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No. 20.

Africa my native home,
ALTHOUGH I am without an eye,

Ere I did to Barnum's come. My sight is always good;

From this isle unknown to fame, And kings employ me when they wish

Ships with aid to rebels came ; To be felt and understood.

Now consumptives to it tend,
I have a character of weight,

Hoping thus their health to mend.
Yet still I 'm fond of balls;
And making breaches is my trade Syria's waters worthless were,
Whenever duty calls.

Jordan's worked the miracle,

Perfect cleansing found I there;
We 're found on every battle-field,

Greater wonder who can tell ?
We follow every battle,
Where swords and bayonets find no shield, In my mountain home I dwell,
Wherever bullets rattle.

Grecian poets knew me well ;

Of the race of nymphs am I,
Useful in many ways to man,

Merriest beings 'neath the sky. No better friend he has ;

Flower of white with yellow centre, Yet what return have I for this ? He bids me “Go to grass.”

Fragrant, named from him who died

Looking at his watery image, Hair of snow and pinkish eyes,

Of god and nymph the son and pride. Bright in color, small in size,

W. & LC.

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No. 24.


ENIGMA. No. 22. 'T is pity that the bright romance

GEOGRAPHICAL. That whiled away our summer leisure, I am composed of 55 letters. Gave meaning to each idle glance, My 49, 39, 29, 55, 33, 16, 21, is a strait in And keener zest to every pleasure,

the Mediterranean Sea. Should fade so soon ; but by and by My 23, 32, 15, 22, 41, is a river in Russia.

When you are cooler, you 'll remember My 1, 9, 29, 30, 50, is a town in France. That things were different in July My 45, 37, 42, 44, 51, is a group of small From what they are in bleak December. islands north of Scotland.

My 60, 4, 33, 16, 26, is a river of France. Pleasures are sweet, but quickly pall, My 20, 46, 28, 7, is a small lake in Sweden.

And towards my whole I have a leaning; My 22, 8, 32, 5, 2, 31, 18, 52, 48, is a town And moonlight walks and talks, and all in the northern part of England.

That sort of thing, have little meaning. My 11, 40, 12, 6, 23, is a small lake in Unless you are my first, you know

Africa. The signs that show a lover's passion, My 3, 41, 20, 38, 41, 31, 3, 15, 2, is a river His doubts, his fears, and hope's warm in Illinois. glow,

My 40, 35, 19, 53, 43, 52, 6, 17, 23, is a Are getting sadly out of fashion.

city in Ohio.

My 34, 54, 13, 5, 25, is a small lake in My love and summer both are past,

Minnesota. They took their rapid flight together. My 10, 37, 52, 14, 9, 29, 24, 47, is a city You need not wish my love my lasi,

in the northern part of Kentucky. 'T was only meant for summer weather. My 32, 6, 40, 27, 17, 50, 39, 36, 11, is a Don't cut your throat or tear your hair,

mountain in Massachusetts. But vent your feelings in a sonnet;

My whole is an old saying. A certain cure for dull despair,

HELEN W. And speedy too, my word upon it.

No. 23.

In a minute a lady will double me

To pack in a trunk or a bureau ; I'm a useful little body,

But a sailor takes hours to double me And if you would know my name, On the way from New York to West You must listen to my story ;

Truro. Then I think you 'll guess the same.

WILLY WISP. I am seen in church quite often,

ANSWERS. And in preaching take a part;

15. Fowl, I am never heard in sighing,



Though I'm always down in heart.


Rubbis H,

I am never heard in laughing,


Oriental, Yet I'm never seen in tears ;


MiltoN. But wherever you find friendship,

LinneT. There my form in full appears.

16. Mequacumecum River, Marquette County,

Michigan. I'm a busy little body,

17. “Call you that backing of your friends ? A First in here and then in there ;

plague on such backing !” (C (awl) (youth) And now you 've heard my story,

(hat) (bee) a (sea-king) of (ewer friends) (ape

leg on such backing). ] You may look in anywhere.

18. Coat -boat goat -- moat - oat. M. R. B.

19. Long-fel(1)-low.

No. 25.

14. ShruB,

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Our Letter Box receives a great many epistles which would be met with more than a passing acknowledgment, if editors were not the busiest persons in the world. But it makes us feel that we are on thoroughly good terms with our great circle of little readers, when they write to us so familiarly of the pleasant things they have been doing, and are still about.

One little girl tells us of a happy day she spent at Niagara ; here a sister gives a copy of a letter from her brother, a boy-soldier, who fell in the terrible war which after all was so gloriously ended ; there is a little Kentucky girl's story of her letter to the soldiers, sent in a box containing "turkeys and socks, and ever so many nice things," and which found its way to her own father, ill in the hospital ; several send us specimens of their school compositions; one or two “a piece of poetry which was not intended to be published, at first," — (dear little folks, your magazine would not be the treasure to you that it is, if we published anything but the best efforts of those who have been studying and practising for years the art of writing well,) - and occasionally comes a letter the least bit in the world fault-finding, to which we do not object at all, as neither magazines nor people are supposed to be absolutely perfect.

It is somewhat amusing to read the various judgments which are expressed about the puzzles. A "middling smart boy" in Buffalo says they are almost all too hard for him, and too hard to be guessed by any but “very ingenious boys and girls," – of whom we judge there is a large majority among our readers, as most of the puzzles are sent in by the “young folks" themselves, — while others write that they are too easy, and that there are not enough of them.

Meanwhile, as our young public are proving their satisfaction with their magazine by swelling its subscription list, we shall continue to do in their behalf the best we can, welcoming always any suggestion they may make, whether it can be acted upon or not.

Florence A. McK. You are right in thinking “To play it with forfeits, a number, 1, 2, 3, etc., that the first syllable of the name which we write is given to each player, and all form a ring, with Goethe, is printed Gö or G9 in German, but you closed eyes, around the feather-holder, who gives are not right in thinking it is pronounced Ga. The it a puff that sets it going, and calls out for “No. sound heard in that syllable is not an English1," "No. 4,” or “No. 10," to keep it up. Whosound, and so it can only be conveyed to the eye ever, through lack of breath, or through laughter by a reference to the nearest sound with which or laziness, lets it fall to the floor, pays a forfeit. we are acquainted; and, if you consult any good “The most frantic efforts are often made to keep German grammar or dictionary, you will find that it from falling. The feather itself seems to enjoy the pronunciation we gave - much like the w in the sport. Sometimes a hearty pair of lungs will "hurt ”– is the best that can be given in letters. give it such an impetus that it goes up like a balGa-the is certainly wrong.

loon; then the delightful uncertainty which prevails A Correspondent wishes the boys and girls to as to where it will fall, or who will be obliged to know about a game called Blowing the Feather, rush out and blow it, keeps little nerves in a twitter. which he thinks very interesting.

Older people like to join the fun..... This simple “You are to take a small downy feather that pastime will be found most enjoyable." will float lightly in the air, hold it in the midst of "Gathering May Apples," is not quite up to the a group of three or more people, and give it a puff. mark, but we thank the author for much kindly It will fly to the ceiling like a rocket, and come expressed interest. floating down softly within provoking reach of some- David Copperfield. You will never know who body's nose, when it should be immediately blown built the first boat, we fancy. — Let us see the diaup again.


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