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Beito, adj. blessed, happy.-Beccuccio, s. m. dim. of Becco. subject-Bello, fine, pretty, Be ito, s. m. a saint.

--Beccaccio, s. m. the pipe of neat, fair.—Bello, spruce. Beatrice, s. f. that makes hap- a limbeck.--Beccuccio, the Bello, clean, neat.-Bello, rich, PY beak of a mug.

costly, splendid.-Bel tempo, Breca, s. f. a garter.

Befána, s. f. puppet - "fana, fine weather. Veder il bello, Beccaccia, s. f. a woodcock. an ugly woman.

to know the time, the best Beccaccíno, s. m. a snipe. Befanía, s. f. twelfth-day. opportunity.--.Un bello in Beccaccio, s. m. a large ill- Beffa, s.f. trick, joke.-Giuocar piazza, a great boaster.--Bello shapen he-goat, an old stink- di beffe, to play for nothing.- e nuovo, quite new.--Pello e ing he-goat.

Firsi beffa, to laugh at.-Beffa, fatlo, quite done. ---Far il bello Beccáficáta, s. f. a great cating trifles, frippery.

imore, to carry it highof fig-peckers made by many Beffardo, s. m. a jester,

Bello, sometimes signifies notogeiher for jollity. Beffare, to rally, to banter.- thing, but gives emphasis to Beccafico, s. m. á fig-pecker, Beffáre, to cheat, to trick. the expression. -Di bel mezzo beccafico.

Belársi, to laugh at, not to di, at rioon.Mi costa dieci Beccajo, s. m. butcher.-Un care for.

belle ghinee, it costs me ten bercujo in Italia non è accetlato Beffatore, s. m. a mocker. guineas. per testimonio, a butcherin Italy Beffeggiáre, to mock to scoff. Bellóccio, adj. handsome and cannot bear witness in any Beffeggiatore, s. m. a mocker. big: court.

Beffevole, contemptible. Bellóre, s. m. beauty. Obs. Beccaláglio, s. m. a kind of Beghína, a sort of nuns that Bellúccio, adj. pretty. game among children. live not in convents.

Belo, s. m. the cry of sheep. Beccalíte, s. m. caviller. Bégole, fem. pl. trifles. Obs. Belóne, s. m. one that bleats, Beccamorti, s. m. grave-digger. Beitore, s. m. a drinker. Obs. and it is said to a child in Beccáre, to peck. -Beccarsi il Belamento, s. m. the cry of scolding him. cervello, to puzzle one's self.- sheep.

Beltà, s. f. beauty. Beccarsi i geti, to take pains to Beláre, to bleat, as sheep do.- Belva, s. f. a wild beast, poeDo purpose. -Beccar qualche Beláre, to prate, to chatter. tical, cost, to catch something. Belire, to cry as children do. Bembè, adv. very well. Beccastrino, s. m. a mattock. Bel bello, fair and softly. Benacconciamente, adv. rightBeccáta, s. f. a stroke with a Bel che, s. m. a fine thing in- ' ly, well. bil-Beccáta, cold.

deed.--E' un bel che certo. da Benagurosamente, adv. luckily. Beccatélia, s. f. a hawk's lure. furne tanto strepito, a great Benandáta, drinking money. Beccatéllo, s. m. in masonry, a matter indeed to make such Benanventuranza, g. f. good bracket.-Beccatéllo, a kid. noise!

luck, good fortune. Obs. Beccatójo, s. m. tray, kimnel. Bellamente, adv. fairly.-Bel- Benavventurataménte,

adv. Becchereilo, s. M. a kid. lamente, slowly.coBellamente, lucky. Beccheria, s. f. the shambles, handsomely.

Benavventuroso, adj. lucky. slaughter-bouse - Andare alla Bellétta, s. mud, slime. Ben bene, adv. very well. beecheria, to go to market for Belletto, s. m. paint, wash for Benchè, adv. although, though. meat.-Carne di beccheria, but the face.

Benda, s. f. a band, a swathi cher's meat. Bellezza, s. f. beauty.

band.lenda, a nun's peak.-Becchetto, s. m. the fore part Bellico, s. m. the navel.--Bel-Aver una benda avanti gli occhi; of a boat.

lico, the middle.--Bellico, adj. to be blindfolded. Bécchico, adj. stomachic, pec- warlike.-Bellici stromenti

, in- Bendáre, to bind, or tie with a toral.

struments of war.Bellico va fillet --Bendáre, to blindfola, Becchino, s. m. a grave-digger. lore, martial valour.

to hoodwink-Bendáre, to Becco, s. m. bill, beak.--Becco, Belliconchio, s. m. a gut hangmouth. - Immollar il becco, to ing on children's navels when Bendatúra, s. f. ligature, bandrink.- Mellere il becco in mo'le, they are born.

dage. to begin to prate.-Becco, the Bellicone, s. m. a water-pot. Bendélla, s. f. a small band. beak of a ship.-Becco, the Bellicoso, adj. warlike. Bendóne, s. m. pendants of a pipe of a limbeck.-Becco, he- Belligero, adj. warlike. bishop's mitre, lappets of a quat.-Ho trovato il becco più Bellimbústo, s. m. a handsome woman's head-clothes. duro a mugnere di quel che mi but good for nothing young Bendúccio, s. m. child's muck. pensava, I found the task

ender.--Hu soffiato nel benduce harder than I thought.-Di- Bellino, adj. pretty fine. cio, he has lost all. A vulgar Tiszare il becco agli sparvieri, to Bello, s. m. beauty.-Bello, phrase. attempt impossibilities. -- Bec- s. m. opportunity, convenient Bene, s. m. good, advantage... co, cuckold

time.Bello, adj. proper, Rene, happiness, felicity.Beccunáccio, augm. of Bec- seemly, meet.-Bello, beauti- Bene, benefit, kindness, facone.

ful, handsome.Farsi bello di vour-Voler del bene, to love. Beccone, a large buck-goat. che che sia, to assume or arto Bene, virtue, goodness.Berrone, an infamous cuckold. gate to one's self-Ha parlato Un uomo da bene, a good ho-Beccúne, adj. stupid, block- bello sopra questo soggetto, he nest man.--Una donna da bene, ish.

made å fine speech upon that a virtuous woman.---Bene,



praise, commendation -Diri good.

ble. del bene, to speak well of one. Benfátto, adj. well shaped, Bérgolo, adj. voluble, change--Pigliar per bene, to take in well made.

able.-Bérgolv, s. mn. a kind of good part.-Lene, estate, Ben gli stà, he deserves it. basket. means, riches..—Bene, adv. Benignanénte, adv. kindly. Bericuocolajo, 8. m. confectionwell, right.--Starei bene se non Benignánza, S. f. goodness. er. acessi a tro a vivere, it would go Obs.

Bericuócolo, s. m. a kind of ill with me if I had nothing Benignità, s. f. benignity.

cake. else to live upon.--Bene, an Benigno, adj. benign. Berillo, s. m. a beril. expletive that gives more em- Beninánza, s. f. benignity. Berlína, s. f. pillory. phasis to the expression.- Obs.

Berlingáccino, s. m. the ThursHa guadagnato ben dieci mila Benino, adv. rather well. day before Shrove-Tuesday. lire, he has got full ten thou- Benivogliénte, adj. benevolent. Berlingáccio, s. m. Shrovesand pounds. Ben vi sta, you Benivoglićnza, s. f. benevo-Tuesday. deserve it. Si bene, willingly. lence.

Berlingúcciolo, u. Perlingaccio. - beni stabili, teni mobili, chat- Benivolente, adj. humane, Berlingáre, to drink freely, to tels. good-natured.

praic over one's cups. Benedetta, s. f. thunderbolt. Benivolenza, s. f. good-will, be- Berlingatore, s. m. a merry A ludicrous word. nevolence.

lad, a jolly companion. Benedetto, adj. blessed, blest. Benivolo, adj. benevolent. Berlinghiere, s. m. a prattling Benedetto, s. m. the falling Benmontato, adj. well-mount or talkative man. sickness. ed.

Berlingózzo, s. m. a kind of Benedicere, o, Benedire. Obs. Benna, s. f. a dung-cart.

tart. Benedicite, s. m. grace before bennáto, adj. well-born.-Ben- Bernáccia, s. f. a kind of grape dinner or supper. nato, happy, lucky.

so called. Benedire, to bless.-Benedére, Ben'one, great love. A ludi- Bérnia, s. f. a riding-hood. to consecrate.--Dio vi benedi cious word.

Berniésco, o Bernésco, burca, God bless you. Bensai, adv. certainly.

lesque.-Stile berniesco, Berni's Benedizione, s. f. benediction. Benservito, a servant's charac- style. -Dar la benedizione, to give ter.

Dernóccolo, s. m. a bunch, a up.

Benvogliente, adj. benevolent. swelling caused by a knock. Benefátto, s. m. benefit, favour. Benvoglićnza, s. f. benevo Bernóccolo, a knob in the Obs. lence.

wood. Benefattore, s. m. benefactor. Benvolentiéri, adv. very wil. Bernoccolúto, adj. knobby. Benefattrice, s. f. benefactress. lingly.

Berrétta, s. f. man's cap, bonBeneficáre, to do good to. Benvolére, s.

S. m. berevolence. net.--Acere il cervello sopra la Beneficatóre, s. f. benefactor. Benvolere, to love.--Si fu ben berrétta, to proceed rashlyBeneficenza, s. f. beneficence. volere da tutti, he is beloved by Far di berrella, to pull off one's Beneficiále, adj. beneficial. every body

cap, to salute one. Beneficáre, to benefit.

Benvolúto, adj. well beloved. Berrettáccia, s. f. an old cap, Beneficiáto, adj. that has a be-Beóne, s. m. a toper. Berrettájo, a cap or bonnet. nefice.

Berbéna, o. Verbena. Obs. maker or seller. Benefício, s. m. benefit, kind- Berberi, s. m. pl. the barberry Berrettina, s. f. a small cap. ness.-eneficio, a benefice, a bush.

Berrettino, s. m. a small cap. living.-Beneficio, profit, ad- Berbice, s. f. a sheep. Obs. Eerreitino, adj. crafty, cunvantage. A ben ficio di natura, Bere, to drink. -- Bere un uovo, ning:- Ferrettino, a kind of at random, carelessly.

to sip up an egg.-- N11 concien dark colour. Beneficióne, s. m. a fat living. berla, I must bear it.-Ber Berrettona, s. f. any great Beneficiuolo, a small living. grosso, not to be strict.-Eere Berrettóne, s. m. s cap or bonBenéfico, adj. beneficent, libe o afugare, to be obliged to do. ral.

-Dare a bere, to make one Berriuóla, s. f. a night-cap. 1 Benefízio, v. Beneficio.

believe.-- Bersi una cosa, to

Obs. Benemeréaza, s. f. desert, me take a thing for granted. -- Berroviére, s. m. a ruffian. rit.

Ber biano, to be disappointed. Berroviére, a inace-bearer, a Benemérito, adj. well-desery- --Ber paesi, to drink wine not beadle. ing.

for its pleasantness, but be- Berságlio, s. m. butt, a mark to Beneplacito, s. m. good-will cause it is grown in a distant shoot at.-bersaglio.laughing.

and pleasure.--lo fo a mio be- country.- Per con gli occhi, to stock.lo sono il berangliu detin neplacito, I do as I please, I act devour with one's eyes.- fortuna, I am the sport of for. i as I list.

Bere, s. m. drink, liquor. Bene spesso, adj. very often, Bergamótto, s. m. the tree that Berta, s. f. trifle, story-Parla Benestánte, adj. rich, wealthy. produces the bergamot-pear. berta, to jest, to banier.-Benevolenza, s. f. good-will. Bergamótta, s. f. a bergamot- Berta, a magpye.-Irrla, a Benévola, adj. benevolent, pear.

gosping woman.-Metler la kind,

Berghinella, s. f. a low woman. berta i gabbia, to be frighted. Benefacente, adj. that does Bergolináre, to pur, to quib-; -berta, a ramner.





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Berteggiaménto, the act of Beva,

drink, li- blank.Dar carta bianca, to laughing at.


quor; po- give full liberty.-- Restar bianBerteggiare, to laugh at. Beveraggio, s. m. tion, co, to be at a loss. - Bianco, Berteggiatore, s. m. mocker, drench.- Questo vino è nella sua pale, bleak, wan. ærer.

beca, this wine is fit to drink. Biancolino, adj. whitish. Eertésca, s. f. a kind of rampart – Beveraggio,drinking money. Biancomangiare, s. m. blancei war made upon towers.- Beveratójo, s. m. vessel to drink manger. Bertesta, any thing dangerous in.

Biancore, s. m. whiteness. to get upon. Pevere, t. Bere.

Biancóso, adj. white. Berte:cine, s. m. a large ram- Pevería, s. f. drinking. Biancospino, s. m. white-ihorn, Part on a tower. Bevero, s. m. a beaver.

hawthorn. A bertolótto, for nothing: Beveréne, drink, potion.-Be- Piánte, s. m. a vagabond. Jergidire a bertolottu, to be veróne, a drench for a horse. Eisciamento, s. m. chewing. iut free, to eat at free cost. Bevigióne, v. Bevánda.


to chew. beriae, s. m. a whore's sup- Bevimento, s. m. drinking. Biascicáre, porter.—Bertóne, horse Bevitóre, s. m. drinkiner Biasimanicnto, s.

m. blame. whore ears have been cut. Bevitrice, s. f. a female toper.

Obs. kertovéilo, s. m. a net made of Bevitúra, drinking.

Biasimáre, to blame.
Fi, to catch fish or birds.
Bevóne, s. m. toper:

biasimatore, s. m. a blamer, a
Bertuccia, s. f. a monkey. kevúta, s. f, a drinking-bout. censorious man.
Berteccino, a little monkey. Ad ogni becuta, at every glass. Biasimatrice, s. f. a cen:orious
Bertóecio, s. m. v. Bertuccia. Bezzi, money.- Vunho brzzi, I
Bertuccióne, s. m. old ape.

have 110 money.

Biasimévole, adj. blameable. Lerúzzo, s. m. a countryman's Bezzicáre, to peck, to bill, to Biasimevolmente, blameably, treakfast.

nib.--Bezicie, to scold, to Biésimo, s. in. blame, reproach. Berza, 3. f. the shank of a leg. quarrel.

Biasınáre, v. Biasimáre. Brzaglio, v. Bersaglio. Bezzicatúra, s. f. billing, peck-Bjásmo, o. Biusimo. kio, adj. simple, foolish, dull. ing.

Busterna, o. Descómmia. Besiginc, so f. folly, silli- Bezzo, s. m. a small brass coin Biastemmárc, Obs. V. Bese Beseria,

in Venice.

Biastemmiare, renumiare. 10, adj. foolish, dull.-Un Biácca, s. f. ceruse, white lead. Bibbia, s. f.the Bible.---- bibbia, 48,2 sot, a fool.-Bessin, that - Questo mal non è di binecu,! a long story. has an impediment in his this disease is not easily cured. Libita, pution. sperch.

Biáda, s. f. standing corn.- Bibliotéca, s. f. a library: kesimmia, s. f. blasphemy.- Buida, corn. - Biad, any corn Bibliotecário, s m. a libraryBetennia, cursing and swear- reaped, except wheat.--- Bidea, keeper, librarian. oats, a kind of corn.

Pica, s. I. a rick of cora, a bay. Baiemmiáre, to blaspheme, to Biadajuólo, s. in. a corn-chand- stack -- tica, a pile, a hean. ler.

- Montur se tu bica, to fly into Bestemmiatórs, a blasphemer. Biadétto, s. m. a bluish colour a passion. Betemmiatrice, s. f. a woman that painters use. -Budelto, Bicchierajo, a drinking-glass that blasphemes. adj. of a bluish colour.

maker or seller. Bastia, s. 1. a teast.--Entrare in Biancastro, adj whitish, in- Dicchiere, a drinking-glassbeta, to fall into a passion. clining to white.

Un bicchiere di vino, il glass of Besiccia, s. f. a nasty beast. Biancheggianićnto, s. m. whi wine. -Bestiária, a great fool. tening.

Bicchierétto, į diminutives of Eestiále, adj. beastly, brurish. Biancheggi.nte, adj. whitish. Bicchierino, Bicchiere.

- Bestiale, thick, heavy, Biancheggiare, to grow white. Bicicccca, a litile castle upon lampish-l'n bestiale, an in- Biancheria, s. f. linen clothes. Bicocca, I a mountain.-considerate fool.

Bianchetto, adj. whitish. cucci, a hamlet, a litile paltry Restialită, s. f. beastliness. Bianchézza, whiteness. Betzli!ù, folly, stupidity. Bianchiccio, adj. whitish. Bicórne, letialmente, adv. beastly. Bianchimento, s. m. washing. Bicórno,

allj. that has two

horns. Bescrime, s. in. cattle. Bianchire, to wisiten.-- Bicornuto, Eesticciuola, s. f. a little living chire, to grow old.-il bian- Bidile, s. m. light horsemen

chir del giorno, at the break of formerly used in France. Beriévole, adj. v. Bes:iále.


| Bidello, s. in. a headle. Bestioláccia, ú. Bestiuóla. Biancicáre, to grow white. Bidente, s. II a pitchfork. Bestitne, s. m, a great beast. Bianco), s. m. white.-Bianco Bidet , 8.111 a little nag. Bextinóla, s. f.) a little beast. d'uovi, the white of an egg:-- Bietaniente, adv. squintingly. Pesticólo, s. m.) – Bestiuólu, a Bianco, adj. white.--I'in bizn- Bico, adj.stern, sour, crabbed, ally man, a fool.

co, white wine.-Capelli bian- dogged.--Occhi biecti, squinto kétola, s. f. a cook's shop. ciri, grey hair.--Bianco inan ing eyes.-Rour con occhio Bettoliére, the man that keeps giare, blanc-inanger.-10!0 bieco, to look with an envious the Bettola.

bianco, a blank in the lottery.l. eye.--11to bieco, a bad acBaionica, betony.

Lasciare in bianco, to leave a





an account.


Biliario, ali bilious.—'asi bi. Bisantimo, }




--Bilanciare, to weigh, to ex. beggar. . f. beet. Bietola,)

amninc.-Hilanciáte, to balance Birboneggiáre, to mump, to Bietolóne, s. m. a simplecon.

beg. Biétta, s. f. wedge, to cleave Bilancino, s. m. small scales.- Bircio, adj.

adj. near-sighted, wood.-F'sser una mala bietla, Bilancino, s. f. the horse of the squinting: to be a sad fellcw. | postillion.

Birra, s. f. beer. Bifoglio, s. m. tway-blade, Bíláncio, s. m. the balance of Birrácchio, s. n, a calf a year double-leaf.

an account.--I bilancio batte, old. Bifólca, s. f. acre.

the balance is right. Biriésco, adj. vile, wicked, imBifolchéria, s. f. husbandry. Bile, s. f. choler-Bile, anger, pudent, frontiess. Bifólco, s. m. á ploughman, a passion, wrath.-Non mi fate Pirro, s. m. a bum-bailiff, a husbandman.

montur la bile, don't provoke catchpole. Biforcaménto, s. m. separation,' me.

Bisaccia, s. f. a bag with two division.

Bilenco, adj. having crooked pouches to it.- Esser alla bio Biforcato, adj. forked, clo- legs.

sarcin, to be very poor. Biforcúto,

Bília, s. f. a piece of wood, to Bisante, s. m. an old coin so Biforme, adj. of two shapes. pack up a bale of cloth, and called. Bifrónte, adj. Janus-like, dou- make it tight.


s. m. spangle. ble-faced. Bifúlco, s. m. Obs. u. Bifulco. I liárı, bilious vessels. Bisarcávola, s. f. great-greatBiga, s. f. tumbrel, a dung. Bilicáre, to counterpoise. grandmother.

Bílico), s. m.

1. balancing, poising. Bisarcavolo, s. m. great-greatBigária, s. f. bigamy. ---Stare in bilico, to be near grandfather. Bígamo, s. m. that has two falling.- Vettere in bilico, to Bisávo, s m. a great-grand


Bisavólo, father. Bigatto, s, m. silkworm.-Mal Biliórsa, s. f. chimera, a beast Bisbeticamente, adv. oddly. lagatlo, an ill man. imagined by poets.

Bisbético, adj. maggot-headed, Bigáttolo, s m a small worm Bilióso, adj. choleric.

whimsical. that spoils the corn. Biliottáto, adj. speckled, spot- Bisbigliamento, whispering. Bigello, s. m. coarse cloth. ted.

Bisbigliare, to whisper. Bigelo, sheep's russet colour. Billéra, s. f. a jest.

Bisbigliatore, a whisperer. Bigerógnolo, adj. greyish. Billi-billi, a way of calling Bisbigliatório, adj. whisperBighellóne, a dunce. hens.

ing: Bigherájo, a droll, a Merry- Biltà, v. Beltà. Obs.

Bisbiglio, s. in. whisper, ruAndrew. Bigherdjo, one that Bílustre, adj. ten years old.


noise. makes or sells bonelace. Bimbo, s. f. a sucking baby. Bisca, s. f. a gaming-place. Bigheráto, adj. adorned with Bimestre, adj. •wo months old. Biscajuólo, s. m. gamester. bonelace.

Bimmólle, s. m. a musical term... Biscantáre, to sing often, Bighero, s. m. bonelace. Bináre, to make twins. Biscanterelláre, s to sing and Bigheruzzo, s. m. a little edg- Binato, s. m. a twin.

sing again. ing:

Bindoléria, s. f. cunning. Biscánto, s. m. a kind of duetto, Bigiccio, adj. greyish. Bindolo, s. m. a swing.

where two are singing, Bigio, adj. grey:

Bioccolo, s.

s. m. a lock of wool. Biscázza, s. f. 2. Bisca. Biglietto, s. m. billet, note. Bionda, s. f. wash lye for wo. Biscazzáre, to game. Bigollóne, men's hair.

Biscazziere, s. m. gamester. Bigolóne, ) c. Bighellóne.

Biondeggiáre, to be yellow. Bischenca, s. f. an offensive Kigoncetta, s. f. dim. di bigon- Biondella, s. f. a kind of herb. jest.

Biondetto, adj. somewhat fair. Bischerellino, dim. of BischeBigóncia, s. f. a sort of tub.- Biondézza, s. f. fair colour. relio. Bigóncia, a pulpit or chair.- Biondo, adj. fair, light, flaxen. Bischerello, dim. of Bischero. Montare in bigoncia, to mount --Capelli biondi, light hair.- Eischero, s. m. pin or peg of the pulpit. Il biundo dio, Cupid.

any instrument. Bigoncina, dim. of Bigoncia. Biordáre, to revel, to dance. Bischerúccio, small peg. Bigonciuolo, v. Bigoncétta. Obs.

Bischizzo, s. m. expedient, inBigordo, s. m. a staff. Obs.-- Biotto, s. m. poor.

vention. Potare sopra bicordi, to carry Bipartire, to part in two. Fiscia, s. f. snake, adder.Camunder a canopy:

Bipenne, s. fi a two-edged in minure a biscin, to walk vernis Bilancetta, s. f. a litele balance, strument, poetical.

cularly,not in a straight linc.scales.

Birba, s. f. a wanderer, a vaga. Ardurci come la biscia ill' incanto, Bilancia, s. f. a pair of scales.--- bond. - Pirba, a vagabond's to do a thing against one's Dar il tracollo alla biluncia, to trade.- Patter la birba, to will. turn the scale.--Esser in bilan- mump, to go about mumping. Bisciola, s. f. a little snake. cia, to waver.---Hilancia, a Birbánte, s. m. a beggar, a va. Biscione, s. m. a large snake. hoop-net.cm]}ilancia, the splin- gabord.

Biscolére, s. m. of sundry coter-yard of a coach. Birbonáta, s. f. a rogue's trick. lours. Bilanciáre, to balance, to poise. Birbóne, š. m. 2 wanderer, a Biscottáre, to bake twice.


fourth year.


Biscottino, s. m. little biscuits. Bisténto, s, m. distress, want,) vole alla bocca, pleasant to the -Biscottino, & m. a sllip on penury

palate.--Bocca, people.-Ho the nose.

Bisticciare, to strive, to con più di dieci bocche a mantenere, I Biscotto, s. m. sea biscuit. tend, to fall out.

þave ten mouths or people to Entrer in mar senza bi cotto, to Bistíccio, s. m. pun, or quib- feed.--Stare a bocca aperta, to go hand over head in an af- ble.

hearken attentively. - Metler fair without making the due Bistondo, adj. almost round. di bocca, to say more than the provisions for it.

Bistórta, s. f. a kind of crook- truth.—A bocca baciata, easily, Biscróma, s. f. a musical term. ed-pointed lancet that sure willingly.-- Favellar con la bocca A bisdósso, bare-backed. geons use.

piccina, to speak with caution. Bisestile, adj. bissextile.--Anno Bistórto, adj. crooked.-Bistór. -Parlare a burca aperta, to bizestile, leap-year. to, deceitful.

speak inconsiderately, at ran. Bisésto, s. m. the odd day of the Bistrattáre, to treat ill.

dom-Esser largo di bocca, to leap-year, which falls every Bisúnto, adj. filthy, nasty.-talk inconsideratelyIn bocce

Un bisunto, s. m. a sloven. chiusa non entrò mai mosca, noBisfórme, of two forms.

Una bisunta, a slut.

thing asked, nothing had. Bisgénero, s. m. the husband of Bitontone, a kind of great fig: Esser di buona bocca, to be a

my grand-daughter. Bitórzo, s. m. tumour, swell- great eater.Bocca a bocca, Bisacco, adj. capricious. ing.

face to face.-Largo di bocca, Eslessáre, to boil a little. Bitorzoláto, adj. v. Bitorzolúto stretto di mano, great çry and Eislungo, adj. longish.

Bitorzoletto, s. m. a little tu. little wool.-Far la bocca al kismalva, s. f. marshmallows.

forno, to make an end of an Bisnipóte, s. m. great-grandson. Bitórzolo, o. Bitórzo.

affair.Bocca, the mouth of Bisnonna, fein. of Bisnonno. Bitorzolúto, adj. full of swell- something.---La bocce d'un Bisnonno, s. m. great-grandfa- ings, knobby as wood is. fuume, the mouth of a river.ther. Bitúme, bitumen.

La bocca dello stomaco, the pit Bisogna, s. f. work, business. Bituminoso, adj. bituminous. of thestomach.--Boccadi fuoco, Bisognáre, verb. imperf. 'tis an Bivalvo, adj.' having two fire-arm.-Far bocche, to make impersonal verb only used in mouths.

mouths. these tenses. Bisogna ch'io Bívio, s. m. a way, or street, Boccaccévole, adj. according to rada, I must go.mBisogna im- parting in two.

Boccace's way.-- Parole boccacpar ale questo, you must learn Biúta, s. f. any thick plaster. cevoli, affected words. this.-Ci bisogna morire, we Bizzarraménte, oddiy. Boccaccevolmente, adv. after must die. Vi bisognava venir Bizzarría, s. f. fantasticalness, the manner or style of Bocpriua, you should come soon smartness, spruceness, brisk- l caccio. er-Mi bisognò partire, I was ness, prettiness.

Boccaccia, s. f. an ugly mouth. forced to go. Vi bisognerà Bizzarro, adj. fantastical, gid - Boccaláccio, s. m. a great poi. farlo, you must do it.-Bisog- dy-headed, humoursome, Boccale, s. m. any drinkingserebbe che io glielo facessi sapere, whimsical, extravagant.-Biz- pot, a mug.-Egli è scritto pie I should let him know of it. zárro, smart, spruce.

boccali, he is known by every Sometimes we use it in the Bizzóco, adj. coarse, clownish. body. third person plural, and then -Bizróco, s. m. a secular man Boccaletto, s. m. a little pot. it signifies necessity or want. dressed in a religious habit.- Boccato, s. m. a mouthful. -Se vi bisognano danari, ve ne Un bizzoco, a puritan, a hypo- Boccato, a blow given over the prestere, if you want money, crite, a bigot.Una bizzoca, a mouth with an open hand. ru lend you some.—Me ne bi woman that lives at her house Non ne saper boccato, to know sognavano jeri, ma non adesso, I like a nun.

nothing of the matter. wanted some yesterday, but Bizzocone, s. m. a clown, a fel- Boccetta, s. f. a vial. not now. --Ce ne bisogneranno low of rude behaviour. Boccheggiamento, s. m. pantquattro, we shall want four. Blandiménto, s. m. allurement, ing, gaping. Bisognévole, adj. wanting. blandishment.

Boccheggiare, to gape as fishes Bisogno, s. m. need, want.--A1 | Blandire, to flatter, to cajole, do when they lie dying. birogno ci conosce un amico, a to wheedle.

Bocchetta, s. 6. 1 a little

pretty friend in need is a friend in- Blando, adj. kind, gentle. Bocchino, s. m. mouth. deed.-Bisógno, convenience, Plasfémo, 0. Bestemmiatore. Bóccia, s. f. a bud. - Boccia di ease.Al bisogno, opportune- Obs.

rosa, a rose-bud-Boccia, a ly, in time.--A un bisogno, Bloccare, to block up. vessel in chymistry: upon an occasion.-Bisogno, a Boattiére, s. m. a keeper of Bocciata, adv. nothing. fresh-water sailor. Obs. oxen, a grazier.

Boccíno, o. Bovino. Bisognosamente, needfully. Bobóica, s. f. a herdsman's Bocciolína, a little bud. Bisognóso, adj. indigent.--Bi-wife.

Bocciolóso, full of buds. sognáso, necessary, requisite. Bobol'co, s. m. a herdsman, a Boccinóla, s. f. a little bud Bisso, s. m. fine linen like cam- plowman.

Buccivola di tromlette, that part bric or lawn, poetical. Bocca, s. f. che mouth.--Dire a of the trumpet that is put into Bistentáre, to be in great pe- bocca, to tell by word of the mouth. sury or want.

mouth.-Bocca, taste. Piace. Bocciuolo, s, in. v. Boccia.

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