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3. m. charge, care.

| Astúto, adj. crafty, subtle, cun- Atteggiaménto, s. m. gesture, Assunzióne, the assumption, ning,

demeanour. Assurdo, absurd. Astúzia, s. f. craftiness, cun- Atteggiare, to express


gesa Asta, s. f. spear, lance. ning, knavery.

ture of any figure.-Alleggiáre, Astánte, adj. by-stander. A'tare, to help, to assist. to use much gesture. Astáta, s. f. a stroke with a Atatóre, helper. Obs. Actegnenza, e. f. kindred. spear.

Atatríce, she that helps. Obs. Attempársi, to grow old. Astato, adj. armed with a pike. A'tavo, s. m. the great grand- Attempatétto, adj. oldish. Astegnéaza, s. f. abstinence. father.

Attempáto, adj. old.-Un uomo Astémio, adj. abstemious. Ateísmo, s. m. atheism. attempato, an elderly man. Astenersi, to abstain, to for- Ateista, s. m. atheist.

Attempatótto, adj. fresh-look. bear.

Atléta, s. m. athlete, wrestler. ing, though old. Astérgere, to clean by rub-atométto, small atom. Attemperáre, t. Temperare. bing

A'tomo, s. m. atom.-In un Attendamento, s. m. encampÅsterísco, s. m. asterisk. atomo, in a moment. Astersióne, s. f. cleansing, A'trio, s. m. a portico before a Attendáre, to pitch a camp. purge.

house, vestibule.

Attendere, to mind. Attendere Astersivo, adj. abstersive. A'tro, adj. black, dark, dread- to mind, to take notice, to Astiáre, to envy:

ful.-Barba atra, black and consider.-Attendere, to wait, Asticciúola, small spear. shabby beard.-- Atri pensieri, to stay for.-V attende, he Astinénte, continent, tempe- cruel thoughts.

waits for you.—Qui m'attendi, Atroce, adj. atrocious.

stay here will I come.AttenAstinenza, s. f. abstinence. Atrocemente, adv. atrociously. deie, to keep a promise. Me A'stio, s. m. envy.

Atrocità, s. f. atrociousness. lattendercle will you be as Astiáso, adj. that envies. Attaccamento, s. m. the state good as your word ? AttenAstore, s. m. a kind of hawk. of sticking, cleaving, or fas dere a fure, to go on with a Astorlomía, Obs. v. Astrono- tening to a thing.

thing begun. mia.

Attaccare, to hang-Attaccare, Attendimento, s. m. attention, Astraére, 1 to separate, to tie, to bind, to fasten.- application, care. Astrárre, take off.

Attaccare i buoi all' aratro, to Attenente, adj. belonging to.Astrále, adj. astral.

tie the oxen to the plough.- Attenente, adv. near, by. Astrattamente, adv. abstract- Attaccarsi, to give or apply Attenenza, s. f. appurtenance. ediy.

one's mind to a thing.--Ai- Atienére, to keep one's proAstrattézza, s. f. abstraction. taccarla ad uno, to play one a

mise. --Allenérsi, to stick to a Astratto, adj. abstracted. trick.- Attaccarsi, to catch.- thing -Allenersi, to take hold, Astrazicac, s. f. abstraction. Allaccar la guerra, to kindle to hold fast.-M'altenui ad un Astretto, adj. obliged, forced. the war.-4ttaccar il filoco, to ramo, I laid hold of a branch. Astrignénte, adj. astringent. set on fire.-Attaccarsi il fuoco, sitiencieri a me, lay hold of me. Astrigaénza, s. £. the act or to catch fire, to take fire. Attentamente, adv. attentively. quality of binding fast. Altaccúrsi di parole, to quarrel, Attentáre, to attempt..itterAstrignere, to constrain, to fall out. -Attaccar Finimico, társz, to dare. Astringere, force, to to attack the enemy.

Attentáio, s. m. attempt. compel.

Attaccariccio, adj. gummy, Attento, adj. attentive. A'stro, s. m. star, luminous gluish, clammy, viscous. Attenuáre, to make thin or body.

Attaccatúra, s. f.? the act of slender, to attenuate. Astrolábio, s. m. astrolabe. Attacco, s. m. sticking.- Attenuato, adj. grown thin or Astrolagáre, to practise astro Dare attacco, to give hopes.

lean. logy:

Attagliáre, { to please one. Attenuazione, s. f, the act of Astrolágo, astrologer, fortune- Aitalentáre, --Fate quel ce diminishing or lessening. teller.

v'attaglia, do what you please. Attenzione, s. f. ariention, Astrologáre, Astrolagáre. -!0 fu sempre quel che m' otta heed. Astrologástro, s. m, a silly as lenta, I always do what I have, Attergáre, to turn the back to. trologer. a mind to.

Attcrramento, s. m. the act of Astrología, s. f. astrology. Attamente, adv. fitly.

casting down, of telling or Astrológico, adj. astrological. Attanagliáre, to pinch with cutting down, Aetrólogo, 3. m. as rologer. red-hot pincers.

Atterráre, to bear down, to Astronomía, astronomy.

Attapinaménto, s. m. lamenta overthrow, to demolish -Al. Astronómico, adj. astronomi- tion, whining.

kerrare, to debase, to humble. Attapináre, to complain, to - Allerrure, to cast down.As róaomo, s. m. astronomer. groan.

<ltterrarsi,to humble one's self. Astrúso, abstruse, obscu Attardársi, to grow late.- Atterratore, s. m. one that Asticcio, s. D. a case.

Nun v'attardate, don't stay pulls down. As utáccio, adj. çrasty. long.

Atterrire, to affright, to fright. Astutaminte, adi. subtly, cun- | Atráre, to fit or make fit. Atterzáre, to reduce, to bring niagly.

Attecchire, to grow, to thrive. to the third part. Asuézza, s. f. cunning. Attediáre, to weary, to tire. Attésa, s. f. attention, head. VUL. I.








every side, round about, on really. Attesaménte, attentively. Obs. all sides.

Attuare, to actuate. Attéso, attentive. Obs.- iit- Attortigliáre, to wrap, twist, Artuário, s. in. register, notateso che, because. twine.

ry. Attestáre, to hit head against Attoscáre, to poison.

Attuato, adj. effected, performhead.-Allesture, to bear wit- Attossicagióne, s. f. the act of ed. ness, to attest. poisoning

Attúccio, s. m. dim. of Atto. Attestato, s. m. certificate. Attossicamento, the same as Attuffamiento, s. m, the act of Attézza, s. f. aptness.


plunging. Atti, acts or deeds legally Attossicáre, to poison. Attuffáre, to plunge. Attuffiit. done ; a law term.

Attrabaccato, adj. incamped. si, to dive under water. Atticciato, adj. well limbed. Attraente, adj. attracting: Attuframénto, s. m. 1 the act Attignére, to draw up.-sittig. Attraiménto, s. m. attraction. Attufratúra, s. f. S of plungnere, to guess.- Ittignere, to Attrappáre, to catch, to seize. ing in the water. reach, to arrive at.

-Attrappáre, to over-reach. Attujáre, to darken, to cloud. Attigniménto, s. m, the act of Not used.

Obs. taking in water,

Attrárre, to attract.-Attrarre, Atturare, u. Turare. Attignitójo, s. m. a bucket. to allure, to wheedle. Atturáre, to quench, to put Attillatamente, adv. finely, Attrattiva, s. f. power of at In a figurative sense, to sprucely. tracting

calm, to appease, Attillato, adj. spruce, becom- Attrattivo, adj. attractive. Attutíre, v. Attutáre. ing, nicely clegant.

Attratto, adj. drawn to, at- Ava, s. f. grandmother. Attillatúra, s. f. neatness, hand tracted.--Atratto, that has his Avaccévole, adj. swift, speedy. someness, spruceness, nice ele- limbs distorted.

Obs.Aruccérale, careful, digance.

Attraversáre, to cross, to go ligent. Obs. A'ttiino, s. m. a moment, an cross.-- Attraversare, to put Avaccézza, s. f. quickness. instant. cross-ways.--Attraversare, to

Obs. Attingere, to come to.

traverse, thwart, cross. Avacciaménte, adv. quickly. Attinto, adj. touched, come to, Attraversatore, s. m. that cross Obs. reached.

Avacciaménto, s. m.? quickArtitúdine, s. f. aptness.-Alti- Attraverso, o. Traverso. Avaccianza, s. f. thdine, posture.

Attrazione, s. f. attraction. Obs. Attivamente, adv. actively. Allrasióne, contraction of Avacciáre, to hasten. Not Attività, s. f. activity, brisk

much in use. ness, quickness, nimbleness, Attrecciáre, to tress, to knit, to Avacciatamente, adv. in haste, diligence.

Not in use.A tirecciure is with speed. Attivo, adj. active Verbo at- capelli, to weave or tress the Aváccio, adv. quickly, with tivo, active verb. hair.

speed.--Avúccio, s. m. speed, Attizzamento, s. m. the act of Attrezzo, s. m. tool, engine, haste, quickness.---- Anccio, stirring or mending the fire.- implement.

adj. swift, specdy, quick. Attizzamento, the act of pro- Attribuire, to attribute. Avale, adv. just now, even voking:

Attribuirsi, to arrogate to one's Attizzáre, to mend the fire.- self.

A válle, adv. downwards. Athizzáre, to provoke. Attribúto, s. m. attribute. Avanguardia, v. Vanguardia. Atto, s. m. action, act, deed.Attrice, actress, woman player. Avanía, s. f. an imposition, an

Atto, sigu, nod, beck.-- Allo, Attristamento, s. m. sadness. exaction required by a cus* posture. --Atto di comedia, act, | Attristante, adj. vexatious. tom-house officer in Turkey. part of a play.--tto, adj. Attristáre, to grieve, to sad — Avania, wrong, injury. proper,

fit, apr. -Alto, suita den.Attristársi, to fret, to Avannótto, s. m. a fish one ble, agreeable, proper. Attóllere, to lift up, to raise. Attristíre, to grow worse and Avánte, 1 before.-- Avanti, adv. Attonitággine, stupefaction.

Avanti, s forward.-Päù avan. Attónito, astonished.

Attristito, vexed, grieved. ti, further, farther. Troppo Attopáto, aäj. full of rats. Attritáre, to break into small avanti, too far.- Avanti che, Attótcere, to twist, to twine. particles.

adv. before. ---Avanti, rather. Attorcigliáre, the same as At- Attriiáto, broke into small – La cosa è molto avanti, the particles.

business is very forward.Attóre, s. m. maker, doer. Attrito, adj. that has an attri- Andate avanti nel rostro discorso, Aitore, plaintiffittore, action.

your discourse. tor, player.

Attrizione, s. f. attrition, sor- Avanticamera, s. f. antichamAttoria, s. f. administration, row for sins, caused by the ber. Obs. management.

fear of God's judgments. Avantiguardia, s. f. vanguard. Attorpiáre, to encompass, to sttuale, adj. actual, real. Obs. environ, to inclose.

Attualità, s. f. reality, real exist. Avanzamento, s. m. advance. Attórno, prep. about, round

ment, preferment.---Avanzaabout.Atiorno allorno, on Attualmente, ady. actually, menlo, progress, advancement.





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ry. Obs.

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Aranzáre, to advance. Avan- | Avértere, to turn another A'uncinarsi, to grow crooked. Lare, to increase, to augment, way.

A'unghiáre, v. Augnare. to improve. ---Avanzare, to ex- A ufo, gratis, for nothing - Avo, y. A'volo. ceed. — 4vantáre, to be super. Vivere a ufo, to live at free Avocáre, to carry or bring a fluous, to be over and above

suit or action at law from one -&diacenza del parno, portáte- Auge, s. f. that point wherein court to another. melo, if there be any cloth the sun or any other planet is Avolio, v. Avorio. left, bring it to me. -Atan- farthest from the centre of A'volo, grandfather. rársi, to take courage.

the earth. Auge, greatness, Avolterare, to commit adultes Avanzaticcio, S. m. scraps,

grandeur, prosperity. fragments. Augellétto,

Avolteráta, adultress. Obs.

small bird." Arinzo, 8. m. rest, remainder, Augellino, I

A volteráto, adj. counterfeit, remaant.--Avanzı, profit, Augello, s. m. bird.

falsified. Obs. gain.

A'uggiáre, to overshadow. Avolteratóre, adulterer. Obs. Avaráccio, adj. exceeding co- A'uggiato, adj. shady, Avolteria, s. f, adultery. Obs. retous.

A'ugnáre, to cut in the shape Avolterino, adj. begotten in Araraménte, adv. niggardly. of a nail.

adultery. Obs.— tuulterino, Ayaria, s. f. an account made Augunientáre, to augment, to counterfeit, forged. Obs. by the crew of a ship of the increase.

Avoltério, loss they have had at sea. Augumentazione, s. f. aug- Avóltero, s. m.

.} adultery. Obs. Avarizia,s f. avarice.


Avoltójo, s. m. vulture. Avaro, adj. covetous, avari- Auguménto, s. m. angmenta- Avório, s. m. ivory.- Un petcious.-Un avaro, s. m. a mi- tion.

tine d'ivorio, an ivory comb. Aúguráre, to divine, to conjec- Avorniello, 1 a kind of tree Avaróne, s. m. a great miser. ture, to forete!l.- Auguráre, to Avornio, } like the ashiAudáce, adj. audacious. wish. Audaceménte, adv. boldly. Auguratore, s. m. augur,sooth- Aura, s. f.gale, breeze.— Auro, Audácia, s. f. audacity, bold- sayer.

favour, applause. Juru popo. Auguratrice, fem. of Augura- lare, popular applause. Audiésza, s. f. audience. tóre.

Auráto, adj. gilded. Auditore, 3. m. auditor, hearer. Aúgure, s. m. augur.

Aurélia, s. f. the worm when Auditório, s. m. a hall of au- Auguriáre, v. Augurare. Obs. shut up in his pod. dience.

Augúrio, s. m. augury, divina- Alureo, adj. golden. Ave, s. m. Voce Latina. God tion, soothsaying. -Un buono Aurétta, s. f. a small breeze, a

augurio, a good omen. gentle gale. Avellana, s. f. filbert.

Auguróso, adj. superstitious. Aurícola, s fa part or appenArellano, filbert-tree.


dage of the human heart so Avellere, to pull by force. Augusto, adj. august, sacred, called. Avello, s m. grave, tomb. imperial.

Aurícome, adj. that has hair as Aremmaria, s. a short Avidamente, adv. greedily, ea- yeliow as gold, (poetical). prayer to the Virgin Mary, so gerly.

Auricula, s. f. ear. called--Atemmaria,thetolling Avidítà, s. f. avidity, greedi- Aurifiamma, s. f.oriflame, the of a bell at break of day, at

royal standard of the ancient noon, and at the dusk of the A'vido, adj. greedy, covetous, kings of France evening --llavemmaria, at desirous, eager, voracious. Aurino, adj golden, gold-like. the dusk of the evening. Avironáre, to surround. Obs. Auro, s. m gold, (poetical). Avéna, s. f. reed, pipe.- icéna, Avisáre, o. Avvisare, and all Aurora, 6. f. the morning, the $f. oats. its derivatives.

dawn Avére, to have.- Aver fame, to Aula, s. f. king's palace, royal Ausiliario, adj. auxiliary. be bungry.---fvere a caro, to house, royal hall.

Nusilio, s. m. aid, help. be glad. -- dvere, to look upon Aulico, adj. of the court, aulic. Auso, adj bold, daring, (poe.. - t'ho per un gran vigliucro, I Aumentamento, augmentation. tical). look upon thee as a great Aumentáre, to augment, to in- Auspício, s. m. auspice, precoward.- tvere, to be. Non crease.

sage.--- suspício, protection, si ka prù speranza, there is no Aumentativo, adj. increasing. conduct, guidance, goverahope left. - Ater fuccia, to Aumentatore, improver. look like.- Avere al sole, to Aumentatrice, s. f. a woman Austeramente, adv. austerely. have an estate in land.- Aver that improves.

Austerità, s. f sharpness, sourrosture, to be used to.- Aumentazione, s. f. augmenta ness, austerity, severity, ria Avere in pregio, to value, to es tion, increase.

gour, mortification. teem.-scere, sv m. estate, Aumento, s. m. growth, in- Austéro, adj. austere, severe. riches, substance. - E'un vomo crease, augmentation.

-Altero, grave, reserva di rumle avere, he is a man of a A'uránza, s. f. an assembly. Austero, sour, sharp to the great estate, of great wcalth.

Averno, s.m. hell.

A'unáre, to assemble together. Austrále, adj. southern
Averdone, aversion.

Vento uustrále, south-wiud.

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Austrino, adj southern.


| ry, opposer. Obs. Austro, s. south-wind. Avvenentemente, adv. with Avversatrice, female adversary, Autenticamente, adv. authen- grace, handsomely.

Obs. tically

Avvenentezza, s.' f. beauty, Avversióne, s. f. aversion. Autenticáre, to make authen-comeliness, grace.

Avversità, s. f. adversity. tic.

Avvenenza, & f. sightliness, Avvérso, adj. adverse, contraAutenticazione, 5. f. authen- agreeableness, comeliness. ry.- Atverso, turned towards tication.

Avvenévole, adj. fair, comely, us, opposite..--Avverso, conAuténtico, authentic.- Fer au graceful.-- Arvenécole, conve trary, cross, unlucky..-('asi téntico, in an authentic man

avversi, unlucky accidents. Avvenevolezza, s. f. grace, Avverso, prep. against. Autóre, author, writer, com pretty way, comeliness. Avvertentemente, advisedly, poser, inventor.-- Autóre, au- Avvenevolmente, adv. hand- warily. thor, cause

somely, with grace, agree. Avvertenza, s. f. caution, care. Autorevóle, adj. of authority. ably.

Avvertimento, s. m. admoniAutorità, s. f. authority.- Ari- Avvéngachè, . Avvegnachè. tion, warning, advertisement. torila, authority, a passage or Avvenimento, s. m. fall, hap, Avvertíre, to warn.— Avvertire, testimony quoted to make chance, adventure,mischance, to inform, to give notice. good what one says:-Autori- event, success.-Avvenimento, Arvertire, to mind,to take care. , authority, imperiousness. coming, arrival, accession. -Stare avvertito, to be upon Autorizzáre, to authorize, to Avvenire, to happen, to be- one's guard. impower

fall.-- Avvenire, s. m. future, Avvezzamento, s. m. habit, Autrice, s. f. authoress.

time to come.-Per l'avvenire, custom. Autunnale, adj. autumnal. for the future.-sovenirsi, to Avvezzáre, to accustom, to Autúnno, s. m. autumn. light upon, to meet with. use. Advezzúrsi, to accustom Avvalláre, to oppress, to over- Avventamento, s. m. the act of one's self. bear. Obs.

throwing with violence. Avvézzo, adj. accustomed, Avvaloraménto, s. m. valour. Avventáre, to shoot, to fling.I used. Avvaloráre, to hearten up.-- - Ivventarsi, to fall upon. - Avviamento, s. m. going, ryn.

Avvalorársi, to take courage. Arventársi, to catch.--Questa Avviáre, to begin, to set forAvvampamento, s. m. burn- malattia s'avventa conversando, ward, to set a going.itviuring, blazing

this disease is caught by con si, to go forward. Avvampáre, to singe.-- Arvam- versing one with another. Avviato, wise, sober, modepáre, to blaze, to burn. Avventáto,shuttle-brained,gid- rate. Avvantaggiaménto, s. m. ad dy-headed.



Avventizio, adj. adventitious. proach. Avvantaggiáre, to have or to Avvento, s.m. coming, arrived. Avvicinanza, s, f. approach. take advantage.

Avvento, the feast of Advent. Avvicináre, io approach. Avvantaggio, s. m. advantage. Avventore, s. m. customer. Avvicinazione, se f. approach. -Dar dell'avventággio, to give Avventúra, adventure.-sven- Avvignáre, to plant the vine. odds. túra, chance, luck.

Avviliménto, s. m. consterna- $20, Avvantaggioso, adj. advanta-Avventuráre, to adventure, to tion, great fear. geous.

venture.- Arventurársi, to run | Avvilire, to undervalue, to viAvvantaggiúzzo, s. m. small a hazard.

lify, to despise. Atvilirsi, to -3131 advantage, small profit. Avventuratamente, luckily. despond, to lose courage, Avvedersi, to perceive, to dis- Avventuráto, adj. happy, for-Avviluppamento, s. m. disor- en cover.ftedirsi de' suoi erro

der, confusion. Ti, to repent of one's faults: Avventuriére, adventurer.-- | Avviluppare, to wrap up, to Line Avvedimento, s m. foresight. Attenturiére, volunteer. involve.

-- Sovedimento, judgment, rea- Avventuróso, adj. lucky, suc- Avviluppatore, disturber, shuf- thay son, understanding cessful.

Ming man, deceiver, be de Avvedimentoso, adj. sagacious. Avvenuto, adj. happened, be- wiler.deviluppałóre, great Obs. fallen.

cater. Obs. Avvedutamente, adv. warily. Auverraménto, versification. Arvináto, adj. mingled with: Avvedutézza, 5. f. foresight. Avveráre, to aver.

wine.-sittinito, of a wine ! Avveduto, adj. wary, circum- Avverbiale, adv. adverbial. colour.

spect. Fare acredito, to warn, Avvérbio, s. m. adverb. Avvinazzársi, to fuddle one's to give one notice.

Avverificare, to aver.' Obs. self. Avvegnachè, because, Avversamente adv.wretchedly, Ayvincere to bind, to tie thee Avvegnadioché, adv.) where poorly:

Avvinchiát, up --Hvrinchia- lady Avversário, adversary.- Atver- logli il collo, having embraced Avvelenáre, to poison. sário, adj. contrary-La parle him. Avvelenatore, s m. poisoner. avrersaria, the adverse party. Avvincigliáre, to bind, to tie Avvenénte,adj. handsome, neat, Avversáro, s. m. the Devil, old up: genteel, agreeable, sightly. Nick

Avvinghiáre, to encompass.nl Nioci upcenenti, agreeable man- 1vversatóre, enemy, advers? stringhiurę, to comprehend, ndose

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zo conceive, to apprehend, to not to know where one is.

Avvolgimento, s. m. winding
Aytinto, adj.tied, wrapt, gird- ahout.
ed about.
Avvolgitore, gull, cheat.

Arviottoláre, 0. Avviáre. Avvolontatamente, adv. rash-
Arvisaménto, judgment, realy, unadvisedly,
son.— Avvisamento, encounter, Avvolontato, adj. eager, fond.

In composition, has the

B, engagement. Obs. Avvolpacchiáre, to cheat, to

same sound in Italian that Avvisare, to advertise, to give catch. Obs.

it has in linglish. potice:- Avvisáre, to mind, Avvolpinare, to deceire, to Babbáccio, to remark, to regard. Arvis beguile. Obs.


s a dolt, a fool. sure, to see, to desery, to ken, Avvoltacchiáre, v. Avvoltic- Babbéo, s. m. a blockheado a to discover -Avvisure, to chiare.

fool. wink with one eye, and to Avvoltáre, to wrap up, to Babbióne, a dullard, a blocklook straight on the mark with

head. the other.-Avvisársi, to pre- Avvolticchiáre, to wrest, to Babbo, papa, dad, father.pare one's self.- Arvisársi, to wreath, to whirl about.

Andare a babborreggo!i, to die. engage in fight. Obs.

Avvolto, adj. wrapt, ravelled, Babbuassággine, s. f. stupidity. Avvisatamente, adv. warily. entangled, involved.

Babbuásso, adj. foolish, sillyAvvisatamente, on purpose, Avvoltúra, s. f. twisting.

Un bubbyásso, a fool. with a design.

A'uzzamento, s. m. the act of Babbuino, s. m. baboon.—BabAvvisato, wise, well-advised, making sharp.

buino, a monkey face.-Babcircumspect. Itxisáto, cun- | A'uzzáre, to whet, to sharpen bnino, simpleton, booby. ning, sly, crafty, subtle, sharp. - lúczure, to irritate, to pro- Babbusco, adj. large and tall. - Fare avvisato, to make acvoke, to exasperate.

Bacaláre, a great man, ironiquainted. Juisito, ready, in A'uzzatúra, s. f. the making of cally speaking. readiness at hand, prepared.- any thing sharp.

Bacalería, pride, presumption. Acciatore prizer,valuer, rater. A'uzzino, v Aguzzino.

Bacáre, to breed worms. Avvisatrice, s. f. fem of Avvi-Auzzo, adj. keen, acute, Bacatíccio, adj. 2 sickly, sub


Bacáto, Sject' to sickAvvisatúra, s. f. look, counte- Azienda, s. f. administration of ness, often sick!

domestic affairs.

Bacca, s. f. berry. Arviso, s. m. advice, opinion. Azione, s. f. action.-Azióne, Baccalá, s. m. stock-fish, baca-A mio avviso, in my opinion. claim.

lao. -tciso advice,news, inform-Azza, s. f. ax, hatchet.

Baccaláre, v. Bacalare. ation, intelligence.---slvviso, Azzampáto, adj. that has Baccanále, s. f. bacchanal. advice, counsel.


Baccanello, dim. of Baccano. Avvistato, adj. handsome, Azzannáre, to lay hold with Baccano, s. m. noise, stir, comely the lusks.

bustle. hyviticchiamento, s. m. the Azzeruola, s. f. a sort of med. Baccante, bacchant, priestess twisting of the vines on the lar.

of Bacchus. trees. Azzardáre, to hazard.

Baccato, adj. drunken. Obs. Avviticchiare, to twist, to gird Azzárdo, s. m. hazard.

Baccellería,degree of bachelor. about, to twine.

Azzicársi, to move, to stir. Baccelliére, a bachelor of arts. Arriváre, to enliven, to give Obs.

Baccellétto, din. of Baccello. vigour.c-vuivársi

, to grow Azzimársi, to make one's self Baccéllo, shell of a bean-Bacstrong, fresh, lively.

sine. Obs.-Un aximalo, a céllo, new beans.buccello, avvizzáre,/ to dry up, to fade) beau, a spark. Obs.

fool, blockhead. Arrizzire, i• away.

Azzimella, s. f. unleavened Baccellóne, dunce, blockhead, Avvocáre, to follow the law. bread.

aukward fellow. Obs.

A'zzimo, adj. unleavened. Bácchera, s. f. a Syrian plant, Avvocaría, s. f. the office of Azzimútto, s. m. azimuth. thought in old time to repel an advocate.

Azzoppáre, to maim, to lame. witchcraft. Avvocáta, s. f. patroness.

Azzulfamento, s. m. quarrel. Bacchetta, s. f, little stick, rod. Arvocato, m. advocate, Azzuffarsi, to engage, to fight. -Governare a bacchetta, to counsellor.lovocáto, pro- Azzuffatore, he that is basty, command despotically. tector, supporter.

soon angry, passionate. Bacchétte, gantlope, a miliAvvocazione, / the office of an Azzuolo, adj. dark blue. tary punishment Autochería, ) advocate. Azzurreggiare, to be almost of Bacchettáta, s. f. blow with a Avvolgere, to wrap or wind an azure colour.

rod. about, to roll together, to en- Azzurriccio,

coloured with

Baeche ne, a hypocrite. compass.-- Avvóluere, to go Azzurrigno,

Bacchettoneria, s. f. } hypowin ling about. Azzurrino,

Bacchettonismo, s m.) crisy. Arvólgersi, to wander, to stray. Azzurro, s. mn. azure.

Bacchetcúzza, little rod Anvigerai, to lose one's self, Azzurrognolo, a. Azzurriccio Bacchiáre, to beat with a stick.



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