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There, sweet be my rest, till he bid me arise ..

To hail him in triumph descending the skies. 4 Who, who would live alway, away from his God;

Away from yon heaven, that blissful abode,
Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright

plains, And the noontide of glory eternally reigns : 5 Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet, Their Saviour and brethren, transported to

greet : While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the

soul !

HYMN 106. C. M.

Passage through Life.
1 E seek a rest beyond the skies,

In everlasting day;
Through floods and fames the passage lies,

But Jesus guards the way..
2 The swelling flood, and raging flame,

Hear, and obey his word ;
Then let us triumph in his name,
Our Saviour is the Lord.

HYMN 107. P. M. 11.

The Pilgrim of Zion. 1 AD pilgrim of Zion, tho'chasten'd awhile,

Thro this dark vale of tears, hope bids

thee to smile; Far spent is the night ;- see approaching the day

That calls thee from sorrow, and sighing away. 2 No tear of repentance, nor wave of the storm, Not a cloud shall e'er darken the light of that

morn, Where thy sun sets no more, but forever shall

shine, Unsullied in beauty, in glory divine. 3 White thy robe, wash'd in blood, the price that

was giving To redeem thee from earth, and raise thee to

heav'n ; Where love blooms in peace, and blest joys

feast thy sight, Where God is thy Glory, the Lord thy delight. 4 O pilgrim, till then be thou instant in pray'r, Life's sorrows, and pains thy Redeemer will

bear; si

Reposing in death, still the love that ne'er dies, Sheds light to conduct thee in peace to the skies.


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HYMN 108. P. M. 7, 6.

Breathing after Heaven.
· wings,

Thy better portion trace;
- Rise from transitory things,

Tow'rd heav'n, thy native place.
Sun, and moon, and stars decay-

Time shall soon this earth remove;
Rise my soul, and haste away

To seats prepar'd above.
2 Rivers to the ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course :
Fires ascending seek the sun,

Both speed them to their source;
So a soul that's born of God,

Pants to view his glorious face;
Upward tends to his abode,

To rest in his embrace.
3 Fly me riches, fly me cares,

While I that coast explore ;
Flatt'ring world, with all thy snares,

Solicit me no more.
Pilgrims fix not here their home, ;!

Strangers tarry but a night;
When the last dear morn is come,

They'll rise to joyful light. -
4 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn,

Press onward to the prize ;
Soon the Saviour will return,

Triumphant in the skies:
There we'll join the heav'nly train,

Welcome to partake the bliss ;
Fly from sorrow and from pain,
To realms of endless peace.

HYMN 109. C. M.

The hope of Heaven supporting.

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I bid farewell to every fear,

And wipe my weeping eyes.
2 Should earth against my soul engage,

And hellish darts be hurl'd,
Then I can smile at satan's rage,

And face a frowning world.
3 Let cares, like a wild deluge come,

And storms of sorrow fait ;
May I but safely reach my home,
My God, my heav'n: my all :


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4 There shall I bathe my weary

In seas of heav'nly rest;
And not a wave of trouble roll'
Across my peaceful breast.

HYMN 110. C. P. M.

The heavenly prospect. 1

EJOICING now in glorious hope,
View all the land below;
Rivers of milk and honey rise,
And all the fruits of Paradise

In endless plenty grow.
2 A land where sin shall ne'er invade,
Nor doubts shall cast a gloomy shade,

With ev'ry blessing crown'd;
There dwells the Lord our righteousness,
And keeps his own in perfect peace,

And all his praise resound.
3 May we this better land possess,
When in this howling wilderness,

No longer we shall rove,--.
Lord, help us humbly to rejoice,
In hope we there shall hear thy voice,
And sing redeeming love.

HYMN 111. L. M.

The Mercy Seat.
1 VROM ev'ry stormy wind that hlows,

From ev'ry swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sure retreat,

'Tis found beneath the mercy seat. : 2 There is a place, where Jesus sheds

The oil of gladness on our heads;
A place than all besides more sweet,

It is the blood-bought mercy seat.
3 There is a scene, where spirits blend,

Where friend holds fellowship with friend;
Though sunder'd.far, by faith they meet,

Around une common mercy seat.
4 Ah! whither could we flee for aid,

When tempted, desolate, dismay'd?
Or how the hosts of hell defeat,

Had sufføring saints no mercy seat ?
5 There, there on eagle's wings we soar,

And sin, and sense seem all no more ;
And heav'n comes down our souls to greet,
And glory crowns the mercy seat.

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6 0, let my hand forget her skill,

My tongue be silent, cold and still,
This tounding heart forget to beat,
If I forget the MERCY SEAT.

HYMN 112. C. M.

for Prayer. 1

ORD, teach us how to pray arignt, Though dust and ashes in thy sight,

We may, we must draw near.
2 God of all grace, we come to thee,

With broken, contrite hearts ;
Give what thine eyes delight to see,

Truth in the inward parts.
3 Give deep humility-the sense

Of godly sorrow give;
A strong desiring confidence

To hear thy voice, and live :4 Faith in the only sacrifice

That can for sin atone;
To cast our hopes, to fix our eyes,

On Christ, on Christ alone;
5 Patience to watch, and wait, and weep,

Though mercy long delay; Courage our fainting souls to keep,

And trust thee though thou slay. 6 Give these, and then thy will be done,

Thus strengthen’d with all might, We by thy Spirit, and thy Son, Shall pray, and pray aright.

HYMN 113. C. M.

The nature of prayer.
RAY'R is the soul's sincere desire,

Utter'd or unexpress'd;
The motion of a bidden fire,

That trembles in the breast. 2 Pray'r is the burden of a sigh,

The falling of a tear; ·
The upward glancing of an eye,
When none

but God is near.
3 Pray'r is the simplest form of speech

That infant lips can try;
Pray'r the sublimest strains that reach

The majesty on high.
4 Pray'r is the Christian's vital breath,

The Christian's native air,
The watch-word at the gates of death :-

He enters heav'n with pray'r. '

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And cry,

5 Pray'r is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways;
While angels in their songs rejoice,

“Behold, he prays !"
6 In prays, on earth, the saints are one ;

They're one in word and mind;
When with the Father and the Son,

Sweet fellowship they find.
7 0 thou, by whom we come to God,

The life, the truth, the way,
The path of pray'r thyself hast trod;
Lord, teach us how to pray.

HYMN 114. L. M.

Worshipping Jesus.
1 SOFT be the gently breathing notes,

That sing the Saviour's dying love ;
Soft as the ev'ning zephyr floats,

Soft as the tuneful lyres above.
2 Soft as the morning dews descend,

While the sweet lark exulting soars;
So soft to your Almighty Friend,

Be ev'ry sigh your bosom pours. 3 Pure as the sun's enliv'ning ray,

That scatters life and joy abroad;
Pure as the lucid car of day,

That wide proclaims its Maker, God. 4 True as the magnet to the pole,

So true let your contrition be-
So true let all your sorrows roll,
To Him who bled upon the tree.

HYMN 115. C. M.

Habitual devotion,
CHILST thee I seek, protecting Power!

Be my vain wishes still’d;
And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be fill’d.
2 Thy love the pow'r of thought bestow'd,

To thee my thoughts would soar:
Thy mercy o'er my life has flow'd :

That mercy I adore.
3 In each event of life, how clear

Thy ruling hand Í see!
Each blessing to my soul most dear,

Because conferr'd by thee.
4 In ev'ry joy that crowns my days,

In ev'ry pain I bear,
My heart shall find delight in praise,

Or seek relief in pray’r.


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