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No. 73.

No. 74.



I am a word of four letters.

I am a word of four letters. My 1, 4, 3, 2, is a man's name in the Old My 2, 3, 1, is an animal. Testament.

My 1, 2, 4, is a nickname.
My 3, 4, 2, 1, is an article of dress. My 1, 2, 4, in another sense is a synonyme
My 4, 3, 2, 1, is a synonyme of my 3, 2, 1, 4. of my 4, 2, 1.
My whole you do every day.

My 3, 2, 1, is a part of a tree.
My whole is no longer in existence. R.


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No. 76.

We help the winning of the stake,

Without us none success can make. I am the joy of all mankind;

I dwell in every human mind;

Of jokes I form the better part,
To many a burdened heart

Of ice the willing slave,
I light and hope impart.

I'm fit to go with any tart,
I am the bane of human life ; And help rich men to shave.
I gender passion, rage, and strife;

Lady-love of English knight
Without my frequent aid

Who won for her the prize,
No battle would be made.

From heroes for their strength renos


Before admiring eyes. A woman in an olden book,

I sleep by day, by night I prowl, Though striving eagerly the while,

My nose it can't be mated; Could not procure a tender look,

I oft have horns, and, though a fowl, Nor gain a husband's loving smile.

In Greece am venerated. In at the door with smiling face

I am the product of a goose,
Hundreds of merry people rush;

As also of a hen;
I please them with display and grace, I help in law to bind and loose,

And with the sweetest music hush. And oft supply a pen.
A common flower which oft we meet,

My uncle was a forest brook,
And each remembers with delight ; My husband was a knight,
Its beauty and its perfume sweet At first I was a water-nymph,

Can make the dreary sick-room bright. But now a fountain bright.
Wandering through all the fields of space, Chief of Ireland's patriots,
Resting upon the mountains high,

Martyred to his cause, I find mid these my dwelling-place,

He strove against the English rule,
Unseen by any mortal eye.

And disobeyed its laws.

For years the waves from my dry lips

Recede on every side ;

For years and years the golden fruit
I HAVE a stake which may be won, To taste I've vainly tried.

W. B. C. In winning it consists the fun.

No. 77.





HAVI BOY. ANSWERS. 66. The Wind.

69. Little drops of water, 67. Philo-sophy.

Little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean 68. Time and tide wait for no man.

And the pleasant land. [(Tie) (man tied) (weight) for NO

70. Rome was not built in a day. (man).)

71. Tout ce qui brille n'est pas or.




Charles B. K. We think Mr. Foster's new “In the July number this question is asked, We know of no trustworthy dealer in postage

articles, which are soon to begin, will suit you. — Who was Caspar Hauser, and for what crime

stamps. was he imprisoned ?' As that subject has been brought before my notice a great deal of late, Issa. You are doubtless unaware of it, but your I undertake to answer it.

verses entitled "Baby Belle” are simply an imi“The origin of Caspar Hauser is very uncertain. tation of some contained in Aldrich's beautiful He was found near the gate of the city of Nurem- “Ballad of Babie Bell.” Have you not been in berg, seemingly very much frightened at every- the habit of reading that poem? thing he saw, and not understanding a word that

Maggie H. There is no need of asking whether was spoken. The city authorities took him in charge and educated him, always keeping him certain things you mention are morally wrong or carefully guarded, lest any attempt should be made pot. No lady would do them, or allow them to be

- no more needs be said. to take him away. He had no recollection whatever of his former life, except that he was always

Hautboy. We accept No. 1. in the dark, and never saw any one, — his food St. Clair supplies satisfactory answers to some being put through a hole by an invisible hand. questions, as follows:

"After a time attempts were made to assassinate Yo Semite is pronounced, Yo Sem'-i-te. — The him. On one occasion a man rushed in at the front balloon was first invented by the brothers Stephen door of his dwelling, stabbed him on the stairs, and Joseph Montgolfier. - Beethoven died March and fled again through the open door. The wound 26, 1827. - Astrachan fur is so called from the proved slight, and he recovered. Not long after- Russian province of Astrachan, where it is manuward he received a note saying, that, if on a certain factured, though the skin itself is taken from a day he would meet the writer at a place specified, sheep, native of Bokhara, and other Asiatic counhe would be told of his birth and parentage. Of tries. — The best way to make an Æolian harp course he was eager to learn all he could of him-is, - Make a rectangular box of very thin deal, self, and he succeeded, on the day appointed, in as long as the window in which it is placed is wide, bringing the walk with his tutor toward the place about five inches deep, and six inches wide. Over mentioned in the note. Here, after some trouble, the upper surface of the box, which is pierced with he separated himself from his guard, and turned sounding-holes, like the sounding-board of a fidthe comer; suddenly his attendants were startled dle, stretch several catgut or wire strings, with a by a loud cry, and, rushing after him, found him slight degree of tension, and the harp will be comlying dead, with a wound near his heart. In the pleted. – Windmills were known among the andistance a man, covered with a large black cloak, cient Romans; and they were also familiar with was flying, with a dagger in his hand.

ink, as were the Chinese and early Jews; while “ It was supposed that Caspar Hauser was the as to fire-arms, according to Chinese chronicles, heir to the throne of some neighboring kingdom, they were known among the Chinese as early as or stood in somebody's way; and it was always 618 years B. C. It does not seem probable to a mystery why he was not earlier put out of that me, that among two dead nations, as the Jews somebody's way privately, - which could easily and Romans, the name of inventors, and the time have been done, as no one knew of his existence. when the inventions were first made public, could

" I hope this simple statement of facts will meet have been transmitted down from generation to your approval as my first attempt to do anything generation till the presen ttime; and the wellfor Our Young Folks.'

known jealousy of the Chinese in not allowing any “Ever your most interested reader, of the other nations to partake of their knowledge

“M. L." would certainly prevent it."

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