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Bacchillóne, s. m. blockhead. | Badéria, s. f. a silly woman. baia, to laugh at. Baia, bay. Bácchio, s. m. staff, or cudgel. Badéssa, s. f. abbess.

Baiaccia, a great sham, or - Purlare al barchio, to talk Badia, s. f. abbey.

flam. rashly.-In un bacchio baléno, Badiálc, adj. casy.--Sedia ba- Baiáre, to bark. in a moment.

diile, easy-chair, arm-chair. Baiata, s. f. a trick put upon Bachéca, s. f. a glass-case. Badigliamento, yawning. Bacheca, a fine man in appear- Badigliáre, to yawn. Obs. Baietta, s. f. baize, bays.

-Bucheca, a block- Badile, s. mn. shovel, spade. Bailo, s. m. a sort of magishead.

Badiuzza, s. f. small abbey. Bacherózzo, a little worm, Bagaglia, 3. f. baggage - Baio, adj. bay, of a chesnut Bacherózzolo,) a grub. Bagaglie, s. f. pl. Bagaglie, colour.--Baio scuro, brown Baciabásso, s. m. bow, inclina- Bagaglio, s. m. clothes, bay.--Baio inoralo, yellow tion of the head. good things.

dun. Baciamano, s. mn. a compliment. Bagaglione, a soldier's boy. Paiócco, s. m. a piece of moBaciapile, s. m. hypocrite. Bagagliuole, s. f. pl. a few tat ney worth about an halfBaciare, to kiss. tered clothes.

penny. Baciarsi, to kiss one another. Bagagliúme, s. m. bag and bag- Baionáccio, an impertinent Baciáre, s. m. a kissing, a kiss. gage.

fellow. Baciar la scopa, to have pa. Bagascia, harlot.

Baićne, s. in. a mocker, a bantience.

Bagascione, a whore's man. terer. Baciatore, a kisser.

Bagattélla, s. f. trifle, toy, idle Baionetta, a bayonet. Baciatrice, a kissing woman. thing, thing of small value, Bajúcolo, s. n. dim. of Baja. Bacile, s. m. u. Bacino.

small business.

Baiúlo, s. ma a street-porter. Bacinella, s. f. a till.

Bagattelliére, s. m. juggler. Bajúzza, s. m. dim. of baja. Bacinetto, s. m. helmet.

Bagatellúzza, small trille. Baláscio, s. m. a balas ruby. Bacino, s. m. bason.

Bagatrino, s. m. small piece of Balaústra, s. m. the flower of Bácio, s. m. kiss. money.

the pomegravate tree Bacio, a place exposed to the Baggéo, a simpleton.

Balaústro, s. m. rail, ballister, north wind.-Abacio, towards Baggianáccio, a great dolt, a little pillar. the north.


Balbettáre, to stammer, to Baciocco, S. m. simpleton, Baggianáta, s. f. thing foolishly Balbetticáre,l stutter. dolt. said or done.

Balbo, adj. tongue-tied, that Laciózzo, s. m. a hearty kiss. Paggiáne, s. f. pl. fair words, stammers, stutters. Baciucchiare, to give many false promises.

Balbúzie, s. stammering, kisses one after another. Baggiano, a blockhead, a fool. stuttering. Baciucchio, s. in. a little kiss. Baggioláre, to support,to prop. Balbuzzáre, c. Balbettáre. Baco, s. m. worm, silk-worm. Baggiolo, stay, prop.

Balbuzzire, -Baco, maggot, mite.- Bachi, Bägliore, s. m. dazzling light. Balcone, s. m. balcony. m. pl. worms.-Baco, a Baglivo, bailiff.

Baldacchino, s. m. canopy word to frighten children. Bagnamento, the act of sprink- Aspettare il baldacchino, to be Bacolo, s. m. stick. ling

proud. Bacúcco, s. m. a hood.

Bagnáre, to wet, to moisten. Baldaménte, boldly. Bacúccola, s. f. wild filbert Bagnársi, to bathe. Magnato, Baidánza, s. f. audacity, beld

adj. wet. ---Bognálo e cimato, Bada, a word always used like cunning, crafty.

Baldanzeggiáre to make merry. an adverb, er. -Tenere a bada, Bagnatore, he that bathes him- Baldanzosamente, boldly. to keep at bay.--Stare a buda, self.

Baldanzosetto, adj. somewhat to stand trifling

Bagnatúra, the act of sprink- bold. Badalóne, $. m, a kind of fig. ling.

Baldanzóso, bold, hardy. Badaluccáre, to skirmish.-Ba-Bagno, s. m. bath, bagnio. Paldezza, boldness, audacity, duluccure, to idle one's time! Bugno, the act of bathing:— Baldo, bold, courageous.

Bayro, large bason, cistern.- Baldóre, boldness. Obs. Badaluccatore, an idier. Bagno, place where galley- Baldória, s f. blaze, bonfire. Badaluccatrice, a female idler. slaves live when ashore Baldrácca, harlot, drab, brim. Badalucco, s. m. skirmish. Bagnuolo, a small bath.-Bag- Balena, s. f. whale.---Balina a Badalucco, amusement, play. nuólo, fomentation.

secco, a mistake, blunder. Badáre, to loiter, to tarry, to Bagordáre, to revel, to riot.- Balenamento, lightning stay.--Bodire, to do slowly Bavordare, to celebrate a feast Balenáre, to lighten-Badenúre, out of idleness.-- Badiire, to with tournaments.

to send forth -Balenure, to mind, to heed, to take care. Bagordo, s. m. an offensive stagger, to reel. Partite bene a quel che dico, mind weapon to justle with.-Ba- Baleno, s. m. flash of lightning, well what I say. Budale a' gordo, just, tournament.-9. lightning.-In un bolino, in an fatti vostri, mind your business. gordo, too much eating and instant. -Arwbaléna, the rainmabadáre, to look anorously drinking.

bow. upon.

Baja, s. f. sham, flam.-Dar la Balestra, s. f. cross-bow.Cari


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erorallo, Spanish paint.

ca la balestra, to cram one's Ballottáre, to ballot. | ing-glass. guis.

Alla Balocca, adv. rashly, in- Bamboleggiare, to act like a Balestrajo, a maker of bows.


child. Balestrare, to shoot, to dart.- Baloccamento, mistake, blun- Bambolinaggine, childishness. Belesiráre, to fling, to throw, der.

Bambolino, s. m. a babe. to hurl.-Balestrare, to vex, to Baloccáre, to amuse, to keep a: Bambolità, s. f. childishness, trouble, to disquiet. bay.

childish action. Balestráta, a cross-bow shot. Balocco, a silly man.

Bámbolo, s. m. child, babe. Balestriére, a cross-bow man, a Balòce, s. f. boiled chesnuts. Banca, s. m. a place wherein shooter.

Balordaggine, blockishness. soldiers muster, and receive Balestriéra, s. f. the place where Balorderia, v. Balordaggine. their pay.--Passar la baxa, to the cross-bow is mounted, Balórdo, adj. foolish, loop-bole.

Balsámico, adj. balsamic, Banchettáccio, a degrading Balestro, s. m. o. Balestra. balmy,

augmentative of Banchetto. Balestróne, a large cross-bow. Balsamino, balm-tree.-Balsa- Banchettáre, to banquet, tu Balestrúccio, a bird so called. mino, the herb balm.

feast. Bália, s. f. a nurse. Bálsamo,

Banchetto, banquet, feast, Belia power, authority.--Darsi Bálsimo, i

s. m. balm.

Banchetto, a little bench. ia belia, to give one's self up Bálteo, s. m. belt, sword-girdle. Banchiere, a banker. 10 a thing.

Baluardo, bulwark, bastion. Banco, s. m. a bench.-Banco, Baliaccia, a degrading augmen- Balusánte, adj. dim-sighted.

counter, bank. tative of Balia; a fat nurse: Balza, rock, cliff.—Bulza, edge, Far banco, to be a banker. Baliaggio, s. m. bailiwick.


Wetter banco, --Banco, the Baiatico, S. m. the nurse's Balzána, s. f. fringe.

bench on which the galleypay.

Balzáno, said of the legs of a slaves sit when rowing:Balato, s. m. the space of time horse when different in colour Binco, pew, seat in a churck. that the power lasts.

from the rest of his body -Bunci, bench, seat.--Banco, Balio, a foster-father, a nurse's Baizaino, giddy-headed.

a table. husband.-Baíio, a president, Balzáre, to climb up, to clam- Banconcello, S. m. dim. of & chief ruler.

ber up.Balzáre, to bound, to Bauco. Balioso, strong, lusty, robust. skip.-Ba'zar fuora, to jump Bancone, s. m. augment. of Balire, to bring up.-Balire, to

Banco. handle with strength. Balzatore, a jumper.

Banda, s. f. sideways.Dall'alBatista, s. f. a warlike engine Balzelláre, to frisk, to skip. tra banda, on the other side.

Burrellare, to overburden with Da questa banda, on this side. Balla, s. f. a bale or pack of

- Meiter da bunda, to put Balzellóni, adv. frisking, skip- aside, to save.- Bande, band, Baltáre, to dance - Ballare, to ping.

swath, band, fillet, bend in he. shake, to jog:-1 denti mi bal-Balzello, s. m.additional charge, raldry.-- Barula, gang, band, laro, my teeth are loose, surcharge.

set, company.--Banda, side. Baláta, s f. dance, dancing:- Balzo, stecp rock, hill, cliff.- Da'la mia bandn, on my side. Ballaa, ballad. Qual ballata, Baʼzo, the rebound of a ball Andare alia bunda, to go to tal sunala, to give like for like. after stroke upon the ruin, to be undone.--- Andure -Guidar lu ballata, to com

alla bandu, to heel on one side, mand.

as ships do.--Pussar da banda Ballatetta, 1 dim. of Ballata. Bamb.igia, s. f. cotton.

a banda, to run throngh. Ballatina, )

Hambazino, cotton cloth. Bandeggiare, to banish. Ballatójo, s. m. terras, flat Pambagio, v. Bambagia. Bandella, s. f. the iron-work roof.

Bambagióso, cotton-like. of a door or window. Bellatore, dancer, dancing Bamberottolo, a little child. Banderajø, s. m. ensign or corBambina, little girl.

Obs.----- Bander. jo, che Balla rice, dancer, woman. Bambinaggine, s. f. childish- that makes banners, flags, or dancer.

chasubles, and other church Balleria, s. f. a deal of dancing. Bambinéllo, a little child. ornaments. Ballerino, dancing-naster, Bambinería, childishness. Banderése, esquire. Obs. dancer –Ballerino, the skin of Banıbinésco, childish.

Banderuola, s. f. a banderol. a white plum.-E i vermiyli Bambino, child, infant. Bandiéra, s. f. colours, banner. Lallerini scopri a me della tra Bambo, sottish, silly, witless. For bardiera, to out-rund guancia, shew me your bloomy O bambo, you fcol.

bandiera, by chance or inad cheeks.

Bambocceria, s. f. childishness. vertency. - Bandera, a prostiBalletto, s. m. ballet.

Bamboccio, s. m. a child. In tute.cfar la tradiera, to save Ballo, & m, dance, ball. bumbuceo, a simpleton.-Bem- cabbage; said of taylors. Balloncbio,

M. country- 1 bocrione, a lusty, healthfui Bandinella, towel. Burtinella, dance. child.

curtain. Ballupe, s. m. a large bale. Bambola, s. f. a puppet, a doll. Bandire, to proclaim, to pubBelluncáre, to leap, to jump. -Bumbula, the plate od a look- lisa--Bandire, to tell, lo speak


to cast stones.







ment. en.


find the way.




of.--Bandire, to banish. avant-mure, barbican. Barbúta, s. f. helmet. Bandíta, s. f. ban, proclama- Barbáccia, s. f. shaggy beard, a Barbúto, adj. bearded.-Vecchio tion by voice.- Bandita, a pri- long beard.

barbuto, an old dotard.-Bar vileged place where nobody Barbagia, brothel, stews. búlo, that has roots. can hunt.-- Bandito, adj. pro- Barbagiánni, owl.

Barbúzza, s. f. small beard. claimed, published. Tener Barbáglio, s. m. dazzling. Barca, s. f. bark, boat. corte bandita, to keep open Barbagrázia, particular favour. Barcaccia, s. f. old bark, heavy house.

A ludicrous word.-stoer in bark.
Bandito, s. m. an outlaw. barbagrazia, to take as a great Barcajuolo, water-man.
Banditore, common cryer.


Barcáta, s. f. a bark full. Bando, s. m. ban, proclamation. Barbalacchio, a fool.

Barcherécchio, s. m. a great - Yandır bando, to proclaim. Barbảno, uncle. Obs.

many barks together. hando di testa, a reward for Barbaraménte, barbarously. Birchétta, s. m. small bark. taking a criminal. Bando, Barbáre, to root, to take root. Barchettina, s. f. diminutives banishment.--Essere ir bando, -Barbarla ad uno, to play one Barchettino, s. m.) of Barchetto be banished, outlawed.-a trick. Dar il bando, to banish..-Trar Barbaresco, of Barbary. Barco, s, m. a park. di bando, to recall from banish- Barbárico, barbarous.

Barcollamento, s. m. nodding, - Posto in bando, forsak- Barbárie, s. f. barbarity. tottering

Barbarismo, s. m. barbarism. Barcollánte, adj. waving backBandoliéra, s. f. bandoleer. Bárbaro, barbarous.

ward and forward.-BarcolBandolo, s. m. the head of a Barbarossa, s. f. a kind of grape. lánte, fearful, dubious, timorskein.-Ritrovare il lándolo, to -Barbarossa, wine made of

the grape called Barbarossa. Barcolláre, to wave, to reel, Bara, s. f. bier, coffin.-Il morto Barbassóro, u. Bacalare.

to stagger, to totter. è s'ı la 'ur , the thing is clear. Barbato, adj. bearded.--- Pianta Barcollóne, adv. reeling: -- AnBarabúsfa, s. f. fray, alterca- barbata, a plant that has roots. dar barcollone, to totter, to tion.

- Male barbuto, inveterate dis- reel. Baracáne, s. a kind of

Barcóne, s. m. a large bark. cloth.

Barbazzále, s. m, a curb.Par- Barda, s. f. a sort of armour for Barácca, s. f. a barrack, a lar senza barbazzale, to speak horses formerly in use. freely.

Barda, a sort of saddle. Baraccare, to pitch the tents. Barberíre, to reel, to stagger. Bardássa, s. m. a catamite. Baraccúzza, s. f. a small bar- Barberésco, v. Barbaresco. Bardáto, adj. caparisoned. rack.

Barberia, s. f. a barber's shop. Bardatúra, s. f. trappings for Baráre, to cheat, to over-reach. Bárbero, a barb, a Barbary a horse. Báratro, s. m. dungeon, abyss, horse.

Bardella, s. f. pack-saddle. pit.-Báratro, hell.

Barbétto, s. f. small beard. Bardellétta, s. f. a pannel, a Barátta, s. f. strife, squabble. Barbettino, s. m. dim. of Bar- pack-saddle. Barattamento, s. m. exchang- betta.

Bardellóne, s. m. pannel. ing

Barbicáre, to take root.-Vizio A bardósso, adv. without a Barattáre, to barter, exchange. barbicato, inveterate vice. saddle, to ride on the bare

-Baratlure, to cheat, cozen, Barbicella, s. f. the beard of back of any beast that or catch.Baralláre una mer

carries. canzia, to run a commodity Barbiéra, s. f. a barber's wife. Bardótto, s. m. the horse which Burattáre, to rout, to put to Barbiére, a barber.

the waggoner rides. Passar the rout.

Barbiería, s. f. a barber's shop. per bardutto, to be scot-free. Baratteria, s. f. deceit, trick. Bárbio, š. m. barbel, a sort of Barélla, s. f. hand-barrow. Barattié:e, deceiver, cozener. fish.

A barella, adv. in abundance, Barátto, s. m. truck, exchange. Barbógio, adj. old and silly. plentifully.

Buråtto, deceit, guile, trick. Barbolina, a little beard or Barelláre, to carry with a handBarattola, a water-fowl

barrow calied.

Barbóne, s. m. an old beard, Bargagnáre, to bargain.-BarBarattolo, s. m. an earthen pot an old dotard. --Burbóne, a

gagnure, to cavil. wherein apothecaries keep water spaniel.

Bargágno, s. m. bargain. Obs. their medicines.

Barbótta, s. f. a ship like a Bargellino, s. m. an ancient Barba, s. f beard.-Fur la barba, yacht.

piece of money.-Bargetlino, to shave.—Burba, root, the Barbózza, s. f. the under-lip of dimn. of Bargello. beard of roots.Barba, root, a horse.

Bargélio, s. m. a sheriff.-Dar principle.-Far la barba di Barbúccia, s. f. a little root. nell bargello, to meet with a stoppa, to play a trick.--Alla Barbugino, adj. having a little bad accident. barha, in spite.aba dell pa- beard.

Bargirli, s. m. plur. \ the gills Tupetto, the surface of the Barbugliamento, s. m. unintel- Kargiglione, s. I. S under a breastwork.- Barba, uncle. A ligib espeech.

cock's neck. Lombard word.

Barbugiiáre, to stammer, to Bargigliúto, adj. that has gills. Barbacane, s. m, outward-wall, stutter, not to speak plain. Bargiglione, s. m. a cask, a pow.


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angiene piece of money, now Basiliscə, o, v. Basalischio.



the posso

dering-tub, a barrel. Basílica, s. f. cathedral church, enough of it. Barile, s. m. a wine-vessel, a basilic.-- Basilica, royal man- Bastarda, s. f. a kind of small barrel. Barile della ruota, thei sion-house

galley. stock of a wheel. Barile, an Basílico, s. m. sweet basi'. Bastardáccio,

a mean bastard.

Bastardéllo, called giulio.

Bastardigia, s. f. the state of Bari:ótta, s. f. a little flagon. Hasiménto, s. m, the act of being a basiard, a breed of Barilétta, s. f. dying

bastards. Bariletto, s. m.

Basíre, to be at the point of Bastardo, adj. bastard. Erbe Barletto, s. m. a little barrel death, to breathe one's last. bastarde, weeds. Barlóne, s. m. or cask, a Basíto, adj. expired, dead. Bastardóne, a villainous bas. Barlitta, s. f. flagon. Basoffia, s. f. pottage, porridge. tard. Barlotto, s. m.

A low word.

Bastardime, s. m. a breed of Barítono, s. m. a musical term. Basóso, adj. stupid, dull. bastards -- }estiruine, young Bariúne, s. m. duskishness.--- Bassa, ü. Bascià.

sho nts, that are prejudicial or Berlíne, hint, notion.-- Veho Bassainéate, adv. meanly, poor- uscless barlune, I know something

Bascare, to suffice, be of it.

Bássamento, s. m. fall, diminu-l cnough.-a tu ber tanto, you Baro, s. m. cheat, rogue. Bassánza, s. f. $ tion, abase- said enough.--:e! poco ere lo Barocco, s. m.sharking, spung

ment, misery.

mi busta, I ain contented with Bassáre,o. Abbassare.

that little I have.-asiare, to Baronetro, s. m. barometer. Bassétta, s. f. basset, a game at

last. Baronaggio, s. m. barony. cards. Bossla, the skin of a Bastérna, s. f. a kind of cart. Baroniccio, s. n. rogue, knave. Jamb newly yeaned. Bastévole, adj. sufficient. Baronáre, to beg, to mump. Bassettáre, to kill. Obs. Bastevolézza, s. f. sufficiency. Baroncélio, a little baron.---Ba- Bassetto, adj. somewhat low. Bastevolmente, adv. sufficientTonello, a vagrant fellow, a Bassézza, s. f. meanness, low- ly. rambler

liness.- Bassérza, base deed, Bástía, s. f. ramyart with palliBaróne, s. m. baron.-Baróne, unworthy action. Fare una sadoes.--Bastia, a trench, a a vagabond, a beggar.- Barone bassezza, to'debase one's self. fen e. & campo frore, pickpocket.--- Bassilica, s. f. the basilic vein. Bastiére, o. Bastaio. Barone di francia, one that has Bassílico, s. m. sweet basil. Bastimento, s. m. vessel, ship.

Basso,adj. low, shallow.—Basso, Bastionáre, to fortify with basBaronessa, s. f. baroness. base, mean.---Paesi bassi, the tions. Baronevóle, adj. heroic, heroic Low Countries.--La gente Bastióne, s. m. bastion, bul.

bussa, the common people.-wark. Baronevolmente, adv. like a Tenere il viso basso, to look Bastita, s. f. a ranıpırt with baron.

down.-Il sole è basso, the sun pallisadoes.- Bestit:, fortress. Baronia, s. f. barony.--Baronia, is going to set.-Di bassa nas, Básto, s.m. pack-saddle,pannel. barons.

cila, of a mean extraction. - Da basto e se!'a, fit for any Barra, s. f. bar, barricado. L'ora è bassu, 'cis late.Punno thing:--- Non son uono di porBarráre, to bar, to shut with a basso, narrow cloth. Basso, s. tar basto, I am not a man to bar.- Barrare la strada, to stop m. the lower part of.--Il basso bear an affront.-- Serrare il

d'una montagna, the foot of a bast) adosso ad uno, to press, to Barráto, adj. inclosed, beset. hill.–Basso, adv. down, low. urge one. Bartería, s. f. a cheating action. -Basso, the base or bass in Bastonáccio, s. m. a large club. Barricáta, s. f. barricado.


Bastonáre, to cudgel.--BastoBarriéra, s. f. barrier.-Barriéra, Bassotti, s. m. pl. a mess of ma. náre, to censure, to reprove.a sort of children's play. caroni.

Bastonare i pesci, to row. Larro, s. m. a cheat at cards or Bassotto, adj. thick and short.- Bastonáta, s. f. a blow with a dice.

Un bassotto, a short and thick stick. --Bastonateda ciecki, hard Baruffa, s. f. fray, altercation.

blows. Barulláre, to buy and sell again Bassúra, v. Bassezza. Bastonatúra, s. f. blows given as retailers do.

Basta, s. f. long stitch.--Basto, with a stick Barállo, s. m. huckster, retailer, 'tis enough.

Bastoncélio, s. m. dim. of Baforestaller, regrater.

Bastágio, s. m. a porter. Bastoncino,) stone. Barzellétra, s. f. jest, joke. Bastájo, a maker or seller of Bastóne, s. m. stick, staff, cudBasa, s. Base. pack-saddies.

gel.-baston di co mundo, che Basalischio, s. m. basilisk. A bastalčna, with all one's staff of command.Rassegnar Posamento, o. Imbasamento. might.

il bastone, to lay down the Barcia, s. m. bassa, a Turkish Bastánte, adj. sufficient, able. commaad

Pestone, support, dignity.

Bastantemente, adv. sufficient prop - Kastóni, s. m. pl. club, Pasjáré, 9. Baciare.


at cards.lccernare in copie e Base, s. 2. base or basis. Bástánza, s.f. sufficiency. Obs. dare in bastoni, to row one way 2-3éo, s. m. dunce, blockhead.

Basta :za, strength, power. and look another.-ruscar di Basétte, s. £. pl. whiskers. Obs:ive no a bastanza, I have bestone, to beat -Il bastone fa


the way.





freggire il can dale nozze, fear Battersela, to go away.--In un Battúta, s. f. time or measure in prevents a great many evils. batier d'occhio, in an instant. music.-- decomodarsi alle batBastoniére, s.

s. m. a mace-bearer. Batter la borra, to quake for tute, to follow the opinion of Bastracone, s. m. a lusty or fat cold, to shiver. Butter il bu- others

, to cringe.--- Battita, tirro, to churn milk.---Báttere way, road.-ndar per la batBarácchia, s. f. a blow with a (verbo recip.) to beat-Mi tutá, to follow the course of stick.

batle il polso, my pulse beats. the world.----Viu balluta, a Batacchiare, to beat.

Boller l'ali, to fluster-Batter beaten road. Batacchiáta, 6. f. a knock given g!' inimici, to beat the enemy. Battúto, s. m. the leads of a with a cudgel.

-Butler il taccone, to travel a house.Battuto, he that beBatácchio, s. m. a cudgel, a foot.-Butler due chiodi ad una longs to a religious company stick.

calda, to do two things at or fraternity. Bátalo, s. m. the lappet of a :-Battere, to foresee. Batucchiería, s. f. subtilty, doctor's hood. Obs.

lo comprendo doce costui vuol craft. Batassáre, to shake. Obs. battere, I conceive what he Batúffolo, s. m. a heap, a board. Batistéro, s. m. the font over aims at.--Battersi le guance, to Bava, s. f. foam, slaver, drivel.

which children are baptized. repent.--Battersi, to fight a - Bava, thin and coarse silk. Batócchio, s. m. a blind man's duel.-Battere una citti, to bat -Birra de metalli, the dross of stick. - Batocchio, clapper of a ter a town.-Balter il troco, to metals. bell.

strike fire-Baiter l'ore, to Baváglio, s. m. a bib. Bátolo, s. f. the ground-work. strike the hours, as a clock Bavalischio, s. m. a basilisk. Batósta, s. f. bustle, tumult, up- does.- Battere una cosa altrui Bau, a voice to frighten child

nel mostaccio, to fling a thing ren... Batostáre, to contend and quar- into one's face.

Bavélla, s. f. a kind of coarse rel. Batteria, s. f. battery.

silk. Battáglia, s. f. battle, fight.-- Battesimale, adj. baptismal. Bávero, s. m. the collar of a Dar battaglia, to join baitle.- Battésiino, s. m. baptism.- cloak. Battaglia, a squadron, a batta- Battésmo, ) Tenere a battesimo, Baviéra, s. f. the visor of a lion. Nettere in battagliu, to to stand godfather, or god- headpiece. draw in order of battle.--In mother.

Baúle, s. m. truok. battriglia, in array.

Battezzamento, s. m. christ- Bavóso, adj. slabbering. Battagliáre, to light, to skir-ening.

Bazza, s. f. good luck.Bazza, mish.

Battezzánte, adj. chat christ a trick made at cards. Battagliatore, combatant,

Bazzarráre, v. Barattare, and Battagliere, fighting man, Battezzáre, to christen, to bap- all its derivatives. Battagliero, soldier. tize.-Battezzare to give a Bazzécola, s. f. a frivolous Battaglierésco, adj. warlike.

thing. Buttaglierésco, martial, valiant. Battezzatore, he that christens. Bazzesco, adj. coarse. Parlar Battagliero, adj. ready to fight. Bactezziere, z. Battezzatore. bazzesco, rough language. Battaglieroso, adj. martial, war- Barticulo, s. m. a belt. Bázzica, conversation, compalike.

Batticuore, s. m. palpitation. ny.-Bázzica, is also a play at Battagliésco, adj. warlike. Battifolle, s. f. a bastion. cards.--Bazzica, things of no Battagliétta, s. f. skirmish. Battifrédo, s. m. a tower or Battaglievole, adj. martial, war bastion. Obs.

Bazzicáre, to keep company, to like. Battifuoco, s. m. steel.

frequent.--lo non bazzico con Battáglio, s. m. bell-clapper. Battigia, s. f. falling sickness. questa gente, I don't converse Battaglione, s. m. a battalion. Battiláno, s. m. carder of wool. with such people. Battaglióso, adj. warlike, va- Bartilóro, s. m. gold-beater. Bazzicatúre, s. f. things of no liant.

Battimento, s. m. the repeated value. Battagliuola,

2 small en

act of beating --Battiménto, Bazzotto, adj. somewhat hard. Patragliúzza, s. f S gagement, palpitation.

Be',masculine plural of Bello. skirmish.

Battisofia, fright,dread; Be', the sheep's bleating.--Be', Battellétto, } little boat, Battisoffiola, s. f.) a ludicrous well.-Be', perché non mi di tu Battello, s. m. S skiff. word.

almanco chi tu se'? well, why Báttere, to beat, or strike. Battistério, the font in which don't you at least tell me who Battere alla porta, to knock at children are baptized.-Libro you are? the door.-Batler la campagna, di battisterio, church-book, Beáre, to bless. to scour the country:-Battere wherein christenings are en- Beatamente, adv. happily. į denti, to shake with cold.- tered and recorded.

Beatánza, s. f. the state of the Batter le palme, to clap, to ap- Báttito, s. m. fear.

blessed in heaven. Obs. plaud.-Battere in terra, to Battitoio, s. m. the rabbet of a Beatificáre, to beatify. ihrow or fling down.-Battere door or window.

Beatificazione, s. f. beatificail grano, to thresh corn.--Bat- Battitore, s. m. he that beats. tion. ter moneta, to coin, to mint-Battitúra, s. f. the act of beat. Beatifico, adj. beatific. Batter gli occhi, to wink often. ing.

Bcatitúdine,' $. f. beatitude, Buttere, to walk in haste. Batto, s, m, a small sca-vessel. bliss.



great value.

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