The Wit and Humor of Colonial Days (1607-1800)

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J. B. Lippincott Company, 1912 - 315 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 154 - An hundred men with each a pen, Or more, upon my word, sir, It is most true, would be too few, Their valor to record, sir. Such feats did they perform that day, Against those wicked kegs, sir, That years to come, if they get home, They'll make their boasts and brags, sir.
الصفحة 290 - Since our arrival at this happy spot, we have had a ham, sometimes a shoulder of bacon, to grace the head of the table; a piece of roast beef adorns the foot ; and a dish of beans or greens, almost imperceptible, decorates the center.
الصفحة 261 - Come, dear bowl, Glide o'er my palate, and inspire my soul. The milk beside thee, smoking from the kine, Its substance mingled, married in with thine, Shall cool and temper thy superior heat, And save the pains of blowing while I eat.
الصفحة 50 - One thing may be said for the Inhabitants of that Province, that they are not troubled with any Religious Fumes, and have the least Superstition of any People living. They do not know Sunday from any other day, any more than Robinson Crusoe did, which would give them a great Advantage were they given to be industrious. But they keep so many Sabbaths every week, that their disregard of the Seventh Day has no manner of cruelty in it, either to Servants or Cattle.
الصفحة 25 - The world is full of care, much like unto a bubble, Women and care, and care and women, and women and care and trouble.
الصفحة 61 - A fig for your learning : I tell you the Town, To make the church larger, must pull the school down Unluckily spoken, replied Master Birch — Then learning, I fear, stops the growth of the Church.
الصفحة 77 - In order to secure my credit and character as a tradesman, I took care not only to be in reality industrious and frugal, but to avoid the appearances to the contrary.
الصفحة 86 - Gout, did not occasionally bring you relief by agitating those humors, and so purifying or dissipating them? If it was in some nook or alley in Paris, deprived of walks, that you played awhile at chess after dinner, this might be excusable ; but the same taste prevails with you in Passy, Auteuil, Montmartre, or...
الصفحة 152 - 'Twas early day, as poets say, Just when the sun was rising, A soldier stood on log of wood, And saw a thing surprising.
الصفحة 225 - In vain; the Tories all had run, When scarce the fight was well begun; Their setting wigs he saw decreas'd Far in th

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