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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by

TICKNOR AND FIELDS, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

UNIVERSITY PRESS : Welch, Bigelow, & Co.,





About Elizabeth Eliza's Piano

About Me and the Big-Sea-Water.

About Me on My Travels

About the Mountains

Amber Beads, The Story of the

Among the Cages in the Central Park

Anna Maria's Visit to the Minister

Ash-Box School, The

Birdie's Walk in the Woods

Blocked in the Snow


Cast away in the Cold

Caterpillar, The

Christmas, A Boy King's

Christmas Wishes

Coals of Fire
Colored Mammy, The, and her White Foster-Child.
Coosie Coo
Corporal Giles
Cruise of the Little Starlighi, The .
Crusade, The First
Dotty Dimple making a Cali
Downfall of the Saxon Gods, The
Imily at Home again
Emily's New Resolutions
French Exposition, The, for Twenty Cents
“Frightened Eyes"
Grand St. Bernard, The .
Great Sea-Fight off Sluys, The .
Half-Hours with Father Brighthopes
Holiday Romance
How June found Massa Linkum
How Quercus Alba went to explore the Under-World,

and what came of it

Icilius: A Declamation

Inland and Shoreland

Lady who put Salt in her Coffee, The

Lectures on Heat

Lessons in Magic

Life-Boat, The Old

Little Dandelion's Grief .

Little Dilly; or, The Use of Tears'

Little Teacher, The.

Mary's First Trial

Midsummer Butterflies

Mr. Turk, and what became of him


Molly Gair's New Dress

More about Trotty

Nannie's Run, What the Frost Giants did to

New Year's House, The.

Odd and Even

Our Fanny

Our Five Little Kittens and their Relations

Peterkin, Mrs., wishes to go to drive

Peterkins at Home, The

Peterkins at the Menagerie, The

Pictures, A Few .


Pussy and Emily mature

Round-the-World Joe


Running Away.

Shoals and Quicksands

Solomon John goes for Apples and Cider

Story of the Great Charter, The .

Story of the Sea, A.

Talk of the Trees that stand in the Village Street


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Julius Eichberg .



61, 125, 189, 252, 316, 381, 445, 508, 572, 638, 701, 761

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HIS beginning-part is not made out of any. body's head you know. It's real. You must believe this beginning-part more than what comes after, else you won't understand how what comes after came to be written. You must believe it all, but you must believe this. most, please. I am the Editor of it. Bob Redforth (he's my cousin, and shaking the table on purpose), wanted to be the Editor of it, but I said he should n't because he could n't. He has no idea of being an Editor.

Nettie Ashford is my Bride. We were married in the right-hand closet in the corner of the dancing-school where first we met, with a ring (a green one) from Wilkingwater's toy-shop. I owed for it out of my pocket-money. When. the rapturous ceremony was over, we all four went up the lane and let off a cannon (brought loaded in Bob Redforth's waistcoat pocket) to announce our Nuptials. It few right up when it went off, and turned over. Next day, Lieutenant Colonel Robin Redforth was #united,

* Aged Eight.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by TICKNOR AND Fields, in the Clerk's

Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. VOL. IV. — NO. I.



with similar ceremonies, to Alice Rainbird. This time, the cannon bust with a most terrific explosion, and made a puppy bark.

My peerless Bride was, at the period of which we now treat, in captivity at Miss Grimmer's. Drowvey and Grimmer is the partnership, and opinion is divided which the greatest Beast. · The lovely Bride of the Colonel was also immured in the Dungeons of the same establishment. A vow was entered into between the Colonel and myself that we would cut them out on the following Wednesday when walking two and two.

Under the desperate circumstances of the case, the active brain of the Colonel, combining with his lawless pursuit (he is a Pirate), suggested an attack with fireworks. This however, from motives of humanity, was abandoned as too expensive.

Lightly armed with a paper-knife buttoned up under his jacket, and waving the dreaded black flag at the end of a cane, the Colonel took command of me at 2 P. M. on the eventful and appointed day. He had drawn out the plan of attack on a piece of paper which was rolled up round a hoopstick. He showed it to me. My position and my full-length portrait (but my real ears don't stick out horizontal) was behind a corner-lamp-post, with written orders to remain there till I should see Miss Drowvey fall. Drowvey who was to fall was the one in spectacles, not the one with the large lavender bonnet. At that signal I was to rush forth, seize my Bride, and fight my way to the lane. There, a junction would be effected between myself and the Colonel, and putting our Brides behind us, between ourselves and the palings, we were to conquer or die.

The enemy appeared - approached. Waving his black flag, the Colonel attacked. Confusion ensued. Anxiously I awaited my signal, but my signal came not. So far from falling, the hated Drowvey in spectacles appeared to me to have muffled the Colonel's head in his outlawed banner, and to be pitching into him with a parasol. The one in the lavender bonnet also performed prodigies of valor with her fists on his back. Seeing that all was for the moment lost, I fought my desperate way hand to hand to the lane. Through taking the back road, I was so fortunate as to meet nobody, and arrived there uninterrupted.

It seemed an age ere the Colonel joined me. He had been to the jobbingtailor's to be sewn up in several places, and attributed our defeat to the refusal of the detested Drowvey to fall. Finding her so obstinate he had said to her in a loud voice, “ Die recreant !” but had found her no more open to reason on that point than the other.

My blooming Bride appeared, accompanied by the Colonel's Bride, at the Dancing School next day. What ? Was her face averted from me ? Hah! Even so. With a look of scorn she put into my hand a bit of paper, and took another partner. On the paper was pencilled, “ Heavens! Can I write the word! Is my husband a Cow.”

In the first bewilderment of my heated brain I tried to thir hat slanderer could have traced my family to the ignoble animal mentioned above. Vain were my endeavors. At the end of that dance I whispered the Colonel to come into the cloak-room, and I showed him the note.

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