A Mechanical Text-book: Or, Introduction to the Study of Mechanics and Engineering

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C. Griffin, 1873 - 312 من الصفحات

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Section 3 Varied Motion of Points 71 Velocity and Direction of Varied Motion
Components of Varied Motion
Uniformly Varied Velocity
Graphical Representation of Mo tions 75 Varied Rate of Variation of Velocity
Combinationof Uniform and Uni formly Accelerated Motion
Uniform Deviation
Varying Deviation 79 The Resultant Rate of Variation 80 The Rates of Variation of the Component Velocities 81 The Comparison of the Varied Moti...
Motions of Rigid Bodies Section 1 Rigid Bodies and their Translation 82 The Term Rigid Body
Plane of Rotation
Rotation Common to all Parts of Body
Cylindrical Surface of Equal Velocities
Combined Rotations and Translations 95 Property of all Motions of Rigid Bodies
Fixed Point
Special Cases 99 Rotation Combined with Trans lation in the same Plane
Rolling Cylinder Trochoid 101 Plane Rolling on Cylinder Spiral Paths 102 Combined Parallel Rotations 103 Cylinder Rolling on Cylinder
Equal and Opposite Parallel Rotations Combined 105 Rotations about Intersecting Axes Combined
Rolling Cones 107 Comparative Motions in Com pound Rotations Section 4 Varied Rotation 108 Variation of Angular Velocity
Motions of Fluids of Constant Density Article Pa 114 Velocity and Flow
Principle of Continuity 116 Flow in a Stream 117 Pipes Channels Currents and Jets
Article Page 118 Steady Motion
Motions of Fluids of Varying Density 120 Flow of Volume and Flow of Mass
THEORY OF MECHANISM Chapter I Definitions and General Principles 122 Theory of Pure Mechanism De fined
The General Problem
The Motions of Primary Moving Pieces
Line of Connection
On Elementary Combinations and Trains of Mechanism Section 1 Boiling Contact 133 Pitch Surfaces
Circular Cylindrical Wheels
Bevel Wheels
NonCircular Wheels
Principle of Sliding Contact
Teeth of Wheels
Hunting Cog
Teeth of SpurWheels and Racks General Principle
The Sliding of a Pair of Teeth on each other

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الصفحة 241 - The Efficiency of a machine is a fraction expressing the ratio of the useful work to the whole work performed, which is equal to the energy expended. The limit to the efficiency of a machine is unity, denoting the efficiency of a perfect machine in which no work is lost. The object of improvements in machines is to bring their efficiency as near to unity as possible.
الصفحة 119 - The tendency of a couple is to turn the body to which it is applied in the plane of the couple — that is, the plane which contains the lines of action of the two forces. (The...
الصفحة 129 - Then each force will be proportional to the distance between the lines of action of the other two. The direction of the middle force, C, is contrary to that of the other two forces, A and B.
الصفحة 251 - ... mechanism, and the resistance of the air pump and other parts of the engine. For example, the useful work of a marine steam engine in a given time is the product of the resistance opposed by the water to the motion of the ship, into the distance through which she moves : the lost work is that performed in overcoming the resistance of the water to the motion of the propeller through it, the friction of the mechanism, and the other resistances of the engine, and in raising the temperature of the...
الصفحة 16 - To find the area of a trapezoid. RULE. Multiply half the sum of the two parallel sides "by the perpendicular distance between them : the product will be the area.
الصفحة 120 - ... the ratio of the mass of a given volume of the substance to the mass of an equal volume of water, in which case it is equal to the specific gravity. In its application to gases, the term
الصفحة 4 - Suppose a* =n, then x is called the logarithm of n to the böge a ; thus the logarithm of a number to a given base is the index of the power to which the base must be raised to be equal to the number. The- logarithm of n to the base a is written Iog0 n ; thus log„ii = a; expresses the same relation, as a* = n.
الصفحة 146 - P= f fpdxdy=lv^T (4.) The centre of stress is the point on the surface AA perpendicularly opposite the centre of gravity of the ideal solid. The simplest, and at the same time the commonest case of this kind is where the stress is uniformly-varying; that is, where its intensity at a given point is simply proportional to the perpendicular distance of that point from a given straight line in the plaue of tho surface A A.
الصفحة 4 - ... between 1 and 10 is obtained by moving the decimal point of the number (actual or implied) the required number of digits. The power of 10, for a number greater than 1, is positive and is one less than the number of digits before the decimal point in the original number. The power of 10, for a number less than 1, is negative and is one more than the number of zeros immediately following the decimal point in the original number. Hence...
الصفحة 223 - The Radius of Gyration of a body about a given axis is that length whose square is the mean of all the squares of the distances of the indefinitely small equal particles of the body from the axis, and is found by dividing the moment of inertia by the mass...

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