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No. 34.


I have no ear, I never sing, The gambler my first will try to do,

I’m musical, however ; Wherever the game is played.

And yet, unless you beat me well,

Sure I am silent ever! My second the miser must always have,

For in it his hoards are laid.
To do my third mankind are prone

No. 36.
And ever when seeking the best. SOFTLY, stilly falls the moonlight,
An ancient city on English ground Brightening o'er the mellow fields
Is the whole that waits to be guessed.

Silently, until at daybreak

My first unto Aurora yields.
From the noontide sultry zephyrs,

'Neath the oak's wide-spreading boughs, Kind friends to me your pity lend,

Seeking for my welcome second
Indeed I need it badly.

Come the weary, restless cows.
I have two heads, but ne'er an eye,
And then I'm beaten sadly.

In the deep, dark, tangled wildwood I wear a belt, have ne'er a waist,

Hangs my whole in clusters red ; And yet I tell you truly,

Beautiful, yet poison-breathing ; Whene'er I speak, princes and kings He who eats the fruit is dead ! Must all obey me duly.


No. 35.

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No. 41.


No. 40.

I am composed of 17 letters. My 3, 2, 1, is to bow

U PON an Illinoisian plain My 15, 16, 17, is part of the human body.

I have a wide and rich domain My II, 15, 6, 14, is not that.

Of timber-land and prairie fair, My 15, 16, 7, 8, is the home of an indus- Which is in form exactly square. trious insect.

A fence I built around this farm, My 10, 6, 3, 4, is a measure.

To keep my growing crops from harm. My 12, 16, 4, is to strike.

My posts I planted in the ground My 14, 9, 13, is an abbreviation of a female A rod apart, and then I found

That for each post that fenced it round My 1, 2, 5, is a domestic animal.

I had an acre, just, of land. My whole is the dying exclamation of a Your slates, and tell me, youngster band, hero.

How many posts my farm surround?
How many acres do they bound?

I am composed of 60 letters.
My 21, 6, 25, 48, 43, 45, 53, 59, was a

ANSWERS. celebrated princess of Greece.

26. Rio Janeiro,

27. Warm, My 1, 37, 42, 2, 10, 9, 55, 54, 12, 26, 30, Oread,

Insignia, was the son of a king of Egypt.


Linnet, My 4, 29, 34, 13, 30, 5, were sea-nymphs.



My 23, 14, 57, 35, 16, 50, 17, was a sur-

Avoid name of Diana.

MaremA. My 20, 8, 44, 18, 56, 21, 54, 19, was a scold. 28. Ten dollars make an eagle. [X(doll) r's (May) My 15, 3, 11, 36, 38, 51, was the mother

(can) (eagle).] of three thousand daughters.

29. I 'll put a girdle round about the earth in forty My 39, 58, 40, 22, 44, 33, was one of the minutes. [(Isle) (pew) (tag) (eye)rd ell) (e Gorgons.

round a bout) the (ear) (he thin) (forte) (m iz My 24, 50, 27, 41, 25, was a giant.

u) (teas). ] My 7, 29, 60, 55, was a queen.

30. Amaranth. My 32, 52, 46, 19, 4, were goddesses.

31. When the swallows homeward fly.
My 28, 37, 47, 59, was the daughter of Juno.
My 49, 26, 6, 31, was an Edomite,
My whole is worth remembering.

33. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

* The Conqueror.

32. 426.


Mrs. 7. P. Ballard sends us, in a letter, this I went to the rack, when, sure enough, there was pleasant story, which she knows to be true, and the hole; and, thrusting in my arm, I felt — an which may teach some of our little readers — not egg. I put it in the basket and tried again, – many, we hope, need it -a good lesson.

another, and another, till' twenty-three eggs had

been taken from the wonderful hole. Just twenty“TWENTY-THREE EGGS.

three, and no more ! “At eight years old I was as wide awake, and Never was profounder astonishment in one saw as many things between daybreak and nine little breast, and the worst of it was, it had to be o'clock at night, as any boy in the country, and was kept there. It was a big charge of powder in a withal fond of telling quite as much as I saw, and small rock. I was terribly afraid it would explode ; now and then a good deal more.

but it did n't. I took the eggs to my mother, and “My mother sometimes suspected me of great went out whistling, — my mother saying to herself, powers of exaggeration, but as, on looking into my - dear soul ! - 'How foolish I was to doubt him!' statements, she could never detect me in a direct "Poor me ! how I ached to confess the fiction lie, I was little likely to receive the correction for the sake of telling the stranger truth! I had which I was often conscious of deserving. This not the courage to do this, but the effect on me of came to me in an unexpected manner, and the the amazing verification of my falsehood was never way I was helped out of the worst and last false- lost. I had been so strangely confronted face to hood I ever told has always been a mystery face with my lie, as if the Evil One had whispered, to me.

‘Have it as you say!' that I determined it should "I was loitering in the kitchen one morning, be my last. And it was. I became strictly truthwhere my mother was at work making tarts, when ful, – so noted, indeed, for exactness, that the time – tarts suggesting cake, and cake, eggs - she has at length come when I can safely tell the story turned to me and said, 'I don't see as your new- of my twenty-three eggs." fangled chickens turn out any better than the old ones. We don't seem to have any more eggs.'

Ned Sketchley. Aim at finish and style, as “Here my mother touched a tender spot. I had well as spirit

, in your drawings. – Willy Wisp bought the chickens with my own money, and on the floating personal paragraphs of newspapers ;

draws out his symbols. — Put very little trust in the positive assurance of their being magnificent layers.

they are rarely correct. — Ruskin's “ Elements of "«Yes, they do," I said, — not stopping to think Welford, & Co., of New York, can tell you all

Drawing " costs about two dollars. Scribner, what my hasty vindication might cost me, - 'yes,

about it. they do; they lay splendidly. I found a nest with ever so many eggs in it this morning.'

Who can find the puzzle in this?
“Then why did n't you bring them in?'
I had no basket, and then I forgot it ; but


Following literally the rule there 's a hole there, under the cow's rack, and I of (Eaton's) arithmetic, I get 17 for the quotient. counted twenty-three eggs.'

How can this be? “That was a 'stunner,' but my mother did not

U. drop her rolling-pin, nor give any sign that she dis- “Rule. Invert the divisor, and then proceed credited my assertion. She only said quietly, as in multiplication.' *Take a basket, Bridget, and go with Harry to

Eaton's Arithmetic. the barn.'

“Invert, - to turn upside down.' "I took the basket, and marched out, half a rod

Webster's Dictionary. ahead of Bridget, straight to the cow's rack. I did “The divisor inverted is therefore

18 not expect to find anything, but I must go ahead till I had to stop ; that was always my way. So




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