In the Sixties

الغلاف الأمامي
Abbey Press, 1903 - 245 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 68 - Are you in earnest? seize this very minute — What you can do, or dream you can, begin it, Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
الصفحة 193 - The sea of Fortune doth not ever flow, She draws her favours to the lowest ebb ; Her tides have equal times to come and go, Her loom doth weave the fine and coarsest web ; No joy so great but runneth to an end, No hap so hard but may in fine amend.
الصفحة 177 - See ! how to my heart she nestles,— 'tis the pearl I love to wear ; — If, in after years, beside thee sits another in my chair, Though her voice be sweeter music, and...
الصفحة 26 - ... all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of Time, — Footprints that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again. Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate ; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.
الصفحة 34 - Voyager upon life's sea, To yourself be true, And where'er your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe. Never though the winds may rave, Falter nor look back ; But upon the darkest wave Leave a shining track. Nobly dare the wildest storm, Stem the hardest gale ; Brave of heart and strong of arm, You will never fail. When the world is cold and dark, Keep an aim in view, And toward the beacon-mark Paddle your own canoe.
الصفحة 89 - Love never fails to master what he finds, But works a different way in different minds, The fool enlightens and the wise he blinds.
الصفحة 135 - War must be While men are what they are ; while they have bad Passions to be roused up ; while ruled by men ; While all the powers and treasures of a land Are at the beck of the ambitious crowd ; While injuries can be inflicted, or Insults be offered ; yea, while rights are worth Maintaining, freedom keeping, or life having, So long the sword shall shine ; so long shall war Continue, and the need for war remain.
الصفحة 200 - No wish beyond the home where thou shouldst enter, Ever anew to find thy presence brought My life's best joy. I would be thine ! Not passion's wild emotion To show thee, fitful as the changing wind, But with a still, deep, fervent life-devotion, To be to thee the help-meet God designed — For this would I be thine ! 116 HOW MUCH THERE IS THAT'S BEAUTIFUL.
الصفحة 46 - Passed pale and anxious by the sickly lamp, Till the young poet wins the world at last To listen to the music long his own ? The crowd attend the statesman's fiery mind That makes their destiny ; but they do not trace Its struggle, or its long expectancy. Hard are life's early steps ; and, but that youth Is buoyant, confident, and strong in hope, Men would behold its threshold, and despair.
الصفحة 59 - France, who, with fifty thousand men, "marched up the hill and then marched down again...

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