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Riddles, Charades, and Conundrums, The Life of the Rev. Thomas Scott, the greater part of which have never been Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks; in. Published. 18mo. 3s. duding a Narrative, drawn up by Himself, The Miscellaneous Tracts of the late and copious Extracts from his Letters. By William Withering, Esq. MD. FRS. John Scott, 8vo. 14s.

2 Vols. 8vo. 12. 78. Lives of Celebrated Persons who have The Fossils of the South Downs ; or, died within the last Six Years. 6 Vols. Illustrations of the Geology of Sussex. Syo. 41, 10s.

By Gideon Mantell, FLS. 42 Plates. The The History of King Richard the Third. Engravings executed by Mrs. Mantell. By Sir Thomas More. A new Edition, 4to. 31. 3s. 8vo. with Portrait. 18s.

Novels and Tales. An Apology for the Life of Colley Cib. ber, Comedian. New Edition. 8vo. 12s.

The Fortunes of Nigel. By the Author Memoirs, and Select Remains of an

of Waverley. 3 Vols. small 8vo. 11. 11s.6d. only Son, who died November 27, 1821, of the Parish, &c. 12mo. 75.

The Provost. By the Author of Annals in his 19th year, while a Student in the University of Glasgow. By T. Durant.

Tales of the Manor. By Mrs. Hoffland.

4 Vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. 2 Vols. 10s. 6d. Memoirs of the late Miss Mary Ann

The Nun of Arrouca, a Tale. Foolscap

8vo. 38. 6d. Burton, of Kentish Town. 12mo. 58. 6d.

Arthur Monteith ; a Moral Tale. By Misccllancour.

Mrs. Blackford. 12mo. 38. 6d. Bracebridge Hall, or the Humourists. By Pen Owen. 3 Vols. post 8vo. 11. 118. Gd. Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Author of the Dangerous Errors; a Tale, with FronSketch Book. 2 Vols. 8vo. 17. 48.

tispiece. Foolscap 8vo. 6s. Elements of Thought; or, First Les- Isn't it Odd ? 3 Vols. 17. 48. sons of the Knowledge of the Mind. By Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, a Isaac Taylor, jun. 12mo. 48. 6d.

Selection from the Papers of the late ArA Treatise on Tennis. By a Member thur Austin. Crown 8vo. 108. Gd. of the Tennis Club. 8vo. 108. 6d.

Julia Severa; or, the Year Four Hun. The Broad Stone of Honour; or, Rules dred and Ninety-two. Translated from the for the Gentlemen of England. 12mo. French of J. C. L. Simonde de Sismondi. 78. 6d.

2 Vols. 12mo. 128. The Naturalist's Guide for Collecting The Life and Opinions of Sir Richard and Preserving all Subjects of Natural Maltravers, an English Gentleman of the History and Botany. By William Swain. Seventeenth Century: 2 Vols. crown 8vo. son, FRS. &c. 2 Plates, 12mo. 58. 6d. 168.

The British Perfumer, Snuff Manufac- Legends of Scotland. First Series, conturer, and Colourman's Guide ; being a taining Fair Helen of Kirkonnel, and Collection of choice Receipts and Observa. Roslin Castle. By Ronald M.Chronicle. tions, proved in an extensive practice of 3 Vols. 12mo. 16s. 6a. 30 years, in the above Branches of Trade. By the late Charles Lillie, Perfumer, &c.

Poctry. Foolscap. 10s. 6d.

May Day with the Muses. By Robert The First Number of a Magazine, in Bloomfield. Foolscap, 4s. French, under the Title of “ Le Musée Specimens of the American Poets, with des Variétés Littéraires." Price 1s. 6d. critical Notices and a Preface. By Henry To be continued Monthly.

Roscoe. Esq. Foolcap, 7s. A Glossary ; or, Collection of Words, Belshazzar; a Dramatic Poem. By the Phrases, Names, and Allusions to Cus- Rev. H. H. Millman. 8vo. 8s. 6d. toms, Proverbs, &c. in the Works of Eng- The Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer, with lish Authors. By Robert Nares, Arch. Life. By S. W. Singer, Esq. 5 Vols. deacon of Stafford. 4to. 21. 158.

foolscap 8vo. with Portrait. 11.58. The Wonders of the Vegetable King- Rime del Petrarca. 48mo. 6s. dom Displayed, in a Series of Letters. By The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer, with the Author of Select Female Biography. 'an Essay upon his Language and Versifica12mo. 78.

tion ; an introductory Discourse ; Notes, The Classical Collector's Vade Mecum; and a Glossary. By T. Tyrwhitt, Esq. containing accurate Lists of the Polyglot, 5 Vols. crown 8vo. 21. 128. 6d. Large PaHebrew, Greek, and Latin Bibles, Greek per, 57. 58. Testaments, as also of the Greek and Julian, the Apostate ; a Dramatic Poem. Roman Authors, known as Editiones Prin. By Sir Aubrey De Vere Hunt, Bart. 1. cipes, Aldine, Stephens's, Delphin, Va. Vol. 8vo. riorum, Bipont, Elzevir, with many others; Love; a Poem, in Three Parts. To exhibiting a Collection far more numerous which is added, The Giaour ; a Satirical and complete than has yet been published. Poem. By the Author of Peter Faultless. 1 Vol. 18mo.

I Vol. 8vo.

Politics and Political Economy. cient and Modern ; in Question and An. Tracts on Political Economy. By Wil. swer: selected from the best Authors. By liam Spence, Esq. FLS. 8vo. 7s.

Anne Smith. I Vol. 12mo. Europe and America in 1821. Trans.

Voyages and Travels. lated from the French of the Abbe de Pradt, by J. D. Williams. 2 Vols. 8vo. 188.

A Tour through Part of Belgium, and

the Rhenish Provinces. By the Duke of Theology.

Rutland, with 13 Plates by the Duchess The whole Works of the Right Rev. of Rutland, 4to. Il. 168. Jeremy Taylor, DD. Bishop of Down and Journal of a Tour and Residence in Connor; with a Life of the Author, and a Switzerland. By L. Simond. 2 Vols. Critical Examination of his Writings. By 11. 4s. Reginald Heber, AM. 15 Vols. 8vo. 91. Guide to the Lakes of Killarney.

The whole Works of the Rev. John 6 Plates. By the Rev. G. N.Wright, AM. Lightfoot, DD. Edited by the Rev. John Foolscap 8vo. 6s. Rogers Pitman, AM. to be completed in Ten Years' Residence in the Settlement 12 Vols. 8vo. Vol. 2. 8vo. 12s.

of the English Prairie, in the Illinois Essays on the Recollections which are Country, United States. By John Wood. to subsist between earthly Friends re. 8vo. 10s. 6d. united in the World to come; and on other Narrative of an Expedition from Tripoli, Subjects. By Thomas Gisborne, MA. in Barbary, to the Western Frontier of 12mo. 6s.

Egypt, in 1817, by the Bey of Tripoli : Oriental Literature, applied to the Il. in Letters. By Paolo Della Cella, MD. lustration of the Sacred Scriptures. De- Translated from the Italian, by Anthony signed as a Sequel to Oriental Customs. Aufrere, Esq. 8vo. 108. 6d. By the Rev. Samuel Burder, AM. 2 Vols. Statistical Account of Upper Canada ; 8vo. 11. 10s.

compiled with a View to a Grand System A Necessary Doctrine and Erudition for of Emigration. By R. Gourlay. 3 Vols. any Christian Youth : set forth in a Series 8vo. 21. 2s. of Sunday School Lectures ; with a Cate- Recollections of a Classical Tour in chism, or Preaching Conference, on the Greece, Turkey, and Italy. By P. E. Doctrine and Principles of the Church of Laurent. Sccond Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. Christ, adapted to each Lecture. By J. 188. Trist, AM. 4 Vols. 11. 45.

An Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, Christian Researches, in the Mediterra- made during the Year 1819. By John nean, from 1815 to 1820, in furtherance Hughes, AM, of Oriel College, Oxford ; of the Objects of the Church Missionary with Etchings, by the Author. 8vo. 125. Society. By the Rev. William Jowett, A Narrative of a Journey, undertaken MA. 8vo. 10s.

in the Years 1819, 1820, and 1821, through Hints on Missions. By James Douglas, France, Italy, Savoy, Switzerland, Parts Esq. of Cavers. 18mo. 2s. 6d.

of Germany bordering on the Rhine, Hol. Au Abridgment of the Prophecies as land, and the Netherlands.

By James connected with Profane History, both An- Holman. 13s.

BANKRUPTS IN ENGLAND. Where the 'Toun or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not erpressed, it will be always in London or the Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [. T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.

Vaughan, T. Chorley, Lancaster, cotton-manuGazette-April 27 to May 21.

facturer. (Appleby, Gray's-inn. C. April 27.—Beley, J. Birmingbam, dealer. (Tur- April 30.-Amiss, J. Bromyard, Hereford, victualner, 5, Bloomsbury-suare. C.

Jer. (Hilliard, Gray's-ind-square. C. Bleay, J. Marston, Oxfordshire, corn-dealer. [Ro. Bentley. T. and E. Bentley, Leicester, brace-mabinson, 32, Charter-house-square. C.

nufacturers. (Chilton, 7, Chancery.lane. C. Carliell, C. Bnry St. Edmunds, Suffolk, carpenter. Cruso, T. Norwich, linen-draper. (Tilbury, Fal[Bronnley, Gray's inn-square. C.

con-street. C. Carter, M. Forton-Mill, Southampton, miller. Davis, G. East Stonehouse, Devon, ship-builder.

(Minchin, 3, Verulam.buildings, Gray.inn. C. (Raine, Temple. c. Cole, T. and R. Priest, jun. Norwich, wirehouse. Green, 1. Biriningham, ironmonger. (Swain, Pre

meo. (Tilbury, Falcon-street, Falcon-syuare. derick's.place, Old Jewry, C. c.

Heath, W. Cheadle, Stafford, grocer. (Barbor, Finer, F. Drury.lane, grocer. (Flower, Fenchurch- 122, Fetter.Jane. C. buildings, hurch-street. T.

Horsley, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Jinen.draper. Freethy. T. Acton, Middlesex, baker. (Hill, Wel. (Constable. 10, Symond's-ion, Chancery-lane. C. beck.street T.

· Prothers, J. Monmouth, shopkeeper. (Gregory, Mottram, J. Bristol, hop-merchant. (Poole, Gray's- 12. Clement's-inn. C. inn-sqnare. c.

Roxby, R. B. Arbour-sqnare, Commercial-road, Nash. J. sen. Clandon, Surrey, farmer. (Parmer, merchant. (Atcheson, Great Winchester-street. Bedford-row. T.

T. Smith, A. J. and I. Shepherd, Brierley, Stafford, Surman, F. Crowle, Worcester, maltster. [Wilironinasters. [Tooke, Gray's-inn. c.

liams, 9, Lincoln's-inn. C. Smith, R. Fromne West Woodlands, Somerset, jnn. Watkins, W. Norton.juxta, Kempsey, Worcester, holder. (Perkins, Gray's.inn. C.

corn-dealer. (Colleit, 62, Chaucery-lane. C.

Wilson, H. Hatton-garden, auctioneer. [Hodgson, Fearman, W. New Bond-street, bookseller St. Mildred's-court. T.

[Gaines, Caroline-street, Bedford-square. T. Woakes, J. Hereford, upholsterer. [Wright, 5, Lawson, P. Bowness-ball, Cumberland, coraHart-street, Bloomsbury-square. C.

factor. [Addison, Verulam-buildings, Gray's. May 4.-Attree, Wm. Brighton, coach-maker. inn, C. [Hunt, Surrey-street, Straud. T.

Parkes, J., J. Parkes, jan. and J. Parkes, War. Hudson, J. Ulverston, Lancaster, victualler. wick, worsted-manufacturers. [Amory, Throg:

[Blakelock. Serjeants-inn, Fleet-street. C. morton street. T. Jones, D. Liverpool, draper. [Blackstock, King's Robinson, W. Halifax,ironinonger. (Wiglesworth, Bench-walk, "Templc. c.

Gray's-ion. c. Jones, L. Deptford-bridye, Kent, grocer. [M'Duff, Smith, J. Wangford, Suffolk, warrener. [Hant, Castle-street, Holborn. T.

5, Surrey-street, Siraud. C. Orme, H. Liverpool, common-brewer. [Adling. Upperton, R. Petworth, Sussex, banker. (Hil. ton, Bedford row. C.

liard, Gray's. inn. c. Rout, J. Whitechaple, linen-draper. [Fisher, Fur- Walton, S. Nantwich, Chester, liuen.draper. nival's-inn. T.

[Wildes, Chancery-lane. C. Salmon, J. Canterbury-buildings, Lambeth, coal- Worswick, T. Lancaster, banker. [Bell, Bow

merchant. (Harris, Surrey-street, Strand. T. Church-yard, c. Sansom, J. Excter, china-dealer. (Brutton, 55, Broad-street. C.

May 18.-Bramwell, J. Leadenhall-street, hatter. Smith, M. H. Burslem, Stafford, draper. [Wil Brittan, J. Worcester, Jinen-draper. [Poole, 12,

(Mayhew, Chancery-lane. T. liams, 9, Old Buildings, Lincolu's-inn. C. Sykes, J. and J. Hollis, Manchester, iron-dealers.

Gray's.inn-square. C. (Adlington, Bedford-row. C.

Burgess, J, Liverpool, dealer. [Blackstock, 4, Willett, F., E. Willett, and R. Willett, Thetford,

King's Bench-walk, Temple. C. Norfolk, bankers. ' [Blagrave, Symond's-inn, Falkner

, F. Manchester, warehouseman. (Hurd, Chancery-lane. C.

Temple. C.

Goodwin, J. Sheffield, victualler. [Fisher, Tharies. May 7.-Bradley, W. Louth, Lincoln, linen-dra. inn. C.

per. [Handley, 6, Gray's inn-square. C. Hamper, H. Cheltenham, Gloucester, hosier. Griffith, T. Hillmorton, Warwick, victualler. (Vizard, 50, Lincoln's-inn-fields. C.

[Fuller, Carltou chambers, Regent-street, C. Moore, D. Bordesley-iron-works, Warwick, iron. Hewitt, T. Carlisle, draper. [Clennell, Staple's, master. (Swain, 6, Frederick’s-place, Old Jewry. inn. C.

C. Marsh, W. and W. Willatt, Hanley, Stafford, Morris, S. Long Itchington. Warwick, corn-dealer.

earthenware-inanufacturers. [Dax, Guildford- (Walker, Exchequer Office of Pleas. C. street. C.

Owen, J. Leadenhall-street, cabinet-inaker. (AshPritchard, J. Rosomond-street, Clerkenwell, car- ley, 16, Bucklersbury. T.

penter. [Devey, Dorset-street, Fleet-street. T. Pearson, J. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford, groMay 11.-Ackland, H, and J. Rose, Leadenball.

cer. (Wilson, 9, King's Bench walk, Temple. c. market, provision-merchants, [Daniell, Essex

Rose, J. G. Brompton, dealer. (Pike, New Bos

well.court, Lincoln's-inn-fields. T. street, Temple. T. Bird, I. T. Búry St. Edmund's, Suffolk, butcher.

Stewart, R. King's.street, Cheapside, Scotch-factor. (Sandys, Crane-court. C.

(Shaw, Verulam-buildings, Gray.inn. T. Bosher, I. Norway-place, Hackney-road, timber.

Williams, P. jun. Knightsbridge, draper. (Wilde, merchant. (Hutchison, Crown-court, Thread

College-bill. T. needle-street. T.

May 21.-Blyth, J. Wellington, Salop, draper. Cosser, W. Milbank-street, timber-merchant. [Adlington, Bedford-row. C. (Sheffield, Great Prescott-street, Goodman's.

Breedon, W. and H. Breedon, Raddington, Notfields. T.

tingham, dealers. (Long, Grey's-ipn. C. Cruckshanks, J. Gerrard-street, Elderado sash- Collins, J. Vincent-place, City-road, broker, [Fenmanufacturer. [Allen, Carlisle-street, Soho. T.

ton, Austin Friars, Broad-street. T. Dryden, J. Wood-street, Cheapside, warehouse- Colsos, W. Plymouth, grocer. (Swain, Frederick's. man. [Adams, Old Jewry. T.

place, Old Jewry. 'T. Ekins, W. sen. St. Ives, Huntingdon, innkeeper.

Dodd, J. and W. Dodd, Kirkoswald, Cumberland, [Long, 4, Holborn-court, Gray's-inu. C.

grocers. (Baltye, 20, Chancery-lane, C. Ely, T. Fenchurch-street. mall-factor. (Daniell, Fowler, J. S. anil A. E. Fowler, Liverpool, merEssex-street, Temple. T.

cbants. [Taslor, John-street, Bedford-row. C. Emett, C. Mangotstielt, Gloucester, quarryman.

Fulton, E. Earl-street, Blackfriars, coal-merchant. [Poole, 12, Gray's-inn-square. C.

[Bowman, Union.court, Broad-street. T. Gainson, J. Gainsburgh, Lincoln, merchant. Gibson, W. and F. Fomm, Triuity-sijuare, corn(Stocker, New Boswell-court, Carey-street. C.

factors. [Parnther, London-street, FenchurchHawkins, J. jun. Glastonbury, Somerset, horse

street. T. dealer. (Adlington, Bedford-row. C.

Hevs, J. Stockport, Chester, draper. [Battye, Pearl, R. Cambridge, cook. [Farlow, Gray's-inn.

Chancery.lane, c. C.

Humphreys, Billesdon, Leicester, draper. Russ, J. Evesham, Worcester, butcher. (Dark, Juplio, 5. Sunderland, "Durham, linen-draper.

(Moore, 8, New-square, Lincoln's-ipu. c. 30, Red Lion-square. C. Schofield, J. Sheffield, merchant. [W'ilson, 16, (Bell, Bow Church-yard, Cheapside. C. Greville-street, Haiton-garden. C.

Kent, T. Kirton-Holme, Lincoln, butcher. (JenTatoer, W. Kent-road, victualler. [Walls, Lower kids, New-inn, C. Thorohaugh-street, Bedford-square. T.

Newton. T. Holbeach, Lincoln, and W. Newton, Vincent, J. Regent-streei, victualler. (Orlebar,

Norfolk, jobbers. (Willis, 3, Warnford-court, George-street, Hanover-square. T.

Throginorton-street. C. Walwyn, R. Wood-street, Cheapside, printer. Penvold, w. Clutton, Somerset, builder. [Burfoot, [Jones, Mincing-lane. T.

2, King's Bench-walk, Temple. C. white, T. Regent-street, white-smith. [Rice, Jer.

myn-street, Piccadilly. T. Whitehouse, B. Dale-end, Birmingham, baker.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. (Smith, Basinghall-street. C.

Gazette-May 4 to May 21. May 14.-Benbow, T. Bromyard, Hereford, draper. Paterson, M. and Co. fire-brick manufacturers, (Williams, Lincoln's-ipu. c.

Pori-Dundas, near Glasgow. Collard, W. Rathbone-place, baker. [Corbett, 9, Wilson, D. merchant, St. Andrew's. Bloomslary-square.C.

Walker, R. victualler, Glasgow. Dean, R. W. and T: W. Cooke, Bethnal-green, Richardson, R. merchant, Lochbaben. brewers. [Cranch, Union-court, Broad.street. Robertson, J. and Co. booksellers, Edinburgh. T.

Newham, T. merchant, Glasgow. Devey, H. F., T. Tickell, and J. Saunders, Golds. Malcolin, R. bookseller, Glasgow,

hill, Stafford, iron-manufacturers. (Nortin, 3, Tod, J. and A. merchants, Borrowstoundess. Gray's-inn-square. C.

Gordon, W.cory-merchant, Edinburgh. Daunett, D. Norwich, veterinary-surgeon. (Fen- Imray, 3. stationer, Glasgow. ton, Austin-friars. C.

Peck, S. spirit-dealer, Glasgow.


youngest son of the late Thomas Selby, Esq.

of Bildlestone, Northumberland, to Juliana, April 13. At the Rt. Hon. Herry Goulbarn's,

youngest daughter of the late Major O'Brien, of Betchworth Park, Surrey, Mrs. Spencer Per- Bath. ceval, a son.

- At East Barnet, Sir Thos Whelan of Dublin, 19. Io Upper Wimpole-street, the Rt. Hon. Lady

to alicia, youngest daughter of Edward Egan, Amelia Sophia Loyce, a son.

of Ussage.house, Herts. 23. The lady of Dr. Uwins, of Bedford-row, a

- At Bath, Major General Sir W. Inglis, KCB. daughter. 25. In Hereford street, the lady of Captain Hat

to Margaret Marianne, eldest daughter of Ma

jor Gen. Raymond. ton, RN. a daughter. 26. At his house in Lower Brook-street, the lady

6. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rer, of Sir William Duff Gordon, Bart. a daughter,

George Porcher, Henry Porcher, Esq. of Arling.

ton-street, to Saralı, second daughter of John 30. At Uffington-house, near Stamford, the Coun

Pearse, Esq. of Craig's-court, Charing Cross. tess of Lindsey, a daughter.

Also the Rev. J. Edwin Lance, to Madeline May 3. At Castle-house, Great Torrington, Devon,

Louisa, only surviving daughter of the late the lady of A. W.J. Deane, Esq. a daughter.

Jonas Dupree Porcher, Esq of Winslade, Devon. 4. At his Lordships house, in Piccadilly, the Coun

6. At Halberton, the Rev. J. Eagles, AM. of tess of Roseberry, a daughter.

Wadham College, Oxford, to Elizabeth, second -The lady of the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, a son.

daughter of the late Henry Manley, Esq. of 5. At his seat, Cuerden-ball, the lady of R. Town

Manley, near Tiverton, Devonshire. ley Parker, Esq. a son.

8. At St. Clements Daues, William Wastell, Es. 6. The lady of A. Trevor, Esq. a son.

of Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, to Agatha 7. At his house, iu Devonshire-street, the lady of

Whalley. youngest grand-daughter of the late James Alexander, Esq. MP. a son.

Rev. W. Barclay. 9. At Thomas Hotel, Berkeley-square, Mrs.

9. At Bray. Mr. Cieorge Cretton, of Maidenhead, Lane Fox, a daughter.

to Anna Maria, only surviving daugbter of Law. - At Kew-green, the lady of John Bishop, Esq. a

rence Norman, Esg. Mayor of that corporation. son.

13. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the very 12. In Bernard-street, Russell-square, Mrs. John

Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, Williain Turner, George Parry, a daughter.

Esg. of the Tuner Temple, Barristeer-at-Law, 13. At his seat, near Exeter, the lady of Alex.

only son of W. Turner, Esq. of Chapel Tyod in Hamilton Hamilton, Esq. of the Retreat in

the county of Dublin, to Maria Elizabeth Frances, Devonshire, and of Hullerhirst in the county of

daughter of the late John Morris, Esq. of Eastdyr, a son.

ington, in the county of Pembroke. 13. at Rushall, Wilts, Lady Poore, a danghter.

14. At Marylebone Church, the Rev. Edward Or. - At the Vicarage, Bedfont, the lady of the Rev.

lebar Smith, Recter of Holcut and Salford, in Dr. Jones, a daughter.

the county of Bedford, to Julia, daughter of the 20. In Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, the

late Rev. Thomas Willis, of Bletchley, Bucks, lady of Colonel Hugh Baillie, a son.

and sister of John Flemming, Esq. MP. for ABROAD.

Hapts. At Rome, the lady of T. W. Dickinson, a son.

16. At Hornchurch, Essex, Henry Tweed, Esq.

of Rumford, to Mary Johnson, eldest daughter MARRIAGES.

of Wasey Siersy, Esq. of the same place. April 18, By special license, at Maple Hayes, Sir

IN IRELAND. Willain amcotts Ingilby, Bart, of Ripley Castle, At Raphoe, the Rev. Hugh M'Neill, AM. Rector in the County of York, and of hettletherpe of Albury, Surrey, one of the Chaplaius to bis Park, Lincolnshire, to Louisa, daughter of Joha Excellency the Loril Lieutenant, and son of A. Atkinson, Esg. of Maple Hayes, in the County M'Neill, Esq. of Bally-castle, to Anne, daughter of Stafford

of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Raphoe. 20. By special license, at All Saints, Hereford, Richard Jones Powell, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn,

ABROAD. Barrister at Luw', eldest son of Richard Powell, At St. Helier's, Jersey, Uduy Passmore, Esq. of MD. of Bedford-place, Russell-square, to Mar. London, to Sophia, second danghter of RB. tha Clee, only surviving daughter of the late Poussett, Esq. Win. Downes, Esq. of Hinton, Dear Hereford, At St. Oiers, A. B. Earneat Vandechout, Capt. of 20. IULittle St. Mary's, Durham, the Rev. James

Engineers, in the French service, to Anne Blackburn, late Fellow or Trinity College, Cam

Emilia Gregorie, second daughter of David Gre. bridge, Vicar of Egainford, in the county of gorie, late inerchant at Dunkirk. Durham, and of Ronallkirk, in the county of York, to Jane, widow of the late Martin Dunn,

DEATHS. Esq. of Durbam. 23. At Kildale, Edmund Turton, Esq. of Lar- April 18. At Southampton, George Tnte, Esq. of

pool Hall, in the Co of York, and Bradsted- Burleigh ball, in the county of Leicester, and place, Kent, to Marianne, only child of Robert of Longdown, Hants. Beli Livesey, Esq. of Kildale, in the County of 29. At bis house, in the City Road, Capt. A. F. York.

Baillie, RN, aged 90. 24. At Southampton, Hants, tha Hop. and Rev. - At the Heralil's College, in his 92d year, Sir

James Noel, ofth son of Sir C:rard Noel Noel, 1:aac Hearil, Carter Principal King at Arms, Bart, to Caroline Penelope, fifth daughter of the which office he bad filled since April 1784. late Paul Cobb Methuen, Esq. of Corsham- May 2.-At Wellington, Shropshire, the Right house. Wiltshire.

Hon. Lady Eleanor Elizabeth King, daughter 27. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the very of Edward Earl of Kingston, in her G0th year.

Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, Georre Rust, Esq. of 5. At his house, in Hillstreet, Berkelev-square, Huntingdon, to Sophia, daughter of Henry Pe- in his Goth year, the Hon, and most Rev. Wilters, Esl. of Beckworth ('asile, Surrey.

Jian Staart, Archbishop of Armagli, and Lord 30. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, E. C. Wood- Primate of all Ireland. His Grace, who was

bridge, Esg. son of J. Woodbridge, Esq. of the fifth, youngest, and last surviving son of Charlwood Park, Surrey, to Elizabeth, daughter Joliu Earl of Bute, was translated froin the Sce of Capt. Herbert, of Henrietta-street, Blooms- of St. David's to the Priinacy of Ireland in Debury.

cember, 1900. His death was occasioned by a - At Marylebone Church, by the Rt. Rey. the fatal mistake made by a servant, who delivered Lord Bisliop of Chester, the Rer. Robert Vlor- hiin a bottle containing some prepara'ion of ley Master, A.M. to Frances, Mary, eldest daugh- opium, instead of the medicine intended for ter of Geo. Smith, Esq. MP. of Selsdon, Surrey. him. It was swallowed without examination, May 1. At Sunning, Berkshire, William Ward and so powerful was its etfect, that alihough i Heathcote, youngest son of the late Rev. C. T. medical aid was alinost immediately obtained,

Heathcote. DD. to Elizabeth, youngest daughter it was too late to prove of the least service. of the late James Burton, Esq.

6. From the bursting of a blood vessel, Lieutenant 2. At Marylebone Church, William Selby, Esq. George Carey, of the 21th regt. Bengal Native Infantry, son of Richard Carey, Esq. of New. 20. In child-bed, Mrs. Anna Nelson Hoost, eldest market, in his 20th year.

daughter of Mr. Turnerelli, the sculptor. 7. In his 19th year, Samuel James, eldest son of Mr. D. V. Riviere, of Cirencester-place, Fitzroy

IN IRELAND. square.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas O'Bicrne, Lord Bishop og In Palteney-street, Bath, the Rev. William Meath. Haverfield, in his 73d year.

At his house, in Ratland-square, Dublin, his 8. At Long's Hotel, Bond-street, aged 57, Mat- Crace the Archbishop of Cashel.

thew Russell, Esq. MP. of Bruncepeth-castle, in the County of Durham.

ABROAD. At the house of her son-in-law, Bryanston. At Tours, in France, aged 19, Mary Jane, cldest square, Sarah, relict of Samuel Virgin, Esq. of daughter of Henry Bache Thornhill, Esq: Weymouth-street, and of the island of Jamaica. At Valparaiso, aged 22, the Chas. Legge,

At Hampstead, in his 29th year, Dr. John Lieut. of his Majesty's ship Conway. Fraser Clarke, of the Royal East Middlesex Mi- At St. Petersburgh, Dr. James Leighto, jan. of litia.

an inflammation of the lungs. 9. At Langley, Bucks, Elizabeth, second daugh. At Cape Town, on his passage from India, Lieut. ter of Maurice Swabey, fsq. DCL..

Col. John Stuart Jordan, of the 10th Re:zt. Bom10. At Poplar, in his 46th year, Robert Glenny, bay Infantry, and of Kelso, in Roxburghshire, Esq. Lieutenant RN.

after 20 years of important services, during Ai the house of Major Sneyd, Upper Brook- which lie obtained the repeated thanks of the street. Licut.-Colonel Brownrig.

Governor-General, medals and other distinc11. In Burton Crescent, Margaret Augusta, the

tions. wife of Mr. Delacour.

At Paris, aged 80, the celebrated Abbé Sicard, Di. 13. At East Malling, Kent, in her 88th year, Mrs. rector of the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. Elizabeth Norris, daughter of Jolin Norris, Esq. At Spanish Town. Jamaica, Frank Thompson, formerly of Hempstead, in the same county, Esq, only son of the late Jaines Thompson, MP. and grand-daughter of the Right Hon. Sir John for Evesham; in his 26th year. Norris, Vice-Admiral of Great Britain.

At Berhampore, in the East Indies, Captain Thos In Charlotte-street, Bloonisbury, aged 56, Binny, of the lith Light Dragoons. Capt. Charles Warden, many years Commander At Brussels, La Comtesse de Bathe Chanoinesse, of a ship in thc Jamaica trade.

only sister of the late and aunt of the present At Northwood Rectory, the Rev. Thos. Dalton, Sir James de Bathe, Bart. DD. Rector of Carisbrook and Northwood, in At Murat, Major General Hardyman, brother to the Isle of Wight, and of Harting, in Sussex, Captain Lucius Hardyman, RN. CB. who so aged 88.

gallantly supported the honour of the British - At Milton-house, near Peterborough, in her Flag in the capture of the French frigate, La

75th year, after a protracted illness, the Countess Force, off the Sand's Head. Fitzwilliam. Her Ladyship was Charlotte Pon, At St. Vincent, Audrew Rose, Esq. Secretary Resondy, youngest daughter of William, second gister. Earl of Besborough, and his lady, Caroline CA. At Bombay, at the house of Alex. Bell, Esq. Mem. vendish, cldest daughter of William, third ber of Council. Thos. Morris Keale, Esq. Judge Duke of Devonshire.

and Magistrate of Surat, by whose death the 15. Aged 62, Charlotte, wife of Samuel Welch, Hon. Company has lost, an able and upright Esq. of Bromley Common, Kent.

serrant, and his relatives and connexions a most 47. At Woodland Villa, near Bath, Hugh Smythe, valuable friend.

Esq. third son of the late Sir Edward Smythe, At Benares. Major William Blake, of the 13th Bart. of Acton Burnall, and Mary, daughter of Regi. of Native Infantry, Bengal. Hugh Lord Clifford. In 1803, Mr. Smythe, At Paris, Robert Burton, Esq. of Hothain and married Lucy, second daughter and co-heiress North Care, Yorkshire, late Member for lererof the late Edward Sulyarde, Esq. of Haugbley. ley, and eldest son of General Cbristic Burion. Park, Suffolk.

At Sea, Captain Thos. Borradaile, of the Hon. E. 17. In his 70th year, William Mierle, Esq. of Col. India Company's ship Inglis, after a long ill. lier's Wood, Surrey.

ness, i ith which he was attacked on leaving 18. At Burton Hall.'Yorkshire, in her 25th year, China.

Henrietta, youngest daughter of the late Rev. On his journey to Bangalore, whither he was pro. C. Wyvill.

ceeding for the benefit of his health, Sir Samuel 19. In her 36th year, Mary, the lady of Thomas Toller, Knt. Adrocate General of Jadras.

Belt, Esq. of New Boswell-court, Barrister at Thomas Burxh, Esq. of the county of Kildare, Law.

and Mr. Watkins, drowned by beiay upset in a - At Windsor, aged 82, Mrs. Hunter, mother of storm, in the Bay of Naples. Mr. B. was nearly

H.L. Hunter, Esq. of Beechhill, Berks, and of related to the Earl of Blessington, and to the Sir Claudius Hunter.

Earl of Clancarty.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. The Rev. Johu Thomas, instituted by the Bishop bridge, presented by the Master and Fellows of of London, to the Vicarage of Great Burstcad, in that society, to the Rectory of Lawforj, in Essex, the County of Essex.-The Archbishop of Dublin vacant by the death of the Rev. W. Wood.- The (Dr. Beresford) is adranced to the Primacy of Rev, H. C. Crespigny, collated by the Lord Bishop Ireland; the Bishop of Raphoe, Dr. Magee, will of Norwich, to the Vicarage of Neatishead, ra. be Archbishop of Dublin: the Bishop of Dowoc cated by the death of the Rev. A. Barwick. becomes Archbishop of Cashel; and Archdeacon CAMBRIDGE.--At a full congregation, May 17, Bisset is to be Bishop of Downe.-The Rev. W. a grace passed the senate to present a petition to Upjohn. instituted to the Vicarage of Bynham, the House of Lords against the Roman Catholic Norfolk, on the presentation of T. 'T. Clarke, Esq. Peers' Bill.-The Rev. George Palmer, MI. Fel. - The Rev. T. Hill, MA. of Trinity College, Cam. low of Jesus College, presented by the Master and bridge, presented by the Dean of Lincoln to the Fellows of that Society, to the Rectory of Harlton, Vicarage of Chesterfield, vacated by the death of in Cambridgeshire, vacated by the death of the the Rev. G. Bossley.-The Rev. W. Vaux, MA. Kev. Dr. E. D. Clarke. late Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, appointed OXFORD. -The venerable C. Daubeny, Ba. Chaplain to his Grace the Lord Archbishop of chelor of Civil Law, sometime Fellow or New Canterbury, in the room of the Rer. C. Lloyd, DD. ('ollege, now Fellow of Winchester, and Arch. Regius Professor of Divinity.-The Rev. W. B. deacon of Sarum, created Doctor in Civil Law, Whilfeld, BD. Fellow of St. John's College, Cain. by a decree of convocation.

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