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said Dr. M. "The most remarkable pheno- a part of the population pine, are obviously giving a hint to printsellers generally, that the
menon in a physiological point of view, and that favourable, in an eminent degree, either to the first of them who shall boldly come forward, with
on which the most alarming symptoms depend, breeding or propagation of disease. Hence, sufficient capital to take the lead, and give the
is the change in the circulation. From the first the Sunderland faculty have remarked for a long
exhibition of the disease, the heart does not pre-

public works of the highest excellence at the time past, that not a year transpires without the lowest possible price, will stand a good chance sent more than from twelve to fifteen contrac- appearance of some destructive epidemy in this of making a fortune; and such a man shall have tions per minute; it is not merely that the fre- quarter-either typhus, scarlet-fever, or scar- our zealous support—but two things are the quency of the pulsation is diminished, but there lettina."

condition, the lowest possible price, calculating is a diminution in the powers of that organ, and Dr. M. added, that, owing to the popular on the largest possible sale, and the finest works this to such an extent, that if the patient be prejudice against dissection, he had only been that art can produce ;-to this it will come, and moved from a horizontal, with a view to raise able to examine one isolated subject; and closed the sooner the better; and the first in the field his body to a vertical position, the heart is in his report by commenting, in no strain of eulogy will reap the richest harvest. We may say more capable of exerting a sufficient impetus to drive | indeed, on the sanitory measures adopted at on this subject shortly. the blood to the head; the patient, consequently, | Sunderland. In the subsequent debate, M. faints away, and sometimes expires under the Moreau de Jonnès vindicated the Board of

MUSIC simple operation of this change of posture. I Health from his colleague's aspersions, and laid am happy,” added Dr. M. “ that what I have much stress upon the value of the official re

PROGRAMME OF THE ARRANGEMENTS OF THE otherwise to report, is of a consolatory character ports supplied to him by that body; against

KING'S THEATRE. with regard to our own country. The town of which, however, Dr. Majendie again levelled

This important State Paper in the World of Sunderland has not been attacked in every his anathema.

Fashion is now submitted to the Public. quarter by the Cholera; indeed, the disease has

The Opera will open on the 24th or 28th. invaded but a limited portion of it. It is a place


The following is the official list of Artists encontaining forty thousand souls, of great com.

Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, gaged. It does not materially differ from our mercial activity, and the seat of extraordinary

with letter-press descriptions. 2 vols. London, announcement three weeks ago :industry. It contains no less than eight hun1831. Tilt; Moon, Boys, & Graves.

OPERA. dred dwellings, belonging to manufacturers or This very interesting work is now completed

Signora Adelaide Tosi, Signora G. Grisi, Madame S. merchants of note. These individuals, as well

Devrient, Madame Rosa Mariani, Madame D. Cinti, --it contains eighty landscapes after Stanfield,

Madame De Meric, Madame Battiste, Madame Granas every person in easy circumstances, reside in

Robson, Daniell, Dewint, Constable, Fielding, dolfi, &c.-Monsieur Adolphe Nourrit, Signor D. Dontwo parishes, which are situated on an eminence.

zelli, Signor B. Winter, Signor Tamburini, Signor L. But, as to the poorer class of the population, and other skilful artists, all engraved by the two Findens; of these, some five and twenty,

Mariani, Signor V. Galli, Signor Arnaud, Signor Ar. they are crowded together in a distinct quarter

rigotti, Signor Giubilei, Signor Piozzi, &c. &c. which we could select, are worth the five pounds of the town, (that which is properly called the

which the volumes cost. This is the true and parish of Sunderland'); a quarter, lying in a

Mademoiselle Taglioni,+ Madlle. Heberle, Madame

Brugnolli, Madame Lecompte, Madame Ancellin, hollow near the river, and encompassed by satisfactory way of embellishing works of genius;

that learned society, whom the satirist lampoons Madle. Varin, Madlle. Guichard, Madlle. Chavigny, Jeights, on the north, south, and east, which for examining the moon by her own light, were

Madlle. Proche, Madlle. Hullin, &c. - M. Albert, impede the free circulation of the air. The

Signor Guerra, Siguor Samengo, M. Taglioni,+ M. wiser than those men who desired to explore construction of the lower part of the town is of

Albert, fils, M. Bretin, M. D'Egville Michau, M. Marher by means of a farthing candle. For instance, tin, M. Finart, M. Albert, Signor Samengo, M. Taga description to prevent any kind of ventilation :

in the Dumfrieshire part of the Waverley Novels, lioni, père, M. Simon, &c. the houses are separated by wretched streets, Guy Mannering,' and 'Redgauntlet,' we are

ORCHESTRA.I not more than three or four feet in breadth; infinitely better pleased to see the splendid

DIRECTOR of the Orchestra, Signor Costa; LEADER of every apartment is from eight to ten feet square,

the Orchestra, Signor Spagnioletti.-VIOLINI: Messrs.

Mori, Dando, Watts, Murray, Nadaud, Pigott, Ella, and from six to seven feet high (!); and each of Firth of Solway, with its winding shores and thein is inhabited by a whole family, who perform Baronial Ruins of Caerlaverock,' “The Waste

Kearns, Wallis, Baker, Reeves, Bohrer, Tolbecque, dancing waves, “The Old Castle of Lagg,' "The

Griesbach, Zerbini, Littolff, Anderson, Watkins, ihoevery function of life in it, and cook their victuals of Cumberland,' nay,

mas, &c.-VIOLE: Moralt, Warre, Alsept, Daniels,

ven the good «Town of with sea coul, in the very heart of so dense a smoke,

Chubb, Nicks, &c.-V10LONCELLI: Lindley, Rousselot,
Dumfries' itself, with its three steeples and its

Hatton, Crouch, sen., Crouch, jun., Brooks, &c.-Conthat, even at mid-day, there is not more light than

grave of Robert Burns, than we should be to TRABASSI : Dragonetti, Wilson, Howell, Anfossi, Flowwhat is necessary to enable one to grope one's way. I look at any creations of the painter's fancy,

er, Taylor, &c.-FLAUTI: Messrs. Nicholson and Card. entered these miserable abodes more than once,

OBOE: Messrs. Cooke and Barret.-CLARINI : Messrs. though made, as lie imagined, in the spirit of

Willman and Powell.-FAGOTTI: Messrs. Mackintosh and, though I carried a light in my hand, I found

the text. But it is not to that beautiful and and Tully.--CORNI: Messrs. Platt, Ray, Calcott, and it difficult to discover the patient; in many in

secluded district, that we owe all the attractions Tully.-TROMBE: Messrs. Harper and Irvin.-T'ROMstances, he was lying down on a sack, filled with of these volumes; the artists have wandered

BONI: Messrs. Mariotti, Smithers, sen., Smithers, jud. goose feathers, and as this sack serves as a bed

---TIMPANI, Mr. Chip.--Stage Manager, Mr. Charles with the writer, from the Orkneys to the Straits Broad; Scene Painter, Mr. William Grieve; Prompter, for the whole family, the icy coldness of his

of Dover, and made an excursion into France, Signor Rubbi; Secretary to the Box Department, Mr. body was the only criterion by which I was enselecting with much judgment, the interesting

Seguin ; Poet and Italian Translator, Dr. Giuseppe abled to distinguisha him from the others.

Giglioli. and picturesque scenes which the northern

The Choruses, under the direction of approved The parish of Sunderland consists of seven- novelist had introduced into his pages. From teen thousand inhabitants, -fourteen thousand of many painters' portfolios these scenes have been

Masters, together with the Corps de Ballet, have

been entirely remodelled and increased; and it whom are on the poor-books, and are relieved, collected-one of no common beauty was sup

is presumed will be found consistent with the not directly from the house (fabrique), but plied by the Marchioness of Stafford. Though through a contractor, whose interest it is to it would probably have been as well to bave

rest of the arrangements in their several de

partments, dispense the smallest modicum of aid he can given the Findens the aid of other brethren of contrive. Now, those who receive this aid are

The following are some among the musical the graver, yet the illustrations are surpassingly

works which are proposed to be represented :not, in all cases, able to hire the wretched de

beautiful; it is to their advantage, too, that they scription of dwellings to which I have just

The “Esule di Roma,' and 'Olivo e Pasquale' are calculated to bind up, at the will of the pur

of Donizetti - La Straniera' of Bellini - Il alluded ; they are mustered in a common or chaser, with the volumes of Scott.

Demetrio e Polibio' of Rossini, being the first poor-house, than which the imagination cannot picture a more hideous abiding-place : this is es- Illustrations to all Editions of the Waverley Novels;

production of his pen ; with, perhaps, the · Arpecially applicable to the Infirmary, a chamber Pirate' to 'Quentin Durward.' Part IV. Lon

mida' or 'Ermione' of the same authortwenty feet square, round which a row of such don, 1831. Moon, Boys & Graves.

'L'Alfredo' of Mayr- Il Sansone' of the cele. sacks of feathers as I have before described, is | We have before admitted that these illustra

brated Professor Basily, now the President of ranged. On these sacks are rolled, pell-mell, tions have decidedly improved. This part con

the Imperial Conservatory of Music at Milanwomen, children, and old men, (most of them in tains many clever pictures, and amongst others,

• La Vestale' of Spontini—' L'Annibale in a dying state,) and they are attended by other the vignettes to 'Quentin Durward,' and those

Bettinia' of Niccolini — La Sylvana' of Weber paupers, who are suffering too much in their own capital ones by Purser and Wilkie to ‘Peveril.'

- Il Matrimonio per raggiro' of Cimarosapersons to have any feeling for their fellow-crea

the • Maometto' of Winter-and •L'Idomeneo, tures' agonies! In no part of the lower town of Select Views of all the Principal Cities of Europe.

Rè di Creta' of Mozart. In addition to the Sunderland are there any public sewers ; the London, 1831. Moon, Boys & Co.

+ The term of the engagement of Mademoiselle filth and putrid matters are consigned to the We presume this work has not been very suc- Taglioni and her Brother depending upon the result roof or street; and the banks of the river are cessful, from its hurrying to a close on the pub

of a letter expected daily from the Court of Berlin, the coated with a noxious surface, the greater por- lication of only five parts; it was rather for

Public are requested to observe, that the above are not tion of which is composed of those defilements.

to be reckoned upon,

as forming a portion of that Comfidelity than beauty, that it claimed the patron- pany to which the Director pledges himself for any This inconceivable degree of uncleanliness, age of the public, and we think, under such considerable length of time. combined with the complete absence of venti- circumstances, it should have been published at

As the contracts have not been finally completed lation, and the extreme destitution under which

with every proposed Member of the Orchestra, ít may a lower price. We take this opportunity of possibly occur that a few of the names may be changed.

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above, the celebrated opera of 'Robert le Dia: , veloped as we could have wished, and we were “In the Imperial Library of the Austrian meble' has been purchased, and, with the original now and then at a loss to understand where the tropolis is a perfect copy of. H. Stephani ThePerformers from the Academie Royale at Paris, actors were, and how they got there; but the saurus Linguæ Græcæ,' which contains a host will be produced under the immediate direction whole thing was light and agreeable, and, as- of manuscript comments, the author of which of its great author, Meyerbeer. On this occa- sisted by some pretty music, passed to its con- had hitherto remained unknown. One of the sion, an Overture, which has hitherto been

clusion with considerable applause, and without librarians, whilst engaged in perusing these wanting, will be composed by him, and no ex- a symptom of disapprobation. The third act, comments a short time back, discovered one in ertion or expense avoided to render the whole contrary to custom, was better than either of which the writer says— Vide meam scholam in the most perfect entertainment possible. The the others. In this a very amusing situation is Editione Horatii, libró - 01.- Didot, bearing • Esule di Granata' of the same author, will at produced, by some volunteer falsehoods of Scipio, of this occurrence, set about investigating the the same time be brought out, under his direc

a servant (Mr. Harley). The equivoque was various editions of Horace published by H. tion, the entire of the second act being re- well managed and well sustained, and the efforts Stephens, and was fortunate enough to hit upon written for the occasion : 'La Dame Blanche,' of author and actors were rewarded by shouts of the very passage to which the unknown comtranslated into Italian, will likewise be repre- laughter. Mr. Wood was evidently labouring mentator referred; from this circumstance he sented by the performers of the Academie under a cold, but he sang with much taste and considers himself fully justified in ascribing the Royale, and M. Boieldieu, the author, it is ex- sweetness. His first ballad, which is very pretty, notes in the Vienna copy to Stephens himself, pected, will add to its interest, and ensure its was deservedly encored. It is always painful to and he has announced his intention of turning success, by his presence.

us to speak of a lady in any other terms than those them to all possible advantage in his new edition Offers have been likewise held out to the of praise, but if the management will continue of the Thesaurus." celebrated Maestro Paër, to attend at the repre- to be so injudicious as to put Miss Pearson into

Bent's List of Book's published during the Year sentation of his most favoured work, Sargino,' parts for which she is in no way fitted, we are 1831.-It which the Director has reason to believe will bound, on behalf of the public, to object. We know lation, that the number of new books published

from this little useful compi.

appears not be refused.

not why Mrs. Wood did not take the part-but, in the last year was about 1100, exclusive of A company of German performers has been whatever was the cause of her absence, there are

new editions, pamphlets, or periodicals-being engaged to represent the chefs-d'auvre of their several ladies on the establishment to whom,

50 less than in 1830. national composers, in their native language, after lier, but before Miss Pearson, the principal during the months of May and June. These part in a musical piece ought to have been en- Royal Patronage.— The civil list of Louis performances, with the grand Ballet, will be trusted. We need not go far for an instance, Philippe contains some items, which, we conproduced alternately with the Italian Operas, the drama itself contained one-Miss Field, one

ceive, would not figure to an useless purpose in and subscriptions will be opened for the same, of the most correct singers, and one of the best that of a King of Great Britain, whether in a either separately or in conjunction with the or- female musicians, perhaps the best, on the stage, political, or literary and scientific point of view. dinary entertainments of the establishment. The was sent on to lead one chorus, while the first Those, to which we refer, are, company, which has been selected from the élite singing character was occupied by a lady who is Library Department, (for subscripof all Germany, will be complete both in num- not to be compared to her, either as a singer or tions to publications) £10,000 bers and ability. The following eminent artists as an actress. We are not of the number of Music, boxes at theatres, and benehave already been engaged for the occasion :- those who approve of any actor or actress re

fits ..

12,000 Mademoiselle Nanette Schechner, Madame Schrae. fusing to do that which is best for the interest


23,500 der Devrient, Madlle. Heinefetter, Madlle. Schützel,

Museums and the Fine Arts of the theatre from which they receive a salary;

18,000 Madame Spitzeder, Madlle. Schneider, &c.—Herr Haizinger, Signor Giulio Pellegrini, Herr Dobler, Herr but there is a medium in all things. This is an

Works of Art

20,000 Wächter, Herr Spitzeder, Herrn Wieser, Hahn, &c. extreme case, and it is a duty which we owe to

Medals and Mint

16,200 The Music will consist of all the principal modest talent to remonstrate against such an It would, therefore, appear that the French modern compositions of the German school. affront being put upon it. What right have Sovereign has a sum of nearly One hundred The 'Fidelio of Beethoven-Eurianthe' and managers to complain of the public neglecting thousand pounds placed at his disposal, for the

Freischütz' of Weber--the ‘Jessonda’ of Spohr | their houses, if such things, be it through mis- special encouragement of native arts, sciences,
-the 'Hochzeit der Figaro,' • Belmonte e take or wilfulness, are persisted in? It is no and manufactures.
Constanze,' and 'Don Juan' of Mozart-the answer to this to say, that Miss Pearson was two

Vienna Periodical Literature.- For a popula-
Macbeth' of Chelard, who has been induced to

or three times encored; we have no wish to come from Munich, to preside at the represen

tion of three hundred and odd thousands, the make our remarks more disagreeable than we

press of the Austrian capital supplies three tation-the ‘Vampyr' of Lindpaintner, who like- feel absolutely called upon to do, but our alluwise will honour the performance with his pre- sion will be sufficiently understood, when we

newspapers, and ten literary publications, either sence-the 'Emmeline' of Weigl—the • Ræber

say, that such encores were not in accordance weekly or monthly. braut' of Ries ;-these, and whatever others with the feelings or wishes of a vast majority of Phrenology.—Mr. Forbes Winslow will this may be found in the repertoire of the existing the audience.- Mr. Farren made the most of a evening read a paper at the Westminster Medicompany, the entrepreneur states, shall be re- part which did not afford him any very striking cal Society, on the application of Phrenological presented in the great Theatre of the Italian opportunities; and he is the more entitled to our science to the elucidation of insanity. Opera House. thanks, because we have sometimes accused

Contradictions of Proverbs.—"The more the Next week we may add some few less im

him of being a wee-bit covetous. Miss Phillips merrier.” Not so; one hand is enough in a portant arrangements.

had an arduous part, if we only consider the
number of times she had to change her dress purse..." Nothing hurts the stomach more than
it was certainly eithersix or seven. She acquitted what has an end." Not so; a ring hath none,

surfeiting.” Yes; lack of meat.-"Nothing but
herself very well, as did Mr. Wallack, Mr. Har-

for it is round.—"Money is a great comfort.” ley, Mrs. Orger, and Mrs. Humby. 'My own Not when it brings a thiet to the gallows.—“The A musical drama, in three, acts called “My Lover' was given out for Saturday amidst gene- world is a long journey." Not so; the sun Own Lover,' was produced here on Wednesday ral approbation.

goes over it every day.—“It is great way to the with success. The drama itself, as well as the

bottom of the sea.” Not so; it is but a stone's music, we understand to be from the hic et ubique Meyerbeer's opera, • Robert le Diable,' the

cast.-"A friend is best found in adversity.” pen of Mr. Rodwell, whose works we have, scramble for which ended in favour of Mr. Ma

Not so; for then there is none to be found. within a short time, had to notice at Covent son, the lessee of the Italian Opera House, is,

• The pride of the rich makes the labour of the Garden, the Adelphi, and the Olympic. We are nevertheless, about to be produced somehow at

poor." Not so; the labour of the poor makes not in the habit of detailing plots at length, Drury Lane and the Adelphi

. Should it prove

the pride of the rich.
thinking it best to say enough to excite curio: successful, we suppose that, as in the case of
sity, and then to let our readers go and judge

Der Freischütz,' the other houses will follow
for themselves. In the present instance, it is

with it; and then the majors and minors, who METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL fortunate that we are not, for the piece consists so

have long been trying to play the devil with one
much more of incident and situation than of plot, another, will all be playing the Devil together. W. Mon. / Max. Min.

| Winds. | Weather. that it would be impossible, within any reason

Cloudy. able space, to follow it through all its windings


Rain, P.M. and turnings. The principal point, from which MISCELLANEA

Cloudy. the name arises, is the endeavour of a young

Stephens' Greek Thesaurus.—We mentioned, lady, Donna Julia, (Miss Phillips,) to turn a in a former number, that Didot had a greatly

Rain, P.M. wayward lover into a steady one, by exciting his improved edition of this inestimable work in jealousy, and this she effects, by disguising her- hand. Its value will be much enhanced by a

Prevailing Clouds. Cirrostratus, Nimbus. self in male attire and passing for her own lover.

Nights and Mornings for the greater part fair. The incidents were not quite so clearly derecent discovery at Vienna, of which we borrow

Mean temperature of the week, 39o. Increase of the subsequent detail from a German paper. 1 day on Wednesday, 220.

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Days of ! Thermom. Barometer.



Fr. 6 30 38 29.30

7 41 35 29.10
Sun. 8! 11 35 Stat.
Mon. 9 48 35 Stat.
Tues. 10 52 39 29.20
Wed, 11 50

39 29,45




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Forthcoming.- Lady Charlotte Bury will shortly present to the public a Poem, entitled, Some Account of the three Great Sanctuaries of Tuscany : Valombrosa, Camaldoli, and Lavernn.

A new Novel by Mr.Horace Smith, entitled, Romance of the Early Ages.

A new Novel, to be called Stanley Buxton, or, the Schoolfellows, by Mr. Galt.

Mr. Charles Macfarlane proposes to publish, by subscription, a Description of the Present State of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, to be illustrated by seven etchings, by Mr. Thomas Knox, from Views taken on the spot.

The Jourpal of a Tour in the Years 1928-9, through Styria, Carniola, and Italy. By J.J. Tobbin.

Chantilly. The Member: an Autobiography. By the Author of • The Ayrshire Legatees.'

A Dictionary of Foreign Bibliography. By William Thomas Lowndes.

Fragments of Voyages and Travels, heing an Account of Captain Basil Hall's Naval Life and Early Voyages. Second Series.

Just published.-Companion to the Endless Amusement, 18mo. 28. 6d.-New Sphynx, 18mo. ls. 60.Lyell's Principles of Geology, Vol. 2, 8vo.128.-Acland's Illustrations of the Vaudois, royal 8vo. 10s.6d.; large paper, 158.---Landscape Illustrations to Waverley Novels, 2 vols. 8vo, 41.4s.; India proots, 71. 75.: before letters, 101.10s.-Fenton's French Speaker, 12mo. 49.Fenton's French Genders made Easy,6d.--Taylor's Eton Greek Grammar, translated into English, 12m0. 45.The Gospel of St. John, in French, with interlinear Translations and Notes, by Fenton, 12mo. 4s.- The Spiritual Gleaner, 18mo. 35.–Narratives of the Plague, edited by the Rev. J. Scott, 12mo. 3.5. 60.--Observations on the Mussulmans of India, by Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s.- Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society, Vol. 6, 18$.-Chambers's Scottish Jests and Anecdotes, 12mo. 6s. 6d.--Le Talisman, for 1832, 12s.

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PINNOCK'S improved Edition of GOLD

THE..WE, Caining the following Articles :


TO CORRESPONDENTS Thanks to H. S.-S.T.-Brittain's Historical Drama -- A Second Series of Miss Mitford's American Storiesand other works, arrived too late for review.

The description of the Metapontine Coin, referred to in the notice of Mr. Millengen's work, was, at the last hour, omitted for want of room.

In the fifth line of the ballad by the Ettrick Shep. herd, last No., for kail read rail; there were other inaccuracies in the first edition, but so obvious, that it is not necessary to point them out: they were mostly corrected in a second edition.

An extra sheet of Eight Pages, containing Title-page and Index, is given GRATIS with the present Number. - Subscribers should lose no time in completing their volumes, as several numbers are already scarce.

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Just published, illustrated with several Engravings, 3s, bound

Just published, in 12mo, price 38.
and lettered,


for the USE of SCHOOLS,

By the Rev. PETER HALL, M.A.
By the Rer. J. PLATTS.

The object of this Grammar is to furnish the young beginners
Second edition, improved.

with the Elements of the Latin Language in a more simple,
This work contains popular descriptions of the most interesting brief, and comprehensive form, than has been accomplished in
and useful objects of science, written in plain and familiar lan-

any other work with which the author is ncquainted. The Prosody, guage. The design of the compiler has been to collect a series

being given in English, is placed before the Syntax, which is of reading lessons which should combine both information and

still retained in Latin; whilst the whole has been prepared with amusement, and which should awaken the attention of youth to

a minuteness of attention commensurate with the nicely and im. the study of the natural sciences, by the details of such facts as

portance of the subject.
are most likely to arrest attention and stimulate inquiry. The

Whittaker, Treacher and Co. Ave Maria-lane.
lessons in the end of the volume ronsist of a series of reflections
on the works oi the creation, collected from the best modern
writers; the sublime truths of Natural Theology being thus ap-

In 2 vols. 8vo. price 308.
propriately subjoined to the description of the Universe, lead the HE GREEK TESTAMENT, with Eng-
youthiul mind, by an easy process, from the contemplation of the

lish Notes.
inaterial world to reverence and adiuiration of the all-wise and

all-powertvi Author of its existence.

Canon of Christ Church, and Regius Professor of Divinity in
Printed for Whittaker, Treacher and Co., Ave Maria-lane.

the University of Oxford.
Also, New Editions of

Printed for J. Parker, Oxford ; aud Whillaker, Treacher and
Pinnock's Juvenile Reader, ls. Gd.

Co. Ave Maria-lane, London.
Explanatory English Reader,4s.6d.
Introduction to English Reader, 3s.


This day is published, in one large volume, price 148. (dedicated,
History of the Bible, 3s.

by permission, to His Majesty,)
Children's Preceptor, 2s.

Duncan's English Expositor, 1s. 6d.

Manners, Customs, and religious Institutions of diterent early
Eras in Britain,


London: S. Maunder, 30, Regent-street, Waterloo-place.
Published by Whittaker, Treacher and Co., Ave Maria-lane.
In 12mo. the 22nd Edition, 68. bound and lettered,

Published this day,
SVITU'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with a Dictionary,
Biographical, Historical, &c.; explaining every difficulty, fixing
the proper sound and meaning of the words, and rendering
every part easy to be understood; with a continuation of the 1. Archbishop of Dublin on Political Economy.

11. Memoir of Sebastian Cabot.
History, from the Peace of Amiens up to the year 1831. To which

JU. Weights and Measures, are added, several new Chapters, copious Notes throughout, and

IV. History of Medicine.
three interesting and comprehensive Genealogical Tables of the

V, Greek Literature in Scotland.
Sovereigns of England; with Portraits of all the Sovereigns and
the junior branches of the prosent Royal Family, and coloured

VI. Moore's Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
Map, containing the ancient and modern divisious, &c.; and many

VII. Adjustment of the House of Peers.
other valuable improvements.

VIII. Adventures on the Colunbia River,

IX. Caledonians, Picts, and Scots.

X. Cooper's • Bravo.'
Pinnock's Edition of Goldsmith's History of

XI. Anir Physiology,

X11. Romance and Reality. By L. E. L.
Greece, on the plan of the History of England, with Maps and

XIII. Householders in Danger,
Frontispiece. In 12mo, 5s.6d, bound and lettered.

XIV, Tour of a German Prince.

XV. Portuguese Africa,
Pinnock's Edition of Goldsmith's History of

XVI. Life of Turgoi.

List of Books, Index, &c.
Rome, with Maps and i'lates. In 12mo. 5s, 6d. bound' and

*** No. XXXII. will be published on the 31st of March.

R. Meward, 113, Strand.
The History of France and Normandy, from

the Accession of Clovis to the Battle of Waterloo. By W. c.

A new edition, 58.
Taylor, A.M, In 12mo. with i Map, 6s. bound and lettered.

The Historical Miscellany. By W.C. Taylor, Character, Symptoms, and Treatment of this Disease, with copious
of Trinity College, Dublin. In 12mo: 48.611. bound and lettered. Observations on Diet, Liquids, Clothing, Residence, Climate,

This is an instructive voluine for the youthful student, in- Ac. &c.; containing also a Collection oi necessary Prescriptions,
tended as a supplement to Pinnock's Grecián, Roman, and Eng-
lish Histories. The first half of the volume is occupied with the

By T. M. CATON, Surgeon,
primeval and classical periods, in which the author has particu-

Late of St. Thomas's and Guy's United Hospitals.
larly directed his attention to those branches of history on which

Sold hy Messrs. Highley, 174, Fleet-streel; Chapple, 66, Pal
school books are frequently deficient, although directly illustra- Mail; Bówer, 315, Oxford-street; Sherwood and Co. Paternoster-
tise of the veneral course of study. Among these topics may be row ; and all other Booksellers. Where may be had,
instanced, the histories of the Persians and Carthagenians, the Caton on Indigestion, 38.
antagonists and rivals of Greece and Rome. In the modern
division especial attention is paid to the Fendal system and the

Popular Remarks on Nervous Debility, &c.
Crusades, and afterwards to the English Empire in India, and 38 64.
British commerce in general. Then follows a series of British
biography, and, in conclusion, a view of the British constitution,
Irenixed to the volume is a union map, exhibiting, in one sheet,

the ancient divisions of the world is red, and the modern in Dedicated to George Osbaldeston, Esq., embellished, weekly with
black-an ingenious and very useful plan."-Gentleman's Mag. Portraits of celebrated Race Horses, Dogs, and other subjects

comected with the Sporting World, procured from the
Jost published, 13th Edition, stereotyperd, 1s. 61. bound,

Cabinets of Noblemen, Connoisseurs, Artists, &c.

On the 1st of February wili be published, in svo. printed in double
REV. J. DUSCANS ENGLISH columns, prieeonly 'Threepenice, to be continued every Saturday,

and in Monthly Parts, at is. each, intituled,
taining an Alphabetical Collection of all the most useful and
elegant Words in the English Language; divided into syllables,
and properly accented ; together with a short and easy delinition

and MIRROR of LIFE : embracing the Turf, the Chase,
of each word, accompanied with initial letters, denoting the di. the Ring, and the Stage; inter persed with Original Memoirs of
ferent parts of xpeech to which pach word is appropriated. To Sporting Men; Anedotes of Theatrical Characters; with occa-
which are added several Useful Tables. The whole divided into sional, en passant, Sketches of the LIONS, TIGERS, and other
short and easy Lessons, calculated for teaching in Classes.

'GREAT CREATURES' (Male and Female) to be met with at

some hour of the day on the Pare in the CAPUTOL; including Printed for Whittaker, Treacher and Co., Ave Maria-lane.

a quantity of Merry, Intelligent, Elegant, Intellectual, Witty,
New Editious of the following are published :-

Odu, Eccentric, Pleasant, Juteresting, GOOD SORT of FEL-

LOWS, something after the manner of Tommy Moore's celes

brated deligluful Ballad of Fly not yet, 'tis just ihe Hour:' and
Pinnock's Child's First Book, or an Easy Key who have had the best of the argument against all the cant-ins,
to Reading; consisting of Monospllables only, arranged in such a crying philosophers in the world, showing that. The right End
way as to give the correct Sounds of the Vowels in Cheir various

of Life is to Live and be Jolly!
situations, thus Jaying the foundation for spelling and reading on London: Printed for Tunnias Tegg, Cheapside ; R. Grillin and
unerring principles. 34.

Co. Glasgow; and W. F. Wakeman, Dublin; and to be bad of

all Booksellers in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Communications for the Editor, post paid, to be addressed to
The Mentorian Primer, or Pinnock's Second Mr. Tegy, Cheapside.
Book for Children at an early age; in which considerable paids
have been taken to adapt it to their capacities. 6d.

Just published, price, half-bound, 158.

Pinnock's Explanatory English Spelling- reducing this elegant and healthful Exercise to easy
Book; comprising punierous Spalling and Reading Lessons, Scientific Principles. Most respectfully dedicated, by permission,
progressively arranged and classed according to the capacity of to the Marchioness of Londonderry.
The Learner; a short Catechirin on the Arts and Sciences, and

the fundamental principles of English Grammar, the Church Ci-devant Elève de l'Académie Royale de Danse de Paris, et
Catechism, Dr. Walts's Catechism, ác. Tomo, 18. 6d. bound. Maitre de Ballets et Premier Danseur dans plusieurs Theatres

principaux du Continent.

Illustrated by 24 copperplate Engravings. Pinnock's First Spelling-Book for Children; Printed for the Author, 46. Great Marloorough-street; and containing a Selection of Spelling Lessons only, in natural and published by Sherwood and Co. Paternoster row. Sold by Mr. appropriate gradation, intended as an Introductory Assistant to Sans, Bookseller to the King and the Royal Family, St. James'sDuncan's Luglish Expositor. 18.no. Is. bound.

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Published by Whittaker, Treacher and Co. Ave Maria-lane.

GEOGRAPHY and GENERAL HISTORY; containing an accurate and general Description or all the Countries. States, &c. in the known World, as determined at the Congress; with the Manners and Customs of the Indiabitants. To which are added, Historical Notices, and Qurations for Esamination,

With Maps and other Engravings, 6s. 60, bound and lettered.

Epitome of Classical Geography. Illustrated
by Historical Notices of the most celebrated Nations of Antiquity.
By W. C. Taylor, A.. With Maps, engraved by Siduey Hall,
6s, bound and lettered.

III. Elements of Astronomy; containing an accurate and compendious description of the general phenomena of the Heavens, and of the Heavenly Bodies, &c. To which is prefixed, an Historical Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Astro. nomy, from the earliest period to the present dis. By A. Picquol. In 12mo. Gs. bound.

IV. A Companion to the Globes; comprising the various Problems that may be performed by the Globes, preceded by the subjects to winch they refer; and accompanied by more than one thousand examples, and recapitulary exercises, ác. To which is added, a concise Astronomical Introduction, and an Appendis, containing the derivatious of the names of the Con. stellations, ac. By T. Linningion. The thurd edition, 48. 6d. bound and lettered. A Key to the above, 28.

V. A Celestial Atlas, comprising projections of the planispheres, and particular constructions of the signs of the Zodiac, and the constellations in each hemisphere, exactly as they appear in the heavens, in a series of thirty beautifully-engraved Maps, which are illustrated by scientine descripants of their contents, and by catalogues of the stars, from the first to the sixth magnitude inclusive, showing, by inspection, in succes. sive columns, their names, magnitude, light ascension in issue and devrees, and their declinations, with the annual difference of both; the whole accompanied by astronomical problems and esercives, analogous to thrine performed with the celestial globe, hut adapteu al to nautical and telescopic obrervation. By A. Jamieson, LL.D. In 410. 258. plain, or 318. 6d, coloured.

street; at Messrs. Goulding and D'Almaine's Musie Warehouse, V.

Soho-square; at Mr. Fuller's Repository of Arts, Rathbone-place;

at Mr. Seguin's English and Foreign Library, 12, Regent-street The Child's First Meaning-Book, on a Plan and by all the principal Book and Music-sellers in Town and entirely new; containing., First, Words of One Syllable, the

Country. meanings of which are well explained by Words of One Syllable Mr. and Mad. Theleur have likewise respectfully to announce also-and, second, Words of One Syllable, which are sufficiently to the Nobility, Gentry, and their Pupils, that their Ladies' explained by easy' Words of Two Syllables, 1s.

Morning Academy for Dancing is now open for the Season.

VI. An Atlas of Outline Maps of the Heavens, adapted to Dr. Jamieson's 'Celestial Aulas,' for the use of schools and private instruction, 46016$.


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ITALY; abridged for the Use of Schools,

By T. KEIGHTLEY, Author of 'Oatlines of History in the Cabinet Cyclopa dia. Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria-lane.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, The Mythology of Greece and Italy; intended chieds for the Use of Students in the Universities and the higber Classes in schools; with 12 Plates, etched on Steel by W. H. Brooke,containing several subjects from the Antique. 8vo. 188.

-By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent.-KALOPINO, prepared from aromatic vegetable substances, discovered by J. H. HIRSCH, a German chemist, and certified by the most emiHent scientific gentlemen as uniting all those desirable qualities which render it fitted for an universal diet drink for all ages and constitutions. One pound of this most nutritious, economical, and agreeable preparation, is equal to 8 pounds of coffee : one teaspoonful, casting less than one hallpenny, makes a pint. Inferior qualities of tea or coffee may be greatly improved by it. The public are requested to call and taste it before purchasing. Sold wholesale and retail at the Manufactory, 121, Aldersgate-street.


Present Prices for Cash :-
Strong Congou

1$, 4d.

to Strong and full favoured ditto (recommended)

50 Finest, strong, fuil, and rich Pekoe tiavour dito

5 6 Very fine Souchong, possessing both strength and flavour,6s. to ? ! Green Tea

4s. 8d,
Hyson kind

6 0 Fine Hyson

8. od.

90 Finest Flowers Pekoe, and other Fine Tea, equally cheap.-Tea carefully packed in lead cases, for the coupuy.

COFFEE Fresh Roasted every day. Best Plantation

8 Finest Berbice imported Very Superior Mocha

3 Besi Powdered Candy

Spices of every description, of the best quality. SAMUEL ANDREWS, (late Long and Co.) 42, Old Bond. street, four doors on the left from Piccadilly.

Hotels and Club-trouses supplied at Wholesale Price.

1 2

0 0




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CHOLERA MORBUS.-- The Board of

Health strongly recommend the use of the CHLORIDES o LIME and SODA as one of the best preventives of this most dreadful malady.--BAKER and MACQUEEN, Manufacturing Chemints, 201, Strand, are preparing them on such an extensive scale as to be able to supply the Public at nearly half the usual prices, viz

Quart Bottle of Chloride of Lime ......28. od.

Ditto Soda ......28. 6d.
To prevent Infection from Small-pox, Measles, CHOLERA MORBUS,

Scarlet and Typhus Fever, sc. To keep Meat, Fish, and Gane sweet in the hottest weather, and

to restore them when tainted. To purity bad or dirty Water. To disinteet Sick Chambers and all crowded Places. To destroy Garden Insects. To remove Stains from Linens. To correct all offensive Odours, from whatever cause arising;

&c. &c.

N.B. The Venders of these Chlorides are not liable to informations, not being subject to the Stamp Duty.

33 per cent. cheaper than those prepared by any other Manufacturer.

Sold by all respectable Chemists, and at the Manufactory, 2012 Strand.

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of this Series 118 Numbers are published, at 64. each; the that recent are ASTRONOMY, No. 3; MANUFACTURE of TRON; the STUDY OF MATHEMATICS; and ELECTROMAGNETISSI. The completion of the latter subjects, together with a Glossary, Index, and Title, now ready, will enable Sub. scribers to bind up a second volume of Natural Philosophy. The volumes now complele, therefore, are:

Vol. I. and 11. of Natural Philosophy, Geomelry, and the History of Greece. A volume of Biography is nearly ready; and the Bistories of Rome, and of the Church, will proceed, with little interruption), until those volumes are complete.

2. The Farmer's Series. This has proceeded to the 23rd Nomber, of which 15 comprise the well-known work on. The Horse,' which is sold bound in cloth and lettered for ks. 6d., illustrated by very numerous cuts; four of them consist of a Treatise ou Planting, which will be complete in one more Namber; and four of Select Farms, which will eventually form an interesting volume. A Treatise on British Cattle will be commenced forthaith by the able author of 'The Horse,' which will be continued without intermission until the volume be complete.

3. A Series of Maps, Modern and Ancient. Of this 19 Nombers are published, each containing two Maps, prke 15.: or the outlines coloured, Is. 61.

*.* In preparing these Maps, the Editors have had access to, and fully availed theraselves of, all the late naval surveys for the coast thues; while recent travels bave led to many material cor. rectinus in the interior, For the Ancient Series, the text of the old Geographers and Historians has been fcrupulously compared with discoveries and hypotheses of modern writers. The pub. Robers nay safely challenge competition for the combined cheapne- and elegance of this work.

There are also published, as distinct works, but of the same size, Sis Maps of the Stars, laid down according to the gnomic projection, including all the Stars to the Sixth Magnitude, or wuch as can be seen with the naked eye. Price3s.; or coloured, 6s. And Six Map of the World laid down on the same projection as the Maps of Stars, price 3. plain, and 45. 6d. coloured the two adequately supplying the place of a Celestial and Terrestrial Globe.


Port from the wood

24 per doz,
Ditto, fit for bottling

36 Sherry, very superior

Ditto, fine old Amontillado

Madeira, Old East India
Vidonia, Bronti and Marsala

Claret, light, with a fine bouquet ... 36
Champagne, the celebrated

63 To COUNTRY RESIDENTS.-Two dozen of fine Old Port, two ditto of Sherry, and three ditto of excellent Cape, bottles and packing included, and sent, carriage free, lo any part of Engand, by a remittance of £10., or half the quantity for £5.

CHARLES WRIGHT feels confident that the above have only to be tried to convince the public that tine Wines are to be purchased at a low price.- Orders promptly executed.

Opera Boxes, on each tier, in the best situations. Pit Tickets, 85. hd. each.--Private Boses at Drury Lane, Covent Garden, Adelphi, and the Minor Theatres.

Opera Colonnade, Haymarket.



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(Adapted for the present period.)


RHUBARB.-A warm and pleasant Laxative, adapted to Gouty Constitutions, and recommended in the Winter Season to all delicate persons in preference to Saline Aperients; it is also a inost valuable Medicine for those complaints of the Bowels so prevalent during the Summer and Autumn. In Bottles at 2s. 9d. and 46, d.

GREGORY'S STOMACHIC POWDER. - This Compositiou was a favorite remedy of the late Professor Gregory of Edinburgh, for atjections of the stomach (such as Indigestion, Acidity, Flatulence, &c.) and torpidity of the Bowels, consequent upon an impaired state of the secretions necesary for the process of Digestion. Its etlects are antacid, carminative, and gently aperient. It is particularly serviceable to Gouty and Dyspeptic Invalids, and may be taken without any restraint whatever, according to the directions which accompany it. In Bottles at 2s. and 38, 6d.

BUTLER'S STOMACHIC AND DIGESTIVE CANDY.--A pleasant Aromatic Stomachic, and powerful Digestive. It will be found most serviceable in those affections originating in an impaired Digestion ; and also an agreeable gentle Aperient for Children. In Boses, 28. and 45. 60.

Sold by Messrs. Butler, Chemists, Cheapside, corner of St. Paul's. Observe “BUTLER, Cheapside," on the Government Stamp

attached to each Article.

incumbent upon them at the COMMENCEMENT OF A NEW YEAR, to acknowledge with the proudest emotions of gratitude, ihal Dintinguished "Patronage with which they have been honoured by the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at large, with respect to the ORIGINAL MACASSAR OIL and KALYDOR; articles which have obtained a celebrity pre eminently great. Messrs. R. S. while they humbly solicii a continuance of that High Patronage they have been honoured with, must, at the same time, earnestly Caution the Public against base counterfeit imitations: the ORIGINAL KALYDOR has the NAME and ADDRESS of the Proprietors on the GOVERNMENT STAMP, and the MACASSAR DIL is distinguished by the Names on the Label of each bottle in Red; A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN,

And countersigued ALEX. ROWLAND.

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ARLY in the Season Mr. BROSTER

purposes resuming Instructions in his ORIGINAL SYS. TEM (ride' Blackwood's Magazine, Jan. 1825,) for REMOVING ALL IMPEDIMENTS OF SPEECH.

In the course of Mr. B.'s experience, in above three hundred cases, he has been enabled to discover an entirely new System of Flocution;' not founded on the hitherto usual art, but on the more POWERFUL PRINCIPLES of NATURE; restoring the organs of Speech, however weak, so as to avoid, and completely overcome, the fatigues attendant on the duties of the Church, or the labners of the Bar, in extempore speaking.

So much has this system buen approved by his friends and those distinguished members of society to whom it has been commubiriled, as to call forth their unqualified permission of reference; at the request of seni of whom, this communication is inserted.

For further particulars at present, inquire of Mr. T. Broster, Sargeon, 17, Queen's Buildings, Brompton; or to Mr. Broster, Brook Lodge, near Chester.

SAUCE.-Also LOPRESTI'S ECONOMICAL RECEIPTS, price 1*., Depót, 22, Mount-strert, Berkley square. Lopresti's Sauces and Epicurean Condiments are also punctually forwarded, for remittance, in cases of il. to 31.

Mr. Lopresti has published a pamphlet of Economical Receipts, by which a vast number of very excellent dishes may be prepared; and we can strongly recommend it for the per tal of alerie patrons of domestic economy.”-- Monthly Gazette of

N.B. To prevent disappointment, each of Lopresti's Sauces bears his seal, name, and address,



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Light-house, 201, Strand.

and STEAM • BATHS, which are now found to be the only safe and beveticial application for the CURE of the CHOLERA, COLDS, RHEUMATISM, AC. As these Dathy have been examined and approred of by the most eminent Physicians, and lecured on at the Melical Schools, more need not be said in their favour than that they are simple, portable, and applied in the quarter of a mlyate, with the power of regulating the heat to any temperature. From One Guinea each; with which may be lad, the whole things necessary in case of an attack of this horrible diseasekb as an instant light, hot water, and Jast though not least, the simple method of raising the bed-clothes without removing or Bacovering the patient, which in many cases is instant death.

All letters are requested to be post paid ; those containing remittances striatly attended to.




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FECTING SOLUTIONS of the CHLORIDE of SODA and of LIME. Prepared of oniforma strength, according to the Formula of M. Labarraque, of Paris.

BEAUFOY and Co., of South Lambeth, London, feel it their duty to caution the public against the danger of using Chlorides of uncertain and variable strengths and qualities,

The safe and ample directions for using Beausoy's Chlorides, are not applicable to any other preparations, unless precisely similar to those made in their Laboratory,

The public safety demands a public declaration that these Di. fertione lave been copied, and are alixed ly the venders to Chlorides quite different in every essential particular from Beaufoy's preparations. Beauloy's genuine preparations according 19 Labarraques formidla, are uasily distinguished by their peculiar Laued upon the Wrapper, which should be examined to see that it has not been opened.

Sold by all respectable Chemists and Druggists; of whom may be bad, šratis, an account of some of the properties and uses to which these Chlorides have been successfully applied.

Price of the Chloride of Soda, 35, 60.; of Lille, 25. 61., quart bottle included, with Directions for dilation, caution, and use, inclosed within the sealed wrapper. Beaufoy's Chlorides are not liable to stamp duty; the venders of Beaufoy's Chlorides are consequently esempi from Stamp Office Informations, South Lambeth, 13th Dec. 1831.

- Gentlemen and Families are respectfully informed, that the SECOND LAYING DOWN of WINE for BOTTLING takes place this week, which will consist of about Filty to Sixty Pipes of Wine, from that of the more economical kind to those of the most superior description, so as to meet the means and wishes of every class of consumers. Ports may be laid down from this stock at from 19s. to 168. per dozen ; and every other description of Wines at the lowest rate prompt paynlent ought to command.

The Nobility, Geatry, and Public in general, are respectfully informel, that business will commence in the 'THIRD DEPART. MEST of this establishment tally in the Spring, when will be submitted to their approbation a Stock embracing every description of the most precions, rare, and co-tly Wines, Liqueurs, Creams, Cordials, and every delicacy, however expensive, from every part of the world, where a British merchant vessel can tind an article worthy the English market; and holders of such articles may, from the 5th January next, find a ready market and prompt payment for all such as they can produce documents which will authenticate, berond doubt, not only to the immediate purchasep, but in the eventual consumer, prools of their reading and superior quality.

Bottled and

Bottled and
delivered at

delivered at
Per gal. doz.

Per gal. doz,
s. d.

Good stout Port...... 66 - 19 Good straw.col. Sherry12 6 - 27
Ditto ditto ......10 6 -- 23 Ditto, best Marks ....14 0 30
Fine full-bodied ditto..120 - 26 Good Cape

5 9 12 Ditto, very best Marksis 0 - 32 Ditto

0 Good straw.colour


.... 6

Sherry ............ 99 - 22 Ditto, very superior 76 - 17
Ditto ditto ........110 — 24 Pontac, very good....76 17
Every other description of Draught Wines equally clear.

Good English Gin, 68., 68., 97.6d., 118., and 128. per Gal.
Jamaica Rum

95. 4d., 108., 18., and 12s. Gondold Brandies

243., 26s. 64., and 298. Scotch and Irish Whiskeys

138. and lbs.
Per doz.

Per doz.
Fine old Bees'-wing Port, Fine West India Madeira .. 308.

five years in bottle ...... 365. Ditto, finest quality....., 365. Fine oid Bom Retiroditto .. 39s. Fine old East India Madeira 60s. Very fine old Roriz ........ 428.

Ditto, finestimported (two Very curious old Port Bees'. voyages)

*488. Fine East India Cape ...... 1. Very fine gold col. Sberries Excellent Portac

........ 18 33s, and 368. Marsala (Bronti Madeira). 218. Ditto ditto

... 428. Fine Arinto and Vidonia ... 288. Fiut old E. J. Brown Sherry 185. Bucellas. 268., 325., and 368. Fine Clarets, 484., 548.,1608.72s. Lisbon ...... 265., 30s., and 368.

New Gray's Inn Establishment for the sale of unadulterated Wines, 23, High Holborn, corner of Gray's Inn Gate.

C. BATES, 6, LUDGATE HILL, begs to snbmit to the inspection and approbation of his Friends, the Professors and Amateurs of the Flute, an assortment Manufactured under the immediate superintendence of the above eminent Professor.

The great and increasing popularity which the Flute has for a considerable perind maintained, has been a stimulus with bim to the production of an Instrument that comprises great correctness of Intonation, considerable Power, together with Equality, Mellonness, Fleribility, and peculiar richness of Tone,

The Manufacturer feels also confident, from the superior quality of his Materials, lirst-rate Workmanship, with the great additional advantage of Mr. Dressler's long experience on the Justrument, that the great and various requisites so necessary to a Good Flute, will be fully attained.

The numerous and important advantages arising from the superiority and extent of the Stock, to the improvement and perfection of which the sole attention of the Manufacturer has been devoted for the last twelve years; added to the instruments being throughout the whole process, under the superintendence of Mr. Dressler, will, it is confidently hoped, cosure to the public that important desideratum-a Flute of very great and decided excellence, both as regards workmanship and tone.

T. C. BATES' Music Warehouse, 6, Ludgate Hill; at Mr. Dressler's Residence, 15. Tavistock-street, Bedford-square; and at the Manufactory, 25, Villiers-strect, Strand, London.

s. d.


BREATH, &c. ALTER'S ANISEED PILLS. It is efficacious for the cure of the above distressing complaints, as they neither affect the head nor confine the bowels; an objection to most Cough Medicines. The following are cases submitted 10 tue Pubiic.

Sir,-- Justice demands me to send a few lines to inform you that Walter's Aniseed Pills is the best Medicine I ever had; my cough, which was so bad that I had not power to speak plain ; atler taking a few doses I found relief, and I am now perfectly recovered. Should any person be desirous to know, I will give every Katisfaction. I remain, Sir, your much obliged, Globe lane, Mileend, March 9, 1831.

K. BOKE. F. Dunige, 12, South-street, Finsbury-market, had been subject to a violent Cough for several years, and was entirely cured by taking one Box.

Sold by J. A. SHARWOOD, 55, Bishopsgate Without, London, in Boxis at is. 11d., and three in one for 28. 9d. And by appointment, by Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street; Butler (0., 4, Cheapside; Chandler & Co., 76, Oxford-street; Hendebourek, 326, Holborn, Pink, High-street, Borough; Prout, 226, Strand; and by most Medicine Venders in Town and Country.

* It is necessary to ask for Walter's Aniseed Pills.


wing) ....

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(16, GOWER STREET, BEDFORD-SQUARE.) Head Master, JOAN WALKER, A.B., of Trinity College, Dublin. Vice Master, Rev. CHARLES MATUÉIN, A.M., Fellow of King's

College, Cambridge. First Classical Assistant Master, GABRIEL MATURIN, A.M. Second Class and Mathematical Assistant Master, Rev. H.

HUGHES. Mathematical and English Master, Mr. B. B. WYAND. Teacher of the French Language, Mons. P. F. MERLET. Teacher of the German Language, Mr. KLAWER KLATTOWSKY. Teachers of Drawing and Perspective, Messrs. CROAD & WYAND.

The Studies of the Pupils were resumed on Monday the 9th instant.

A Prospectus of the Course of Studies may be obtained at 16, Gower-streel, or from the principal Booksellers. January 2.

JOHN WALKER, Head Master.


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The following Courses of Lectures have been arranged for the

ensuing half-vear. DRAMATIC POETRY, by J. Sheridan Knowles, Esq. To com

mence January 18. STEAM ENGINE, by c. F. Partington, Exq. To commence

February 15. COMBUSTION, by J. Hemmings, Esq. To commence March 14. RISE AND PROGRESS OF LEGISLATION. By R. Bond, Esq.


Esq., F.L.S. To commence April 7. NATURAL HISTORY, by Professor Rennie, of the King's Col,

lege. To commence May 2. MUSIC, by Dr. Crotch. To commence June 13.

Subscribers are entitled to the use of an extensive Library for circulation and relerence. Reading Rooms supplied with the Daily Papers, Periodicals, New Works, &c. Lectures on the various branches of Science and Literature. Classes for Instruction in Languages, for the pursuit of Historical and Philosophical Enquiry, and for the Study and Practice of Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Subscription, Two Guineas per Annum. Ladies' Subscription to the Lectures only, One Guinea per Annum. Jan. 1832.



is published this Day. Its Contents are:

I. Madam Jitnot's Memoirs. II. Origin of the Latin Language and the Roman People. III. Condition of the Labouring Classes, the Results of Ma

chinery, &c.
IV. Mr. Senior Letter to Lord Howick.

V. Actual State, and Prospects of Ireland.
VI. Songs of De Beranger.
VII. English Dramatic Poetry, before Shakspeare.
Vill. Travels in England, by a German Prince.
ix. History of the Northmen.
X. Progress of Misgovernment.

A New Edition of The Quarterly Review, No. XCI., is just published.

John Murray, Albemarle-street.

In small svo. 5s.
This day is published, to correspond with the WAVERLEY

NOVELS, Volume I, of

The Council bave established a School in the University, which will be opened on Monday the 23rd instant, under the Superintendence of Profesyors KEY and MALDEN.

The school hours are from 91, A.2. to 34 during which lime one hour is allowed for recreation.

The subjects taught are English, Writing, Arithmetic, Gem. graphy, Drawing, Latin, Greek, French, and the Elements of Maihematics, or Natural History, and of Natural Philosophy.

The Session lasts from the 1st of October to the 12th of August, and includes vacations of three weeks at Christmas and ten days at Easter. The fee for the whole Session is £15., viz. £5. due on the Ist of October, £5. on the 23rd of January, and £5. on the 1st of May.

Prospectuses may be obtained at the Office of the University, where Students are entered. Council Room, 12th Jan. 1832.


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embracing the most striking Incidents in the Annals of the United Kingdom ; the Music partly original, and partly selected from the NATIONAL AU OF EACH COUNTRY, by Protessors of the highest eminence. Part the 1st, from the History of England; the Poetry by J. R. Planché, F.S.A., the Music by H. R. Bishop.

Published by S. Chappell,Music Seller to their Majesties, No. 50, New Bond-street, Loudou.

TERS and JOURNALS; and his LIFE.

By THOMAS MOORE, Esq. To be completed in 14 Monthly Volumes, each containing two highly-finished Engravings, by the first Artists.

Published by John Murray, Albemarle-street; and sold by every Bookseller in the United Kingdom.

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Just published, ROYAL LADY'S MAGAZINE. 2 vols. &c., by the most distinguished Writers. Price 11. 105, in cloth.

Twelve Illustrations of Burns's Poems, adapted for all the editions. Prooss on India, royal svo. with letter-press. Price 78. 6d.

The Silent Member of Blackwood's First and Second Letter to the King.' 3rd edition, 3s. 6d. and 34.

The New Annual, The Bouquet; a Collection of the most powerful Tales, &c. in the English Language. Illustrated with 18 Engravings. Price 10s. 6d.

A Key to the Keepsake for 1832, without which no one ought to open that Annual. Price 1s.

The Five Nights of St. Albans; a Romance of the 16th Centory. 3 vols. post 8vo. 2nd edil. with Preface.

The January Number of The Royal Lady's Magazine, price 2. 6d., with novel features, 4 Engravings, and Papers by Miss Porter, Miss Mitford, Miss Pardoe, the Author of "The Five Nights of St. Albans,' the Reviewer of The Keepsake,' &c.

S. Robinson, Chapter House Passage, St. Paul's.



L. E. L. "* Gifts are the beads of Memory's rosary,

Whereon she reckons kind remembrances Or friends and old aflections."

Fisher, Son, and Co. 39, Newgate-street.

of the LIFE and WORKS of LORD BYRON.

Part I., illustrative of Vol. I., will contain, 1. Loch-na-gar in the Highlands of Scotland-Stanfield. %. Lis. bon, Belem Castle-Stanfield. 3. The Yanina--Sianfield. 4. Corinth, Stanfield. 3. Portrait of the Maid of Athens, from a Draw. ing made by Thomas Allason, Esq., in the year 1812.

John Murray, Albemarle-street.
Sold also by Charles Tilt, Fleet-street.


“The most compendious, amusing, and instructive summary

ever penned.”

In 1810. price 1s. N OUTLINE of ENGLISH HISTORY;

A ,

FAMILIAR SCIENCE. In a few days will be published, with many Engravings, price 5s.

of SCIENCE, and ANNUAL REGISTER of the USEFUL ARTS, for 1832 : abridged from the Transactions of Public Societies, and Scientific Journals, British and Foreigti, of the past year.

This volume will contain all the Important Facts of the year 1831-in the Mechanic Arts Chemical Science-ZoologyBotany---Mineralogy-Geology-Meteorology--Rural EconomyGardening-Domestic Econoniy-Useful and Elegant Aris-Geographical Discoveries-- Miscellaneous Scientific Information.

Printing for John Linbird, 143, Strand; of whom may be had volumes upon the same plan for 1526, 48. 6c., 1829-30-31, price 5s, each.


On the 14th instant will be published,

Now ready,

ANATOMICAL ATLAS, Parts Ill. and IV., price 318. (the German Explanation gratis ;) containing Representations, of the YULL ADULT size, of

1. First and second Layers of Muscles of the Front of the Body. 2. Third and fourth ditto

ditto. 3. First and Second Layers of Muscles of the Back of the Body. 4. Third and fourth diito

ditto. With seven supplementary Plates illustrative of the Anatomy of the Organs of Respiration and Vision, Fætal Circulation, and Digestion; together with the Anatomy of the Nose, Heart, &c. &c.

Also, just published, price 6s. An actually practised and effectually successful Mode of Treatment of the Cholera. By Dr. Ewertz, Practitioner of Dünnaburg, in European Russia.

A. Schloss, Foreign Bookseller, and importer of Anatomical Models in Wax,: No. 103, St. Martin'-lane, Charing-cross; and may be had of all respectable Booksellers.



TION!!! Stationery, the Annuals, Albums, Almanacks, Pocket-books, Tra

Scrap Books, l'espatch Boxes willing cases, Writing-desks,

Portiolins, and Blouing Books Dressing-cases, rosewood, maBritish Classics and Poets, su- hogany, Morocco and Russia perbly bound

leather Bibles and Prayer Books Razors, Scissors, Penknives, and Work Boxes, Tea Caddies, and Instruments Watch Stands

Chess, Draught, Backgammon, Inkstands, in rosewood, ebony, Pope Joan, Cribbage Boards and bronze

Card Boxes An unequalled variety of the above Articles, of the most superior description, and at the lowest prices, suitable for Christmas Presents and New Year's Gifts, will be found at that extensive Establishment (the additions to which are just completed), TURBILL'S Repository, 250, Regent-street, on the site of the late Argyll Rooins.--Account Book Manufactory, 357, Oxford-street.

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being a Digest of the Proceedings of the Legislature, and the Business of the House of Parliament. To be continued regularly every Saturday Evening during the Session. Elegantly printed on foolscap folio, lo correspond with the Votes, the Mirror of Parliament, and the Parliamentary Papers.

The object of this work is to condense and methodize the actual transactions of the Parliament, and to present at one view, at convenient periodical seasons, not the Debates, which is the Legis. lature in deliberation, but the Business, which is the Legislature in action.

The Register will describe and analyze the Contents of the Parliamentary Papers, or, at any rate, so distinguish their scope and utility, that they may be inmediately made available to the purposes of even the busiest legislator.

It is also desirable that the novelties of Pending Bills should be
introduced to the notice not only of the Member, but of the Pub-
lic, and at less expense of labour than that of wading through the
clauses of every measure proposed to the notice of the Legisla-
ture. This end will be answered by the Register : it will contain
Analyses, or Notices of Bilis pending, in such a form as to en-
able the reader to judge of the nature of them, and ascertain
their extent or their peculiarities,

The entire work is intended to assist the labours of the Public
Man, and in some respects supply the place of a Secretary, as
well as furnish inforisation to all persons who lake an interest in
the proceedings of the two Houses of Parliament, whether on
political grounds or with a view to private business.
The Parliamentary Register will be arranged in Six Divisions.
1. Journal of the Proceedings of the Three Branches of the

2. Digest of Business.
3. Progress of Legislation.
4. Calendar of Future Business.
5. Analysis of Bills pending.
6. Catalogue Raisonné of the Parliamentary Papers.

An ample Inder of the Contents of the Register will be pub-
lished at the termination of each Session.

£. s. d.
Subscription for the Session

...2 2 0
For Circulation by Post (with a Stamp).. 2 12 6
Occasional Supplements (without additional charge) will be
given, as the pressure of business may require.

Subscriptions received by all Booksellers.
Printed by W. Clowes, at his Printing Office, No. 14, Charing
Cross, where Subscriptions (and Letters and other Communica-
tions for the Proprietor, post paid) will be received.

The nambers for the two weeks of the present Session pre-
ceding the Christmas Recess will be delivered to the Subscribers
on the 14th of January, the Saturday immediately before the re-
assembling of Parliament. Future Numbers will be delivered
regularly every Saturday Evening.

Décember 23, 1831.

By HENRY INCE. " We are much pleased with this work, and recommend it as industriously compiled."- Literary Guardian. “ Admirably adapted for schools."-Bell's Messenger.

With Plates, price 28. 6d., the 5th edition of the
Endless Amusement: 400 Experiments in
Science, Art of making Fire-works, &c.

Also, a new edition of the
Companion to the Endless Amusement;
containing various Experiments, Recreations in Cards, ingenious
Problems, &c.

Published by James Gilbert, 51, Paternoster-row (adjoining the
Chapter Coffee-House).

Third edition, with Improvements, 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 58.

REEK TESTAMENT, with ENGLISH tory Notes in English, from the most eminent Critics and Inter. preters: with parallel passages from the Classics, and with references to Vigerus for 'Idioms, and Bos for Ellipses. To which is pretixed a short Treatise on the Doctrines of the Greek Article, according to Bishop Middleton, Mr. Granville Sharp, &c., briefly and compendiously

explained, as applicable to the criticism of the New Testament. The Various Readings are recorded under the text. Greek and English Indeses are added at the end.

By the Rev. E. VALPY, B.D.
Two Plates are given-one illustrative of the Travels of the
Apostles, and the other a Map of Judea, and a Plan of Jerusalem.

* To this edition have been added Parallel References.
" After a minute examination, the author of the present Ma-
nual considers this edition of the Greek Testament a, the most
valuable of any that has yet been published with critical and
philological apparatus, especially for students who wishto purchase
only ONE edition of the Greek Testament."--Horne's Introduc-
tion to the Bible.

“ This Greek Testament with English Notes is a valuable accession to the aids of the undergraduates, the divinity student, and even the theologian. We cordially recommend it to our readers : and those who wish to purchase only ONE comprebensive copy of the Greek Testament, and that not very expensive, will find in this edition the very object of their search."--Christian Remembrancer.

Also, second edition, in one thick vol. 8vo. 218. Greek Septuagint, with the Apocrypha. Edited by A.J. Valpy, from the Oxford edition of Bos and Holmes.

This edition is handsomely printed in one volume, sro. hotpressed. FOR USE IN CHURCHES AND CHAPELS, as well as the Library.

This elegantly executed volume is very correctly printed, and (which cannot but recommend it to students in preference to the incorrect Cambridge and Amsterdam reprints of the Vatican text) its price is so reasonable as to place it within the reach of almost every one."-Horne's Introduction to the Bible,

Printed by A. J. Valpy; and sold by all Booksellers.

In one vol. 8vo. “ That day was the preparation, and the Sabbath drew on." London : Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard.

or whom may be had, the 5th edition of, 1. Natural History of Enthusiasm. In Ten Sections. BYO. 84. boards.

" It is full of admirable observations."- Literary Gazette. “A very able disquisition." - Blackwood's Mag.

“ It is such writers who alone can obtain influence for good over the spirit of the nation, and who, by uniting ability with a profound love of truth, can take honesty of principle as respectable in the eyes of the world as knowledge--and both honesty and knowledge the pursuit of every man."--Monthly Review,

By the same Author, 2. New Model of Christian Missions, to Popish, Mahometan, and Pagan Nations, explained in Four Letters to a friend, 60, 38.

London: J. HOLMES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.
Published every Saturday at the ATHENÆUM OFFICE, 7,

CATHERINE STREET, Strand, by J. LECTION; and sold by
all Booksellers and Newsvenders in Town and Country:
G.G. BENNIS, No. 55, Rue Neuve St. Augustin, Paris; Messrs.
PRATT & BARRY, Brussels; PERTHES & BESSER, Hamburg:
F. FLEISCHER, Leipzig; Gray & Bowen, Boston, America.--

Price 41.; or in Monthly Parts (in a wrapper.)
Advertisements, and Communications for the Editor (post paid)

to be forwarded to the Office as above.

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