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As the mason predicted, it soon restored her to Beyond the barriers, they took their way among consciousness. For a moment, she gazed shrink- straggling buildings, and soon entered the yard of ingly around her, and extending her hand to De a dilapidated house. Here Francois whispered a Mortier, murmured,“ my father” —

few words to the mason, who advanced to De Mor“ Is here, my dear child, to bless thee,” exclaim- tier, extending his hand. ed the feeble old man, as tottering into the cell he “We must trust you now to Francois, Citizencast himself upon the couch beside her.

with his aid and that of this good sabre, you must Motioning to those around to withdraw, De Mor- defend yourself. The maiden's cheek is too fair 10 tier and Francois left the father and daughter for a be dabbled with blood, and that old man has lived few moments together, though but a short time too long to die by the headsman. One word of could be allowed them for tears and gratulations. advice from a plain man, drop the · Duc,' for times The men grew impatient of delay and soon wished are coming, when the man with the shortest name to be moving

will keep his head longest on his shoulders. If “ Time presses, Duc," exclaimed Francois, “we you ever happen to need a strong arm and a willing must move. These brave fellows and a few more heart, call upon Jacques Briere--and now, farewell." I can trust will attend you beyond the barriers, and Grasping successively the hard hands extended then I alone am enough to take care of you. 'Tis to him, he would have divided among them his better now to go as prisoners.”

purse, but the movement was restrained by the rePicking their way, under the guidance of Fran- monstrance of Jacques. cois, among the corses which strewed the gateway, " Keep it, Duc, we would not be worse than the they emerged from their hated prison with an es- King, and rob you of the little he has left you. cort of about twenty well-armed stalwart men. We shall all soon revel in the gold to which we

Slowly they wound their way through the crowds have been so long strangers. Once more, farewhich thronged the Rue du Faubourg, St. Antoine, well.” almost unnoticed among the human stream that Placing his fingers to his mouth, Francois gave flowed around them. Now and then, some huge me- a short deep whisile, in answer to which a boy chanic, whose blood-bespattered hands and clothes brought out 'four horses ready caparisoned for a bespoke his part in the deeds of violence which had journey. Mounting these, the party followed for a been committed, would bend a searching glance short distance the road to Versailles, and then galupon the cortège as it passed along, but none in- loped off at full speed across the country. terrupted their journey, until passing the present Place du Trône they encountered a large body of In a small room, in one of the hotels upon Quai the rabble somewhat intoxicated, and singing by du Megessiere, lay upon an ottoman a richly atturns snatches of the Marseilles hymn and obscene tired stranger. His swartby skin had been dyed ballads. Crossing their path, so as to obstruct by the suns of distant lands, and the stars and ortheir progress, a huge butted-browed operative de- ders, scattered about his dress, betokened him an manded whence they came and whither they went. officer high in rank. The uniform was not, how

“ Bah! Jean," shonted Francois, “just a bird ever, that of the French army, but savored more or two we have taken from their cages in the Bas- of the heavier style of the Austrian. tile., You are wanted at the Hotel de Ville." “Again in Paris," muttered De Mortier, “and * Aye, Francois, you would gain the gold alone, why? what fatality drags me along? I, I, who had

you must share it with my brave almost sworn never to enter this scene of carnage, citizens here-our pockets are empty, and our far more revolting than the slaughter of a battlethroats dry."

field, am again drawn hither by an impulse I feel “Gold, indeed," was the reply ; " think you our myself unable to resist. Europe has offered me a needy King would leave the people's champions refuge, and the sovereigns of other lands welgold, when he takes their liberties... 'Twas our come me to their courts, and load me with favors. cause placed him in the Bastile, and our hands Men call me brave and skilful in the battle-field, must keep him from their clutches. The day he and royalty has lavished upon me its blandest falls into our oppressors hands he dies."

smiles. But their greetings fall coldly upon my " Then we will help you to defend him," exelaim- heart, and nowhere has it known a home. The ed the grim leader in changed mood, “ though we tented field, with its wild revelry and stern discihave to cut our way through ten thousand of our pline,--the rush of battle--the mad pleasure of Swiss butchers."

the resistless charge--the cannon peal-the fierce "I told you that other work called you," was onset, and the whelmed foeman--the clarion note of the answer; “ I and mine are all that he will need. victory-all, all have a charm, but an hour, 'tis Get to the Hotel de Ville as soon as you can." gone, and the heart longs for the calmer and holier

Falling back, they made room for the coriége to pleasures of a quiet home. Home !--France is pass on, Vive la Nation ringing fearfully their part. no longer a home; and yet, torn, dismembered, mad ing salutation,

as she is, I cannot but love her.

would you,


“Now, what is she?—Even as dark presentiment, then the sullen roll of the muffled drum announced foreshadowing things to come, taught me to pro- to the affrighted people, that the dark tragedy of pbesy, is she now. The stone has been cast too the day was about to be enacted. far, and the flame that was to be lighted upon the “Now, for their murderous work,” he muttered. altar of liberty, has been kindled into the funeral" The bloodhounds begin the banquet in which to pyre of law, religion, order and reason ; and now, glut their brutal appetites to satiety. I will look the mob steps forward to grasp a power which they upon this, the dark beginning of a reign of terror, can wield but for their own ruin and that of their and then, farewell to Paris-perhaps for ever. But country. I have seen much that was dreadful, but I must dash aside these emblems, wherewith fonever till now imaged out, in my own mind, the reign favor has decked me, and mingle with the mad license of a people whose calmest acts are the herd, undistinguished from the lowest and vilest.” unbridled excesses of a Jacquerie. All, all that Donning a plain citizen's dress, he concealed about holds man to man, knitting them into a nation, is his person some trusty weapons and left the hotel. broken asunder-every tie riven-every sense of Strange was the appearance of Paris on that right, order, or propriety blunted, till ’tis extinct, eventful day. Every precaution had been taken, every social, legal, and moral principle subverted; lest the fitful mood of Parisian caprice should in the overthrow of rights, human and divine, they change, and the king be snatched from the clutches base the gory monument which shall stand the shud- of his butchers, even while on the way to execudering wonder of unborn nations upon the headless tion. Along the almost deserted streets, scoured corse of a sovereign. France, France, France ! patrols of horse, clattering over the pavements, bow blindly you hurl yourself over the precipice of and driving from the path, along which the cortege destruction-how, like the suicide, you whet the was to pass, the pallid and alarmed citizens. Few knife, which your own hand will apply to your were to be seen. Here and there a face was visithroat-how heedlessly you mix what might have ble, peering from an half open window, but most of been order into jarring and discordant chaos—a these, as well as the doors, were closed. Upon chaos, which, unless the grasping hand of foreign every bridge-at the barrieres and crossings were power dismembers and snatches as its own, can pieces of artillery and their grim gunners standing never be resolved into primeval order, till one, with lighted matches. More than once was the mightier than the spirits which guide you now, dark scowling eye of some patrul leader bent upon grasp the helm of state, and upon the fragmentary De Mortier, but it was met by a glance, so calm wecks of government erect the throne of a despot. and yet so unquailing, that hardy indeed had been

** Ye have looked upon the stars and stripes, which the man who had dared to drive him from the path so lately reared them beyond the seas, and vainly as he had seen done to some who, like himself, dreamed that you too could be free-free! no--you had disobeyed the order to leave the street clear. never can be free. Either you must groan beneath Such were the precautions taken to execute a sentie yoke of a tyrant, or you place upon yourselves tence trumpeted forth as the darling desire of the the ten thousand times more galling slavery-the public will. despotism of a mob. Bravely would many have On came the gloomy, procession. First, were guided yog aright, but you shook off their guardian the massy cannon, followed by a portion of that hand; and, led by the unhallowed promptings of legion of Sans Culottes who, at the instance of your own passions, have destroyed your country that arch fiend, Robespierre, had been enlisted from and yourselves. But even now, 'tis recoiling upon the vilest and lowest dregs of a Parisian poplace your beads. To-day your king perishes upon the to act as body guard to the royal victim. Then, seaffold, and ere the gore has clotted upon his en- amid the staunchest and most reckless troops of satguined body, those whom you have raised to Black Henriot's horsemen, was the chariot contain: trample upon vou will drench your streets in the ing the ill-fated sovereign. Before him sat two biood of your best and bravest.

ruffians in the garb of gens d'armes, whose pleni" And Anne ! where—where is she now ?-long, tude of arms and sinister looks gave good evidence long have I dwelt upon her image and often sought of their obedience to the command not to let the ber. She may be the tenant of a dungeon-per- prisoner escape alive. Louis was pale and his lip

God grant, that with her gray slightly quivered, though he sought to conceal his haired sire, she may have sought in some other agitation by a broken and hurried conversation with land that peace which she would vainly search for the good Abbé Edgeworth, who sat by his side. in France. And yet, the sea which separated her Behind the troop, was the other moiety of the from the ill-starred land of her birth, might place a legion, who were, in their turn, followed by a pack barrier between us, that might exist forever.” And of heavy guns, bringing up the rear.

This main bowing his head, the sad young noble remained long column was flanked by alternate borse patrols and wrapped in his own sad thoughts.

light artillery. The boom of a gun broke upon the ear, echoing Slowly they moved on to the Place de Revoluand rumbling through the lanes and streets, and 'tion, in the centre of which stood a large scaffold,

haps a grave.

VOL. X-8

draped with black serge, from the midst of which ceived a blow from behind, which felled him sensethe guillotine darkly reared itself. As they reached less to the earth. the place of execution, the huge mass of soldiery, which the policy of his murderers had placed around • Thy list is no small one, Payan. Thou art the guillotine, opened itself for, and closed upon no wavering friend of Revolution, and goest to thy the carriage, while the legion ranged itself around work right merrily-well, well-every head of the the infantry already assembled. Without the line suspect lopped from the shoulders of the owner of these, the horsemen and artillery were stationed, strengthens the republic; and the cause of the the muzzles of the guns pointing outward, in order dear innocent people is all that I have at heart.” to keep at a greater distance the populace which “My list is long, Maximilian, but each one is an had now began to assemble.

enemy of the republic, or of thine.” At the foot of the scaffold, Louis conversed, for “Mind, Payan, mind I have no enemies; I a few moments, with the Abbé, and then mounting would harm none; 'tis stern necessity that sends the scaffold proceeded, with great composure, to the victim to the glaive, and my heart bleeds that divest himself of his coat and neck-cloth. Walk- it must be my hand which seals their fate. Ah, ing, with a nervous, rapid stride, to the left extre- | 'tis a sad and painful task to preserve the liberties mity of the platform, he looked, for a moment, upon of a people.” the armed multitude around him and exclaimed, “Sad, indeed,” interrupted the silvery tones of “ Francois, Je meurs innocent; Je pardonne a mes Cauthorn, “and no wonder it brings a pang to the ennemis; Je desire que ma mort soit"

feeling heart of one so tuned to nature's softest “This must not be," muttered Robespierre, “they sympathies. But it must be done, and though we may yet relent."

weep over our fate, must bow to the mandate of Santerre waved his arm-Louis' last words were necessity.” drowned in the roll of drums, and in a moment he “Sad,” growled Payan, "the cursed hypocrites. was laid upon the platform-his neck was upon the They call me bloodthirsty, while they cloak their mark-a gun—the string was touched--the glaive own passion for destruction under the flimsy garb fell, and a headless trunk and trunkless head were of national philanthropy and the plea of necessity.” all that remained of Louis.

"And you too, Cauthorn, and the brave St. Just Sick at heart, De Mortier turned from the re would leave no one as stumbling blocks in the navolting spectacle, and wound his way among the tion's way toward freedom and happiness. But less frequented streets. Passing the Barriere de beware that you destroy not the innocent with the la Madeleine, he turned into Rue de Caumartin, guilty, better that the criminal should escape than when a female shriek attracted his attention to a that one innocent hair be touched." carriage, around which were gathered a dozen des Diable," exclaimed St. Just, “ better ten innoperate looking ruffians. The driver lay mangled cent be put out of the way, than one guilty, aye, and bleeding upon the ground, and one, more brutal even one suspect escape." than the rest, had dragged a young and lovely girl "Swear not, Citizen," responded Robespierre. from the carriage.

“ I regret that thy morality is so corrupt. Instinctively he rushed to her rescue, and snatch- not the innocent be harmed, but the guilty and the ing her from his grasp, with his clenched fist felled suspect, the same by the way, must die. France the russian to the earth.

requires the sacrifice." “My father-Oh, Charles, save my father, they “ Have you no names to add, Citizen, before you will murder him,” but before the words had died sign the lists. I suppose your love of your king upon his lips, her person was sprinkled with her will make you chary, lest you sacrifice some witles: father's brains.

innocent." Drawing the short Austrian sabre, he had con “A few, only a few," answered this wholesal cealed beneath his coat, De Mortier prepared to butcher," and I would that I might spare them ; bu attempt their retreat. Hard was he pressed, and the good of the republic does not permit, and hastil more than one fell beneath his sabre. One and writing some half a dozen names upon the list, h another had attacked him, and received either death threw the papers back to Payan, and with a wave or wounds, and he had, in the end, made good his his hand broke up the council.” retreat, had he not been incumbered with the now Waiting till the door had closed and the las inanimate body of Anne.

footstep died upon

he threw himself bac Sacre," shouted a huge black muzzled fellow, in his cushioned chair and gave utterance to a lon "shall we let this one fool a dozen of us," aiming, sardonic laugh. “ Hah!” he chuckled, while h as he spoke, a blow at the noble heart which, had countenance lighted up with ferocious joy, "} it taken effect, would soon have settled the contest. will find death worse than the favors she has de Parrying the weapon, he plunged his sabre into the pised. Curses on the villian, Henriot, could I spa side of his antagonist, but at the same moment re- him I would soon give him to the glaive, but he

useful, and I must let him live until I can



the ear,


belter. Had he been sober, he had sent stauncher, conveyance and escort he may desire. And now hands to snatch her from her father and bear her you will please give me your passport for myself hither. A single one, placed upon the box, had and suite, and a general order to all persons in the put the fair one in my arms, before she knew mis- country, to extend to me all aid or assistance I may chef was brewing. But the beast must attempt, require, under pain of death.” by force, what had been better done by stratagem, Very well,” continued De Mortier, " and now, and his raffians were hardly a match for that young if there is any thing which a fiend like yourself sprig of nobility, De Mortier. Nobility, faugh! holds sacred, may I beg to know what it is ?" how I hate the name. We must make short work Robespierre looked for some moments doubtfully of him. True, his father saved me from starvation, at his querist and then slowly uttered, “The Rebut-but-but-the repablic demands his death. public.” Oor agents will soon have himn in their toils, and “ The Republic!" retorted his tormentor--"there then 'tis easy to trump up some charge against him. thou liest, yet here, swear by thy God, the repubHe shall die. And she ? now, that resistance has lic and thy life, that what has, and will pass bepot her out of my grasp, to cheat the dear people tween us, be never mentioned nor recalled to meI must convict her of treason, and send her to feed mory.” the guillotine. Well, this time to-morrow, she will Robespierre took the oath, but the savage lightbe among the dead, and I shall soon find some one ing of his eye warned De Mortier that little deto console me for her loss. I do not want you, pendence was to be placed upon his promise, when Jean, you can retire,” he continued, as a row of the power of breaking it was placed in his hands. book-shelves behind him revolved on a pivot, and “And now, most worthy Citizen, as your mea light step was heard in the apartment.

mory is not always the best imaginable, I have * 'Tis not Jean, Citizen," responded a full, manly brought with me a security for your silence. You voiee, “but one whose presence you may relish will do me the făvor to open your mouth—don't be still less."

afraid, I shall not cut your tongue out." Torning his head, Robespierre beheld the long Drawing some strong leather straps from his light barrel of a pistol within two inches of his pocket, he passed one across the open month of face. He made a motion as if about to rise, but the prisoner, buckling it tightly behind his head checked himself as the stranger continued and fastening it to the high back of his chair.

* Move not, Robespierre, you are in my power; Securing his hands and feet with the others, he a motion, a breath drawn too loud and you are a drew from underneath his coat a large package, dead man--nay, glance not from that bell to the having a long cord pendant from one end; this door. The sound of that bell, could easily be package he fastened to the feet of Robespierre, drowned in the pistol shot which would hurl you connecting the cord with the thongs which coninto eternity, and he who mounts guard at your fined the hands and head, in such manner that the door is not your jacobin sentry. His cup has been slightest motion would tighten it considerably. drugged, and he lies snoring in one corner of the “ And now, my good friend, I must bid you good hall, while a better man holds post over the closet morning, but before I do so, permit me to inform of the butcher of France. Rouse yourself and do you, that you have for your footstool a canister of my bidding; and recollect, that one step too far, or the best English gun-powder, which a very slight one word uttered in too loud a key, and Maximi- strain of that cord will render so lively as to send Lan Robespierre has signed his last death-warrant.” you dancing through the roof of the house-a

“Would you murder me?" he exclaimed. “Who very indecorous caper indeed to be cut by so grave are you, and what is your purpose ?"

a state dignitary as yourself.” ** I am that De Mortier, whose death you so The prisoner turned a look of impotent agony coully determined on but just now. I shall do you upon his tormentor, who, after carefully bolting all no harm if you do my bidding, if not, I shall do the the doors of the apartment, struck a single tap world the service of sending you out of it." upon the bell and departed by the same avenue

" What will you,” he stammered; “any thing, through which he entered. every thing that you require I will do, but oh spare “ Well done, Francois," exclaimed De Mortier, me! I am not fit to die.”

as he rejoined his accomplice in the street. “You "Coward !" answered bis companion. “I will played your part well, and I have been no less sucspare your dog's life; but here, take this pen and cessful. I left the scoundrel in no pleasant posiwrite," and De Mortier pushed a rolling table to tion, and, in the next four hours, he will live a hin.

whole life of agony. Did you ticket his doors, - Write-write-write what?"

not to be disturbed ??" “As I dictate. The keeper of the Prison du ** Trust me for that, but did you get the order Chatelet will please deliver to the bearer Anne for her liberation ?" De Reilley--write on sir, why do you stop ?--now, “ Yes, and a passport and order that will not under sentence of death, and afford him whatever only secure us from molestation, but give us relays

of horses, or guards, wherever and whenever we over å canister of gun-powder, which a motion need them."

would have ignited. He is worthy of her." " Then four hours start, and I defy even Black " And, unless her countenance belies her, she Henriot to catch us; but, even then, they must be deserved no meaner lord," answered Josephine, old hands at the bellows to match the sharp fel-" he who would wear should win.” lows I have waiting for us."

“ Permit me to welcome you to Paris, Duc," “How many have you provided ?"

was the greeting of Napoleon," and may you ne“ Jacques and seven others; all good men and ver leave it, except to drive the invader from your true, staunch and well armed; had rather fight native soil." than frolic, and would not back out from Old Nick “I am once more in Paris, Sire, and under haphimself."

pier auspices than when I last visited it. May I Arrived at the Chatelet, the order was closely present to you my bride." scrutinized by the keeper, who, finding all correct, "A bride well worthy such a lord,” responded simply replied, “ 'Tis the signature of Robespierre: the future emperor, planting a kiss upon the brow she will be ready in five minutes ; what else do of the blushing fair one :-“ Nay, Josephine, be not you require at my hands ?”

jealous, I must give you the pleasure of saying to “A close chariot and four swist horses. My or- the Dutchess, that her family estates released from ders are to convey the prisoner from Paris, with all confiscation again call her mistress—while I assure secrecy and despatch. We must be gone in the De Mortier that he is again lord of his own fair time you mention, or the heads of both will be the domain, and may all this world's happiness be theirs. penalty of our delay.”

The favor of Napoleon they shall never want while “You have hurried him most gloriously, Duc," 'tis worth the having." exclaimed Francois, as the keeper hastened to obey “And I can but follow so good an example," the supposed mandate of the dreaded despot. continued Josephine, clasping around the arm of

“ Pretty well, but we have need of every min- the Dutchess, the rich diamond bracelet taken from ute; an hour's delay might cost us our heads, a her own fair arm. “ The court will ever warmly price I am in no humor for paying just now. But welcome, and boast its fairest ornament, the here comes the chariot, you must go without and Dutchess De Mortier." see that our speed flags not, while I will share the Richmond, October 21, 1843. interior with the Countess."

“ You will find the prisoner within and well,” exclaimed the Lieutenant, springing from the coach, " she has been kindly treated, and has not suffered

SONNET-WRITING. from her confinement." “I trust that it may be so," responded De Mor

I love a regular Italian sonnet, tier, “ I should regret that Robespierre's vengeance

Full of a rattling rolling sort of rhyme

And sparkling as the skies of that glad clime should fall upon your head," and thus speaking, he Where Petrarch loved and Laura frowned upon it: leaped into the coach, while Francois, taking his And when a master's hand hath labored on it, station upon the box, dashed rapidly into and along The regular recurrence hath a chime Rue St. Denis until they reached the barriere.

Like the rich ringing music of a dime Here they were joined by Jacques and his troop,

Within the purse of one who late hath won it!

'Tis Love's own proper and imperial dress and at their utmost speed whirled from Paris.

And if you wish to robe him rightly, then
Breathe forth in sonnets all your tenderness !

And it is Wisdom's home too, as ye ken “What a splendid couple," exclaimed Josephine Who read, and there'll be readers, more or less, to the first consul, pointing to a noble looking man

Of this, mine own immortal specimen!
Jackson, Miss.

D. H. ROBINSON. who, with a fair, lovely woman leaning upon his arm, advanced slowly along the centre of the brilliant salon, while a buzz of admiration betokened

HEROS IN AMERICA, the sensation they created. “ How truly noble he Awake genius of Carlyle and resume thy theme! Anois, with his fine, commanding figure and firm, man- ther Hero demands thy pen! The Hero in America. A ly step-and she seems all that a queen would wish Dickens, a Bertrand, an Ole Bull, an Essler, a Vieuxtemps to be. Who can they be?"

claim thy homage. Awake and join with Willis lo deify a

fiddle. We mean no disrespect to the celebrated Marshall “ The bravest soldier and the sweetest woman Bertrand by thus naming him; but holding, as we do, an in the realm," answered Napoleon. “ 'Tis the honest and dignified American to be as high as any man, Duc De Mortier and his Dutchess, the last scion we would have our Citizens meet foreign distingués more of De Reilley's ancient house. He is the brave as their equals only. Nil Admirari" is our motto and we man who tricked Robespierre out of an order for would apply it to the Companion of Napoleon, as well as his bride's reprieve when under sentence of death, of the day and if no other pen takes it up, may attempt it

to all others. We propose the subject then to the Carlyles and left the cut-throat sitting, for six long hours,'ourselves.- Ed. Mess.

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