nature adding

down or topsy turvy, to con of an artery-Vena urteriosa, Arrolare, to enroll.

found, to overturn, to over arterious vein. Arrolársi, to enroll one's self, to throw.

Arteriüzza, s. f. a small arteenlist.

Arrovesciatúra, s. III. disorder, ry,

Arsicciato, half burned.


or hot.




among others.

Asciugáre, io dry, to dry up.-- asino sape, cusi ning rape, a

Artética, 5. f. gout, a disease in mizzen-mast.

- Asciútlo, adj. dry, without the joints.

Artísta, tradesman, workman, moisture.- Asciúttó, lean, all Arterico, adj. sick of the gout, artisan. Irtista, artist. skin and bone. gouty.-- 11alattia urtetica, joint Arto, adj. strait, close, narrow. Ascolta, s. f. centinel, sentry. gout. Obs.

Ascoltánte, adj. bearer, audiArtézza, s. f. narrowness. Artúro, s. m. Arthur. Articelli, s. f. small art, not | Arúspice, augur, diviner. Ascoltáre, to listen, to hearken, very lucrative.

Arzanà, s. f. dock, where a to mind. Ar'tico,s. m. the arcticor north- ship is laid up, built, or re- Ascoltatóre, auditor, listener, , ern pole. paired; an arsenal.

hearer. Articoláre, to articulate, to join Arzénie, liot, burning. Obs.- Ascoltatrice, fem. of Ascoltaas bones do.- Articolare, to Acqua arxinte, brandy.

tóre. utter distinctly.---cáticolare, Arzigogoláre, to devise, to in-Ascolto, s. m. hearing - Stare in adj. v. Artetico. vent, to fancy.

ascolto, to eaves-drop, to listen Articolatamente, distinctly, ar- Arzigógolo, s. m. invencion, privately. ticulately. fantastical conceit.

Ascondere, to hide, to conceal. Articolázione, s. f. articulate Arzillo, adj. rough, fierce. -siscóndere, to covor, to hide. and distinct pronunciation. Obs.

- Iscóndere, to keep close, priArtícolo, s. m. article, a joint Asce, s. f. chip-ax, great, hat vate or secret.- dscóndersi, to of the body where the bones chct.

abscond. meet, knuckle.--.hticolo, ar- Ascélla, ș. f. arm-hole, arm- Ascoságlia, s. f. hiding-place. .ticle, head, point, claus 2:- pit.

Ascosaménte, adv. secretly. Susu l'articolo della morte, he Ascendente, s. m. horoscope, Ascóso, adj. hid or hidden. is at the point of death.-sir the ascendant of one's nativi-Ascostamente, adv. secretly. ticolo, article, a term of gram- ty, the part of a constellation Ascósto, adj. concealed.

which at the time of one's Ascrivére, to impute, to asArriére, tradesman, artisan. birth rises up from the cribe.miscrivere, to set down Artificiale, adj. artiticial, Artificialmente, adv. artificial. Ascendénza, s. f. rise, ascent. Asequio, funeral obsequies. ly, artfully.

| Ascendere, to ascend, to climb, Ous. Artificiáto, adj. artificial, art to get up, to mount.

Asfálto, s. M. a kind of bitumea ful. Ascendimento, s. m, ascent.

so called. Artificio, s. m. art; industry, Ascensionário, adj. ascending. Asfodíllo, s. m. daffodil. skill, workmanship.-- Artifa- Ascensióne, s. f. 'ascension, a A'sia, s. f. Asia. cio, artifice, cumning, craft, term used in astronomy: Asiatico, adj. Asiatic. deceit, device.--. vificio, in- Ascensióne, ascension, the going Asilo, s. m. asylum, sanctuary. struinent, tool, engine, im up of our Saviour into hea- A'sima, s. f. asthma. plement.---Fuco d' artificio, ven.---L'ascensióne, the As- Asimáto, adj. short of breath, fire-worl;. cension-day.

asthmatie. Artificiosamnénte, adv. artifi. Ascósa, s. f. ascent.

A'sina, s. f. she-ass. cially.--Artipiciosamente, cun- Asceso, adj. gone up, ascended. Asinaccio, a sot, a booby. , ningly, craftily.

Ascésso, s. m. an abscess, apos- Asinaggine, s. f. ignorance. Artificiosetto, adj. somewhat

Asinajo, s. m. ass-driver. artful, prettily cunning:

Aschiáncio, adv. across, a- Asinello, s. m. small ass, young Artificiosità, s. f. art, skill.- thwart.

ass, ass-colt. ---Asinello, the Artificiosila, artitice, cunning, Aschiare, to envy.

nvain beam of a house. craft, artfulness.

A schifo, adv. ex. dierea schifo, Asineria, s. f. ignorance, im. Artificióso, adj. skilful, artifi to loath, to nauseate, to ab- pertinence, stubbornness. cial.- Artificióso, cunning, sub- hor.

Asinescamente, adv. after the ile crafty. A'schio, s. m. envy.

manner of an ass, stupidly. Artificiatamente, adv. artifi-'Aschiuso, adj. envious, jealous. Asinésco, adj. of an ass. cially:

Ascia, s. f. ciip-ax, great hat- Asinetto, a small ass. Artificiále, adj. i. Irtificiale. chet.

Asinile, adj. ? of, or belonging Artifizio, 3. Aruticio. Asciáre, to cut or hew smooth Asinina,

} Artigiano, tradesman, artisan. with an ax.

Asinino, clownish. Artigliáre, to catch, to lay hold Asciugliere, to absolve. Obs. Asinità, s. f. incivility, clownwith the claws, to wound / Asciulvere, s. m. breakfast. ishness. with the talons. Asciolvere, to breakfast. Asino, s. m. ass.--.

-A'sino, unArtiglitre. guoner.

Asciug iggine, s.f. drought civil, rude, ill-bred.--Legar Artigliería, s. f. artillery, ord. Asciugamento, s. m. S dryness. l'úsino, to fall to sleep.-l'om' s nance. Artiglio, s. m. claw, clutch, ta Asciugare, to wipe.

man can do no more than he lon-licir dugli urtige er- Asciugatójo, s. m. towel. can do.--d'sino salvatico, a cape, to get away.

Asciuttamente, adv. drily. wild-ass.
Artimonc, s. f. the mizzen-sail. Asciuttózza, s. f. siccity. Asinóne, s. m. great asse
Artore dell'artimone, the Asciútto,s.m. dryness, drought. Aşma, asthma.






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Asmático, adj. asthmatic. tart.- spro, fierce, cruel.- fian, cut-throat.Occhi assuse
Asmóso, adj. asthmatic. Obs. Aspra pena, bitter grief.-- sini, killing eyes.
Aspalto, v. Asfálto.

espro, rough, rugged, un- Assavoráre, o. Issaporáre. Asparago, s. m. asparagus. even.--.1spro, severe, austere, Asse, s. f. plank, board.-se, Aspe, s. m. aspic asp.

crabbed, sullen, rigid.-spra an imaginary line drawn from Asperare, to exasperate, to logge, rigid, strict law.—.Ispro, one pole to the other, about provoke.

biting,stinging.-- Aspro,clown- which the whole frame mores, Asperartéria, s. f. the wind- ish, boorish, rustical.

axis. Pipe.

Assafétida, s. f. assa-fetida. Asseccáre, v. Seccare. Obs. Aspergere, to besprinkle. Assaggiaménto, assay.

Assecondáre, r. Secondare. Asperitá, s. f. c. Asprézza. Assaggiare, to taste.-Assag- Assecuráre, v. Assieurire. I'spero, adj. c. Aspro. giare, to assay, to try gold. Assecutóre, t. Esecutóre. Obs. Aspersióne, the act of sprink- Assaggiatore, taster, fore-taster. Assediamento, s. m. siege.

- Issaggiulóre d'oro, essayer, 1 ssediáre, to besiege, to lay Asperso, adj. sprinkled.


an officer of the siege.isseriáre, to surround, Aspersário, s. m. aspersory.

mini.-Assaggiatore di rini, a to beset.-Gli assediuti, the bea Aspettamento, s. m. expecta- winc-taster.

sieged. tion ispettamento, expecta- Assaggiatúra, s. f. proof,trial, | .1 ssediatore, besieger. tior, hope. Obs.

Assaggio, s. m. Sessay, spe- Assédio, s. m. siege.--Stringer Aspettánza, s. f. expectation. cinen.-li mando questo vino l'assedio, to besiegre closely.Obs.

per un assaygio, I send you this Porre assédio, to teaze. Aspettare, to expect, to wait. wine for a taste.

Asstygio, s. Z. Assédio. -Che aspettidimo? what do we! Issagliménto, v. Assaliménto. Obs. stay for?- Ispettate un poco, assai, s. m. pl. many; good | Assegnaménto, s. m. assigntarry a while.--Ispettursi, to miny:-- Issuii, adv. more. appertain, to belong to, to C'hi poco e chi assui, some little, Issegnáre, to assign.--. issege concern.-lo non voglio intra some much.-- issui, enough, náti, to allege, to produce. weilermi in quelle fuccende che sulliciently.--I ssriibene, pretty Assegnatamente, el. sparingmon mi s'aspettano, I won't in- well.-Dussii, by far.-- Lon- ly. ---Assegnatamente, particutermeddle in affairs that do dru è d' assai piu grande di Ro- larly, especially, nos belong to me.

ma, London is a great deal i Assegnazióne, s. f. assignment. Aspettativa, s. f. expectation, birger than Rome. Issai più, Asseguire, ö. Eseguire. Obs. hupe.

niuch more: Lissai colte, seve- Asseguizione, s. f. 1. EsecuAspettatore, he that looks for ral times.--.mlssa per tempo, zióne. Olis. any thing

very early.

Assembiainento, v. AssembraAspettatrice, feminine of is- Assaissimo, very much. mento. Obs. pettatore.

luissaliménto, s. m. assault, at- Assenibiáre, 0. Assembráre. Aspettazione, s. f. expectation, trick.

Obs. hope, waiting

Assalire, to assault, to assail, to Isseinblea, s. f. assembly. Aspetto, aspect, sight, counte- attack Assalire, to comel Assembránza, s. f. Obs. connance-ispetto, Jook, sight, upon.- lli sento assalire dalla ference, company, meeting,

aspect.-- sspelto, presence. félore, I feel the fever coming congress. Aspide,

upon me.

Assembrare, to gather up, to aspic, asp. A'spido, s. m. S

Assaliia, s. m. attack. Obs. bring together, to assemble Axpiráre, to aspire, to aim at. Assalitóre, an aggressor. together. Issenbrcive, to ap

tapirar l'h, to aspire the h: Assaltamento, s. m. assault, at pear, tv scem.-- issunbrársi, to in pronouncing it. tack.

assemble.--:ssenbrarsi, Aspirazióne, s. f. aspiration. Assaltáre, to attack, to assault. prepare, to set in order, to Aspo, reel to wind yarn or Issultatóre, ü. Assalitúre.

put in battalia, thread on. Assaltatrice, female aggressor. Assembráto, put in

array: 4 pramente, adv.

roughly,' Assálto, s. m. assault, onset, at Obs. harshly, austerely, rigorous- j tack, shock.

Assemplo, c. Esempio. Obs. ly, severely, stricily: Assannare, to lay hold with ' Assimpro, r. Esempio. Obs. Aspreggiare, to use roughly, the tusks.

wissennáre, to warn, to tell. io exasperate. issunnáto, tusked.

Obs. Asprérto, adj. somewhat rough, Assaporárc, to taste.-- Issapo- Assennatéz.za, s. f. prudence, tarrish.

Tur, to feel, to prove.-- Jisae wisdom,cautious or wary proAsprozza, f. roughness, poráre, to hearken, to give ceeding. harslıness, sharpnes, tart

Assennato, adj. wise, discreet, pes ---disprezza, williness Assassivamento, s. m. assassin- judicious. disprezza, severity.- Asprezza, ation.

asenso, s. m. assent, 'conscut. au-terity, hardship:

Assassinare, to assassinato. is sentimento, s. m. absence. Asprigno, adj. tartish,

Assassinatóre, s. m. assassin. Assentarsi, to abent one's self, Asprità, s. f. harshness, tart- Assis:inio, s. m. assassination. to keep out of the way. ne-s,

Assassino, robber on the high- Assentatore, flatterer. Aspro, adj. sharp, harsh, sour, way.--.Issassí no, assassin, fuf- Assénte, adj

. absent.


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a sent.

clear up.


Assentimento, s. m. consent, cold, to quake for cold. vere, to finish, to make an end,

Assideráto, adj. chill with cold. to perfect.- Assólvere, to deli-
Assentire, to consent, to agree. - Assideráto, benumbed. ver, to set at liberty.-La
Assentire, to approve, to Maniossiderate, numbed hands. morte assólce da tutti i guai,
Assidérsi, to sit down.

death is the end of all trouAssentíto, wary, provident, Assídere, to besiege. Obs.

bles. circumspect.

Assiduamente, adv. assiduous-Assolutamente, absolutely Assenza, s. f. absence. ly.

Assolutamente, positively, cerAssenziáto, adj. mixed with Assiduità, s. f. assiduity. tainly. wormwood.

Assíduo, adj. assiduous. Assolúto, adj. absolute.-VOAssenzio, s. m. wormwood. Assiepáre, to hedge round. lontá assoluta, unlimited will. Asserélla, s. f. } little board, | Assilláccio, s. m. augm. of As- Assoluzione, s. f. discharge, acAsseréllo, s. m. S shingle, lath. sillo.

quittal.- Assoluzióne, absolu. Asserenáre, to make clear, to Assilláre, to smart.-Assilláre, tion, forgiveness of sins.

to'make mad, to enrage. Assomáre, to lay a burden
Asserire, to assert, to affirm. Assillo, s. m. a fly that stings upon. Obs.
Asserragliare, to block up. beasts.--Aver l'assillo, to be Assomigliaménto, s. m. like-
Assertivamente, adv. confi- stung.

dently, with good assurance. Assimigliagióne, . Assimig- Assomigliánte, adj. like, alike.
Asserzione, assertion.


Assomiglianza, $. f. resemAssessore, a justice on the Assimigliamento, v. Assimig-blance, likeness, similitude. bench.


Assomigliare, to compare.
Assestáre, to weigh, to poise. Assimigliánza, s. f. likeness, re- Assomigliársi, to be like.
Assestar uno schiuflo ad uno, to semblance. Assimiglianza, si-Assomiglio, s. m. a picture.
give a good box on the ear. militude, comparison.

Assetáre, to make dry. Assimigliáre, to liken, to com- Assommáre, to bring near an
Assetáto, adj. dry, thirsty. pare, to resemble.

end. Obs.
Assettamento, s. m. agreement. Assindicáre, v. Sindicare. Assonnáre, to cast into a sleep.
Assettáre, to fit one thing to Assióma, s. m. axiom.

- Assonnársi, to fall asleep. another.--Assetture, to settle. Assisa, s. f. devise, livery.--Assorbimento, s. m. the act of - Assettársi, to prepare one's Assisa, impost, imposition. swallowing up self. Assiso, adj. sitting

Assorbire, to absorb. Assettatamente, adv. hand- Assistente,s. m. assistant. Assordáre,

to make deaf. somely, neatly, finely, pret- Assistenza, s. f. assistance, aid, Assordire, s zily. help, succour.

Assortimento, s. m.'suit, set. Assettatúzza, adj. fine, trim, Assistere, to assist, to be pre-Assortire, to sort, to match.com spruce.

sent.-Assistere alla messa, to Assortire, to cast or draw lots. Assetto, S. agreement. hear mass.-Assistere, to as- Assorto, adj. swallowed up. Me n'andrò in campagna tanto sist, to help, to succour.-- As Assottigliaménto, s. m. este che le mie cose pighino assetto, l'ull sistere, to assist, to attend. nuation.-- Assottigliamento, pero go and stay in the country Assito, s. m. partition made of fection. till my aflairs are settled.-planks.

Assottigliáre, to make thin or Méttersi in assétło, to make Assituato, adj. situated. Obs. slenderLa nebbia s'ossottiglia, rcady, to get ready.-Méttersi Assiuolo, s, m. horn-owl. the fog begins to disperse. in assillo, to order, to prepare, Asso, s. m. ace at dice or cards. tissottigliure, to sharpen, to to get one's self ready.--4s -Esser ridotto in asso, to be whet.-- Assottigliare, to use setto, state, case, posture.

reduced to beg.-Aver fatio subtilties.--Chi troppo l'assotlig Asseveránza, s. f. affirmation. ambá ssi in fondo, to have squan- lia la spezča, strain a thing too Asseveráre, affirm, to dered away all one had much, and it will break.-Asavouch.

Lasciare in asso, to forsake. sottigliarsi, to grow thinner. Asseverataménte, adv. affirma- Esser più cattivo, di tre assi, to Assottigliarsi, to stir, to bestir tively. be good for nothing:

one's self. Asseverazione, affirmation. Associáre, to bring into part. Assottigliatore, he that dimiAssicella, s. f. thin board, lath, nership:--Associársi, to asso nishes, that impairs. shingle. ciate with one.

Assozzáre, to make nasty. Assicuránza, s. f. trust, confi- Associazione, s. f. association. Assuefare, to accustom, to use. dence.

Assodamento, s. m. solidity. - Assuefársi, to inure one's Assicuráre, to assure, or affirm, Assodáre, to make firm and self. to assert, to aver, to promise. solid.

Assuefátto, adj. accustomed. -Assicurare un vascello, to in- Assolatio, adj. sunny.

Assuefazione, s. f. habit, use. Eure a ship.-Assicurarsi, to Assolcáre, to make furrows. Assuéto, adj. accustomed, used. adventure, to dare.

Assoldáre, to enlist soldiers. Assuetúdine, s. f. custom, use. Assicuratore, he that insures Assolfonire, to get the quality Assumere, to assume.-Assugoods, an insurer. of brimstone.

mere, to lift, to extol. Assicurazione, s. f. insurance. Assolto, adj. absolved.

Assúnta, v. Assunzione. Assiderare, to be grievously Assólvere, to absolve. Issúl-Assunto, assumed.--Assunto,

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