The Historians' History of the World: Poland, The Balkans, Turkey, Minor eastern states, China, Japan

الغلاف الأمامي
Henry Smith Williams
Outlook Company, 1904

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second partition 88 The revolt of the patriots 91 Kosciuszko named dictator
Victories of Kosciuszko 93 The tide turns against the patriots 95 Uprising in
opment under the new charter 108 Infractions of the charter 111 The national
Brief Referencelist of Authorities by Chapters I
Formation of the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia 130 Mircea
of the Bulgarian Empire 164 Bogomiles 165 Bulgaria is incorporated into
The second Bulgarian Empire 168 Death of Asen reign of Kaloyan 169 The Bul
Nationality recognised 177 The revolt of 1876 178 Treaty of Berlin 178
The History of Servia
Urosh III expansion under Dushan 191 The decline and fall of
the Porte 209 Albania 211 Bosnia and Herzegovina 215 Macedonia 217 Mount
disputed land 223 The Mohammedan government 223 The conspiracy of Catherine
The Battle of Navarino 233 Miiller on the Battle of Navarino
Brief Referencelist of Authorities by Chapters
Social state of the Turkish nations 261 Religion of the Turks 262 Wars
empires and the Mongols 272 Jenghiz Khan and the Mongolian Empire 274 Temu
Mongolian Empire at the beginning of the fourteenth century 294 State of Trans
Scanderbeg 325 Accession of Muhammed II 326 Capture of Con
between Russia and Turkey 337 Selim I
The meeting of the janissaries 344 Campaigns in Asia 345 Under
Literature under Suleiman 363 Arts and architecture 365 Causes for

طبعات أخرى - عرض جميع المقتطفات

عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

مقاطع مشهورة

الصفحة 669 - The imposition of a new tax or the modification of the rates (of an existing one) shall be determined by law. However, all such administrative fees or other revenue having the nature of compensation shall not fall within the category of the above clause. The raising of national loans and the contracting of other liabilities to the charge of the National Treasury, except those that are provided in the Budget, shall require the consent of the Imperial Diet.
الصفحة 463 - It should be made clear to the Egyptian Ministers and Governors of provinces, that the responsibility which for the time rests on England obliges Her Majesty's Government to insist on the adoption of the policy which they recommend, and that it will be necessary that those Ministers and Governors who do not follow this course should cease to hold their offices.
الصفحة 614 - Now, it has been observed that the admiral, in his quality of ambassador of the president, would be insulted by it; the justice of this has been acknowledged; consequently the above-mentioned letter is hereby received, in opposition to the Japanese law. Because the place is not designed to treat of anything from foreigners, so neither can conference nor entertainment take place. The letter being received, you will leave here.
الصفحة 666 - XXVIII. --Japanese subjects shall, within limits not prejudicial to peace and order, and not antagonistic to their duties as subjects, enjoy freedom of religious belief.
الصفحة 670 - THE Governments of Great Britain and Japan, actuated solely by a desire to maintain the status quo and general peace in the extreme East...
الصفحة 617 - Hakodade, and hand them over to their countrymen appointed to receive them. Whatever articles the shipwrecked men may have preserved shall likewise be restored ; and the expenses incurred in the rescue and support of Americans and Japanese who may thus be thrown upon the shores of either nation are not to be refunded. "ARTICLE FV. — Those shipwrecked persons, and other citizens of the United States, shall be free as in other countries, and not subjected to confinement, but shall be amenable to...
الصفحة 666 - The Emperor determines the organization of the different branches of the administration, and the salaries of all civil and military officers, and appoints and dismisses the same. Exceptions especially provided for in the present Constitution or in other laws, ' shall be in accordance with the respective provisions (bearing thereon). ARTICLE XI — The Emperor has the supreme command of the Army and Navy.
الصفحة 670 - When it has become necessary in future to amend the provisions of the present Constitution, a project to that effect shall be submitted to the Imperial Diet by Imperial Order. In the above case, neither House can open the debate unless not less than two-thirds of the whole number of Members are present, and no amendment can be passed unless a majority of not less than two-thirds of the Members present is obtained.
الصفحة 668 - The deliberations of both Houses shall be held in public. The deliberations may, however, upon demand of the Government or by resolution of the House, be held in secret sitting. Article 49 Both Houses of the Imperial Diet may respectively present addresses to the Emperor.
الصفحة 668 - The Ministers of State and the Delegates of the Government may, at any time, take seats and speak in either House. Chapter IV The Ministers of State and the Privy Council ARTICLE LV. The respective Ministers of State shall give their advice to the Emperor, and be responsible for it.

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