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found three ulousana nests, so disposed here to The Twopenny Portrait Gallery: —Here we



other recently discovered animals, he describes The English School of Painting and Sculpture.' | tain himself on the high ground he has taken. three birds, natives of Patagonia, which were -We have some half dozen numbers of this The more this gentleman improves himself, the killed in that country by W. M. Dessalines eighteen-penny publication before us, each con- better, and we will be among the first to acd'Orbigny. The latter has collected some ex- taining six outlines of favourite works, accom- knowledge it-but we must beg him not to imtremely interesting details of their habits, of panied by descriptive letter-press: it is impos- prove Shakspeare. What on earth could he which the following is an instance:-“On the sible to be ill-natured when we think of the mean by saying, “Her beauty hangeth on the 20th of March 1819, being then in the midst of price; the letter press is not always to our taste, cheek of night, like—" then, after a long pause

, the Salina de Andres Paz, I observed a small though many of the outlines are.

in which he

made it evident, that he was hunting superstructure, which looked like a little island of earthenware, and rose apparently about a

Pyne's Pocket Sketching Companion.'—The for a simile, adding, "like a rich jewel in an foot above the surface of the Salina. Upon ask- all manner of attitudes and rustic costumes in this-in saying to the Friar, " Thou cut'st my

four first numbers of this useful work contain Æthiop's ear”? Another grievous fault was ing my peon what this might be, he replied, very small space; it is the object of the artist to

head off with a golden axe,” Mr. Stanley drew that it was a group of flamingos' nests. Being furnish beginners in painting with sketches from his finger across his throat, after the manner of anxious to examine them, I walked across the

nature; the delineations are correct, and the the celebrated “Major Macpherson.” Now, he salty , and, as I advanced, could

the other. refrain from admiring its immense extent, which / positions natural; and we would advise young Either he should not have “suited the action to covered a space of more than five miles square; always trust to their imagination for figures to

and young gentlemen too, who cannot

the word” at all, or he should have struck the the whole of this lake of salt presented a surface people their landscapes, to have recourse to this back of his neck with the edge of his open hand, of dense crystallized crust, six inches in thick- publication.

and have delivered the line as follows: "Thou At length I came to a halt; and here I

cut'st" (chop) “ my head off” (chop)" with a

golden axe," (chop) -and then have “made beform a small island in the centre of the lake. have two numbers of this publication ; one con

lieve," as the children say, to let his head roll Each of them is a cone, about a foot and a half tains a portrait of Sir Walter Scott, and the

on the stage. Let not Mr. Stanley imagine, high, truncated and concave at the upper end, other a likeness of young Napoleon ; both are

from our harmless joking, (it's a way we have.) like a common nest, but without any plants in on wood, and both like, as far as the material

that we bear him the slighest ill-will. He has its structure. Every nest stands at twelve inches will allow an approach to delicate portraiture.

a good deal of merit, and will, as we have before - distance from those around it; nor can a more

The head of Scott seems compounded from the singular sight exist than this myriad of cones, portraits by Raeburn and Watson Gordon; the said, doubtless prove himself an acquisition to

the theatre. A new tragedy is announced for memoirs contain many interesting particulars, Monday, and a new domestic drama will shortly all of similar form and height. I found several

and, on the whole, we cannot think ill of the be produced from the pen and ink of Mi. eggs still in the nests. My peon told me, that a large flight of flamingos alights on the spot undertaking.

Jerrold, the successful author of "The Rent every year for the purpose of building their

Day,' &c. nests; that the female sits across the nest to lay

THEATRICALS and hatch her eggs; and that those who dig the salt, collect and eat a great many of the eggs,

Will commence on Monday with a young gen

tleman, of whom we gave the first announceas well as take away the young birds, the flesh

A slight error crept into our announcement of which, he said, was of exquisite flavour. The

ment last Saturday, in Shylock, and with a new eggs are of a greenish hue, spotted with brown, commenced operations on Saturday last. " The an incident in the early life of the great Duke

of the opening of this theatre last week. It military spectacle by Mr. Planché, founded on and they are somewhat more than four inches in

late Miss Mordaunt,” as the bills persist in of Marlborough. Mr. Forrester is to enact the diameter." At a subsequent stage of the proceedings, it calling her, made her apparition in the part of part of Captain John Churchill, and he will at all

The Widow Cheerly, in the cherry-ripe or rather events look the handsome Englishman," as the was referred to M. Navier to report to the Aca; cherry-rotten play of The Soldier's Daughter. gallant officer was then called on the continent

. demy on Babbage's • Economy of Machinery,' she was extremely well received, and acquitted We guess, as brother Jonathan would say, that &c.

herself spiritedly in the lighter portions of her he fought handsome too. "Green-room report"

character, and gravely in the serious ones. speaks well of the piece, and rapturously of the FINE ARTS

There was hardly the ghost of a fault to find with style in which it is being got up. Mr. Farley,

her. Nothing, indeed, under the earth could be accustomed as he is to Covent Garden grandeur * Finden's Illustrations of Lord Byron's Works.' better than her acting. If anything could sur- and propriety of costume and decoration, is re-We have seven of these illustrations at present pass the absurdity of the bill-concocters con- ported to have been transfixed with astonishbefore us, some of them are truly excellent, and tinuing to style this pretty and lively lady " the ment at the splendour of Mr. Laporte's direcall are picturesque. The portrait of Margarita late Miss Mordaunt," it would be the gravity tions upon the subject. Cogni is a very fine one: the eyes are soft, elo

with which one Paper has defended it on the quent, and alluring, and the whole head has ground of “precedent.”—“Mrs

. Glover,” says something graceful and noble about it. All that

this sapient Journal, was announced after her WE augur extremely well of a Mr. Haines, remains of the Temple of Jupiter Olympus, is marriage as “ the late Miss Betterton.” Why, whom we saw in the character of Richmond the seen to advantage in the masterly sketch of if precedent were a sufficient authority for bad other evening. We liked him for his manly Stanfield; more of a home-feel is awakened | English, the Drury Lane bills may quote one person and bearing-we liked him for his senby the sight of Patras; the view of Cape Co

another, and defy the world. The one before sible delivery of his words—we liked him for lonna awakens many historic recollections, and us now, after offering Mr. Stanley the equivocal not trying to make a great part out of a little the Plain of Troy many poetic ones. On the compliment of saying, that he was received onemand, above all, we liked him for the rare whole, these are not unworthy of their prede- " with great favour,” which the worst actor in quality he possesses, of knowing how to stand cessors, and when we think of their price, we the world might be, it it suited the audience, still upon the stage. We heard a very good are surprised at their beauty.

states, that he will perform Modus, in The account of him in De Valmont, but did not see * Illustrations of the Works of Sir Walter Scott, Hunchback,' this evening, and in the new tragedy him in it. We shall watch him, for we suspect Part 5: Chapman & Hall.'-— This number con- on Monday next."-Query: Will the introduc- he is worth it. Mr. Kean was as impressive as tains five illustrations; the most beautiful of the tion of Mr. Sheridan Knowles's character of ever in the quiet parts of Richard, and only landscapes is Inch Cailleach; the engraving, Modus, be considered by the author of the new failed in the more energetic portions from bodily however, that will be most admired, is the head tragedy as apropos? Talking of Mr. Knowles, weakness. of Isabella de Croye, by Rochard; it has a look we would just say to the Drury Lane Manage- On Wednesday Mr. Anderson made his apof the native land of the lady, and is voluptuous ment, that if we had been it, and had had the pearance here in the Seraskier in 'The Siege of yet modest, and of great loveliness. The land- want of sharpness to let so fine a play as 'The Belgrade;" he sang with much taste and feeling scapes of this work are all real scenes, and those

Hunchbach’slip through our fingers, and, after throughout, and was most encouragingly apwho desire to see, without travelling, the hills wards, the bad taste to bring it out (before plauded. He acted the part, moreover, much and dales, and lakes, and castles, and ruins, people had half done laughing at us) against the better than it deserved. We once before caught where the author of Waverley wrought his en- theatre wliich bought and paid for it, we would, a glimpse of Miss Turpin, but now we have had chantments, cannot do better than lay out half- if we had paid the author nothing else, at least the pleasure of both seeing and hearing her. In a-crown on such a work.

have paid him the courtesy of putting Mr. before truth it was a pleasure. She is an acquisition * Heads of Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron.' his name.

of value, if a sweetly pretty face, a good figure, --These are medallic heads in paper, inclosed On Monday last, a Mr. Stanley, from the a charming voice, a correct ear, a lady-like de in a frame of the same materials, very inge. Dublin Theatre, made his first appearance in niously executed, and not very unlike. They London, as Romeo. He has a tolerable person, her so.

meanor, good singing and good acting, can make

With care and attention, which she accompany the letter-press of a little publication and a good face, and has, besides, certain reof wild and romantic stories, such as the pages commendations, which will make him useful in everything in favour of her shortly reaching the

seems likely to use, there is nothing against and of our magazines readily supply.

third rate characters; but we fear he cannot sus- summit of her profession. The Athenaun,


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always a gallant paper, feels a particular plea- deer. In the morning, finding his horse had some of the conspirators. A young girl, at
sure in offering this interesting young lady its left him, he prevailed on Elizabeth to stay at whose brother's some of the officers had been in
warmest congratulations.

the habit of meeting, was implicated in the un-
home and return with the horse. Jenison went fortunate affair, which was inquired into by the

home, returned with a horse, but found that his commission of Bialystock. At the moment
Cherubini.-We observe it announced in the sister had left the camp. He called her in vain. when the conspirators were arrested, she seized
Programme of the Royal Academy of Music at He then hastened }iome and gave the alarm; some papers and threw them into the fire: she
Paris, that the winter season 1832-1833 will the nearest neighbours were immediately con- herself was then taken up, and condemned to
be closed with an operatic piece in three acts, vened, and proceeded in search of the child. lose one of her hands.”'
entitled Ali-Baba, or, the Forty Thieves ;' the Wm. London, David Alkire, and Joseph Bur-
music to which is from the pen of Cherubini, nett, (all good woodsmen) ascertained which METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL
and will probably be the last work which this way she had started, pursued the trail through

Days of ! Thermom,


W. Mon. Max. Min.
eminent composer will bring before the public. laurel thickets, over mountains that were almost
The new pieces preparing likewise at the same impassable.


W.toN.W. Clear.

Var, to E.
house, are "The Oath,' an opera in two acts "She had pursued a pretty straight course


• Natalia,' the ballet so much admired on our until she got within a short distance of the settle-

Clear. own stage, and an opera, in five acts, with mu- ment on Holly, through thickets that bears can Mon. 24

Var. to s. Ditto.

S. sic by Auber.-Cherubini has passed the thresh- scarcely penetrate, crossed the river upwards of Tues. 25


Var. old of six score and ten, for he is at present sixty times, got within a very short distance of

Prevailing Clouds.-Cirrostratus, Cloudless towards in his seventy-second year; his imagination Mr. Thomas M. Hammond's, when night over

the end of the week. Stratus cloud in the evenings.
has, as might be expected, lost much of its rise- took her. With a tomahawk wbich she carried

Nights and Mornings fair. Meteors frequent on clear
ness, and he has of late years produced nothing with her, she peeled the bark from the birch nights.
beyond a few pieces of church music, which tree, scraped off the inside of the bark, and ate Mean temperature of the week, 63.50

Day decreased on Wednesday, 4h. 42 min.
have been much admired, though more for their it. She then broke off the branches from some
taste and harmony than any passages of strik- bushes, laid them in the bark for a bed; col-

ing originality. As a teacher, he has been in- lected some more, of which she made a covering;
strumental in maturing the talents of many peeled the bark off a hickory withe, tied one

Historical and Antiquarian Notices of Crosby Hall,
eminent composers of the present day; such as end round the neck of a dog which accompanied by E. Jo Carlos, one of the Committee for the Preser:

vation of the Structure, with several embellishments. Meyerbeer, Herold, Auber, &c.

her, and the other end round her wrist, and in Lord Nugent has in the press, a letter to Mr. Murray, Calculating Boys. There are now living in this manner laid down in her couch of bark, and on the Review of his “ Memorials of Hampden," in the

last Quarterly. Sicily three boys, who appear to be equally slept all night. When they found her she

Life of Wallenstein, from original and inedited do. gifted with a singular aptitude for mathematical seemed to be perfectly composed, and showed

cuments, by Professor J. M. Schottky. calculations. At the head of the triumvirate no signs of alarm.

A Treatise on inflammation, by G. Rogerson. stands Vincent Zucchero, to whose extraordi. "The girl is eight or nine years old, and must

Shortly, The Amulet for 1833, the engravings are

from paintings by Lawrence, Wilkie, Newton, Mul-
nary feats in calculation the public curiosity have travelled 20 miles, through a wilderness,

ready, &c.
bias of late been repeatedly directed. It would rough and dreary enough to dishearten and alarm The Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, edited by Mrs. S. C.

seem, from recent experience, that this youth the most robust and resolute.

The Forget-Me-Not, with engravings from Martin, possesses a mind capable of devoting itself with " She satisfactorily explained the cause of her

Leslie, Prout, &c.
rare success to other branches of study besides having left the deer, by stating, that while Jeni-

The Geographical Annual for 1933.
the mathematics. Two years ago, he was igno- son was absent, a panther came and laid hold of The Biblical Annual, uniform with the Geographical.
rant event of his alphabet; but, in consequence
it. Notwithstanding the hideous appearance of

Records of my Life, by the late John Taylor, Esq.,

author of Monsieur Tonson,' is just ready,
of the pains taken with him by the Abbé Mi- this unexpected visitant, she had the courage Our Island, comprising two tales, entitled, Forgery,
nardi, who has been engaged as his tutor, and presence of mind to advance and untie the and The Lunatic.

The Lives and Exploits of celebrated Banditti and
through the liberal interposition of the govern dog before she took to flight.”

Robbers in all parts of the World, by Charles Macfar.
ment and corporation of Palermo, he is at this State of the Russian Army.— The following in- lane, Esq.
moment able to read off-band the most difficult teresting extract we translate from · Russiè wiè The Spinster's Web.
of the Latin and Italian classics, and has given es ist,' or ' Russia as she is,' by M. Kaiser, pub-

Kidd's Picturesque Pocket Companion to Hastings,

with Illustrations by G. W. Bonner. Also, Kidd's
public proofs of the unprecedented extent of lished last year at Leipzig. “The spirit of the Picturesque Pocket Companion to St. Leonard's, with
bis acquirements. Two other boys, by name army depends in a great measure on that of its engravings by Bonner.
Ignatius Landolina and Joseph Puglisi have chiefs. During the latter years of Alexander,

The Rev. R. Cattermole is preparing for publication,

Becket, an Historical Tragedy; The Men of England,
come forward to enter the lists against him. an extremely severe state of discipline oppressed an Ode; and other poems.
The former has not yet reached his tenth year, the army of the west under Count Sacken; the

Supplement (1832-3), to Pope's Merchant, Ship-
though he has already attended several public merest trifle was sufficient to degrade the most owner, and Shipmaster's Import and Export Guide

nearly ready. meetings, and resolved some of the abstrusest honourable officers; and the orders of the day,

Just published.-Vortigern, a Play, 3s. 60.-Valpy's questions in the highest branch of geometry, which were announced several times every week,

Classical Library, No. XXXIV. 45. 60.-The Pilgrim which were put to him by professors Nobili

, regularly contained the names of a number of of Erin, fc. 45.--Christ our example, 12mo. 65.-laScuderi, and Alessi, of the University of Cata- officers that had been degraded for insubordi-fayette, Louis-Philippe, and Revolution of 1830,2 vols. nia. On these occasions, Landolina did nation or incapacity. They were condemned to

post 8vo. Is.- Landscape Annual, 1833, 215.- Land

scape Album, 158.- Edinburgh Cabinet Library, Vol. confine himself to a mere dry answer; but as- the ranks, or, if they complained, to be sent to IX. 58.- Whistle-Binkie, a collection of Songs, 32mo. signed the reason for the result, and entered prison or to Siberia. A system of espionnage, of 1s.-Sigsten's Synopsis of Stenography, on Sheet, 5s.

Grandineau's Conversations Familières, 18mo. 43. 6d. acutely into the metaphysics of the science. which even the officers consented to be the

-- Bishop Hall's Three Centuries of Meditations, &c. The third child, Puglisi, who is seven years agents, destroyed all familiarity between bro.

32mo. Part I. Is.--Edgeworth's Tales, Vol. IV. 58.old, afforded no less striking and indisputable thers in arms. The Germans, in particular, ap- Useful and Ornamental Planting, Svo. 38.-Orem's proofs of his extraordinary talent in giving off pointed by Field Marshal Barklay de Tolly, and

Description of Old Aberdeen, 3s. 60.-The Book of the

Constitution, fc. 8vo. 6s.--Pollock on Universal Prin-
hand answers to problems, which usually re- by the intluence of his wife, to nearly all the

ciple, Svo. 58.-Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia, Vol.
quire tedious arithmetical calculations. It is chief posts in the army, excited the jealousy of XXXV, 6s.
remarkable to see him, in the very act of listen the Russians, which sometimes displayed itself in
ing to a question and giving his solution, pur- the most unequivocal manner. General Yerme-

suing his pastimes like any other child, as if lou, entering one day into the ante-chamber of Sir Walter Scott.- A copious Memoir of the Author
both the one operation and the other were mat- the Field-Marshal, where a numerous body of

of Waverley, interspersed with Extracts from Unpub.

lished Letters, &c., by ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, will
ters of equal ease and unconcern to him. The officers was assembled, bowed very politely, and

appear in the Atheneum of next Saturday, being
precocious talents of these three infantine ma- said, “Is there no one present who can speak written expressly for this paper.
thematicians would seem to indicate, that the Russian, and announce me to the Field-Mar- "A Constant Reader" at Brighton, should apply to
spirit of Archimedes still lingers on its native shal? In the army of the south, under the

his bookseller or newsman, and not tax us for his

. --(From a Sicilian Journal.) Journal of command of Count Wittgenstein, the discipline neglect with the penalty of postage. Copies ought to
Education for October.

was milder, and a greater degree of intimacy | Monday at latest-but we have nothing to do with iheir
An American version of the Children in the prevailed among the officers; on this account it

Wood.--(The 'panther' and the ‘tomahawk' are was looked on with anxiety and suspected of revo- The Provincial Press has so largely contributed to

extend our popularity, that it is with pain we find fault
original and characteristic.)"On Thursday | lutionary intrigues, and, in 1825, this was proved

with any one paper — but the Newry Examiner has last,” says the Western Enquirer U. S., "Jenison to have been to a certain degree well founded. At been frequently sent to us by some unknown friend, in Alkire took with him his sister Elizabeth, and the same period there were disturbances in the which articles copied from the ATHENÆUM appear proceeded about three miles from home, for Lithuanian regiments, under the command of

without acknowledgment-perhaps this hint will suf

fice to prevent a recurrence of such injustice. the purpose of watching a deer lick. They Constantine; these were, of course, put down,

Thanks to Q., of Bath, for his suggestion, but we had stayed all night at the lick, and Jenison killed a and the only consequence was, the death of | anticipated him.




NOW PUBLISHING, In Parts, (to be continued every Fortnight,) price 2s. 6d. each, containing Four LANDSCAPES





HEAD MASTERS_Thomas Hewitt Key, M.A. Professor of Latin; and Henry Malden, M.A. Professor of Greek in the University of London.

The School opens after the summer holidays, on Monday, the Ist of October.

The hours of attendance on the first five days of the week are from a quarter past nine to hall past three ; in which time an hour is allowed for recreation. On Saturday the School is closed at 2. quarter after twelve,

The subjects taught are Reading, Writing, the English, Latin, Greek, French, and German Languages, Ancient and Modern History, Geography, Arithmetic, and Book-keeping ; the Ele. ments of Mathematics and of Natural Philosophy, and Drawing.

The yearly payment for each Pupil is 151., which may be paid either in one sum or in three equal parts, at the commencement of the Autumn, Christmas, and Easter terms.

The discipline of the School is maintained without corporal punishment.

A monthly report of the conduct of each pupil is sent to his parent or guardian. One of the Masters has made arrangements for taking Boarders on moderate terms.

Prospectuses may be obtained at the Office of the University; and at Mr. Taylor's, Bookseller, Upper Gower-street. Sept. 1, 1832.




AND DESCRIPTIVE LETTER-PRESS. Proof Impressions of the Portraits, royal svo. will be done up separately in Parts, each containing Four Plates, price 58. ob plain, and 6s. on India paper.

A few Copies of the Proof Impressions of the Landscapes may still be had, in Twenty Parts, containing Four Plates, royal fr. price 4s.; or Iodia Proofs, royal 4to. price 78. each.



SENIOR DEPARTMENT. The CLASSES for the College Students who follow the reguJar Course of Instruction in Christian Morals, Mathematics, Classical Literature, and English Literature and Composition, will be RE-OPENED, under the superintendence of the PRIN CIPAL, and Professors HALL and ANSTICE, on TUESDAY, the 9th of October next. These Classes are likewise open for such individuals as may be desirous of contining themselves to any particular branch in the preceding Course, and are not regular students,

Distinct Courses of Lectures and Classes of Private Instruction will commence as follows, víz. ,

NATURAL and EXPERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY-Rev, H. Moseley. On the Composition of Machinery: First Lecture, 27th October.

Ditto, on HYDROSTATICS, PNEUMATICS, &r., 31st Oct. CHEMISTRY-J. F. Daniell, Esg. F.R.S.; 2nd October. BOTANY-G. T. Burnell, Esq. F.L.S.; 3rd October. GEOLOGY-Charles Lyell, Esq. F.R.S.; after Christmas. ZOOLOGY-James Rennie, Esq. M.A.; First Lecture, and November.

ENGLISH LAW and JURISPRUDENCE-J. J. Park, Esq. LL.D.; First Course, Scientific Law, Practice of Conveyancing; First Lecture, 30th October.

COMMERCE-Joseph Lowe, Esq.: 7th November.

HEBREW LANGUAGE and RABBINICAL LITERATURERev, M. S. Alexander, Private Class : begins 6th Noveniber.

FRENCH LANGUAGE, &c.-L. T. Ventouillac, Esq., 9th October.

GERMAN LANGUAGE, &c.--Adolph Bernays, Esq.; 11th October.

ITALIAN LANGUAGE, &c.-G. Rosetti, Esq. LL.D.; 10th October.

SPANISH LANGUAGE, &c. --X. M. De Alcala, Esq. LL.B.; 11th October

Any further information on the subject of the preceding Courses and Classes, may be obtained upon application at the Secretary's Office, or to the respecuve Professors. Sept. 24, 1832.

W. OTTER, M.A. Principal. N.B. The Medical Department will re-open on Monday the 1st of October next, with an Introductory Lecture by Professor J. H. Green, F.R.S., at 3 o'clock in the Aiternoon precisely.

G. Barrett
J. D. Harding

H. Gastineau

F. Nash
W. Brockedon
A. Nasmyth

J. Constable, R.A.

T. Stothard
P. Dewint
S. Prout

W. Purser

C. Stangeld
G. Cattermole
R. R. Reinagle, R.A.
W. Daniell, R.A.

D. Roberts
Copley Fielding
G. F. Robson

J. B. Fraser

W. Westall, A.R.A.

A. Chisholm.
C. R. Leslie, R.A. W. H. Mote

A. Chalon, R.A. H. Robinson


W. Boxall
W. T. Ryall

Rob Roy

J. Inskipp

C. E. Wagstaff Guy Marnering
H. P. Briggs, R.A. G. Parker

Guy Mannering

John Wriglit
R. Woodman


R. Parris
J. Thomson

Black Dwars

G. Cattermole
H. Cook

Old Mortality

A. Chisholm
E. H. Adcock

Mid Lothias
C.R. Leslie, R.A. .. W. H. Mote

Mid Lothiau

S, A. Hart
J. Cochran


F. Stone
S. Freeman


E. Preutis
E. H. Adcock


B. R. Faulkner
H. Cook


Mrs. Carpenter
E. Scriven


W. Etty, R.A.
W. T. Ryall


W. Boxall
H. Robinson


S. J. Rochard
H. Robinson

Quentin Duritard
C. Stanfield

St. Ronan's Well. London : Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand; Moon, Boys, and Graves, Pall Mall; James Fraser, 215, Regent. street.

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-Libraire des Etrangers, Française, Anglaise el Américaine-
Abonnement de Lecture SalonLittéraires,
West of England Life Assurance Office, G. G. Bennis, Agent.
All Affairs relating to Great Britain, Ireland, and America,

transacted. THE NEWS ROOMS of this Establishment, the most considerable in Europe, are spacious, mign ticent, and delightiully situated. They contain all the principal Newspapers of England, Ireland, Scotland, America, France, lialy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Poland, Prussia, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Algiers, Cypt, &c. and the Magazines and Reslews, popular, literary, scientitii, naval and military.Four Hundred Journals are received, of which One Hundred and Forty are in English.-Agency for Periodicals.

THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY comprises 40,000 volumes of the most interesting and newest works in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.--Every literary propensity may be here gratified.--All information afforded to the inquiries of Strangers.

LIBRARY.-Anextensive assortment of Books, in all languages, on sale.- A case of Books is despatched the first of every month for England; a case also leases London from 39, Paternosterrow, for this Library, the first of every month, exclusive of other periods. Orders are requested in time.

LIFE ASSURANCE. -Desirous to afford every facility to parties on the Continent neuring, a CHIE! OFFICEis established in Paris, where, ou a reduced scale of Premiums, Insurances on Lives are effected. 55, RUE NEUVE SAINT AUGUSTIN, PARIS,

(One door from 11, Rue de la Paix.)

SCIENCE, blending Instruction with Amusement, ADELAIDE-STREET, near Si. Martin's Church, West Strand. Open daily from 10 to 6.-Admission, 1s. Catalogue, 1s.

This Exhibition is available for great national purposes, as the Proprietors receive, for public inspection, Works of Practical Science, free from any charge; reserving only the exercise of their judgment, in determining that the productions are suitable to the objects of the Institutioni,-the chief aim of the Proprietors being to promote, to the lit most of their power, the adoption of whatever may be found to be comparatively superior or relatively perfect in the various articles contided to their care, without prejudice on the one hand, or partiality on the other. They contemplate the valuable co-operation and voluntary aid of the intellectual public towards the advancement of this National Gal. lery, established for the practical illustration of general science and for the reception of specimens of the rare productions of nature,

NOW EXHIBITING. PERKINS' newly-discovered System of generating Steam, exemplified by a STEAM GUN, discharging, with one fourth greater power than that of Gunpowder, a Volley of Seventy Balls, against a Targel, in four seconds, every successive half hour during the day-elucidating the advantage of this description of Engine as an implement of war.

This mode of generating Steam is also applicable to the evaporation of Huids; its effect is exhibited by open Boilers in ac. tion, and will be found an essential improvement in the manufacture of the following articles; Spirits, Beer, Sugar, Salt, ludigo, Soda, Perfumery, and Confectionery: logether with many others depending on bullition, with continuous circulation).

Steam-boat Models upon water, propelled by the paddle-wheel in conuoti itse', and by that of Perkins' Jate invention for Sea and I niand Navigaiion.

Holdswortli's newly invented Revolving Rudder.

An Apparatus by Perkins, showing a brilliant combustion of the hardesi nieel, eflected by its being brought in contact with a soft iron plate, revolving with an intense rapidity.

Specimens of Perkins' System of Printing with hardened Steel Plaies and Rollers, and of the transfer of Engravinys on Steel from one Plate and Roller to others, without limit as to number.

A Magnet, by Saxton, of extraordinary power, producing a spark capable oi igniting gunpowder.

An improved Apparatus, by A. M. Perkins, for Warming Rooms or Buildings.

Hawkins' unrivalled Collection of Antediluvian Fossil Organic Remains, highly interesting to the antiquarian and the geologist.

An Apparatus, by Perkins, compressing, with a power of 30,000 pounds to the square inchi, aeritorm fluids, liquids, or solids. Exhibited every day at 2 and 4 o'clock.

Esemplitication of Waison's Plan for preventing Ships foundering at Sta.

A very ingeniously constructed working Sectional Model of a Steam Engine.

Model of the proposed London and Birmingham Railway, with Carriages thereon.

Models of Green's new Framing of Ships, Pering's Anchor, and Roberts' improved Gun Carriage and Fid for a Top-mast.

A Selection of valuable Paintings by the Old Masters.

The Royal Seraphine, a new Musical Instrument of very extraordinary powers. Mr. Cruse will perform on il, at intervals, between three and five o'clock.

Numerous other Models and Objects of interest and amusement are now exhibited, and additions to the Gallery are daily received.

Numbers J. and 11. (to be continued Monthly) of AJOR'S CABINET NATIONAL GAL

LERY of PICTURES, with Descriptiods, &c. dc180 Dissertations by ALLAN CUNNINGHAM.

CRITICAL NOTICES. “Mr. Major, to whom we are indebted, amongst ofber pleto rial additions to the library, for the best cabinet editica of the works of Hogarth, has followed it up by the publicatisa of Cabinet Gallery of Pictures, by the great masters of all csak tries, at an equally cheap rate. This work will be, to the wa jority of purchasers, what those large and costly coilection of Engravings, Tomkins's British Gallery, the Stafford Gallery, &c., are to the few who can afford to indulge thelliselves with such expensive luxuries. Every lover of pictures may posters the Cabinet Gallery at the cost of a Magazine; and it will prate not only an intelligent Guide Book to the Picture Gelleries, but an excellent memorial of their choicest ornaments."-Sperialer

“ Everybody who can afford two and sixpence a month, 200 who has taste and knowledge enough to know that it is a great thing to be piit in possession of something of the spirit and com panionship of the great painters, where all is not to be head ought to take in this most cheap and laudable publication."True Sun.

“We cannot too much admire the public spirit of Mr. Nas; the success of his recent edition of the works of that was moralist, HOGARTH, has induced him to attempt a bigter and nobler undertaking-bat of placing within the reach of the people beautiful and correct Engravings of the works of Art in this comtry: he has engaged ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, ** excel lent work on the British Painters proves him so admirabis titted for the task, to write critical Dissertations on the merits of those great Masters, whose Works will be brougbt before I be Public; and the price of each Number, containing three lilastrables, with the appropriate letter.press, is only Tree Shillingsent sur pence! Nothing but an immense sale can resunerate his for the great experise which so important ao undertaking wili costo but we feel assured of bis success, "--National Owsibus,

“A better pen to illustrate could not easily have been found than Mr. Cunningham's: always pleasant, shrewd, and popular." --Morning Chronicle.

"Muchi, of course, depends upon the execution of such as undertaking; and it we can judge of what is to follow by the First Number, the public will bave every reason to be satised.

“The Cabinet Gallery is in every respect well entitled to: large share of public paironage. The price is extremely ande rate; and the outlay can only be remunerated by a general of culation, which we have no doubt it will very speedily ubiin."


“This is to open up ther Galleries of the noble and the rich, and to widen the humanizing induence they exert; mas, perhaps to kindle the tlame of envulation in wany a boyishi breast. Ever! one who has seen Major's Crusoe and Pilgrim will be avant how he can superintend works of art. The best proof of thes, his judicious selection of Allan Cunningham, ssbuse hame is le separably connected with the annals of British art, as is list riographer, to furnish the literary matter. We cordially wish success to so cheap and beautiful a work."-Glasgore Free Pras

The design seems excellent; and if esecuted in the spirit which it has been begun, will bring wübin the reach of the from the low price at which the work is offered, gems is like very first water."-Damfries and Galloway Courier.

To he had of all Book and Printsellers in the Kingdom.


Now ready,

ALDINE of the BRITISH POETS, Vol. XXIII. containing the Third Volume of DRY DEN, with Notes, and an Original Memoir, by the Rev. John Mittord.

The following have already appeared, and may be purchased separately : Vols. 1 & 2, Burns

Vol. 12, Beattie 3 & 4, Thomson

13, 14, 15, Pope 5, (oilins

16, Goldsmith 6, Kirke White

17,18,19, Milton 7, 8, 9, Cowper

20, Shakspeare 10, 11, Surrey & Wyatt 21, 22, 23, Dryden.

Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler, Parts 1, 2, 3. Imprrial svo. price 9s. 6d. each ; or India proofs, price 16s, each: with Original Memoirs by Sir Harris Nicolas. Embellished with upwards of 50 Original Illustrations, from De. signs by Slothard and Cumkipp. To be completed in 12 Parts.

*** A few Sets of the Ilustrations may be had separately. Proors before the lelters, price 165. each Part, quarto size.

William Pickering, Publiskier, Chancery.lane, London.



[blocks in formation]


This day is published, price Eighteen.pence,



For OCTOBER 1, will contain-
1, Scraps from the Diary of a 10, 'The Adventures of Crispin
Traveller, by Thos. Noore,


11, Secret Thoughts, by Mrs.
2, The Effects of the Reform Chas. Gore

12, French Politics
3, Electioneering

13, The Forger 4, Ireland in 1832

14, The Pasha of Many Tales 5, The United States

15, Hungary and its Constitu-
6, Chit Chat

7, Lines addressed to the Por- '10, Evidences on the Bank

trait of a young Lady, by T. Charter
Campbell, Esq.

17, Mr. Fearn's Letter, and Sir
8, Peter Simple

A. Carlisle's Reply 9, The Currency

Notices of New Works, &c.&c. Saunders and Otley, Public Library, Conduit-street; and to be had of the Booksellers througliout the Kingdom.


For OCTOBER.-Price 28. 6d.
Contents : The Tale. By Goethe-- Discoveries of Modern
Geologi-is. No. III.-The Schoolmaster's Experience in New-
Kale. The Pardon Power-The First Fool-The late Sir James
Mackintosh and the Law Magazine-Dreams of Youth-Gallery
of Literary Characters. No. XXIX. William Wordsworth, Esq.
(with a full-length Portrait)- My Contemporaries. From the
Note: Book of a Retired Barrister : Mr.Justice Grose, Lawrence,
Leblanc, Serjeant Bond, Fielding-Hints to Electors-Sacred
History of the World-Ensign O'Donoghue's First Batile-Por-
traits of Enjinent Philosophers. No. I. Sir Isaac Newton-This
Warld's an unco bonny Place. By the Ettrick Shepherd-The
Canada Corn-Trade-The Recollections of a Gentlewoman. No.li.
Monsieur de Calonne-The Domestic Manners of the British.
By Colonel Hickory, Part V.-Song. By a Modern Pythagorean
-The Un-English War-The Death of Sir Walter Scott.

Jarre Fraser, 215, Regent-street, London: Waugh and Innes,
Edinburgh ; *Phun, Glasgow ; Sower, Manchester ; Grapel,
Liverpool ; and Grant and Bolton, Dublin.


GREY, the Duke of Richmond, the Bishop of London,
Lord Melbourne, Lord Kenyon, and Capt. the Hon. George
Elliott, R.N. Secretary to the Admiralty, on Population, Agricul-
ture, Poor Laws, and Juvenile Vagrancv.

Captain in the Royal Navy, Author of the 'Naval History of

Great Britain.'
London : Published by C. Rice, 123, Mount-street, Berkeley-
square; and sold by all Booksellers.

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For OCTOBER, will comprise, among others, the following

inportant and interesting Papers :
1, On the Quality and influence 13, Memoir of the Services of
of Military Genius: Alexan- the late Major-General Sir
der Charlemagne

- Fre

Charles Ashforth, K.C.B. and

2, Notes on the Army of the 12, The !ate Court of Inquiry

United States of America 13, The Battle of Dreux
3, Character and conduct of 14, Foreign Miscellany: France,

the late Captain Corbet vin. Louis Philip's Promotions-
dicated, by Captain Jenkin Nurseries for Seamen-Bel-
Jones, R.N.

gium - Germany -- Switzer-
4, Recollections of the Storm. land-Italy--Greece-Russia,
ing of Ciudad Rodrigo, on a and Turkey
Comparison with recent Ac- 15, Reviews and Critical No.

5, Three Days at Elba

16, Correspondence from the
6, Rambles from Gibraltar, by principal Ports and Stations
an Officer of the Garrison. 17, Editor's Portfolio

No. I. The Granada Smuggler 18, Changes in the Stations of
7, On the Occult Principle (con. Corps

19, Abstract of Parliamentary
B, Recollections of a Ses Life, Proceedings relating to the
by a Midshipman of the last Navy and Army
Century (continued)

20, General Orders and Circu.
9, On a Method for finding the lars
Latitude at Sea, by Lieut. 21, Naval and Military Promo-
Raper, R.N.

tions and Appointments-
10, The Past and Present State Obituary, &c. &c.
of the Cinque Ports

Poblished for Henry Colburn, by R. Bentley, New Burlington-


Edited by E. L. BULWER, Esq.

Author of Pelham,'' Eugene Aram.' &c.
Contains, among other Papers by the most distinguished Writers

of the day-
I, The Politician - Our own 9, On the present State of our

2, Letter from Paris, to the 10, Jeanie Stevenson, a Tale of
Editor of the New Monthly the Dominie
Magazine, by Henry Peibam, 11, or Domestic Novelties at

first condemned
3, The Death of Walter Scott, 12, Private Hints to a Juvenile
by the Author of · Eugene Physician

13, The recent Political Trials
4, Lady Blessington's Journal in France
of Conversations with Lord 14, Lachryma-tory; or, a La-
Byron, with an Original ment for the Tories

Poem by the Noble Poet 15, Monthly Commentary on
5, An favocation written in the Men and Things
Neighbourhool of Abbots- 16, The Lion's Mouth
ford, by Horace Smith

17, Occurrences of the Month
6, Percy Bysshe Shelley at Ox-

the various Counties, ford (continued)

Obituary, &c. 7, Life's Bridge of Sighs

18, Reports in Art, Science, $, Egyptian Thebes, by a recent Criticism, Biography, PoliTraveller

tics, Commerce, &c. &c. Published for Henry Colburn, by R. Bentley, New Burlingtonstreet.




Published this day, price 6s.

WORKS nearly ready for publication, by Edward Bull, 26, HollerTHE WESTMINSTER REVIEW, No.

street, Cavendishi-square, London.

XXXIV. for OCTOBER, 1832, containing the following

1, M'Culloch's Edition of the Wealth of Nations--2, Earle's
Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand-3, Official Morals-4,

Gardiner's Music of Nature--5, American Penal Law-6, Second

1833, Supplement to Article on Silk and Glove Trade-7, Cambrian

(Uniform with the Geographical Annual,') Superstitiops-8, Infant and Grammar Schools- Wainewright's Containing finely-treated and beautifully-coloured Engravings Vindication of Paley. Fort Risban-10, Supplement to Renewal from Steel, by Starling, of all the Tribes and Countries mentioned of Bank Charter--ii, Lafayelle and the Revolution of 1*30–12, in Sacred History; with Plans of the City of Jerusalem and the Tactics of a Reformed House of Commons-13, The Fair of May Temple; and a General Index, upon an original and most comFair-Life of Laud-15, Viscount Milton's Address on the Com

prehensive plan, exhibiting, al one view, all that is GeographiLaws--16, The Fall of the Constitution-Memorandum-Index cally and Historically interesting in the Holy Scriptures. Price, --List of Books, &c.

elegantly bound in morocco, 218,
No. XXXV. will be published on the 31st of


The General Index to the Westminster Re-

view, for the first Thirteer Volumes, is in a state of forwardness,
and will be published before the appearance of the January

Containing 100 beautifully-coloured Steel Engravings, by

Starling, of all the States, Kingdoms, and Empires throughout Number. Price 6$.

the World ; including the New Discoveries and Changes that R. Heward, 5, Wellington-street, Strand.

have taken place to the present time, and an Original Map or

Great Britain, according to the Constitution of 1832. Price, eleThis day is published,

gantly bound in morocco, 218. LACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGA



1, The Pursuits of Politics, a Poem, by Timothy Tickler, Esq.
F.R.D.S.E. Alpha-2, To a Rose; the "Thought from the Italian

These Works illustrate the Romantic Annals of every Age ---3, The Republican Exiles-4, Lines on Stafia-3, Tom Cringle's

between the Periods mentioned, and comprise also a short His

tory of each Country.
log; Chap. XIV. Scenes in Jamaica-, The English Martyrs; a
Scene of the Days of Queen Mary, by Mrs. Heman-7, Devereux

1, ENGLAND. By Henry Neele. From the Norman Conquest to

the Reformation. 3 vols, 18s. Hall--8, Hesiod, No.ll.-9, Sismondi and Italian Liberty-10, An

2, FRANCE. By Leiich Ritchie. From the time of Charlemagne tonio di Carara; a Paduan Tale.

to the Reign of Louis XIV. 3 vols. 185. CONTENTS OP PART II.

3, ITALY. By Charles Macfarlane. From the Lombard 1, The Cæsars, Part I.--2, Poland--3, Foreign Affairs-4, The

Epoch to the Seventeenth Century. 3 vols. 188. Yellow Leaf, by Delta-S, A New Ballad of the New Times, en. 4, SPAIN. By M. Trueba. From the time or Roderic to the titled 'Loru 'John and the Pedtar-6, Our Borough, by the Dean

Seventeenth Century. 3 vols. 18s. of Guild-7, The Cyclop of Euripides, in Five Acts--8, The Three Rooks; Scene from the Birds of Aristophanes the younger 9, Revolutionary Inroads: the Bank; the Corn Laws-10, Lyrics

NEW BIOGRAPHICAL WORKS. of the East, by Mrs. Godwin-11, Light and Darkness-12, Stanzas, by a Lady-13, On Afairs in General-14, Noctes Am brosjanke, No. 63.

THE LIVES AND EXPLOITS Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and T. Cadell, OF CELEBRATED BANDITTI AND ROBBERS Strand, London.

In all parts of the World. By Charles Macfarlane, Esq. Author

of Constantinople in 1829." In vols, small svo. embellished Now ready, a new edition of the Second Volame of

with Sixteen beautiful Engravings.

WAR in the PENINSULA. 8vo. with Plans, price 20s. bds.

Vol. III, and a new edition of Vol. I. may also be had, price 20s.

By the late John Taylor, Esq. Author of "Monsieur Tonson;' each,

embracing original Anecdotes and Sketches of the most cele

brated and singular Characters that have figured in England 2. Beamish's History of the German Legion. during the last seventy years. In 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait. Vol. I. 3vo, with coloured Plates, Price 20s. cloth boards. To

III. be completed in 2 volumes.

MARSHAL NEY'S IMPORTANT WORK. 3. Sir Howard Douglas's Essay on the Prin- Editions in French and English are preparing, in 8vo. ciples and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of MEMOIRS OF MARSHAL NEY, Rivers in Military Operations. The 2nd edition, containing much From Original Papers and Manuscripts in the possession of additional matter, and Plates, 8vo. price 208. cloth boards.

the Family.
T. and W. Boone, 99, New Bond-street.


Containing sisteen closelv.printed pages of super-royal &vo. with

numerous Illustrations on Wood, by Mr.G.'W. Bonner, price Comprising FORGERY, a Tale; and THE LUNATIC, a Tale.

In 3 vols. This work is intended to illustrate some striking deThis day is published,

fects in our Jurisprudence.

History, Geography, Politics, Biography, Natural History, and

Biblicai Criticism and Theology, on the basis of the celebrated

In 2 vols, post svo.
German Conversations-Lexicon; with such Additions and Truprove.

"A mingled yarn, good and ill together."-Shakspeare. ments as will adapt it to the wants of the British Public.

Professor of Mechanical Philosophy, Author of various Works on

TO THE CLERGY, HEADS OF FAMILIES, SEMINARIES, &c. Natural and Experimental Philoyophy, &c. &c.; assisted by Just published, price 3$. 6d. (considerably enlarged and, other Authors of celebrity in the various branches of Science

improved) 3rd edition,
and Literature.

DIRECTORY, and FAMILY CATALOGUE OF DRUGS, Division 1.--ARTS and SCIENCES, which will include every CHEMICALS, &c.; with the Properties and Doses, and the best subject connected with the Useful and Fine Arts :--the Pure

mode of administration of all the Articles more generally used anit Mixed Sciences, Medicine, Manufactures, and Commerce. in DOMESTIC MEDICINE ; to which is appended a CONCISE Division II.-LITERATURE, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY,

and FAMILIAR DESCRIPTION OR DISEASES. LAW, and POLITICS, will form a complete body of Universal

The objects of the Medicine Chest Directory are, 1st, to teach History, Geography, and Literature.

onprofessional persons to distinguish suche Diseases ás are dangerDivision 111.-NATURAL HISTORY will form a complete ous in their nature, and rapid in their progress. in order that History of the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms. proper assistance may be had without unnecessary delay; 2nd,

Division IV.-BIOGRAPAY will form a complete Biographical to instruct them how to act reasonably in such cases as either do
Dictionary of every person of any degree of celebrity.

not require a plossician's aliendance, or in which his presence
Division 1.-BIBLICAL CRITICISM and THEOLOGY will cannot be immediately obtained.
comprise, in one volume, a complete body of Divinity.

In the Work will also be found the most approved methods of The whole will be illustrated by numerous Wood Cuts, by Mr.

Fumigating Infectious Chambers; directions for Counteracting G. W. Bonner, and Engravings on Steel by eminent Artists, and

Poisons; the Royal Humane Socirly's Mode or treating Suspended published in WEEKLY NUMBERS, price TW OPENCE each,

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Contents: 1, The Ministry and the People-?, Elegy for the

of the Gipsies-3, Blanche Rose-4, Jean Jacques Rousseau
-5, Bentham and his Works. No. 1. The Book of Fallacies--
6 The Howdie, No. II.--7, Financial Reform, No. 11.--8, Night-
Burial at Sea-9, Some late Passages in the Life of John Bull,
E«.-10, Hymn on the Passing of the Reform Bills. By the Au-
thor of. Corn Law Rhymes'-11, Ireland in the Nineteenth, and
Scotland in the Sixteenth Century-12, Percy Bysshe Shelley-
13, Tait's Common place Book--14, Monthly Register.

Printed for William Tayt, Edinburgh; Simpkin and Marshall,
London; and Solin Cumming, Dublin.

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mens of the Pathetic in Croydon Churchiard-The Wreckers of
St. Agnes-Introductory Stanzas of a Poem to Mrs. Hemians
The French and the King of the French-Actual value of Eng.
lish Nobility-Confessions of a Music-hater-Lives of the Polislı
Heroes - The Curreney Duel-"To be continued"-Europe and
Her Despots, No. II.-The Chateau, a Paper of my Uncle's-
Murat on America-Solitude- To Richmond - The Spanish
Succession-A Visit to Illinois-A Lost Art, or the Potter of
Pompeia-Military Topography of Sporto-The Speculations of

Man, &c.
W. Lewer, Monthly Magazine Office, 4, Wellington street,


Animation froní Drowning, Apoplexy, Suffocation, &c. Also with a MONTHLY SUPPLEMENT, containing two appropriate

Observations on Bathing, and an Account of the Mineral Waters Steel Plates. Tue Work will also be done up in MONTHLY

of Cheltenham, Bath, Harrogate, Leamington, &c. PARTS,

% This Work will be found inerul in large Manufactories, to ++ The two Plates intended for the first Supplement are now

Emigrants, Travellers, and particularly to Caplains of Vessels,

when no Medical Attendants on board. ready, and will be delivered with the first Number.

Published by Messrs. Butler, 54, Lower Sackville-street, and London: William Orr, 14, Paternoster-row; James Chambers, W. F. Wakeman, Dublin; Simpkin and Marshall, London ; Edinburgh; William Corry, jun, and Co. Dublin; Bancks and Oliver and Boyd. Edinburgh; and sold by all Booksellers and Co. Manchester; and Wrightson and Webb, Birmingham, Druggists in the United Kingdom,


1, On Genius-2, Autumn in London-3, Secondary Punishments-4, Helps for Understanding St. Paul's Epistles-5, Notices of France, from the Commonplace book of an Invalid-6, Goethe's Works, No. V.-7, National Education---8, Hincks's Sermons--9, On Suborpation of insincerity-10. Scripture Criticism--11, Critical Notices of Dr. S. Smitli's Oration over the Remains of Jeremy Benthaw-Ireland's Shakspeare Forgeries, &c. &c. Price 18. 6d.

C. Fox, 87, Paternoster-row,







The FIRST VOLUME being now published, an opportunity is presented to such of the CLERGY and MEMBERS of the CHURCH of

ENGLAND, as have not yet become Subscribers, to commence the Work.
THE BRITISH MAGAZINE forms a Monthly Register of useful information for the CLERGY and PAROCHIAL AUTHORITIES, and a
FAMILIES, combining the several provinces of a MAGAZINE, a REVIEW, and an HISTORICAL REGISTER.



Present State of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Rev. R.C. Cox's Lectures on the Evidence from Miracles. The Cholera in Paris, (from the French of A. Bazin.)
Memoir of the Rev. J. Kettlewell, M.A.
Rev. R. Tavlor's Natural History of Religion.

Elon against Winchester.
Glendalnch (with several Engravings).
Stephens's History of the Reformation in Scotland.

Church Reform.
On the Eyaction of Tenths.

Rev. Mr. Moleslorthi's Sermon at Canterbury.
The Idle Church.
Strachan's Letter to Chalmers.

Day on the Poor Laws and Surplus Labour.

Cambridge --Oxford - Dublin-Scotland-Preferments-Clerical
Extracts from Parish Account Books,
Archdeacon Corton's Explanation of Obsolete Words in the Bible.

Appointments-Ordinations-Clergy deceased, alphabetically
Selection from Evelyn's Diary.

Lord Henley on Church Reform.
Sequel to Remarks on ditto, by Dr. Burton ; &c. &c.

arranged in tables—Marriages and Births.


Modern Inspiration among the Cale'lonians.
Association for Reforming the Church.

Proposed Emendation of Isaiah, xlix. 7.
Society for Suppressing Ecclesiastical Abuses.

Confined to matters relating to the Clergy, Religious and Bene-
Op Utle loaccuracies in the English Bible.


volent Societies, and Plans for the Amelioration of the CoaThe River Sambattion. On the Right or a Clergyman to Charge his Benefice.

dition of the Poor. On the Charges nade against the Churchi. On the incidence of Tithes,


Rev. Mr. Soames on Tithes.

An Aet for shortening the Time required in Claims of Modus
Letter froni Dr. Rudge, Hawkchurch Rectory,
Decinandi, or Exemption (rom a Discharge of Tithes.

The Farthinghoe Clothing Club.
State of the Diocese of Gloucester, (from the Bishop of Glou.

State of the Funds, London Markets, &c.
Letter from a Parisk Officer.

coster's Charge.) Collage Allotments; &c. &c. &c.

Grove Church-Cultivation of the United Kingdom.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. “Here is a rallying point to which the Church - we mean all its members should direct their patronage and attention. It is an excellent, honest, clever Magazine." Derbyshire Courier. " It is a work which no gentleman or scholar should be withont."- Derby Mercury. " The British Magazine deserves tie patronage of all churchmen, whether layinen or clergymen."--Liverpool Albion,, " It is well got "p;-it is filled with usefal facts respecting the state of the Chureh, Tilhes, Education, &c."-Liverpool Journal. " The Britisli is the cheapest Magazine we know."-Elgin Courier. ** Almost exclusively devoted to ecclesiastical subjects, and they are all handled with considerable ability."- Morning Herald. “ The British Magazine is an excellent and attractive publication. It advocates the interests of the Church not only with zeal but taient."--Morning Advertiser. " This Magazine proceeds in its regular course with its 11 al talent: there is much to read, and much, too, that is interesting."

."--Courier, " Distinguished for a great deal of research- a mass of information of the first value to all Clergymen."--Neus. "Our opinion is, that no Clergyman of the Church of England should be without the British Magazine."-Cheltenham Journal.

“ Ils owu usefulness is its reconinendation. We venture to assert that it will soon form an essential part of every Christian Library, and that, when once perused by a Christian Minister, will be
immediately ordered."- Hampshire Telegraph.

“ A solid and meritorious publication. - Literary Gazette.
“It contains a great deal of useful information for the Clergy."-- Alhenæum.
“To the Clergy of the 'Established Church, and particulariy to those who are located in villages and small towns, this Magazine would be invaluable, from the rast mass of facts which it contains on
subjects of first-rate importance."--Bridgewater Alfred.

i The Church of England ought to support this Magazine."--Berks Chronicle.
“ It has more iniluence in upholding the interests or the Church, than all the Conservative and Tory Magazines put logether."-Windsor Express,

THE VOLUME contains 640 octavo pages; and either that, or the Numbers (which are published on the First of every Month), may be had of all Bookselers, Stationer,
and Newsmen.

LONDON: John TURRILL, 250, Regent-street ; and T. C. Smith, 12, Berners-street; to whom Communications for the Editor (post paid), Books for Review, and
Advertisements, are to be directed.


Just published, new edition, price 12s. HE INFLUENCE of



Ninth edition, in royal svo. embellished with o fine Engravings,
coloured and plain, to be continued every fortnight until coni -
pletel, Part I. price 45, 60, of


GANS, &c., with an Account of the Places resorted to by luvalids in England and the South of Europe; their Merits in par licular Diseases; and Directions for Invalids while travelling and residing Abroad, Yea


Jobn Murray, Albemarle street.

This day is published, price 105.6d.
UR VILLAGE. Firti and Last Series.


In the press, in 3 vols, post 8vo.

Being Translations from the celebrated French Work,

Now in course of publication at Paris, and to which many of the
most distinguished French Writers have already contributed.

Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria-lane.


of the MOOSULMANS OF INDIA; comprising a faltaod exact account of their various Rites and Ceremonies, from the moment of Birth till the hour of Death ; including their fasts and Festivals (particularly the Mohurrum--their Vous and Ob lations for every Month in the Year-their different Tribes and Sects, Saints, and Devotees Religious Tenets, Pragers, and Ablutions-the Calculation of Nativities Necromancy-Exercism--Casting out Devils, &c. - Magic Squares, Amaiels, Charos, Philtres, &c.-Nuptial Festivities and funeral Obsequits-Ctimes, Ornaments, Weights, Measures, Musical lustruments, Games, &c. &c. &c. By JAFFUR SHORREEF (a Nacive of te Deccan); composed under the direction of, and translated by G, A. HERKLOTS, M.D. Surgeon on the Madras Establislaca.

London : Parbury, Allea, and Co. Leadenhall-street,


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Just published, price

38. 6d. a 3rd and enlarged edition of the E A UTIES of PERCY BYSSHE

SHELLEY; consisting of the entire Poems of Alastor,'
The Sensitive Plant,' Adonais,' * Jalian and Maddalo's fe
vised edition of Qurea Mab,' &c.; with Biographical Memet,

Published by Edward Lumley, 27, Chaucery-lane,
The fact of two editions of this work'having been sold, with
hardly a single advertisement, would testify more strongly ta is
favoar than anything else could do; and again, the impossibility
of procuting Shelley's Works, and the great denuaod for thes by
all true lovers of poetry, warrant the Publisher in laying a ver
edition before the public.

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1. The Work will be fully completed in Twenty-two Vols.
royal svo, and embellished with about 500 Engravings, including
an Atlas of the very latest Discoveries, and a series of Portraits
of Eminent Men.

2. In order to meet the wishes of all classes, the Work will be
published in Parts, and also in Volumes :

A lart every Fortnight, price 4s. 6d. sewed; or

A Volume every alternate Nonth, price 18s. boards.
3. Part 1., also Vol. I., will be published on the ist of October,
1832, and be coutinued in regular succession, until the wbole is

4. The whole of the Engravings are entirely new, and are en.
graved on steel, by Mr. Shury, expressly for this Edition of the

3. All the Engravings on the subjects of Botany, Conchology, Gengraphy, Maps, and Nawral History, will be coloured by einibent and experienced Artists.

6. The Work is in such a forward state, that it will be published without any interruption, and will not exceed the quantity propostel

7. The paper for this edition will be manufactured by Mr. John Dickenson, of the barst fabric and closest texture.

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Just published, in 3 vols, post sco. price 248. boards, VIE DOUBLE TRIAL; or, the CONSE

QUENCES of an IRISH CLEARING. A Tale of the present Day.

" lithis vers excellent work has the success it so fully deserves, it will have many readers who cannot fail to find in its pages something more valuable than mere amusement."--Imperial Magazine,

London : J. Holmes, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.
Published every Saturday at the ATHEMÉUM OFFICE, NO.1

8. The names of the principal Contributors will be given in the progresni the Work.

9. A List of the Subscribers and Patrons will be printed and distributed gratis, is transmitted to the Publishers free of expense.

10. The Work will be fully completed in Eighty-nine Parts, each containing Engrarings, coloured or plaio; and with the last Part will be given ample directions for placing the Plates, binding the Work, &c.

London : Printed for T. T. and J. Tegg, Cheapside; and sold by R. Griffin and Co. Glasgow; and also by J. Cumming and W.F. Wakeman, Dublin.

"The Double Trial' leads to an acquaintance with most of the topics which engage the attention at the present critical period; and not only the desultory reader, but the polician, the divine, the lawyer, and the philosophie's, may perase this well. written work to much purpose', as it conveys instructions on points which are become intensely interesting to every kicmber of the community." - Cheltenhan Journal.

Published by Smith, Elder, and Co. Cornhill,

CATHERINE STREET, Strand, by J. LECTION; and sold by
all Booksellers and Newsvenders in Town and Cortis;
G.G. BENNIS, No.55, Rue Neuve St. Augustih, Paris; Mesita.
Pratt & BARRY, Brussels; PERTHES & Dessex, Hamburg;
F. I'LEISCHER, Leipzig; Messrs. PEABODY & Co. New York,
and Gray & BOWEN, Boston, America.-Price 4d.; or ia

Monthly Parts(in a wrapper, )
Advertisements and Communications for the Editorsport paid)

to be forwarded to the ofice as abort.

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